Ocean's Thirteen (2007) - Action, Crime, Thriller

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Danny Ocean rounds up the boys for a third heist after casino owner Willy Bank double-crosses one of the original eleven, Reuben Tishkoff.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Steven Soderbergh
Stars: George Clooney, Brad Pitt
Length: 122 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 63 out of 304 found boring (20.72%)

One-line Reviews (269)

Actually will stop now,as listing the faults is boring me.

The snappy script is jam-packed with highly-quotable one-liners, and George Clooney, in particular, relishes his sparkling dialogue, delivering it with the suaveness of an Ian Fleming character.

boring, convoluted, ill contrived plot with holes bigger than a TBM could bore.

This movie has to be one of the more mindless, pointless products from the Hollywood potboiler production factory.

Mostly, I enjoyed it for the way the actors inhabited their roles and for the glittering high polish portrayal of Las Vegas itself.

Very predictable and very boring .

It's not as fresh and charming as the original, but I laughed quite a bit and enjoyed it for the most part.

To see the same on-screen pairing of her with Pacino as we did 18 years ago in Sea of Love is quite an interesting and unexpected element of the film, especially when in Sea of Love they played passionate people, tugging violently at each other's emotions.

I just can't believe, for the life of me, how anyone can give this disjointed, pompous, silly, absurd, daft, foolish, half-witted, idiotic, inane, moronic, and downright stupid flick any kind of credibility by giving it so many stars.

Mixing humour with oodles of cool, it was all very entertaining.

And Soderbergh, who had a solid, fluid, complex script to start with, took all the pieces and mixed them all together to create a fantastically smooth, slick, fast-paced, funny and just plain enjoyable entertainment.

It's a compelling setup, largely due to the fact that I have grown to become attached to these characters over the course of three films and therefore felt an immense amount of satisfaction watching the 'Eleven' stick it to Mr. Bank.

This thrilling as well as hilarious heist film displays from the beginning to the ending , comedy , suspense , plot twists along with limited action of varied manner .

However, it's still fun and enjoyable and if you don't mind not straining yourself at all, you should be able to enjoy it.

I wanted to turn it off after five minutes - after an hour it has become unbearable .

The movie was boring.

The only connection between the three pictures is the cast, the director and David Holmes' entertaining and very loud score.

In short, a waste of time and money that all parties should be ashamed of being associated with.

They plan an overcomplicated job at robbing the casino, it is an action packed plan with originality and funny remarks throughout the film.

They were original, funny and engaging.

It got a big intriguing in the last 40 minutes of the movie where the heist (If you could call it that) was actually happening.

Anyway, in spite of being disappointed with the flawed story, the film is entertaining and it is worthwhile watching it.

Better-than-anticipated reuniting of the Ocean's con men out to settle a personal score when their old buddy Gould is welched on a multi-million dollar deal with a new Vegas casino by jerk, a-hole business partner Pacino, whose vicious greed gets the goats of the crew to level him in one of the most convoluted, yet entertaining, big score grift.

For this latest entry in the series (which began, it is easy to forget, with the genuinely entertaining "Ocean's Eleven" in 2001), writers Brian Koppelman and David Levien, and director Steven Soderbergh have at least had the wisdom to return the boys back to Las Vegas, not traipsing all over Europe on what seemed like a high-cost junket for a bunch of already overpaid actors.

I highly recommend it, its cool, funny slick and most importantly of all, very cool.

this movie is really a waste of time and if you like it then you do not no what a good film is.

They have become expected, predictable, and annoying.

She's still very hot and still a very engrossing actress.

this film is a total waste of time.

Although the actors played very well, the plot was weird and it was hard to follow the story.

The characters are still entertaining and likable.

Any serious review has to come to grips with the failings that make this movie a disappointing missed opportunity even as mildly entertaining fluff.

This was due to the fast paced editing; the complicated plans and details in having Danny Ocean's Thirteen simultaneously bankrupt the evil casino owner Willie Banks (Al Pacino) and steal his collection of diamonds; the quick cutting between so many characters and their roles in the plot; and as to whether or not Ellen Barkin was going to take off her clothes.

Turk basically does all of the mundane jobs for the team like in the first film, only without Virgil with him.

A similar comical heist, with lots of unrealistic twists and taken for good support on the good side, makes it too predictable.

Certainly entertaining and worth renting.

First of all I got the impression that nothing happened in this movie.

Everything from dice-manipulators, rigged slot machines, to a tunnel-boring machine the likes of which was used to create the famous "chunnel" between England and France.

The inclusion of a tunnel boring machine into the plot seems as far out of touch with reality as is apparent in the rest of the plot.

Very Entertaining, Though Not as Expected .


The ending leaves the door open for more, and as long as they remain as entertaining as this, why shouldn't we continue the series?

But a nice formula it is and the makings of an entertaining evening.

Such comic invention seems to be on near-empty here.

In fact, the true winner of this film is the viewer and the unexpected Jackpots which explode when you least expect it.

This is two hours of tedious consciousness I could have avoided otherwise!

The 'original' "Oceans Eleven" was a great little crime comedy thriller, it's predecessor though "Oceans Twelve" was a 24 carat stinker, so bad in fact it is the one and only film I have EVER walked out of in the cinema.

The problem is, 13 was simply boring.

Instead, gentle turns and reveals are sprinkled throughout, providing an enjoyable two hours spent with familiar and entertaining characters.

He has a knack for crafting colorful films that are visual worlds unto themselves, which draw the viewer in to a point where the real world can look somewhat drab in comparison once you leave them.

Ocean's thirteen is an entertaining film with a pretty good plot.

Not only well acted, casted, and written, but hugely entertaining because the film-watcher can fantasize and become involved in the 'caper' as well.

Very dull.

The first for me was very enjoyable, while the second while lazy and convoluted was okay.

Flabby and self-indulgent.

But then, as detail upon detail is heaped upon the audience and increasingly silly machinations are put in place to ensure the casino-robbery plan works, it all starts to unravel until, burdened by its own only-in-the-movies logic, the film grinds to a halt just when it should be at its most exciting.

Apparently (I fell asleep but 12 had a more complex plot - was this a way to make it more user friendly to the extreme formulaic so easy to digest no twists turns surprises or anything stimulating???

With an entertaining sequel as this, people want to see more of the same thing.

With a more compelling con, the movie would have certainly been higher, but it was definitely more enjoyable than the Shrek and Pirates sequels which came before it this summer.

); there is no fist clenching and definitely no guns (though there are lots of Big Guns, if you know what I mean), except in the end when Toulour fools Linus (Matt Damon) with an empty gun barrel.

Don't waste your money.

It's clear that everyone had a lot of fun making Ocean's Thirteen and that sheds through to a wild, hilarious and immensely enjoyable ride for the viewer.

He fall asleep.

Each of the actors understands that the film works best when the characters don't take themselves too seriously, and so their laid-back approach makes their exploits twice as enjoyable.

It was focused on getting revenge and making it entertaining and the gamble paid off because it kept me interested until the credits started rolling.

What make a film like Ocean's Thirteen worth watching is watching all the characters.

Fortunately, with 'Ocean's Thirteen,' the filmmakers have returned to what made the first film so unbelievably entertaining: a selection of Hollywood's biggest stars having a crack at the impossible casino caper.

I suppose it's worth a peak but I personally found it lazy and dull.

There is simply too much going on in this movie to follow in an enjoyable way.

fast forward the first hour at least and some enjoyment might be derived from this dull film.

I think that is one of the worst movies these stars ever cast.

They try replicating the snappy dialogue from Eleven with some mild success, where Eleven was breathtaking this has more the feel of formula work.

Neither were all that entertaining and the movie focused on them most of the time.

Entertaining movie, third time is definitely a charm .

Effortlessly cool and sinfully entertaining .

This film shows us two hours of absurd and boring situations.

Sometimes I just wanna mimic Al Bundy, stick my hands down my pants and just completely unravel myself in an entertaining Hollywood, star-powered, cinema party.

The most irritating thing about the "Ocean's" movies is their super cool, casual style that would risk banality if they weren't so smart.

"Ocean's Thirteen" is equally as entertaining as its predecessors.

And if I'm wrong here, and they actually made it out of more money, it must have been used up for the above-mentioned stars and locations, for there were big, yawning gaps where some action should have been.

12, while confusing and generally bad, at least was mildly interesting, if only because most viewers spent the whole time trying to figure out what the heck was going on.

Just having these three on screen all at once makes for compelling film-making.

Filling, but rather empty calories .

This is fine, even if the execution is uninteresting.

What saved this and made it mildly entertaining after a long week was the actors, aside from that guy that played Bank.

Since I am a fan of the first two movies I expected a funny and thrilling film.

Pacino adds class in his entertaining supporting role as the villain.

The film wasn't well received, despite being as good as its predecessor, which led to Soderbergh releasing the dull, and far safer, "Oceans 13" in 2007.

Eddie Izzard is always enjoyable.

Ocean's Twelve traded character and plot development for insanely confusing pseudo-action.

I felt this was a tedious and boring movie where a lot of star-power was thoroughly wasted, and the story suffered because of too many details.

Ocean's 11 was a brilliant combination of gripping detective, thrilling comedy and excellent love story, lifted on high by the dazzling array of great actors.

In Ocean's 11 we get something incredibly complicated but exciting,with incredible energy.

The whole movie was lively and snappy, not dragging at any point.

All the usual faces are back, with director Steven Soderbergh putting his creativeness in the last part of this funny and entertaining trilogy.

To me the script is not very good at all, in fact at worst some of it is pretty darn bad, while the film further suffers from being too long and too slow.

All very confusing.

Maybe part of what worked was the absence of dull subplots.

Al Pacino helped by creating a character who was believable and entertaining.

Sodenbergh successfully shows how good a director he can be, once again presenting us with a treat rarely seen in Hollywood, an intelligent, entertaining, and well developed story that supports a very good looking cast and film.

In my opinion, "Ocean's 11" and "12" were two of the most fun and entertaining films I have ever seen.

It was an entertaining film and a good second sequel.

I loved this movie- some argue that the plot was the same as the previous two movies but i believe that it was surprisingly different and that made it all the more entertaining.

Don't watch this as its probably the worse movie in the Ocean's series, even worse than Ocean's 12 which at least had a bit of excitement in it and was a bit intriguing.

Movies in this franchise don't possess artistic value, but they are intelligent, cheerful and very entertaining, which is often more than enough.

Brad Pitt in some ways seems the most cliché of the bunch, playing a Vegas hunk, considering he is currently Hollywood's hunk.

No Story, and I mean NO STORY, pointless almost, well except for the heist that is.

Don't waste your money.

Plot was predictable stock with no cleverness or surprises.

Matt Damon is the same, when he wants to act he can act and when he wants a paycheck he does a boring action film.

Soderbergh really misses out on the poor dialog and (at some parts) confusing scenes, which makes everyone scratching their heads...

A friend of mine dragged me into the theater and had me watch this movie (the first & last one of the series I hope).

The slow pace of this movie has its reason because it is the calm style the director wants to put in.

All in all, 'Ocean's Thirteen' is a very entertaining thumbs up.

The story was tight, the gags worked, I loved the fast-paced, quick-witted dialogue (the characters speak like those out of a 1950's movie), and there were only a few dull moments.

Directed by Steven Soderbergh (Ocean's Eleven "2001", Out of Sight, Solaris "2002") made an enjoyable heist comedy that is a major improvement over "Ocean's Twelve".

Just earlier this month, I went to Las Vegas to see Cirque du Soleil's "Love" (a visual production of the Beatles' songs; I highly recommend it), so it was fairly interesting to see the sites here.

Whether he's playing good guys or evil-doers you can always depend on Al Pacino to make every movie he's in all the more riveting.

I saw this film on a plane and fell asleep multiple times.

Classy, Funny, Entertaining.

The film is done cleverly and the heist towards the end is well executed and thoughtfully entertaining.


It was a Sunday night out to the cinema, and I wanted something relaxed and entertaining.

All the same motions are processed successfully, except that the heist, maybe due to a strangely passive Pacino delivery, comes off somewhat ho-hum.

Still, I found myself laughing out loud - hard - to many of the movie's biting and often unexpected jokes.

Where "Eleven" was stylish and almost ruthless in its style,and "Twelve" had a promising set-up and effortlessly likable first half undermined by an utterly confusing last half,this movie returns to the original formula for the most part,and to me,the best parts of this film may also be what makes it less than perfect:that is,it's easy flow,quickness and lack of interest in the core details of the job.

A little better than Ocean's Twelve but it's mediocre and boring .

Every audience member must stay focused on the characters, the multi-staged plan and expected double crosses as this is a fast paced film crowded with counter plans and Casino like excitement where anyone can win at any moment.

While we get to return to the Bellagio, and with spanners thrown into our jolly men's plans, Ocean's Thirteen does feel a little dragged out.

I practically fell asleep watching this disjointed mess.

A bunch of guys trying to rob a Las Vegas casino, going through gyrations that are so disjointed and confusing that it defies all logic.

Observing their various schemes and how they pull off the heist was very entertaining, making a satisfying two hour film go by quickly.

The entire heist plan seemed contrived.

Even still, when the gang enacts the con in the second half of the film (with all the people who they paid off), Soderbergh's direction and the cast's superb acting shines through all of the problems I had with the story to make for a really enjoyable finish.

Now the gang is back, and few people might disagree with any of the following descriptions because this sequel is truly spectacular, engrossing, sensational, wild, intelligent, remarkable, quick-paced, clever, striking, original, sexy, funny, surprising, appealing, vibrant, colorful, and the list could go on and on.

Thankfully Soderbergh and THAT cast have returned to Vegas, pared back the tiresome romance aspects that so bogged down the second one (no Roberts, no Zeta-Jones), and upped the joke quantity and quality.

It's funny, both witty and slightly goofy, visually stimulating and downright cool and entertaining, just what the doctor ordered.

Overall i think the film was Brilliant,Witty,Stylish,Slick,Hilarious,Thrilling,well acted,(like all Oceans films) with beautiful locations and set-pieces,very well executed and plot to boot.

However, I found it to be very entertaining despite all of that.

Yawn .

Start from the top, check and see just what made the original so much better and entertaining.

I saw Ocean's 11 & found it to be a drab affair without a good script .

This isn't a BAD movie, per say, but it's very boring and isn't always clear.

The result is an entertaining movie and a great closure to the Ocean's series by Steven Spielberg.

While the con was every bit as enjoyable as the original movie, the set-up leaves the audience wanting more.

At the 80 minute mark, the film, in desperate need of a compelling story to kick-in, is still setting up the details of the heist.

The build-up to it was just boring and a bit confusing.

It was very formulaic and right from the start there were no surprises.

After the 5 hour running time had finished we conducted tests on both subjects, we took blood samples and discovered that subject A's blood contained 75% more boredom than subject B's and whilst subject B's IQ remained the same subject A's IQ had dropped by 50% thus proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that watching a Steven Soderberg film does in fact make you dumber.

The really good news is that Ocean's Thirteen is completely enjoyable.

Still enjoyable.

Despite the fact that some great actors come together, the story line is extremely predictable and boring.

First, I really enjoyed the movie, and found it to be refreshing, surprising, and full of new unpredictable content.

Tedious and too much to watch .

All of the twist and turns and little challenges that arose, made the movie that much enjoyable.

As silly, gaudy and drawn out the Ocean's franchise had gotten by its third outing, I still somewhat enjoyed Ocean's Thirteen, an overblown attempt to keep the magic alive that most of the time trips over its own bells and whistles.

It is a very successful and enjoyable sequel in the series of Ocean's movies and we all know that good sequels don't happen too often.

Entertaining finale .

Thankfully, Ocean's Thirteen is better: there's only one job, we're back in Vegas and there are no ridiculous contrivances (well, maybe one or two, but the movie is too damn enjoyable for the audience to start questioning the logic).

Premises and plot lines have become bloated and ever more unbelievable, crammed so full of twists and intricacies that any given detail is under-explained to the point of confusion.

SPOILER ALERT: As an "exit strategy", they manage to haul a tunnel boring machine from France to Nevada (how they managed this remains as unclear as many other things in the film).

Weak, pointless, and forgettable .

Put Pitt, Clooney and Damon in front of a camera for long enough and something worth watching will happen.

This film might have been a bit more entertaining if the pacing had been better.

This one was very slow moving.

Cool, fun, flashy and thoroughly entertaining right up to the final frame.

Nothing really new, but very entertaining at the least, I believe.

Al Pacino is the big name added to the cast here, and I think it's his least intense performance for awhile.

Sometimes the story is illogical in few places and little predictable.

A similar plot with a dragged storyline.

The dialogues & one-liners were all drab & out of place.

Feel-good, entertaining night out .

After an awkward middle entry, 'Ocean's' is back to doing what it does best: engage you in a thrilling heist filled with twists as well as plans for every eventuality.

This film is essentially as good as it can be; it is funny, entertaining, vivid and a great improvement from its predecessor.

However, it's also a little confusing and nowhere near as entertaining as Ocean's Eleven.

It is formulaic and does what it says on the tin.

Very Slow .

The movie has a lot of action, some funny scenes, but, again, all in all, not impressive, even dull at times.

Act One also takes a long time to set up, and by the middle of Act Two, the film begins to pick up and become more exciting and interesting.

Featuring a stellar ensemble cast, the film's clever and exciting take on a modern-day Las Vegas casino heist left audiences wanting more.

slow and steady .

Matt Damon is still bland though.

The guy sitting next to me fell asleep half way through which says it all.

All that being said, I do think it's an enjoyable film.

Kudos also go to the writers Brian Koppelman and David Levien who wrote a smart, complex, and witty script, and director Steven Soderbergh (who also did the cinematography, and produced it) who crafted a sharp, enjoyable film.

Getting to the end was a bit tedious .

Too dull .

The heist is a summation of the furthest expansion of David Levien and Brian Koppelman's wildest ideas, all contrived to integrate in a very fun and witty way.

Good old Warner Home Video sent me the excellent Warner DVD, on which I actually found the short, "Vegas: An Opulent Illusion", much more interesting and entertaining.

a few possibly questionable parts, but very enjoyable overall.

Waste of money, and talent of great star-cast.

Save your money and wait to rent it.

The most enjoyable and most entertaining of the "Ocean" series.

Whilst it was certainly enjoyable to watch – and everybody involved seemed to be having fun – the script was poorly-developed and uninvolving, containing numerous moments requiring significant suspension of disbelief, particularly where Julia Roberts' character was concerned.

Even the alleged earthquake scene was dull.

A drilling machine in the middle of a major city, that breaks and has to be replaced in a day, and bores a huge tunnel under the city with no one noticing.

It is a formula film, but great formulas can deliver great enjoyable movies, as is the case with Ocean's 13.

I just can't believe, for the life of me, how anyone can give this disjointed, pompous, silly, absurd, daft, foolish, half-witted, idiotic, inane, moronic, and downright stupid flick any kind of credibility by giving it any stars.

The film is an enjoyable surprise because instead of stylized plot and grandiose emotion, it instead highlights subtle (and sometimes not so subtle in the case of Clooney's exaggeration) character interactions that keep the watcher chuckling and sometimes outright laughing throughout the entire movie.

It's just boring.

And though Al Pacino is suitably villainous as the bad guy, he's also the most interesting and compelling character in the film, making his ultimate downfall (which, lets face it, is no spoiler) a little bittersweet (I would've liked to have seen him slap Danny Ocean up the side of the head, if only to create a little spark in the film).

Then we watch for two hours a tedious succession of the several actions of the preparation and carrying out of the sabotage plan most of them quite unplausible and not well explained.

Although the story isn't that interesting as it was predictable,it manages to pull off an entertaining heist film.

This is an enjoyable movie that delivers on the comedy as well as Fun!!

average movie with famous actors - every scene predictable .

I thought the movie was slow.

It was slick, funny, entertaining, had a fantastic original script and had a huge A list cast.

It was a very enjoyable escape for my sister and I.

Matt Damon was all over the place..the rest of the crew,most of the time sitting around,playing cards..boy what a waste a time and talent.

As if in recognition of the clumsy, near-sadistic, unfunny excess, there is a simple-minded, contrived scene at the end where the beleaguered critic is helped to win big at an airport slot machine.

Just formulaic stuff as dull as the movie.

entertaining the audience.

While flashy this film is all about style over substance and if you are looking for a shallow but entertaining summer movie this may just be it.

Images become boring after a while; even a gigantic construction machines can't make the small world of this film any more interesting.

It is entertaining at its core and even goes back to the Vegas locale that made the first one so successful.

While it does start off a bit slow at first, you can't go wrong with this movie as it does not fail to entertain us.

The movie is good looking and fast paced, which makes the 2 hours go by without really realizing it.

I am a fan of the first two movies I expected a funny and thrilling film.

"Ocean's Thirteen" is not about logic or plausibility or realism, it is all about fun and entertaining and it entertains admirably.

Overall, though, "Ocean's 13" is still entertaining, at least.

Through the course of the film i felt like running out of the cinema it was so boring!!

Very little engaging and fun repartee between the guys.

The glitz and style and polish help make this a very entertaining flick, perhaps the best in the series (though I must confess my memories of the first one are fuzzy).

It does provide the viewer with some thrilling moments and lot of funny scenes that will leave you in splits.

Worth watching .

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

If you do not like, slow and draggy movies, and all you want is action packed crap with explosions and fireworks, O13 will offer you very less of that.

I found this one to be very slow.

even the great Al Pacino cant make the difference, hes practically given nothing to do throughout the movie,totally wasted and there are times where he does seem bored and tired with the role.

Even so, it was an entertaining run, as long as you don't take things too seriously.

Ocean's Thirteen is a little better than Ocean's Twelve but that's not saying too much because the movie is mediocre,boring and without a good(or,at least,interesting)story.

The setting of Las Vegas is also irresistible, with beautiful date palm trees lining the streets, its constant solicitude of the comfort and entertainment of its many guests, its beautiful neon lights and fountains and unique architecture, and its fascinating casinos, of course.

One saving grace is the stunning and strong Ellen Barkin as Banks' right hand Abigail Sponder.

In 13, the most exciting thing is a fake nose.

Worth Watching.

Aside from the movie being dull and idiotic, I was horrified to see Pacino and the ever-ugly Barkin with their new, plastic-surgery-ravaged, faces.

Get it when it's been out at the store for a while, and only costs $1, then fast forwarding through some cringe-worthy parts will make it worth watching.

That's not to say it's just an average film - it out-performs many of the more explosive, more violent and more thrilling blockbusters of the genre.

But I know why; because it's Matt Damon, George Clooney, Brad Pitt in one more over hyped and over publicized, utterly predictable crap fest designed to give the public some cheap laughs and take our money.

"Ocean's Eleven" felt like an intelligent and entertaining movie.

The movie, is admittedly at times slow paced, but exciting none the less.

It was just totally pointless, i want my time back.

Very entertaining with a good story.

The editing and the plot are a little bit slow and the film seems to be slightly sluggish at times.

so he turned in a second rate, slow, boring (my god how do you make a heist film boring???

Like Pirates, the Oceans movies just seem to keep getting more confusing and slicker.

There was no tempo, no pace- and, oh yeah, no plot.

While Milestone's "Ocean's 11" made ridiculous amounts of money back in 1960 – everyone wanted to see its big name cast: Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Peter Lawford and Angie Dickinson – today it's a hugely dull movie, with large chunks of exposition, unnecessary filler and a heist that's been bettered by countless heist films released both before and after.

During the autopsy we discovered that all the major organs seemed fine except for the heart which was visibly broken leading to the conclusion that a mother would rather club her child to death than sit through oceans 13 regardless of how unbearable the loss of a child is.

The movies look too similar for you to be able to appreciate it fully, and even the twists are somewhat predictable because of this.

This story of revenge is funny,exciting,clever,and a great adventure.

When I left the theater, I was incredibly satisfied with the movie because of its second half.

There are also many amazing stunts and acts done to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat.

Once there, entertaining us was not part of their contract.

NOTHING HAPPENS It's just like watching Brad Pitt and George Clooney hold a conversation for 2 hours.

After the ruthless and arrogant Bank suggests that Reuben "rolls over and dies", Danny and his team decide to take the Bank's stunning new casino out of business on the big opening night.

The music, as always, is stunning.

While watching the movie I realized that everything in it made it worth watching.

It can be overly confusing and it's sometimes difficult to understand where the plot is going.

The first movie, 'Ocean's Eleven' was a success and very enjoyable.

There are exceptions of course, but in general, I get bored watching such films, as they all have similar plots.

Worst Movie in the World .

) but found it enjoyable.

The enjoyable things about Ocean's 11 (snappy dialogue,witty repartees, cool suits, clever dupes, intriguing subplots, etc.) have been completely exorcised.

Snore .

For those who saw the previous parts of the trilogy, Ocean's 13 will turn out to be absolutely predictable, from the very first minute you'll already know the way it ends.

Ocean's Thirteen reverts to the formula of the first installment specifically the heist in Last Vegas and the result is another slick and entertaining heist film.

As the heist movie is intrinsically formulaic – first act: assemble the "samurai", second act: plan the heist, third act: escape or get captured – Soderbergh indulges in a kind of postmodern devil-may-care attitude.

They start planning from there, and from there it seems a bit slow in the plot.