Nashville (2012) - Drama, Music, Romance

Hohum Score



Follows the lives and tragedies of rising and fading country music stars in Nashville, Tennessee.

IMDB: 7.7
Stars: Hayden Panettiere, Clare Bowen
Length: 43 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-PG
Reviews: 12 out of 85 found boring (14.11%)

One-line Reviews (29)

The plot line about Scarlett is absurd and boring, as are the plot lines around Will, Gunnar and Avery.

Don't waste your time with this mess.

Overall an entertaining show.

Been a fan since the very first episode, but the whiny, sad, depressed, dour personality of the Scarlett character is getting very tiresome.

Really enjoyable even if you don't like country music.

) Deacon Clayborne and the very compelling Clare Bowen as the struggling starlet Scarlett O'Connor.

The duet sung by Clare and Sam was mind blowing.

Clare Bowen is stunning as Scarlett.

The anguish of Rayna's children is boring.

Thanks ABC for actually putting on a show worth watching.

That last song "If I Didn't Know Better" blew me away and was a perfect end to the evening, it was soulful, deeply profound, and evocative.

I would rather have 10 seasons of Nashville than 10 repetitive seasons of The Walking Dead.

This is a show worth watching and worth following.

Also, the talent who sings these songs is new to me and they have intriguing voices.

I just wish the ADHD incestuous romantic triangles can be toned down - or at least slow down - a little.

The music is very entertaining and stands on it's own unlike some shows where they hardly even try.

Characters are dropped, less focus on the music, poor character development, boring plot lines and a bit of political correctness is thrown in.

Total (enjoyable) surprise .

I found the plot practically non-existent and totally predictable.

7.7 out of 10Addendum: Season 4 lost the tongue in cheek humor that helped make the show enjoyable to me.

I watched it with many jumps, as it dragged so painfully slow.

It became a tedious soap opera with good tunes.

I watched just because the Hero's blonde chick was in it, also the ad's showed a racy, sexy, and intense drama.

Please can someone tell the actors to slow down a bit when delivering lines.

The whole development is so predictable and banal if it weren't for the music and the three females I'd have dropped it by the fifth episode.

While yes, I also have complaints about pointless scenes that took up too much screen time, I have to say that overall I really, really enjoyed the revival episodes.

Clare Bowen's duets with Sam Palladio was folksy but a dash of melancholy, perfect to listen to on a dreary lazy afternoon!

I just feel like the show is more frustrating than enjoyable now.

You can never really guess what is going to happen and as soon as you think you've grasped it another twist happens leaving you shocked, surprised and intrigued, totally unexpected which is all down to the fabulous writing and creator Callie Khouri.