Nick of Time (1995) - Action, Crime, Drama

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An unimpressive, every-day man is forced into a situation where he is told to kill a politician to save his kidnapped daughter.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: John Badham
Stars: Johnny Depp, Christopher Walken
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 11 out of 126 found boring (8.73%)

One-line Reviews (127)

Gripping, original action movie with Deep desperately trying to find the means avoid his daughter to be murdered.

The movie is entertaining and it has a few great little speeches by Mr. Walken.

So many screenplays do this nowadays, a few cute ideas and scenes planned out and damned be how implausible and contrived the events need to be the connect them.

After I walked out of the theater, I found myself blown away.

The first 20 or 30 minutes I considered turning it off, it seemed that "uninteresting".

A Fast, Slick And Suspenseful Film In The Tradition Of Alfred Hitchcock .

Directed by John Badham (The Hard Way, Short Circuit, Stakeout) made an entertaining, clever if barely believable.


)What might have been a gripping premise if we actually cared about any of the characters, is instead looked on as a godsend because it ensures a mercifully short running time.

The circumstances under which an ordinary man finds himself embroiled in a political assassination plot, unfold very quickly and from that point on, his desperation, fear and confusion are both obvious and understandable.

Terrible waste of time and talent...

The plot is an unpleasent mix of boring predictability and irritating implausibility.

i was on the edge of my seat for this potboiler,right down to the last minute.

It's an intriguing premise of a thriller taking place mostly in real time.

There are some enjoyable things like Johnny Depp and Christopher Walken; it seems that everything these actors do has some joy in it.

Keeps you on the edge of your seat...

The worst may have been the so-overplayed cliché of the killers hesitating before shooting and then, because of that, being shot themselves.

's Bonaventure Hotel, which, if you've ever been inside it, you know is an utterly confusing labyrinth of glass towers, fountains, circular hallways, and this strange space lends itself perfectly to the taught confusion and tension the film tries to project.

Riveting thriller with an excellent cast .

This is definitely the only suspense movie I've seen that actually had me on the edge of my seat biting my nails (As promised on the back of the DVD).

A taunt film from at least near the middle to the end, (the beginning is a bit dull), "Nick of Time" is one tight suspense

Very suspenseful and energetic makes this movie watchable.

this is a very thrilling and suspenseful movie.

Fast, Exciting & Tense .

The cast deliver terrific performances and John Badham directs the film in a suspenseful, Hitchcock style.

The climax, especially, is very gripping & interesting.

Except for the fact that I lost about 7 minutes in this 'real time' movie, I thought it very entertaining.

I'll be honest, it's almost improbable, and you will notice by the cut back to time readings, time moves slow.

a very thrilling potboiler (solid) .

Hugely enjoyable, a throwback to the great thrillers of bygone years .

Real thrilling, keeps you hooked .

On the surface – or from a distance, the premise seems exciting and thrilling.

The acting itself isn't half-bad, though, I thought Depp seemed pretty uninterested in his role and looked rather bored.

Ninety Minute NapBy: Jake Morphonios Nick of Time sports an intriguing tagline: "Ninety minutes.

Similarly, despite its "thriller" classification, the action in the film is restricted to only two brief setpieces (one being an ill- advised dream sequence), suggesting its being primarily fuelled by suspense and emotional tension - however, apart from the odd patch of effectively generated tension, the film is so poorly executed on these fronts that it is often simply a lackluster, or simply uninteresting watch, falling short of expectations that were never terribly high to begin with.

If you need time to kill on a slow moving day, this is your ticket6.3/10

Thus ensues a mildly entertaining journey of Gene trying to figure a way out, while Smith barks orders at him the entire time.

While the film can hardly be described as anywhere near as downright despicable as it might have become, disappointing is indeed the word of choice as a decently intriguing premise is overwhelmed by inattentive, lacklustre directing and lazy screen writing generating hardly a scrap of tension in a film intended to thrive on it.

The acting was fantastic, the plot was gripping and the tension stayed in the room long after the television had been turned off.

The movie is a good thriller in real time as the series "24" for example and introduces many interesting and intriguing characters on both the good and the evil side.

"At a time when sometimes the good guys don't always win and the bad guys sometimes "get away with it," this is one cinematic thriller that should keep you on the edge of your seat the whole 90 minutes.

Also,it is an exciting albeit illogical tale of mystery and suspense.

intriguing thriller premise .

This isn't an award-winning quality film, but was very entertaining.

But, if you don't think to much about these questions, the film is mildly entertaining and thrilling.

Excellent suspense shot in real time which has you on the edge of your seat for the whole duration - Christopher Walken is as usual excellent -the poor bloke has a really mean, hard, and cruel face ( which was put to such good use as Zorin in 'A View to a Kill').

Aside from that,the plot is clichéd and predictable as well as it has been already seen in many movies before even with "real time" involved in the premise.

If you've seen one clichéd, formulaic, predictable action-thriller than you've already seen Nick of Time.

Nick of Time is a very entertaining movie, that asks the viewer to phrase the question: What would you do if it were you?.

Just like many of the old B-movies, this fast, exciting and often tense thriller makes a big impact by delivering its story with great economy and style.

It might work better as a half-hour TV treatment à la Alfred Hitchcock Presents, but there are very few lulls and lots of juicy twists along the way.

Director John Badham (Saturday Night Fever) perpetuates this preposterous premise and carries it through to a predictable and unsatisfying conclusion.

If you accept the incredible hypothesis that a whole battalion of people surrounding the governor of California need to force an amateur to kill her, the movie is enjoyable, because the actors do a good job.

It was very well done and kept you on the edge of your seat.

Kind of similar to Butterfly on a Wheel in terms of the stupid contrived lazy plot factor.

2/10 - a boring "thriller" .

It just left me with an empty feeling and a lot of questions.

Unpredictable .

An interesting concept, and I think a successful and entertaining one.

It will get your adrenaline going and have you glued to the screen.

) The action is tight, the drama keeps one on the edge of their seat, very few plot holes remain unfilled, and the tension sings.

This movie had me sitting up on the edge of my seat and ringing out my hands as I anticipated and wondered just how this desperate father would make his way out of his delimma.

Formulaic and terribly clichéd.

An entertaining and unpredictable film .

Most people say the plot is predictable.

I must first say that it is similar to "Speed" but I thought this was much more entertaining.

This film tanked in the box office and received bad reviews, but I was surprised, because of how great and exciting of a movie it is.

'Nick Of Time' has a gripping plot & the prolific filmmaker handles the subject well.

While some peculiar cinematography adds a mildly unique quality to the film, the ever so subtle recurring visual motif of clocks or watches serves to slow the film down rather than amp up the tension.

"Now if you have DOUBTS about what I'm gunna do to your little girl, LEMMIE TELL YA SOMETHING, I'm GUNNA MAKE GRAVY OUT YOUR LITTLE GIRL, just to season that black Irish co%$suckers meat" Whenever I watch this movie I always anticipate this scene, it is just so funny and enjoyable to watch.

The gimmick in this particular movie is the fact that it's set in real time, and this just makes the film even more stupidly entertaining than it should be.

Nick of Time contains every cliché in the book and the finale is completely predictable and unrealistic.

A suspense thriller that gets by on a tense plot with the audience unable to see the outcome, which becomes evermore tedious which each repeat viewing.

With yawns aplenty, I watched as Watson bumbled around trying to figure out what to do.

Whoever thought the plot was predictable, I want to get lottery numbers from them because they are obviously psychic!

Suspenseful and Entertaining.

Very Suspenseful For One Look .

Don't waste your time or money on this one.

Nick Of Time is only worth watching if you are a die hard fan of Johnny Depp and/or Christopher Walken.

The plot is just remarkable and the story twists are very good and unpredictable.

Christopher Walken and Roma Maffia were riveting as the killers.

It's exciting and fun.

There are many interesting plot twists in this movie that kept me on the edge of my seat.

With every minute, the tension rises and you will watch this movie on the edge of your seat without any boring moments.

A great real time thrill that will push you on the edge of your seat .

However, my wife and I stuck with it, and found the second half fairly interesting, and even entertaining at times.

Nothing all that special, but it's a fairly enjoyable timewaster.

Nick of Time was a very enjoyable thriller in the Hitchcock tradition of an ordinary man caught up in an extraordinary situation.

This is a watchable movie, but laughably predictable.

That is so tiresome.

However, this "real time" movie (trying to get the viewer even more involved), is guaranteed, if you've never seen it, to give you an entertaining hour-and-a-half.

Director John Badham (name related puns were just bound to surface given the quality of his work here) appears uncomfortable with the notion of an intense, claustrophobic thriller, and continually inundates the film with long shots, as if attempting to broaden its scope - the result being an expansive laxity of the tension which was ultimately necessary to make the film a success.

An intriguing plot that had me thinking what I would do in the situation.

Similarly, Courtney Chase fulfils just about every "irritating little girl" cliché in the book as Depp's kidnapped daughter, doing little to sympathise the character in the audience's eyes.

It is just too Contrived and Forced to be much more than a Time Waster and considering Johnny Depp and Christopher Walken manage to bring Their Characters to Life, the Film itself is on Life Support from the Get Go.

The unremitting adrenaline, pushing him to act, or run .

I know there were not a lot of great reviews for this film, but all in all, it is an entertaining mix of action, suspense and drama.

A Hindi Film called 'Badshah' was made years after this film released, which was a yawn.

It's not original, it won't make your day, but it's fairly entertaining.

It shouldn't be as good as it is, it's all over the place, but it's really worth watching for three reasons.

Some mild entertainment, a very short running time and the fact that I always love to watch Depp barely make up for the formulaic mess this film is.

With a plot element about a race against time, this movie has some nice riveting excitement and thrills.

Is he supposed to be slow?

Rated R for violence and language, this is a interesting, breakneck paced film that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

The film starts out a bit slow but it builds into a suspenseful thriller.

In truth it's *reasonably* entertaining as long as you accept that the story is ludicrous.

And for the most part, the ingeniousness of Gene to handle something, including a gun, that he's never had to before, was pretty entertaining.

Tense and suspenseful Neo-noir film with an exciting race against time .

The movie will keep you on the edge of your seat all the way through.

The script is well done, funny and totally unpredictable.

Mr. Watson (Johnny Depp) arrives with his young daughter at Los Angeles and totally unexpected he got kidnapped and he has a job to do : killing the governor in three hours time or he won't see his kid again.

Worth watching for all the wrong reasons.

It'll keep you on the edge of your seat for a good hour and a half or so.

While the idea of the film's plot unfolding in real time is intriguing, despite its concise hour and a half length the film still feels overlong, as if it is pushing its slight concept over too extended a period, leading to many repetitions or slack moments as opposed to the taut, gripping thriller it intended to be.

Engrossing Hitchcockian Thriller Of Everyman Forced Into Political Assassination .

Depp and Walken are very authentic and entertaining in their roles and I was very interested in their fates.

Very entertaining!

While the dialogue and character composition may not be anything too special, I was on the edge of my seat for a good deal of the film.

There are a few far-fetched moments in the film and one feels that Depp could have extricated himself from his perillous predicament on several occasions,but if you turn a blind eye to these, as you should, the film is really very entertaining.

Dutton,) it's entertaining.

I highly recommend this movie if you want to be entertained with a great suspenseful film.

Especially during the first half of the movie, there appears to be no easy way out, which makes it all the more thrilling.

A suspenseful movie, Hitchcockian in that an innocent man gets involved in a deadly plot.

It's very suspenseful and exciting without an explosion every 2 minutes.

Although not as much a household name as the directors above, John Badham knows how to tell a suspenseful story as well as any of the other "kids on the block.

This movie is certainly worth watching.

But it's an attention grabber and has YOU on the edge(really!!!