New Year's Evil (1980) - Horror, Thriller

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During a New Year's Eve celebration, a Los Angeles disc jockey receives a phone call saying that when New Year's strikes in each time zone, someone will be murdered - and she will be the last one.

IMDB: 4.8
Director: Emmett Alston
Stars: Roz Kelly, Kip Niven
Length: 85 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 15 out of 62 found boring (24.19%)

One-line Reviews (64)

Nothing happens in the movie.

Although the constant cutting between the TV special and the killer did make the suspense a bit inconsistent, but still it all boils down to a preposterously intense finale and there's no hiding how compulsively nasty it can be.

) She is equally boring off-screen and Roz Kelly has all the acting chops of a potato.

Then, there are the bikers, the bumbling cops, and the rest of the languid masses!

What I found fascinating by this movie compared to countless others is that the lead protagonist, Roz Kelly's music personality/celebrity, Diane Sullivan, isn't a sympathetic figure in the least.

#3- Rather than the usual hunt-'n'-slash method, the murderer has a rather novel, drawn-out approach to homicide!

Although New Year's Evil is sorely lacking in creatively bloody kills (don't expect any Savini-style gore effects in this one), the film proves moderately entertaining nonsense thanks to its hilarious '80s music and fashion plus a healthy serving of cheeze, with Niven's cool, identity-switching character being absolutely hilarious (love the wonky, glued on moustache!

"New Year's Evil" has an intriguing premise.

Definitely an oddball in the genre, but it's surprisingly enjoyable with all the quirks.

The premise doesn't sound too bad, even if a little contrived but it is on the whole a joyless and drab affair- it goes through the required mechanics of the plot with no sign of life or spark from any of the cast or in the writing or direction.

Everything else is dull and or annoying.

Grade Z fare, strictly a waste of time.

" Because the truth is, nothing happens next.

The countdown to the New Year is always going to be an exciting thing.

Kelly is pretty boring in her part as are the majority of the supporting characters.

It is a complete waste of time.

This is a very bland killer.

Or any other enjoyable quality.

The pace is slow and sedate, the characters thinly-written, the kills rather unimaginative, so there's little reason to tune in.

This is at times a pretty entertaining horror movie.

A fitting and entertaining holiday slasher .

These films are boring and predictable.

After that it's easily predictable.

But it's obviously predictable.

New Year's Evil ends up being one of the most lifeless, dull films that the Cannon Group ever produce.

There's some tense moments woven in as well, while the procedural efforts to contain him result in some rather entertaining efforts.

This is a rock-bottom, stupid, boring, horrendous "Halloween" clone--HORROR movie is right!

The average viewer will hate this movie because it is inept, not scary, or bloody or exciting.

Even so, watching him pick up his victims and kill them is rather dull.

It becomes more and more each year and is a tiresome thing.

I wouldn't say it dragged or was totally boring, just not much fun.

Maybe this was all done intentionally to give the movie a grittier, more realistic vibe but that seems pointless given how dumb and unrealistic most of the proceeding on screen actually are and if you're going to cast annoying ditzy females to be the slasher fodder in this kind of movies you might as well make them attractive.

"New Year's Evil" is one of the dullest slashers I've ever seen.

Nevertheless, in the endless list of worthless, repetitive 80's teen slashers, "New Year's Evil" might become a welcome treat.

This movie was not only boring, it wasnt even suspenseful.

Also entertaining are the hilarious extras in the dance sequences, busting some of the most lethargic and priceless dance moves one is ever likely to see.

The other thing that will make this film enjoyable even to those who aren't necessarily horror enthusiasts is the perfectly executed comedy.

I really enjoyed the soundtrack, that's one pro, but the acting was pretty bad, the plot boring and unoriginal and the attempt at creating a scary killer ending up more pathetic than anything else.

enjoyed it so much so, that it's become a tradition to watch it during the holiday season.

One of the many problems here is the fact that this one comes off as a bland, boring thriller which just takes so much out of the film.

New Year's Evil deserves some credit for remaining fairly entertaining in spite of it's wacky plotting, uninteresting characters, and surprising lack of gore.

As these are the main scenes here for the majority of the movie, that only hampers this one by keeping its main storyline from being all that interesting and enjoyable.

And to be honest the son's little psychotic act was strange and over the top, I found a bit pointless as it wasn't explored enough during the movie.

Also the music score leaves a stinging shutter with the bone rattling cues Trashy, but enjoyable oddball slasher offering.

Overall, an underwhelming slasher, with limited gore and no nudity, but it is entertaining in spurts.

The fact that the premise isn't really all that spectacular enough is the prime motivator here which requires a lot of excess scenes along the way to hold itself up, some of which is found by it being dragged out indefinitely with a series of endless and utterly innocuous songs that really aren't that great as well as the fact that there's just not a lot of suspense to be wrung out of the film makes this one feel all the more boring.

This doesn't quite suck, and there is a nice little twist towards the end, but it's mostly boring, and Kelly's heroine is obnoxious and hard to like.

Lowlight: It's a toss-up between those lousy, so-called punk band performances and watching Kramer sit in an empty room with red tights stretched over his face.

I enjoyed the movie even though there was no question as to who the killer is, but there are a couple twists later in the movie, that yeah I could see coming, but I still enjoyed it.

The cast is not good and has nothing to them, the kill scenes are boring, and everything in this movie can be described as uneven.

It's a fitting and entertaining holiday slasher for a time of the year that usually gets lost in all the Christmas craziness.

Enjoyable for the genre.

Bad acting (everybody is bad--I mean EVERYBODY), a plot that is totally predictable (I figured out the killer within 10 minutes), very minor gore (yes, that's a problem--this IS an early 80s slasher film after all!

It's more funny than thrilling, funny because it tries, but not very well, at creating a suspenseful plot.

There is also a long and pointless sequence that is pure running time padding when he accidentally runs down a biker whilst in his car and spend ten minutes eluding them whilst trying to find another victim.

New Year's Evil is a dull and thoroughly unentertaining slasher.

But, more often than not, I was bored.

But actually the novelty of "New Year's Evil" is cleverly planned out (even with the usual staples, vague descriptions and contrived aspects) as the killer murders someone exactly at the strike of the new year.

Whatever the case, you absolutely have to trust the old cliché in this case and do not judge this film just by the cover.

This is a fascinating film in its own right.

I remember watching this highly enjoyable feature around 1987.

Waste Of Time .

Painfully dull slasher .

The "New Year's murder for each time zone" plot device is clever, and the ball-dropping countdown to the first crime is particularly compelling.