Never Say Never Again (1983) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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A S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Agent has stolen two American nuclear warheads, and James Bond must find their targets before they are detonated.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Irvin Kershner
Stars: Sean Connery, Kim Basinger
Length: 134 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 49 out of 232 found boring (21.12%)

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Bond films are supposed to be thrilling, spectacular epics.

A decent climax probably could have turned it around but as it goes, the film just veers on the verge of tedium with a bland showdown in a distinctly arbitrary setting (a subterranean cavern which looks like it was left over from a different film entirely in my opinion).

The production values are definitely equal to an official Bond of the era but somehow it all hangs together rather tenuously with a lot of laboured and irritatingly slow plot development along the way.

However, the action scenes in this movie are so entertaining that they're worth every penny you pay to watch it.

For an hour nothing happens in the way of action at all!

The story is just a remake of 1965's Thunderball and isn't half as good the story is slow, the action scenes are uninspired and Connery who was looking well past it (53 years old at this point) looks deceidly tired and bored and just in it for the money (a reported £5,000,000) and thr baddies are'nt up to sctrach & half the usual cast is missing - because this was an unofficial bond movie not made by Albert Brocolli & CO and is worse for it, It came out the same time as Roger Moore's OCTOPUSSY which is why Desomd LLewellyn (Q) is missing as is the usual Miss moneypenny and a diffrent (M) if i remember correctly played by the always pompous stuck-up Edward fox.

Also, here be a prime example that no matter how suspenseful an underwater fight may seem on paper, once on screen it can just come across as spectacularly slow and boring!

Never Say Never Again is just a bizarre piece of cinema, its just so dull and boring and weird.

There is lesser action in this movie than in previous Bond films, but some of the the thrills are still a little entertaining, especially the part where Bond attempts to dispatch the femme fatale Fatima Blush (Barbara Carrera).

Regardless of the repeated theme, there are sufficient differences to make it most entertaining.

Whatever possessed Sean Connery to do this surprisingly bland remake of "Thunderball" will probably always be a mystery to civilization.

If you prefer yawning while watching a movie watch it.

Of the villains, Max von Sydow makes an effective Blofeld, the head of SPECTRE, but Klaus Maria Brandauer seemed too bland and nonthreatening as Largo, except perhaps during the "Domination" game, a more sophisticated variant on those violent computer games such as "Space Invaders" that were so popular in the early eighties.

Largo here is excellent, and the arcade match between he and Bond is unexpectedly intense.

I recently got a chance to watch it again and was quite surprised that I actually enjoyed it.

The story is long and drawn out and one the reasons this doesn't get higher rated although I will say it never strays from what Bond is all about, it just lacks that certain fun and excitement we are so often promised.

He was in great shape for his age (53), and delivered his performance with energy and wit - qualities that were somewhat lacking in his later official Bond movies due to boredom with the character.

An incredibly boring and pointless film, even the worst movies in the official series (golden gun and die another day) are more entertaining than this.

Octopussy is an entertaining Bond film, and while this movie has its moments, it's a bit of a mess as well.

Worth watching!

I would recommend this movie to hardcore Bond fans who will appreciate some of the great Bondish moments in the film, but I'm not sure the movie, particularly the payoff, will be entertaining enough for casual fans.

With all those flaws and maybe more, "Never Say Never Again" is an overall boring flick, a lot like the non-EON Productions film from 1967, even though it's not quite the same idea.

Sean Connery plays an aging Bond, reflecting the actors aging, but nothing else about this dud is worth commenting on, a real waste of time.

Klaus Maria Brandauer is a bore, lacking all the formidable presence that Adolfo Celi had in the same role in "Thunderball" (a far superior film).

2) Barbara Carrera is very enjoyable as an over-the-top femme-fatale.

The film is s rehash of the much more exciting and coherent film, Thunderball, which shares the same storyline as this one.

The entire film lacks any exciting action with the exception of the short bike chase and the conclusion of the chase along with the demise of Fatima is silly.

Nevertheless, this film is definitely worth watching.

All those dull elements of "Thunderball" are gone...

He's not quite as good with the action sequences, he moves a bit too slow during the fight scenes and the use of stunt doubles are often easy to pick out (the motorcyle helmet is the most obvious).

But, as a whole, the film is inferior to "Thunderball" and VASTLY inferior to Moore's generally entertaining "Octopussy".

Like I said in spite of the trite story, I thought the acting was splendid.

Don't waste your time on this movie.

In You Only Live Twice and Diamonds are Forever he looked bored of the role, he doesn't here thankfully as that would kill this film stone dead.

There's a huge and boring lapse between the action scenes that it is unbearable to sit through the whole film and take it seriously.

Connery returns as Bond one last time in an entertaining Thunderball remake .

Personally I find this movie so poorly made, so lacklustre, and so boring that I find myself wandering away from it - it simply cannot hold my attention.

It has some few entertaining scenes and is not as bad as most claim.

This Bond is very entertaining.

I'll assume the ending was the same as Thunderball, I don't know because I fell asleep for the last 10 minutes.

ditches boring bits from "Thunderball"...

action packed "real" bondmovie AKA Sean Connery=bond .

The complete lack of resolution with Blofeld made the ending feel a little empty for me.

Connery makes this movie worth watching he adds so much to the scenes; when he gets into a fight he gives it Bond magic.

But I admit, I have judged this film a little harshly in the past, I originally gave it only two out of ten, but having watched it again, I actually got quite into it, there are some exciting action and chase sequences.

Yes, to a lot, this entry stands alone to the others, or that's what I feel, as this is really an exciting Bond film with color, that never dulls for any moment.

With all the legal wrangling between Kevin McClory and the Bond copyright holders you'd be forgiven for forgetting that his one story is actually the most tedious of the entire series.

I found the movie to be boring at times and didn't feel at all like a James Bond movie despite having the original Bond.

On the down side, the underwater sequences are too long and confusing; Klaus Maria Brandauer as 'Largo' is more fey than menacing; Michel Legrand's music is annoying, at best; and Irvin Kershner's direction tends to drag.

It's enjoyable to watch Bond give a massage to Kim Basinger.

The problem with NSNA is that it has all the same problems of most Bond films from the 80s : The script rambles on in a plotless manner with a computer game duel between Bond and Largo followed by Bond and Dominoe doing the tango .

That said, "Never Say Never Again" is not a film I can hate, even if I wanted to (and I never want to hate anything), simply because little of it comes off as especially bad yet all of it comes off as flat, bland, and uninspired, and far, far too American for a Bond film.

The motorcycle chase scenes will have the action guru begging for more and the underwater battle is as exciting as they come.

Broccoli film is well worth watching if you call yourself a 007 aficionado.

Don't waste your time or money on this garbage.

At times, when I happen to need to waste some time over the holidays by watching this film in the often string of Bond re-run festivals, I think the best attribute of the film is its score, and I'm not into soft '80s 'jazz'.

Really, this is so poorly acted, written and directed, and Connery does nothing but attempt to impersonate Moore, without the ability to deliver glib lines glibly and looking older in this than Moore does in the same year's Octopussy, which is a much tighter and more enjoyable affair all round.

The music is bizarre in places, especially the car chase scene, which is one of the few highlights of this dreary thing.

I just wish he could have been featured more in this one, because the movie is dull and although the endings on Bond-movies are rarely interesting, this one was the dumbest I've ever seen.

this is the only Bond movie where I have gotten bored and wished it would end.

The film is plodding and dull with absolutely no sense of style whatsoever.

Now, I'll admit that this film contains a number of flaws but for the most part I found it to be entertaining from start to finish.

Most entertaining is Barbara Carrera as Bond's iron female opponent Fatima, who's as sexy and deadly as Luciana Paluzzi was in the original.

The slow-paced fight scene in the Shrublands health clinic is set to no music at all, and the action proceeds at a snail's pace when Bond's opponent walks slowly across various rooms.

As for the characters, if you can call them that, they are probably the most boring and 1-dimensional of any bond film.

M sounds like an overblown Englishman with a bad accent, his contact in the Bahamas (played by the ever entertaining Rowan Atkinson) is the too-obvious comic relief, the leader of Spectre has no problems in showing the world his identity, and Q is living in my basement.

I personally found Octopussy and Moonraker, among other "canonical" Bond films, to be far more entertaining than this, and probably for the very same reasons why others deprecate the Moore Bond films, namely their wry humor, and their willingness to surrender to the preposterousness of the whole basic Bond milieu.

The action is not outstanding but solid,including a thrilling underwater shark attack,a horseback chase and a car/bike chase,the performances are generally strong,with Connery is great as an ageing Bond,and the script is sometimes amusing without going into Roger Moore slapstick.

Never Say never Again is a boring, slow, and above all, LOW-KEY.

This 007's womanizing adventures also looked so pretentious, heavily staged, awkward and unnecessary.

This would all be merely cosmetic though if Never Say Never Again was an action packed, thrill a minute ride.

Everyone in this film seems to having a good time and that's one of the main reasons I enjoyed it so much.

)I don't harbour any illusions that this is a particularly great Bond film, but I think on its own merits it's quite entertaining.

The result is vastly more entertaining than the shockingly bad Moonraker, or any other 80's Bond picture.

Overall a very entertaining movie, certainly better than many other real James Bonds.

Insufferably boring.

Right off the bat, a lot of traditional Bond elements are noticeably missing, the pre-credits shot of Bond approaching the screen, John Barry's famed score, and an exciting opening that should pave the way for the rest of the picture.

There's no teaser sequence or fancy credits such as we're used to - in fact, the beginning is so mundane, it's as if we're watching a typically substandard seventies thriller, with a wretched song and an awful score.

A pointless exercise in retelling the same story (SPOILERS) .

Men fighting underwater is far to chaotic to enjoy and as boring as watching those space films where spaceships blow each other up.

Some elements are enjoyable and recommended, but substantial drag might bore some viewers.

On the other hand the film is exciting and enjoyable.

In one of her early acting roles Kim Basinger is adequate as Domino, but makes the character too weak and uninteresting to be regarded as a great Bond girl, although she does look nice.

This feels flat, lifeless and empty.

All these are very well filmed and effective but when the nuts and bolts of the story resume it does become a tad dull.

Funny, but given that, by 1983 we'd seen Star Wars, Close Encounters, Empire Strikes Back and Raiders of the Lost Ark, I still found the motorcycle chase scen exciting!

Like Q, M's part is rather dull as well.

NSNA is an entertaining enough movie.

The film is also hurt by the fact that there are no Bond trademarks (gun barrel, theme music, etc.), the score is instantly forgettable, the direction is uninspired and too quaint, and the action is all pretty dull, especially the motorcycle chase and underwater ending.

Based on the novel "Thunderball", this is an entertaining action flick.

But, that's just it, a most amazing stamp of all good Bond film scores (and I dare add any good film score) is that every song should be enjoyable out of film context.

The action sequences are incredibly boring and predicable, and the underwater shots lack any imagination or flair.

Worth watching, mostly for Connery's final performance as Bond (MR.

boring as well.

Always making a comedy out of everything totally depleting the movies of any suspense and real thrilling action.

Connery struggles mightily hard amid the crap that surrounds him, but he can't save the day here, and he's eventually dragged down by the awfulness.

"Thunderball's" story of SPECTRE hijacking a bomber loaded with two nuclear bombs and holding the west for ransom came off as tense and exciting with a definable sense of what Bond was doing and why.

Being "unofficial" means that this entry in the Bond series has no returning cast members apart from Sean Connery, but the mainstays (Moneypenny, M, Felix) are played by different actors which is somewhat confusing.

Other Bond flicks have better action, funnier jokes, more exciting chases, better music (in fact the music is awful in this movie what ever happened to Bond songs like McCartney's Live and Let Die?

"The worst Bond theme song, even worse than "The Man with the Golden Gun," pointless scenes that drag on pointlessly (with the worst example being that ridiculous video game sequence - MY GOD - WHO CARES?!

Uninspired and Dull .

The original Mr.Connery takes up his post where he left it in 1971's "Diamonds Are Forever" in this likable and entertaining kind of remake of 1965's "Thunderball".

It's decidedly lukewarm, with one of the most dull and boring climaxes of any film.

It's much better paced, more enjoyable to watch, funnier, and Brandauer makes for a better than most bad guy.

Moore's Bond film of that year, "Octopussy" is the best of his six as 007, while Connery's one shot return for a rival company is a tedious affair indeed.

Barbara Carrera is this film's femme fatale and she is very over the top but she is incredibly enjoyable to watch in an otherwise dull movie.

The music is dreadful, and the cast, with one exception, is a bore.

The motorcycle chase in this movie is one of the best actions scenes of the entire Bond franchise and the fight with the big guy is hilarious and entertaining without being too silly.

Not that i've got anything against old Rodge mind, but the idea of these two kings of the Bond dynasty going 'head to head' must have been quite exciting way back in the halcyon days of 1983.

The story line is so familiar; the action a little slow and the romancing pretty weak in James Bond standards.

Finally, a Bond movie where all the women are GORGEOUS (Barbara Carrera, Kim Bassinger, Valerie Leon, Lucy Hornack), the jokes are actually funny, the stunts are well staged and the plot is as confusing, long drawn out and non-sensical as all the other Bond films.

The list of such defects is too long.

Surprisingly, given Michel Legrand’s reputation, the soundtrack is pretty bland – though the title song (obviously a joke directed towards its reluctant star) in itself isn’t too bad.

Bond fans should check out, because many moments are still enjoyable.

Particularly uninteresting is the character played by Barbara Carrera, though Klaus Maria Brandaur isn't much of a villain as well.

No" are worse, for example"), this is still an insufferably boring, visually unimpressive film.

It's not all bad though, there are some really rather good 'set pieces' in true Bond style that were pretty exciting to watch such as the excellent Motorbike chase, underwater battle with seemingly real sharks and an imaginative duel on a unique video game.

This is a terribly uninteresting movie and it's amazing that after a dozen year absence as Bond, Sean Connery would pick THIS picture for a comeback.

There are two very exciting scenes -- a shockingly punishing video game played between Bond and Largo and car/bike chase culminating in a spectacular confrontation between Bond and Fatima(Barbara Carrera).

It's a rather dreary experience.

Really Enjoyable.

While it may lack some of the spectacle and flair of the Eon films, I enjoyed it more than many of them.

The set pieces are poorly-thought out and look cheap (probably because most of the films budget was spent on getting Connery back) The majority of the script is dull and clichéd and the entire film looks like it was edited in about 5 minutes.

Bond/Connery is given hot competition in the acting department by Klaus Maria Brandauer who makes ¨Largo¨ a stunning , memorable smiling psychotic baddie from Sprectra criminal organization , replacing prior Adolfo Celi .

Barbara Carrera is also entertaining, if a bit too OTT, as the vampish Fatima Blush, and she steals many of the scenes she appears in.

There is nothing visually appealing about Never Say Never Again, the cinematography is bland and the score is bad.

The missing signature music and other credentials make this one bland, also, as mentioned, and it is a very lazy 80s reboot of Thunderball.

Never Say Never Again was released the same year as the Roger Moore Bond film Octopussy, which wasn't a great film, but memory serves that it was at least a passably enjoyable action movie that boasted several excellent action sequences.

If your a real Connery fan, or want to waste a little time on a rainy day, this film will do that for you.

It's my least favorite because Connery looks too old to play the secret agent (so did Roger Moore at this time) and Kim Basinger is surprisingly bland as the Bond girl.

It has a good cast and director, and I found it entertaining.

Never Say Never Again is a good film that's just has entertaining as the official James Bond films.

Action sequences aren't interesting; the humor is very pathetic but hilarious, a prophetic sight for parody films about secret agents that are also loose cannons; the dramatic moments are silly, very boring; the main song "Never Say Never Again" is quite funny, a little bit nice.

His supporting cast fare little better: Bond babes Barbara Carrera and Kim Basinger look great, but are terrible actresses; Max von Sydow and Klaus Maria Brandauer make for unmemorable baddies; and Rowan Atkinson's embarrassingly laugh-free turn as Nigel Small-Fawcett is completely pointless.

While THUNDERBALL was superior in anyway, the Largo in that one paled in comparison to this one which was much more intriguing and menacing.. and he doesn't even need an eye patch to hint at his malice.

Very solid Bond outing, it is unfortunate that some Bond purists revile this entertaining film merely because of the legal hurdles it was forced to jump through in order to get made.

Reusing the Thunderball storyline is quite lazy, the title song is dull, and Connery's British accent is faded.

Don't waste your time.

" Even if this is far from the best bond film (though better than most of the 80s Bond output), this film does hold a fair amount of nostalgia for me; Brandauer and Connery's intense confrontation over the very lame video game, Connery chained up in a skeleton filled cell, and Kim Basinger dancing were all moments that burned themselves into my adolescent brain.

In spite of these weaknesses, NSNA generally manages to be an amusing and entertaining film, if rather naff at the same time.

Most of the supporting cast nails it too Klaus Maria Brandauer makes an a compelling villain (much better than the full guy with an eye patch in Thunderball) Max Von Sydow is in full pantomime villain mode as Blofeld, Kim Basinger looks great and is OK as Domino and Barbara Carrera is a lot of fun too.

) and the cast is just plain dull for the most part.

What partially saves this entry is Connery's highly enjoyable performance: he shows a gift for self-parody that almost equals Moore's similar gift.

" At 52, Connery still has a youthful vigor here despite the contrived demands of the script.

McClory punched in some cool parts, but the film seems kind of rushed and is slightly boring.

Watching these two films today, and the choice seems obvious: Moore's "Octopussy" is a fun, energetic film with an involving story while Connery's effort is so lifeless and dull that it would take the audience a few cups of coffee and multiple viewings just to get through it once.

However, I enjoyed it!

very slow moving very little action and very cheap.

The end result is entertaining enough, so I'm not complaining.

Whatever it is, the screenplay serves his laid-back style well, and the result is richer and more entertaining than Connery's prior two Eon Bond outings, "You Only Live Twice" and "Diamonds Are Forever".

There is an excruciatingly embarrassing disco/tango dancing scene, some banter so weak that the double entendres are merely singles, dreadful costuming and one of the least compelling film title songs ever.

A Pointless, Lackluster Debacle of a Movie .

Well, Sean's back as an older, slower Bond who still manages to get it on with the women on a regular basis while keeping Miss Moneypenny longing for him.

I thought Klaus Maria Brandauer was the more intriguing of the two because he was so low-key and looked the "nice guy next door.

I also get the impression of a conspiracy by the producer to throw in some banal stuff amid the standard spy action, not helped any by what seems like in-joking involving Bond's aging hero bit, including M's comically shrill disapproval.

Sean Connery looks bad, the plot is a re-hashed Thunderball and it's annoyingly slow and drawn out.

Fortunately, even though all of the actors (except Sean Connery) were different the movie still managed to be just as entertaining.

All in all, its an enjoyable romp which gets very silly at times.

A pointless, bland, boring Bond movie that makes me wish Connery could have just gone out on a high with DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER instead of lowering his status with this mild tosh.

While Fatima keeps the movie from growing boring, it moves so slowly that Bond does not meet Domino until the halfway mark.

The car chase sequence in this or the motorcycle chase scene in this was executed very well and was actually entertaining to watch.

Apart from that, its just a bore-fest.

Fleming worked with McClory on an earlier Bond treatment that went nowhere.

For example, Bond's boss M becomes a languid, supercilious aristocrat, his American colleague Felix Leiter is shown as black for the only time, and the scientist Q is portrayed by Alec McCowen as a disillusioned cynic with (despite his characteristically upper-class Christian name of Algernon) a distinctly working-class accent.

' All told, there's entertainment in NSNA, but a viewer should prepare for an uneven, somewhat slow ride before climbing aboard.

Then there's the MI6 staff, who's so boring that it's an insult to think that Bernard Lee plays the same character as Edward Fox.

Nevertheless, despite its shortage of clever gadgets and the lack of a vibrant musical score, "Never Say Never Again" rates as an above-average, suspenseful doomsday thriller with top-flight performances by a seasoned cast including Sean Connery, Kim Basinger, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Max Von Sydow, Barbara Carrera, Edward Fox, Bernie Casey, Alec McCowen, and Rowan Atkinson.

At one point, he allows Bond free roam of his situation room, with a martini to boot, and his dancing eyes and mad, engaging grin make for compelling company throughout.

The running time is too long and there is some over-abundance on underwater action sequences.

While this is an intriguing anomaly - a Bond film that falls outside the Broccoli pantheon, the film does share some of the weaknesses of the original Thunderball.

Compared to "Octopussy," the official Bond movie released the same year, "Never Say Never Again" is bland, even though it is technically better.

The climax is unbelievably bland.

It's incredibly, deliberately slow, more intrested in dull light comedy than thrills and adventure.

One of the bigger failings of "Thunderball" was the fact that Emilio Largo and Domino Derval were very interesting characters in theory but very boring ones in practice.

This last point does not hold up here, though: Never Say Never Again is a relic dragged out of time, a Bond who thought it was manly to hit women, dusted down and posted opposite Kim Basinger in an anachronistic 80's.

The stunning Kim Basinger is one of the more talented Bond girls to ever feature, she's not just a pretty face, and the movie is well made despite a lower budget than the other Broccoli movies at the time.

But looking back the really early Bonds were a little slow to develop and don't age so well.

The man is a legend, and this film is one of his most enjoyable outings as Bond.

It's still enjoyable though,and better than two or three of the Eon films.

The epilogue of the film was good, but the climax was dreary and seemed to go on forever.

It also has the advantage of being set to reasonably engaging music, which is more than one can claim for most of the film.

He plays the role of the psychotic entrepreneur very well and his performance is definitely worth watching.

The weak points: the music, the direction, and Kim Basinger as a pretty but bland heroine.

There are, however, some undeniably cringe-inducing moments: Bond immobilizing a hulking villain by throwing his own urine sample into his face, wearing britches as if he were a hillbilly, riding a bicycle in his underwear, dancing a tango with Basinger and, worst of all, engaging in a silly and interminable computer game with Brandauer!

Kim Basinger is solid here, followed closely by Barbara Carrera who gives an entertaining, diabolical performance as Fatima Blush.

Bad score, bad closing act as that bored me to tears and the stupid computer game that he plays with Largo.