No Strings Attached (2011) - Comedy, Romance

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A guy and girl try to keep their relationship strictly physical, but it's not long before they learn that they want something more.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Ivan Reitman
Stars: Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 75 out of 199 found boring (37.68%)

One-line Reviews (187)

NO STRINGS ATTACHED – CATCH IT ( B+ ) No Strings attached is a pleasant surprise, considering the RomCom cliché story I thought it's going to be boring but adult humor and amazing chemistry between Natalie Postman & Ashton Kutcher makes it enjoyable.

On that note, ALL of the characters are really engaging, you want to be friends with all of these people, and the parts are played SO well!

Together they make a compelling pair.

However, despite moments of sentimental chemistry between her and Kutcher, the romance feels contrived, and not much of the other cast are that great.

The plot is extremely predictable, the jokes for the most part are silly, childish and not clever at all, and the film uses the same formula of every comedy that has come from Hollywood in the last decade.

It's the biggest RomCom cliché ever and I don't people have ever enjoyed seeing it.

I'm glad I took a chance on this film though - it is easily the funniest romantic comedy that he has been in so far, and had enough to keep me interested to the fairly predictable end.

Worth watching!

Predictable eye candy .

Vwry predictable film, painly not funny, a waste of time.

There's not much to anticipate from Ashton Kutcher's role as he plays Adam with a big heart, which makes him spontaneous, giving and sometimes a little slow on the upkeep and spaced out, which gives him that teddy bear persona that he consistently carries from movie to movie.

Pointless .

But nevertheless,it remains entertaining due to Portman's presence alone.

All we get is a bawdy comedy with a slow moving story in here.

The characters were likable, the plot, while predictable, was fun to watch, and the film was on the whole pretty funny.

It's formulaic in some aspects and goes in a direction where Ashton constantly brags about his features without proof to the audience.

Enjoyable if predictable .

It drags on far too long and the dialogue and characters are dull as beans.

If you have seen "New York, I love you", it's unlikely that you will forget lovely Olivia Thirlby in one of the most entertaining segments of that star-studded collection of tales from New York.

The flaw of this movie is the formulaic and very predictable direction and parts and dialogue that is just not believable at all.

cliché..ah,. .

I find most of them lazy, lame, predictable and irritating.

Too dumb and predictable.

The story line was messed up too, with the fast forwarding simply unnecessary, the extra romantic stories dull and the romance too complicated.

It won't throw many curveballs your way throughout, and is overall fairly predictable, with only a couple twists that are really any bit surprising.

It is rather conservative instead wanting to go for the formulaic falling in love route.

Cons:I do feel like some of the scenes where dragged a tad to long.

The sex scenes both start and end too quickly, and we are left with a boring remaining piece of the movie filled with cheesy clichés and loss of laughter.

It was also done by the romance classic 'When Harry met Sally' Now, I could accept the fact that the characters are dull and the story isn't interesting if the script was at least funny.

it is very entertaining enough said.

At the beginning I was a little suspicious by the storyline, it is a little cliché, and even before the movie starts we can know what will happen.

Unfortunately, the most intriguing supporting role, belonging to Kevin Kline as Adam's former TV star dad who starts seeing his ex-girlfriend and loves drugs, falls flat.

This song is still a "hit" though, probably to the same knuckle-draggers who gave this movie anything over a 5.1 For a world class armchair athlete like myself, after about the 10th joke fell flat I essentially fell asleep and was like "why is this almost 2 hours long?

Predictable dumb.

This is a slow and cheesy romantic comedy without the heart, and without the laugh-out-loud laughs, when all we get are chuckles.

This movie reminds me of the Kesha song "Blow", which is surprisingly boring despite all the hype and scandal that she thought were already injected into it (I thought her other songs were much better and was surprised that a Kesha song called "Blow" would be a candidate for elevator muzak).

If you're in the mood for some boring, obnoxious, pretentious, shallow and tacky people and their petty problems, this is a movie made just for you.

Directed by Ivan Reitman("Ghostbusters")this film shows that a romantic commitment is tough to obtain, but the naughty sex is very fun baiting and enjoyable.

Why should he waste his time on a useless sex comedy?

it's same old boring romantic comedy.

Entertaining Adult Comedy.

No Strings Attached is an enjoyable romantic movie.

It was kind of slow to set up, with some stereotypes that seemed like representations of other stereotypes from other movies.

While the title is as banal as can be, it aptly describes the essence in this rom-com.

Confusing cinema goers making them rack their brains trying to decide on a film!

But that's real nit picking and obnoxious, so I'll let that go, because I have to say that this was an enjoyable movie.

Boring and stupid and rude .

Here, a thoroughly pleased Portman ("Watch me, love me, celebrate the wonders of my gym") matches Kutcher's narcissism blow for blow, the actress celebrating her newfound womanhood and bodily confidence by constantly thrusting her boyish frame in our faces like she's desperately auditioning for a bored paedophile.

It was well paced,thought out and extremely enjoyable.

There was no depth, no story and no interest in the movie throughout it's whole length.

Totally uninteresting and a waste of my download on netflix.

Boring .

the most predictable type of movie .

What might have been a sardonic statement on a seedy sexual scenario is instead a flatlinning facsimile of every other cliché-ridden rom-com.

I am still recovering from the shock of seeing Portman in this piece of unbearable s**t.

The film starts out as a slick comedy with some clever one-liners and an awkward tone, but as it progresses, it gets a little formulaic and then you think to yourself, didn't I see this before?

Like "When Harry Met Sally", "No Strings Attached" is written by a woman (Elizabeth Meriwether) and directed by a veteran of comedy films (Ivan Reitman) but it is not in the same class, while still being moderately funny and engaging.

But the idea provokes a fairly entertaining series of episodes where the leads Emma (Portman) and Adam (Kutcher) test each other to the point of distraction, the only difference to an ordinary romance being the falsehood constructed at the very start of the relationship.

Also, I thought the movie dragged a little toward the end.

I gave it 6/10 because it all came down to another cliché ending.

I am a huge Natalie Portman fan although,Attempting to review this as enjoyable or to treat it as if there was any dignity from anyone involved is impossible for me.

They drift together, they push apart, they find each other again, and so on, all mildly engaging and a bit sleepy.

It is a dull, plodding experience with an obvious outcome and little inbetween.


One of the best movies I have seen by far and is just so enjoyable to watch.

Nothing connects me with the characters, nothing impresses me, the jokes are so lame that even a true "blond" won't laugh at them, the pacing is incredibly boring and the clichés are falling like the "bieber-tears".

This film "No Strings Attached" stays true to it's title it shows love and life is complex and it's made enjoyable by plenty of eye candy scenes of hot steamy sex between the two lead characters!

What is most fascinating about this movie is that it's a raunchy rom-com from the female perspective.


Ho Hum .

But something changed my judgment on this movie right after I left the theater.

Overall, I found this movie to be very artificial and empty.

Another predictable, rehashed romantic comedy.

But instead they settled for some trite re-hash and a patchwork movie that didn't quite seem to know what it was as a story or genre.


I want to leave.

Diminutive (5' 3") Natalie Portman is obviously trying to do something totally different from her intense role in "Black Swan" as Emma, a doctor with commitment issues, and, pretty though she is, this is not a natural role for her.

Slow and boring.

The romantic sensibilities are the same in all of these movies, Kutcher's goofy exterior and sensible interior somehow hits a perfect note of completely dull.

Not funny, clever, entertaining, or erotic.

For the most part, No Strings Attached is bland, tasteless, and predictable.

It's a bland experience, with bad acting, too much contrivance for comfort, and questionable focus.

The film was enjoyable for what it was and provided some good laughs and some nice romance even with its flaws.

But, personally, then I was a bit bored and not thoroughly entertained with the movie.

They're a boring pair with little in the way of personalities.

It doesn't do anything new to the romantic comedy genre, but it's an entertaining film that will give you a good time at the theatre, and that's really all you can ask for.

A boring, slow, and simply very bad teaching-movie-wannabe.

Predictable, forgettable with a couple of amusing moments .

Enjoyable movie as a whole

All I have to say is that this movie is boring, long and stupid, it's the new way to do romantic comedies, now they did the same with Friends with Benefits.

Sure, the ending was formulaic.

Needless to say, both start to have feelings that pull them in predictable directions with Adam also dealing with his unresolved anger toward his father.


Nothing really new, But still highly enjoyable and well executed .

All of the above was directed by Ivan Reitman who's long provided many entertaining movies these past 30 or so years (of which one of his earliest, Meatballs, is represented by a poster shown in a couple scenes).

A bland and dated mainstream romantic comedy, which attempts to give itself an edge through raunchy humor and language and situational comedy right from the 80's.

A middling effort by the talented Ivan Reitman No strings attached suffers from predictable premise and is only saved by the charismatic lead of Kutcher and Portman.

An absolutely tedious romantic comedy .

No Strings Attached is another formulaic romantic comedy.

A waste of time .

Movies about nihilistic promiscuity are boring and you people should be ashamed of yourselves.

Boring movie, with no funny scenes, definitely Ivan Reitman worst movie until now.

Very predictable, reasonably enjoyable .

The jist of this film is simple and predictable.

The characters were simply dull and Emma was too complicated.

As with most romantic comedies they are typically funny and predictable and most teach that love, and life is complex and unexpected.

Very cute if ultimately formulaic .

But thankfully, the movie eventually falls into an entertaining, if entirely conventional, groove.

It is true that it is predictable, that it resorts to stereotypes and clichés when it comes to side characters or plot development, very remarkably in specific scenes.

Portman Elevates a Formulaic Rom-Com with Provocative Possibilities .

The movie may be on a journey to an obvious destination but at least it does a reasonably decent job of entertaining you along the way.

What however makes predictable plots click is the characters and the humor.

Another factor that occurs to most of modern Rom-Coms lately is the use of vulgar words and irreverent dialogue, it's totally unbearable, including thiz one.

The mainstream critics (which you check for yourself, link on the title for this film) either felt that the script worked and produced an entertaining movie -- or that the script failed, and the movie lacked punch.

Movie was poorly acted, terribly predictable, and it literally seems like someone handed the script to a 7 year old and said...

The film actually started to get entertaining.

Unfortunately, Meriwether did not even try, and the result is an irritating and predictable film which does not offer any surprise, or emotions or laughs.

While skipping I come upon so many mindlessly boring dialogues that it didn't take too long to hit the "stop" button.

Two-hour comedies need to die a slow and painful death; there's just no reason "No Strings Attached" should exceed the 100-minute mark.

One of the most hum drum movies ever produced No Strings Attached is a lackluster comedy that plods along to its very predictable ending.

The serious bits are probably the more interesting, but the film just flip flops from charming to dull too often.

Boring and unbelievable .

All told, Reitman's latest is unworthy of recommendation despite falling short of being an outright waste of time.

Pointless And Very Predictable .

Both 'No Strings Attached' & 'Friends With Benefits' are typical and predictable, definitely something for the ladies.

If you are looking for a cute romcom on a dull weekend afternoon, this will be it.

I am sure that a few 13-year-olds were rolling in the aisles, but that might just be from eating a bad hot dog, which would certainly have been more enjoyable.

A good film executes like a real-life or at least intriguing situation that the audience gets to peek in on.

His character is working with the most distracting dialogue; spewing non sequiturs as if the audience is supposed to think he is quirky or something when all it is, is confusing.

Too predictable .

Natalie Portman is one of the cutest and engaging actress around.

And this film has plenty of enjoyable eye candy scenes of bed hopping as with each encounter the sex with Emma and Adam becomes more and more steamy and hot.

There is little chemistry between the 2 principals in the film which makes for a dull film.

don't waste your time.

And always some Jewish propaganda.

It is just a basic Hollywoodized picture perfect romantic comedy, but sometimes a movie just barely lucks out when a couple stars are able to salvage the overdone cliché storyline.

Then, the movie is the 8 462 512 same used cliché about i love you – i don't love you – i miss you...

Honestly, I would have had a more enjoyable two hours if I had walked out after the first fifteen minutes...

The girl responds: "I'm very shallow and empty and I have no ideas and nothing interesting to say".

It's those nuances and that perspective that make the film enjoyable.

it's predictable romantic comedy no: 4582 .

The idea is fresh, and the writing in the first hour, especially, is interesting & enjoyable.

This is easily the worst movie since Skyline, and the worst Romantic Comedy iv'e seen in my life (i haven't seen a lot, thank god).

It was very hard to not do so, because the movie was full of boring, bad cut scenes which are often awkward, too.

Don't waste your money...

When the movie tries to be heartwarming, it just leaves to be too predictable.

And in No Strings Attached, that journey is tedious.

It is very much about sex, sex and more sex, and it's very predictable.

Incredibly empty .

No Strings Attached is an awful movie with a cliché romantic comedy storyline that's been done many times before.

The scenes are pretty predictable and the ending was not that good.

Cage has done pretty much anything else since Leaving Las Vegas, most of it being bland and goofy films that showcase his oddball sense of direction and hairstyles.

I enjoyed the story lines behind each of the characters, it was nice to watch as each unfolds however the movie is a bit predictable which I didn't really like.

Bland, tasteless, predictable .

As a man, I'll complain to an expected level every time about having to watch romantic comedies with my wife, but I can admit that I find most of them fairly enjoyable in the end.

Once upon a time, when someone would say, "what's the worst movie ever made?

On the plus side, the side stories are enough fun that the film is easily watchable despite the predictable nature of the premise.

This was TRITE nonsense -- If you get the chance to see it for free and you have two hours to kill -- GO DO SOMETHING ELSE!

They both are supported by the usual cohort of unbearable friends who are a fixed showcase of all such comedies.

Very predictable plot, total absence of humor, bad dialogues.

Anyway, No Strings Attached is a tedious and horrible romantic comedy.

I laughed out loud and thoroughly enjoyed it in all of its raunchy and embarrassing glory.

After watching it I wanted to watch it again because it was so enjoyable and funny.

Funny, enjoyable and a bit of a turn around of the standard guy doesn't want commitment flick.

However it is still quite enjoyable.

This type of movie is so predictable and been done so many types.

I really enjoyed it both Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher acted really well.

The story, dialogues, scenes and characters are so dumb, the film is unwatchable.

No plot, no script , no suspense , very boring, just pointless.

Will this movie be nominated for awards, probably, will it win, probably not, but overall it was cute, it was funny, and I left the theater feeling like the $10 I paid for a ticket was well worth it.

Johnson, friends of our principle couple, is actually markedly more naturalistic and compelling.

Pointless .

The whole cast is equally intolerable and predictable to the utmost.

Surprisingly lame and boring like the Kesha song "Blow" .

Though predictable, the characters are likable and that's what makes this movie worth the watch.

Save your money, time & level of patience!

Its actually a really enjoyable movie.

It is so formulaic I think it may have been written on graph paper.

I began yawning twenty minutes into the picture and when I was wondering just how much longer this could drag out I noted that only 37 minutes has passed.

The creators must've felt it, and that's why they made a pathetic attempt after the actual ending (which, of course, is a predictable one).

The problem with this movie is its trite treatment of the tired convention of the romantic comedy.

This is why the movie was so slow, instead of funny.

With nothing much to laugh about, no romance to savour, "No Strings Attached" becomes a lacklustre bore.

Adam's life is falling apart: his father (Kevin Kline) is dating his ex (Ophelia Lovibond) and his writing career is going nowhere.

The rest is predictable.

Of course they will because Elizabeth Meriwether's first time screenplay is as formulaic as it gets.

The characters in this movie are just so dull and so annoying.