Navy Seals (1990) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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A battle hardened Seal team must set out on a mission to destroy a shipment of US-built Stinger Missiles that have fallen into terrorist hands.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: Lewis Teague
Stars: Charlie Sheen, Michael Biehn
Length: 113 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 16 out of 86 found boring (18.6%)

One-line Reviews (66)

most action flicks these days are so cliche and incorporate too much Hollywood special effects and little reality...

A predictable action romp that fails to impress .

More entertaining then Top Gun by miles.

Unbelievable in spots, but that is done for an entertaining story.

It's dull plot and premise won't make this an enjoyable movie to trash in a crowd, and its boring execution will put a lot of viewers to sleep.

Overall, the film was entertaining, exciting, thrilling and plain fun.

If you want an nonstop, adrenaline filled, action packed movie that kicks ass and shows what its like to be part of the world'd most elite soldiers, than Navy Seals is for you.

It's about as deep as a puddle but undeniably entertaining.

Dullest men-on-a-mission thriller ever .

I highly recommend it to anyone that's a fan of action films.

But the Paxton character is not a major one, and the other two guys that get focused on are very bland and no one really has a memorable name so the whole time I just thought "There's those guys again".

) Thanks to the stubbornness and tenacity of the cast, though, "Navy SEALs" went through a lot of revisions (which you'll see if you ever see any of the script drafts, reader's coverage, or the novelization) and actually came out as a straightforward, enjoyable actioner that's still watchable after more than 10 years.

This marriage scene is predictable because we know that he his going to be killed partway through the movie and the men are going to have to come to terms with his death, and his fiancé is going to be mourning because she never got to marry him.

The script is very predictable and the action scenes are monotonous, even if they are well made.

It is Very entertaining.

Navy Seals is really enjoyable to watch.

The precision teamwork of Navy Seals is thrilling to observe.

Pretty bland characters overall despite some good action sequences.

I don't recommend this film, as it's bland, drags and has nothing lovable about it.

A pointless waste of time .

Mindless but Entertaining Action Flick .

It was mad simply to be loud and entertaining.

Poor 2-dimensional characters, uninspiring action sequences, and lack of a decent script have regrettably marred a film that promised so much.

Worth watching .

The good old evil Russians have been replaced with the boring old Middle Eastern terrorist.

This is by far the dullest action movie I've seen in years, maybe even of all-time.

Frequently boring, plot less, and a load of rubbish to boot, this is neither exciting nor thrilling and is thoroughly forgettable.

Yes, it's not too realistic, but such a movie would most probably be boring (check how it worked out in The Finest Hour).

We also get a lot of boring shootouts as well if that intrigues you.

Besides the film being predictable from the first frame, it is also unrealistic, embarrassingly juvenile, and highly racist, a piece of anti-Arab propaganda whose only redeeming factor is to remind us that the anti-Arab thing is deeply embedded in our so-called culture.

This film was a very intense film with excellent action and an awesome soundtrack.

Although it does give in to absurdity (like having Hawkins chase a tow truck on a bike, to retrieve his automobile), "Navy SEALS" is thoroughly enjoyable for this kind of straightforward entertainment.

Rick Rossovich also did some excellent acting in this film, I really found it enjoyable to watch him act as Leary and I just loved watching him act in this film.

Enjoyable .

Unfortunately this movie proves to be predictable and is little more than a copy of the Delta Force.

Only a few scenes hold much entertaining value, and the supposed finale is half-hashed.

There's some good action sequences, that are well staged, some quite thrilling, and we also see how the seals spent their time off their field, boozing of playing cheat golf, via use of golf buggys.

Other than an isolated goofy music-laden golfing scene to show the guys bonding while not killing terrorists, the film is pretty slow and somber by action standards.

A weak film that opts for stupidity and pointless action over character development and a somewhat decent story.

He is an adrenaline junkie who would rampage into Hell with a bucket of ice-water before he realized how he had imperiled himself.

It has awful dialog and an absolutely trite story.

The Rock - the unwatchable Michael Bay/Nicholas Cage exploding blockbuster escapade which somehow has over 7.0 rating.

The setting is actually intriguing, and pretty exciting.

An engaging action movie with an intense soundtrack and a film that has overall stood the test of time.

But the "heroes" are just as lame and uninteresting.

Navy Seals opens with an explosion and ends with several, and also during its first few scenes we have a boring wedding theme which you know is bad when Sheen's character would rather jump off a bridge than attend.

Final Thoughts: Poorly written, underdeveloped characters and a slow pace sink this one.

It is very entertaining.

Interesting plot, with a never before done ending, great stunts(ie the 1 mile parachute drop) strong cast, perfect acting, and the last twenty minutes keeps you on the edge of you seat.

What a boredom.

Yes, boredom is the movie's biggest problem.

This film appears to be a vehicle for Charlie Sheen who was at the height of his intense period.

Worth watching.

A waste of time, energy and money.

Pure NAVY Seal adrenaline.

And, with Lewis Teague ("Alligator", "Cujo") in the directors' chair, and plenty of very rousing second unit action work, we're assured a pretty entertaining time.

To this day it has one of the most exciting opening sequences I've ever seen in action fare.

It has lots of action, some civilian life of the seals, and overall enjoyable performances including from the ever so controversial Charlie Sheen.

Old-fashioned and somewhat corny but still fairly entertaining action thriller .

There are other Charlie Sheen Movies worth watching also.

It definitely provides a boost of adrenaline to all couch potatoes and action junkies, not to mention any of those who have either served in the military or were born in military households like myself!

Supposedly the romantic middle third would have appealed to a female audience but both the on screen chemistry and the writing is very weak which means being composed of an an audience of 50 per cent bored males and 50 per cent bored females .

Unconvincing and predictable .

it was still entertaining.

Overall, I found this movie very entertaining (The opening hostage rescue scene being the highlight of the movie).

Big, exciting action, signed, SEALED, and delivered .