Octopussy (1983) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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A fake Fabergé egg, and a fellow Agent's death, lead James Bond to uncover an international jewel-smuggling operation, headed by the mysterious Octopussy, being used to disguise a nuclear attack on N.A.T.O. forces.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: John Glen
Stars: Roger Moore, Maud Adams
Length: 131 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 29 out of 242 found boring (11.98%)

One-line Reviews (207)

My main criticisms would be that it's at least 20 minutes too long, it gets slow in spots, and it tends to go over the top in ways that lose the audience.

He is supported by 80's rent-a-villain Steven Berkoff, who puts in an over-the-top but enjoyable performance as the crazed General.

Similarly, the film's subject matter remains far more grounded in reality than the standard grandstanding villainous world domination, with Bond's foray into the world of art forgery rapidly uncovering a plot regarding secret Russian border arms dealings and Cold War terrorism, leading for some intriguing topical political ruminations.

Kabir "Sandokan" Bedi appears as a killer, Maud Adams returns, Kristina Wayborn looks breathtaking, the versatile Louis Jourdan is a villain with style ("you have a nasty habit of surviving"), and the story about a stolen duplicated Fabergé egg is interesting.

Absorbing plot let down by the kitchen sink.

In spite of an exciting opening sequence and some thrilling scenes along the way the Bond-Moore series is starting to look a little tired, just its star protagonist.

There are plenty of action scenes to keep the movie's momentum going, from the high-speed car chase between Bond and Indian agent Vijay (Vijay Amritraj) against Kamal's top henchman Gobinda (Kabir Bedi) in the busy streets of India, to the thrilling jungle chase as Bond tries to elude Kamal and his men towards the middle of the movie).

I think what is missing is probably the traditional ingredients of a spy thriller that have been replaced by the mundane pedestrian Hollywood action/adventure styles of the most recent ones.

This all leads to an exciting race against time to stop World War III from happening.

Basically a succession of high-octane, spectacularly staged action, chase and fight scenes, with a huge dose of very dry British humour, original twists, story ideas and high-class style.

It's far from an unwatchable film.

It's the next step in a slow transition for the Bond films, from the slapstick silliness of the '70s to the grim tone of the '80s, and as such it endures a few growing pains.

This movie has a very riveting story and screenplay written by George MacDonald Fraser, Richard Maibaum and Michael G.

the cast:excellent cast i must say i enjoyed everyone's performance but Indian actor Kabir Bedi deserves a special mention for playing henchmen called Gobinda he is a more evil version of Jaws,Maud Adams is amazing in the role of beautiful Octopussy she was also in the man with the golden gun but had a limited role in this film she shows a much better acting skills,Kristina Wayborn is one of the hottest bond girls ever she is a circus girl here & what can i say about Roger Moore the icon as James Bond he is weaker here but did a lot of exciting action i loved him here.

The villain here, however, is really boring and his henchman has less personality than previous ones.

She gets to show off her athleticism and get involved in the action scenes, she also handles her dialogue well and is an entertaining presence when she appears.

The second act set in a circus is excruciatingly tedious, bar a few well-constructed stunts; the whole fiasco goes on well beyond its welcome.

All in all, I find "Octopussy" to be a good, quite entertaining, and rather underrated Bond adventure.

It's an enjoyable Bond film, mostly because of Roger Moore, who is still terrific in the lead role in his sixth outing as 007, he's cool, slick and very funny, his one liners here are particularly excellent and it's what makes him stand out from other Bond actors, his scenes with Maud Adams are the best as the two have undeniable chemistry.


Octopussy might be far-fetched and totally dissimilar to its source material, but it still a grandly entertaining affair.

I thought she lacked charisma and was a bit dull.

A bad boring Bond .

Overall, an enjoyable Bond film.

Very enjoyable.

Then again I've always considered India, a visually stunning country from all the pictures I've seen of it.

It's silly, over-complicated, and, sure, a cultural caricature of India but it's one of the most entertaining, ranking up there with LIVE AND LET DIE and THE SPY WHO LOVED ME.

In this one, the plot is stupid (for lack of a better word), the action dull enough to bore even my grandmother, and the cutest thing in the movie is a (WARNING - SPOILER FOR ANYONE WHO HASN'T LOOKED AT THE TITLE) small blue octopus.

Running at just 131 minutes, OCTOPUSSY still seems far too long for something that hardly makes sense, or wasn't its intentions to.

The auction and back gammon scenes are among the most gripping I've seen outside of the early JB's.

Many criticized this film at the time of its release with comments like" Moore's tongue in cheek humor has turned Bond's style into brainless films , full of silly jokes, with no plot or character development.

'Octopussy' is an entertaining Bond film from the Roger Moore era - although this 007 is a little long in the tooth to cavort with the lovelies!

There are many scenes in Octopussy that are exciting.

The plot can be difficult to follow, except that it revolves around some prized egg jewel and a detonator.

It also has the jungle scene which is also very exciting.

A slow, overlong and boring rip-off of the infinitely better "Goldfinger", with Moore at 55 now looking quite ridiculously old to be playing Bond (who is, of course, only supposed to be in his late thirties).

One the one hand, the Germany-based plot is a very fine spy story just like in other classic Bond movies like "From Russia With Love", "For Your Eyes Only", "The Living Daylights" and "Goldeneye", including a conspiracy of Soviet Russian generals, an atom bomb in a West German circus and some thrilling spy vs.


The location cinematography, especially in India where the biggest portion of the film takes place is located is stunning.

Even something as mundane as this can happen to the characters.

In terms of Bond girls, they've unearthed a stunner in Kristina Waybourn as the unpredictable temptress Magda, and Maud Adams has the distinction of being the only actress to play two different Bond girls in two different Bond movies (she was also in Man With The Golden Gun).

With all of that, plus a boring baddie in the form of Steven Berkoff, a dull and overly complex plot, uninspired direction from John Glen (a shame, after the excellent action scenes he gave us in For Your Eyes Only), embarrassingly stereotypical depictions of Indians and Germans, and a forgettable theme song by Rita Coolidge, and this is the Bond film I doubt I'll ever bother to watch again.

This is a very enjoyable Bond thriller with lots of action and far-out scenes.

It is this film's portrayal of a Bond and his primary romance that makes it the most romantic of the movies, and which blends so smoothly with the enjoyable action-movie component that there is no serious downside.

Roger Moore is decent as James Bond, apart from some very bizarre moments which I will be describing later, he seems to have toned down a bit, and Steven Berkoff and Louis Jourdan make for a pair of intriguing villains.

It includes the train of death, and the very fake, but entertaining end plane scene.

'Kabir Bedi plays the villain Gobinda, with strong hands that can pulverize so easily a pair of dice… Steven Berkoff plays Orlov, the wonderful Russian villain who surely is leaving the way clear for a full-scale Russian invasion of Europe… With John Barry beautiful score; the snake charmer playing the 'James Bond' theme; the disturbed fakir resigning his bed of nails; Bond climbing at a steep angle of an engaging décolletage; John Glen's 'Octopussy' is exotic, lush, very enjoyable and highly entertaining…

The James Bond film is too long and for a Bond film the screenstory is complicated (perhaps the influence of George MacDonald Fraser in the screenplay?

Kabir Bedi as Kahn's hulking henchman is simply a bore.

In actuality, the final half hour is one of the most thrilling in the series.

By this I mean that it certainly isn't an extraordinary Bond-movie that blows you away like some of the oldest (like "Goldfinger" or "You Only Live Twice") and newest (like "Casino Royale" or "Skyfall") did, but that it's a more than entertaining entry in the franchise.

The European sequences (actually shot in England) are also exciting, particularly a harrowing fight on a circus train, and Bond, in clown make-up, attempting to discover and disarm a nuclear device (the third time 007 had been called upon to do it...

Very intriguing to say the least.

Better than Glen's previous Bond effort ("For Your Eyes Only") though in a sense a confused and confusing film.

There are, of course, the usual quips from Bond that might make you wince, the "most dangerous game" type setting where Bond is hunted safari style (an overused plot device but a highly entertaining one in this case), and the Octopussy women army suits look ridiculous today and are reminicent of Austin Powers quasi futuristic clothing.

The Opening Pre-Title Escape from a Cuban Prison is a Perfect Beginning and is Exciting and Heart Pounding until the "Fill er' Up" Line.

Crass, confusing and downright campy.

I will admit, there is a train sequence in the beginning of the third act that had me on the edge of my seat, until I realize I was watching a film that I was not interested in.

A rather dull and predictable Bond flick, the only saving grace was a surprisingly good acting performance by tennis great Vijay Amritraj -- leaving aside the appallingly unfunny array of tennis jokes that were oh so predictable.

The only weak link is Maud Adams who I think is a rather bland actress.

To me, that was intriguing.

Action: The action again ranges from nicely intense to absurd.

It has a decently executed and not too simple plot, good villains, lots of jokes, great action sequences, etc. But like many Bond movies, it goes on way too long.

Several picturesque Indian locations add to the resplendence of this film and the high standard of acting makes this film worth watching.

This is therefore another Bond film with a strong Cold War element and a good dose of espionage, like FYEO before it, and OO7's struggle to reach the bomb in time is tense and exciting.

Sounds ridiculous, then the whole film is,but is actually quite enjoyable.

When viewing Octopussy in comparison to the Bond series at a whole the light-hearted Moore touch is undeniable, but the film's moments of gritty intensity stand out as all the more surprising in contrast with the more tongue in cheek exterior - a scene with assassins chasing Bond's fellow agent through dark woods is unusually gripping and visceral.

However, imo it just makes for a more enjoyable ride.

When the location moves to Germany things start to go downhill, though there are two more genuinely exciting action sequences, one on top of a train, the other on top of an aircraft.

The argument tosses in every cliché including the obligatory intervention by MonneyPenny(Lois Maxwell),M and Q(Desmond Llewelyn).

The teaser exemplifies those thrilling pre-credits sequences which have really nothing to do with the rest of the film.

Q adds some humour to the movie, especially in the action packed finale with the Octopussy girls.

The thirteenth instalment in the long-running James Bond franchise, the sixth to star Roger Moore in the iconic role, and so far the only James Bond film that I've been able to sit through which didn't star Daniel Craig as 007, Octopussy is a ridiculously entertaining adventure ride filled with numerous over-the-top moments but it's also a whole lot of fun & enjoyable film to sit through.

The sequence has nothing to do with the rest of the film, but like "Goldfinger", proves to be endlessly entertaining.

OCTOPUSSY is original and not a remake of the already medicore THUNDERBALL, the Sean Connery flick that was great on the ground but the last act underwater is as slow as being...

The story is somewhat slow getting started,and it drags in some places.

One of the most enjoyable Bond films .

This film keeps the humor and non seriousness which makes the Bond films enjoyable.

Warning: A Minor Spoiler:Octopussy is one of the most pleasurable, fun and entertaining films in the James Bond series.

An agreeable screenplay and more believable exciting with cliff-hangers situations come to mind;still,this solid outing isn't bad Bond and it does star the best sympathetic OO7.

The plot does tend to wander a bit and Maud Adams was slightly bland in the role of a Bond girl.

a fair amount for the normally predictable Bond romps.

However he does just enough to keep things enjoyable.

While mildly entertaining, the "camp" element is more prominent here than in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, which was a far more serious affair.

The sense throughout the opening, that it possesses an engaging and burning sense of development combining with degrees of thrills and spills more predominantly put across via exciting action, sticks throughout 1983's Octopussy; the entry that is probably second only to The Spy Who Loved Me in terms of the best of Moore's tenure as the dogged British secret agent, and a wholesome adventure film all by itself.

It has plenty of exciting action and a solid story as well.

" You'll see exactly what I mean as you watch the film and witness it go through an entire checklist of every cliché we would expect.

So there's a remake with an aged Sean Connery back as Bond (yes, he was technically younger than Roger Moore, but didn't look it), and the most intense scene is Bond playing a video game against his opponent.

Her character mainly provides an excuse for the presence of many exotically clad women--visually appealing, but dramatically quite boring.

Somehow her story doesn't gel with the core of the story (Russians wanting to take over the world), which makes the naming of this installment rather contrived.

The film does have it's more dull moments and some people believe it demeans Moore's portrayal of Bond by making him do silly things, just watch it and see what you personally think, I found it to be solidly a OK movie.

In the tradition of Bond, a set of stunning mature women are present.

Definitely worth watching more than once.

All in all a very enjoyable Bond film.

Funny,excitement ,thrilling new entry with a brilliant villain, Louis Jourdan .

OCTOPUSSY is skillfully made and astonishingly thrilling from its breathtaking precredits sequence to the very end.

I prefer her as Octopussy, there's just something intriguing about her.

It is intercut with circus scenes, which are good to narrate the passage of time, but are far too long.

Glen also manages to pull off a genuine exciting climax with Bond executing some dangerous driving against the clock to defuse that old standby, the ticking Neclear bomb.

Still, Kamal (Louis Jourdan) alone is an entertaining villain.

Enjoyable Bond Film .

Vijay Amritraj is Bond his ally in India: worth watching.

did seem to remember falling asleep to at least one of them and not seeing how the film ended.

The story is also far too predictable, you can tell every move that is going to be made ten minutes before it happens, it's formulaic and never really tries to stand out from other Bonds, it's also very slow moving with too much dialogue and not enough action.

When Bond gets to Delhi he soon gets the attention of Khan which leads to an entertaining rickshaw chase through the backstreets.

The more restrained action scenes work very well - a pair of intense chase sequences atop a moving train and mid-flight aircraft, respectively, are excellent - but they're too few and far between, and the requisite story-building chapters are dull, convoluted and drawn-out.

The stunt work in the plane is absolutely brilliant and its intense escape is one of the best parts of the film.

He did not set out to write some ponderous literary tomes, after all, but rather an entertaining series of spy thrillers people would ENJOY reading.

It does have some real positives in the action scenes and the relatively solid direction by John Glen, but it is far from an accomplished effort overall and instead of just falling flat like "Never Say Never Again" did it has big ups and big downs, and they ultimately cancel each other out leaving a confusing and lacking film.

The character of Vijay is enjoyable and it would've been nice to keep him alive longer.

Overall, this is the best of the Bond films -- enjoyable, entertaining, with beautiful visuals well filmed, and a truly enjoyable sensual component.

The 13th official entry in the James Bond series features limp characterizations, dull action sequences, and lousy puns.

This is the kind of purely entertaining movie, of course, and consequently, there isn't too much to be said except for the following: Unlike many 007 films, this one has a crystal clear straight-through script, more "real" (still goes between brackets :) ) than most of the others, and it's no doubt, the most amusing of them all.

I would easily still rate this movie higher than I gave it, but the formulaic big battle at the final Climax of the story is absurd.

Buttressed by masterful set pieces and stunning action sequences, Octopussy was released at the same time as a rival Bond picture (a thinly based and badly updated remake of Thunderball, entitled Never Say Never Again, starring original Bond - Sean Connery).

The photography by Alan Hume is stunning, beautifully composed, a real highlight.

While not one of the very best, and more confusing than it needs to be, Octopussy is still an entertaining and accomplished piece of Bondage.

If you're anything like me, you'll find it hard to follow the general plot of OCTOPUSSY on the first couple viewings.

And the pre-credits sequence is very enjoyable with the Acrostar as a very cool Q-branch gadget.

The plot is rather nonsense, hard to follow and, like a lot of Bond films, not to be taken seriously.

I thought the story lacked glamor, Moore was looking too old to play the role, this pointed up by the aging Moneypenny and the introduction of Miss SmallBone, and the story itself bored me.

The whole train sequence, though overlong, is enjoyable and well shot.

Incredibly Entertaining .

The secondary Bond girl Magda is intriguing; almost the sole high of the film.

With John Glen's assured direction and lots of outrageous bits (with the buzzsaw-on-a-string recalling the glory days of MASTER OF THE FLYING GUILLOTINE), this is a big step up from the somewhat dreary FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.

So while there is something for everyone and it is entertaining, Octopussy is ultimately a victim of it's own excesses.

Compared to 1981's "For Your Eyes Only," which borrowed a lot of concepts from previous "Bond" films and failed to stand out, "Octopussy" offers a lot more visually engaging material, even if both films feel obligated to formula.

This is another exciting opening to a Moore Bond film and it is always fun to see standalone action like this open the film.

After an experimental adventure in which Glen attempted to bore the audience to new levels of excitement we have Octopussy, not just entertaining because it has the word 'pussy' in the title but enjoyable in many ways, particularly in its winning mix of cold-war schcainary, racial stereotyping and countdown to Armageddon plotting.

The taxi chase, though exciting, is overloaded with gags.

The pre-credits sequence with an Acrostar mini jet is a hoot; there are plenty of chases, races against time, stunts, snappy gunplay and general rough and tumble.

By the way, itt's always interesting to see the intriguing Adams.

Roger Moore's penultimate outing as Bond is, like A VIEW TO A KILL, a surprisingly enjoyable treat.

Even with its flaws, however, "Octopussy" is one of the most entertaining - and re-watchable - James Bond films, and Moore's second best after "For Your Eyes Only".

Many Bond fans curiously look down on Moore's stint, no doubt because there was a little too much silly humor in his films but, to me, the Moore entrees are the most consistently entertaining.

After the last slow James Bond entry in 1981 ("For Your Eyes Only"), it was a pleasant surprise to find out that Agent 007 wasn't dying.

Well, those minor details aside, this is still an entertaining outing that has the usual amount of ingredients for a Bond adventure.

Whilst there are a couple of moments where the effects are visible they are still breathtaking enough for you to give them the benefit of the doubt, this was still the age when they did almost everything for real and I applaud them for that.

There are a lot of good comedy moments (especially when Moore is trying to hitch a ride to the circus, and finally steals a car) and, though all the actions scenes are for laughs, they are entertaining.

The villain Kamal Kahn and his brutal turban-wearing sidekick make for entertaining and semi-believable threats to the 00 Agent.

After the lame opening to the last movie, "Octopussy" provides one of the series' most exciting pre-title scenes; it is so inventive that I will say no more.

The pre credits scene is one of the most entertaining, with the Acrostar mini jet being chased by the missile, and the scene after the pre titles where 009 is hunted down and killed is quite eerie and very suspenseful.

The Movie is Entertaining, to a point, if Repeatedly Frustrating with its Silliness (the Tarzan yell).

" This is much better than it's follow up (A View To A Kill), and is very entertaining.

Ho-Hum Bond Film .

The villains aren't done very well, Octopussy herself is a bit of a bore and there are some annoyingly comic moments.

After a boring song over the opening credits, "All Time High" (definitely the worst song by far in any Bond movie) we have flat direction and ridiculous moments like the infamous Tarzan yell and the clown suit.

Overall it is still worth watching if you are a Bond fan and I suspect younger fans will get a good laugh from the silliness.

The plot is very exciting.

One of the most entertaining entries in the series .

The tone of "Octopussy " is uneven and yet is thoroughly entertaining throughout.

Wilson, and solid direction by John Glenn - making this an enjoyable 007 adventure from start to finish.

I literally fall asleep whenever I see that guy as James Bond.

I was paying pretty close attention to the story and I have to admit this one went off in a number of different directions that made things difficult to follow.

As such, many fans feel, with good reason, that Moore's later outings are silly, even unwatchable in places.

The tense buildup in the bomb countdown which has Bond donning clown makeup at one point is probably one of the most exciting in any Bond film.

It is adventurous, light, and immensely entertaining.

As I said, I personally liked Moore best and he probably peaked during 'The Spy Who Loved Me,' after that it was a slow descent into a little too much reliance on glib one-liners and parodies that would make Austin Powers blush.

Furthermore, in the contemporary age of CGI bloated blockbusters, Octopussy continues the 007 franchise tradition of being a testament to practical stunt work, with a series of superb action set pieces and chase sequences - the pre-credits plane chase is typical Moore silliness but exhilarating all the same, and later showdowns on top of a moving train, through the Indian jungle and atop a moving plane cement Octopussy as one of the most sturdily action packed Bond films.

Again, the cast and action pieces are what sell these films, but when you do very little to make me care about the characters and come up extremely short on the action, it is quite the bore.

In fact, it has a little too much going on, which is what gives it that disjointed feel.

It had the usual edge of your seat action sequences, the women, and the snappy one-liners, and a sense of urgency to once again stop some madman from blowing up the world.

People say it's forgettable or boring.

Firstly there was absolutely no plot to begin with, just an excuse for Moore to tell his corny jokes.

His henchman, who is a Bond cliché on legs, is wasted and not used enough.

OCTOPUSSY stands out as one of the most entertaining James Bond films.

It's a suspenseful spy movie that doesn't also yearn to be a wacky, winking blockbuster.

This is a very entertaining adventure with some excellent performances from the cast.

The jungle chase is clearly Raiders of the Lost Ark-derived, but it's exciting nonetheless.


The 6th worst Bond film overall, though probably one of the most enjoyable out of worst Bond films.

Most thoroughly enjoyable, fun Bond movie for a Friday night.

This colorful, atmospheric, often exciting international actioneer boasts several memorable scenes.

On the subject of music, John Barry delivers not only this song but another tender, evocative, poignant and romantic score, instantly recognizable for his own idiosyncratic style.

Ever so slightly below the previous film, but still very enjoyable.

Having seen most of my Bond movies on VHS years ago, I was under the impression that it was maybe "Octopussy" and "A view to a kill" which I found terminally boring...

If you can bypass/ignore the bouts of intrusive silliness, it's a thrilling, satisfying cold war yarn spun around a dense and twisty plot that includes a backdrop of smuggling, antique treasure forgeries and a rogue Russian general's plan to force the west to the point of unilateral nuclear disarmament by means of detonating an atomic device on European soil.

Overall enjoyable!

As the film goes on, however, the tone becomes more urgent as Bond finds out that Kamal Khan is involved in a plot with renegade Soviet general Orlov to detonate a nuclear bomb at an American base in Germany, forcing our hero to become involved in a thrilling race against time to defuse the bomb.

Over-The-Top Yet Ridiculously Fun & Entertaining .

Great villainous turns by Louis Jourdan and Steven Berkoff, that guy with the buzzsaw yoyo, and an exciting train sequence.

It's ridiculous and dare I say it boring and I despise the use of the word.

By no means is this Bond's "All-Time High" like Rita Coolidge's theme song says, but this is still a fun, suspenseful, action-packed entry in the Bond series.

There are some different compositions that add a more tropical flavour to proceedings and at many points the score is fantastic as a backdrop to some of the more intense scenes.

The action is non-stop, and makes many of today's releases look like complete bores.

Digging out another new culture to explore upon, this gives the writers enough space to distract the viewers with stunning set pieces brimmed with colorful lights and embroideries that somehow represents the rich culture along with the staged traditions of India.

Intriguing story filled with plenty of action sequences in exotic locations, with a light sprinkling of humor throughout.

The finale is jam-packed with action and kept me on the edge of my seat.

With all the drama, fights, chase-scenes on cars, trains and airplanes, and Bond's dry humor and witty remarks, this is one entertaining feature that will surely remain my favorite Bond adventure ever.

But for this film, the eight stars are for the sheer energy and work the crew have put into this film to make it funny, exciting and with heaps of stunts and action work.

It's entertaining from start to finish.

This is a pretty entertaining installment.

However, Octopussy is still one of the most entertaining Bond movies and deserved to be Moore's swansong.

I felt there were decent actions parts (nothing Compared to the old ones) and I felt that some parts of Were slow , which dragged the movie down.

Predictable Bond fare .

Still, somehow it's still a pretty entertaining movie.

The series was looking more like Matt Helm on a bigger budget, but it's still pretty fun and probably Roger Moore's last entertaining Bond film.

Theme Song: Rita Coolidge delivers one of the dullest themes of the series with 'All Time High'.

So, I'll give this film 8/10; sensual, evocative, poignant, extravagant, cutting-edge, and above all, reassuringly uplifting !

So I thought it be a good time, it carry on with the series were I left offToday I saw Octopussy 1983I really liked how this stated off , it was action Packed scene from the word go!

By this stage, Moore's Bond was a long way from the cold, ruthless killer devised by Fleming; he was an outlandish superhero, engaging in all manner of supposedly humorous, superhuman feats and dealing with every situation with his trademark quip-and-twinkle.

The plot, much like Moonraker and The Man with the Golden Gun, is simply too saturated with pointless twists, and you always feel that once again the writers, producers and director just threw some limp ideas together and linked them with pointless characters.

The 1960's and 70's movies are the classics, Yes I am including 'Moonraker' which in my opinion is cruelly underrated.. it's an exciting, lavishly produced roller-coaster of a film.

But on the other hand, Bond gets into a fight on the outside of a plane in mid-flight in this movie and that's just always exciting.

Nonetheless, it is still a very well-made, entertaining and action-packed entry, made all the more so by the fact that the action sequences and stunts were filmed for real without the benefit of computer generated technology.

The plot is simply convoluted and possibly hard to follow, and for much of the first time, the scenes where Bond courts with the women seems as dry as his Martinis.

For the most part, I was pretty bored, and may not be able to fully explain it.