New York Minute (2004) - Comedy, Crime, Family

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Two very different twin sisters haven't spent a day together in years. That changes the day they have to go to NYC and everything goes wrong - chased by a truancy officer, a killer wanting a chip back and two nice young guys.

IMDB: 4.9
Director: Dennie Gordon
Stars: Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 23 out of 115 found boring (20%)

One-line Reviews (62)

It was an enjoyable film, and the Olsens did well to keep up their characters and hold the film.

So it's a complete waste of time and money - except you were invited.

It's no work of art, nor will it be nominated for any awards, but it is entertaining, which is all anyone can expect it to be.

The acting was fairly good and the characters were entertaining enough to let you imagine that the girls could possibly be this different in real life - at least for a while.

Then it's just a waste of time.

This movie is very confusing!

Enjoyable movie; The Olsen twins showed greater depth in acting than in other films.

Enjoyable to say the least.

This movie was perfect for its age group and was just I funny action packed movie for teenie boppers.

It set out to entertain, and I personally think it mostly succeeded, putting aside the predictable plot and superficial scripting.

Oh, and lastly, I watched this film is Spanish, and still I understood every cliché and abominable storyline.

Basically, the movie comes off like a decaffeinated take on "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," with Eugene Levy (stealing the movie as a super-dedicated truant officer) playing Jeffrey Jones to Mary-Kate Olsen's Matthew Broderick, but it's never really dull enough to hurt, helped along by an enjoyable (if sometimes overly insistent) score by George S.

The reason Lucille Ball became so famous, (also Carole Burnette) was that she was willing to look slightly foolish, and do pratfalls and physical humor in order to make an entertaining movie or TV show.

To go on, the whole movie is filled with done jokes, clichés and that oh so boring false sentiment.

The storyline is so cliché, you think it might somehow be so clichéd it's some kind of anti-cliché.

a really fun and entertaining movie .

I thought it was fun and entertaining, though very predictable.

Jane and Roxy are both taking a trip into the city -- Jane to deliver a speech for a scholarship contest, and Roxy to go to a concert -- and a predictable case of mistaken identity leads to both twins getting kicked off the train.

They both need to get to Midtown Manhattan for vastly different reasons, and misadventures with much contrived hilarity ensue.

How was that for dull?

I find the Olsen Twins fascinating because they have literally been acting since before they could SPEAK, starting on one of the all time lousiest sitcoms, to making a string of incredibly lousy videos and the occasional movie (I'm sick - I watched "It Takes Two" as well) So the thing is if it wasn't the Olsen Twins in this movie - just some random set of genetically related actresses - I fully know I wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly as much.

I found this movie boring and hard to watch all the way through.

this is the WORST movie EVER made.

It wasn't that bad, and it was enjoyable .

If New York Minute were just that, a minute long it would still be a waste of life.

I enjoyed it simply to see how the young actresses are growing up.

Jane Ryan (Ashley Olsen) is a very pretentious, anal retentive Republican, who insists on playing mother for her sister and her father.

The plot is senseless and unbelievable-and not in a good, entertaining way.

As such, it was fascinating to see just how they set about making this transition.

In the end, New York Minute is a waste of time and it's a film only the kids will like.

The only point in this pointless film that I laughed at.

A fun story of mayhem and mischief, it is far from the worst movie out this season (have you SEEN "Van Helsing"?

More enjoyable then I expected.

Some of their earlier movies were more entertaining, even though those, too, were geared towards kids.

This movie was fun for it's given age bracket and a great 'girls' movie but I did think it was a little predictable throughout.

Those films were actually written by people, as opposed to trained monkeys pressing random buttons on a cliché-producing machine, then turning it into a script.

If you are not a girl under the age of ten, New York Minute will be a head ache inducing waste of 90 minutes of your time.

His character is just so empty.


It is pointless to judge the film from my point of view as I'm not it's target viewer.

Any one reading this if you haven't already seen new york minute, you seriously should, This film is mint especially if your a fan of the twins like me, they're sexy, talented and loaded, this is one of their best films ever the soundtrack is awesome, the film is seriously entertaining, and the twins top this film off as one of my favourites, along with the cameo appearances, of Bob Saget and Jack Osbourne make this film even more exciting Eugene Levy adds a certain type of humour to this film which is classic in all Mary Kate and Ashley Films.

A very entertaining movie, mostly shot on location in New York, delightfully scripted to take full advantage of the charismatic qualities of its young stars, Miss Mary-Kate Olsen and Miss Ashley Olsen, inventively plotted by Emily Fox, plus the team of Adam Cooper and Bill Collage, and most skillfully directed by Miss Dennie Gordon, New York Minute would seem to have every quality to assure box office success.

I watched this movie at my friend's house and I quite frankly found it more than a little boring.

It focuses on two twin sisters living in New York, livin' the good life with their typical cliché' of a workaholic father.

And as a girl under 15, I enjoyed it immensley.

The people who are saying "this is so predictable" and "we have already seen that kinda movie before" are not the target audience.

It's cute, action-packed, exciting, has a plausible story line, beautiful lead actresses, quirky characters (and each main character has a focused personality, not just shied upon), great cinematography, great editing, great directing.

We enjoyed it so much!

What I found it more fascinating was to see these 'billionare princess' moving around talking and not on a package or poster with their fixed smiles.

A thin story, predictable plots, bad acting, lame jokes and two baby faces will never make a movie.

I got bored after a while.

It wouldn't have taken much to put together a campy but enjoyable throw away film such as 13 Going on 30, which I gave a 6 out of 10.

But if you're looking for a good teen-girl comedy, save your money for a DVD rental and go see Mean Girls.

Definitely one of the year's worst movies.

I mean, it wasn't BAD, it started out well but then it just bored me to wherever.

HERE COMES SOMETHIN THAT COULD BE CONSIDERED AS A SPOILER: The story is quite predictable and you've seen stories like this before.

Overall this movie unoriginal and confusing.

The Olsen's produce family friendly movies which are enjoyable for what they are.

It is more entertaining than a lot of the crap you see these days.

Every scene, it feels like it might get funnier, but then throws in another immature joke or cliché', and the audience is disappointed again.

But does all that make this an unbearable movie?

As always,it is contrived,predictable and clichéd - three qualities that of any Olsen Twins' film.