Of Mice and Men (1992) - Drama, Western

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Two drifters, one a gentle but slow giant, try to make money working the fields during the Depression so they can fulfill their dreams.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Gary Sinise
Stars: John Malkovich, Gary Sinise
Length: 115 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 27 out of 205 found boring (13.17%)

One-line Reviews (86)

Worth watching.

This film shows the true side of people, their dreams and hopes, all wonderfully presented in an enjoyable and challenging fashion.

A gripping adaptation of Steinbeck's story, much like the 1939 version .

His smile, and enjoyable role make you want to watch this movie more closely than ever before, and lights up the big screen with hard working perseverance.

I was surprised how John Malkovich (who actually is known as playing all the 'bad guys' gave life to Lennie, so very convincing and fascinating, that some pupils of the class even found, that he's that way in reality ( they didn't know him...

I found myself both laughing (in a sad way) at Lenny's ineptness in dealing with a world clearly more confusing than his limited wits can manage, and crying over his being targeted for taunting and abuse by cruel and crude men, and ultimately done in by his brute strength when it was lacking the direction and temper given by his friend George.

If Lenny, the character was just merely a slow man, then why was he such a burden to George?

Mark Isham did the music track to this film and definitely made the movie a seat gripping experience when something were to occur.

this almost exactly the same as the original 1939 version,yet i found it a bit slow and not quite as compelling.

However, to my surprise it turned to be a worthwhile and gripping venture, well served by its cast.

It was so unexpected!

Some of the flashes of brilliance in the script are the opening sequence of the woman running scared into the camera, the opening and closing images of light falling on the dark insides of a train car, the empty bus ride that Steinbeck did not present.

After reading the book (2 times because my teacher is rather slow) I found that the movie is almost exactly like the book with the exception of 2 or 3 parts.

George shooting Lennie was a lot more unexpected than it was in the book.

She was repressed by her mother and taken advantage of by men who made her empty promises.

It was the little details in the film that I found fascinating.

But what made this movie so enjoyable to me was that it was not afraid to go in its own direction from time to time.

Thats what I thought of this book, worth watching.

The actors portrayed the characters very well, and Lennie is just as slow as I would have expected.

However, going into the film thinking this was going to be a dull boring movie was not what happened.

Like a car wreck that takes place in slow motion, the movie proceeds at a snail's pace through the few days from George & Lenny's arrival until the finale.

It was incredibly entertaining from cover to cover.

Its lack of change in camera shots and the extremely slow and boring screenplay did not interest me at all.

Even though Lennie is slow he is extremely strong and can crush anything or anyone with only one hand.

"If those who go the movies only want to waste time and to leave the theatre without having their mind being engaged in any fashion at all, then Hollywood is finally figuring out what type of movies make money.

A marvellous film, with stunning acting and heart wrenching scenes.

I'd recommend Of Mice and Men to anyone who's read the book and enjoyed it.

On most nights, Lennie insists that George recite a well-rehearsed speech about how lucky they are to have each other, culminating in a brilliantly evocative description of the "little house and a couple of acres" they are to purchase, in which they "live off the fatta the land" and Lennie will "tend to the rabbits" by feeding them freshly-grown alfalfa.

Of Mice and Men was a pretty good movie, and I quite enjoyed it.

The cinematography and editing are nice without drawing attention to themselves, and the well-written characters are what drive the compelling story forward.

sadly the plot is uneventful.

Linnie is a little bit slow, huge, and possesses incredible strength.

The movie was good, but somewhat confusing .

I think a lot of young kids would think this movie is boring, so there really pointing towards a older group of individuals.

The riveting story is a tale of two men whom travel together across the land to make money to fulfill their dreams.

Maybe because I never read the book, I kept looking away from my computer screen (I watched it on Hulu) because I was getting bored.

I especially thought that this wasn't shown at the end of the movie when George had to shoot Lennie in the head and didn't really show much hesitation, but in the novel it seemed much more drawn out where it made it seem much more harder for George to kill Lennie.

The film was really entertaining, as the music effects were set very good.

Lennie is a little bit slow and needs George to guide him and help him along the way.

If you want to see a really entertaining movie with a wonderful cast of actors and great writing this is it.

Someone argued that Curley's wife wanted to get Lennie on her side so that he would kill Curley and she would be free to leave.

This is one of the most powerful and visually stunning movies I've ever seen.

They are also highly depressing, and have a sort of ugly fascination about them, rather than being enjoyable or impressive.

Lennie is a sweet but slow man, who due to his learning difficulties and the stigma attached to that at the time, often ends up getting in trouble and the pair lose their jobs, and are forced to hit the road once again in search for new work.

I think John Malcovich did an amazing job playing as Lennie, because he had to act slow in the movie and also talk different.

John Malkovich was breathtaking in this performance.

Curly's wife is bored and left alone by Curly on the farm and always trying to talk to all the farm hands to spark Curly's anger.

It is a very fast paced film and it was straight to the point.

John Malkovich played a stunning roll as Lennie, and Gary Sinise could not have done a better job at re-creating such a great book into a movie.

Stunning and beautiful drama that everyone should see .

This movie is an intense experience; it will pull you in from the very beginning, and not let go until hours after you have finished watching it.

The music of this scene is slow and eerie and the scene is shown again at the end of the film.

In a bid to spare Lennie from a slow, agonising death, George takes Lennie to a private spot in the countryside and distracts Lennie by talking to him about their dream of owning a ranch together before reluctantly shooting him in the back of the head.

However at its core this is still an enjoyable story that is pretty well told and is engaging throughout.

But overall, there's a little too much unremittable pain to make watching 'Of Mice and Men' an entirely entertaining experience; you'll probably enjoy it more if you don't already know the story.

Absolutely stunning and beautiful .

The story is simple,but engaging and loveable.

It defines friendship and loyalty in the most beautiful and fascinating way.

In the book, George was really slow and precise about it.

Beautiful And Evocative Screen Version Of Legendary John Steinbeck Drama .

However I can not complain at all with this overall movie, I enjoyed it very much; it was what i was picturing in my head when i read the book.

When Curley (Casey Siemaszko) is violently harassing Lennie (John Malkovich), Malkovich is able to display the fear and confusion that Lennie feels before unleashing his true strength and crushing the hand of his adversary.

As such it an engaging and positive work.

However Lenny is mentally quite slow and, although gentle, always seems to get into some sort of trouble that George has to then help him escape from.

This a good movie, but if you get bored easily it might get long.

But overall the parts were very interesting and thrilling.

However in my opinion the 1992 film adaptation is a faithful and, more importantly, enjoyable adaptation of the source material.

For the left-brained, "just the facts, Mam" type of person, it is excruciatingly slow and tedious.

This is more cinematic because without the consistent change of setting and actors, the audience will get bored.

Book to film adaptations need to stop being done by bland actors who are only supported by one or two huge roles (that may not even be that good).

a profound lesson about an empty circle.

The different methods of transportation, the added scenes in the barn sequence, and the meeting between George and Curley's wife make the movie more entertaining rather that a montage of long, boring moments.

It was years later when I finally saw the rest of the movie on TV, out of boredom mostly, only to discover I was right about my predictions on how the rest of the story would be.

The acting by Gary Sinise (who played George) truly breathtaking.

There were some parts of the movie where it was very dramatic and there were some parts of the movie where it was very boring.

These twos adventures in the movie really have you on the edge of the seat.

I will always remember this as the first movie I walked out on before it was over.

Equally stunning is the film's music by Mark Isham--the man who grabbed my attention in "Never Cry Wolf", "Mrs Soffel" and "A Midnight Clear".

John Malkovich did an excellent job as Lennie, portraying him as that innocent, slow guy he is.

With his presence in the movie, it makes the whole thing enjoyable.

Although he didn't look the same in my head, Lennie was slow and didn't understand everything spoken to him.

I really thought of Lennie as a normal guy just very slow, not stuttering and childish sounding.

Very Enjoyable .

In my opinion, this was confusing.

I had the opportunity to read Steinbeck's book at school and to watch the movie after we discussed the book, and I have to say that the movie is even better than the novel.!!George and especially Lennie are played in such a gripping way that I fell in love with the movie at once.

The movie is bursting with exciting twists and turns, with exceptional acting by all characters.