No Way Out (1987) - Action, Crime, Drama

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A coverup and witchhunt occur after a politician accidentally kills his mistress.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Roger Donaldson
Stars: Kevin Costner, Gene Hackman
Length: 114 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 17 out of 113 found boring (15.04%)

One-line Reviews (101)

Saw this last night and suprisingly quite enjoyed it.

) It's worth seeing this, if only to watch the visual imagery, enjoy the acting, and let the narrative take you along in its own exciting way.

Instead, No Way Out goes on with a uselessly dull epilogue that further cripples the movie.

Cast are led superbly by Costner and Hackman, though Young is a bit too dull an actress to really put fire into the key femme role, and Alcott makes great use of the real Washington locations to bring visual authenticity to the story's setting.

Catapaulted Costner's career, personified Hackman as the best antihero actor and Young made limo rides more exciting.

Recommended highly, before Costner went on to make those trifle batch of three hour, bore to death flicks.

so boring i couldn't even finish it.

The love scenes shot between Costner and Young in the car are really intense.

I will say it was a great twist in a sense, but it throws a lot of things into confusion and I can see I am gonna have to go on the IMDb message board to get an accurate sense of what exactly went on because darned if I understand it.

brilliant, suspenseful, underrated .

Fast, suspenseful thriller .

In my mind only The Godfather, The Philadelphia Experiment, The Deer Hunter and Twelve Angry Men are better than this filmIt's riveting, it's fast paced, it's supremely acted, and to top it all off it has the by far the best movie twist i have ever seen - even better than the Usual Suspects one.

How would such a theoretically rivetingly suspenseful climax work in a setting that's not made to look labyrinthine and claustrophobic?

This is a fast-paced, intense thriller with a hot romance, exciting action scenes, and twists and turns in nearly every scene.

Worth watching!!

exciting spy film .

for one thing,it kept my attention the whole time and was very exciting.

Don't miss "The Big Clock" if it comes your way, but "No Way Out" is worth watching on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Watching Costner and Young sleeping together was repetitive and pretty dated, full of '80s tunes and cheesy scenes, like the one in the back of the limousine.

I hoped as it progressed it would hold up and still be as enjoyable - it was.

A COMMANDO-style action set-piece in a shopping mall threatens to destroy credibility, but then the suspense comes back stronger than ever, lasting right until the thrilling ending.

No Way Out is one of those exciting thrillers, in many a moon, if with only a slow lead up to the accidental murder of Hackman's mistress (Young), by the man himself, where a hard slap sends her over a balustrade, to her death.

He actually gives acting a shot here and is believable and engaging.

It was suspenseful and had me on the edge of my seat.

It's an exciting psychological thriller without the action scenes.

It has hooks in it that are so refreshing and unexpected.

It's a complete waste of time.

An unpredictable Cold War thriller that has you rooting for the bad guy.

Don't waste your time.

Oh, yes, the movie has a pace which kept me on the edge of my couch.

I guess my only gripe with this exciting espionage thriller, was just the little too long, start, involving the getting to know you stuff, between Costner and Young who get very cozy, as shown in that montage.

This came out of the self-indulgent, smug 80s so it spends too, too long showing us upscale activities (public sex, sailing, high-falootin dinner events) that we're supposed to value as such.

exciting and suspenseful .

I think NO WAY OUT is not an intelligent thriller because the story is too predictable and slow paced in the first part.

The best device in the movie - the suspenseful claustrophobia - could have been worked more.

Only weakness here is the rather contrived ending which seems to have been added on for a final twist that is never quite convincing.

A slow start but a thrilling conclusion.

The ending, though totally disjointed, actually elevated the film and Costner's character.

In my opinion, only worth watching if you're interested by some of the above.

But once the main plot kicks in, this becomes an intriguing conspiracy thriller as Costner attempts to stay one step ahead of the investigation he is heading.

Mind blowing.

Very exciting.

He assigns Costner to lead the investigation and this leads to a suspenseful turn of events that has Costner caught in a net from which he has a hard time escaping.

The best I can do is say that, the movie while not lacking a sense of intrigue, was at times very dull.

Riveting, sexy, and sylish.

In addition, the writing is clever and suspenseful and the direction is very sure-footed and intriguing.

Truly edge of the Seat and gripping Story.

The acting honors go to Patton, who is riveting as Hackman's devoted assistant, a man of maniacal determination.

The car chase scene, that ends on foot was thrilling, where Costner tries to hinder some agents, who are about to uncover evidence that places Costner at the scene of the crime.

Thrilling .

No way out : A terribly over budgeted , poorly written snooze fest that as a bonus shows early versions of things we would later see done much better in the Jack Ryan films only without any of the existing international aspects of it , or any good character building moments , or James Earl Jones, or Alec Baldwin/ Harrison Ford , or anything remotely exciting really.

It's these situations and others that make the film exciting.

There is no way out from agreeing that Kevin was talented and hot, hot, hot but even if you don't care for him, the film is very entertaining.

Overall, it's an Overrated Reagan-Era Yuppie Yarn of Power and Politics that is Superficial but Entertaining Enough and is Above Average for its Type from the Era.

I tried to watch this but it's just boring.

The movie on the whole is worth watching.

Put Costner firmly on the map, a bit risqué at times, but very entertaining overall .

There is both adrenaline and shock for you there.

Maybe some parts of the movie were a bit predictable but the big twist in that movie is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME and really UNEXPECTED.

Slow and Pitaful .

Some extra plot twists have been added and it all adds up to riveting entertainment after a slow start.

It's a very engaging thriller with an amazing ending!

Unfortunately, this puts him in a position where the information uncovered by his investigation is likely to point to his own guilt and he therefore has to embark on a frantic race against time to produce compelling evidence of the real killer's guilt before he finds himself condemned by the information produced by his own investigation.

This is an intriguing film which established Costner's star power, well, forever.

The only reason we watched the whole thing is because we were bored and it's such a pain in the butt to find something else.

How Costner evades capture is most exciting and the surprise ending that shows that there really was a Yury is an emotional wallop on a roller-coaster of a great film.

(Spoiler Ahead)Once the murder happens, the movie kicks into high gear - a real gripping thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The Supporting Cast Settle in and the Film Finds its Footing in Confined Confusion with Twists and Turns, Suspense and Intrigue.

What a great, suspenseful film.

Thriller That Keeps You on the Edge of Your Seat .

Fast-paced, suspenseful, and exhibiting all the aspects of a classic Soviet-era spy game drama, "No Way Out" will have you poised on the edge of your seat.

His thin and reedy monotone is entirely unnecessary, especially when coupled with his inability to read lines properly.

Taut, engaging Cold War thriller .

Excellent Movie - Suspenseful All the Way Through .

There are some extremely fast paced and tense action scenes such as the chase scene and the building search scene that really are edge of your seat stuff.

On second viewing I'd say it's pretty slow, nothing much builds up before we're getting really close to the Grand Finale.

It does start out slow, but when it picks up, its one of the most thrilling films ever.

This lead to Sam being blown away by a crazed Pritchard in the Pentagons empty gymnasium.

What surprises me are the reviews that state that the ending is "contrived" or doesn't connect with the main plot, or whatever.

However, it's during the passages where he's at his most energetic and when he feels most trapped that he really excels and it's at these times that his performance is most evocative of Ray Milland's in "The Big Clock".

Costner is rather bland while Hackman is underused.

It certainly had a lot of suspense; I was, as the cliche goes, on the edge of my seat.

A slow, pedantic, miserable excuse for a movie until the last bit where the pace picks up for a bit.

Nice thriller, with a bit slow first third .

This is one of those thrillers that keeps you on the edge of your seat and it really lives up to the title because throughout the entire film just more and more starts to pile up on the Costner character that you never know how he's going to get out of it.

great action and suspense,thrilling movie !.

The fall of the Soviet Union and the end of spy-junk filmmaking makes much of "No Way Out" seem contrived.

The buildup is extremely slow, your waiting a bit to long for real tension to set in, and although it's very exciting at times it never reaches the on the edge of your seat excitement until the very end.

Roger Donaldson has delivered a suspenseful 80's thriller just the way they ought to be.

The First Act Sex Scenes are Goofy, Loony and Overdone, going on way too Long.

No Way Out is a pleasant exception: realistic and thrilling plot (the beginning is, however, somewhat slow), great actors and a surprising end.

A series of suspenseful chases take place with some excellent camerawork following the chase by car and on foot.

Overall an excellent thriller that is slow to start and has a low-key ending.

Fast paced thriller that may be one of the quickest 2 hours of cinema filmed.

"No Way Out" is one of the most original, suspenseful, tightly-knit thrillers ever made, comparable to John Frankenheimer's "Seven Days in May".

Gene Hackman is faultless as the politician who becomes very insecure because of the trouble he gets into as a result of his inability to control his intense levels of jealousy and anger and Sean Young is entertaining as the mysterious mistress with plenty of attitude.

By far the slowest job I have ever seen.

As somebody else stated: "No Way Out" is a boring and extremely dated movie.

Entertaining Regan Era Yuppie Yarn of Power & Politics...

After an exceedingly slow introduction (the real story begins after 50 minutes), this turns into a first-rate, suspenseful thriller with a standout performance by Patton (Costner isn't bad, either).

The final is worth watching itself.