Ocean's Eleven (2001) - Crime, Thriller

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Danny Ocean and his eleven accomplices plan to rob three Las Vegas casinos simultaneously.

IMDB: 7.8
Director: Steven Soderbergh
Stars: George Clooney, Brad Pitt
Length: 116 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 127 out of 893 found boring (14.22%)

One-line Reviews (700)

Shockingly Dull Heist Movie .


Formulaic and nothing deep, but well-acted and very entertaining.

It is really exciting to see the pieces fall into place as Andy Garcia gets his from the likes of Casey Affleck, Scott Caan, Don Cheadle, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Elliott Gould, Eddie Jemison , Bernie Mac, Brad Pitt, Shaobo Qin , and Carl Reiner.

Stylish and highly entertaining .

The crowd I watched with enjoyed it immensely and for two hours at least, nobody in that theater was thinking about war, terrorists and the lousy economy.

Eleven males would make a kind of boring film from sexual point of view therefore the director did not leave the indispensable love element out.

Director Steven Soderbergh follows up the successful Erin Brockovich and Traffic with the colorful and exciting adaption of the 1960 "Rat Pack" movie Ocean's Eleven.

That way they can get an idea on how to make a big budget entertaining film that works, and not fizzles (i.

I didn't want to go see this film in the first place, but, a friend of mine dragged me to go see it.


Worst of all, the hope of an unexpected twist at the end - all that kept me awake through the final stages of this boring film - is ruined by a final sequence crudely and obviously set up only with a sequel in mind.


Like Clooney, Pitt turns on the charm and serves up Rusty as a credible enough figure, with a performance that may not be much of a stretch for him, but one that is certainly engaging.

Instead of taking a great film and remaking it into a mediocre update, which has been done hundreds of times, he takes a mediocre film and makes it easily one of the most entertaining films in quite a few years.

Characters such as Yen, Virgil and Turk Malloy and Basher Tarr, which are the most enjoyable.

On the edge of my seat...

This exciting movie was easiliy far better that the orignal, Indeed better than any of the heist films released this year (2001).

Cliché 6.

formulaic .

This is one of the few remakes (Poseidon and - as I have heard - The Hills Have Eyes are other two examples) that manage to be even more entertaining than the original (in Poseidon's case, even making a silent movie would have been more entertaining than the original movie).

Definitely enjoyable.

The problem is that the movie took about an hour to get started talking about the heist and once it was done it was like, ho-hum.

I highly recommend this movie, very entertaining!!

A very entertaining movie.

That being said, the rest of the movie is enormously entertaining, even though Andy Garcia, who I have had an unjustifiable aversion to ever since Desperate Measures, turns his character of the ridiculously rich Terry Benedict, owner of three casinos in Las Vegas, into an almost cartoonish villain.

Mostly though, he's just enjoyable to watch as he puts his plan into action, and it's easy to believe he's who he is and doing what he's doing.

Yet the mood is still light hearted which makes it even more compelling to watch.

But, I do know that Clooney, Roberts, Garcia, and Pitt were as enjoyable as ever.

A crowd pleaser nevertheless, 'Ocean's Eleven (2001)' is a waste of talent, but also a money machine for Soderbergh & co.2/10

As caper films go, this one is effective and keeps you entertaining most of the way thru, though i do feel that the tag at the end was unnecessary and a bit of a miscalculation.

Entertaining without being too convoluted, and definitely worth seeing.

Now, the Holiday season plays host to one of the most enjoyable films this year 'Ocean's 11'.

This is an entertaining film that never lets up.

Is worth watching.

Ocean's Eleven is a very entertaining movie, one that I have been looking forward to seeing for awhile, the movie has gone up and beyond my expectations, It is probaly the best of 2001 so far.. First of all the acting was just great in this film, George Cloony (Danny Ocean) gives us problay one of the best performanes of his career, Brad Pitt (Rusty) does a great job with his charecter as does Matt Damon, you can tell that both of them put in alot of time trying to perfect there perfomances...

My initial overview of this film was that it was too much technicality and seriousness to be enjoyable and worthwhile.

As a remake of a particularly uninteresting 'Brat Pack' film, perhaps expecting anything more is unreasonable.

Stylish, clever and cool heist flick, but in the end, it's just an empty film with a pretty cover .

The "banter" some critics have swooned over is trite at best.

This film was very good and enjoyable to watch.

The makers of this movie must have thought that the "divine" privilege of seeing Pitt, Cloney, Roberts, Garcia, etc - all in one flick is enough to justify the absolute boredom and unbelievability it conveys.

You'd think with a big cast and a fast-moving story, that there wouldn't be enough screen time for all the principals.

The rest of the high profile cast which includes Roberts,Garcia and the ever enjoyable Riener lead the way to a good old fashion heist flick.

Ocean's Eleven was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

And on top of that you've made a sequel which I've heard is even more boring, if that is possible.

This movie takes you on an exciting adventure of an effort to rob one man's casinos in order to earn money and love.

These parts between them slow the movie down heavily.

"Stuart Little" was more exciting.

Furthermore, romantics will certainly enjoy the love subplot that is truly predictable that as clichéd as it is, is still effective as only Soderbergh can create it to be.

The film lacked suspense, timing and the only characters worth watching were those played by Carl Reiner and Elliot Gould.

George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Elliot Gould and Bernie Mac all give fun performances, elevating what could've been a predictable and unoriginal film into a quite enjoyable one.

Honestly I fell asleep while watching this movie because I just have seen this all before, examples include "Heat", "Trouble in Paradise", and all these other thief movies that they all get away so nicely at the end.

Romance, Adrenaline rush, bit of action and touching moments combined with perfect ending!

Engaging and exciting .

Nevertheless, the film is entertaining to watch particularly during the robbery scene where the story takes a few unexpected twists and turns.

Lightweight but enjoyable.

It's one of those highly entertaining movies with so many intricate pieces flying through the air that predictably fall into place by the end.

Definitely one of the most enjoyable movies produced by Hollywood in recent years.

Number Four: The dialogue was original, deep, snappy and quotable from line one.


A great, coming-of-age motion picture that's filled with laughs, great performances from all the actors, and a fresh screenplay that make this film well worth watching.

In all, this is a fun and exciting film that is a great way to spend a Saturday evening at home.

I know this isn't kind, but I kept thinking, wow, would Barbra really want to leave her honey, James Brolin, for our ever lovin' Elliot Gould?

"Ocean's Eleven" is a slick, glossy piece of popular entertainment- a sort of superior popcorn movie; I enjoyed it more than the rather dull sequel "Ocean's Twelve".

It was sappy, fluffy, predictable, unoriginal, uninspired, unimaginative, claptrap!

If you want to go to a movie and have some fun go see Ocean's Eleven, the most entertaining movie of the year.

This is an example of a screenplay that keeps the conflict up and, therefore, is entertaining from beginning to end.

There is even some snappy exchanges although there could have been and should have been a lot more.

It is very exciting too.

The film was boring, and the story or the "perfect crime" has been done to death.

Well I have to say I sat on the edge of my seat.

Expecting to give this movie an unremarkable rating of 6 or a 7, I was really quite surprised to find O11 engaging and exciting.

Of course that film was so boring it is hard to believe that a remake could be any worse.

I found myself truly bored while watching the planning and execution of the biggest heist in history.

Boring crap, nothing less.

Witty but slow.

The only thing this film has is a linear, predictable and uninteresting script and a bunch of big stars playing characters none of whom are least bit interesting or unique.

Still a good movie, an entertaining one.

Entertaining, predictable and cute.

However, I found it mind-crushingly dull.

Playing Danny Ocean's ex-wife Tess, Roberts is wooden in movement, her acting is bland, if it can be called acting, and suggests maybe Roberts wasn't available at the time and the film's producers used a look-alike doll instead.

In this eagerly awaited, star-studded remake of the 60s rat-pack crime-caper of the same name, Soderbergh manages to combine his dry sense of wit, beautifully stilized camerawork and a few enjoyable performances in a very pleasant way.

Every scene that either Clooney or Pitt is in is thoroughly entertaining.

The result is a great, fun, fast paced film that moves so fast at some parts that if you blink, you'll miss it.

Julia Roberts, was barely competent as Tess, but her bland performance did not hinder the movie that much, and there were moments with George Clooney, that created some sparks.

And although Ocean's Eleven doesn't do any surprising jumps or turns, it always stays true to it's message and meaning; entertaining you to the last second.

The all star cast (George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts, Andy Garcia) were great and the highly energised plot involving an attempt to heist 3 Las Vegas casinos was extremely enjoyable.

It's a light and engrossing movie which definitely is worth your 120 minutes.

Mission Impossible 2) All in all, a very entertaining couple of hours spent.

As for the fun factor, the movie is enjoyable.

An entertaining caper flick .

It may start out slow in the beginning, but towards the end, you'll be on the edge or your seat rooting for the "bad" guys.

most entertaining movie of 2001.

Entertaining and energetic.

Cliché 5.

Funny, amusing, basically altogether entertaining.

When Linus (Damon) would pickpocket someone, they would slow the picture down and close up on his hand.


Although it is a typical heist film, it was still suspenseful for me.

Enjoyable and relaxing.

It's hard to believe anyone could have this much talent at their disposal and only succeed in boring the audience for two hours.

A waste of everybody's time.

A really DULL story!

It's all so very flat and pointless.

It's funny, dramatic and none the less, thrilling.

Slick and Tiresome .

The down side is the totally ridiculous plot and a generally plodding pace throughout.

Who cares, when the stuff he comes up with is as exciting and entertaining as this?

I thought it was highly entertaining, smartly acted, razor sharp dialogue and quite possibly one of the best casted films in history.

The plot is rushed, boring, and has several holes; the acting is not very engaging; the underlying sexism in the Julia Roberts' character ("O find me a man, a rich man or a gambling criminal or just any man!

You know this is unrealistic, yet, we're so drawn into it, it's extremely enjoyable.

I have never seen the original, but I must say that this movie was great entertainment that had me laughing, and on the edge of my seat.

For someone who's just won an Oscar, she's been playing very bland roles lately.

It's not bad, but it's dull.

The intricate and technical methods used by the eleven strong in the act of the heist are a joy to behold on the big screen and with Soderbergh behind the camera you can rest assure that sensational shots of Vegas and a barrage of slick effects accompany the entertaining story.

It's not exactly bad (like "The Score" which I found offensively boring compared to its promos), but just uninspiring.

Therefore it's a shame her storyline with George Clooney takes up so much time in the later part of the story, which concludes in an unnecessarily predictable and well rounded ending.

Entertaining star-studded caper .

I just found it boring.

It's stars a great cast, with a fabulous director; it has major chemistry between Julia Roberts and George Clooney; the dialogue is witty and entertaining.

so boring.

Enjoyable film after all .

This one is much more focused on the heist, which is elaborate and once it gets going even exciting.

Anyway, it's just entertaining!

That should give you an idea of how bland this film and it's acting performances.


Very enjoyable caper flick.....

I saw Ocean's Eleven recently at a dollar matinee and found it to be extremely enjoyable.

I must say that i did really like this film, its very enjoyable.

It dragged on longer than it needed to be, there were a lot questions left unanswered, and there was not enough chemistry between Julia Roberts and George Clooney to justify the last 5 minutes of the film.

Slick, Stylist and Entertaining .

The Great actors bring their characters to life with energy and passion even though each protagonist is more cliché than the last.

Watching all of the different disguises that these men portrayed was entertaining.

It is a fast-paced, clever film that is so entertaining, it has you rooting for the thieves.

The movie moves at a fast, engaging pace (though my back did inform me of it being 15 min too long), and keeps one guessing, as to when the perfect crime will go wrong, and the perfect men made to look ridiculous.

The robbery itself is pretty exciting even though the viewer is never in much doubt that nothing bad will happen to our anti-heroes, after all it is a fun film not a gritty drama.

Save your money and catch the 1960 version on cable.

This is a fast-paced, tension-filled, exciting movie that's highly entertaining.

Not really bad, just dull .

The dialogue is snappy and quick, and the locations are great.

I highly recommend it to all the family.

However, the story that was told was boring, and it was no more than a bunch of actors developing their characters very poorly.

The cast is absolutely top-notch and works in great ensemble fashion, the plot is exciting if a little far-fetched, and the direction is excellent.

The plot is fairly simple and entertaining, it is nicely timed (not being a minute too short or too long) and it has a finale that stretches almost half an hour without a moment of boredom.

The coming together of puzzle pieces into a whole including some surprises makes it fascinating to watch.

While some costumes may be outlandish to fit the character, Pitt's and Clooney's are simply stunning and had me looking through my GQ when I got home.

All the elements of a great film are there: intriguing premise, incredible cast, and an Oscar winning, stylistic director.

When all's said and done, the movie leaves you with a feeling of being cheated of something; How did you get so many stars to make this boring movie?

I really enjoyed it.

Boring .

"The Limey" (the worst) appears to be a classroom assignment that accidentally saw the light of day; "Erin Brokovich" is a formulaic commercial exercise; "Traffic" is a propaganda exercise.

The dialouge in these scenes are suitably sassy and snappy.

That was the only thing in this film that stood out, and otherwise it was all fairly bland.

This time we have "Ocean's Eleven" the follow-up and highly anticipated film from the critically acclaimed and academy award winning director of "Traffic", Steven Soderbergh who makes a truly enjoyable movie and accepts the challenge (like not so many directors) to take this group of big stars to work this good as a big team for a big production.

The pacing is fast and the tone light yet exciting.

The movie provides an engaging two hours that develops in exactly the manner one would expect from this sort of production.

Alan Colmes is quite an unexpected boxing fan.

Some scenes drag out too long in the moment and as years pass new viewers will most likely not quite capture the importance of the originality of the twist.

All of the actors portray some fun and enjoyable characters.

Nothing about them really stands out and I don't really run out to see them, but they are always pretty fun entertaining, never a complete waste of time.

Very entertaining, there's a reason there are like 6 different sequels.

/ THe twists and turns make this movie enjoyable and is so funny i laughed so much my friend told me she could hear across the seats!

If you want something purely entertaining and non-demanding, then you wont be disappointed.

I found this film quite boring, managed to keep myself awake to see the ending.

Extremely entertaining .

Finally, Ted Griffin's screenplay is snappy and funny.

From the start it was fast paced, funny and very clever.

Enjoyable, semimindless entertainment.

They are the perfection of cool and it's incredably entertaining to watch them act without breaking a sweat.

It wasn't awful, but was a lot less satisfying than I expected, and I did have trouble staying awake.

Slow pace, overlong scenes, bad acting all around, and little tension like heist movies are supposed to have.

The feeling of mystery makes your heart pound in a thrilling way and creates a completely new genre for films with very few members.

As a film, its entertainment and should be enjoyable to the majority of you out there.

In the original, the plan moves smoothly, until a very unexpected development deprives them of their ill-gotten gains.

otherwise a good 2 hour romp, exciting and doesn't feel like 2 hours only wished we had seen it at the cinema.

Terrific - Thrilling and Funny .

I think director Steve Soderbergh and the cast can't fully control so much, and everything turns out as entertaining and light, but dull and easily forgotten.

Clooney and Roberts' relationship is not well-developed and Andy Garcia's role is underdefined (he seems weak in the end), but all-in-all, it's a very entertaining movie and worth the trip!

Ocean's eleven is very entertaining and easy to watch.

But in general the movie was boring.

The gang as a whole is an interesting and entertaining mix, and it is these caricatures here that make this film enjoyable.

Either the original was inherently difficult to adapt or it was simply poorly done, because the dialogue is sparse and cliche'd at points.

Anytime you put together top notch actors like Clooney, Pitt, and Damon you can only come out with something worth watching and owning.

This movie, unlike the Sting, will never be a classic because of the irritating, emotionally devoid, dated, loud, frustratingly repetitive sound track (which one can not call music).

This is a really swave film and is shot to perfection by one of the most exciting directors of our time.

Bad: Some parts of the plan feel pointless and there is quite a lot of luck involved in it.

It's light hearted fun and i love it :) AND Brad Pitt is one of the main characters, which always makes a film worth watching - and in this film, boy did he look good :) MMM .

Its not very often that a remake of a movie improves on the original, but Oscar winning director Steven Soderbergh‘s updated version of "Ocean‘s Eleven" is far more enjoyable than the 196 .

Watching the elaborate plot come to fruition can be very entertaining.

Yes, it has a few plot holes but, the character decisions will make you confused, and it has some weird accents but I think it is an enjoyable ride throughout and definitely one I would recommend to someone for some light viewing.

it has a bunch of hot actors in the cast and a really engrossing story that makes you want to know if they can pull off the heist.

Wouldn't it have been so much more enjoyable if one of the eleven had been incompetent, or even better, a potential traitor in their midst?

I even tried to watch the original, which to my surprise was drawn out and just a romp of excess.

I found this film very enjoyable.

The overhauled screenplay pops with snappy dialogue, riddled with deadpan humor and a decent, though somewhat far fetched plot.

Nevertheless, while the ending almost completely ruined the movie because it leaves such a bad aftertaste, the rest of the film is hugely entertaining, bad fake accents notwithstanding.

Skip this waste of time and see the original .

I believe this was done so that the director could spend an inordinate amount of time on the technical aspects of the heist, which was a waste of time.

This is a heist movie that is slick, cool and entertaining.

This is one of those films that is just entertaining.

In this way, the movie is pretty weak, but it is so entertaining to watch the robberies pulled off that it makes up for a lot of these shortcomings.

Boring crap .

A very diverse and enjoyable soundtrack keeps pace with the action.

Incidentally, Julia Roberts, apparently confusing Tess Ocean with Erin Brockovich, gives an intensity to her role of The Chick that is entirely inappropriate.

I wasn't going into this movie expecting much, and maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much.

Entertaining movie otherwise.

*spoilers i guess* Ocean's 11 (2001) is a highly enjoyable film hindered by one thing: its lack of excitement.

Some parts smack of "Mission, Impossible," but it's easier to delve into and a heck of a lot more entertaining.

The concept is quite exciting, the idea of robbing casinos and all coupled with a big name cast led me to expect something entertaining.


Whilst production was slick (as is to be expected) it felt formulaic and sanitised, as did the plot.

The movie as a whole is quite fast paced.

All are impeccably entertaining, with witty script, and an even more witty cleverness to their plan.

I'm too late to watch and it feels long and boring

A waste of time.

Whoever called this entertaining movie a "lifeless disappointment" 1) obviously does not represent the majority of reviewers here who loved it and 2) needs to stop watching "reality" TV shows and see what a real story with interesting characters looks like.

Contrived, just another pretty face .

it's not a prequel really but you'd think so, George Clooney playing the same boring old part, the leader, inlove, being the man, trying to be cool, Leading the gang.

It's easy to watch and completely entertaining.

Well as many of you did I rushed to Oceans 11, and shelled out my $10.00. I got cheated, they lied to me, they told me it was exciting.

You know what you are going to get, but it's an enjoyable meal none-the-less.

With a nice plot, tight sequence and a good direction this is certainly a movie that is worth watching.

Was it a budget problem or did you just like cheating your audience of even one actionscene in what is probably the most boring film ever made!!!

It's fun, it's fast paced, clever.

The ladies will probably enjoy this movie just from the actors in it such as Brad Pitt but the reality is the movie its self is a waste of time.

Enter Turk (Caan) and Virgil (Affleck) Malloy, a couple of bored citizens of Utah.

It doesn't disappoint, its an enjoyable caper, where George Clooney gets together a squad of crooks to steal over 160 million dollars from a three casinos in Las Vegas, except there is a bit more to it than that as the owner of the casinos (Andy Garcia) is sleeping with his ex-wife (Julia Roberts).

I would recommend this movie and the sequels to anyone who likes hiest movies and wants an enjoyable night on the couch.

Cliché 8.

All shiny and sparkling, with enough fun little twists and moments of humor, with Clooney and Pitt exchanging impeccable smiles and snappy one-liners, with a sleek kingpin of an antagonist and his dumb nitwit minions - and of course with the charm of Las Vegas and its vibe of easy money and endless entertainment - Ocean's Eleven makes you feel like a spectator at a very expensive and exclusive show.

The dialogues were basically boring and obvious and again: "who talks that way?

Terrible script,ridiculous plot, so-so acting and a film that ran far too long!!

But Soderbergh breathes life into the heist movie genre and creates a complex and enjoyable tour de force.

Now, having seen this film over and over again, I become bemused by its charisma, sophistication, and suave enterprise on a most exciting concept.

Well worth watching.

Entertaining .

Totally engrossing, entertaining, classy movie entertainment.

Good photography, extremely decent acting, snappy dialogue.

A dull film...

Let's face it, an action-comedy movie with an ending where Nothing Happens leaves us holding the proverbial injured aquatic bird (i.

This is a highly entertaining film with a stylish and unique point to it.

While not the best movie ever made (that would have to be The Godfather), it is worth watching and I highly recommend it.

There are some wonderfully funny lines-particularly from Bernie Mac, one of the highlights of the movie-several truly suspenseful scenes, and all-around wonderful performances from all the actors involved.

Although the plot itself isn't all that interesting, it's enjoyable thanks to the fact that we have no idea how George Clooney and his ten rascals will pull it of, and when you figure out what they had in mind, you'll love it.

Empty Eleven .

The movie Pulls the viewer into keeping eyes glued on it and stays Consistently engaging and on the edge of your seat exciting.

a light enjoyable movie.

The versatility he shows from Sex, Lies through Traffic is mind blowing; he is able to leap tall building and switch genres in a single bound.

But after the lame beginning and all of the lead characters are involved does it become interesting with many different personalities sharing their views, making it highly engaging.

Overall Exciting and Funny with a Couple of Flaws .

Boring and predictable .

Nevertheless, it is still enjoyable to watch.

Very enjoyable.

Massively entertaining.

Entertaining .

The music is fun and funky, and the whole movie is such a lark, you'll leave the theater greatly amused and almost wishing for a life on the lam; Soderbergh, Clooney and the boys make it look so fun.

The first 45 minutes had a few slow spots and you could tell by the restlessness in the audience and then things started to happen.

the rest of the film picks up the pace quite a bit and only slows down again for clooneys confrontation with his with his ex-wife, played of course by Julia, who is also of course very much still in love with her ex even if she doesn't know it yet, it's very formulaic and probably the weakest part of the movie.

the way that the director and everybody else wrapped up this movie is mind blowing.

TOMB RAIDER, MUMMY RETURNS, THE HAUNTING, etc.) Classic film, no, enjoyable and watchable more than once?

The soundtrack mixes these old school showstoping numbers, with exciting, tense classical music for the more intense robbery scenes.

This is a remake of the pretty dull 1960s Las Vegas heist movie of the same title starring Frank Sinatra and the rest of the Rat Pack.

The only thing about the film that I should hope was just a mirage was the dull acting of Julia Roberts as the angry ex-wife.

The modern version shamelessly appropriates the title and plot of the original film, but completely misses the point, and several major components of the first version, settling instead to be a vanity piece for the smirking but boring Mr. Clooney and company.

NOTE: Though the character introductions were too long and, at times, uninteresting, the actors did their best.

Actually, I was trying hard to stay awake.

If you're looking for a entertaining film, look no further than Ocean's Eleven because it features everything great about cinema.

This movie is a complete waste of time.

One of the major problems I believe is the rather disjointed and episodic mini-drama intercuts that Soderbergh has cobbled together as a hi-tech film.

Ocean's eleven are an entertaining bunch...

I found the film to be far too long and drawn-out.

The plot, admittedly, is pretty predictable, at least until the actual heist attempt starts.

The set-up felt a little dragged out but the execution of the heist itself is enjoyable for the most part, bar some choppy editing at points.

On an overall scale, Ocean's Eleven is an enjoyable, entertaining & sufficiently satisfying delight that promises lots of fun throughout its 117 minutes runtime and, for the most part, successfully delivers it.

Yes, it was predictable at times.

Fair but all a bit pointless.

This thrilling as well as hilarious hold-up film displays from the beginning to ending , comedy , suspense , plot twists along with limited action of varied manner .

Not just only because of the famous actors mostly because of smart Soderbergh´s style that makes this feel fresh entertaining and funny.

Still, my wife complained as we left the theater that the film didn't have a climax.

Some people need to realize that movies shouldn't always be pretentious and with a sense of moral urgency.

The final 20 minutes are predictable to anyone who's ever seen a film before and the scenes with Julia Roberts seemed tacked on and unnecessary.

The rhythm is very slow like in the other Soderbergh movies.

The movie is really entertaining accompanied by some terrific writing.

Each of the three parts of the movie are consistently stylish, funny, action-packed and just plain entertaining.

I am all for happy endings, but the very last scene ("three to six months later") was dull.

They were way too bland and because there were so many involved in the heist they didn't have enough time to develop the characters.

It is great and suspenseful.

It's basically an empty shell, albeit a pretty-looking one.

Entertaining Movie .

don't waste your money & time

However, it was enjoyable, although I wouldn't recommend seeing it any more than twice.

It is boring,dull,flat and plain awful.

The characters were not necessarily dynamic (you do not learn a whole lot about them), but the dialogue helped make them interesting and likeable and the idea of successfully robbing three casinos was intriguing enough to make you want them to succeed in the end.

-The casino-robbing plot line is intriguing and never really gets old or stale.

There's lots of witty banter and one-upmanship that is entertaining and the heist itself is well directed.

It was thoroughly entertaining.

The characters are all likable, the dialogue is snappy and clever, and it just oozes "cool".

A sexy soundtrack (the kind of music you expect to hear in the Hard Rock Hotel foyer), fun references to other genre-moulding crime films (including The Godfather and Sinatra's original Ocean's Eleven), expansive shots of The Strip's skyline and cameos galore make the film utterly enjoyable in the plainest sense of the word.

That's what this film is; entertaining.

It was a boring movie and it put me to sleep.

From an improbable script and a lead (Clooney) who is usually wooden, Soderbergh crafts a fast-moving piece of sheer entertainment.

Despite the some before mentioned flaws, is still a very enjoyable movie, so just pack yourself with a glass of cocktail and cigar and don't take these one too seriously, looking for mistakes.

I thought it was fascinating how they robbed the casino and how it was all planned out.

Enjoyed it everytime.

The movie is enjoyable, the premise is flawed, and are most of the sequences - espcailly that awful cockney accent.

bad jokes are another boring things.

The acting and basic plot is great and thrilling.

A little predictable, but entertaining fare anyway, from Oscar winner Soderbergh .

Fun and entertaining?

pretty fun entertaining .

Boring movie with no ending to speak off .

The third act is completely mind-blowing as the 'execution' of the robbery is filmed in such a dizzying, comedic yet suspenseful manner that makes this film stick out from all the other heist movies.

)Cliché 11.

(4) Roberts and Garcia are particularly bad: Julia looks undedicated and bored with the filming all the time.

I know the plot isn't extraordinary, but these kind of movies are made to be entertaining and that's what this one does.

I found it a little self-indulgent as well.

Unfortunate if you're watching for any other reason then you'll notice failings such as the predictable plot or Don Cheadle's incomprehensible accent or the fact that Soderbergh has made a relatively shallow film .

Soddenberg chops out all the slow romance borning parts of the original, and the sub-plot involving Ceaser Romero and makes this version very enjoyable.

"Ocean's Eleven" is the kind of light-hearted, enjoyable crime caper which becomes better, more enjoyable, and more intelligent upon multiple viewings.

I saw Ocean's Eleven last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.

but after seeing it, i was delighted at how cool, hilarious, and enjoyable this movie is.

We're made to like them fromthe start because they're good-looking, friendly, use hip language, dress well, drink and eat the best liquor and food, hang around with celebrities, and know how to gamble against boring kids.

And have fun you do, what with the interesting plot twists, hilariously funny moments, and engaging acting.

Bland,Banal & Boring!!.

It's highly enjoyable.

Its slow and uninteresting and doesn't appeal to they hype of the film's reputation.

It's a shame, because there's far too much talent here for this film to be so flat and uninteresting.

thinly veiled socialist propaganda?

The film is purely out there to entertain, it has geniality pouring out from every frame, this is a character based heist caper full of laughs and derring do shenanigans, even Don Cheadle's ill advised (and pointless character arc) cockney accent manages to create smiles instead of being an on going hindrance.

Yawn - Yawn - completely predictable from the moment we hit the play button on the DVD player!

Enjoyable Caper Movie .

" The movie was fun, though predictable.

This creates fresh perspective for such a film style but it has traditionally been hard to raise such a film style away from the 'predictable plot twist' created by its wide spread use.

Well, i saw it twice and i enjoyed it the second time as the first!


perfect for boredom lovers .

The most entertaining movie this year.

The film wasn't well received, despite being as good as its predecessor, which led to Soderbergh releasing the dull, and far safer, "Oceans 13" in 2007.

' The following twenty minutes of recruitment of the right people for the jobs whizzes around the country in a speedy and enjoyable fashion including picking up their bankroll and hilarious advice from Reuben Tishkoff (Elliot Gould) along the way and even though he thinks Ryan and Ocean are `out of your god d**n minds,' he grasps the chance to get his own payback on Benedict who muscled him out of the casino business.

")is disturbing (especially considering how fond Soderbergh usually is of more self-assured female characters); and the soundtrack, devoid of longtime co-worker Cliff Martinez's usually engaging ambient musical genius, is more like that of a 70s porn film than anything else.

As in "The Limey" and "Traffic" Soderbergh will now and then (in the earlier films he did it all the time) use a visual gimmick that's pointless and ill-advised - like the useless, split-second split screen he introduces and then immediately drops during one casino sequence (why during THAT sequence, and not another?

As fast-paced, witty, and entertaining as it is star-studded and coolly stylish, Ocean's Eleven offers a well-seasoned serving of satisfaction and entertainment.

He's done exactly that with "Ocean's 11", an entertaining piece of fluff that mostly delivers.


This movie had holes, but was quite entertaining.

Very very entertaining .

A fun, entertaining ride .

The same problem that infected the first version is apparent in this as well: the plodding beginning which takes us in great detail through the planning of the casino heist.

It keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat and just when you think you have a bead on what's going to happen next, the film throws a curve ball twist right past you.

Incidentally, Julia Roberts, apparently confusing Tess Ocean with Erin Brockovich, gives an intensity to her role of The Chick that is entirely inappropriate.

Even Matt Damon--one of my favorite modern actors--gave a dull performance.

Ocean's Eleven is a superbly entertaining film - featuring an all-star cast in top-form and sharp direction that strings along the narrative seamlessly.

The reason I ask is because I went and saw "Ocean's 11" and thoroughly enjoyed it, and after reading a few reviews I've come to the conclusion that some people need to take their movie watching a lot LESS seriously!

Nice Action Packed Joy Ride .

Overall, horrid, bad, terrible, disjointed.

It may not be unique, but it's still entertaining.

If you don't take this film too seriously, you are in for an entertaining evening.

I was always on the edge of my seat, thinking that they were going to get caught.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who just wants to watch a stylish, entertaining movie.

Everything about this jazzy heist film is generally enjoyable and waiting for the DVD release with it's assortment of extras made better sense to me than seeing this one with the suburban crowds.

Be prepared for an entertaining two hours.

Sure, Brad Pitt's character, Rusty, kind of feels like a mat for Ocean's dialogue to bounce of, but it was enjoyable throughout.

Whilst Sodenburgh may be famous for more camera wizzardery in Traffik and The Limely, this film seems slow paced and more boring than the rest.

Many of the supporting cast were fun to watch and the plot twists were, though expected, entertaining.

Nevertheless, this film offers it's audience an entertaining time.

Regardless this was an entertaining movie.

And it also has a confusing ending.

The story is slow paced to allow viewers to catch all the different ideologies put forth by director Soderbergh.

This version f OCEANS ELEVEN is absolutely fantastic the old one was boring although it had big stars also,George Clooney,Brad Pitt,Andy Garcia,Julia Roberts & Matt Damon were truly amazing, each one of them rolled his/her own part like if it is there real personalities.

It had good characters, a good story line rapped around the heist of the casino, and awesome, intense parts of the movie.

Clever, fun, enjoyable.

Clooney is cool and calm, Pitt is good looking and suave, Damon is nervy but reliable, Garcia is aggressive, Roberts is innocent and beautiful, and the supporting all star cast members get their time too, with a witty sharp quick-fire script and one or two exciting and engaging set pieces, it is watchable action crime caper.

This movie was sleek, cool and highly entertaining.

A good movie, and worth watching.

And yet under that old premise, lies a subtext which is as enjoyable as the main one.

Sometimes it was confusing because there were a lot of characters in the film.

Boredom, boredom, nothing more but boredom.

If you havenever seen a movie before, or have forgotten all those you havealready seen, you may find this one entertaining.

Intriguing .

Added to that is the exciting/funny/smart heist that the 11 of them executed in the movie.

The fast paced heist is almost so lucrative that you will want to see the film again to appreciate the planning and execution carried out as you are left wondering `how they did it' just as Benedict is as Tess leaves him for Ocean once again.

There's lots of snappy patter, played very nicely by the talented cast.

They took the simple plot of robbing a casino and they added this HUGE twist at the end to leave you on the edge of your seat.

The production value alone keeps everything shimmering along quite nicely, but it is the first rate cast, directed through Soderbergh's experienced lens that takes the infectiously entertaining piece over the top.

This is, in my opinion, the most entertaining and enjoyable film of the year.

Clooney is breathtaking to watch.


Still, the rest of the movie is diamond-edge sharp, the heist is entertaining, and the cast mainly sparkles.

But now mind blowing.....

George Clooney's smile and charisma seems to always make a worth watching (Three Kings, Out of Site, O Brother, Where Art Thou).

True, (as in M:I) there's nothing surprising or remarkably original, but at least the atmosphere of overall coolness of these apparently very amateurish casino robbers who will succeed against all odds AND, accordingly, without much regard for plot credibility, is made thoroughly enjoyable simply by fun dialogues and actors who, yes, all play the type of character they're most well-known for --- and best at.

The only thing that really got to me though is Don Cheadle's irish/british acsent it gets annoying real fast, but that is one thing I can easily forgive and forget, and overall Ocean's Eleven is the most entertaining movie in years.

In short, if you're looking for a snappy and fun crime comedy, then you'll love OCEAN's ELEVEN.

The result is a great, fun, fast paced film that moves so fast at some parts that if you blink, you'll miss it.

This is a fun bunch too watch and they should be enjoyable in further adventures.

How people can rate 7.9 this boring and empty movie?

This movie was so dull and unrealistic.

Entertaining all around...

Entertaining, funny .

Entertaining .

New technology gives way to more ingenious and exciting ways to illustrate a hiest.

It was fun, funny, exciting, enchanting, imaginative, charming, sweet, genuine, wild etc.. .

Even with Don Cheadle's tongue-in-cheek cockney as Basher, this was a hugely enjoyable, rollocking ride of criminal precision and a study in predicted behaviour of the victim.

An entertaining homage to crime capers.

Great portions of the dialogue were snappy, witty and snide and quite funny.

I thought each of he characters were wonderfully contrived.

Having been to Las Vegas and several occasions, the Vegas on the film looked tired and boring.

Imagine if this were your standard Hollywood fare, full of fast, meaningless action, pointless violence, desperately unamusing dialogue, crap sentiment and, probably, unnecessary sex.

The plot was very compelling it kept you on the edge of your seat.

While some might say the film ends in a clichéd, predictable ending; I ask you, what did you expect?

Ocean's Eleven was one of the more entertaining films of the winter season.

It was very funny and enjoyable.

Greatfully adorable and fabulous stunning movie ever in cinematic landmark!

The Score has a much superior story, a very exciting robbery and a superb ending.

She just seems to hang around in the movie and she tries to make everything out of her minimalistic and pointless role.

It's more stylish, more elegant, more thrilling than the original, and how often can one say that.

Clooney, Damon, and Roberts looked bored to tears.

and of course the plot, the locations etc etc!Doesn't deserve a perfect 10, but it did make an entertaining night out!

Entertaining fluff...

Though at times the film may be a bit predictable and seem to draw itself towards an `All is well' ending Soderbergh never gives in and keeps it fresh and somewhat righteous as even Ocean pays for what he has done although the price is miniscule as to the reward.

50% sting 50% caper 100% entertaining .

Overall, I found the movie enjoyable and I would rent it again - if I don't buy it first.

And I found the ending to be somewhat disappointing and contrived.

The first half was extremely drawn out and boring.

But, all in all, the first half of the movie was pretty boring, so the second half really had to make up for that.

Extremely entertaining.

Finally, the pacing is actually remarkably strong - even in the slower moments, it never feels like the film is dragging its heels and instead, manages to maintain a breakneck pace with ease.

Touching ending as the scene of everyone standing around watching the Bellagio fountain and leaving was somewhat improvised, Steven Soderbergh wanted Rusty, Brad Pitt, to leave first , the other actors were told to line up and depart in whatever order felt natural.

boring .

Most of it was rather dull, with the exceptions of Brad Pitt, Elliot Gould, Carl Reiner, and Andy Garcia.

While some costumes may be outlandish to fit the character, Pitt's and Clooney's are simply stunning and had me looking through my GQ when I got home.

This movie also flows really well, while keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout.

Stars abound, they all do their bit and make the whole experience more enjoyable.

Humor from unexpected sources also helps keep the audience engaged in the movie, and the fun dialog helps as well.

It was kind of exciting, suspenseful, and riveting, and all those other jazzy words....

Shallow and boring .

"Oceans Eleven" displays multiple cinematic values by delivering an exciting story.

Julia Roberts is stunning as always as Tess Ocean and Andy Garcia makes the perfect villain in his role of the billionaire casino owner Terry Benedict.

The recipe for success: Provide eye-Candy for everyone, a pace that never quits, a plot with enough twists to hold the most impatient attention span (mine) while winding through a playfully entertaining script .

Cool, slick and entertaining .

" (Refer to Cliché 5.

This movie was very slow and boring.

Overall, 'Ocean's Eleven' is a fun, entertaining, and just slick caper movie.

Well, here I am again saying how boring a movie is.

If you re looking for a quality remake of a decent movie, save your money, wait for the video to come out and rent it.

Kept me on the edge of my seat.

Well, at the end of it, I must say it's quite entertaining and certainly exceeded my expectations by quite a lot.

I guess my critique will be simple, because this film was simple, yet entertaining.

The heist itself seemed a bit hard to follow with all the eleven guys contributing to distractions from the robbery itself.

Hollywood seems to have forgotten that movies can be thrilling without gunplay, explosions, and car chases.


Engaging crime drama .

However even with the lack of plot, director Steven Soderbergh manages to produces another great movie.

I thought this movie was entertaining enough.

The ending of the film is also a disappointment as events unfold in what is a predictable manner only to have a sequence at the end where the audience at the press screener was asking `what about the …..'? `Oceans 11' unfolds more like a pet project as it seems that the actors were winging it and portraying characterizations of other characters from their past careers and from generic heist films.

This film may well be the best of the franchise, in terms of overall plot, style, substance, and entertaining factor.

Boring .

Ok, George Clooney delivers one-liners in his standard ironic way with a touch of arrogance and Pitt/Damon is as goodlooking as ever but it all feels a bit to polished and empty.

The plot moves quickly, and the set up for heist is intricate, as well as fascinating.

This movie is a classic example that a film should primarily be judged on whether it was enjoyable to watch.

Best Part: The kind of ridiculous albeit entertaining grand reveal of how they did it.

Yet I find "Ocean's Eleven" more enjoyable on re-viewings.

This an absolute waste of two hours, 120 minutes of your life, that you unfortunatly never will get back.

Just plain boring....

This movie was, overall very enjoyable.

Furthermore, romantics will certainly enjoy the love subplot that is truly predictable that as clichéd as it is, is still effective as only Soderbergh can create it to be.

Entertaining, light-hearted film .

All involved seem to be aware this is the chance to make something entertaining and memorable and - yes, I'll say it again - cool.

Oceans Eleven is a very enjoyable movie that I would recommend to anyone looming for a great crime movie.

A very enjoyable film with fast pacing, funny moments and plot twists a-plenty.

Just entertaining .

This time around, even without the guys who were Vegas legends, Ocean's 11 is a well crafted and enormously entertaining film.

Very enjoyable caper movie.

"Ocean's Eleven" is entertaining and about as deep as a bird bath.

The music is also exciting as it lacks almost any vocal parts.

Funny, but too boring.

It's just an enjoyable ride, well made and definitely worth the price of admission.

The script is snappy, slick, and very good dialogue.

I'm a big fan; one of the most entertaining films to watch.

again, pages and pages of absolutely banal comments.

But Ocean's Eleven isn't all bad, it is quite entertaining, music works well and the cinematography works also well.

then a really boring pan across the eleven characters with the fountain thing....

Either the original was inherently difficult to adapt or it was simply poorly done, because the dialogue is sparse and cliché'd at points.

Saw this film on a cold Saturday night and thoroughly enjoyed it...

Overall, an enjoyable movie, enhanced by the presence of big stars.

What makes the story so intriguing is the fact that Danny's mission seems so impossible: security in the casinos is paramount and the route to the reward is littered with obstacles.

Highly enjoyable twists and turns.

The lack of seriousness only takes it so far and while it's certainly missing the element that makes a good film great, Ocean's Eleven nevertheless manages to sideline its shortcomings with a thrilling climax that lives up to its expectations.

The original was entertaining, because Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis, Jr. kept things light.

Compelling plot and acting that makes you hold your breath as every second passes.

I thought the pacing was terrible, the plot contrived, and the jokes forced.

It's a shame that the director of Traffic made such a banal impersonal tedious movie.

And so, to sum up this too-long review: "Ocean's 11" is an enjoyable trifle.

Cliché 4.

What follows is an extremely predictable series of events that I saw coming way before I was supposed to.

Definitely a great entertaining ride.

Steve Soderbergh has out done himself here, giving us the most entertaining movie of the year.

What Soderbergh made is a fun and entertaining movie with a very talented cast.

All in all, a thoroughly entertaining movie, highly recommended.

Cliché 2.

But of course, the casino owners know that too, and that is why the security is so tight and so few attempts get very far (search for casino robbery to learn fascinating stuff!

What a shameful waste of actor's time and talent.

boring, a lack of everything, no suspense no drama , should have named it something else .

And the whole no sex in a big movie, just-a- complicated-past arc is too dull for me.

I am really not into big "hollywood"-esque movies anymore, but you will have an enjoyable time watching this movie.

I was somehow bored with the first half of the film.


Andy Garcia is great as the stooge and ultimate fall guy who gets a deserved comeupance and the added tension of Clooney's team attempting to pull off the caper with unexpected hurdles makes the confusion and chaos a more than welcomed plot entanglement.

The story for this movie is pretty predictable, and this film had every opportunity to be a mediocre effort.

The acting by everyone is superb and if you like crime drama with an engaging detailed plot then I defiantly recommend this film.

I hate to see it, but this is typical boring movie crap.

Don't waste your money and time.

Every (male) member of the cast comes together to contribute tellingly to a very entertaining movie.

It adds to the general feeling that Ocean's Eleven is a polished movie with a glamorous cast and an entertaining story.

Action packed in a good way, funny as well as a love story!

With a great cast and classic but still enjoyable story, Oceans Eleven is a must-see.

Thoroughly enjoyable - an improvement on the original .

the story line was original and entertaining - except for the danny and tess part, it was a bit predictable - and i thought the ending was really good.

The movie is neither exciting, fun, entertaining, and the action is virtually non-existent.

It's very entertaining, and the score is good too...

It has absolutely atrocious moral message, it is boring and predictable and I honestly can't imagine who might like this, let alone recommend this "masterpiece" to others.

What Soderbergh made is a fun and entertaining movie with a very talented cast.

The movie plot kept me going, but the actors were a snore.

And he used the all star cast and Vegas backdrop to create a very, very, very entertaining film.

It had an exciting plot and of course the biggest A-class actors.

Matt Damon is good in his role and his chemistry with Clooney during the last act provides us with some truly entertaining and hilarious moments.

The dialogue between the 11 guys, Tess, and Terry are all enjoyable, it's the kind of dialogue that made PULP FICTION and JERRY MAGUIRE well liked and famous movies that are still being quoted today.

one of the most boring movies ever .

The Cast Makes it Worth Watching .

Garcia was a bit boring and non-threatening for my liking (he never showed any menace), and as for Roberts, well I've never been a fan, so OF COURSE I'd take the money instead!

One of the most Entertaining films ever.

Even with that, it's a great, very entertaining experience.

The plot itself is very mundane.

Then the heist--although their methods can be explained as impossible to pull off by any stretch of the imagination one doesn't care because we are lifted away to a place where rooting for the bad guy is mandatory--kind of like in the Sting only about a tenth as convincing or enjoyable.

" Frank Sinatra and his Rat Pack would say otherwise, but this "Ocean's" is cooler, funnier, and more suspenseful than theirs.

The entire movie is exciting...

Wow, what a stunning experience.

Suprisingly dull.

This is a don't miss movie for anyone, great actors, great story, intriguing, amusing, fun and it won't let you down.

One of those movies that you either walk out on or fall asleep while watching it.

The film contains equal amounts of romance, laughs, action and dramatic tension and is enjoyable right the way along.

Barring that, it's a entertaining ride backed by a strong Soundtrack.

What follows is the predictable plot device where the impenetrable vault and its security systems are displayed as the group plans the various phases of the heist, and encounter problems along the way such as Ocean being identified by the casino and flagged to be followed causing another person to be needed in his role and his pursuit of his ex-wife.

Pros: Smart and intelligent story, good mix of humor, great acting, likeable characters, fast pacing, and a light yet exciting tone.

It's rare when all the pieces come together for a fun and exciting film these days.

This was an enjoyable movie that deserves to be seen.

Now, I haven't seen the original "Ocean's 11" in its entirety, but I'm willing to bet that this one is much more engrossing.

Clooney and Pitt are as cool as they have ever been, and Julia Roberts is stunning.

I wasn't sure I was going to see this film b/c I loved the original Rat Pack version, and b/c critics here in LA were saying it was slow and boring...

Pretty boring .

In fact Garcia makes the character seem downright dull.

One boring day, I decided to watch and I had very low expectations.

All around it is exciting, enjoyable film to watch that has a few twists to keep you on your toes.

There's nothing remarkable here, but Ocean's Eleven is very entertaining nonetheless.

Cliché 7.

A damn entertaining movie.

The confusing part was certainly a suspense factor.

Good actors, bad and boring movie .

It was fun, funny, exciting, enchanting, imaginative, charming, sweet, genuine, wild etc.. At first I thought at the very least I was going to watch a fun film.

The characters are interesting enough, with a mixed bag of old-time Vega$ types as well as some young nerdlings and assorted hipsters thrown in the mix, makes for an entertaining bunch.

Poor Julia Roberts gets an abyssmal part and but fails to redeem it with an uninspired uninteresting performance as the only woman in the film.

But the real star is Soderbergh who injects a lot of style into the film, using screen swipes, split screens, disjointed timelines and expert camera movements to transition to different scenes.

Wel i enjoyed it :) ** possible spoilers ** .

If you enjoy repetitive, loud, bass and drums, you will like this movie.

Trouble staying awake .

It actually bored me for a while.

02.02 to watch " Ocean Elevens " , .. I liked the movie , However, it was boring in some times , .. I liked the end of the movie more than its beginning ,..& I guess that Julia Roberts made the movie better , & could by her usual great performance to add a special touches in the movie despite her secondary role in the movie , .. bye4now

"Oceans Eleven" was definitely entertaining.

This movie is relatively entertaining and provokes a few good laughs.

Perhaps a little too well put together because it's hard to follow Clooney' operation and there are details that can escape your attention.

The ending is even more boring than the rest of the movie.

For me this was a waste of time and money.

Granted, Ocean's Eleven doesn't tacklesocial problematics (nor did Soderbergh aim to in the first place of course) and it certainly isn't a masterpiece but it creates a very uncomplicated, laid-back vibe that is really enjoyable most of the time.

It really makes it more entertaining for the audience and makes you love the quirky characters even more.

I was not disappointed, what I found was both entertaining and something other than a popcorn movie.

You can pick on whatever you want to in this movie, but the bottom line was that it was fun, enjoyable and entertaining.

that given, it can be very enjoyable.

"Cliché 9.

Entertaining .

boring boring boring.

The plot is predictable, the "funny" and "cool" sequences aren't.

The third act is completely mind-blowing as the 'execution' of the robbery is filmed in such a dizzying, comedic yet suspenseful manner that makes this film stick out from all the other heist movies.

An entertaining film .

A very cool, entertaining film .

The film is entertaining enough and the acting is comical, well worth the price of admission for a few hours of fun.

Apparently, while shooting, Frank Sinatra refused to do multiple takes in many scenes as if he was bored with the project, and consequently the final cut of the movie suffered immensely.

I have watched this movie many times and have enjoyed it every time I watch it, and I usually don't enjoy re-watching movies.

Steven Soderbergh does a wonderful job piecing together this film because, as you'll probably notice, there are next to ZERO dull moments in this entire film.

highly entertaining movie .

The big names are very watchable, the script is witty, the heist is clever, but the movie is a little too long and slow and unfortunately for Julia, there is much more chemistry between Clooney and Pitt than Clooney and Roberts!

Predictable and the star studded cast failed to hold together an underperforming plot.

Her role is so small and uninteresting, she just seems like wasted money.

Cliché 3.

The first ninety minutes of the film is very entertaining as Soderbergh returns to the verve that he had with "Out of Sight" and "The Limey," with very good performances by George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and a shocker from Bernie Mac.

'I enjoyed it from start to finish (though I admit the ending played a slightly off).

The plan unfolds bit by bit, and ultimately unravels in a thrilling conclusion.

You must notice that they don't make mistakes either; the problems are always around them, not inside of them, which's surely inhuman, read : boring thing to attract any attention.

Okay, so this one doesn't completely qualify, as at certain moments during the film the brain is encouraged to wake up and breathe a little, but it's still an exciting escapist movie.

The comradery between the actors is the most entertaining part of this film in my opinion.

She does unleash some sharp jabs in their snappy dialogue.

Add it all together and you get one amazing, fast paced, action packed, romantic comedy movie.

uninteresting at best.....

Julia Roberts character is only boring too see, she could have been replaced with any female actor and it would not have made any difference.

7/10 well worth watching

At the end: very predictable, boring and most of all "arrogant" if you please...

This movie is fast, funny, exciting, and entertaining all at the same time.

Based on R1 DVD 117 minClooney and Pitt prove to be a stong combination in this intelligent if slightly confusing; perhaps deliberately so; movie.

Highly Entertaining .

There were some technical things that were really unplausible, but if you can overlook them it's enjoyable.

The Clooney-Roberts relationship is an unconvincing, tired cliche, and it takes the whole movie to show us the predictable results.

laughs, great scenery, and some very exciting action.

The 2001 version is more believable and more enjoyable, because a casino heist will take some time and careful execution.

An enjoyable movie simply because of its cast which includes George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Andy Garcia, Julia Roberts, Don Cheadle, Bernie Mac, and Matt Damon.

Nonetheless, "Ocean's Eleven" remains an engaging, visually pleasing, and overall _fun_ movie.

Overall, quite an entertaining film.

It´s a entertaining and funny film.

This critically acclaimed crime drama came very highly recommended to me by a number of people and after the first half an hour I thought those people must have been speaking of a different film but after an extremely boring start did the film finally pick up.

Hard to believe that such an elaborately made film could be so boring.

there are so many interesting characters in this movie, and the story is so fast paced, that there is never any time to get bored.

They eat each other's lines, insult each other, show off in front of each other—in some ways they're a more compelling couple than Clooney and Roberts.

They eat each other's lines, insult each other, show off in front of each other—in some ways they're a more compelling couple than Clooney and Roberts.

I can just imagine how the execs got together the ideas for this crap:Cliché 1.

Andy Garcia is a great villain, suave yet intense, worthy of going up against eleven crafty adversaries.

Great dialogue lines, a fantastic setting, a terrific cast, an entertaining storyline - how can you miss?

That was of it was a little entertaining, but still kind of boring.

Funny, Entertaining .

It is more entertaining than most crime dramas.

When the boring characters are done talking about the robberies, the movie is over.

The story unfolds in an entertaining manner, the build up is great with no dull moments as we meet the characters and find out the details of the job bit by bit.

Well, the whole idea is wildly implausible, but just like the 1960 original with Frank Sinatra as Danny Ocean, this is a highly entertaining and often amusing flick.

The story is okay and is a slightly weak point as it is a bit slow in the beginning and it gets pretty convoluted towards the end which is fine for me but for some people it will be difficult to follow.

The movie Ocean's 11 is a riveting film supported by a star-studded cast and a complex plot line.

Soderbergh seems incapable of making a bad or uninteresting movie.

For almost an hour the movie, was very slow, and I didn't like that.

The cast are perfect, they provide great performances and make the audience laugh and hold you on the edge when attempting to rob the place.

Enjoyable film though!

The remake of Ocean's 11 is a tremendously entertaining movie.

As the heist movie is intrinsically formulaic – first act: assemble the "samurai", second act: plan the heist, third act: escape or get captured – Soderbergh indulges in a kind of postmodern devil-may-care attitude.

It was entertaining.

It is this phase of the movie and the subsequent preparation for the big night that is probably the most entertaining.

Slick and entertaining film that's packed with energetic players and wonderful direction courtesy of Steven Soderburgh.

While the original was much better due to the presence of the Rat Pack, this turned out to be a witty and fast paced retooling.

OK, the film is formulaic.

Boring remake of the original .

I don't want to talk about the ending too much, but at the end there's one of the coolest and most intense twist at the end that takes brain power to understand.

The beginning is extremely dull and never lifts off the floor.

(Some parts were slightly boring)ACT 1 - The film has a lot of supporting characters which, sadly, meant a lot of dragged and sometimes uninteresting introductions to said characters.

Very Enjoyable .

Ocean's Eleven is a very entertaining caper film, filled with twists and turns as we see the plan unfold with both the preparation and the actual heist, centred around a strong performance by George Clooney as he got to use his trademark charm as he lead the film.

Despite some flaws with the film juggling a bit too many characters and a slow pace at times, Ocean's Eleven is still a good movie.

He keeps the story moving along, twisting it to a predictable outcome.

The cinematic convention is that the remake of a successful film is rarely as good as the original, but here director Steven Soderbergh has inverted that convention by taking a mediocre movie of 1960 and turning it into an enormously entertaining caper.

Along for the ride is Ocean's buddy Rusty Ryan (Pitt equally deft in elan) who is dying a slow death by teaching poker to Hollywood actors (good sports Grace, West, Jackson and Combs as themselves in one of the film's funnier moments) and eager to get into some real dough.

This movie is meant to be an entertaining, escapist meringue and it delivers.

A very entertaining and Great Screenplay.

What I do mind is the fact that this movie has no plot at all.

The rhythm of their banter is so predictable, their wisecracks so telegraphed, that I wondered if anyone had actually read any of it prior to signing on.

Very Exciting!.

The plot is surprisingly engaging, full of a number of nifty loops and minute details that you have to watch carefully to follow through.

Entertaining for the masses and entertainig for the movie critics too.

I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a thriller or is just looking for a quick way to kill two hours.

All the characters are at least obnoxious, the plot is predictable and the 'three' casinos advertised in the trailers is just one.

Great flick, great ensemble cast, entertaining as hell!

The entertaining part of the movie was the execution of the plan and the way it unfolded all the way to the end.

And just all of it was just very enjoyable and entertaining from beginning to end.

Amazingly it was still two of the least entertaining hours I've spent at the movies in years.

In fact every single thing in Ocean's eleven is well done but on the whole it's dull.

Now, the Holiday season plays host to one of the most enjoyable films this year 'Ocean's 11'.

It's fun, quick, witty, and entertaining.

Like Mission: Impossible's excellence in espionage performance, Ocean's Eleven follows along the same track with cunning thievery, great cast, enjoyable music, and above average plot.

It seemed believable enough, and I didn't get bogged down (and frankly, bored) with minutia the way I did while watching "The Score.

Fun, engrossing, just simply the most enjoyable film of 2001.

The movie Ocean's Eleven is an exciting yet thrilling movie.

While Milestone's "Ocean's 11" made ridiculous amounts of money back in 1960 – everyone wanted to see its big name cast: Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Peter Lawford and Angie Dickinson – today it's a hugely dull movie, with large chunks of exposition, unnecessary filler and a heist that's been bettered by countless heist films released both before and after.

It is fast paced and funny and I highly recommend it.

Packing the expensive talent into a pointless epilogue drained most of the goodwill I had left for the film.

It's a part of our cultural understanding nowadays, a cliché, a definition, an understanding of something that just is, a trope in and on itself.

Absolutely faultless but ultimately empty film .

You'll be sitting on the edge of your seat by the end of "Ocean's Eleven.

Not only is the more recent production much slicker and more finely tuned, the acting and the plot are far more compelling.

I have probably seen it twice the number in the title and plan on more visits to one of the most creative, funny and just plain entertaining movies I have ever seen.

An engrossing, funny caper movie.

" Kind of a hybrid action packed chick flick.


The funny scene with Matt Damon and Bernie Mac (along with Andy Garcia) is very good, but Clooney along with Brad Pitt make Ocean's Eleven an enjoyable ride, albeit slightly slower than expected.

It's jazzy and enjoyable to hear.

My experience with this film has always been an enjoyable one.

Starts off extremely boring and lame, trying to be cool all the while.

so dull.

No, not the best movie of the year, but devilishly entertaining.

Worst movie I have ever watched.

'Ocean's Eleven' is a display of cool, a production of style, and a very enjoyable heist flick to boot.

While some might say the film ends in a clichéd, predictable ending; I ask you, what did you expect?

"Cliché 10.

Ocean's Eleven is a boring, smug, lifeless film.

I'd have to say it's absurdly entertaining, stylistically amazing, and simply a joy to sit through.

It's stunning, it's simple, it's brilliant.

It's this aspect and this fun approach to 'Ocean's Eleven (2001)' that makes watching the film so entertaining, like an untaxing puzzle to be unravelled as it goes along, and its easy-going attitude makes for a laid-back watch with some twists to keep you on your toes and great character writing to keep a smile on your face.

Nothing special, but still enjoyable .