Omega Doom (1996) - Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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After Earth is taken over by an army of robots, the small number of humans left are forced into hiding. In the nuclear winter, only droids walk the face of the Earth, in fear of the rumored...

IMDB: 4.2
Director: Albert Pyun
Stars: Rutger Hauer, Shannon Whirry
Length: 84 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 15 out of 43 found boring (34.88%)

One-line Reviews (37)

So besides not having an original bone in it's body Omega Doom is also really slow, tedious & boring & I almost fell asleep watching the thing.

Albert Pyun, the prolific low budget genre director who co-wrote this with Ed Naha, gets at least somewhat ambitious with this script - he starts off by quoting a Dylan Thomas poem - but ultimately this is too dull, and too routine, to really take off.

I have to say that for a low-budget movie that had no plot, script, special effects, or a real soundstage for a set, it was pretty bad.

No story.

I figured I would turn it on, have a good chuckle at a plotless flick with a good actor and was surprised to see an intriguing situation of the "Omega Doom", Guardian Angel (Hauer) being feared by others of his kind.

With an annoying whirring noise which accompanies each androids move, and a tiresome 'head' character providing Hauer with his sidekick, there is nothing here for even the most easily satisfied sci-fi viewer.

This looks like its going to be an exceptionally dull sci-fi, with Rutger Hauer, looking like some kind of Russian WW2 soldier, playing a renegade android in a post-apocalyptic landscape - a setting which allows for no expensive effects, just a derelict, rubble-strewn building site.

I just sat back and enjoyed it!

Director Albert Pyun, who also co-wrote the engrossing script with Ed Naha, relates the fun story at a steady pace, presents an intriguingly grim and harsh futuristic environment full of despair and bereft of hope, stages the showdowns with flair, and gives the whole thing a neat and imaginative "Man With No Name"-type spaghetti Western kind of gritty'n'groovy vibe.

There's a pointless despair to it that I enjoy.

If you like ridiculously shitty movies then go out and find this it is the worst movie I have ever seen and has absolutely no redeeming characteristics whatsoever.

This has just surpassed "Freddy Got Fingered" (as in going down) as the worst movie that I can remember seeing.

At times laughably pretentious, at other times interesting.

No plot.

Less of a movie, more of a curiously entertaining endurance test.

Even being tedious, there are qualities, as the exuberant visual that composes a frightening, lonely and violent image of the future, and the contained Rutger Hauer's performance.

This makes the film all the more enjoyable as she provides a lot of unexpected charisma to it.

This movie went nowhere.

A very enjoyable oddity.

The sets are just run down houses & basements, the production design is bland & dull with a standard low budget post apocalyptic look about it.

Worst movie ever...

I enjoyed it thoroughly.

It bored me to tears, it was a complete rip-off of various other much better films & I'm just glad I didn't waste any of my hard earned money on it.

This is the most boring, cheesey, horrible movie I've ever had the misfortune of wasting my time watching.

His engaging, nuanced performance takes Pyun's writing to a whole new level.

Besides the fact that the film has no plot at all, is going nowhere, complemented by idiotic characters and bad acting it does not even have any action.

Omega Doom is a slow burner and when something happens you almost wish it hadn't.

Hauer even uses an Eastwood cigar, to make things as clear as possible, for the most slow—minded of fans.

All of the women in this film were very intriguing and looked great!

All in all, it was entertaining.

I think my little brother fell asleep.

If you want to see something quaint and intriguing, watch this.

This movie really bored me to tears.

This movie is flat, it has no story, and the acting is laughable.

Very Entertaining .

Moreover, the cast have a ball with the offbeat material, with especially stand-out work by 90's erotic thriller starlet Shannon Whirry as the pragmatic Zed, Norbert Weisser as a sage, much abused, and frequently disembodied robot head, Tina Cote as the ruthless and impulsive Blackheart (her big climactic confrontation with Omega Doom rates as a definite exciting highlight), Anna Katarina as a weary and gentle pacifist drone bartender, Jill Pierce as the tricky Zinc, Cynthia Ireland as the suspicious Ironface, and Jahi J.

It is so bad that its worth watching to laugh at it and pull an MST3K with friends.