Ocean's Eight (2018) - Action, Comedy, Crime

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Debbie Ocean gathers an all-female crew to attempt an impossible heist at New York City's yearly Met Gala.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Gary Ross
Stars: Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 232 out of 978 found boring (23.72%)

One-line Reviews (616)

The plot was simple, and the plan that they carried out had almost 0 flaws, which made it boring.

Yawn, bore...

Fancy and entertaining .

Boring, nothing makes sense.


The new 8 has captured a portion of the original trilogy's mood, but twists it into a more entertaining tale than you might expect.

The style is unique and engaging, the heist is fun and intriguing, the cast is lovable and memorable, and basically every joke and piece of dialogue has something extra behind it.

The movie is fun, for most of it, it's entertaining, slick, well-designed and directed, the main thing is that it's clever.

Acting OK, camera work good, script predictable.

A boring heist movie with no edge to it.

It was entertaining and deserved better reviews Just give it a try

She portrays a retired con-artist back in it for "one last job" cliche.

Fun, funny, entertaining and the girls look amazing in it.


Dialog is basically non-existent, story line is extremely contrived, sound track outs you to sleep...

However it is waste of time for me.

I found the entire movie to be quite boring, all except the heist which i found to be fun to watch unfold.

The heist climax is where the film most comes to life narratively, it is suspenseful, slickly executed and fun to watch.

And we get an hour or so of the most predictable, banal, anticlimactic heist "action" around.

If you were looking for any oceans movie to blow you away all female cast or not you should reevaluate your life because you're a boring person.

I was expecting a fun entertaining ride with good acting from the accomplished cast and well done comedy.

It only tries to be entertaining, and it delivers that pretty well.

And finally, after being able to stay awake, I found myself wishing I'd used the supposed 2hrs that felt like decades to become an accountant instead.

"Ocean's 8" is still unexpected hilarious fun.

All the female leads play their parts perfectly, thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend this film.

The use of short cuts combined with long continuous shots to show the different characters in their roles in the heist provided an extremely engaging perspective for the audience.

This was a great movie, we really enjoyed it.

Ridiculously Self-indulgent .

Uneven but Thoroughly Enjoyable .

It was clever, it was fast paced, and many of the players are quite beautiful.

Too much focus on looks and fashion, no plot .

We found this boring, predictable and uninteresting.

dont waste your time with this .

The bottom line is that this movie IS entertaining and fun.

Really Really Boring .

This was an all round enjoyable film!

Every scene was interesting and entertaining.

I've just made an account to say this is the worst movie i've ever seen.

The master-plan somehow manages to be both ludicrous and dull.

Nice, I enjoyed it, hope many will 2 .

There is one, but he's so incredibly weak and boring and too much a callback/stolen item from #11, it's almost embarrassing for these writers.

It lagged in a few places and could've been developed more, but overall I enjoyed it and I'd watch it again if given the chance.

" A drab 4/10 simply because I absolutely love Anne Hathaway.

Even though sometimes predictable, the plot also offers a twist.

The plot was intriguing.

Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter, Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway, extremely funny, extremely talented actresses who are able to make this story living and exciting.

Anne is like the Nicolas Cage of actresses - I can watch just about anything she's in, but it's at best a 50/50 proposition that it will be an entertaining movie.

In this tradition, "Ocean's Eight" is yet another really enjoyable film.

Although he doesn't drum up white-knuckled, nail-biting suspense designed to keep you teetering on the edge of your seat, director Gary Ross never lets the momentum lag for a moment with a charismatic cast and splendid cinematography.

And yes the movie is quite entertaining.

this is boring.

I am not sexist by any means but if you are going to try and prove some kind of point by making a new Oceans movie with an all female cast, then at least give it a decent story line so that it can compete with the others and not be an utter failure due to a really poor story which fails to grab your attention and which quite frankly is more boring than watching paint dry.

It is a very entertaining movie and I would definitely watch a sequel.

And this is slow going, no tension anywhere and it could have used some because there were no good lines, which is also to say nothing was funny or clever.

Really entertaining movie .

Forget about the characters, forget about the motivations, this movie was flat out boring.

This is quite boring and really not funny part.

The film offers ethnic diversity over entertaining diversion.

No plot no drama no ending !!

Anna Hathaway was enjoyable and had many self ironic scenes.

They all had their own quirks that made them unique and enjoyable to watch.

If you're bored and want some fun, this movies is a summer night's perfect choice .

The lines and acting is very cliche and tryhard for an all female cast.

Boring pc nonsense .

***spoiler alert*** It was SLOW as ALL hell!

It's a nice evening's film that is well worth watching.

This was so boring i had to turn it off.

You watch it, expect something, and after about 30 Minutes you turn to your significant other and say "I'm kind of bored...

The film aims to exalt the clan of women through customary feats and challenges, but does the opposite because handles elements that undeniably pigeonhole most of these ladies in the tiresome gender bromide as the terrible flicks it avoided to become: the MET Gala, designer dresses not as extravagant as expected, a multi-million dollar diamond necklace as the bull's eye and stereotypes of every culture spilled over the supporting characters.

I've seen the other Ocean's movies, with star-studded casts of dudes, and although they were not cerebral, Oscar-worthy films, they were still somewhat clever and entertaining.

Horrible, dull, uninspired and immediately forgetable film.


The acting is dry and overacted, the dialogue is dry and often uninspiring and the characters are unengaging.


All the ladies were just breathtaking in performance.

Ringleader Bullock's charm and appeal make her the ideal casting choice for this type of film, but unfortunately she looks bored, and director Ross never imbues any real snap or energy into the proceedings; too bad.

Here, they are relegated to a bland, though dolled up and pretty, existence.

It is as bland as wallpaper.

I found the pacing even, the overall plot was okay, and nothing happened to make me freak out.

99 on Amazon, have a walk, have a drink, meet a friend, stay alone do what ever you want but STAY AWAY from this terribly boring movie

Yet another enjoyable heist film.

The first 2/3 of this movie is so dull you may find yourself dozing off.

The heist was elaborate and exciting.

Boring rip-off .

Immediately, the snappy flair that encapsulated the original trilogy was neatly replicated here, with director Gary Ross imitating Soderbergh's perceptible style.

What a boring movie .

Puerile, pathetic and pointless.

(Especially loved Awkwafina and Rihanna's characters too, but really, all of the 8 were enjoyable, plus James Carden's inspector.

Hilarious, intriguing and witty.

I found it entertaining and fun.

I enjoyed it and hope there's a good sequel.

Your performances were the only enjoyable parts, everyone else was boring.

Bad chick flick with boring story.

The first 2/3 of the movie is boring and doesn't capture the charm of the original Ocean reboot series with Clooney.

I thought the acting was superb & it was gripping the whole way through & just so enjoyable the whole way throughHowever, I just wish she hadn't been the brother of a criminal.

Ocean's as predictable as the tide.

This 'movie' is so much driven by political ideology and SJW-feminist propaganda that it is ridiculous.

In Eight, they do this whole montage of how each woman is going to spend her take and, frankly, and I know I'm repeating myself, it's boring.

Boring .

A slow build up that does not get any exciting with its surprises and twist.

Maybe I was dozing due to slow pace.

I just thought it it was a waste of money, time & talent.

Waste of time and money.

"Oceans 8" could have been a funnier, more suspenseful film instead it spends a bit too much time feeling like a day at the beach, which is kind of a partial reccomendation because, you know, it's summer.

Good movie if you cant sleep, so boring .....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also the make up was rather intense.

I have to admit that the build up to the heist through the first half of the film left me sufficiently entertained, but that momentum suddenly fizzles out and the final reel becomes quite tedious.

Completely boring, annoying, VERY predictable and was just an utter waste of time.

One of the most boring movies i ever watched recently, truely a shameful reboot!

good enjoyable heist movie .

What made Ocean's 11 (2001) so intriguing was the way the camera moved with the environment, and that was lost here.

I dunno - all of us enjoyed it and are getting ready to watch it again at home this evening.

More a sister to Clooney's Ocean films than a sequel, this film features an entertaining caper which doesn't bear a great deal of close examination - there seem to be many elements of the plan which could easily go wrong and which you couldn't really plan for.

The problem comes when you realise it doesn't really have an identity of its own, being a safe and predictable picture in the poorer ways that come along with such an endeavour, too.

Under the good name of righting the wrong of Hollywood commodity's sexism predilection, this Ocean's heist female spin-off has a glamorous appeal that stems from its exuberant comedic pizzazz and a jaunty pace bringing glitterati and posh pageantry to the fore, but that uplifting feeling doesn't last too long once the movie wraps up, for this reviewer's two cents, its rinky-dink plot and uninspiring characterization of its dramatis personae are the culprits.

The plan is too simple, the initial group meeting seems to last all of 20 seconds, and the characters are fine but dull.

Predictable yet enjoyable .

I won't say much about this garbage, total waste of time and money.

The predictable brainless story has plot holes and is reasonably entertaining.

It could be the botox, or maybe she's bored with it.

This is boring.

An Entertaining Heist Movie .

Cast is okay but scenes were predictable and fact that was shot digitally it was awful cinematically cause every close up you can literally see pores and facial hair on actresses.

It's boring, no substance, no thriller, no comedy, no action.

Take out the great camerawork and replace it with bland shots with no interesting positions or targets of focus.

But this was so boring and artificial that she had a good snooze.

A slick, generally entertaining all-girls-sequel to trio of slick, generally entertaining heist movies directed by Steven Soderbergh.

It seems more interested in being a film about and for women and showing that females (both actresses and fictitious characters) can perform as well as their male counterparts, than in being clever or entertaining.

And that's what puts this into the dull zone.

The plot was very boring with no plot twists and not interesting scenes except very few.

Brilliant film and very watchable and enjoyable.

" As it turns out, this is the length of time that Debbie spent in prison for a crime she didn't commit, all owing to a treacherous art dealer, Claude Becker (Richard Armitage of "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey"), who double-crossed and framed her.

Rather Boring .

The rest of the cast are really good apart from Mindy Kaling, who is bland/underutilized.

I slept after 30 minutes of this boring movie.

I think Sandra and the strong cast of characters would have made for an entertaining venture.

Conclusion: very boring story, nice sets and a very good Anne and Helena, you decide wether to watch it or not.

Otherwise what is the point when it is such a cliche and the plot is so boring and lacks any intrigue?

Good cast boring plot .

There is plenty of space for a surprising point of view or suspenseful trouble.

OCEAN'S EIGHT has got to be one of the WORST movies I have seen in a VERY long time!

Slow pacing with absolutely zero suspense.

Was a total waste of time.

Its slow and at some point really boring.

Now sure, it was lacking the action but it did not really matter to me because I still enjoyed it.

Ocean's 8 was probably one of the most enjoyable movies I've seen in a while.

This thing just clichetty clacked along, never going off the rail, but putting everybody to sleep on a long uneventful journey.

Don't waste you're time .

The fun of heist movie is seeing how the team solves unexpected problems.

Lacked substance and just overall boring.

The main surprise for me was "James Corden" who really nailed it and was funny, light ,entertaining and probably the best part of the movie was when he showed up.

Enjoyable enough.

Very empowering and entertaining as well big Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett Fan .

I love the twists, and the drop-ins by unexpected characters.

Instead, Tammy just dropped the fake one on the water, pretended to have found it and everyone just acted normal as if nothing happened, despite there were designated guards, whose only job was to keep an eye on the necklace at all times.

It was very much worth the watch, and I'd go see it many more times if I have the chance.

The story was bland, the heist was bland.

Make no mistake, "Hunger Games" helmer Gary Ross has made a palatable, attractive, and mildly suspenseful thriller that will probably hold your attention throughout its 11o-minute running time.

but sadly I have to report the movie was a slow slow painful burn, I was barely able to stay awake, the humor was flat, the casting I felt lacked some character, the talent was good but i felt it wasn't present in the movie, I also found it interesting the movie has an all female cast instead of going with the traditional for the series of having mix actors and actresses...

Very predictable, lame storyline and over the top acting.

A personally tiresome overlong TV commercial that exceeds the limits of the tolerable.

It had some funny moments, a great well acted cast but it was predictable yet still enjoyable.

This was an entertaining movie.

Every member of the cast looked stunning and somehow performed to satisfaction.

Maybe all these problems are due to the simple yet boring plot; a female member of the Ocean family gets out of jail just to keep doing what she does best: to rob.

So many of them were bland, boring and completely uninteresting.

This film was boring.

Luckily, 'Ocean's 8' features such an incredible cast that it has no problem not only living up to any expectations there might have been, but also distinguishes itself as a fun and fascinating heist movie.

PC Garbage with no plot.

Celebrity cameos and a strong supporting cast including Rihanna (Bates Motel), Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story), Helena Bonham Carter (Fight Club), and Mindy Kaling (The Office), as well as cameos from Oceans vets Elliot Gould and Shabo Qin made for an enjoyable hour and forty minutes.

The best part of the film was the actual heist but even that was boring.

It's very predictable in a very boring way.

It seemed like a mash up of the original Oceans movies and Mission Impossible with all of the gags but somewhere along the way it forgot to be entertaining.

Fun, fast paced Oceans flick with quality women ensemble crew .

I so wanted to like this film, but found it saggy, predictable, not fun.

I really enjoyed it.

Born out of Hollywood's recent spate of female driven updates and redo's that have been born out of the industry trying to make up for past mistakes and inequalities perceived or otherwise, Ocean's 8 should be a silly yet entertaining ride (who doesn't love a cheeky heist flick?

It had everything that the Ocean's films had, comedy, predictable plot, blackmail and a good cast.

A really enjoyable film.

This politically correct #metoo crusade is getting boring.

Every thing about this movie was very predictable, they put a bounce of good actress and they started to roll camera , without directions, it looks like it improvised the whole time and very very very...................

Boring, not even a shadow of the original movie

I enjoyed this, it's sleek, fast pacing (other films have dragged on for nearly 2 hours) twists and some good old fashion stuff going on.

I stopped watching and walked out.

This is not the poo-bomb a lot of people make out, it is just very, very dull.

but boring.

Shots in the movie are simply stunning with cameras placed in all the right areas.

Predictably, "Ocean's Eight" shares some similarities with Soderbergh's extravagant, predictable, and often madcap epics.

So predictable #yawn Ghostbusters, now this.....

After I reflecting upon past cinematic experiences I began noticing commonalities among most of the recent plotless retreads I had to suffer through.

Instead of these two funnier women, we had plenty of boring Sarah Paulson and dated weird Helena Bonham.

It was so boring I wanted to gouge my eyes out!

I really enjoyed it.

What an absolute bore.

There's some fun to be had in Gary Ross' attempt to copy Steven Soderbergh, especially thanks to the 'heist' sequence - which is exciting and actually rather well executed - and, perhaps even more so, to the cast.

For giving some life to this otherwise dull, bland, and pointless "film".

They even drag out poor (how many face lifts can one gal have?

The movie was a major cliche'.

It was dull, teetering on tedious, and an insult to women.

She would have made this at least enjoyable predictability.

The movie is very slow compared to other money heist movies.

This ridiculously fantastic cast deserves better, but they make the film worth the watch.

Don't waste your money .

This movie was slow, boring, and with little humor/charisma from characters.

Have seen many comments call it cheap, and I agree at one point that it was predictable and had no suspense at all, but I found it entertaining anyway :D It is a nice lemonade movie if you are not looking for something too serious LOL

Nice and entertaining movie .

Am I the only one who finds it entertaining.

I still enjoyed it and would award it with 6 stars for the effort of the actors and designers that lifted themselves above the poor material they were allowed to work with.

Anyway, I do recommend it if you want something fun, light, and entertaining.

Complete lack of originality to try to convey the difference between movies, in addition to slow and boring.

Most boring movie ever made .

What a waste of money and time.

The movie as a whole is just boring, dull, nothing like the previous movies.

) But the characters are under developed, the story is a stretch and the movie seems pointless.

Boring, bland and adds absolutely nothing new.

But what occurred to me was that they're all just bored.

And in this part, Ocean's 8 is admittedly enjoyable.

Waste of time .

Unfortunately Ocean's Eight does not land well, while the cast was brilliant with big names such as Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway and many more and the chemistry was there the narrative was dull and formulaic.

But it is boring No story and very forced

There are some surprises that were unexpected.

I literally fell asleep.

When i was watching the movie, i didnt get bored.

What a shame for one of the best actresses in the world to accept doing this useless and dull role only for money?!

In spite of the low ratings of this movie I really enjoyed it.

Some scenes were predictable.

Waste of time.

As boring as Bullock's character was, she at least had the con vibe.

Particularly the hopelessly out of her depth Rihanna and a bland Richard Armitage in a role that was a plot device.

Simple, but entertaining for the most part .

All the jokes, moves and twists are very much predictable.

Heist films are a pretty sure bet if you are looking for entertaining pictures.

Don't waste your money.

It's frustrating, boring, and charmless.

So go see it, and just enjoy the movie for what it is: an entertaining heist movie!

It's all super-smooth and cool for sure, yet it's also remarkably predictable, and where is the fun in all this?

But even though it's nothing new, the story is nevertheless an enjoyable one.

Ocean's 8 is quite possibly the most boring movie of all time.

) Anne Hathaway was stunning and you can see she had fun doing this (stop ageism, we need more of Anne H in the movies.

The film starts well, but is a little boring towards the end.

I wouldn't waste my money on this.

And the result are cautionary reviews that all kind of sound as if the people are too afraid to call it boring...

O8 is slow.

The Movie was just a bland carbon copy of Ocean's 11.

So it's not a film to be taken particularly seriously, or anywhere near the best of the year in any of its many genres, but pointless fun occasionally and that's how you should approach it from start to finish.

Dull, pointless film.

Simply Unwatchable .

This movie is dull, predictable, there is no excitement in it.

This is a moderately entertaining time-passer.

Entertaining and funny.

Just boring.

I really enjoyed it.

Boring story ...

Its a enjoyable Eve Heist .

It was enjoyable.

This movie is boring as F.

You are left concluding that this film is marketed on female empowerment because it couldn't be promoted to plot, acting or enjoyable viewing.

Either they left it out for a sequel (which makes bringing it up here pointless) or they couldn't think of a way to incorporate it which makes including it a poor writing decision.

We watched yesterday night and it was boring,same old story and predictable plot.

Waste of money .

Breathtaking .

Charming and entertaining.

I left the theater having enjoyed it and feeling happy and relaxed.

With an unexpected appearance by a former member of the franchise, the ending twist did put a smile on my face.

The very meticulous plan makes for an engaging climax and I was sucked into the movie until the very end.

This film was boring .

I thought it was clever and I loved the characters, yes some parts are a little unreal but I enjoyed it a lot and would watch more movies like this.

These characters were so unlikeable I found myself wishing someone in the movie would stab them all with a dull knife and end the movie like 20 minutes in.

O8's only redeeming quality is that it makes the all-female version of Ghostbusters seem like a more solid effort in retrospect (I admit that the latest Ghostbusters is one from that large set of movies that seems significantly more entertaining when watching it on "free" cable than when paying directly for it at the theater).

Really entertaining, Sandra Bullock fantastic in the lead, heaps of fun, interesting characters, will see it again.

This movie plods along a predictable path with a few entertaining moments until it finally reaches its expected conclusion.

boring, predictable, unentertaining .

However, at the end of the day the movie was bland.

The aftermath of the heist feels slow and way to long.

Just a bland rehash copy, going nowhere...

A waste of time .

Acting shocking - over acted and boring .

Although there's little room for character development with an ensemble cast, they're entertaining to watch as a team and play their individual parts well.

A final note on the previously likable and enjoyable Sandra Bullock.

I walked out of the theater and just shook my head.

Worst movie ever .

A slick, generally entertaining all-girls-sequel to a trio of slick, generally entertaining heist movies directed by Steven Soderbergh.

this is a light movie that could have been more but it is that kind of movies that don't need anything more because they do a pretty well job in entertaining us.


This one really just used the everybody knows a world class hacker God, the investigator who is only interested in the win, not the recovery, and the woman scorned cliche.

The characters are also neither compelling charismatic, or charming, which the characters in George Clooney's Ocean's 11 were.

) but as directed by The Hunger Games Gary Ross, this mundane exercise in wannabe hipness and sassy smarts is the type of film that exudes self-worth and believes itself to be something that unfortunately it is not.

Dumb propaganda .

Flat, boring, predictable .

I'm sure I would have enjoyed it way more than a complete carbon copy of the Ocean's movies, with little to no ingenuity and so much forced exposition, that you'd think the moviegoers are mentally handicapped.

I left the cinema feeling like a baddass woman that's going to do something dangerous and exciting.

The characters are unbelievably boring, uninteresting, not built up enough.

On it's own, this movie was entertaining.

This is an incredibly entertaining film!

Personally I think it is the fact that there was nothing in place to begin with, meaning rather than building a narrative that is interesting and exciting they are making this movie for the sake of making it, it seemed like there was minimal passion and a real lack of effective storytelling.

From the various problems that are inevitably easily solved in a couple of minutes to the drawn-out end with James Corden's insurance man's investigation.

Yes granted some characters need help with their storyline but over all it was entertaining and a good grist movie.

I found it quite tedious for whatever reason and what's more is I didn't like the main character at all.

Personally, I found Eight to be entertaining, even if it isn't as ambitious as Thirteen.

Very enjoyable female cast .

Her mysterious character, Lou, and Blanchett's portrayal of this character, are fascinating and interesting to watch.

Entertaining continuation .

This was slow to start and wrapped up fast.

So predictable...

This time round, the cast is almost all women, which is great in theory, sadly not in practise, as despite their best efforts, the women chosen are neither engaging or funny enough to carry the film and the acting is way too wooden, unless you count pouting and looking miserable as acting.

Much like a packed lunch cheese sandwich it's not bad, it's just uninteresting.

With all the pageantry surrounding the Met Gala, a lot of this movie wasn't geared towards me, so I had to focus on the heist to get through the dull points.

Ho hum.

the script is so very predictable and the lines are crappy.

A total waste of time and talent, especially from Bulloch, and Hathaway who have had better roles.

So boring and a very very thin story.

Boring and Insulting .

To see at least 5 great actresses ( I like the gender difference in this vocation) in their prime playing characters so outside their normal range was very entertaining.

Plot wise there's not much to write home about, the narrative structure sticking boringly close to genre convention: the team forms and specific skills are displayed, the plan is put in danger by unexpected hiccups, the plan is executed with a few surprises.

Poor script, even the twist was boring.

Having said that, it was a highly enjoyable movie and I was glad I went.

Unoriginal, boring reboot.

The rest of the cast were introduced in similarly uninspiring ways.

I love Sandra Bullock but she was more like Sandra Bland.


I think the writers let everyone down and even made them look foolish for taking a part in this boring movie.

Most boring, low-level acting and useless movie ever.

A slow build up is fine if your climax pays off in a big way and for that alone, I found a lot of enjoyment from the movie as a whole.

We got about halfway through it and turned it off it was so boring.

This movie is a waste of time.

Fell asleep multiple times .

This moving was boring and, honestly, probably not worth your time.

It's very boring, along with the fact diaglog doesn't flow at all.

Gary Ross direction with the film is slightly dull.

Boredom, eye-rolling, NO humor, no charm, no conflict.

Go see for the empowerment of women to steal as well as men (equal opportunities) but honestly save your money and wait until it comes on TV.

The big swindle itself is a predictable, unrealistically executed stunt with little surprise value.

Don't waste your time with this movie.

This just feels a bit bland.

Even after three Ocean's films in the early 2000s, an all-female spin-off creates all kinds of exciting possibilities, especially with such a high-caliber cast at work...

This is a waste of time.

Entertaining & Enjoyable .

two hours of very engaging and thrilling story.

The result is a formulaic film that emphasizes new qualities in a criminal team, that is a major set up for future installments.

A bit of a predictable plot/outcome, but neverless an enjoyable film with a fairly good cast.

It got boring, really, really fast.

a complete waste of time and I watched it free

The movie lacked personality, was incredibly boring - and ended waaay too early.

Forget the flat script and the bland execution.

Ocean's Eleven was a fresh take on heist movies which used to be tense , slow and serious .

Luckily, the dull moments were held together by some likable actresses.

suspenseful, 2.

Entertaining enough .

Cliche .

Every cliché and genre trope you can imagine comes into play - even the ex-partner related sub-plot is similar to Ocean's Eleven.

entertaining .

" "Stunning !

Boring boring boringWeak characters.

I spent the whole time wondering when the exciting, action bit would begin.

The acting is on point, the story is fun and entertaining.

Don't waste your coin or time on this movie,cut your nails instead.

Some logical stuff about the necklace is brfff but the movie is still entertaining.

Fun, funny and entertaining.

boring , not to witty and lazy writing at times, wait till it's on Netflix or Hulu

Anyway, boring film.

Just boring....

Dull with no strings attached .

This movie is certainly entertaining and fun to watch.

Cash grab, boring story, clip your nails as that would be a better way of spending your time.

totally entertaining and pretty funny .

What a waste of time.

You can pretty much dial it in in a film that is predictable from start to finish.

There really should have been some drama, unexpected turns and such.

This film was boring.

It just was lacking the energetic direction and has uninteresting characters which can be a little boring at times.

It is suspenseful, intelligent, cerebral, and captivating.

The film petered along at a dreary pace with no ups or downs and no twists.

The pacing is off in many places and it seems as though music is used throughout the first act to liven up a scene and prevent it from being boring.

Its obscenely cliche, even among Ocean's standards, generic diamond heist.

Clever and entertaining.

A female only cast so it differentDon't listen to them and enjoy the movie cuz i promise you it's enjoyable I hope they make a new one with the same cast

Most are watchable, and they need you to in order to get you to invest in a plot with mostly predictable twists and turns that make for a very pedestrian heist, with little to no sense of danger.

As a follow up movie it sucks, as a stand alone it's terribly made, very predictable, unfunny, and just bad.

Ocean's Eight wasn't perfect, but I think it was still enjoyable and a well-made reboot.

I saw this movie for what it was, a fun movie that it is not copying oceans 11 or anything, I saw it for what it is a entertaining movie that I enjoyed.

but it was quite boring.

Save your money...

It was entertaining, not sure what the seriously low ratings folks were watching.

Don't waste your time.

Just long scenes and boring no action dialog.

Sort of Entertaining .

Altough I think that everything in this film happens very easily, it manages to be very funny and entertaining, with a few "wooooah" moments so you quickly forget about that tiny detail.

Terrible waste of time.

The plot is vacuous, the storytelling tedious and the characterizations laughable.

Pointless, uninspired, a blatant cash grab and does nothing to advance the story of the original characters.

Hence my unexpected nap.

Don't waste your money and time .

It is an entertaining movie though.

Honestly going into the story is pointless because as i look at my notes while writing this, I flip the pages in disgust...

There are moments of charm in the chemistry but that was bland too generally.

Cast Looked Bored to Death .

very predictable, in comparative with the other oceans movie , this has nothing too do with oceans franchise, in terms of quality, very disappointing, almost a disaster, I say almost because it has Cate blanchett in the movie, sorry guys I rated this movie with 1 , my opinion it was a waste of time, is not enough guys, it's not just about the money and this is the proof, have a nice day guys

Super slow movie .

An all female crew movie that's not, a thrilling heist movie that's actually really boring.

Entertaining movie better than the men's ocean's movie's


It's so boring that both my girlfriend and I fell asleep half way, even though the intro scene was quite captivating.


Ocean's Eight is a movie that makes you fall asleep.

Enjoyed it .

Of corse this is not the best movie ever made, but if you are bored and have nothing to do, or are a fan of the oceans universe, or just love the actresses in this i recomende it yes!

The cast ensemble was great and the plot was decent and entertaining.

Easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life.

But maybe it's the cinema magic of a huge silver screen + magnificent audio devices shaking you up, resulting this small feeling of rush in my blood, that kinda made the experience more intense.

I enjoyed it.

the dialogue was bland, severely lacking any of the wit that made the dialogue in the previous movies so entertaining.

Boring as f...

The concept and casting was fine but exciting performance was nigh, a real disappointment.

The plot sounded amazing in theory but between the lack of character development and weak script writing, it left me bored in the middle of the movie.

Predictable and unimaginative cash grab.

I would have liked a few more hiccups during the heist to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat.

The plot was so predictable and not funny at all.

The script of O8 is dull.

Thoroughly entertaining .

Of course it was a bit predictable, but there were a couple of unexpected twists, too.

It was all just so BORING, and in a heist movie under the Ocean franchise, that's a death knell.

The 'twist' was ok, and loved the cameo, little predictable (come on, pulling a heist in a museum where they mention over and over about the current Newell display, as if they weren't going to do something about that...

What could have been a really cool woman comedy heist film, turned into the most boring 30 minutes of my life.

The script is good the plot is thin and you could pick holes in it but it's fun and entertaining.

Its driven by uninteresting and dull main characters, poor writing and direction.

Ocean's 8 is, so far, one of the worst movies of 2018, with its bashing of a perfectly good movie franchise.

The style with the interesting and engaging cinematography?

Garbage and waste of time .

Bland & disappointing .

Sandra Bullock once again reminds us all why she is the most boring actress still alive.

Bad enough Marlo Thomas, Elizabeth Ashley, and Elliot Gould are dragged out of mothballs for cameos which give "cringe-worthy" a bad name, it has more plot holes than a sieve.

And while highly entertaining and nice to see the Ocean's brand resurrected again, it wasn't anywhere close to as good...

And while we all new they were gonna pull off the heist, it was still suspenseful because......

a rather boring night at the museum .

The acting is plastic, predictable -> everything about the movie is obvious and boring.

It was predictable and awful.

Extremely fun and thrilling heist movie .

The team building is a bit boring.

Worst movie ever .

A perfectly smart and enjoyable movie.

I kinda enjoyed it .


entertaining movie .

Flawed, but entertaining .

The story itself is tedious, it never entertained me.

So boring .

' 2016's Ghostbusters may not have been liked (at all), but if Wonder Woman showed us anything, it was that enjoyable films led by strong women can still be a strong pull.

Total waste of time .

The heist was boring and predictable.

Gary Ross created the story, wrote the screenplay (with Olivia Milch) and directed this very entertaining female version of the immensely popular OCEAN'S ELEVEN etc films and it works well.

There are some solid performances here, but the story is boring and unimaginative.

However, I fell asleep about 30 minutes in and woke up just before the heist.

Enjoyable .

They actually suceed at the end of act 2 which makes the third act incredibly boring.

total waste of time .

Three different times I tried watching this and each time after about 10 or 15 minutes I was bored.

The movie unfortunately is rather like watching paint dry.

An average and enjoyable film.

Unfortunately, the majority of the film is one-note, bland and predictable.

it was just kinda pointless.

Utterly Boring .

I got lost-it seemed too contrived.

Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett looked positively BORED to be there!

We also get to see Anne Hathaway literally looking stunning throughout this movie, hot damn she's gorgeous!

There's next to no real plot of which to speak - namely the characters go from one set-up situation to the next with little to keep an audience interested in the finer details.

" Its so badly acted that i was bored enough to write this little missive now, before its over.



Boring and just women like shiny staff .

As one reviewer noted, the first part is way too slow.

Predictable caper that still manages to be fun .

Quite a bland movie despite the star-studded cast.

Even the inevitable final, or twist, con is ho-hum.

Ocean's Eight is an extremely fun sequel that's also an extremely thrilling heist movie which is both stylish and unpredictable.

Don't waste your time and money on this one.

The main idea is very much similar to the first Ocean's movie and this makes it very much predictable.

But it's still enjoyable with comic moments, has some nice characters and nods to the original without rebooting completely - and it's a refreshing joy to see a female-dominated cast in a film for everyone.

Pedestrian paint by the numbers boredom .

Unwatchable if you've seen the original.

Theatre was empty.

Boring, Nothing Like the Originals .

I know switching females for males is all the rage but how does it help females if movies are this boring?

Entertaining Heist .

Total waste of money for producers and viewers.

Bad written and bad acting,dont Waste your time seeing this movie.

8 was predictable, slow and presented no style or sophistication.

The fashion industry is something I have no interest in, just like the sports industry, and all of the constant cameos and the like smacks of self-indulgence.

It is a heist movie that seems like it is bored with its script.

The film offers ethnic diversity over entertaining diversion.

Super-smooth, but utterly predictable, and where is the fun.

Very entertaining- classic Sandra flick .

the nice sets, and, the reason i went to see this boring flic: Cate.

This movie was quite entertaining, and I for one found all the characters to be marvelous.

It's very entertaining watching her character survive with little scams for while until she mets with Cate Blanchett's character (doing basically Brad Pitt in Ocean 11), her partner in crime.

Take out the cheesy but pleasing editing and replace it with the same style, but now used so often in the movie that it has been boiled down to just cheesy Take out the intriguing performances that gave the characters decent motives for such a terrible scheme, and replace them with bored actors whose characters are just bad without a hint of good.

Especially for Cate Blanchett who was superb on every role in her previous movies but her role in this one is just dull as hell, no character shape at all and no acting requirement at all ; all we remember was just her hair and dresses, and that's all!!

This was a great movie, entertaining and fast-paced.

Gary Ross uses it to as a safe and predictable way to assure us we are in for a safe and predictable ride, a way to let us know that he and the other members of the cast and crew understand, respect and want to continue the franchise as opposed to reboot it in a totally irreverent, or even incompetent, way.

childish jokes and way too long .

They also seem to be able to convince people to do things rather easily along the way, which is probably down to some lazy writing, but nevertheless comes across as contrived.

I highly recommend it!

Buuuut I was kinda bored.

It just felt dry bland and boring.

Fun on the edge .

No plot twists that make you go "WOAH I DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING!

If you, like most folks, enjoyed OCEAN'S 11, detested OCEAN'S 12 and thought the franchise redeemed itself (somewhat) with OCEAN'S 13, then you will find the latest installment in this "franchise" - the all female version, OCEAN'S 8 - a very agreeable and enjoyable romp.

Don't waste your time.

If you want to watch a real good movie about heist - go rather for "Den of Thieves" (2018) which is way more entertaining, with better screenplay, and in the end it will blow your mind.

Confusing .

Very predictable.

It's still horrible A waste of time and brain cells A disgrace to all the original ocean movies

But movies without conflict are nice to see but in the end lack depth, drive, and are boring.

Boring and couldn't finish .

ZZZZzzzz .

The flaws with these films instead lie with the rather dull writing/heist.

Although the great job of Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway and other actresses made in this film, the absence of elements that can keep you on the edge of your seat or hilarious and epic scenes is what makes this movie feels like a waste of time.

We both enjoyed the slow build.

Saved the movie from being a revenge heist and made it a stunning piece of art that absoLUTELY belongs in the MET.

It was an amusing movie, but I wouldn't waste any money on it.

Boring .

I dont understand all that hate and "worst movie I have ever seen" reviews.

Very enjoyable .

You will hear lot of Zzzz Zzzz in movie halll.

It is so exciting to see women represented in the media in such an awesome way.

The motive for stealing the necklace was boring.

Very entertaining and sexy (3x) .

Like any good heist film, the story has a riveting series of twists and turns as the crims try to outwit every obstacle and security measure.

Such a waste of time and talent of the actors.

Enjoyable .

The writing has many amusing comedic material which makes the film more fun and enjoyable.

It was really boring and cliche.

Worth taking dumb blonde on a date to see this flick otherwise total waste of money and time

A little predictable at times (not unexpected given how often this theme has shown up in movies) especially the laser trap avoidance.

Thoroughly enjoyable heist with incredible actresses, gorgeously shot, and fun twists and turns.

Very slow moving plot.

Bullock and Blanchett just have no chemistry, and the duo is dull.

Well I enjoyed it .

If there weren't similar movies before, I would have considered this a quite fascinating one.

slow and boring .

Waste of money and not enjoyable.

This movie has an exciting story and a reversal.

Not gonna say much , it's basically a fun movie , the cast made the movie 10 times better , it's not that great to me , but worth watching.

With such a strong cast I thought this was going to be at least a little bit entertaining.

Dont Waste your time .

So entertaining.

Along with Rihanna a tech whiz, Helen Bonham Carter as a designer who has seen better days, Mindy Kaling looking to escape her overbearing mother in a store, Awkwafina as a car shark who steals stuff without anybody knowing, bored mother and profiteer that plans to split among themselves over in a $150M necklace worn by Anne Hathaway actress character.

Ocean's Eleven was an entertaining, slick, star powered heist film.

It's a good looking movie, the dresses were stunning.

Then,of course, you have to ruin a great sequel by changing all of the characters just like Ghostbusters,which was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Absolutely stunning.

This is totally engrossing.

The cast and entertaining character dynamic are overshadowed by this ridiculous story line that lacks focus.

Sandra Bullock, Rihanna and the rest of the cast of one of the worst movies in history are too good of Actresses to be in this poorly written film.

Entertaining enough though

Yes it is not like the original Ocean's movies don't expect that , but it is entertaining and the cast is fabulous.

I was engaged the entire time and I thourougly enjoyed it.

Overall an enjoyable Ocean's movie with the usual twists and turns.

Formally divvied up into the genre's standard third-act mode, recruitment and preparation, the action, and its aftermath, directer Gary Ross builds a conflict-free sororal bond among his stellar cast,even to a point of antiseptic, lead by Sandra Bullock's Debbie Ocean, a role right up her alley, bristle with a bland-ish charm and self-knowledge.

Perhaps it's the fun nature, or a subtle nod that women are better planners, but I felt the "exciting" climax was not quite as suspenseful or engaging as the predecessors.

Claude was a generic and boring patsy who never came close to being an equal on screen with Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock).

Everything goes too smoothly and the story is formulaic, even with the twists and surprises along the way.

I feel like oceans 8 is a well done entertaining continuation, I'd say its definitely worth a watch and the price of admission.

Don't waste your time for this trash, sit happily and watch the spongebob...

a boring script.

Not a bad film as long as you're not looking forward to a major epic, it's mildly entertaining.

smooth as and about as exciting as clockwork until illogical twists occur .

Unfortunately the characters aren't that likeable, and there a few too many pointless scenes, which is a shame because there's a great cast here.

Movie was just ok, there some very slow parts and the ending is very predictable.

Enjoyable and entertaining with an incredibly talented cast.

Also the story, even if not new, was very entertaining.

Just slightly slow and nothing real splashy.


As a film it was dumb and entertaining, same as the other Ocean's.

Unbelievably bland and technologically laughable .

The gang has a sarcastic and comedic attitude throughout the entire movie, which makes everything much more entertaining.

wasn't a fan of the music either, the original trilogy had great musicspeaking of entertaining, it wasn't.

Wow another boring film with a flat script all about women now instead of men (Mad Max, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Spy etc etc etc).

I thought it was quite enjoyable and well acted.

Watchable rather than fun and entertaining, the AAA cast deserve something better and more interesting than this wasted opportunity of a film.

In fact, don't waste your time even it it's free.

I saw this with a friend and we both walked out pleasantly surprised.

with Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter and Sandra Bullock they could have pulled off a way more enjoyable movie.

Bland and Absent of Fun--This Cast and this Franchise Deserve Better .

Another problem is how some members of the group are pretty much pointless.

nothing new.. this movie had soo many amazing actresses but still, it was soo boring.

I know, people will love it only cause of the big Names but this Film really isnt worth watching at all.

Although the actors and their play was great they were suiting their roles, the plot was very boring.

It seems more interested in being a film about and for women and showing that females (both actresses and fictitious characters) can perform as well as their male counterparts, than in being clever or entertaining.

Entertaining for a reboot .

110 minutes of boredom .

Much of 'Ocean's Eight' is dull in pace, taking too long to get started and with too little story to sustain the length, only in the climax and the lead up to it (so three quarters of the way through) does it start coming to life.

But the motive in 8 was careless and boring.

Fun, Engaging, High-Paced Heist .

Waste of time.


So many big names wasted in predictable storyline with none of the class and humor of the orginal.

Probably one of the worst movies of 2018.

Boring, predictable, and the good actresses have not much to work with.

The plot is exceedingly similar, the characters are simply female versions of the original male characters and stereotypes, the set-up is similar; pretty much everything is boringly the same from one aspect.

Enjoyable movie .

In few words: boring, lack of logic.

Stylish, thrilling and fun, Oceans 8 doesn't take itself too seriously.

Where Steve Soderbergh and his cohorts carefully crafted a strong story, with snappy dialogue and identifiably quirky and likable characters, this film essentially said "Let's get some strong female actresses, toss them in a heist film and see what happens".

Hardly any twists, often very predictable.

Watching the interviews, you got the feeling that, yeah, they knew it was boring.

Okay, this movie a little less, as this entertaining trifle could have been shot through with a little more energy, tighter editing, and humor with a script rewrite.

The original movies had exciting and fun plots.

The film is watchable and actually quite entertaining.

The characters had potential, but were all quite dull and not interesting at all.

In a way, this Ocean's version is more enjoyable because it doesn't depend on the high-powered stomach knotting, anxiety inducing, heart-pounded conundrums of most male testosterone, high energy explosive mental distorting storyline.

Fun and fast paced action, and a phenomenal cast of incredibly diverse and accomplished actors.

I fell asleep while watching this film and thought that maybe it's because I'm a guy and this is probably intended to be a chick flick or something so I told my friend that I found it boring and she replied that she fell asleep 5 times trying to watch it.

Confusing but entertaining plot turns .

Waste of money.

Don't waste your money.

The first half hour was pure boredom.