Olympus Has Fallen (2013) - Action, Thriller

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Disgraced Secret Service agent (and former presidential guard) Mike Banning finds himself trapped inside the White House in the wake of a terrorist attack; using his inside knowledge, Banning works with national security to rescue the President from his kidnappers.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Antoine Fuqua
Stars: Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart
Length: 119 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 162 out of 714 found boring (22.68%)

One-line Reviews (596)

OHF is one of the worst movies ever made.

'Olympus Has Fallen' is predictably flag-waving, but so unrelentingly straight-faced that it becomes wearisome and even tedious in places.

The plot was somewhat cliché when it comes to an action/thriller movie.

Despite these few flaws, this movie is truly entertaining and among the strongest films of the not so young year 2013.

Speaking of propaganda, way to promote the increase for the defense budget, I was surprised not see John McCain's name in the production bill.

Action packed brainless shootemup movie.

The script is very well written and captures all of the necessary aspects that you would look for in a suspenseful action thriller like this.

Olympus Has Fallen may be one of the most predictable films I have seen in a while.

But as it stands, an enjoyable action flick for those moments in your life where you don't want to think.

Another cliché is opening scenes in which the characters are showed as the perfectly happy familial unit-something that can just be taken for granted and never makes good screen time.

This is a fast paced bloody and let me preface bloody film.

, and there are plenty of clichés along the way, but when the mix is just right, the result is pretty enjoyable.

Meanwhile, everyone's favorite key player, Morgan Freeman, really seems bored in each scene, as if he's only there to occupy the cameraman's attention.

Flynn's book was a lot more exciting because it focused on the hero, in this story's case Mike Banning (Gerard Butler), and not on all the extraneous people in the Pentagon or Homeland Security.

Besides a subplot involving his friendship with the tiresome First Child, and an odd running theme involving him knifing people in the head, the actor barely gets anything to do.

It's one thing to be patriotic while injecting moderate dosages of propaganda (think ZERO DARK THIRTY).

Cheesy lines, antiquated CG (most video games can do much better), hyper-highly predictable.

Gerard Butler plays a believable and compelling hero, hard-nosed and devoid of annoyances that limit most action stars.

"Olympus Has Fallen" is a formulaic blockbuster action film.

Moving on , film pitches some good intense scenes and with Butler entering the scene and taking out tough guy raises the eyeball.

Frankly our hero Gerard Butler is pretty bland too.

There is a certain amount of disbelief that one must go through for most movies to be enjoyable for the reason it is meant to be enjoyed.

The plot was wildly predictable to the point where it was just obvious.

Korea)/Interrogation (USA), lots of profanity, empty threats, and speeches.

The ending is a bit corny, and I'm sure that the body count is more than Rambo, but that's what makes the movie enjoyable.

Overall, Olympus Has Fallen is a very entertaining film that reminds me of 80's action films and such films like Die Hard and Air Force One.

It was thrilling and a fun ride.

But overall this movie is a complete waste of your time and brainpower.

And although some parts just gets really dumb, it's still entertaining to a degree.

Every Time i thought i could predict what was next something even better and intense suddenly happened.

There are a lot of people out there that would find this movie disgusting and unnecessary, but if you can handle the intense blood baths, there still isn't a lot left to fulfill...

You'll be watching something far more exciting and original than Olympus.

That sequence is the single most impressive part of Antoine Fuqua's paranoid propaganda piece.

Anyway the movie is action packed and displays some cool weapon systems for fans of military technology.

Olympus has fallen is just a stunning piece of filming, l would like to see very soon The Making Of....

I enjoyed it a lot.

So I watched this movie today to see if this 'other' White House Ambush-movie is as entertaining as White House Down.

The script has been seen over and over again, is predictable from start to finish and offers no surprise or twist whatsoever: a secluded group in a confined environment saved by a solitary hero...

The plot, such as it is, is an utterly predictable and pedestrian exercise in "let's rip off everyone else's movies and hope no one notices".

Do yourself a favor and watch this when it comes on a boring TV Thursday night three years from today!

Cliché, cheesy, inane, boring, predictable ...

I found little about this film entertaining or even redemptive.

It's stuff blowing up, mindless explosions, a hokey overly contrived story that is a mixture of past action films and set pieces that make absolutely no sense.

While a terrorist attack on the White House seems as cheesy as it can get, the movie portrays it in a way that is somewhat believable but more importantly, extremely entertaining.

It is thoroughly entertaining, quite violent and sometimes shocking.

Don't Waste Your Time or Money .

Non-stop thrilling action that you can not afford to miss.

8 out of 10 for exciting action, realism and just sit back enjoy the show and don't ask too many questions.

So if you're into boring effects, graphics, and no edgy type movie.. join the club with my girlfriend.

One of the worst movies ever made.

If not for the 3 stars in this film, it would be another cheap action film, with a flimsy transparent plot, and a drawn out conclusion.

predictable .

Jingoist Hollywood Propaganda Trash.

Just thrilling fun.

In my opinion this is pure (badly made) propaganda.

A somehow ludicrous action movie, very loud, violent, and (maybe too much) patriotic, that looks a bit like a Die Hard film but lacks the wit, humor and adrenaline that made that a classic Hollywood production.

All said this film is an awesome action flick, despite it's cliché moments, plot holes, and American vomiting patriotism.

Overall 5/10 for the graphic and predictable, but suspenseful Olympus Has Fallenrecommendation, wait for the DVD.

When I saw this movie with my dad, every scene was like predictable.

Butler is bad ass here, holding his own and taking no prisoners, He has several exciting fight sequences and for whatever reason there are also several knife fights involved despite the amount of guns lying around.

It has been awhile since Gerard Butler has lead an action packed film on this level, and he certainly doesn't disappoint.

this is policy nowadays in the movie industry, (especially the so called horror pictures where nothing happens for 70 minutes and in the last 20 minutes, they cram all the action and the gore in...

it has it's moments of downfall, as any film will, but they recover nicely from these faults and the action packed plot keeps you engaged.

When it feels more like a propaganda film my intelligence is insulted.

Overall and entertaining movie.

The worst part was the plot, both how completely implausible it is and how predictable it is at almost every turn.

But they are fun entertaining movies most of the time.

What an utter waste of time, money and brain cells.

The story is predictable like most action movies.

Instead, Fuqua delivers thrill after thrill with brutal adrenaline-pumping precision, and as a diverting slice of action entertainment, it is as perfect as it gets.

One of the worst movies I have seen in the past 2 years .

Full of plot holes you could fly a B2 Bomber through, you need to suspend belief entering the theater and expect that this formulaic action flix and the Roland Emmerich outing this summer are Independence Day level fantasy.

you will see when a plane crashing down in the middle of the town - and exclusively - white house, the cars and traffic are just flowing normally as if nothing happens.. the using of animation is also not very smooth.

The fight scenes are so intense and couldn't have been done better.

This movie is up there in the league of 'The Rock' with Nick Cage & Sean Connery and 'Air Force One' with Harrison Ford and Glenn Close, in terms of entertaining audience with a great plot, non-stop action from start to finish, and how the hero saves the day in the nick of time.

The movie is just action packed fun to sit and enjoy, if you love well made and entertaining action films, then rest assure, you will NOT be disappointed with Olympus Has Fallen.

Nothing special, but enjoyable.

Another review characterizes this movie as a waste of time and money.

We're initially led to believe that this might offer a story of personal redemption, when it's in fact a rudimentary action flick with little purpose beyond entertaining the regular American viewer.

If you enjoy action movies then you should sit down and watch "Olympus Has Fallen", if you haven't already seen it, because it is quite entertaining.

After watching the movie, I left the theater covered in American RA RA Patriotism which had been puked all over me, especially at the end.

laughing (at how poor it was), crying (at what a waste of 2 precious hours of my life this was).

Either the us government pays for this kind of movies, or there are still hordes of brainwashed, cholesterol-driven Americans, who enjoy and believe this kind of propaganda bullshit.

OK, basically it's an enjoyable movie.

My advice is that if you are a big Die Hard fan, then you will probably like this movie, if you are watching this because it has some great actors and you're expecting something new and wonderful, don't waste your time, you will be sorely disappointed.

Popcorn fodder with a formulaic plot .

It is so predictable that you already know the ending before you watch it.

Even as action packed their is more than enough character development all throughout so i't doesn't feel like you've watched the entire movie and really don't have a feel for the characters.

It's just a cheap replica of movies like Die Hard, In the line of fire and Airforce One mashed up into a sad uninteresting mess.

I'm giving it an 8 because for me it was entertaining, not boring, good action, and because I was just in Washington a few days ago and it was thrilling to see places I visited blow up (just for movie/fictional purposes of course).

In short, this movie was a waste of time.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

This is an efficient thriller designed to put you on the edge of your seat and keep you there till the very end.

Surprisingly dull and desperately in need of a sense of fun .

Somehow,even with all these flaws,the movie is enjoyable.

It is entertaining and it gets the job done.

The rest is done by unexpected ground forces appearing to be tourist.

I could not stop screaming while watching the movie because it was so action packed.

Watching this American propaganda made me feel awkward.

It's a thriller, suspense, with a lot of on the edge of your seat type feel.

Olympus has Fallen, then, is a enjoyable action film with good acting performances, but lacks the comedy that WHD has and I think the action is actually more exciting in said film.

This was an excellent movie, I enjoyed it as I have not enjoyed an action movie in years.

This IS in fact exciting, and Butler is actually pretty good as the lead.

Some will cry foul and say that its predictable and rehashed material and in some aspects they would be right.

Entertaining, but totally unrealistic and contrived .

Calling this film formulaic is demeaning to formulas.

In Olympus Has Fallen, this movie is filled with unexpected twist and turns, the main premise of the movie is when POTUS security has been compromise and a force of evil doers take over the White House, aka Olympus.

I found myself groaning at much of the flag waving propaganda.

"All those bullets, all those explosions, and still boring.

Go see this if you've had a heavy night and want to clear your hangover and have an afternoon doze otherwise save your money.

Every dumb stupid over the top Die Hard action cliché was crammed in this production.

At least a secondary firing caught the slow boat.

It is so predictable.

It's fun and entertaining and had me glued to the television from beginning to end.

This is also American propaganda movie, about honor and how everybody love their country.

This flik was a waste of time and money.

Rick Yune as the villain was as bland as Butler was the hero, and like all action films, the story's usually as good as how evil the antagonist is, which fell a little bit short on both counts.

Ridiculous and over the top but VERY enjoyable.

The action is intense including gun fights, explosions, stabbings, head shots, did I say stabbings?

On the whole a very good action movie even though it was fairly predictable in it's outcome.

Olympus Has Fallen has fallen to many clichés which do not work, and by the final act the film because tiresome.

I bet I could get by with simply saying that in this film, the White House falls victim to an unexpected attack from a Korean terrorist group and it's up to a Secret Service agent and a whole gang of suits to save the president and the country.

Aaron Eckhart is still finding it hard in my view to top the performance he gave us in Dark Knight, but notwithstanding if you are game for some unrealistic event towards making an action packed, one man hero movie… then this is a movie you should see, if you are not… maybe you should miss this one.

m)When USA flag is falling, times goes slower.

If you want to watch a terrible propaganda film and laugh go with Battleship.

This movie was a very enjoyable popcorn flick that will definitely keep your attention the entire way through.

I am absolutely stunned and mad at myself for renting this movie: - Story line - predictable and uninteresting - Acting - awful and cheesy - Special effects - a 20 year old movie such as Jurassic Park has more credible effects - Overall - bad taste and quite frankly: pure stupidityConsidering the usual calibre of the actors of this movie, I can only explain this absolutely dreadful experience to the poor abilities of the Director and the producers of "Olympus Has Fallen'.

Several times while watching this, I felt like yelling out or do something to release some adrenaline.

This movie is an entertaining, action and tension filled thriller in the key of the Die Hard series where terrorists attack the White House from the inside and menace American society and have to be stopped by a disgraced lone wolf who wants to clear his name and save his country.

More than a few people get their hair mussed in this fun, action packed thriller.

What a making and thrilling experience for the watcher by Antoine Fuqua.

I must say it is worth watching and it can be enjoyable.

I read the reviews for this movie before I watched it, and even though most of the reviews that I read said that this was a bad movie because it was over the top and had cut-out stereotypical characters, I still thought it was a great action packed movie and was on par with The Die Hard series or even The Expendables.

I've seen all of these cliché sequences before.

That's all I ask from my 2 hours of entertaining.

And parts of it I found strangely predictable.

Boring .

Aaron Eckhart is also enjoyable as President Asher, a character that tries to be nearly as tough as Banning.

I thought it was pretty entertaining.

What makes the story worthwhile will be the sheer amount of conflict and stakes that are raised; absurd, perhaps, but definitely gripping.

Predictable yes, with workmanlike direction and brick by brick suspense building.

Like Milius' Red Dawn (though not quite as accomplished technically), it's both completely indefensible substantively and yet a very enjoyable action film all the same.

Don't waste your time watching this, if you want a movie that makes more sense and logic, watch Tom and Jerry then.

As a mindless blockbuster, it's thoroughly entertaining, thanks to its fine direction and well-driven suspense.

I'd highly recommend it.

I found the ruthlessness of the leader Khan to be very intimidating to watch as he showed no mercy in executing the hostages, to often in movies these days terrorists bluff with killing there hostages and it becomes repetitive.

I highly recommend it.

The violence is incredibly sadistic, including one unwatchable beating, or blurred because of the incoherence of Fuqua's overwrought hand-held cameras and dim lighting.

It doesn't mean it can't be fun however, or at least entertaining for those who get pumped for watching hasty gunfights and explosions go off in the White House (take Roland Emmerich's 'Independence Day' for example).

It gets boring if everyone just uses guns.

gripping and well worth an 11 .

It was boring as hell.

Shoot the boredom.

Olympus Has Fallen is a pulse-pounding action thriller that though lack novelty, stands strong as an entertaining action popcorn flick with solid special effects and an surprisingly rewarding role by Gerard Butler.

It's simply just intense destruction and violence.

The action sequences that follow hinge on cheap patriotic sentiment, including an unintentionally comical image of an American flag falling in slow motion, but without any deeper themes or meaning, they become boring and repetitive.

Stay away from this film, it is propaganda crap that almost makes the movie Battleship look good.

Everything about this movie was horrible and predictable.

Decent action, but somehow just too trite.

Don't waste your time and money.

The film will provide enough adrenaline rush for its targeted action-film-lovers.

They have awed viewers to the point of boredom and the wow factor has long since faded.

The cliché has risen .

At least it was extremely exciting so if you can suspend believe its going to be a great hour and a half of action, outrageous bloodshed and some decent special effects.

The preposterous, cliché, stupid plot that a terrorist can find out about a top secret American project that even top flight Americans don't know is beyond believable.

Thrilling movie....

This movie is basically a 101 in cliché's to avoid.

It is heart-stopping because there are moments that are thrilling, meaning you do not know what will happen until it actually happens.

They make several incredibly slow passes over DC, and nothing takes them out?

It gets boring really quick.

The scenes that were held to build dramatic tension were merely boring, and every minute that I watched it, I said, "please, let something good happen now.

Creds for the fight scenes as well, it was brutal and they really made Butler look professional in this movie, he was fast, knew the right fighting tactics and it was intense, i really liked it.

These slight propaganda attitudes seem to have for goal to challenge the nation's enemies and to make people believe that the United States of America are still going strong despite the economic crisis and the events that made Afghanistan and Iraq a second or third Vietnam.

Thrilling action flick .

You will be on the edge of your seat.

But putting that aside I for one thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.

Mostly predictable yet ENTERTAINING.

Overall, anyone wanting to watch a gripping action-adventure will probably find this film of interest.

" automatically rates 1 star and has to work its way up from the cliché outhouse pit.

If you don't care, this is a very entertaining movie.

" It just seemed like the ideal time for a suspenseful finish.

Everything was predictable; there were no surprises.

We do not get spared from violent fight scenes which were graphic and bloody, and that is good since we came into this film expecting an adrenaline rush, and indeed we will get that.

This is a mixture of Action and boring stuff"As our national security team scrambles to respond, they are forced to rely on Banning's inside knowledge to help retake the White House, save the President and avert an even bigger disaster".

My best advice: save your money for something better, or wait to rent 'Olympus' for a buck.

It might be due to my fear of being invaded by another country, but either way I was on the edge of my seat.

I think this movie is principally a piece of propaganda to tell the viewing public how truly awful the North Koreans are so if the US invade any day now, don't you go feeling sorry for them.

I highly recommend it.

Though predictable, it was like Die Hard - Commando action packed movie.

But despite that, director Antoine Fuqua managed to put together a wholesome entertaining movie.

OK the United-State Army have been describe very poorly in consideration of the fact the reacting to the attack is very slow.. and ridiculous ?????

If you can suspend disbelief about the attack, it's a thrilling tale of dedication to one's job and the redemption of a hero after having fallen from grace.

Enjoyable action thriller if you don't expect realism .

For those who ask me if Olympus Has Fallen is worth seeing, or for that matter, entertaining, I will politely tell them "not really," explain why, then steer them towards something more substantial like Spring Breakers.

Olympus Has Fallen is correct, fallen into my top 10 list of worst movies I have ever seen.

If it's meant as a propaganda piece on the prevailing nature of American might and spirit, it fails abysmally.

I truly think the movie is well worth watching at least twice.

I really enjoyed it and usually I pick at movies like this.

There's nothing wrong with offering a film such as this, so long as its entertaining.

This was the worst movie I have ever seen.

Preposterous paranoid propaganda.

stunning .

The ending was predictable.

This movie is as implausible as the Die Hards but at the same time just as enjoyable, although less humorous and rather more graphic - there is a huge amount of gun fire and plenty of bloody splatter.

This was formulaic with an absurd plot - which constantly contradicted itself.

The movie was well scripted, entertaining, great action scenes, plot keeps you entertained and wanting to find out more, great one liners, and a true patriotic American ending where the whole audience clapped once the bad guy was killed and at the end of the film.

Great Special Effects But Predictable Action Film .

Both Freeman and Eckhart (who I both adore from their roles in The Dark Knight) give the movie that extra smack of acting talent that an action film such as this needs to remain exciting and alive.

But no need to worry, there is an entertaining, if unoriginal plot to be handed here; and not without an amazing plethora of special effects to feed the eyes of action flick junkies.

But I think one must see that it's always hard for the movie makers to do the split between an authentic or realistic plot and visually stunning pictures.

Very realistic and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

For those who love fully action packed thriller and looking forward for that, Is it a must watch movie ???

It's not a perfect film, but more than competent, continually engaging, and, in the highest praise I can offer, worth full price.

The hero is cookie cutter and bland, actually all the characters are.

The movie has a lot of good action scenes, good plot, was well acted and was intense.

Pointless .

In the semi-ruins of the White House a semi-renegaded secret agent fights empty-handed to bring back the Universe in balance.

Good fun and very Entertaining .

Worth watching!

The middle is, well trash as well… Patriotism and propaganda it seems is ABSOLUTELY all Hollywood is about these days.

Seriously: This is propaganda at it's best.

Stuck in a drab house, even if it is THE White House, all the action takes place amidst hallways and ordinary rooms.

This movie is worth watching.

Truly.. the ending with the President's speech and the flag scene was so mind boggling sickening it defied belief...

An action packed entertainer with unrealistic story .

It will provide nearly two hours of entertainment in a format which fills the classic plot structure for an engaging action drama.

Great Action Flick, But Predictable .

The writing of the story, the directing, acting, special effects and sound, and the numerous intense action scenes all contributed to one of the best movies we've seen in a long time.

It follows the same formula as other movies in the genre and was predictable at every turn.

The main problem with this movie was how predictable it was.

Fuqua's tense direction gave the movie a suspenseful tone.

Ultra-violent action movie with too many tedious stretches .

Meaning there has to be at least some possibility of the events happening to make the movie enjoyable and here, despite the decent cast of actors, the film fails miserably.

Fuqua thinks he's being "realistic" and "shocking", but the effect is something else; desensitising, exploitative, a kind of pornographic corporeality in which imagination is bulldozed by banal literalism.

I love suspenseful, action films; I love military films; I love patriotic films.

This is probably the worst movie I have seen this year.

It reminds me of the action movies from the '80's and '90's, with it's adrenaline pumping suspenseful opening to it's nail biting finish, this movie delivers.

Olympus Has Fallen feature a interesting story and plot with intense moments and that's what the film builds and feeds off is your emotions and your adrenaline.

there is suspension of disbelief, but it's been a while since we had a film was thrilling to watch, that didn't have looking at me watch or running outside to the bathroom or to text that I regretted spending my cash.

But in the end the thrilling start of the movie sets the pace for the rest of the movie.

Really, don't waste your time.

The two hours fly by very rapidly, there is lots of action and fighting etc. and it is entertaining.

Yeah, if this movie was released in the 80's with the likes of Rambo, perhaps people would have enjoyed it.

The movie is action packed from start to finish and several scenes are very intense.

Was it a complete waste of time?

Because the movie is a huge sloppy kiss for the propaganda of this bs "war on terror" foisted on the world by the American administration and complicit partners.

The opening attack on the White House is extremely intense and a real slap in the face.

Also what a terrible way of showing character dimension in a propaganda film.

The action, while starting strongly with an intense extended assault on the White House lawn, degenerates into dimly lit grappling in Presidential corridors.

Don't waste your time watching thisIts just pure crap, it looks like one of the Bruce Willis movie.

This guy is boring and have near to no charisma.

It's been a while since I've seen such an enjoyable action film like this one.

The film takes itself too seriously and at times becomes unpleasant to watch, while as can be expected, the writers clearly used a cliché book to write it.

This film was passably entertaining as a 'watch it once' action thriller, but only if you can ignore the ludicrous patriotism and propaganda that swamps the film, nearly from start to finish.

The effects were appalling, the "goofs" plain silly, and the storyline so predictable it was obvious from the first 15 minutes.

Those combinations make Olympus Has Fallen great and one of the most entertaining Action films of the year.

Even within the first 5 minutes it is thrilling and exciting.

The movie is fun, intense and full of high energy.

It's all about making you feel it's real and keeping you on the edge of your seat.

You wouldn't expect it, but Antoine Fuqua directs the film in a tense manner and however little you care you're often on the edge of your seat.

Olympus Has Fallen is an overall entertaining popcorn action movie for it's two hour length that I really enjoyed.

The acting is a bit cardboard dry and the bad guys are very cliché.

The fact is I enjoyed it and I'm not ashamed to say so!

Really, don't waste your time watching this movie.

Some very intense shoot them up scenes, filled with modern weapons surely used to combat the new war on terror.

I am sick of these so-called blockbuster movies coming out from the Hollywood production line that are, quite frankly, a waste of everyone's time.

A Brainless and Cheesy, But Nevertheless Entertaining Die Hard Cloe .

All the rest is a painfully boring cliché.

Illogical but Enjoyable action Flick .

I would say that despite the simplicity of the story-line, the film is gripping, to say the least.

It doesn't matter that they are made as by a cookie cutter, that they have clichéd (and contrived) themes, characters and images.

What transpired was gripping and felt real, especially in the light of current affairs.

movie is a predictable one but it saves with the mind blowing action sequences ...

By the way, I see many films that are consensus picks by folks that want to see something they can never understand, people that equate art with a mish mash of camera angles and trite philosophy served up by cynical directors that could never land a job at McDonalds, and I don't savage what they might like on here.

A very enjoyable 2 hours spent.

Olympus has Fallen goes down another avenue, and literally uses every cliché in modern cinema, back to back, repeatedly, both visually and in dialog.

In that, its enjoyable.

We leave the theater shouting "America!

This movie is perfect the big screen and I saw as my maiden experience with RPX® (Regal Premium Experience), the seats are comfy and the sound is intense at Regal at Atlantic Station.


The cast was good and the action was pretty intense.

If you love the adrenaline rush of an action film then you'll love this movie.

The C-130 scenes are exciting.

"Olympus Has Fallen" kept us on the edge of our seats waiting for Gerald Butler to come to the Rescue and he does in flying colors.

I was too busy receiving my insane adrenaline rush that I got from this movie.

Video Game/ Worst Movie in a Long Time/ True 1/10 .

Right from the tear jerking long slow scene of an American flag with bullet holes, slowly fluttering down from the Whitehouse roof, to the part where they dare to hurt the beloved President!

Predictable .

Cruddy dialog, predictable scenes.

Overall, the plot is pretty dumb; it's sometimes too stupid to even comprehend and it is of course extremely far-fetched but the action is pretty good and really entertaining.

It goes WAY beyond that - descending even lower than the mark set by the silly, trite, cliché plot and character developments (yes it's oh-boy dumb).

But save your money and wait for the rental.

From the moment he disabled the White House security cameras, I just knew Agent Banning would lead a one man assault and retake the white house despite the dozens of secret service agents being taken down by the terrorists and then this movie became boring and predictable.

If Antoine Fuqua wanted to make a more cliché movie, he couldn't, Olympus Has Fallen gathering absolutely all the stereotypes of the Hollywood action movie.

Most key elements of this movie are very predictable.

Formulaic and exasperatingly unbelievable .

Yet this movie was full of the most amazing, entertaining action.

The whole thing was boring, and the only reason my mother and I were laughing in the theater was because of the people 2 rows down, crunching on their corn like cows at a grain feeder, and the people behind us so wrapped up in it they were gasping and snickering at the awful one liners.

Waste of time .

"One of my top five worst movies of this generation.

When i suggested my friends to watch this movie they all enjoyed it so much.

Don't waste your money on it, wait till it shows on HBO on a very very boring night.

Instead, it's just a very solid, enjoyable action movie and that is surely enough.

At one point, Morgan Freeman actually has to send out for coffee just to keep himself awake through this dreary and interminable exercise.

Solid plot line, exciting, interesting, well written and acted, great directing.

A terror fueled, Action Packed, Patriotic-Heroic Movie.

Good effects and great job by the cast, Gerard Butler got to be a badass and keeps the movie enjoyable.

All in all, it's worth watching with some friends once or twice.

This has to be the worst movie I have watched in my entire life.

This movie is intense!

Sooo worth watching.

Ignore the flag waving propaganda and plot holes, and enjoy it for what it is .

Excellent and thoroughly enjoyable action movie.

An intriguing character and Butler does justice to the role.

What does that say about our taste and common sense are we that bored for entertainment?

Because Gerard Butler is such a BA that he makes this movie incredibly entertaining.

There are so many inconsistencies in this that it is unbearable to watch.

Olympus Has Fallen benefits from a few moderately suspenseful instances, regardless of how perfunctory they may seem (take the subplot involving President Asher's kid), and does boast a solid set of special effects to go along with it.

Unwatchable .

Too incredible to be any entertaining .

Derivative and poorly scripted, Olympus Has Fallen will put you to sleep with its sluggish pacing and relentlessly dull action scenes, or make your skin crawl with its chest-beating and laughable celebration of all things born in good old USA.

Also, I've been seeing a lot of Morgan Freeman lately, to the point of boredom.

Highly predictable too.

Either watch for your own assessment of it's failings, or save your money and see a more worthwhile film.

The only props we can give it is that it goes full bore — from the gore to the body count, to the premise itself, no holds barred.

This movie is what it is "an Actioner" and I enjoyed it.

An enjoyable movie .

The acting was excellent, the story line was great and the action kept you on the edge of your seat.

Olympus Has Fallen is not going to be any memorable, but it pleasures for those who wants to see some nerve shattering explosions and genuinely exciting action.

* Camera and Direction : were engaging with fantastic pixels in every scenes ....

Ignoring every logical aspect of how to enter the heart of a city with a fully armored airplane, the fact that the US-helicopters are slower than garbage trucks and a perfectly equipped special North Korean army, outnumbering local security, can move freely within Washington, this movie is the perfect popcorn cinema event for action lovers and US-fanatics.

In final word,if you love Action films,I highly suggest you see Olympus Has Fallen,an entertaining,old fashioned Action film that is well worth your time.

Over all it was tense, exciting, absorbing and entertaining.

The most preposterous and ridiculous 'DIE HARD' redo yet but it is entertaining.

Unwatchable - Lazy - Insulting - Garbage .

The action isn't particularly entertaining (aside from the initial assault), quickly becoming repetitive and with surprisingly shoddy CGI for $70 million dollar actioner.

The action is well done and exciting.

Fairly enjoyable experience.

The little screen time she had, she nailed every second with an intense performance.

Rent it or get it on Netflix when it comes out and save your money.

Predictable for the most part.

A pathetic propaganda flic.

Although ridiculous to a nearly absurd level and is essentially nothing more than a Die Hard clone, but this is still an enjoyable action movie if you can get past some of it's flaws.

Overall I very much enjoyed it, and I own it on DVD, and it's sequel, London Has Fallen is just as awesome.

WEAKNESSES :- * Story : becomes predictable ...

A fine piece of North Korean propaganda.

Predictable Action Film Running on Fumes .

The cheap CGI makes the movie visually dull.

The action is intense and nearly non-stop after the opening 15-20 minutes of the film.

It is entertaining though.

Faulty but entertaining .

The idea sounds preposterous nonetheless, but the film's only ambition is to be over the top thrilling.

Definitely full of action - a bit more bloodshed shown than I expected, but still a very great, fast paced movie worth your time.

And, of course, it was very predictable.

Mike Banning is a great character who is definitely in the same mode as Action icon John McClane,with Mike being an individual who is tough and can always handle himself in a intense and violent situation.

I love movies involving politics and presidents (even if they are fake like Air Force One or the American President), and this one seemed exciting.

Remember back in the late 80s all the way up to the mid-90s when there was a lot of Die Hard-inspired Action films whether it was on a bus(Speed),mountain(Cliffhanger),sea or an airplane(Air Force One)Olympus Has Fallen a solid,entertaining Action film can be best described as Die Hard In The White House and if you like Die Hard or any Die Hard inspired Action movie you will like Olympus Has Fallen.

The constant mindless/meaningless violence scenes get boring after 5 minutes or so, and you can't be bothered to pay any attention anymore.

Honestly, don't waste your time with this horrible film.

The film is very enjoyable and not a cliché and predictable action movie,and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good action or thriller.

Keeping politics and trivial subjective criticism aside, this movie was thoroughly enjoyable.

Every time you expected to see an actor pull out a cliché, the characters had amazing restraint.

Next problem, the film is dull.

This movie's contrived dumbness has worn off on me.

For an action movie, the acting is good, the gunfights are intense, the hand-to-hand is brutal, and the patriotism flows as readily as the blood from the bad guys skulls.

Olympus has fallen just doesn't seem to follow that same line; Antoine Fuqua and his special effects team create a powerful visual experience that is sure to satisfy, and an unpredictable plot that will spark so many different emotions you will just be left in awe.

This was a refreshing and unexpected surprise because you don't often see this sort of interaction in action movie's, especially between two male actors.

Needless to say I really enjoyed it and will watch it again.

If you have brain at all, don't waste time & money for this.

Then comes the cliché heroic music stings that are heard one too many times.

Gritty, visceral and entertaining.

The tourists becoming terrorists was also an unexpected event for me.

Olympus Has Fallen is an intense action thriller that will keep you interested from start to finish.

But the excesses the director goes through to make a riveting tale turn the film into a comic book fantasy rather than something more chillingly plausible as the film version of Tom Clancy's "The Sum of All Fears.

Fuqua's White House sets are unconvincing, his CGI is terrible, his action sequences are devoid of either tension or imagination, his screenplay plays like a cliché conveyor belt and his violence is depressingly cruel and crude, women beaten and waves of humans mechanically gunned down.

It had every element of that series, from the action, acting, plot twists, characters and snappy dialogue.

There's even a torture sequence, which contains some hilarious dark humor.

Enjoyable Action with Character .

Melissa Leo, only three years removed from her Oscar win, screams a pledge of allegiance as she is dragged through the hallway, making all of us wine in embarrassment.

It's just another fumbling picture of poorly disguised American propaganda, a typical product for the internal market.

The film has a slow start.

To go a little bit deeper, just to waste a bit more time, Aaron Eckhart is President Benjamin Asher, who is in office when the White House gets violently attacked, Gerard Butler is Mike Banning, a former Army Ranger now serving as a Secret Service agent, and Morgan Freeman is Allan Trumbull, the Speaker of the House who becomes the acting president when Asher is taken as a hostage in the bunker of the house by the terrorist group.

All in all, it's just patriotic propaganda for the average American.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, I highly recommend it.

As it seems to be trendy to conquer the White House cinematically this summer, "Olympus has fallen" tries to present the unpleasant scenario superficially and action packed.

Most modern day action movies are either PG-13 kiddie flicks with explosions every two minutes or boring, trying too hard action movies like this one that think a lot of mindless violence is all you need to make a satisfying movie.

While the action slows down after that, it still is a nice slow burn until the ending.

2 hours of riveting action and mesmerizing entertainment.

Probably not, but this movie knew what it was and it did what it aimed to do well: be entertaining and awesome.

Another cliché common in action movie hogwash is the completely over-the-top and bombastic soundtrack.

Utter waste of time.

In a gripping action movie which has some tender moments too ,it deserves to be the box office smash it is.

In my opinion, this is a fast-pace thrilling action movie that keeps you glued to the seat.

Further to all of that, many of the plot elements were so unbelievable, and frankly predictable.

Unoriginal but enjoyable .

But it's just very entertaining to watch Gerard Butler as the secret service guy kicking ass and taking names.

This was a defense industry propaganda film front-to-back.

Usually terrorist movies are depicting crazed killers from the middle east but this is a nice twist and very entertaining from the start till the finish.

Turned out to be flat, little boring & I didn't care about characters.

Worst Movie in a Decade .

Anyway, it's all cliché in that the terrorists take the president and hold him for ransom from the government and, additionally, request codes for nuclear missiles.

If you don't expect too much from this, it's really quite an exciting movie.

Quite entertaining actually...

If you go in with an extremely specific set of expectations about what you want from an action thriller, it is likely to leave you satisfied.

The actions and character interactions are quite predictable and generic but the direction it goes makes this a entertaining popcorn flick.

In a cliché with a capital C, he does just that, reunites with Leah and is redeemed by the President.

Jingoistic, racist, ultra-violent, simplistic crap - young male white über-hero single-handedly saves the American president, yawn...

American propaganda movie .

Putting the pointless back-story aside, the opening of the film may hold your attention for a good bit.

Even the North Koreans would have made a more realistic movie, this is bad even for propaganda.

Everyone left the theater with an 'awe'!!

After stomaching this two-hour snooze fest – so drenched in American jingoism – I was beginning to share their pain.

The film is directed by Antoine Fuqua who also directed 2001's Training Day and 2010's Brooklyn's Finest, both films are riveting well made films.

It is really entertaining in its own genre.

Improbable script, but the characters and action made this formulaic film worth viewing.

) They don't come any dafter than this one but, like I said, I enjoyed it.

I also thought the time it took for Banning to attempt to rescue the president was dragged out to much.

Aaron Eckhart might just be the worst movie President of all time.

If this film was a little tighter, little more intense and maybe could've squeezed a few more millions into its budget, it would be a modern action classic for me.

It was action packed and fun to watch.

A complete waste of money in making it, and a complete waste of time in watching it.

This movie kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end.

While the plot and idea seem exciting the movie felt flat and even a little boring in parts.

With this movie they forgot about all the things that makes a great movie what it is and replaced it with video game action and lack of plot development.

Too po-faced and serious than it deserves to be, which hurts it in terms of entertainment value, making it dull and not worth the patience .

If you know that it's only meant as a piece of entertainment with the typical bad guy vs good guy, then this is fun and far from boring.

The whole plot is predicated on the bus load of Korean tourists (predictable) being heavily armed terrorists and the South Korean minister's security team (laughably obvious) being in on it and taking over the White House.

Banning strolls into the White House amid a rampaging gun battle, totally oblivious to the prospect of a pointless death.

The rest of the plot (and spoilers are below) is predictable and full of holes.

Bullet to the Head was Boring, and I still refuse to see AGDTDH, until it's released the way we were intended to see it, not FOX's way.

Putting the weak parts aside, the film is still exciting.

"Save your money or Netflix queue spot...

I always write reviews based on my personal thoughts, and what I find entertaining and not.

The story line is completely predictable.

This movie was pretty suspenseful from the beginning.

But this movie has so many plot holes & unbelievably contrived actions that it makes it a very good mediocre movie at best.

Fight scenes are dull and uninteresting with a bunch of unnecessary violence.


It's Enjoyable If You Can Suspend Your Disbelief .

Entertaining but predictable.

Entertaining "Die Hard" clone .

"Die Hard in The White House" best sums up this by-the-numbers yet entertaining to a fault popcorn actioner with Butler as a disgraced Secret Service agent attempting a shot at redemption when Washington DC is plagued with a horde of Korean terrorists hellbent on nuclear destruction and basically the usual ploy of making life on Earth hell.

This is an action movie and it was fun and entertaining.

This completely over the top, cliché ridden, extremely xenophobic film rivals Roland Emmerich's "2012" in sheer hilarity.

This just hobbled along from one CGI, blood-and-guts set piece to the next with tedious predictability.

This is in my opinion the worst movie of the year.

Sure there were some very predictable moments and situations that even a blind man saw coming a mile away.

The actions scenes are well directed and serves a lot of compelling thrills.

It is an easy but very tense yet entertaining movie.

An Entertaining,Fast Paced,Action-Thriller.

Although the very end is previsible, there are several unexpected twists that kept me at the edge of the seat.

If you want to watch something realistic then watch the news but if you want to watch an all out action packed movie with great acting then look no further.

A lot of dialogue writers need to be fired for lacking imagination, and for making me yawn!

Once again, I must also add that this film includes mild propaganda elements.

An overall excellent action packed movie .

" So, to me, despite the clichéd and predictable Olympus Has Fallen, I had a great time.

I don't want to give spoilers (although, honestly, maybe I should), so giving examples of the unbearable lack of realism in this film can't be done.

In fact, it's actually quite entertaining and action fans should be pleased to see the relentless combat scenes and countless shootouts.

What Antoine Fuqua does well here is direct this similar to how he did with Bait with Jaime Foxx and the Denzel movie Training Day, he takes a mediocre script and crafts an adrenaline filled ride from start to finish and for that you have to give him credit.

Don't waste your money.

Not only that, you could kill Americans, but every time someone shot at a North Korean, nothing happened.

It was also the most entertaining film I've seen all year.

An action-packed entertaining movie from start to end with the linings of notable star-cast such as Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Aaron Eckhart, Ashley Judd and Radha Mitchell.

Entertaining like an action movie should be.

The story line is definitely nothing new but the intensity and the surprisingly solid acting Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Melissa Leo, Morgan Freeman and antagonist Rick Yune make this movie one of the better of its popular and repetitive kind.

Action, blood, and bland patriotism in a formula computer graphics package, no ribbon .

This initial all-out attack/invasion, the second action sequence following the first lady's demise, is both exciting and involving, without the use of too many shaky cameras.

An entertaining popcorn action movie.

Save your money and I recommend that you search for the worst movie on IMDb and watch that instead....

Unbelievable but entertaining.

That is, until Antoine Fuqua grabbed onto the script for Olympus Has Fallen and shook his audiences with one of the most intense action scenes ever to take place on American soil.

The dialog was painful and cliché, and boring.

A Time-Killing Action Flick That's More Entertaining to Watch Than it is to Look Back On .

The laughable North Korean propaganda videos that were viral a couple months ago had more depth than this flop of a movie.

On a personal note, I might also add supporting actress Malana Lea who doesn't have a big role but who perfectly incarnates the devil in disguise, a breathtaking beauty with a truly evil side.

Susan Sarandon's character reciting the Pledge of Allegiance as she is being dragged to her supposed death...

Chances are it was followed by a poorly done cliché though.

Olympus Has Fallen is a fast paced, incredibly violent, action extravaganza with solid performances from its (more than decent) cast.

The writing and plot points is predictable, most of the cast are slumming it for a paycheck and the CGI is on the same level as straight-to-DVD film.

Action packed - Gripping performances - Unrealistic, though highly entertaining .

His performance is enjoyable to watch and got me to respect him again.

Please don't waste your time or money on it.


It's an OK movie, but as a former Die Hard fan, I found it entirely too predictable.

I wasn't won over by this film, but I think it will win a lot of fans due to the action packed thrills and great performances by the strong cast.

Characters were defined just enough to care about them and build tension, though the overall plot and knowing what will happen next was mostly predictable.

It is a good and entertaining film , with an unrealistic story yet enjoyable and full of surprises .

These type of movies are the reason people flock to the theaters and fork out ten bucks for a ticket,a fun filled, action packed, and slightly humorous flick that won't leave audiences disappointed.

And then I fell asleep.

The worst movie of all time.


But, this is a movie that was made to entertain and I was entertained and I was sitting on the edge of the seat while watching it not blinking my eye fearing that I will miss something.

Despite this, Olympus has Fallen is still pretty enjoyable.

Also,it is predictable and has plot elements assembled from other movies with the main template being Under Siege, plus the attitude from Die Hard and a blow-things-to-hell ambiance from any Michael Bay movie.

Fuqua delivers an intense action thrill ride that is most certainly worth the $12 of admission and worth leaving your brain at home to enjoy this utterly ridiculous and graceful addition to the action genre.

Brillianty tense, exciting and believable.

The action is intense, bloody, and unrelenting.

The movie is entertaining.

Don't watch this movie for the plot, watch it for 2 straight hours of random, entertaining violence and carnage.

I'm not going to make this a long, slow and boring review since the movie is the opposite of that.

Simple and formulaic.

The movie has a predictable plot, the combined forces of at least 30 federal LEAs plus the US Marines and Navy SEALs are basically slaughtered by ruthless elite commandos without ever having the chance to fire the 1.6 billion rounds they've been ordering, while the lone hero effortlessly exterminates the offending invaders.


Well I was bored and wanted to see a action filled movie, and Olympus has Fallen seemed to be a good, actually more like a great choice.

Even Morgan Freeman and Angela Bassett are there only to support Butler, with unspeakably weak and empty characters.

The plot needed to be more suspenseful.

The movie is action packed, serious and it has an amazing pace that will capture and hold your attention from start to finish.

It is a mindless exercise in Nationalism, Patriotism, Propaganda, and seemingly unstoppable Superhero Saviours of the Free World.

Other than that, this movie is a very enjoyable action flick, hopefully a sign that things are looking up in the movie industry.

It is so intense in a lot of the parts and keeps you in the edge of your seat.

It's certainly not the finest hour for any of the 3 leads, but they all do their best and Gerard Butler brings unexpected grit and intensity to his role.

Taut, brutal and relentlessly thrilling, this high-concept 'White House Down' thriller is a modern-day 'Die Hard' done to perfection .

I'm yet to watch the sequel to this film, "London Has Fallen", and I'm not expecting a flawless film at all, but although it may be just as far-fetched and implausible as the first film, I'm hoping my point of view will be very similar; fun-filled, action packed goodness.

Olympus Has Fallen is an entertaining,Action packed Action-Thriller that keeps you glued to the screen from beginning to end with great direction,a wonderful cast and excellent Action scenes.

Right if you want a good propaganda film thats out of the Goebbles book of 1001 tips for hooking the stupid of society this is a must see!!

With amazing nonverbal cues during the most intense scenes in the movie, Butler aces this portrayal.

Although the film fails to reach that momentum again, resorting instead to Butler beating people up in darkened corridors and outrunning flaming helicopters, but thanks to the tense direction it is more entertaining.

Overall an entertaining summer movie.

He plays Mike Banning as a hard working professional rather then falling into that cliché disgraced hero looking for redemption role.

The CGI was really bad and the plot was really bad and predictable.

Fast paced, exciting, likable characters and as far as I know the only original storyline to come out of Hollywood in ten years.

Action Packed and Very Intense, .

Every cliché goes through it and we are under the impression to see, at best, a bad TV film, at worst, a parody of an action movie.

However, I you like mindless fights, explosions and pointless running around I recommend this movie to you.

Olympus Has Fallen is a mostly formulaic action movie that hit the right spot for me.

This is a very entertaining movie.

Maybe it's money, or maybe its the same reason I enjoyed it; it's just good, old-fashioned DUMB fun.

I was never bored for a moment i can tell you, something always happened, and it was entertaining.

Huge studios are grasping at straws hoping to get lucky but are obviously loosing major ground when it comes to creating anything that is remotely entertaining.

Now if your a person who wants a fun action packed film where you just sit back, munch on popcorn and enjoy the fun, I would highly recommend it.

It has a lot of action, some terribly bad visual effects and a very predictable story.

Flawed but hadly unwatchable.

I like the movie so much for its thrilling experience.

Only thing I can say is if you're in the mode for an action packed movie then look no further!

Honestly, I thought I was going to be disappointment with this movie, but I enjoyed it from beginning to the end.

And really boring especially since more than half the movie we still don't get what the terrorists want.

Despite being formulaic, the film does something a little different.

As soon as I finished watching a horribly contrived argument between Morgan Freeman and Robert Forster(that didn't even make any sense) I decided I couldn't go on.

Another grossly large error was the tremendously slow response time for US forces to reach the front door of the WH once it has been "cleared.

Here I thought I was getting bored of action movies.

There were a couple of places where the script didn't make sense with what the bad guys wanted though, and because of the similarity of the two movies, it was somewhat predictable although Under Siege was on water and Olympus Has Fallen is on land.

He made it very predictable.

) But that's as far as the food for thought goes with this generic, utterly by the numbers glossed up straight to DVD film, a predictable, formulaic, maybe even slightly dated ride all the way.

It was just seriously entertaining fun!

My girlfriend said it was the best movie ever.. She lying her butt off because I fell asleep at the beginning of the movie.. So how was it the best movie ever?

A gripping action thriller with minimal propaganda tendencies .

There's no story and it's very unrealistic.

It was filled with clichés that we had seen hundreds of times, the dialogue was unrealistic, and the plot devices were predictable.

One of the worst movies ever.

but you gotta imagine every cliché scene from other military action thrillers ripped off into this one, and then executed badly.

But after all a fun and enjoyable movie.

* Action Sequences : was a breathtaking experience ....

I want to say well done, I don't know how feasible it would be, they made it look easy, it was exciting as hell to watch though.

Though one might prefer something more artistic, maybe originally in French, perhaps about issues like a woman falling in love with a dolphin, something like that I must tell you that there are those outside the realm of the pointless elite critics that just like an action film once in awhile.

This movie is worth watching.

We have big and slow unidentified military aircraft coming over ocean, taking down two modern fighter aircraft, reaching Washington and wreaking havoc.

The pacing is rather rushed often, while also losing momentum in crucial parts too, while the big and loud like its sequel is so constant there is little room to breathe and it becomes nauseating and repetitive in every way possible.

Final Thoughts: Thank you Olympus Has Fallen for giving me that adrenaline rush I had sorely missed when it comes to pure action.

By the way, I wouldn't be surprised if the North Korean regime would cut this movie into a propaganda.

The movie is 100 percent predictable, really, its like many we have all seen before, no new ideas here.

Freeman looked tired and bored whereas Butler was too busy being badass, his character didn't come alive despite being portrayed as a one-man demolition machine.

At times the score can be bombastic, the script can come off very one-note, and maybe even too reliant on bloody action, but it's nonetheless entertaining as hell.

The action scenes are brutal, thrilling and completely unapologetic by nature of their portrayal, which leaves you shocked breathless at times.

The script is a dog's breakfast, as dialogue ranges from cringe-worthy to inexcusably awful, doing little to soften the body blow already dealt by a contrived set of characters and a plot with more holes than the poor, generic baddies unlucky enough to face Banning and his toys.

There are some clichés here or there, but director Antoine Fuqua brought his own fresh take to this film and delivers a product that is action-packed, thrilling, fun, violent, and even a little patriotic.

The story is compelling and fast paced, right from the very beginning.

Cliché much?

I for one found this movie to be exciting, and it's been awhile since a movie actually held my attention from start to finish.

The characters, each and everyone are a shallow cliché.


I wasn't expecting Oscar-quality performances, for sure, but the fact that Freeman and Basset are there, was something exciting a priori.

And, thankfully, Olympus Has Fallen offers enough enjoyable and compelling moments to keep its viewers watching with some degree of interest.

Horrible, horrible waste of time .

And if the popcorn digests correctly it was an entertaining movie, and if it was entertaining, it was also good?.

Action packed, escapist fare with a good performances all around.

Butler is average, adding no personality to the role, albeit adding another rather bland entry to his resume.

The ending of the film while cliché,is exciting and a good cap off to the film and will have you cheering.

I felt like some of it was just too cliché, or just flat out poorly placed.

The saving grace, one would hope, would be Freeman's Allan, only his character is just as dull and as muted as the other two, rendering his entire performance as a cute novelty.

But what do you call propaganda that goes pro bono?

In conclusion, tension and capacity of entertaining are the key words here.

I found this movie to be entertaining.

It would be easy to tick off the plot points, child in danger, shock killings to emphasise how ruthless the bad guys are, revenge taken by lone gunman against the odds, incompetent warmongering generals and a final rousing speech wrapped in the Star Spangled banner before the credits roll.

The rest of the movie is predictable.

My advice if you want to do something more exciting than watch this film, go to the hardware store buy some paint, brush it on a wall and watch it dry.

Action packed thriller.

Absolutely not, there are flaws and some things that make no sense whatsoever, but it is definitely one of the most entertaining films (so far) of the year.

The musical score is so trite and jingoistic it is vomit inducing - make sure you have a sick bag handy.

If you're bored, then this can be a good choice.

Overall I felt like it was a solid action flick that is worth watching if you want to go to the movies with some friends or family.

This is a very entertaining piece of film, let's just enjoy it.

This is quite a minor problem, amongst a enjoyable film.

(Oh 'Muricans got their propaganda eh?

Since 1988 when I sat in a packed theater and watched the original Die Hard with a room full of screaming people, I have longed for an action movie that had the same adrenaline rush and unrelenting tempo of that film.

The whole character of his wife was completely pointless and she just didn't need to exist.

And this movie is really a good enjoyable entertaining attempt to answer your "What if the Whitehouse fell to the hands of the enemy?