Night Moves (2013) - Action, Drama, Thriller

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Three radical environmentalists look to execute the protest of their lives: the explosion of a hydroelectric dam.

Director: Kelly Reichardt
Stars: Jesse Eisenberg, Dakota Fanning
Length: 112 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 36 out of 63 found boring (57.14%)

One-line Reviews (119)

If he disappoints me this time, like that seriously beautiful yet boring movie "The Double" he may find himself on MY hate/dislike list.

I thought everyone gave compelling performances in the movie.

After viewing the trailer, I thought the film seemed largely uneventful.

Sometimes certain films are difficult to make a good trailer out of, but in the case of this film, it is because this film actually is boring.

Though the movie certainly has a slow pace I would disagree with those who say it is boring though I got to say that I would understand those people too because I feel there's a lack of character development.

Of course they end up killing someone and rather than getting tracked down we watch them go through what they want you to think is guilt (but really just trying to evade getting caught) and the ending is just really dumb and pointless.

The first half of the movie is excruciatingly slow and not very involving.

Seriously boring predictable tripe.

Plodding and Snail-Paced .

This is a most boring film.

The first one I watched, The East, was a strange and boring movie, who lacks a common thread and contains a dull plot-twist.

Which is good because this movie is painfully slow.

This has potential to be very interesting, but it ends up taking far too long.

This is very slow and has very little dialog.

Reichardt specializes in a sort of pondering, slow paced narrative that has seen her reach some great heights (Wendy and Lucy) and some real lowlights (Meeks Cutoff) that now with Night Moves has seen her move into an interesting new direction without losing the style that has gained her a steady stream of critical praise over her years in the industry.

One of the most boring movies ever .

Slow paced and drags on .

A complete waste of time.

Flawed and slow but still incredibly intense and well acted feature .

slow and methodical .

It makes it boring, as hell.

OK, it is a slow paced movie, which I don't see as something necessarily bad.

For a 2 hour movie, it really seemed to drag and the pace and moody concept became boring after a while.

Night Moves is a boring and long-winded movie.

But no, that wouldn't be pretentious enough I guess...

I expected some tension, drama, excitement, maybe a manhunt for the eco terrorists and got nothing but mundane lines, an amateur script, and plodding story line.

Kelly Reichardt's "Night Moves" is a slow burning thriller that focuses more on the characters than on the action.

Not horribly slow, but just a little on the plodding side.

It's a Muddle in a Murky Puddle of a Picture that Loves the Scenes of Natural Dirt Farming and Collective Farmer's Market Sharing and the Commune like Atmosphere is Shown in Striking Detail, but with the Thriller Part, the Slow Burn Smolders and Never Ignites.

Zzzzzzzzz .

I felt that this movie was slow and that I just didn't feel anything for the situation they were going through.

Why They Feel that They must mo to such an Extreme to Make a Point that is obviously Pointless is just one of the Mysteries the Movie doesn't have the will or the whatever to Make Clear or is the Concerned.

Soooo slow.

From the very beginning the film is so uninteresting.

Night Moves is indeed a beautiful film that has stunning shots of what majestic Oregon lakes and forests have to offer.

Slow it is .

" Three radical environmentalists coming together to execute the most intense protest of their lives: the explosion of a hydroelectric dam-the very source and symbol of the energy-sucking, resource-devouring industrial culture they despise.

Empty .

I do enjoy me some slow-paced films of this kind though, and this one had a really atmospheric, intriguing tone and mystery aura to it that really made it work.

The emotion from the performances does not match the situation at hand making it a dry, uneven and drawn out film.

Night Moves is a slow burner.

Even more boring than The East .

I admit it is kind of suspenseful but ultimately it feels like a waste of my time!

Too slow!

Featured at the 57th San Francisco International Film Festival, Night Moves is a film directed by the queen of slow burn narrative Kelly Reichardt.

I enjoyed it, but it was really, really slow.

Slow and un-compelling.

After all, Hollywood Report compared it to the the suspenseful Hitchcock films of the 50's.

Here is a film that redefines the thriller genre into a slow-moving study of eco-terrorists committed to the longevity of nature's balance while they suffer the imbalance of committing a crime with real consequences.

Sat down to watch this semi-dud, "Night Moves" is a plodder and tries to work as a psychological suspense movie.

These three are supposed to be passionate enough activists to even come up with this plan but they all walk around sleepy/dead-eyed and talk in monotone voices.

Also, about the kind of numbness in Josh expressions during almost all the scenes, I simply cannot see them as emotionless or empty.

That movie was very tense and I really enjoyed it, kinda like an Erin Brokovich on steroids.

But on the other hand, the movie crawling at such a slow pace can be a tad irritating.

95% boring .

Slowest movie ever made.

It will not break audiences because it's weird or too complicated but because it's too simple and many will probably find it uninteresting and boring.

As the rich girl provides the $10k to buy the doomed boat, Dena seems light as a revolutionary, acting out a thrilling role.

On the negative side, the movie was a bit on the slow side.

Those who enjoy slower paced character driven dramas about earth, landfills and the environment.

Too slow with mediocre ending .

Night moves = slow movie .

This was actually a suspenseful thriller about paranoia taking hold after the commission of a major crime.

No I suggest you wath 'The East' instead, it might not be as realistic, but it's way more entertaining.

However, the camera work, while occasionally being beautiful, is mostly slow and plodding, making the film truly boring at times.

Not to make that mistake, Kelly Reichardt makes her film a breathtaking suspense thriller.

This is a slow burner of a thriller of pretty much the highest order, reminiscent of the '70s, when 'fast-paced' often took a backseat to 'tension building'.

And where as 'The East' was a thrilling ride this one takes more a realistic approach, almost too realistic, cause this movie is really slow, plenty of scenes where people barely say anything.

If only all American movies could be so daring, so unpredictable in the scheme.

It's simple, nothing happens whatsoever in this contemplative movie one could compare to a flat encephalogram, where the silences are as heavy as the lack of rhythm.

Came up empty every time.

Adventureland was also really entertaining.

A waste of time .

A plodding film with many a lingering shot, padded scenes and still a lot that is left unsaid.

Reichardt loves to use steady shots and let the action unfold in front of us, but they were as tedious as the the slow pacing of the film.

Night Moves is a rather slow paced and unsettling drama.

that wait sequence sure is quite intense.

This has got to be one of the most boring, slowest moving movies I have ever had the pain to watch.

Anyway, I struggled to stay interested in this film and I got bored of the mood and tempo that the director set throughout the film.

It's just so very slow.


A slow burning thriller that makes you answer the questions.

waste of time .

Some of the earlier scenes were decent leading up to the eco-terrorism, but passed that the last third of the movie dragged awfully.

It's a very intense film with doubt and I got to applaud the director for creating such a mood where you feel trapped, claustrophobic, very gloomy and heavy.

Awful no story.

The plot was fresh but the slow pace was sometimes agonizing.

Reichardt's slow burn pacing and nearly non-existent background work actually works incredibly well in setting up Moves central plot devise, that of an act of eco-terrorism in the blowing up of an energy dam.

Also the movie is extremely slow.

If you choose to waste your money on this movie, don't say you were not warned

But with the inclusion of Jesse Eisenberg, who has mastered playing pretentious characters, there is the question of whether the film is another shallow depiction of eco-activism?

And even then the movie actually begins, it is very boring and slow.

Sure some of the steady long shots looked cool, but after a while it too becomes tedious as the characters in this film.

I myself found the movie enjoyable, but I will admit there a lot of slow parts that I almost fell asleep on.

That is such a cliché that I was hoping that wouldn't happen before they even got in the truck.

I started this movie with eager anticipation, and ended with a strong desire to push pins in my eyes to alleviate the boredom.

This film is painfully slow.

Movie dragged after a while!

The film comes down to the raw basic of film making as it tells a very suspenseful story of three environmentalist about to become Eco terrorist.

The framing and camera work tries to find a happy medium between a subjective portrayal from the main character's perspective and giving a global perspective of the events, which is confusing and after a while gets very boring to watch.

With a cast of solid leads and with a lovely visual feel, Night Moves has a groove all to its own and while never reaching grand heights, it's certainly a sight bit better than many of its more explosive yet idiotic thriller counterparts and a breath of fresh air for those that like their movies tinged with a slower pacing.

This is a slow, methodical movie.

The cinematography was satisfactory, and dialog OK but uneventful, and certainly not provocative.

This review is hard for me to do because it requires 10 lines and this movie was so slow and plot less that it is hard to think of 10 lines to say about it.

Probably the worst movie I ever paid for, Twilight was better (believe it).

To appreciate this film, you have to be prepared for the work of Kelly Reichart, whose films tend to be slow-moving and thought-provoking.

Tense and engaging.

Here's a great description in Wikipedia of the final ~10 minutes of the movie (and remember 'slow burn' movies which just about every other review mentions is a flaw really need to make use of those final scenes to make the film...

Much what occurs in the film is quite slow and at times boring to watch.

When the papers the next day report something unexpected the three protesters become scared and trust is challenged.

With NIGHT MOVES, everything that seemed so intricate and complex, comes across as banal and contrived.

Nonchalant slow burn thriller .

Stupid me made it even slower by rewinding points in the film to try to figure out what possible relevance/progression minutes of the film had contributed.

There are so many empty spaces.

It moved VERY slow.

Unfortunately, Harmon, the most intriguing character of the film, does not come back in the film.

Only difference between those two films is that at least The Greasy Strangler tries to waste your time with wtf comedic devices and uncomfortable visuals whereas Night moves just wastes your time.

One word to describe Night Moves : empty.

Once the movie gets to the actual action though (of the story) it gets extremely suspenseful and gripping.