Nightfall (1988) - Mystery, Sci-Fi

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Far across the cosmos from our world lies a planet bathed in perpetual daylight. Soon nightfall will come and bring with it tremendous destruction. Science struggles against superstition in...

IMDB: 2.6
Director: Paul Mayersberg
Stars: David Birney, Sarah Douglas
Length: 83 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 21 out of 52 found boring (40.38%)

One-line Reviews (36)

Aside form that, this is really kind of a bland movie.

Actually, watching a dark empty screen would be an improvement over this wreched junk.

It truly was one of the most uninteresting experiences of my life.

The newspaper ad had a graphic making it look like there would be spaceships in battle, etc. Little did we know that it was the worst movie we had ever seen.

But since I never saw it, I will have to say this movie takes 1988's worst movie title.

"Police Academy 5" wins the honors of the only movie I have ever walked out of - a movie I only bought a ticket for because the other ones I wanted to see were already sold out.

The first part is all boring soap opera melodramatics and people trying to sound deep.

What I remember is a bunch of posturing by self-absorbed Californians, and scenes filmed which seemed slathered in pretentious symbolic nonsense.

In striving for Art, it inspires nausea, or at least it did in my companion when we saw it in its very brief theatrical run (it was released by Cineplex Odeon, who were mostly a theater chain), and so we walked out, since I had absolutely no reason to linger, either.

"Nightfall" is truly the worst movie I have ever seen.

It has been 20 years since I saw this movie, and I still complain and rank it top 5 worst movies of all time.

But this one was so bad, and so unfunny, and so mind-numbingly boring that we decided to watch it in fast forward.

Boring .

This movie was in every way, shape, and form a complete waste of time and money by me as the viewer, and whoever it was that in any way contributed to the production of this pathetic film.

Worst movie I ever saw in a theater that I paid money to see.

Save your money and your time.

Truly the worst movie I've ever seen and I've seen quite a few bad ones (worse than even Bobby Deerfield - and if you saw that stinker then you should really be afraid).

I have only walked out on two movies (I should have walked out on "Election", too), and this was one of them.

After 5 days they quit showing the movie and left the theater empty.

After forcing your significant other to sit through this movie, you can heap praise upon this pathetic attempt at film making thereby frightening away your potential mate by convincing him/her that you're almost, but not quite entirely, a complete and total waste of time - just like this movie is.

The movie is boring, bad acting, bad sets, and bad lighting.

The WORST movie I have ever seen.

This movie bore as much resemblance to Dr. Asimov's short story as a banana resembles a pineapple.

However, likely as that may be, allow me to warn you that this is hands-down one of the worst movies ever.

Watching paint dry captures your attention more than this film...

Don't waste your money.

Still, seen as an independent story in and of itself, I do think it was half-way entertaining and had a few nice instances of both plot and acting.

I enjoyed it tho.

This movie is just plain boring.

Nothing happened in the film.

It just drags on and on and nothing happens.

Worst movie ever?

I told him it was because they had wasted money on the worst movie ever made.

The sets are boring, akin to filming in someone's backyard with no attention to detail.

Everything about this film is bad: a pathetic adaptation, a boring screenplay, absurd sets, a soundtrack that is worse than my dog's barking and acting that can only be described as perpetrated.

Don't waste your time.