Now and Then (1995) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Four 12-year-old girls grow up together during an eventful small-town summer in 1970.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Lesli Linka Glatter
Stars: Christina Ricci, Demi Moore
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 18 out of 126 found boring (14.28%)

One-line Reviews (50)

In my honest opinion, "Now and Then" should be in the same category as "Stand By Me" and "The Goonies" as far as children/pre-teen/teen coming of age movies.

Its a coming of age about 4 friends spending one summer trying to buy a tree house.

Yet at the same time the plot is executed artistically with an enjoyable sense of style and an effective mood along with a soundtrack that is true to the 70's era.

Nostalgic and highly entertaining.

Especially when you are a girl..Coming of age.

There's more contrived cuteness in this than even the Eloise books would attempt.

If you're a male, or get really upset at cliches (just because it's a cliche doesn't mean it's not real), or are too grown-up, give this one a pass.

Your story is somewhat typical for a coming of age story about a group of girls who have finally grown up and become women.

Enjoyed it .

An underappreciated coming of age classic .

It is your typical coming of age drama / comedy for a kid audience.

Coming of age .

If you enjoy coming of age movies like Stand by Me, Now and Then is its feminine counterpart.

Now, being obviously older, we still wish we could have had that chance, and plan to give our future children the semi-exciting lives we never had.

The plot is just, I mean its crumby ,its a feeble by-the-numbers snore.

Well thought out film, highly recommend it!

That metamovie is undeniably compelling, especially when you deal with the whole class of girls who might have talent, who probably miss out on `real' life, who may fall into a pit of drugs, exploitive sex, firehosed flattery, and eating disorders.

Okay, all 4 younger actresses are quite engaging, likable and amazingly unaffected---they can even almost sell me on the "Stand by Me" plot rip off (or what passes for a plot).

The truly interesting subplot was their search for the story of the deceased boy, but the whole movie came across as contrived.

The obvious question is if the adult version is compelling enough and do the two versions fit together.

Despite "Now and Then"'s flaws, it is, in general, a great coming of age flick.

The parts from the 70s are very good and entertaining.

Yes, it is definetley a girl's movie, but even though, I enjoyed it.

Grown-ups are a dull letdown .

It's a small town coming of age story told in flashback, with the character of Samantha (Demi Moore) narrating her experiences in the past and present with her closest childhood friends.

So here's a not to all you guys out there: Don't watch this movie, it's one of the dullest films of all time.

In conclusion, if you enjoy buddy movies, and you haven't seen this very hilarious and touching movie about the power of friendship, I highly recommend it!

But then, just when the story about four best friends during summer vacation in a new housing development is clipping along at a compelling pace, SLAM!

A great coming of age film with lots of sentimentality and adolescent discussions about sex (surprise!

I found it entertaining and it left me with a warm feeling.

Directed by Leslie Linka Glatter made an familiar, coming of age dramatic comedy.

I like the coming of age story of four young girls in the summer of 1970, and the soundtrack contains all sorts of great songs from that time period.

Despite "Now and Then"'s flaws, it is, in general, a great coming of age flick.

This is a nice example of a fairly popular genre, the nostalgic growing-up, adventure on the edge of maturity, friendship bonding thing.

The movie is entertaining, especially for the pre-teen girls.

What little plot does go on is boring, predicable (almost perfunctory) and sickly sentimental pap.

I've seen this movie nearly four times and thoroughly enjoyed it!

A lovely little coming of age film .

A Coming of Age / Kid Film .

I will say that "Then" is vastly more entertaining than "Now"; the adult versions of the characters briefly open and close the story, with forgettable filler in between.

Fast-forwarding the tape won't rob anyone of the film's message (something like "friendship is forever," or "don't go into cemeteries at night"), and it'll save you about 30 minutes of fidgeting, waiting for the film to turn back to the four girls.

Unfairly dismissed by some as formulaic, this kind of character piece needs a tight focus so all of the nuances of the characters shine through.

All in all, despite my one grievance, "Now and Then" is an honest, funny, and sweet coming of age movie which will always be a classic in my mind.

A thrilling movie, with action, drama, and fun.

The film persistently adds in unnecessary clichés and predictable character formality involving relationship conflicts and novice romances.

Even as a seventeen year old "boy", I really enjoyed parts of this movie ;-)For me it's a kind of reference for that often told story of the summer of first love: all of the well-known cliché-characters - the four girls and their special patterns of behavior in relation to each other, the guys, the strange old man...

Although it sounds like an old cliche, Now and Then is really a coming of age movie.

Its a film worth watching, trust me don't miss out!!!

Charming if familiar coming of age tale is helped by good performances by the young female cast.

In addition to the unmotivated kind-of-story with it's incredibly boring and unmoving ending, all actresses deliver such a bad work, that Demi Moore actually makes the best impression to me - and she's not better at all than in her other movies.