Nine Dead (2010) - Crime, Drama, Horror

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Nine strangers are kidnapped and forced to figure out the connection they have to each other as one has to die every ten minutes.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: Chris Shadley
Stars: Melissa Joan Hart, William Lee Scott
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 20 out of 72 found boring (27.77%)

One-line Reviews (62)

As the movie unfolds, and more and more people get killed by the gunman, the survivors realized they are all connected through the gripping case of an innocent man whose life was destroyed by them.

I thought this film was absolutely amazing, it was a great thriller, had an amazing story line and really kept you on the edge of your seat right to the end just to know what was going to happen.

This movie is a bore.

The villain even says, that it has been broadcast for everyone to see, so as we see the district attorney flee like a dog, thinking that she can just continue her lifestyle like nothing happened, she has not learned anything.

You have some real tense moments, some frightening moments, and moments of pure confusion.

I thought altogether the film was very much worth watching, and I'd definitely watch it again!

This movie is a waste of time.

Maybe his scenes were left on the cutting room floor but they should have taken out his only scene as well because that was pointless.

The film features the usual eclectic mix, drug dealer, cops, priest etc. These type of films rely heavily on having interesting characters to watch and although there are plenty of clichés on show, I found the characters pretty entertaining.

Even though the answer to the puzzle is somewhat mundane it is effective.

Worst ending ever - don't waste your time .

The terrible ending, the lack of an actual twist, the anticlimactic conclusion, the disguised banal message - all make Nine Dead mediocre at best.

As it unfolds, though, Nine Dead turns out to be a surprisingly good, engaging and even intelligent drama.

The problem is that they manage to make it look cheaper than it is, with a shooting style that you would expect to find in an impressive student film; clunky editing sewing flashback sequences in that just feel awkward; there is no excitement after the setup; no twists, no turns, no surprises, and when you finally reach the inevitable reveal of the connection, it is rather uninteresting, not to mention hard to believe that this person would have gone to this extent for revenge.

There WAS no plot?

They all pretty much get taser-ed unconscious, bagged, and dragged.

Another (and perhaps unnoticed) problem concerns about a small and pointless role given to Daniel Baldwin in the beginning of the movie.

Well worth watching .

What a complete waste of time.

Long and drawn out movie.

There is too much pressure on the script to make the nine intriguing and build let alone maintain any suspense.

This is a dreadful film, and when I say dreadful i mean health and safety corporate videos are better crafted, the acting is extremely poor (imagine pornography without the nudity and sex), the plot is dull (i actually turned the volume down and created my own) and the script is unbelievably dire (so clichéd with lines you would hear on daytime women's shows).

The acting is dreadful (the guy that played the bearded mobster deserves a special mention for being extraordinarily poor), the script is awful and the details of the story are just a bunch of uninteresting facts strung together by a contrived connection.

Don't waste your time.....

Don't waste your precious time or money on this one!!

The ending was a very big twist, I'd say it was unexpected.

It is simply for no other reason than the fact I have seen worse; I liked the performance of the hostage-taker (certainly the most interesting character present), and I genuinely feel it is an idea that, if committed to the screen by someone who knew what they were doing with the material, "Nine Dead" would have come out as an enjoyable mystery thriller.

The conclusion is of course different to a certain extent, but the points gained by Nine Dead for offering tribute to a spectacular film and part of the best series in psycho-thriller/horror history (in my opinion) are definitely lost for lack of plot originality.

Engaging Puzzler With A Twist That Is Just Too Forced.

Overall I found this a fairly enjoyable if limited thriller and probably wouldn't rush to watch it again.

Overall, a waste of time.

This may be unexpected to some viewers who remember the TV series work of Ms. Melissa Joan Hart.

even the alleged problems/crimes these people are supposed to have committed where dull and unimaginative...

9 Dead is a horror-mystery puzzler (in vein of the Saw films, for example) that I found to be pretty engaging.

At points I even found it a bit insulting, Mahoney presuming that an audience, even those who are not dedicated genre fans, would relate to anything anyone in this film has to say; there seems to be, at points, attempts at social commentary (much akin to the early "Saw" movies) that is just trite, over-simplified rubbish!

This is of course not helped by the dialogue they are given, which from beginning to end is the most banal writing I've seen for some time!

In my view, the acting was pretty much good but I found it a little bit boring after 30 minutes.

Surprisingly gripping .

This movie was just awful, don't waste your time.

Don't waste your time on this film.

There is very little redeemable; story is pretty predictable and acting is either horrible or hilariously over-the-top.

Don't waste you time here.

It would been more intriguing if each person died in a way that offered the others a clue to why he/she was there and deserved to die.

Save your money.

Everything about this movie was boring, bad and unoriginal.

worst movie ever.

The story is interesting and suspenseful.

This is an interesting variation on horror films; not your typical "fright" film, it is a compelling exploration of a set of people who are brought together under an extreme circumstance to learn about each other.

My vote for worst movie of 2010 .

The movie is predictable in many aspects, for example, when Leon escapes and takes the killer's gun, you just know that there will be no bullets there.

This was one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life, and I'm 49!!!

I still enjoyed it.

Suspenseful pressure.

it is a waste of your time...

It's all great when we're fully immersed in this scenario.

This movie was a waste of time.

The concept sounds intriguing - a masked gunman captures nine seeming strangers and locks them in a room together, promising to kill one every ten minutes unless they can figure out why he has brought them together.

Regardless, it's worth your time and an overall enjoyable film to watch.

It's a film you can watch out of boredom on Netflix, which is what I did.

The writer had to bend to the excessive use of plot twists because audiences are so spoiled that they need something like this to feel that it was a movie worth watching.

I would have enjoyed it more if they just wrapped up the damn story as it was...

It is darn exciting.