Night of the Seagulls (1975) - Horror

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In this final installment of the Blind Dead series, a doctor and his wife move to a small inhospitable coastal village where he plans to start a practice only to discover that undead demon-worshiping Templar Knights haunt the place.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Amando de Ossorio
Stars: Víctor Petit, María Kosty
Length: 89 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 14 out of 47 found boring (29.78%)

One-line Reviews (39)

Not that that necessarily is a good thing though, since the first movie was far from a perfect or thrilling one but it nevertheless is an enjoyable series, mainly thanks to its great concept and thank goodness that this movie is not as bad and disappointing as the previous entry; "El buque maldito".

I think this movie was cool i dont know why people bag on this film the blind dead movies are slower horror fims you got to understand that before watching this movie anyway i found a copy at local hollywood video store this movie can be verry hard to find go get this one has cool zombies cool score ambiance all the good stuff enjoy!

What really bites about this installment is the fact the dialogue is so boring.

All in all a mix bag of enjoyable bones.

The slow build-up to Lucy's final scene on the beach is excellent, very Jean Rollin-esque.

Slow Plot, Acting is only OK, the Templars are only OK, the kill scenes are unconvincing, the ending sucked.

The Blind Dead move at a snail's pace, as always, and Assorio's direction is terribly slipshod.

The opening scene in particular(minus the crabs) was intense and scary as we see a flashback sequence with the knights taking one of their victims(a breathtaking, busty beauty to boot).

Very boring.

It results in the fact that all movies out of the series are kind of slow ones and a bit of a lackluster as well.


Very Boring .

Hopefully this is the last we shall ever see of the insipid and terribly boring blind templars unless someone can create a more frightening atmosphere in today's time.

But even so there were parts that seemed ponderously slow and repetitious.

A good ending marks the end of the series of films, entertaining even when the quality dropped slightly.

And pretty soon, the Knights Templar are emerging from their foul tombs with agonising slowness, their spindly clawed hands looking as if they could barely give you a tame stroke without turning to dust (perhaps it would have been better to dress the actors' hands, rather than provide separate twig-like appendages).

Why waste anymore of our time on this junk?

NIGHT OF THE SEAGULLS is one of the most entertaining entries in the series, which is pretty amazing and especially when you consider how awful the third movie was.

Offering very little in the way of new ideas, the film dawdles from one uninspired scene to the next (and in the case of the drawn out 'crab' scenes, almost grinds to a halt) until the disappointing finalé which sees the Stein's escaping an unexciting 'Night of the Living Dead' style siege at their home, destroying the knights soon after by smashing a statue in their castle lair (it's so easy when you know how!

"Night of the Seagulls" is more mysterious and atmospheric than the other films and De Ossorio also throws in an compelling, albeit unoriginal, outsiders-in-a-closed-community sub plot.

The first film was original, atmospheric, well paced and genuinely fascinating.

Still the climax is quite suspenseful and the Templars look terrifying.

This lack budget film is regularly directed by Amando De Ossorio but is amusing and entertaining .

The fact that this movie is so slow is definitely a thing that will put off some people.

Slow and Repetitious .

The script by Ossorio is totally useless, it's full of the dumbest character's you can imagine, it's repetitive, dull, silly, lacks any sort of exploitation & does nothing to enhance the series.

This is trite and supremely boring and is even unkind to animals, notice how the horse was cut with an axe in the fighting scene.

Very slow plot, needed more work.

Fourth and enjoyable sequel of the Templars dead series .

they'll bore you to death .

Well worth watching for genre buffs.

* The last installment of the funny Blind Dead-series is a bore that extremely lacks in suspense and dramatic!

"Night Of The Seagulls" is not quite as great as "Lan Noche Del Terror Ciego" aka "Tombs Of The Blind Dead", the first part of the series, but it is definitely a very entertaining horror flick and creepy as hell.

  There are fewer leads, the couple and the village girl are adequate enough and there are plenty of worn and old faces on display, Amando De Ossorio throws in the obligatory slow 'village idiot' that is hounded by the community.


A great many Euro- horror films are called such, but this is generally just a polite way of saying they are languid, boring or make no sense - see films from Fulci's mid-career, and some of Jean Rollin's early work for examples of this.

After the masterful finale to Tombs of the Blind Dead and the visually stunning end to The Ghost Galleon, the last scenes in Night of the Seagulls are pathetic.

Well photographed on an appropriately eerie and atmospheric location, but only semi-logical and slowly paced.

The first film was original, atmospheric, well paced and genuinely fascinating.