Night of the Comet (1984) - Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi

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A comet wipes out most of life on Earth, leaving two Valley Girls fighting against cannibal zombies and a sinister group of scientists.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Thom Eberhardt
Stars: Catherine Mary Stewart, Kelli Maroney
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 24 out of 179 found boring (13.4%)

One-line Reviews (105)

They meet up with another survivor and hit the empty streets of southern California.

Catherine Mary Stewart is so beautiful and genuinely engaging to watch, its a wonder she never became an 80s household name.

It was funny, exciting, and damn entertaining.

Many would like to relegate this film to "B Movie" stardom, but the confusing element is that it's just plain "good".

I also thought after the first twenty odd minutes the film slows down to a snails pace & became incredibly boring & dull to watch, after hearing so many good things about it Night of the Comet comes across to me as nothing more than an overrated boring piece of crap.

It takes cannibalism to a new level and is worth watching.

It certainly isn't good, but it had some moments that kept it from being a complete waste of my time.

The effects may not be the digitized visual pablum people take for granted these days, but in a way they're more engaging for their rawness.

It is fun, intriguing, and full of those 80's memorable moments.

The empty LA scenes were great, as were all of the characters with their superficial lives.

However, if you can forgive the lack of blasting flesh-eaters' brains out then you'll find quite an enjoyable cult classic.

Empty streets that should be filled with crashed cars, for one example.

I was bored today and found this older movie on Amazon streaming.

This is a fantastically entertaining movie.

Part of what makes this movie worth watching today is intentional, part of it isn't.

A pre-"Voyager" Robert Beltran is Hector "date night in the barrio" Gomez, the classic b-movie hero, and far more engaging here than his stoic, dry-as-bones role for the McTrek franchise.

The movie had to have been low budget, but they used what funds they had very well, complete with shots of an empty L.

Enjoyable film with excellent performances by the leads, Catherine Mary Stewart and Kelli Maroney.

This had to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Writer/director Thom Eberhardt takes an unpromisingly generic sci-fi/horror end-of-the-world premise and gives it a marvelously clever, witty and inspired tongue-in-cheek hip'n'flip 80's makeover: the characters are refreshingly humane and engaging, the witty dialogue frequently hits the sidesplitting snappy spot ("Hey, I'm sorry if the end of the world makes me nervous"), the New Wave rock soundtrack seriously smokes, and in the film's single most delightful sequence Regina and Samantha joyfully ransack a swank department store for all the gnarly fashionable clothes they can get their eager little adolescent hands on (appropriately enough, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" plays on the soundtrack during this simply spectacular sequence which speaks volumes about the shallow materialistic culture of the 80's.

Director Eberhardt has a terrificly photographed scene the morning after; the streets are empty, all is quiet, machines are the only things still operating, and the sky is covered in a red haze.

While they might think they're the only ones alive, in an underground complex a group of scientists have been infected and see their unaffected blood as a cure for stopping their slow progression into zombies.

^_^ Find it if you can, it's as enjoyable at NOTC.

The ending is very amusing and enjoyable.

A camp, 80s sci-fi caper that's dated but still enjoyable.

A Terrific,Entertaining And Funny SCI-FI/Horror/Comedy Cult Classic.

Unlike the Zombies in George Romero films (slow and dumb) or in 28 Days Later (fast and furious), these zombies actually speak and think.

It's certainly impressive the way the filmmakers were able to empty so many sections of Los Angeles, and it creates a perfect "end of the world" type feeling.

Night Of The Comet is a terrific,entertaining and funny SCI-FI/Horror/Comedy Cult Classic that is filled with wonderful direction,a great cast,a fantastic score and soundtrack and amazing special make-up effects.

Smug, pretentious know-it-all smart alecs get wasted, while mindless self-centered children survive and then prevail.

Cheesy, but enjoyable satire is like the poor man's version of 28 Days Later (2002) with a big chunk of '80's vibe for flavor!

There is also not one sign of life, only small piles of red dust and empty clothes.

A decent and entertaining enough movie, that could had worked out better though and more interesting.

Finding herself in an empty world, Reggie goes home to find her sister.

Written & directed by Thom Eberhardt I found Night of the Comet a pretty rubbish viewing experience, I'm surprised at the amount of positive comments on IMDb about it because I just thought it was boring crap that never lived up to it's potential.

It's still fairly entertaining, and there's e nice pay-off in the very last shot that helps to round things out.

It seemed to lull about too often, and sadly I found it slightly boring.

The acting all around is very good for this type of flick and while it certainly isn't perfect, the entertaining and fun spirit of the movie make up for any flaws.

If u went in expecting anything other than what u got (an entertaining, funny, homage to classic B-horror films) than that is your fault!

Overall, this is very enjoyable.

It all works surprisingly well as this film is quite entertaining.

Of course, this is still a bad movie, but if you go into it with the understanding that this isn't Rear Window, but instead anticipate a fun, surprisingly entertaining schlocky popcorn film, then you should be pleasantly surprised.

All in all, a very entertaining and fun movie.

Persoanlly I found this film dull, boring, uneventful & the puke inducing sequence where the sisters go shopping to the tune of 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' is probably the worst moment in the film.

so, while the movie is slightly entertaining (with some parallels to dawn of the dead), night of the comet seemed to ignore much of it, making it less interesting of a movie than it could've been.

Its well- acted and beautifully photographed (the earlier empty streets with that orange tinge reminiscence of a nuclear winter are amazing) and moves at a brisk pace.

Very enjoyable film with excellent performances by the leads, Catherine Mary Stewart and Kelli Maroney.

Reggie and Sam are our guides in the film because almost everything in the film is seen from their perspectives and you will relate to the two of them as well as laugh with them because some of the things they see is funny,suspenseful and insane.

More soberly put, that means: it's not the best horror/sci-fi/comedy ever made, but it's damn enjoyable 80's entertainment.

The film was funny, quirky and entertaining, though it never quite escalates from "good" to "cult classic", and I am curious to see if this will get some new eyes looking on it with the amazing Scream Factory release.

Writer/Director Thom Eberhardt's engaging tale borrows themes from several other movies but still succeeds in delivering a hugely entertaining yarn.

Sometimes that combination results in a pretty good movie, sometimes it results in something that's hilariously (and enjoyably) bad, and occasionally the result is an unwatchable mess.

This is supposed to be entertaining, and make you think about what you would do if you were one of the few people left in the world.

Kelli Maroney, while not as cute, is entertaining and gets to spout some of the funnier dialogue.

I have to say this was a bit far out but highly entertaining.

You would get Night Of The Comet,a great and fun low budget movie that did some decent business at the Box Office and earned good reviews from film critics and has become a Cult classic since it's 1984 release and is one of the most entertaining and memorable genre films of the 1980s.

From any view, this is an entertaining film even with its silly moments.

There is something very compelling about an empty large city.

there's one slow song that is really reminiscent of the Frank Stallone days when he was on top with "Staying Alive"...

Surely, anyone who can sit through anything as formulaic as "Scream" or "Friday the Thirteenth" can survive this movie.

Teenage girls take on zombies, mad scientists, and empty shopping malls .

The reason as one review stated it's cliche after cliche is because it is making fun of those themes that are common to this genre of movie.

A last act with evil scientists spoil much of the fun and never fully works, but what preceded it is one of the more entertaining horror comedy entries of the 80s.

A very intriguing idea is well explored in this sci-fi flick.

This was the only time I ever walked out on a movie.

Budgetary constraints being overlooked, this cinematic effort is genuinely entertaining.

In its' own funny and entertaining way I believe this one to be a true cult classic.

Quite Enjoyable .

In my system, movies that are so bad you can laugh at them are under 4, making them worth watching for comedic factor alone, while simply failed movies are 6.

A pair of teenage sisters find themselves seemingly all alone in Los Angeles the next morning, but they eventually meet both allies and enemies in this empty new world.

This engaging B movie is, like, so totally awesome.

I've seen a lot of bad movies, many many bad movies, trust me Night of the Comet is entertaining, and there are much much worse movies out there.

This was quite possibly the most boring movie I have ever seen.

The difference is that NotC piles cliche on cliche -- uniformed paramilitary scientists, insane and violent Punk Rockers, plucky heroine, and her slightly annoying, but still endearing, kid sister who has a knack for getting into trouble.

Slow Story, Great Throwback .

Like watching paint dry .

Unfortunately there are far too many shots of empty streets, there are constant montage's of empty streets, deserted roads & abandoned buildings & it gets extremely repetitive & dull.

The film loses focus too many times as it becomes slow and boring.

The premise is interesting but the movie fails to deliver anything but yawns.

Entertaining hybrid movie .

He asked them how they'd relate to the end of the world and they answered that they'd see it as an exciting adventure, with dating being the only downside.

An engaging and entertaining sci-fi movie.

I mean basically all we see are empty streets, one empty car and a bunch of clothes lying around.

It's certainly entertaining.

Its well- acted and beautifully photographed (the earlier empty streets with that orange tinge reminiscence of a nuclear winter are amazing) and moves at a brisk pace.

Throw in some zombies and evil scientists, and you have a film that's sooo over-dramatic it makes Killer Tomatoes seem trite.

After Larry is attacked by a zombie- like creature and dragged away, Reggie emerges into the world the next morning to find everyone vanished.

The film isn't very coherent, and constantly switches tones to suit whatever mood the plot takes on; but it doesn't matter, because this type of post-apocalyptic plot is always fascinating, and Night of the Comet always makes the best of it.

Exciting 80's cult Sci-fi horror gem that has been a favorite since the 80's with a following.

This ranks second only to Godzilla 1998 as the worst movie I've ever seen.

Because this film focused too much on 80's pop references it was fairly uneventful.

Entertaining "B" movie, Comet destroys the world.

Overall I enjoyed it.

being the only survivors (well, there are a few others) of an unexpected mass-extinction flyby of a comet, that makes you love this film.

The empty streets of L.

The movie, lively and silly, adopts a rather enjoyable slant on the marauding zombie genre, sending up the precarious scenario--the end of civilization as we know it--in such a campy, overtly-dumb fashion that it couldn't possibly be disturbing (except perhaps to science-fiction devotees, who will most likely just laugh it off).

In final word,if you're a fan of SCI-FI,Horror or Genre films in general,I highly suggest you see Night Of The Comet,a terrific,entertaining and funny Cult Classic that you will never forget.

Again, even though there isn't much depth to it, this is an entertaining movie and I think most people will find it quite enjoyable.

Postapocolyptic zombies, pretty teenage girls who kick ass, engaging visuals, and overtly clever screenwriting make for a real gem of a movie.

The dialogue is good and the film is exciting and scary in places.

If you're into the whole 'end of the world' and empty cities scenario (such as "The Omega Man"), have we got a little picture for you, the writer/director seems to be saying.

The film is slow moving and even the slim plot seems padded.

At any rate, rather than reveal the entire plot I will just say that this film is both fun and entertaining.

But if you are prepared for a somewhat disappointing final 30 minutes, you should find "Night of the Comet" a very entertaining film.

It is a very entertaining sci-fi flick that is sure to give you enjoyment and make you feel like you are right back in 1984.