No Reservations (2007) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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The life of a top chef changes when she becomes the guardian of her young niece.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Scott Hicks
Stars: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Aaron Eckhart
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 47 out of 139 found boring (33.81%)

One-line Reviews (146)

While mostly predictable, it is an entertaining movie about different personalities and how they become able to get along.

First of all, the film is a bit fast paced from the beginning.

I don't know if that was her attempt at grief or what, but it was so bland.

Setting presents charm but structure is predictable.

I said this was a chick-flick, it is, but for those guys who get dragged along there is enough humor to make the marathon only a mile.

It's been done better and more exciting by many, many others.

It Was Okay--but Rather Predictable and Lacked Humor .

I'm really not going to waste my time with in depth analysis, i'm just going to say that i'm extremely disappointed that Catherine Zeta-Jones made the mistake of being in the main role in this absurd, nonsense, in this full of clichés boring to death thoughtless pathetic try in film-making!

To conclude, a slightly dull - somewhat watchable romantic drama that could probably have been lifted with a better soundtrack and needed a little more comedy to fit into the romcom genre.

You would expect a film adaptation starring the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones, & Aaron Eckatt & featuring the Little girl who brightened up Little Miss Sunshine, to be at least enjoyable.

(Plot summary follows in next three paragraphs - might have spoilers)The movie has more plot than it knows what to do with, and it's all predictable.

It is, in my opinion, a graceful and entertaining movie.

Overall, 'No Reservations' is a pretty bland dish, despite being cooked in a smart kitchen.

If you're looking for a mediocre movie that's predictable and doesn't require much thinking, you found it in No Reservations.

It is very predictable and the characters are not developed enough to heighten this work.

boring on screen couple .

Even though the film was predictable in most parts, the story line is very warm and welcoming.

FINAL VERDICT: Dull, not much romance for a supposedly romance film.

Philip Glass's score is breathtaking.

I didn't want a place with shining lights and special effects, I know people are making food; but I felt I needed something a bit more exciting.


Most of the movie is light hearted and fun to watch and is very predictable.

Bland .

I enjoyed it very much without going beyond this.

Rather it provided a story and plot that was entertaining and rich with insights into life and death: how it affects many of us.

No Reservations opens: Kate is a chef and a damn good one, so scrupulous and intense in her career that she finds herself ordered to visit a therapist by none other than her boss.

Although the movie may feel predictable, its enjoyable.

No as good as the original, but still entertaining .

See the original - it's a truly enjoyable movie; the soundtrack incredible.

But then her sister's planned visit and the arrival of a new Sous Chef Nick (Aaron Eckhart) add unexpected spice to the traditional recipe.

No Reservations is an enjoyable film for those who enjoy romantic comedies and the art of culinary because this movie captures both.

One thing that helps partially salvage this movie is the pure fascinating culinary imagery, and despite all the negativity in this review it is still a moderately entertaining film for when you want something simple, brainless, and light.

Everybody is kind of bland in this film, unlike the dishes they prepare.

The most predictable movie I've ever seen.

Many of my favorite movies have plots as predictable as this one.

Yes, the film is reasonably predictable and that might be OK.

the story lines of the 2 films are very similar also in Plot in as far as there are young kids involved, and star crossed lovers they both are ravishingly funny and Entertaining films That I would give 100 out of 100 stars to

The beauty of Catherine Zeta-Jones is awesome, and I really loved her character and this entertaining feel-good movie.

I have to admit I found the film a tad dull.

There is no story...

First of the only two (and very bland) kisses happens after the first half.

In a simple production design, the kitchen where most of the movie takes place appears as empty as "No reservations" itself.

The movie was pretty predictable throughout the whole thing.

I like a good light hearted romantic comedy but this was just bland.

Totally uninteresting - had potential to do a whole lot better .

Her on screen chemistry with Eckhart is positively sizzling, and his cockiness to her coolness effectively makes you forget about the trite plot.

It follows as story of a famous chef Kate, played by the always-stunning Catherine Zeta-Jones, who's sister has just dies in a car accident, forcing Kate to take in her sister's only daughter, Zoe (played by Oscar nominee Abigail Breslin).

However, I do have a few reservations on the unnecessary therapy sessions Kate has with her shrink which did not feed the film right, and also Carol Fuchs' formulaic screenplay which "desserted" the pie of creativity.

NO RESERVATIONS is an entertaining and nice summer 2007 film which gives an audience a very interesting and intelligent female lead in Cathterine Zeta-Jones as a Chef in the high profile "foodie biz" of chic New York and has the talented Aaron Eckhardt as her protagonist and romantic counterpart.

A colossal waste of time, no story, no character development, no chemistry, nada.

Graceful and entertaining .

This version was pleasant but bland.

Driven by great acting but marred by a predictable plot, No Reservations is a chick flick that would also make a nice family film or an escape from the typical loud and explosive movies we usually experience over the summer.

I also found it difficult to fall in love with any of the characters as they all seemed a little underdeveloped, the time which the director could have used exploring the characters taken up by a needless overuse of Opera, making the movie feel dragged out and slow.

Entertaining and fun for the summer with good flashes of cooking on part with "Ratatouille" that came out just a little earlier.

When there was scene that was supposed to look hopeful, the setting was very bright with exciting movement and music.

Most romantic comedies are fairly predictable; you know exactly what you're going to get, and if you like the genre (and I do), you are rarely disappointed.

The plot is a formulaic hodgepodge of scenes that I imagine are supposed to press your emotional buttons.

I am a longtime fan of the original of this movie (Bella Martha/Mostly Martha), and everything that makes that movie great and enjoyable to watch is missing from this one.

There is no point in trying to find the positive sides of this movie, because as a whole it is poor in every single way, and the saddest thing is that Zeta-Jones is dragged so uncompromisingly into the clichés, that she has absolutely no chance of showing even 1% of her talent!

No Reservations gets Americanised a lot, including the rather pointless addition of a therapist!

The only drawback is that you will definitely leave the theater feeling really hungry for good food.

This is both a pointless adaptation, and not even a good one.

The movie went beyond being overly predictable and saccharine, though.

Don't waste your time, it is horrible.

It was predictable and I wished the film could've been a lot better if there wasn't a predictable tone throughout the film.

This was not the vehicle that we all hoped this film would be, boring and a HUGE disappointment.

, if you don't count last year's CGI-generated, French food-fest, "Ratatouille"), but it also seems intent in splintering the story between the romantic sparks between the co-stars and the unexpected relationship that a single aunt forms with her orphaned niece.

I wish the film was as enjoyable.

If you have the time then go ahead and watch it, but if you're looking for something that will keep you thinking or sitting on the edge of your seat, you're in the wrong place.

Bottom Line: Just like the structures of these reviews, No Reservations is very predictable.

Aaron Eckhart's character had so much more to offer to the story but wasn't allowed, Abigail Breslin's character is so easy to understand that her performance comes across somewhat predictable and phony....

Predictable for dummies, you can easily skip watching this, if you are looking for a get-lost-in-the-world-of-romance movie.

This movie is so predictable, the actual word needs additional letters to exemplify the predictability.

Overall, a pretty enjoyable film, but a tiresome ideology.

While Catherine Zeta-Jones plays the part of Master Chef Kate functioning on the edge with a great deal of sensitivity, the American version fails to capture the attraction of opposites in the German original MOSTLY MARTA.

The only questionable content I found for a PG rating was the one showing the stars engaging in a passionate kiss.

Usually I don't watch or like romantic comedies, but this one was surprisingly entertaining and enjoyable.

poor and pointless adaptation .

Not fantastic, and as i have said before; Bland.

But the whole thing is just so clichéd, much of the dialog banal, and the outcome so obvious.

All in all the plot of the movie was very interesting, however it is very cliché and predictable.

I miss the slow pace, the build-up of characters and their style in small gestures, the dominance of lights and moods and moves over dialog.

Kate hates to leave the kitchen when a customer wants to compliment her on one of her special dishes, but she is ready to leave the kitchen in a second when a customer insults her cooking.

But they were working with a very poor script and a maudlin, predictable story.

The problem is, if you've seen more than a couple of others in the same genre, you will likely - as was I - be bored to tears watching No Reservations.

I thoughroughly enjoyed it = again!

Lugubrious Hybrid of the Food Network and Lifetime Makes for an Attractive But Bland Movie .

but the story moves from one chess move to the next in a most predictable way...

The movie is syrupy, sentimental and completely contrived in emotion.

Breslin's arrival doesn't cause too much hassle for Zeta-Jones, making this fairly uninteresting to watch.

But the story of two chefs (played by Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart) trying to solve their differences on the same restaurant kitchen, but really together helping the woman's niece (Abigail Breslin) she got to raise after the kid's mother death in accident seemed forced, contrived and uninteresting.

Boring, Big Disappointment .

Kate (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is the intense perfectionist head chef of an upscale Manhattan restaurant.

Overall, the script is basic and mostly predictable with some good tie-ins and closures.

Pre-cooked fair we've had before, but still manages to be entertaining .

But does it always have to be so mind numbingly dull?

Also it was enjoyable watching Ms Breslin show more range without being given a lot of lines.

Worth watching!

Watching the food prepared but these two chefs was nice, beautiful to see but I prefer to cook my own instead of watching something that makes me bored, hungry and twisting my nerves.

I kept hoping there would be some sort of climax, but the progression of events was flat and mind-numbingly dull.

Listen up, Hollywood; 'Mostly Martha', with its movingly drawn, flawed, three dimensional characters, its loving lenses into a compelling world AND the humor, the romance, the feel-good journey through transformation, is what we have a right to expect!

For those who did not watch the original "Bella Martha", movie watchers will find this movie enjoyable and a fun take on the genre.

In the wrong hands, however, it can also serve as the basis of every trite, hackneyed Hollywood romantic comedy you've ever seen.

Good) Zeta-Jones does well, setting of restaurant is intriguing Bad) doesn't venture too far into the creative department, ending rushed

Predictable with a capital PREDICTABLEQSWTKJBKJD.

I have just spent the most enjoyable hour and a half watching 'chef' Catherine Zeta Jones (CZJ), her male 'sous chef,' and a refreshingly talented young girl.

Either way, the movie was filled with long, dull silences or swelling opera music.

Talk about typical, cliché'd and predictable.

When I walked out of the theater I was left with a satisfying aftertaste.

Just a waste of movie time.

It is boring, it went no where, it is terrible.

She portrays the intense personality very accurately and hits the nail on the head playing a head chef.

It's quickly obvious that the movie's point is to get Kate to slow down and smell the roses.

I had no expectations and was delighted with everything about it--cinematography, settings, plot, characters, etc. This is a graceful and entertaining movie.

That is a very strong script and yet the movie is boring as hell.

Instead, I was bored and a little depressed.

But really, this is Rom Com at its most formulaic.

She was rather a boring person to center a movie around.

She lives an intense lonely single life refusing to date her neighbor Sean.

Nonetheless No Reservations is the romance movie on offering this week, and by itself, it provides some decent entertaining fare.

Hicks and Fuchs also seem intent on inserting predictable clichés along the way to reinforce the formulaic approach taken with the story.

She and Zeta-Jones have a compelling story.

The soundtrack was simply excellent, choosing classic music gives the movie a unique and enjoyable feeling.

The story was also very predictable.

Another mediocre, predictable copy of an original movie.

There was a plodding "made for TV movie" aura when Catherine Zeta Jones takes her niece to the first day of her new school.

It really bores to death.

Very predictable .

I watched this movie tonight and I absolutely enjoyed it.

The problems with it is a screenplay without ambition, lack of animosity between everyone involved, tasteless drama and a boring comedy with no laughs, uninteresting characters.

The cinematography was good but besides it being revolved around chefs everything else is just very cliché.

Breslin was boring, and even when crying did not show a lot of emotion.

It's like watching a master rib chef at work- low and slow .

No Reservations misses the spark with subtle romance, dull drama and toned-down emotions, and a dollop of sophistication and pomp in the scenery and furniture.

With breathtaking precision, she powers through each hectic shift, coordinating hundreds of meals, preparing delicate sauces, seasoning and simmering each dish to absolute perfection.

Have I mentioned that this film makes you want to pay attention the next time in your city a very pretentious and high profile restaurant opens for business?

My latest experiences have been "Wild Hogs", "Ocean's Thirteen", "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", now "No reservations"; which is not a bad film, but like so many, is regular and pointless at times and it makes you wonder why it was done.

This movie was an absolute snore fest.

He exemplifies a phenomenon I have noted with some other non-American directors who move to Hollywood; they get swallowed up by the system, seem to lose all the freshness and originality they possessed in their home countries and end up directing uninteresting, formulaic films thrillers or romantic comedies.

It is very predictable and follows the formula used in countless other movies.

Absolute Snore fest .

I'm not saying that this film was terrible; it's actually quite enjoyable, but once you realize the underlying ideology, it gets tiresome to watch.

All the characters are so lovable and predictable that no acting skills are required from the actors.

There really is only one reason to watch this barely adequate and utterly predictable movie about an uptight chef Kate Armstrong (Catherine Zeta Jones) whose life changes when she inherits her orphaned niece Zoe (Abigail Breslin) after her sister is killed in a car wreck.

Simple, touching and entertaining, NR was an enjoyable watch with great performances from all and a joy to watch!