Ocean's Twelve (2004) - Crime, Thriller

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Daniel Ocean recruits one more team member so he can pull off three major European heists in this sequel to Ocean's 11.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Steven Soderbergh
Stars: George Clooney, Brad Pitt
Length: 125 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 225 out of 652 found boring (34.5%)

One-line Reviews (620)

Boring, long and pointless and a really really disappointing ending, I felt like going to the counter and asking for my money back.

An empty shell....

Every time someone else reviews a film I liked, and calls it boring, I feel that the review is unfair and should not have been written by that person since they obviously don't like the particular genre.

With all sarcasm aside, this was way too drawn out taking forever for the plot to emerge.

What makes "Ocean's Twelve" worth watching is the star power, "cool style," plot twists, and funny witty lines, and characters.

And then in the last 12 minutes of the film, the ONLY entertaining part of this movie, we see that the heist was made days earlier and took Matt Damon all of 30 seconds to pull off.


It was a witty, funny and well thought out movie that was very suspenseful in the right places and had a great ending.

Although the movie was filmed for most part in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, I found it hard to stay awake during my watching.

It was mildly entertaining though and I did watch the entire movie to see how they pulled it all off, so I have to be fair and give it a 5/10 rating.

The strength of Ocean's 11 was that it started at point A and it ended at point B, and it did so in a convincing and entertaining matter and threw in a believable plot twist at the end.

Some parts of "Ocean's Twelve" move too fast for the viewer to grasp, yet other sequences escalate painfully slow.

This movie is contrived, pretentious, and unrealistic...

So I recommend the film, and I recommend you listen closely instead of just absorbing what is shown to you.

A prediction: This movie will make the top ten worst movies of the year.

While this is an entertaining enough story, its contents are jumbled together straight from the opening.

I enjoyed it.

This part is well-written and makes the script worth watching.

The whole thing is filmed in a very uninvolved and non-thrilling way, which is exasperated (I've seen Shaun of the dead as well!

I thought it was unpredictable, I could not guess what was going to happen next most of the time, which kept it interesting.

"this review may contain spoilers"I will never forgive the hole cast and crew and especially director Soderbergh,for providing me with such a ridiculous,boring,and awful movie and most importantly by taking away two hours of my life that i will never ever get back.

No story.

Since I know where the highlights are, I can sit patiently through the dull and irritating spots since I know that a good bit is coming up soon.

Like 60's Euro, when down and out American actors flooded Europe to make tedious intrigue dramas.

Soderbergh keeps it well paced and entertaining on a visual level, even with some overly shaky photography and awkward freeze frames, plus there is a great plot twist involving Julia Roberts and Bruce Willis later in the film.

The second hour was somewhat better but it was still very disjointed with an awful lot remaining unclear.

The plot/heists were confusing and muddling not clever as they were supposed to be.

Ocean's Twelve transcends a relatively formulaic plot by re-structuring the way events are played out – no surprise considering screenwriter George Nolfi's previous offering was the non-linear indie film Timeline.

There's also a sweet, if occasionally tiresome, jazz score that rings of 70's TV.

You keep watching it saying "it can't be this bad, there must be some kind of genius heist in the end, it must be mind blowing since, it's going to make sense out of this mess.

But that's precisely what "Ocean's Twelve" is – a smug, slow exercise in Hollywood banality.

The reviews I read on it all made it seem enjoyable if forgettable.


While this second effort lacks that suave style, it still manages to be exciting and keeps you guessing until the very end.

I enjoyed it very much and I'm looking forward to now see Ocean's Eleven which I've missed in watching.

Worst movie I have seen all year.

Sadly, unlike the first film, this sequel might contain the fun, but it lacks the plot and heist quality which made the first so enjoyable.

" This plodding potboiler packs in too many false alarms, too many conveniently-staged, last-minute surprise reversals, and a shamelessly absurd celebrity cameo subplot to its rambling, improvised plot about revenge and rivalry among thieves.

The downside is the pointless cameo appearance by Bruce Willis and Julia Roberts playing herself.

suffers from poor pacing, very slow and boring in parts, which leads to the idea of poor editing.

From director Steven Soderbergh (Sex, Lies, and Videotape, Out of Sight, Eric Brockovich, Traffic), the first film was a great fast paced remake with an all star cast, I was wondering if this sequel would be just as good, despite being rated two stars out of five.

It's unfunny, it's uninteresting, and you don't even see most of the characters for more than a minute.

As well as being overlong and boring, most of the aspects of the films are so confusing I fell asleep.

Ocean's 12, while it did lack a gripping plot, is being bashed because it was different then what people wanted.

The overall plot is confusing, though thin, because it has large holes.

Ocean's Twelve is the worst film of the year, and it is the worst movie sequel ever made!

"If you loved the first movie because it developed into a brilliantly masterminded theft with many twists, you be left with the empty feeling that the only thing that was lifted in this movie; was your money for the admission ticket.

More new characters appeared in the film and this make the film even more confusing.

Please I beg you don't waste your money, and PLEASE don't let this movie make any more money.

The latest in a long line of tepid Hollywood sequels; the cast may have had fun making this film but that doesn't mean the audience will as it drags on for over two hours with endless story lulls, self-conscious humor, and banal dialogue.

Look for those of you that are interested in experientation with camera angles, strange off beat music, and disjointed story telling, then fine, discuss this film and enjoy.

I thought I had just watched a two hour home movie of the stars just being their glamorous, exciting selves.

But "Ocean's Twelve" suffers from that complex that a lot of sequels get – you know, the first flick is an unexpected success, and then the studios push for a sequel and completely dominate the production now knowing they have a bona fide lucrative franchise on their hands.

This is strictly a commercial product, clumsy and confusing in its execution.

By the time the very predictable film finally ground to an end, I had a headache from the hand held, and I am assuming filmed without SteadyCam, sequences.

The so called brilliance of the two ringleaders George Clooney and Brad Pitt was so trite and unbelievable.

The motivation for the new "villian" in this movie was silly and felt very contrived, a knock of at least half a point.

and the contrived ending.

From the moment the film starts the viewer is left in total confusion.

They were boring, pointless, not funny, and all around crappy.

Total result was disinterest and boredom.

A predictable sequel, given the box office hit.

So you know this movie's bad when I say it's the worst movie of 2004.

It is terrible, boring, predictable, ridiculous, and not worth your time.

Save your money .

The movie is a little hard to follow at times.

Ocean's Twelve also has a very intriguing plot line, though at times a little confusing.

Brad Pitt looks boring and dull and is really in this film to get a paycheck.

But that does not matter because there are only a few confusing moments.

It was one of those movies where a lot of stuff is happening, so you have to pay attention, but the film is so boring, it is nearly impossible to pay attention to the film.

Pros include the superb cast and the breezy and entertaining way in which Steven Soderbergh shoots the film.

Oceans 12, is a long, plodding, confusing, unslick assault on your senses that leaves you feeling like you have been had.

The spent more time reliving the success if the first and drawing audiences than actually making a riveting plot.

I loved Oceans 12, funny, and enjoyable.

Let the confusion begin.

Disappointing, Yet Still Entertaining .

The viewer finds parts of the movie boring and would rate Ocean's a 3.

There was no story that I was able to make any sense of.

Watch Ocean's Eleven again after this to see how much more entertaining it was.

They were so out of ideas they had to include that and while you're at it throw in a random character Bruce Willis to make an awfully boring and long scene of him trying to flatter her, ugh...

Since all the crooks had no brains, it was totally unbelievable and boring.

Whatever the answer; this has to be one of the dullest, most confusing, moments in movie history !

Unfortunately the critics have rounded on the film attacking it for the very thing that seems to set it out for, it's intense style, and blatant use of star power.

Ocean's 12 is one of the most self-indulgent films ever made, just an excuse for the 'guys' to have a laugh at the audience's expense.

The acting is not bad nor outstanding, with the exception of Matt Damon who has greatly improved since O11 and has in fact the most interesting and funny scenes in the movie, and the brilliant Vincent Cassel who managed to make an enjoyable part out of the rather stupid and contrived character.

A good storyline (however predictable), good acting and nice settings.

But I sincerely have to warn anyone who expects anything close to the Vegas-Love Fest - completely enjoyable Oceans 11 to avoid this disaster!

The plot is extremely confusing.

It's paced slower than molasses.

The film can also be accused of being self-indulgent, especially in the part where Julia Roberts's character ends up pretending to be…Julia Roberts.

The confusion of it all prevents me from revealing what happened inside.

The flashbacks were totally confusing - my reaction was "what the ...?" No ingenious robbery, the use of equipment/technology that would have cost more than value of the stolen item (if they had stolen anything) and complete lack of believability.

Steven Soderbergh really did try to incorporate a good story in this one but it just isn't as exciting, entertaining and cool as "Ocean's Eleven".

Don't waste your time.

It comes off as a mess of a movie, with a plot that's hard to follow and just uninteresting.

The inside jokes and quick wit were very entertaining.


I found it a bit boring, I cannot help it...

Overlong, bigheaded, disjointed mess .

This brand of "coolness" is irritating and confusing, and though the movie can be entertaining, there are far too many subplots for us to care (or most times understand) what is occurring.

O12 is saved in part by some scenes - notably the one in Rome where a good spoof of Julia Roberts played by none other than Julia Roberts lifts it somewhat - but overall, O12 remains a movie with a plodding pace and one that is a shadow of its brilliant predecessor.

The first movie was light and funny, but this sequel is only light and boring.

I found the story to be intriguing enough and it held my interest.

The film is in desperate need of a better editor, as it is so bloated and ponderous that towards the middle of the film, if you've even managed to keep track of who's stealing what from whom and why they're doing it, you won't even care any more.

I found this movie to be sleek sheik and entertaining.

Anyhow, the movie was certainly entertaining.

Oh and the appearance of Robbie Coltrane (HP's Hagrid), Topher Grace and Bruce Willis were unexpected and greatly appreciated.

The storyline is confusing, you won't know what's happening within the following several minutes.

Throw in an illogical, predictable, and largely unrelated story arc with Zeta Jones' character, and it's done.

For me this is one of the worst sequels and quite possibly one of the worst movies ever MADE in recent movie history.

Entertaining simplicity with lots of little twists .

Slow moving movie, not the energy of the first one.

There were also to many plot twists (which seems to a prerequisite these days) which makes the movie hard to follow.

I cannot believe it's doing well at the box office, I've told everyone, DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

How can professionals with years of experience who are highly respected in their industry put their names to bland tripe like this have a laugh about it afterwards?

After I had already seen Ocean's 11 and enjoyed it, being the stupid idiot I am, I decided to go and see the sequel.

Worst movie ever seen .

Way uncool, a real waste of time and money...

(so boring I can't remember their names).

Ocean's Twelve Is The Worst Movie Of The Year.

So finally, to conclude if you want to see talentless directing and rubbish acting that puts Arnie to shame, waste your valuable dole money on this.

Oceans's eleven was a great an enjoyable movie.

After seeing it a second time I understood much more and because I knew what was going on I enjoyed it more.

I would rate it top 5 of the worst movie I have ever seen.

It's good, even if it is a little hard to follow .

In Ocean's 11 you could figure out the twists if you were smart enough before they happened because they threw in little things that you thought were just pointless sideshows when they turned out to be the most important elements of the score.

I left after that first hour to go work on my taxes--a much more engaging and fun activity!

The endless, endless, endless repetitive shots of all ten, or eleven, or twelve people doing the same damned thing.

What a waste of money...

Ocean's Eleven was a somewhat indulgent jolly-boys outing of a movie, but it worked for what it was and proved an entertaining light thriller.

I enjoyed Oceans 11, I thought it was quite enjoyable, helped by the performances and the direction.

'Drab European scenery'.

The plot was so contrived.

It's just plain horrible and too convoluted and contrived for its own good.

What an incredibly boring, dull, cold, sterile, lifeless, worthless film.

Don't waste your time or money on this one.

this movie is funny, surprising and entertaining on it's own.

It was completely trite, Clooney was so full of himself, and the whole Julia Roberts thing was so painful.

I'd save the money to rent it on DVD.

Probably one of the worst movies of the year.

To bring this review to a conclusion i'm just going to say this to Mr Soderbergh: I do admire your strategy, stealing peoples money by putting together big Hollywood heavyweights even if there is no script!!

Lushly produced and beautifully lensed in exotic Continental locales, principally Amsterdam and Rome, "Ocean's Twelve" supplements its contrived, already overcrowded narrative nonsense with two new characters.

Just go with the flow and keep your ears and eyes open for the odd snappy line of dialog and striking composition.

All the new character and especially Julia Roberts' Tess are utterly uninteresting and/or unlikable.

However, I cannot say that I enjoyed it nearly as much as I had enjoyed 'Oceans 11'.

Save your money for something better .

In the end, the Night Fox is defeated in a boring and cliché manner that is revealed as a sub-plot described by narration in the last 5 minutes of the film.

However,This movie proves to be very entertaining from start to finish and worth the rental fee.

Most boring movie of 2004 .

And while I missed the swinging cool tunes of the first movies sound track, I felt that the more jagged, rough edged techno stuff playing this time around was quite compelling and added quite a bit to the movie.

Boring .

If you loved the first movie because it developed into a brilliantly masterminded theft with many twists, you be left with the empty feeling that the only thing that was lifted in this movie; was your money for the admission ticket.

They really tried too hard with this movie and truly overdid it this time but all in all this movie remains a good and enjoyable enough watch.

If you have not seen it, don't waste your time.

Don't waste your time watching this and for those who did, I'm very sorry; what's done is done.

The following are only some reasons why I hated this movie:No story!

The wage budget must of been huge for this film but simply because you have a load of big names does not mean that the film will be good, especially with such a confusing and convoluted script.

In the end, Oceans 12 is a an enjoyable film that's worth checking out now that its on video.

Easily the worst movie I saw in 2005.

There was no story line.

A Colossal Waste of Time .

Simply put, this is a boring movie.

In addition, Ocean's Twelve is very slow and there is hardly any action in the entire film.

Yeah, it's a caper film, but for some reason, even through some funny lines here and there, Ocean's 12 lacks the charm and entertaining spark that viewers loved in Ocean's 11.

Worst movie I've seen in a while.

Waste of time, waste of money and I don't want to spend anymore time on it...

Instead, we got a collection of disjointed scenes, absolutely no pace (a prerequisite for a film of this genre) and a plot that didn't really get off the ground.

" quip whilst a bit trite is still quite funny.

If you enjoy the excruciatingly tedious opening scenes, by all means stay.

and the mozzarella marathon continues in the clichéd and predictable scene where Jones is reunited with her father.

However, despite the move to Europe, this film has most of the ingredients the first one had, making it still an entertaining viewing.

In Eleven, the synergy between George Clooney and Brad Pitt is entertaining.

The movie was hip, fun and entertaining - just like the first one.

I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I've walked out of a movie in the middle or turned off the video/DVD.

The first 60 minutes of the film are incredibly disjointed, poorly edited, and at times, utterly unrelated to the story and confusing.

In some ways, the movie is even more intense than the original, because as most people can surmise from the preview, the crew is already (in)famous from the Bellagio heist three years prior.

All of the Vegas glitz added to the first, and here it's drab European backgrounds.

It is entertaining.

On the positive side there were few funny moments in it (particular from Matt Damon) and the cast looked great, especially Catherine Zeta Jones who was simply stunning – I'd love to see sequel just to look at her again.

Heist movies should be fun and entertaining – not dull and glib.

One of the worst movies I've ever tried to watch .

OK if you can believe all this go and enjoy this movie that will take you into a very confusing and unconvincing plot full of sudden, unexpected and unbelievable turns.

This was a movie that initially had all the right elements to produce an entertaining and enjoyable two hours for someone who was spending the night in on the couch.

If you've seen the film you will know what I'm talking about and what a big waste of time the 40-50 minutes was.

Soderbergh's Ocean's Eleven was like watching paint dry, only not as entertaining.

The movie was long, boring, full of nonsensical plot twists.

What was worse was I actually had to leave the theater about 5 minutes before the movie ended because the camera was so shaky, my stomach couldn't handle it anymore.

It was dull and boring.

"Ocean's Eleven" was an entertaining movie no doubt.

Waste of time and money.

The film wasn't well received, despite being as good as its predecessor, which led to Soderbergh releasing the dull, and far safer, "Oceans 13" in 2007.

Unrealistic but entertaining (SPOILER) .

This film works well as both a comedy and as a caper film and it really made it one of the most enjoyable experiences that I had at a theater.

This movie is a complete and utter waste of time.

The first part of the series was an amusing yarn ,it had an exciting as well as surprising hold-up , here the heist is a manuscript only , the museum burglar results to be a disaster .

So it was a big bust, save your money or go see something else.

Better than Ocean's Eleven and more moving and innovative than the originals, Ocean's Twelve is a funny, entertaining, progressive, and colorful classic.

It still are foremost the actors and all of their chemistry together that make this still a good and enjoyable enough watch.

Its pretty slow and flits back and forth and you just lose the plot & interest after a while.

This movie has no plot, marginal music, and very little of what made the original movie watchable.

All the film is right and predictable.

A boring film .

The storyline was entertaining and full of just as many twists and turns as had graced the first one.

This may have worked because the chemistry within the Ocean gang is comfortable and entertaining.

Where the first movie was fun, this sequel was mildly entertaining.

It contains every element that makes up a bad movie: A confusing story that is getting worse and worse, actors with no chemistry between them, music that makes it all a cliché, random scenes that are hard to understand with actors that think they are great, embarrassing special effects, a little of this, a little of that and all of a sudden the movie ends!

Oh by the way, the uninspired scenes in the trailer fall utterly flat when you see them repeated in the movie, thus the viewing experience, already rendered dull and embarrassingly inept, was further degenerated.

After the entire plot dully tromps up to the obvious 'we're doomed' false sunset, the deus ex machina ladle scoops up the entire plot and deposits the viewer in a series of barely thought out flashback scenes referring to characters who were barely brushed upon throughout the story, reporting a caper that's both implausible and dull.

From looking at the comments posted recently, most people went in expecting a standard-issue heist movie, a la Entrapment; it seems people actually miss the tiresome clichés of romance disguised as tension between the leads and ridiculous plot twists designed to keep the audience awake.

Clooney and cohorts are back with a predictable script--the owner of the Bellagio, the victim in the first movie, wants his money back even though he has already been paid by his insurance company (defamation lawsuit anybody) and through some convoluted plot sequence it is determined that Clooney has 2 weeks or is it a month, or is it Monday afternoon, to do something.

Don't waste your time on this dud.

But either way you slice it, O12 is much, much more enjoyable as a *satire* of the heist film.

What a ridiculous waste of time and money!!!!

This calls the entire storyline & cast into question, she is pretending to be herself within a movie, even a Bruce Willis's cameo just added more confusion.

Plus, it is really confusing and I, for one, was lost.

When I saw that 27% of the people gave this movie a 10 rating, I wondered if I was the slow one.

Better script, more exciting, more twists and a great cast.

The hand held shots and strange angles are an attempt to provide interest to an otherwise boring project.

It jumps backs and forwards with dates and robberies that just bores you.

Ultimately, for all its glossy production values and star-laden talent, "Ocean's Twelve" is bland to the point of anonymity, with our heroes rarely breaking a sweat.

It was extremely boring.

The half hour prior to the last fifteen minutes moves faster than the rest of the film, but it's completely pointless.

The beginning was very slow and choppy.

It was pointless, and the few moments that would have been decent were set in flashbacks at the end of the movie.

If that sounds confusing, it is.

The picture is very boring and tiring , is slow-moving , there aren't action-packed , neither emotion , nor humor or suspense and a little intrigue .

A total waste of time.

They are more like oases, funny pieces in a sea of middle-of-the-road humor that's cliché and really not that funny.

This isn't the most intellectual film of the year, but it is the best looking, and one of the most entertaining and best films of this year.

This one was also a Sunday movie but instead for making you forget that your hungover you are just bored senseless.....

Self-indulgent old twaddle .

If you can see this at a friends house that is fine, but DON'T waste your money on this one folks.

The new additions seem tacky and unnecessary – likewise the cameos are contrived, and the self-referential Julia Roberts-playing-Tess-playing-Julia-Roberts scene must have looked a lot better on paper.

And what a waste of money this must have been, all those big names did no good at all.

The whole thing with the fake egg was excellent and I found it rather entertaining!

total waste of time .

As the heist movie is intrinsically formulaic – first act: assemble the "samurai", second act: plan the heist, third act: escape or get captured – Soderbergh indulges in a kind of postmodern devil-may-care attitude.

With such flaws from the start it's pointless to talk about anything else because that were supposed to be main qualities of the film.


I was confused right from the beginning to the end .. One of the most physically awful flicks i've ever seen since " Battlefield Earth" and " 3 Strikes", bad acting, poor dialog, worthless script, terrible make-up, stupid costumes, and idiotic plot make this one of the worst movies i've ever seen.

The cast is obviously excellent but the storyline is disjointed and lacks fluency.


something unique, something intriguing, something that would put butts in the seats and keep them there.

But I actually enjoyed it.

I was expecting a half decent attempt at a smart, hip, buddy, crime movie but was rewarded with a slow moving, action-less film, it's purpose clearly a vehicle to give exposure to the A list actors involved.

Terrible Movie - Waste of time and money.

Oh yes, boring and often incomprehensible conversations, camera movements that are screamingly annoying and a general absence of any direction.

But the part that got me off the most was the fact that they had a pretty OK movie up until the end where I should have walked out to save myself the agony.

O12 suffers from a plot that tries to incorporate twists to make it more captivating and intelligent but instead makes it feel convoluted and downright dull in places.

ocean's twelve will suite any kind of audience with funny lines, and a captivating plot with an even more thrilling action of a robbery than the first.

Adding to this confusion- or rather, not so much confusion as not really investing much interest in the story- Soderbergh fuses the film with his camera-work that is stylish, but overly so.

Also, the movie is much more confusing than the last one, which i like, because that means that you can watch it several times over without getting bored of it.

the daring caper, the ultimate heist-- the buildup of this 2 and a half hours of utter boring crap-- is them stealing a back-pack from a college student, by creatively getting into a fight over baseball teams and distracting him, and replacing his back-pack with an identical back-pack?

More than that, it was boring and annoying.

Other than a plot, pacing, snappy dialogue and a coherent and meaningful storyline?

Waste of time.

Where Eleven was fast-paced, Twelve is hurried; where Eleven had surprise, Twelve has confusion; where Eleven was elegant, Twelve is gaudy; where Eleven had intelligent twists, Twelve has convoluted contortions.

It was only an empty shell game, and the only mark was the entire theatre audience for wasting $6 or $8 on such an empty movie.

This sequel had a terrible plot and was confusing.

Basically we're to believe that with the loot already in their possession, they enlist Julia Roberts to go through a pointless act to attempt to steal the fake one, so they can be locked up, only to then be rescued by associates.

However, the film really does suffer from truly lethargic pacing, some of the film was so slow I almost fell asleep between one key twist.

First off, what a crappy plot, it is also dreadfully predictable.

Oceans 11 i would claim as a fairly good witty well acted with an intriguing storyline.

Oceans Twelve is not half bad but not that great either, but by the time you get to the end of the movie you feel so angry and bad as you have just come to realize that all the action and all the buildup that occurred in the middle was just a waste of your time.

Or see it on budget DVD, whatever you do don't waste any money on it.

Poor editing, lame camera effects and sub-par boring acting.

I saw the first Ocean film and found it to be cleaver and very entertaining.

This movie was exciting and entertaining long enough i couldn't ask for my money back.

The way everything played together - the technically refined procedure and the witty remarks along the job was simply exciting, suspenseful, and humorous.

I think that the film Ocean's Twelve is boring.

Also the movie has a problem with pacing, the first half is rather slow and it's not until the second half that the pace is picked up properly.

It is reasonably good to see all the stars brought together again, as well as the new additions, but it is just this sequel is just an excuse to see near same old same old with big stars, not even relatively amusing cameos from Willis can save it, the story is tedious, there is hardly any fast pace in the editing, and nowhere near enough cool to watch planning and thievery, it is a boring and near pointless action crime caper.

SPOILERS WITHIN One would have thought that the sequel to a hugely popular and very entertaining heist movie would be, well, another heist movie, with an elaborate scheme that at least attempts to rival the first movie for ingenuity and intrigue.

I have seen this is theaters a few times and the first time I walked out utterly confused as to what had just happened.

The confusion part stuck, the mystery was why on earth the movie was released.

There is no script apparently and the acting is atrocious.

The action is slow, plot boring and naive and even presence of Bruce Willis can't change the fact that the film is lousy.

The "funny" moments throughout the film are dull and require much thinking about simple jokes that aren't even funny.

So, the rest of the film was pointless.

To put it another way, Ocean's Twelve is like an art-film that's struggling to break away from the hackneyed, conventional Hollywood 'hip' kind of standard, and the result is an equal amount of boredom, fascination, and slight indifference.

NOTHING happened...

But this has nothing to do with the cast, which are still the high-point of the film, whether it be the general bickering amongst the group or George Clooney's and Brad Pitt's near telepathic conversations, and everything they had to make the first film so entertaining has been preserved here – it is evident that the cast and crew had a huge amount of fun making the film.

Filled as it is with man-toys (from Clooney's too-hip instigator, Danny Ocean, to Damon's stuttering novice, Linus, to Pitt's glib Tyler Durden franchise, here named Rusty Ryan) and toy women (the stunningly rapturous Catherine Zeta-Jones as Rusty's ex-sex, Detective Isabel, and the stunningly bland Julia Roberts playing Tess, Ocean's spouse), we find the camera righteously slewing all over creation trying to cram them all in, making for a movie so self-aware of its megastar cheese-wattage that it can't quite get over its own smugness.

"Ocean's Twelve" is not a masterpiece, however it is fun and entertaining if you play along with it and let it be.

Ocean's 11 was a great movie because it had great actors with good acting(OK, except Clooney), excellent plot which was simple yet intriguing, very good dialog and most of a all, a satisfying ending.

And the summing up of the 'pull' is a little confusing; past tense (there's that shaky cam again!

all the finesse and fun of the first movie are gone leaving it only with a monstrous helping of tedious style and substance.

My wife asked me to stop this because it was boring and there was too much blab la.

A complete waste of your time.

There was a compact feel to it and some elegant twists and turns of plot that made for an entertaining escapist movie.

Danny Ocean's quick allusion to his "second third anniversary" at the jewelry shop at the very beginning is fun, but to have it repeated at the end, not only once but twice, is getting rather tedious, as if the audience needs hearing aids.

It's smug, stupendously stupid and totally bland.

After the considerable success of "Ocean's 11" (itself a remake of a chummy Rat Pack 60's movie), Clooney and Co. returned for this flashy, but fairly empty, sequel.

The first film of the trilogy was very enjoyable and i looked forward to the idea of a sequel.

I suppose we can all rest easy that Osama's folks don't have these thieves' skills so that therefore we can sit back and enjoy this 007 for civilians, a world where master thieves are so bored they pretty much have to keep occupied by stealing from each other.

Whereas the first heist was an elaborate, critical operation, the museum heist is more of an intricate game, a jigsaw (even in its logic) and practically a charade with the cunning and elusive Night Fox, and there is significantly less attention devoted to the actual heist than its perplexing, yet engaging, design.

It started out ridiculous, dragged quite a bit, became mildly interesting, became even more ridiculous, then was stupid, and then finally even more ridiculous.

Worth watching at least once, just to appreciate bad film making, bad screenplay writing, bad improvisation...

Boring mishmash like a home movie - only interesting to the participants.

Boring, predictable and incomprehensible in equal measure .

While Ocean's 11 was fun and had style, this was disappointing and a waste of time.

" In this movie, the elaborate con is so elaborate and drawn-out the viewer is looking for the solution just to get it over with.

No plot.

Terrible, Awful, Worthless, Pointless- one of the worst movies I've ever seen .

One word - confusing.

i suggest going to see another movie, don't waste your money seeing this in theaters, rent it maybe.


In the real world, or even in a fictional fantasy world of crooks, they don't waste their time on one-upmanship when that kind of loot is at stake.

Quite surprisingly, the whole Brad Pitt/Catherine Zeta-Jones romance angle worked amazingly well and added yet another intriguing twist to the already complicated storyline.

Just got back from this movie and found it boring, predictable, and a waste of my time and money.

If you are bored to tears and you hope that it will get better, leave immediately.

After the wonderful Ocean's 11 I was really looking forward to this, the sequel; instead the first hour at least was totally disjointed and largely incomprehensible.

The camera zoom to each person just get boring and when you are at number 3 of 12 you got the message: wow you are cool and can do simple zoom effects - NOT.

Although this movie did not have the same plot carry that its prequel did, I found it to be entertaining.

It has some good moments in it and I plan to see it again when it comes out on DVD, but at times I found myself quite bored during some scenes and found myself desiring to see Ocean's Eleven.

Unfortunately, that's about as interesting as director Steven Soderbergh's dull film gets.

There were enough plot twists to keep the film moving and to me, Julia Roberts playing Tess Ocean playing Julia Roberts was unexpected.

5 out of 10 is a lot for a poorly directed movie with boring jokes, lag of good plot and acting....

A messy conglomeration of the same elements which made the 2001 flick entertaining, "Ocean's Twelve" simply tries too hard to do too much with too little time resulting a bad case of sequelitis.

I thought the movie was funny, entertaining and exciting.

All the heists are boring.

And with OCEANS ELEVEN where the focus of the romance was Danny and Tess; OCEANS TWELVE it focuses on Rusty and Isabel, with some very enjoyable flashback scenes.

Boring, hard to follow, difficult to understand what is being said (everyone mumbles and speaks over other actors), moronic and totally unbelievable story, tiresomely plain Julia Roberts, and a collection of thieves who would never in real life have become allies and several of whom are clearly certifiable.

In my opinion the most boring and senseless peace of crap to be on the screen in years.

I don't recommend oceans twelve,you will just waste your time...

They go to try and steal some boring document or something, from some guy's house (whatever), and it turns out it's already been stolen.

Where the first movie was fun, this sequel was mildly entertaining.

If you want a gripping, logical heist, don't watch this.

My advice is to save your money and definitely rent it when it comes out on DVD, or hits the second chance theaters.

Well, Julia was a distraction in Ocean's 11, but here she has one enjoyable scene that made me not think about how much I can't stand her!

)Not to say too much, the big thing in the movie is involving a bit of confusion.

An enjoyable and hip crime sequel .

Don't waste your time with this.

'No plot'.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

In this worthless follow up to the surreally enjoyable Ocean's Eleven, Danny Ocean and his team are back and, to pay the person they stole from in the first movie back, they have to steal a Jewelled egg or...

Now, the film makers have taken the cast's ability and wrapped it inside of one of the most twisted, dull humored, and confusing heist stories of all time.

The movie picks up speed after that just a little bit, but only to become really confusing.

And seeing as the movie was set in Europe we had the usual dull cameos from English 'actors' Izzard and Coltrane.

Where Ocean's Eleven was a film with a significant target (the money in the safe), and all the action and drama was leading toward that goal, its sequel is disjointed, aimless and highly confusing.

Bad music, inconsistent acting, a confusing mess of a plot, rambling dialog, bizarre camera shots, inside jokes, random cameos, erratic cuts to irrelevant scenes, etc...

It is hard to follow because there is so much happening and it moves back and forth to different locations and scenes.

The "plot" was like walking a maze and bumping your nose at every turn, not because of clever writing, but because confusion for its own sake is chaos.

The rest of the film is totally confusing.

Save your money and forget the video.

When friends asked me if it was better than the first I replied it was just as good as the first, not better, but definitely just as entertaining.

The plot is convoluted and hard to follow, especially as it is partly hidden from the audience for effect.

It was disjointed.

It was perhaps the worst movie plot I've seen in two years.

After buying the DVD and listening and understanding the movie, I have absolutely enjoyed it to the fullest.

All of the Vegas glitz added to the first, and here it's drab European backgrounds.

I thought the movie was funny, entertaining and exciting.

Dislocated + patchy + confusing = boring .

) brothers is not explained AT ALL & therefor completely unbelievable; the 'plot-line,' if you can call it that, is completely unbelievable - not once during the film did I find myself 'on-board,' or following along with the story; there cutting back to the robberies were trite, forced and not plausible.

Altogether, a bit disappointing but still enjoyable.

OK movie, sporting minimally bad weird montage scenes and cliché soundtrack .

For me, a good movie, entertaining for sure.

The last scene says it all--all the stars sitting around with NOTHING happening and NOTHING being said.

Twelve seems as if the actors voices are overdubbed a pointless alignment of film sequences.

Don't waste your time with this film.

A very clever caper and stunning locals like Paris, Rome and Amsterdam still leaves this flick a bit flat.

Editing was fractured, probably trying to give it an edgy, fast feeling, but succeeded only in confusing.

Ocean's 11 was a very entertaining heist film and while the sequel is good its not as good.

Even a fun, cool city like Amsterdam looks boring.

I thought it was pointless to have a remake of an awful movie when oceans 11 was made and I told myself there is no way you can have a sequel.

My advice: don't waste your time or money on this film.

This was the most confusing movie I had ever seen.

Acceptable, entertaining performances were turned in by the film's all-star cast.

It was genuinely unexpected, at least to me.

Secondly, you have the romance subplot between Rusty and the Europol agent, which I found to be quite dull AND it takes up quite a significant amount of screen time.

The first one (Ocean's Eleven) I found a bit cliché (particularly the relationship between Julia Robert's and George Clooney), combined with Vegas (think "Casino" just not as good) and bit slow pace (no better pacing than "Thief" with James Caan - 1981).

Bad, Boring Blech.


Glossy and slick and empty as cotton candy, that's about it.

I have never had high expectations of Steven Soderbergh- that cute little film he made in the 80's drove him way, way too long past his directing capabilities.

Quite dull.

This is the worst movie I've ever watched, that's for sure.

Especially compared to all the predictable Hollywood blockbusters of the past years.

Dull movie .

Granted, it had all of the actors, including Catherine Zeta Jones, and a few funny/exciting scenes.

Like you're watching a group of boring, everyday people muddle around, deciding what to wear to dinner.

While the first flick was an enjoyable heist movie, this sequel is a shameless, lame brained dud.

Save your money for something worth watching.

OCEANS TWELVE succeeds the same way OCEANS ELEVEN did, is one of the most enjoyable, witty, and entertaining movies of the year.

But its still entertaining.

The ending is border-line confusing, as the ultimate motivation for everything in the movie becomes clear only after the last scene of the movie, or possibly after a repeat viewing.

To be perfectly honest, I wasn't expecting much from Ocean's Twelve, because I thought that the first one was dull and not that good.

One Word: BORING.

An Empty Shell Game with the viewing audience as the mark.

pales to the first movie but still enjoyable .

It is actually quite amazing that such a big group of big actors, aided by the likes of Vincent Cassel and Eddie Izzard can deliver a film so phenomenally bland.

Then they try to steal some egg from some museum (YAWN!

No story, no point, except the "behind the scenes" - buzz that the cast partied in Clooney's Italian residence which was the pretext for the whole movie, I believe.

As I said earlier this is the worst movie that I've seen in the last 3 years, do not even waste your time watching it.

You might not like all of it, but that scene really is worth watching.

The Difference Between The Entertaining Illusion and The Illusion .

My second grip is with the overly ridiculous and pointless conversations between group members.

Ocean's 11 was an amazing movie, entertaining, not too funny nor too serious.

Much of the plot is easily predictable, aside from a few key points.

was funny at first, but tired quickly, and the whole Bruce Willis thing seemed to drag out.

This may be number two in what is another franchise but Steven Soderbergh's love of movies and the movie-making process is evident in every fabulous looking frame, (this is probably the best-looking movie you'll see all year), and if the extremely daft plot, (there are daft heist movies and then there is "Ocean's 12"), could be scribbled on the back of a postage stamp this is also the most sheerly enjoyable film I have seen in a very long time.

I really enjoyed the first movie but this successor is one of the worst movies ever.

The plot is very over the top and that's what makes it enjoyable.

The plot is predictable; from Julia Robert's 'impersonation' to the crew's great escape.

Save your money.

Save your money.

The Thomas Crowne affair has already been done guys, oh yeah and that was made into a silly and pointless remake too wasn't it?

I couldn't follow the logistics of that escapade, much less think it was feasible at all, but the sheer audacity of the idea sounded compelling as all get out.

However the plot is totally confusing.

Add a completely pointless cameo by Bruce Willis then you kind of get the picture.

Actors who seem bored and don't even attempt characterizations.

Disjointed confusing plot and photography .

And BTW,it was a serious miscalculation to have Julia-Roberts-as-Tess her impersonate Julia-Roberts-the-celebrity part of a scam - it was a self-indulgent 'in-joke' that didn't work at all.

The film has a generally mysterious tone but it is over exaggerated and makes the film boring.

add to Julia Roberts playing, well Julia, and a totally pointless cameo from Willis and it leaves you with a kind of bloated feeling, like you just took an ego overdose.

Don't waste your money or your time.

The characters still worked well together on screen but the story line was so *BORING* that I found it hard to sit there through the entire film.

"Ocean's Twelve" tries to copy the non-linear style of "Ocean's Eleven" that leaves the viewer guessing until the very end, but it only manages to get half way: Instead of being confusing and smart, this movie just ends up confusing.

Catherine Zeta-Jones was the highlight in an otherwise dull movie.

I am also lead to believe that there will soon be an Ocean's Thirteen, it will be fair to say that I am going nowhere near that one, not even with yours.

Secondly, the laughs are fewer in 12 and the script is duller.

It was slow, boring and difficult to understand.

A returning cast with some intriguing additions; a veritable pot pourri of picturesque locations, and crucially, continuity in the directors chair in the shape of a guy who it seems can do no wrong in Hollywood (from an 'industry' standpoint, at least...

This is just plain unpredictable, and not in a good way.

And I thought Brad Pitt opposite Catherine Zeta Jones was just as intriguing as George and Julia were in the first.

My dad's first feedback of this show is its confusing and too complicated to understand.

Of course not another famous heist by Ocean gang,because that would've been a cliché.

Don Cheadle was a plus to the film as his whit helped the story flow without boredom, however Berny Mac was a complete waste of a cast, spending the entire film in a jail cell seemed pointless whilst with Matt Damon the recent "team America" film kept springing to mind as he kept his dimwitted approach to his role up.

Ultimately, confusing, aimless and not a patch on the original.

like I said, enjoyable...

Save your money.

Whilst the beginning of the film seemed to be quite intriguing with the audience wondering what the film was going to lead to, the rest of the film focused little on George Clooney, and heavily upon the relationship between Brad Pitt's character and Mrs Michael Dougla....

"Ocean's Eleven" was an entertaining, high energy film.

No story line, no action, no humor,only a couple of pretty faces with Brad, George, Julia and Catherine.

George : Yeah, let's get Bruce Willis in a pointless uncredited cameo.

Even though the movie is very amusing by moments, with resourceful surprises and some hilarious situations, it's all a bit pointless.

Downright boredom pervades Twelve.

No Plot - Can I get my money back.

I nearly went to sleep a couple of times, which, given that it's supposed to be an action film, gives you an idea how exciting I found it.

It was a boring movie that you don't want to see.

The movie was really smart and fast paced.

However , the motion picture obtained success such as the previous ones ; in spite of , it turn out to be a bit dull and dreary .

I was completely bored from the start, it was not even in the same ballpark as Ocean's Eleven.

I felt as if I'd been thrown down the stairs after the movie ended: from Ocean's Eleven, a witty, exciting film with a well-balanced plot, to a complete mess.

At the beginning of the film i found it quite confusing to keep up with the plot.

Plus it is confusing when the film snaps between past and present to explain how the crew made some of their robberies; it looks messy and ugly to change between shaky cam to the bolder scenes.

Watching this movie brings several words to mind: "sophomoric", "ridiculous", "improbable", "self-indulgent" and finally (and fatally), "boring".

Yep, they're all sitting in cars, bored.

I started losing interest in the difficult-to-follow bizarre plot after about 40 minutes.

I have lost count of the times I've watched Ocean's Twelve on DVD - it is pure, engaging entertainment, a 2000's version of a 60's movie.

Are there slow moments in the movie?

This heaped confusion on the viewer as the whole scenario was highly improbable.

12 has a more tedious plot but is still extremely entertaining.

Well, if you just want to see big Hollywood faces in a Dullywood movie, then go and waste your time and money.

The original was kind of fun within it's genre, but this is so bad, i felt abused when i left the theater.

The music is loud and repetitive and was really unnecessary.

Don't waste your money .

sequels seldom are, but the movie was worth watching, the plot was actually spelled out in the first, and obviously predictable...

I think this film being produced was a waste of resources and is the kind of thing that clogs the hardened arteries of the Hollywood already on creative life support preventing films worth the time of day to see.

Featuring the usual industrial, meticulous, and prudent direction of Steven Soderberg, whose gritty editing translates as pure energy to an exceedingly exciting premise, some fine and jovial acting from all of the leads, adept and subtle plot structure, and a very awesome and stimulating score, "Ocean's Twelve", while not quite equaling its excellent predecessor, is definitely a solid piece of high octane, feel-good, debonair entertainment, and it's enticing, exhilarating, and sexy- a must-see for fans of crime caper films and great escapist fare for the holiday season!

Much more enjoyable if you've seen Ocean's 11 already .

Don't Bother - Plot less, Mindless and Pointless .

Scenes lingered for far too long, actors weren't putting energy into their performances and I'm sure that somehow the "Deleted Scenes" portion of the DVD was included entirely in the film.

This movie, in my opinion, was meant to be entertaining.

The lovestory between Rusty and Zeta-Jones character looks moderately promising at first but again in the end it just gets twisted stupidely and abruptly, only to hit the most hackneyed cliché you can imagine.

The problem is with the difficult to follow screenplay by George Nolfi.

It is a thoroughly enjoyable experience and i left the theater with a feeling of joy in my heart and the wisdom of true style in my bones.

twice I'd say, more than that and it becomes a bit repetitive and looks as if the director/producer just didn't have any other means of transitioning between different plot lines.

that was just so confusing.

The first half hour is a mixture of confusing snippets of different timelines and "guess who's back?

what a self-indulging celebrity bore-fest.

It honestly is the worst movie I have seen all year and ranks up there with the all time list, I almost walked out of the film.. Probably would have if I wasn't with 12 other people to see it.

It might not quite have the "flash" of the first one, but it still is entertaining (especially as it gears up for the climax).

See Ocean's Twelve for wildly entertaining two hours.

Clooney's character seems bored and rushed.

The sense of timing is a little confusing as well, as it keeps jumping from the past to the present and back again.

Adding to the confusion are the sequences of the casino owner managing to track down and threaten each member of the gang that robbed his casino.

I think the star cast with George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, among others has done an excellent job of keeping the movie entertaining with many different twists to the plot.

Even if it proves a bit strange to eyes that are used to run of the mill direction, it remains as entertaining and as uplifting as an entertaining film can be.

It's just as entertaining and cool watching, especially with the fantastic letters of A-M-S-T-E-R-D-A-M brilliantly smacks upon us and others.

I thought O11 was a nice but slightly boring little bank robbers movie with a sensational arsenal of stars.

All of the slick, fast-paced energy that left audiences breathless in Ocean's Eleven is replaced with slow-moving, drab, nonsensical dross that left me cold and malnourished.

But when the credits start to roll what you're left of is a peculiar empty feeling, like there was a great party somewhere and you just paid for not getting invited.

I recommend that if you have seen Oceans Eleven, wait until you do before you see this movie because it might be confusing with out knowing some of the story.

There really wasn't enough effort (or time) to give us more than a glimpse of any of them, and it made for a jumpy, confusing movie.

Waste of time .

The plot was weak, the lines were boring and there just didn't seem to be any chemistry.

References to other movies are perhaps intentional rather than merely derivative, but they are probably more entertaining to those working on the film than the audience.

The plot line is confusing and at the end, not clearly explained.

Which leads into point #2: this is a very boring film.

It was stylish, well executed, and entertaining.

The most boring peace of crap I've seen in years, .

Confusing and unconvincing .

I think of all the people out there in need, people who can't eat because they have no money, no shelter, and yet, there is enough money floating around to pay a dozen+ big-time actors big-time bucks to have a part in the worst movie of the year?

It's just confusing for the viewer.

It was so boring!

It degenerates into a series of photo-ops of the beautiful people, strung together in a manner that is neither convincing, or for that matter, particularly entertaining.

Terrible camera work, horrible writing, non-existent plot, and numerous plot wholes.


This is an example of very clever entertainment, REALLY entertaining without demanding of audiences to be stupid.

The camera work was amateurish and repetitive and the screenplay was written by a committee of no talent children.

There is just no plot in this movie.

This thrilling as well as hilarious hold-up film displays a twisted caper from the beginning to ending , comedy , turns , along with limited action of varied manner .

Overall, a good, entertaining flick.

After seeing the first film and being surprised that I enjoyed it, considering it was a Soderbergh film.

simply, flat and pointless.

Disjointed and disappointing .

People have complained of the editing, difficult to follow, and strange camera angles.

Semi-enjoyable, overall a letdown with questionable cinematography .

The introduction to the movie was confusing.

I mean, let's not kid ourselves, no one expects this movie to be Oscar caliber, however, it is very entertaining.

How could so many star actors make such a bad and boring movie?

Walking into the theater expecting to see a mind boggling oceans 11 in Europe i was found with a movie filled with photogenic movie stars, a ridiculous crime spree and brad Pitt looking suspiciously gay.

As for Oceans 12, there was no real plot and no real ending.

THe first was fun, engaging and flowed.

Just useless film & waste of time.

This robbery caper is dazzlingly funny and entertaining.

And ended up finding myself repulsed from the screen by the sheer audacity of putting twelve famous people on screen with no plot, and letting them make a movie about how great they are.

Self indulgent, weak script, waste of space .



They must have been totally bored having this fun as it was one of the most boring films I have ever seen.

Starring: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, Catherine Zeta-Jones I found Ocean's Eleven to be a highly entertaining crime caper of a movie.

And with those effects, the movie has a way of taking everything so very un-serious to the level that it all gets a bit uninteresting.

Ocean's Twelve was a waste of my time and money ($20).

" And because it's confusing, you don't figure out how they actually did the job.

I cant give too much away but my personal opinion is that the explanation of how the team pulled of the robbery is a little confusing and a sort of "huh"?

Overall, the movie was very enjoyable, and is the movie you can watch over and over again.

The thefts to build a certain paycheck (with interest) to pay back what Danny Ocean and his crew stole from Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) are not as important in the second film of Soderbergh's "Ocean Three" as the interactions of the cast (packed with star power in both big and small roles) and the elaborate chicanery the screenplay pulls on the audience (and Vincent Cassel's egotistical, self-assured, bored-in-his-affluence French aristocratic thief, François Toulour, AKA The Night Fox).

The film was engaging, exciting and most of all, likable.

"The first half of this film is so boring, it makes it hard to recommend.

I stopped caring after a while and what happens next is so confusing, I couldn't write a good spoiler even if I wanted to.

A boring spy/Bond etc. movie made of 100% clichés and 0% entertainment.

Overall this film is a complete waste of your time, trust me.

Casting looked pretty bored in this sequel and the movie itself was a little bit long!

It was a waste of time.

All the eleven are dragged back for no good reason other than to make up the numbers (at least they were all given stand-out moments in the first one).

However, I have to say that Twelve was funnier, sharper and much more entertaining than I expected.

This one was kinda boring ...

it's pure style - hip, "edgy" (edgy meaning crooked) camera angles, brad pitt in cool clothes, ludicrous and contrived dialogue laboring to be witty, and just a blatant disregard for the audience's intellect.

It takes a rather long time to get to the 'meat' of the plot and the opening introductions are long-winded and unnecessary, also rather repetitive.

Apart from an ensemble cast of highly paid A list superstars, this film has no story, no point, is pretentious beyond belief and has only one thing to keep you watching - the Zeta Jones who has never looked more radiant.

There's no plot, it's not funny, it's not enjoyable to watch, it's straight out embarrassing.

Not a pause to consider whether or not to greenlight the project, but a pause so that they could picture themselves naked in a mountain of money or maybe a pause just long enough to let the adrenaline run through their bodies and the goosebumps and hairs on the back of their necks a chance to return to their normal state.

While Milestone's "Ocean's 11" made ridiculous amounts of money back in 1960 – everyone wanted to see its big name cast: Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Peter Lawford and Angie Dickinson – today it's a hugely dull movie, with large chunks of exposition, unnecessary filler and a heist that's been bettered by countless heist films released both before and after.

There's the constant music, the people with the general European accents (well, villains), and every other caper movie cliché in the books.

It has got more star-studded cast including an enjoyable cameo by Bruce Willis as himself.

I want to see an entertaining heist movie, not a lazy, illogical comedy in which the criminals act smug, perform odd jobs and get caught by police.


Two admittedly innovative scenes nearly come off, but end up feeling self-indulgent.

One big "Yawner" folks.

This is the MOST BORING FILM I've seen in years.

It is so boring, the plot is missing and for me it was the most bad movie, I have seen in 2004.

" While cute and occasionally clever it just seemed pointless.

Quite a lot of the film is quite pointless.

Don't waste your time-- even if you're just curious-- this should never have been made and the joke's on you for shelling out for it.

But the overwhelming majority got lost in the middle of the script's confusion and probably regretted having entered the film (if they take their careers seriously, of course).

I left the theater feeling like I had been the victim of a truly great con pulled by the cast and crew of this movie in tricking me into thinking that this movie would actually be worth watching.

It was more like the story of Brad and Zeta-Jones' characters boring relationship with some bits from the original movie thrown in just to get some bums on seats to watch the movie.

It's just too bad that none of this same fun could have been transformed on screen for the benefit of the audience that, in my screening, seemed bored to a point where illuminated watch faces glowed like firefly's as uninterested patrons were collectively counting down the films running time.

Ocean's twelve is more entertaining, and cooler than Ocean's eleven.

One of those being the predictable scene where they dress Julia Roberts up as,well,Julia Roberts.

This is the grand daddy of all the confusion, and the other moments that compare to it are nearly as confusing.

The lack of acting was as became more insulting as the disjointed and ridiculous plot unfolded.

This movie was completely pointless and stupid.

But by the end of the film when the plot is (sort of) laid out for you, it just seems too contrived and ridiculous to be satisfying.

Just when you think the film is going to settle down into some kind of recognisable rhythm, something entirely unexpected is thrown in turning everything on it's head.

Ocean's Twelve suffers from a weak and extremely confusing plot and gritty acting from a large cast.

Matt Damon is particularly fascinating because of his other movie, "The Bourne Supremacy" that offers an amazing contrast in characters, illustrating his acting depth.

They'd already sat on the edge of their seats through 3 hours worth of Indiana Jones movies and they were counting on Indiana to get them off that bridge in a believable way.

Aside from a certain sense of bore, it created also such a frustration that made us really feel "HOW WASTED !

And the performances are fun and enjoyable to watch.

I watched Ocean's 11 a day before I went to see Ocean's 12 and think the latter is quite frankly rather confusing - not to say boring.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

Dull and disappointing.

Don't waste You time!

Personally i found this part of the plot confusing as i did not know it was a long time on from when they robbed the casinos in Oceans eleven.

All is assisted by the same snappy cut direction, with good use of filters and cuts allowing each scene to bounce along vibrantly to the cool score.

It was the most disjointed and boring film we ever sat through part of.

It has been some time since I saw Oceans 11, and I really enjoyed it.

All in all it was good and enjoyable escapism on a Sunday evening.

Bloated script and pretentious directing .

Except for the breathtaking beauty of Zeta-Jones and the all too rare screen appearances of the wonderful Andy Garcia, the remaining mish-mash was dull, boring and seemingly filmed in slow-motion.

Oceans' 12: Confusing Name, Decent Movie .

there is no script.

yawn .

Was a deception, this must be the worst movie I have ever seen!

People would have walked out of the theaters the same way people did during Ocean's 12.

The first was a really fun I also found it a little confusing at times and only really fully understood the movie after much discussion with those who have seen the movie.

The only reason I have given two stars is for the first ten minutes; which are entertaining and Andy Garcia's menacing act is quite fun to watch.

Try and count how many times her Welsh accent disappears and re-appears), this film is a total waste of time from start to finish.

Title (Brazil): "Doze Homens e Outro Segredo" ("Twelve Men and Other Secret")

I was always on the edge of my seat looking forward to what was going to happen next.

First hour was extremely boring mess.

Badly directed, badly photographed and badly acted, the film is a confusing mess with plot lines (if one can call them that) veering in all directions.

It was an empty void.

Not content with another heist, the plot puts them in competition with uber-Europrick Nightfox, who is rich, well connected, an amazing thief, etc. This whole part felt a tad contrived, and while the planning of the second heist is fun, the actual execution of it is painful.

The Julia Robert's 'sketch' was quite a breath of fresh air in amongst all the confusion.

It's cooler, funnier, and more entertaining than Ocean's eleven.

Horrible, self-serving, disjointed movie .

In some parts the film it does get boring but there is always a good part to keep from dying of boredom.

Whereas the story of the first felt original and exciting this was more bland.

So I watched it the second time and found that I really enjoyed it.

I didn't see much of Garcia, Roberts, Cheadle or Bernie Mac who are very entertaining actors who if were in involved more could of spiced the movie up.

Don't waste your money on it.

It's a mess, it's boring and not interesting at all: No good story, no action, no nothing, just some famous people enjoying themselves on vacation in Europe.

Engaging heist in the Topkapi vein .

) into a self contrived hypermarket of Hollywood stars, made by the actors FOR the actors.

There are some confusing moments in this film.

However, the fact that this was a completely different movie, with not even the same plot elements as the first, which become cliché to any heist movie, made it all the more great.

But then again, since the film has no plot, I suppose it makes no difference.

The overall film and storyline was great, some of it was predictable some of it wasn't.

The film was predictable and boring.

Overdone sequel but still good and enjoyable enough.

Same cast different story, with all sorts of cliche caper scenes you seen all before.

This is mainly because of the unclear and confusing presentation of the film.

But if you love a briskly entertaining movie with lots of mystery and intrigue (and you don't mind rewinding back a few times) then Ocean's Twelve is the movie for you!

It is the most sickening display of self indulgent Hollywood back scratching i've ever seen.

Quite simply, this is the least relevant sequel I have seen for a very long time - even American Pie 3, the Wedding was more warranted than this trite.

I must admit that this film was worse than Cannonball Run II as the plot was total confusion and the film was made as if it were an early Danish "Dogma" film with intentionally shaky camera and bad lighting and awful sound.