Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995) - Animation, Action, Drama

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A teenage boy finds himself recruited as a member of an elite team of pilots by his father.

IMDB: 8.6
Stars: Megumi Ogata, Megumi Hayashibara
Length: 624 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 20 out of 166 found boring (12.04%)

One-line Reviews (103)

I found most of the characters flat and uninteresting collections of neuroses, whining fourteen-year-olds in huge robots.

the story is interesting, so is its point and it twists in verry unexpected ways.

The final episodes seem clever on first viewing but on subsequent viewings I thought they had little depth, and were more pretentious psychobabble than profound.

Everything about it is breathtaking, the action, the adventure, the awesome EVA's and angels, the cool characters (I like Asuka, Misato, Shinji and Rei best), even the humor (Pen Pen is sooo cute!!!

Still, a very interesting voyage to the depths of several different characters' minds and psyches laced with often anime-like gruesome action with exciting mecca and preterhuman enemies.

Slow paced and boring show with horrible ending .

Her performance *sells* the dub as a whole even when the script becomes confusing in places.

Its impressively directed action sequences, intriguing mysteries, and in-depth character studies have been seldom matched in others of its kind.

Amusingly, it includes footage from what I assume is the first screening of itself, with the audience looking on in mute shock and confusion.

In actual fact the "Eva" has an original and unexpected view to the John's Revelation (Apocalypse): according to theologian John Angels of Apocalypse will proclaim and in fact bring the Armageddon (End of Days) on Earth.

Enjoyable and although there are several hints dropped along the way, nothing really gets out of hand too far.

It ends with intense, personal psychodrama, more comparable to Bergman or Tarkovsky than to anything in the sci-fi animation world.

It's one of the best anime I've watched but also the most confusing, I had to rewatch episodes and look stuff up on the internet but it's all quite entertaining if you've got free time or like understanding philosophical stuff.

Gainax's staggeringly ambitious, 26-episode series NEON GENESIS EVANGELION is declared as one of the most compelling Anime productions of all time.

But that old school serial like adventure, makes it worth the watch.

This anime is so entertaining.

and by the way the ending was plain confusing to me and completely unfufilling.

Every character is compelling, gripping and complex, with Fruedian psychological theorems referenced to fill characters out to a disturbing degree.

It eventually gets to a point after 14 episodes or so where things become really intense.

The final episodes just get completely unwatchable, really.

Visually, it's stunning, with detailed mecha designs plus well drawn charcters.

the scenario is hard to follow if you didn't see it very carefully.

2) So after the boring chapters that kept simply going on and on and on I hoped the ending will make everything clear and make this series have SOME point at least.

On one level, it provides for some intriguing interactions, from Shinji's estranged relationships with both his father and the bitchy Asuka to Misato's own fractured love affair with her off again on again beau, Kaji.

One of the best Anime series ever to be released in merry old England, Evangelion is a roller coaster ride of action packed battles, emotion, angst, love, betrayal, mystery.

There is intense emotional brutality at points.

the show is a very real and very frank coming of age story, that i think all young men should see, what will intrigue them at first is undoubtedly the giant robots, the cool monsters and the hot chicks.

Even the last 2 episodes are pretty entertaining even though it doesn't answer a single question you might have when the show ends(luckily that's what the movies are for).

The first 20 some episodes you are immersed in the semi-futuristic world of Tokyo 3 and the characters are developed beautifully, some of the best character development I've ever witnessed.

Overall, a HUGE waste of time: -Pseudo-intellectual, symbolism and references are superficial, I found no coherence or interesting deeper meaning-Super uninteresting characters.

Questions that viewers are likely to have about the plot are never answered, and some later episodes have scenes in which absolutely nothing happens that last too long.

With all that said I still highly recommend it to those of you who feel like watching something cerebral.

Don't waste your time.

An episode that goes back 15 years left me completely perplexed, throwing a bunch of poorly delineated characters at me and confusing me more at a time when it should have been clarifying things.

The story is believable, original and engaging- the names of the Angels are based of mythology (I'm pretty sure?

The sound is also great, with memorable performances from both the Japanese and English voice actors, as well as a varied soundtrack composed of a combination of classical, campy '70s-80s style, and more which illustrate many different emotions including loneliness, adrenaline, naivety, and desperation.

The fights between the evas and the angels are thrilling, they take unexpected turns, and in short they're different from the usual giant robot fare such as Gundam.

character development has died a sorry death, angels are coming and being dispatched with tedious regularity, and so it goes on.

That said, I'll state that 'Evangelion' is one of the most unusual and unexpected bendings of a genre series since Patrick McGoohan subverted a cold war spy drama into surrealist allegory with 'The Prisoner.

One of the most fascinating and ultimately depressing animes ever produced, Evangelion weaves an engrossing story of a boy named Shinji and how he comes to terms with his past and his future.

The end result is a series that is at times excellent, but most of the time just irritating or dull to watch.

The beginning of the show starts off as an entertaining Mech with a conventional light-hearted feel typical of many shonen titles.

Firstly the characters are all bland, gormless exhibitions of the human condition.

In spite of its faults, NEON GENESIS EVANGELION is still worth watching for many reasons.

Slow paced, some of the Angels were ridiculous and the story goes nowhere.

As a whole the series is incredibly tedious due to the superficiality of the characters, who are really nothing more than self-pitying crybabies.

The most original, realistic, intense battle sequences are not even the main concern.

OK, what do i say about one of the most stunning animes ever, well lets see, the plot as you might know is about a 14 year old boy called shinji who is chosen by his father to pilot giant robot things called evangelions to fight giant monster things called angels.

It's no understatement to say that these characters plunge this series from time-wasting mediocrity to anger-inducing garbage during the final episodes with their endless, angst-ridden diatribes of excessively repetitive psychobabble (some of which is totally meaningless).

i wish i could get into this more, but let me say- when you watch this show, if you are not a fan of the anime series genre, like myself, and find shows like Inuyasha, Slayers and so-forth banal and pretentious and dumb (which they are.

in the end, is evangelion the story of youthful soldiers coming of age as seen through the framework of the larger conflict?

This is the most believable & incredible, human & unearthly, scary & exciting anime series ever created.

After the economic bubble burst in the late 1980's, Japan suffered from an intense period of economic stagnation (1991-2000; although, it has now extended from 2001-2011 to be further known as the Lost Score); the Great Hanshin earthquake or Kobe earthquake devastated the southern region of the Hyogo Prefecture on January 17, 1995, where over 6000 people lost their lives; there's the Sarin Gas Attack on the Tokyo subway system that occurred on March 20, 1995 that was conducted by Aum Shinrikyo, an apocalyptic cult organization which killed 12 people and wounded over 1,000 people.

Strange, Bent and Exciting .

Simply stunning......

It has the scariest most intense scream I have ever heard, full of suffering, anger and power.

In particular, the main character is one of the most annoying and uninspiring characters I've ever seen.

It functions on a variety of levels, providing an engrossing, action packed sci-fi story while also grappling with serious themes of growth and psychological development with complex characters.

The action is surprisingly good, and has enough energy to challenge Akira in the engaging visuals department.

At that point things got more interesting, but they also got more confusing.

The score is stunning, the voices are well done (In the Japanese, at least, I watch all my anime subbed as a preference), and the series, if you include End Of Evangelion, the feature-length sequel, begins and ends in a place which, while not satisfying per se, shows that it has achieved everything it set out to do.

Some of the characters are cool, there are funny moments, interesting twists, the whole post-'impact' setting is exciting, the animations are good, the Eva's are cool, the suits are awesome, most of that works...

Absolutely stunning.

-Despite their heavy presence, the biblical imagery and names are pure surface, and nowadays feel pretentious rather than original.

Mind-bogglingly compelling- I watched the first twelve episodes one night by accident and I had to find out what I was watching.

The creators pull it further by throwing in countless of pointless religious references and cliched psycho-babble, and it was immediately dubbed brilliant.

And their are some really frightful and intense moments.

There are some interesting artistic styles, like Shinji being drawn as a sketch in deep space, but even this potentially experimental approach is compromised by the lack of a structure for a compelling conclusion.

It is art in film, the storylines are so juicy, the characters so flawed and fascinating, the battles so tense, the sub-plots so varied and the themes and concepts so original and interesting that it demands a repeat viewing just to soak it all in.

Breathtaking beyond belief .

I saw it and got hooked to it and basically, it has this boring character who cries like a wimp sometimes and he's the protagonist.

I like Asuka better she was very entertaining with her boisterous attitude and very funny and pretty, too.

The reason it kept my interest is that not every single episode in series had a fight, which can unfortunately get boring sometimes if there isn't much story with it.

-No plot.

Not pretty stuff, but gripping nonetheless.

So overall this proves to be an enjoyable show for me to watch.

Stop praising this series in the same, bland way, over and over again.

Just how can a program with so many visible flaws and pot-holes be so watchable, enjoyable, and thus become so popular to the state that it is seen by some as the biggest ever??

The animation has its infamous shortcuts but I think you will be to amazed at the deep, compelling,sad, happy, beauty of a story to notice.

"Evangelion" represents everything anime should NOT be - massive quantities of dull, pretentious tripe under the guise of intelligent cinema.

I mean, it was getting a little bit shabby throughout 21-24 anyway, but then 24 was just absolutely out-of- the-blue pointless...

With that said, it was a big waste of time that discouraged me from watching more anime.

It was so confusing for me that I couldn't enjoy watching the last episodes.

Brilliant and impressive if sometimes too confusing landmark series.

This anime series starts out great: Interesting story, exciting events, interesting characters, beautifully rendered and executed.

Another incident was that of a 'sniper rifle' that required the blackout of an entire nation to power it, but had to be compensated for the rotation of the earth, and a rather trite explanation constructed just to give the animator an excuse to show the EVA chambering a second round in the rifle.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a coming of age, sci-fi, psychological drama.

There's some good humour, funny characters and entertaining "robot gets mad" style scenes.

EVANGELION employs some fascinating direction by occasionally stopping all action for minutes at a time and focusing on a single shot, creating an emotional, negative space that is usually a neglected factor in a majority of motion-pictures today.

One of the most entertaining things I have ever seen, and this praise is high indeed, if you consider its numerous flaws.

" The real kicker was that the episodes were only 25 minutes long, yet they were somehow able to digress into a completely uninteresting borefest within the opening 10 minutes.

The pacing during the first six episodes felt intense and quick, while after it slowed down significantly for character development.

The robot fight scenes attempt to employ a variety of obstacles, but the action itself is poorly executed and boring to watch.

It could have been used to create mystery, but as it stands it creates merely confusion and dissatisfaction.

Are they made up of the engaging characters that follow the plot laid before them?

With Evangelion, the sheer banality of the characters absolutely drenches the series.

Its compelling images and ideas remain with me, and its influence on anime is undeniable.

While it was that kind of show for the first 8 or so episodes it slowly turns into a very intriguing, and at times confusing, drama that happens to have a robot in it.

but by the end of episode 26, they'll have bore witness to something that relates to all young men, deep in their subconscious- a story of self.

Characters like Misato, Gendou, Fuyutski, Kaji, Kensuke, Touji, PenPen, etc.The series ending (and the ending to the entire show, including the movie, I hear) is great, and uplifting, after the on-the-surface-depressingly-sad-but-when-you-look-deeper-it's-really-happy ending to 'End of Evangelion' is an unexpected and very fitting ending to the greatest show ever, at least in my opinion.

I found myself watching it for the occasional joke and skipping the fight scenes because they were all the same in a way with the same predictable ending – the good guys win.

I consider it was the most important anime series in my life, and it's philosophy's is very intense and may put you questioning your life, drag you inside the story.

This anime, although very good for about the first 15 episodes, turns into a huge bore-fest for the last 13 episodes.