Narcos: Mexico (2018) - Crime, Drama

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The rise of the Guadalajara Cartel as an American DEA agent learns the danger of targeting narcos in Mexico.

IMDB: 8.4
Stars: Diego Luna, Scoot McNairy
Length: 50 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 46 out of 262 found boring (17.55%)

One-line Reviews (147)

The story stays true to real life and is fascinating to watch.

Still as gripping as Escobar & Cali .

No story.

Actors are uninspiring, characters are not interesting, dialogue is B movie quality, storyline is utterly boring, violence scenes are completely forced and not well developed with the story, and character development is nonexistent.

The show is extremely boring, a soap opera.

Still entertaining.

Story takes way too long to develop characters.

Don't waste your time.

Except for the acting everything else is dull .

The 'Narcos' line of shows created by Netflix is an entertaining and, I think, educational body of entertainment that casts a light on a world that touches many lives, even if we don't know it.

For me this season is the best of all the previous,the fact it gives you the story from how it all began and manges to keep you on the edge of your seat,the suspense in drug deals,undercover surveillance and ofcourse the action is brilliant,and we even get to see a few familiar faces from the past...

It's so boring to the point that it gets annoying.

Don't waste your time and don't hope it will get better because it won't and you won't see any action until the last episode.

Contrived melodrama .

It's just boring.

Entertaining, another high quality Narcos show, which feels like it could have been better.

It is all the more gripping when you realise the events in this series depict a drug war that has been raging for nearly forty years now, at the cost thousands of innocent people's lives.

Maybe someday Netflix can explain why Kiki is the angel protecting DEA from getting shot in Columbia because this show shows the DEA 'efforts' to avenge him as pretty pointless.

The camera work and editing is choppy and after a while the constant closeups of feet, shoes, lips, eyes etc becomes tedious.

Definitely worth watching.

The show is well worth the watch, especially when you know its plot twists and characters are fairly true to real life.

The first season was phenomenal, this didn't have the excitement like the previous seasons, but it had more depth and vibe in it, it told a dark and heavy story with its beautifully-crafted cinematography and an amazing style of visual storytelling, the way the camera moved and set up made you stress and yet so invested, though there are some flaws in the editing sometimes, it's still very enjoyable.

Different drug, mostly different characters, new setting, but slower paced.

PS: the only grain of hope was during the Colombian Connection episode, when the Cali cartel and obviously, Pablo show up but this quickly fades away and goes back to the same boring pace.

If you want to understand what caused the current Mexican drug mess, this provides a compelling start.

Very drawn out.

First season was good but second season is so dull.

The show is uninteresting, boring and not compelling due to the bad writing There are like 5 or 6 episodes where nothing relevant to the story happens.

Quite interesting and intriguing - a good mix of history, drama, action and intrigue.

For me to started a bit slow.

But would deduct one point for the slow pacing and the lack of loudness.

I could not go past Ep 6 because of how boring it is.

Sometimes I think that apart from the occasional modern classic like Shawshank Redemption, Schindler's List or the Green Mile, the old Hollywood formula for movie making is nearing obsolescence because silver screen epics like this (and indeed the entire Narcos series) offer something far deeper, far more complex and both thoroughly entertaining and thought-provoking at the same time.

Like Disney's women movement, this has countless boring female characters .

Engaging and at times thought provoking amid all the gunfire.

Season 2 also starts a little slow, doesn't really get back into the Grove until episode 3ish.

But it was painful to get through because it was soooo slow and boring.

First, the things happening too fast, and the time perception is confusing.

A gripping tale of cartel origins in Mexico.

Another entertaining Narcos series .

It maybe that Colombians are more aggressive than the Mexicans as Narcos Mexico season 2 was really slow.

Diego Luna does a great job of showing Felix's unpredictable nature and ambition.

Narcos Mexico has a very slow pace story.

Implausible and dull .

The filming locations are breathtaking, and the wardrobe and setting felt very 1980's authentic.

Yawn .

Thankyou to all the people making this exciting show.

I love slow burns.

It is very enjoyable to watch such a drug war in Mexico after Colombia.

Instead, they wasted another 4-5 hours of our time, plodding along with slow, unnecessary dialogue and added scenes that did nothing for the story - Which, in the end, made me not care for it at all.

The Acosta Texas track is outright boring.

You can't go into any series with the same fervor when it's going into its 4th season with an entirely new cast and country (With one exception, cough cough)Although I miss Pedro Pascal and the best portrayal of Pablo Escobar bar none in my opinion by the great character actor Wagner Moura, Michael Pena and Diego Luna do a great job carrying this slower paced Netflix series.

Don't waste your time .

Season 1 is goooood and promising 8/10 and is a great start after the legendary Narcos paplo escopar However season 2 was boring and silly story maybe 6/10 Really disappointed after watching season 2 as s 1 was indeed promising


Dragged up story line.

The story is dragged out just to fill episodes.

It trapped me since E01 and is very close to what really happened, showing the corruption on both sides of the border, I highly recommend it!

What really happened in those years if you google them are just as intense...

So boring and slow .

The writers resorted to contrived stale plot devices like an out of control lieutant with a weakness for cocaine and women instead of character and empire building.

I really loved the first 3 seasons and while it was a little boring in places, I never felt like a was wasting my time.

The only interesting thing about him was his idea of ''Now it's my turn to build an empire'' And that idea faded with his poorly developed arc and dull characteristic.

Boring..not good as first 3 seasons .

However, it is very intriguing and compelling and the occasional lack of momentum is not that noticeable.

The timeline is a bit confusing at times, inserting random characters or places that leave you wondering exactly how it fits together.

So many things happen and still so boring .

It reminds me of the The Walking Dead where there are a lot of pointless episodes.

boring .

The story is gripping from start to finish; the way it intertwines the stories of the traffickers and their DEA opponents keeps things interesting.

Very good series, in a sea of boring and mediocre.

Great, loved it, it's another great season from narcos , its gripping and addictive as hell...

At a glance, this new series has the outwards appearance and feeling of the first three seasons, but the full flavoured drama- the real meat of the show- has been left out, resulting in a story that feels lacking and somewhat empty.

Just dull.

Does take a while to become really engaging though.

I loved the first series of Narcos Mexico and the build up to the second was exciting- I just felt the series had a few too many issues for it to stand up to the Escobar, Cali and first Mexican ones.

Everything from Scoot McNairy as the Narrator to some former "Narcos" guest appearances was enjoyable.

Too slow .

For me, this was one of the most compelling elements of the previous seasons, letting seasons 1 and 2 sometimes border on docudrama, and that really was a good thing.

Really enjoyable, as the season was coming to an end, I wanted more.

Though the episodes are lengthy, it's a absorbing story.

Based on real events the plot is intense, realistic and mezmorizing.

Thoroughly captivating and enjoyable backstage look at how the drug war with Mexico began in the first place.

There is virtually no suspense at all, the narration is sparse and unconvincing and the plot is predictable and full of cliches.

The writing and screenplay are also nowhere as gripping as the original.

Makes the story-line disconnected and uninteresting compared to Seasons 1-3.

Boring mexican soap opera .

Narcos Colombia was so good and each season was great but Narcos Mexico pales in comparison to Narcos and ends up as a dull drama.

This Narcos is boring as anything.

Now, I realize this pace might be intentional, perhaps reflecting the attitude of the government and the DEA, but it results in a more frustrating and, at times, boring experience watching the show.

Storyline is fast paced.. plenty of action...

Suspenseful, quick and addictive just like the original series.

Stunning, suspenseful, and very authentic in the Spanish language.

While Pablo Escobar is a more compelling antagonist, Miguel Angel Félix also has an interesting story and the show did a good job of portraying it.

Unlike it's earlier three seasons which push up the rhythm quite quickly , narcos mexico spends some time to lay the foundations of the plot in the first two episodes and can feel slow .

If during Narcos I was on the edge of my seat, watching Narcos Mexico I was well tucked in my bed trying not to fall asleep.

Well acted, good cinematography, all around enjoyable.

I feel you go way too long without hearing the commentary that breathed life, social studies, and irony into the previous installments.

The most engaging of which, in my opinion, is the rags to riches element.

Cartels in general make for one fascinating storyline .

So I watched it again, but slower and took my time.

To make short , the show in general entertaining, the production and acting are at high quality, The missing thing is some dimensions to the major characters, at least the major character (Félix) and the DEA agent), it's like we are watching a very entertaining documentary, but we don't feel the characters, something is missing maybe an expert can point it better ...

from Félix being there on Election Day fixing the system himself almost, to the pointless sub-story featuring foxy Isabella, to the non existent chemistry between Acosta and his American gf, to various shootouts that were just fabricated for the sake of it.

Unlike the first Narcos series, Mexico is boring as hell and terrible slow...

Gritty and engaging, this series is big on acting, sets, and violence...

I have to admit when I started to see the first part I wanted to turn it off.

It is an entertaining show.

Yes, this is the worst, most uninteresting season, ever.

It was just boring.

The closer you watch, the more gripping the tale.

starts out somewhat slow and picks up quickly about half way through.

Absolutley gripping, Felixs' character comes to life on the screen.

The story is gripping; the US agents now have a personal calling to bring down the drug cartel(s).

The film wastes a lot of time on Dragged out side stories that have nothing to do with the real story line.

And both of them waste vast amounts of time, money and bodies in ridiculous ideological strategies.

NARCOS and NARCOS: MEXICO has to be one of the most enjoyable, thrilling, and engaging television series of all times, though because of its mature content it is not always easy to watch.

Narcos Mexico is a very entertaining, well acted, and dynamic show.

Captivating riveting and right on point.

Wanted to love this as much as the earlier series but this lacks the fascinating characters and terrific acting.

The show is entertaining from the very first episode and never fails to keep the audience from wanting more, glad to hear it is renewed for season 2.

I could experience again a dirty adventure and entertaining time like the first Pablo Escobar Netflix series that I highly recommend to see it too.

Rafa dominates this series in a bad way, he's such an annoying pointless character.

Action packed, good story, solid acting.

And when the stories told have happened near our backyard it makes everything a bit mor exciting.

Narcos: Mexico comes across as rather slow, uninspired and playing it safe on the drama part.

I just fell asleep at the third episode IMO is not entertaining at all.

While I enjoyed El Chapo and was able to ignore some of its weaker technical aspects in the interest of learning, I found it confusing because there was so much established in Mexican drug business before El Chapo came along.

The storyline is gripping and the acting it top notch.

it is mind blowing, get prepared for some mind blowing stuff.

Netflix has managed to create such an intriguing, funny, sad at times, even educational series to leave a message to all of us, and in this fourth season is just setting things up to tell us why things are like this "TODAY".

Wow, this is so boring.. .

First season good second season dull .

The lead actor falls well short of offering a compelling portrayal of the drug king of Mexico.

The DEA is also cast aside in a more or less completely passive role, while in the first seasons it was a fair match like in The Wire and much more engaging due to this.

Too long and slow .

Is just BORING very slow placed and not believable at all, also non of the characters are likable.

Boring, slow, and mediocre.

A journey started with Pablo (i mean Wagner Maniçoba de Moura), a very beautiful, amazing and stunning journey it is.

The narrative sucks, nothing further from what really happened, the "star" actors suck in their acting, the acting is soooo cheesy, corny, full of cliches and it's boring to say the least and you can know what happens next always.

The story goes off on uninteresting tangents - the rich girl romance in season 1, the Acosta feud (or whatever) in season 2, etc. The information that leads to breakthroughs in the case is just suddenly there with no explanation (that's what classic (good) cop shows are about).

Make them more exciting or get them outta there.

This is very boring and slow, nothing like the original Narcos.

Some contrived scenes.

), same goes for dexter and a host of other series- thank God GOT is ending, it was beginning to feel dragged-out.

Furthermore, the events along the show have predictable endings with playwrights already seen in previous seasons.

From visuals, micro stories, main plot and very satisfying yet unpredictable ending.

The compelling characters from the first three seasons are gone, and I'm having much trouble letting the new ones grow.