OMG: Oh My God! (2012) - Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

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A shopkeeper takes God to court when his shop is destroyed by an earthquake.

IMDB: 8.1
Director: Umesh Shukla
Stars: Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar
Length: 125 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 10 out of 110 found boring (9.09%)

One-line Reviews (31)

' is An Entertaining, Well-Intentioned & Superbly Acted Film!

When same play is transferred into screenplay it has iron out all confusion and presented problem in a systemic way without destroying the fundamental question.

Akshay Kumar and him make the on screen goings on memorable and entertaining, once again post the Hera Pheri filmsOf the supporting cast, Mithun Chakraborty impresses the most.

I enjoyed it cause i was already the non-religious guy.......

There a lots of fun and emotions during the whole Movie and one major thing You wont get bored at all at the End ...

Govind Namdeo as the Hindu saint was loud and predictable.

There a lots of fun and emotions during the whole Movie and one major thing You wont get bored at all at the End ...

The movie is really fast paced and some of the monologues by Paresh Rawal are worth watching millions of times.

Having said that, it does have some moments and plot-wise is definitely better than the formulaic masala flicks of the likes of Shahrukh and Salman Khan that we have been subjected to of late.

Ridiculous and confusing .

An Entertaining, Well-Intentioned & Superbly Acted Film.

You get engaged in the drama, and the inclusion of humor makes them even more enjoyable.

Don't waste your time searching god here and there instead search in humanity.

I praise Bhavesh Mandalia & Umesh Shukla for their creativity with the story writing and the manner in which they kept the flow of the film very gripping.

The Drama works big time & The Narrative is extremely engaging.

The scenes were Paresh confronts Govind Namdeo, Mithun in the courtroom is superb, The pre-climax however is not only prolonged but also could be written better though the climax is good Direction by Umesh Shukla is good Music is good, Go Govinda track wasn't required though rest songs are goodParesh Rawal is simply outstanding, for a man who off recent was doing rubbish roles it's nice to see him play a twisted role though he has played it in the play before, he adds a lot to the character and is superb Akshay Kumar is releagated to the background and does his part ably though his character could be more effective Mithun excels as the evil godmen though his gestures do tend to get repetitive at times, Govind Namdeo is back to hamming and loud acting after subtle act in HEROINE Mahesh Manjerekar is good and thankfully doesn't overact Lubna Salim as Paresh's wife is decent, Om Puri leaves a mark in a short role, Nikhil Ratnaparkhi is superb as Mahadev Murli Sharma, Arun Bali are adequate

The execution is poor (unimpressive lighting, flat cinematography, dreadful sound design, average art direction, dull editing...

Bhavesh Mandalia & Umesh Shukla's Adapted Screenplay is thoroughly entertaining & heartfelt.

The way Akshay Kumar enters in the movie was awesome and his stunts with Harley Davidson bike was also mind blowing as per Hindi Movie standards.

With all the cheesy bullshit , crappy items songs with meaningless sung and acted upon by moronic half clothed seductress that appeal the thousands of dimwitted people across India and Pakistan , copied and unoriginal action sequences and extremely poor performances and irrelevantly common continued repetitive love and romance stories looming around the and spread across every Indian and Pakistani cinemas and films.

VERY GOOD:- *Story - which is new and will be objected by many of them *Performance - superb by paresh and by the GOD akshay *Dialogues - are solid punch *Costumes *Direction - which will make u believeAVERAGE:- *Songs - "go go govinda" was super hit rest all OK *ScreenplayVERY BAD:- *Background score FINAL VERDICT:- It is a superb movie which will make u a bit boring at the beginning and then it will rock u.....

Director Umesh Shukla and his writing team adds many good entertaining punches which are able to make you think and laugh at the same time.

The music is meaningful and fairly enjoyable.

Funny, entertaining, well acted.

Engaging ; Screenplay and story strongest points .

A gripping comic drama about the battle of a loner atheist for whom God is futile simply because according to him the way we happen to perceive God is ludicrous and especially because of the institutions, ashrams who swindle money in the very name of God.

It's supposed to be based on a Gujrati play, but seems to be a remake of the 2001 Australian movie 'The Man who sued God"; a funnier, more entertaining, theistic version of it.

As film it was entertaining with brilliant performance from Paresh Rawal.

The story flow is gripping and you wouldn't want to miss even a single second of movie.

This movie has just made that entertaining!

Except for the camera work being abrupt at times, an entertaining movie without even a boring minute.