Observe and Report (2009) - Comedy, Crime, Drama

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Bi-polar mall security guard Ronnie Barnhardt is called into action to stop a flasher from turning shopper's paradise into his personal peep show. But when Barnhardt can't bring the culprit to justice, a surly police detective is recruited to close the case.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Jody Hill
Stars: Seth Rogen, Anna Faris
Length: 86 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 64 out of 268 found boring (23.88%)

One-line Reviews (144)

The Ronnie and Nell love story, although clichéd and underdeveloped, was quite enjoyable.

Save your money - go see Hannah or anything else - shouted .

And the movie was quite boring and not particularly funny.

I have a wacky sense of humor, love comedies and enjoy most dark comedies, but this may be the worst movie I have ever watched.

The movie is funny and worth watching in all its wacky, absurd ways…

Seth Rogen's character has a drunken mother who passes out on him all the time, a father who walked out on them, and he has a wall filled with swords and weaponry.

That being said, his fellow security workers seemed a bit pointless to me as characters.

Hey Seth, I wouldn't waste my time on that Oscar acceptance speech.

My friends and I walked out of the theater wondering if we should laugh because we paid money for that or walk into oncoming traffic.

The story is boring, the characters are boring, the scenery is boring, the music is boring, the credits are boring, etc. etc. What did they try to do, set a record for how many times they could drop the F bomb?

one of the worst movies i've seen this year!

It is brutal, and is so unexpected it only adds to the hilarity of this wild film.

By the time I was fully immersed in the madness I was totally ready for the last half-hour or so which made me laugh harder and more abundantly than any film I can remember in recent time.

it was boring, and there was no kernel of likability in *any* of the characters.

Observe and Report is the worst movie ever made.

And ignore all the pretentious comments about the movie's sophistication.

"Observe and Report" is just another boring movie about a fired policeman.

The story was boring and silly at times.

Don't waste your time.

The whole movie we're staring at people we don't care for, watching events that are predictable and not funny at all.

" Now, after reading that, if you stopped for a second and then let out a slow "Oh...

And comedies more than any other, have become formulaic and cheap.

And Rogen is dragged through the mud quite a bit, largely through his own oblivious behavior.

Worst Movie Ever .

It's dark - with an offbeat sensibility, but, I highly recommend it it if you haven't had a lobotomy and can appreciate a subtlety you won't often see - especially from it's lead.

One of the worst movies ever .

The bottom line, though, is that this film is too muddled to be all that entertaining.

But in my opinion is what makes the movie worth watching.

Made me walk out of the theater.

His job is painfully dull; the hardest crime being the skate boarders ignoring the "NO SKATEBOARDS" sign and tagging.

One of the worst movies I have seen in...

Nobody enjoys the unexpected.

Probably the worst movie I will watch for the next two years.

The scenes were too drawn out, the jokes too predictable, and the gags too boring.

Don't waste your time and money.

This was so boring and I really didn't need to waste my time on it.

He thinks it as a great opportunity Overall, Observe and Report is a very dark movie with hilariously rude characters that is worth watching for anyone who has an off color sense of humor and are looking for a movie with no morals, and no boundaries.

Pros: Funny lines from Seth Rogen, Entertaining at timesCons: Not Consistently Funny, Drags along, Very Weak Storyline

It has entertaining moments which may distract some people from the logic factor.

Brilliant and Unexpected .

Really enjoyed it, glad I never read any reviews on here before watching it or I may have been prepared.

Wish I had read some reviews and had some warning on this one as I would have rather watch paint dry

This has got to be the worst movie of 2009.

It's a comedy but at the least as dark as a black hole, and as a drama about a psychotic on the edge it gets too crude and obvious with white trash bits.

I have been trying to remember the last time that I actually walked out of a movie.

It's not great by any standard, but absolutely is entertaining.

It is a boring, stultifying environment where banality is seen as the highest good and crass consumerism is the almighty God.

Nearly as entertaining as the film was reading the numerous 'offended' reviews on here.

More to the point: "Observe and Report" has got to be the worst movie I've seen the last 5 years.

Don't waste your time.

So I got up and walked out.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

It was certainly unpredictable, and it was never boring.


Films do not have to be either a comedy or a drama, the characters don't always have to be likable, and it is a delight to be thrown curve after curve for once instead of formulaic drivel -- the mindless entertainment we are all told we should enjoy (ironically, many seeking that in this film we be delivered a brutal wake up call).

Ronnie is head of mall security in a dreary suburban plaza, and likes to think he runs it with an iron fist, when in fact he's a buffoon.

Absolutely the worst movie I've seen all year.

There is no real stand out performance here, everything is just so dull.

If you waste your money on it, at least don't say you weren't warned first.

Seth Rogen is utterly fascinating to watch on screen playing this character whom you want to root for, even when he goes a little bit insane.

made to shock but instead bores you to death and makes you want to run from the theater .

For example, Hill gives Ray Liotta his best role in awhile, sharply utilizing his intense temperament to make his character funny.

So, I started watching Observe and Report expecting a horrible movie, but I ended up taking a very nice surprise with it, because this comedy shows unexpected audacity and a twisted sense of humor which is much more dark and subversive than many comedies which imitate director Judd Apatow's style (like Semi-Pro or Forgetting Sarah Marshall).

Thankfully, the actors make them enjoyable.

He's violent, unpredictable, foul-mouthed and is a constant victim of delusions of grandeur.

please skip this mess of a movie, its not funny, there is no story!

Nonetheless I enjoyed it quite a bit.

The storyline was pointless and the characters weren't interesting or funny enough to keep me from despising it.

There's a lot of lame dialogue and several pointless scenes to compensate for the lack story.

The worst movie I've ever seen.

Everything felt so emotionally empty and bland.

Really really disappointed, don't waste your money on this.

An Incredibly Powerful and sometimes Intense character study .

Don't waste your time!

This movie is an absolute Bore!

The most intriguing films that linger on my mind are the ones who tend to tweak that formula a little bit, or maybe even a lot.

" exchange with merchant "Saddamn" (Aziz Ansari) which goes on for nearly 2 minutes, which is pointless and totally unfunny.

In fact "Observe and Report" is heinously bad, and a complete waste of time.

Anyway the stories are all just fluff, but in some ways entertaining fluff.

Also the stuff with Ronnie's mother (who is an alcoholic and played by ) is really predictable, I mean there are some scenes when you see the joke coming since miles ago (like when Ronnie is like "mom, am I the reason why dad left?

Save your money.

Throw in bad language in all the wrong places (there are right places), unquestioning acceptance from all the other characters bar Ray Liotta's Detective, slow pace delivery, and random racism.

It is a shame that filmmakers think they need to do this to make a film entertaining, because they don't.

I'm usually complaining that the ending of a film is its undoing, however this time, the ending is the only redeeming moment in an otherwise uneven, messy, pointless film.

Therefore I love her, and even minor characters like Charles and Nell made the movie whole, but characters like Dennis and Saddamn were just pointless.

Predictable, Uninteresting, twaddle .

not a comedy, no plot, bad ending, etc etc .

The most stunning example is the scene, actually its a single shot of less than a minute, where Rogen takes Faris home after a date and they have sex.

It feels like a lot of ideas but nothing happens.

It gets to the point where the story starts twisting and turning into directions no one would ever expect, and the viewer has to choose whether to stick with it to its uncompromising and immensely entertaining climax, or just to stop watching altogether.

What makes it confusing is that the copycat film, because it is a "quickie", often reaches the theaters first, causing it to appear to be the "original" and the actual original project to appear to be the copy.

Collette Wolfe, though achingly beautiful, shows off some startling acting talent, as Ronnie's unnoticed love interest ('unnoticed' because she sports a broken leg and keeps her flowing red locks up in her cap - note how Hill avoids the cliché of glasses and hair pulled back?

Waste of Time .

It is a little painful at times, but the more Rogen is dragged down, the more engaging the character becomes.

Quirky characters, fantastic acting, and unexpected moments aplenty!!!

Worth watching, not owning.


The fight scenes in this movie were intense, epic, and still maintained comedic value.

I'd highly recommend it, this film is a strong R-rating.

It was so stupid, so boring, such a waste of time.

There is no story--you don't care about Seth Rogen's character because you aren't sure if you should hate him or not.

If there is a single fun or funny moment in this film, I must have missed it, but credit writer/director Jody Hill with turning an appealing, talented case (Ray Liotta, Jesse Plemens) into charmless, unlikable bores.

Or maybe Hollywood should just forget about this cliché-ripe "genre" altogether.

Whether that is a plus or a minus is up to your discretion - but I am on the fence - while I would likely have been bored by another Paul Blatt clone I wasn't really entertained or provoked to do or think much here aside from "Schyeah right, that'd happen!

Yes it was a different role but it was very boring as the movie dragged on.

Pointless .

The right word is 'formulaic'.

Coming so close after 'Paul Blart', it got lost in the confusion.

Any educated film-goer shouldn't waste their time with this crap.

But like I said the film all around was awkward and dragged on too long.

Sometimes it comes across as a serious film and its gets confusing as to what sort of route its taking.

Hill has a gift for mining comedy out of the mundane, and he effectively populates his mall with a hilarious food court of human pain.

Its like he is a super hero going dull and boring, his uniforms, to a super hero fighting for truth and justice, his regular cloths.

Weird, strange, unexpected .

DO NOT GO to see this film in the cinema, don't waste your money on the DVD, do not watch it on TV some years from now...

The protagonists who has at first idealized her and then becomes aware of who she is as a human being does take advantage of her susceptibility to wish to escape her dull life by numbing herself.

In Observe And Report, you can tell that Seth Rogen and Jody Hill are getting slightly bored with the whole comedy thing...

The scenes were way too drawn out, the jokes too predictable, and the gags too monotonous.

Most of these come off like his leading man, inept, moronic, violent and a complete waste of time.

Not really, as this is probably the worst entry in Rogen's stellar library of roles, as this movie is not likable, enjoyable, or even endurable.

I read many bad and terrible reviews on IMDb and from other critics, but I still found this movie to be quite enjoyable and entertaining.

Unfortunately, when the tide does change, when imbecility becomes psychopathic, not only does the film become a tad uncomfortable and odd, but also slow and boring.

I highly suggest this film for fans of riskier and darker comedies- it's one hell of a ride and far more enjoyable then Rogen's last film "Pineapple Express.

This is a hopeless, utter waste of time.

Worst movie of 2009 .

Unpredictable, unnerving, intelligent.

Overall Entertaining film not really a laugh out loud comedy more of a dark comedy that has its moments and is only for certain types of humor.

Bottom line, don't waste your time and/or money watching this movie.

Jody Hill translated this message on screen in an engaging manor.

waste of time .

Observe and be bored...

However, there are some jokes that are either too repetitive or just don't work.

An Inventive and Entertaining Comedy .

Observe and Report is a brutal and twisted movie, but that's to say that I enjoyed it immensely!

But if you lower your expectations, this is a movie that is very enjoyable, and for that, remains a personal favorite of mine.

Overall this is a pretty unpredictable film, in both its tone and its characters.

Observe and Report is only a little more sunny and happy and only moderately more entertaining.

Can safely add this to the list with "The Spirit" as the worst movies I have seen of late.

Poorly written, with an extended, tedious scene wherein the mall cop and the his nemesis exchange the f-bomb well past the point where it may have been funny in any juvenile sense, and pound nail after nail into the coffin of the feeble, impotent exchange.

Though the story isn't very deep, the characters and atmosphere make it worth watching.

It may be offensive but it's enjoyable.

about halfway through this movie, as we were about to turn it off out of sheer boredom, a friend calls.

"Super Bad" in comparison, was a tale of friendship, excepting new things in life and perhaps above all the exciting game of sex is not all it may be cracked up to be.

And the ending is real great yet predictable.