No One Lives (2012) - Horror, Thriller

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A gang of ruthless highway killers kidnap a wealthy couple traveling cross country only to shockingly discover that things are not what they seem.

Director: Ryûhei Kitamura
Stars: Luke Evans, Gary Grubbs
Length: 86 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 14 out of 94 found boring (14.89%)

One-line Reviews (72)

It starts out very ordinarily, with a seemingly well-to-do couple being set upon by the local rednecks but, when they are taken hostage, events take an unexpected turn.

I must say that this surprised me, i really didn't expect this to be this good, but Kitamura really made this a very good entertaining horror movie.

a whole big bag of waaaaay too much "suspension of disbelief" to be even remotely worth watching for anyone that would actually have a chance of surviving such a set of circumstances, or whom has enough of the at least half of a functioning brain required to laugh outright at the many many major flaws in the "strategies" & "techniques" of both the "victims" & their "foe" (nobody would possibly be so inept as, or let their guard down so thoroughly, so often, as everyone in this cliché-fest of pseudo-intellectual tripe does).

Nevertheless, and despite not being highly memorable, No One Lives deserves a moderate recommendation as an entertaining and interesting horror film.

The way that the story was written and filmed makes it entertaining while also kind of rooting for the bad guy.

That particularly long and very slow scene with a giant meat grinder was especially torturous to watch.

It seemed that the writers had run out of ideas by the final third of the film and things start to become rather generic; the original kidnappers are being picked off one by one, but all these scenes are trotted out in a predictable fashion leading to a fairly safe and predictable conclusion.

Gory and action packed this movie will blow you away.

Bloody, gory, surprisingly entertaining and fast paced.

A psychological thriller that keeps you on the edge and will keep you reaching.

This is one of the very worst movies I have ever seen.

No One Lives will keep you guessing, while this is not a great movie, it is entertaining and unpredictable.

Generic horror fanfare, which manages to exceed expectations due to a crisp performance by Luke Evans, who manages to breath some coherence and significance to an otherwise bland story.

made for the mindless, a trite attempt at a psychological thriller/slasher, replete with oodles of the stock-standard "no thinking required" preposterousnesses that any pap-fed populace could desire with their burgers, fries & super-sized slushy, so , unfortunately for the future of the Species, the vast majority of you will most likely drool over it...

Like I said, I was quite surprised at how enjoyable this one was...

Only it took an unexpected turn after a while.

No One Lives is a gripping movie that is worth the watch.

Second, Adeleide Clemens (Silent Hill: Revelations) has a key role as an innocent hostage caught in the crossfire and she has a ton of screen time, which is unfortunate because she is far and away the dullest figure in the movie.

Overall, a fast moving, bloody entertaining movie that was easier to watch then I expected.

Instead of this movie, another film covers the same kind of territory that this one does, and in a much more interesting and compelling fashion.

One downside to many horror movies is the relative lack of plot.

Personally, I felt tense because of thoughts of impending diarrhoea but it turned out to be boredom induced feeling of discomfort.

It has to be a boring mess of f-bombs, guns and executions.

They play a too big role and made my experience dull.

I was truly surprised by this flick, as it turned out to be an exciting and entertaining thriller.

Not entirely perfect, but still a good, entertaining horror flick ◆≈≈7.5/10≈≈◆ .

The characters are all despicable, and that makes it even more entertaining when they are all killing each other off in a variety of violent gory ways.

Some points in the film you might get discourages with; the bumbling crooks unable to think rationally, the lack of character development and even more lacking back story, but overall it was a fun kick of adrenaline and a decent premise.

If you like action, guts, and a thrilling plot then you will surely enjoy No One Lives.

There were a couple of parts in the film that could've been better, but generally the film is quite enjoyable if you are into serial killers movies then I really recommend this for you.

in the end, the whole thing feels like an exercise in pointless nihilism and emotional sadomasochism.

This is a very gory , action packed and twisted movie and I can say that any horror fan will really enjoy the movie.

Surprisingly Enjoyable...

No One Lives is the type of movie that starts as many others and suddenly becomes something unexpected.

Slashers are often quite boring, especially the old school style like Halloween and Friday the 13th which in my view have ruined the genre by too many sequels, unimaginative scripting, lack of good acting and directing.

i was glued to the screen for this action packed horror right from the beginning it grabs you into its violent and dark world, good acting even if the blood looks a little fake,its at times quite gory so if this bothers probably not a movie for you, however its highly entertaining and fast paced which i like as sometimes these sorts of movies get a little boring trying to draw out the suspense.

That being said he delivered an uber stylized, wonderfully stylish original horror flick with Midnight Meat Train and even though this may be some what of a step back ward it's still entertaining enough to merit a recommendation if you go in expecting exactly what is a sometimes silly, original, thought provoking, entertaining, slightly hammy horror flick thats equal parts awesome and unintentionally funny at the same time.

The film generally maintains this theme for most of its running time; the isolated environment and Luke Evans chilling portrayal does give the film a sense of claustrophobia and also means that the film has many tense and suspenseful sequences.

Unpredictable is always good when it comes to gorefest movies, because so many are so similar and predictable.

It takes a classic slasher plot and totally twists it up into something unique, fun, and thrilling.

This horror movie has both pretty bad acting combined with dumb and dull characters, and just feels cheap.

Good, exciting, violent, thriller.

The film is very violent n intriguing n has a lil dose of America Olivo's nudity.

But everyone is bored.

It has a nice package of a suspenseful first act, perfect pacing and good acting from both star (Evans) and the unknowns.

The characters are flat, and their action are very weird sometimes, the dialogues are dull, and to be honest the whole story just doesn't make any sense.

That movie was visually stunning for the Horror genre and was a okay horror movie thanks to the "Clive Barker" aspect.

) make this an enjoyable watch.

The violence is as startling as it is unpredictable and the movie establishes very early on that absolutely no one is safe.

Another fascinating Kitamura movie .

If the Driver would sneak around, pick off people with it for at least ten minutes of the movies runtime, it would've made the movie intense.

There is a lot of entertaining violence.

Psycho horror movies are everywhere these days - and most are boring in their plot and predictable in their characters.

The number of slow looping right hooks was laughable; and some of the action felt/looked low budget, over the top.

The performances are mostly dull and uninspiring.

Everyone plays their role to an intense level (especially Luke Evens) and there is quite a good story twist; with blurred lines between the good characters and the bad (a strong plus point)

It's more an action packed slaughter movie with some gore fragments.

I find the behavior trite.

Boring and gory .

Now I found few of Ryuhei Kitamura movies to be sort of entertaining.

It's more a case of "evil people encountering an even MORE evil person", and as such is pretty damn riveting visceral entertainment.

horror, thriller, home-invasion, stand-off and creates a simple enough story which I won't go into too much detail about, as there are a couple of plot twists/unexpected moment which you might not see coming.

Still worth the watch.

This one is a fast-paced, action packed tale of small-time gangsters, kidnappers and serial killers, and the title is an apt one; it's the kind of nihilistic fare where nobody is likely to make it out alive and gruesome death is just around the corner.

But just as the narrative is following a well trodden path, it does something very unexpected, and turns the film into something completely different to what you were watching (think From Dusk Til Dawn)It's exciting, in parts, the performances are not the best, and come the end, you'll understand the meaning of the title, although it's not literal.

The plot is pretty simple but the films avoid feeling like a standard siege movie by creating interesting, truly unpredictable characters played by talented people like America Olivo (Neighbor, the Friday the 13th redux), Lindsey Shaw (Final Destination 3), Derek Magyer, and Luke Evans, whose villain is one of the best, most interesting psychos in recent memory.

I just have to say watch it it's well worth the watch you won't be disappointed.

There are a couple of scenes that are sure to please the sickest of fans while at the same time may seem a bit on the gory side to the average viewer, but overall I felt this was a very enjoyable, entertaining vision delivered by Kitamura.

When I am in the mood for a horror movie I usually want something with a non confusing plot, decent acting , and good pacing.

Instead, it is a worthless exercise, a pointless study in the dynamic between victimizers and the creativity they can come up with to defile the human form.

He is not the typical psychopath, so often showed on many movies, as it is an intriguing character and leaves you rooting for him.

For me it was possibly the most enjoyable movie I saw there.