On Golden Pond (1981) - Drama

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Norman is a curmudgeon with an estranged relationship with his daughter Chelsea. At Golden Pond, he and his wife nevertheless agree to care for Billy, the son of Chelsea's new boyfriend, and a most unexpected relationship blooms.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Mark Rydell
Stars: Katharine Hepburn, Henry Fonda
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 14 out of 116 found boring (12.06%)

One-line Reviews (56)

" But the latter contained an engaging performance, an interesting character, as well as entertaining story and collateral performances.

Most of the situations are enjoyable except for father and daughter thing.

In fact their reconciliation is so trite and carelessly written that it makes them both look fickle and self-absorbed and diminishes the worth of much of what has come before.

Cinematically, "On Golden Pond" is a breathtaking movie.

It is slow moving drama with just the right mix of light comedy.

You can easily make the case that it's schmaltzy, safe, and predictable - but why bother, when the movie is so enjoyable?

It's nice, but it's predictable and safe and familiar and forgettable whereas its predecessors succeeded by being none of those things.

On the other hand, Mark Rydell's direction is as dull as usual.

Even worse, poor Jane is stuck playing a total cliché - the resentful daughter.

This is very moving film featuring some superb performances and a stunning location for the Thayer's summer house on Golden Pond.

At seventy-four, Hepburn shows that she is still her spunky self, putting her fascinating personality into the performance as usual.

Surprisingly Entertaining .

So, after that confusion is cleared up, everything is hunky dory.

And also one of the most beautiful, touching, well acted, well written and enjoyable films ever made.

Jane and Henry's real-life relationship is displayed to a degree here and this makes the film that much more realistic and entertaining.

Whenever she's upset with her husband that anger shows through but instead of a boring monologue we can see exactly what she's feeling just by looking at her eyes and her body movement.

Things do happen that make this movie well worth watching.

Not only that, it is just a very compelling story, well-directed, beautifully acted, and is just a very entertaining film.

When daughter Jane (Fonda) arrives, playing their daughter, with her faux-husband (Dabney Coleman), the plot gets complicated in clumsy ways, predictable ones, with a step son to mix it up.

It's definitely worth watching, especially if you're a fan of anyone in the cast, or if you have issues with your father.

i don't want to give to much away,but i will say it's sort of a coming of age film.

Each of these elements could be expanded upon, for this is a thoughtful, entertaining piece of art and entertainment which works on many levels.

You'll find audio commentaries by the director and the writer, both thorough and enjoyable, although the director is a little too proud of his work.

Norman Thayer seems to be on the edge of mild dementia, as he gets lost while on the grounds and seeks reassuring from his wife Ethel.

Tennessee Williams and James Goldman made that format dance, and watching the great Hollywood versions of their works is thrilling because of the way they constantly try to set new records for speed and intensity and brutal honesty.

I know people who find it sentimental and a little boring, but I found it thoroughly entertaining, sweet, very subtle and satisfying.

So, bore, bore, bore, you folks who were not impressed with Jane's performance here, to quote Ethel Thayer: I just don't think you're looking closely enough!

Viewed simply as a stage plot,'On Golden Pond' is so predictable we can almost hear the gears squeaking.

Fonda and Hepburn are absolutely stunning in here and they so richly deserved to win their Oscars that year.

Some of the dialogs are very enjoyable.

Henry Fonda is just mind blowing in this film.

The jokes seemed lame and trite.

Maybe you have to be old to appreciate the characters and the interplay, but I found this pretty boring.

On Golden Pond is wonderfully entertaining and most importantly it's a movie that will keep a smile on your face throughout.

To them, the purpose of writing characters who speak in a forthright way about difficult issues was to make us face our fears and anxieties, and their genius was to do this while also being entertaining.

The other is offensively banal: the story of the (Oscar-winning!

Nice location scenes, good story, and fine performances made for a very lively, entertaining film.

When I watched it, I really enjoyed it!

This stunning picture marking the final film appearance of legendary screen legend Mr Henry Fonda is a terrific portrayal of the turbulent and distant relationship between father and his on screen and off-screen daughter Jane Fonda.

It's slower and gentler, and it never seems to let a barb stand unaccompanied by a sappy line or a nostalgic musical cue.

As if these two central performances in a magnificent screenplay were not enough we also get, for good measure, the breathtaking scenery of Concord, New Hampshire, which may or may not remind us of Concord, Massachussetts, where a guy named Thoreau turned out another classic when he published a diary of the eighteen months or so he spent in a cabin by another pond.

And in the middle of the movie when the boat crashed into a rock, if you slow it down you can see something very funny.

This gag worthy and highly artificial concoction throws in every late twentieth century cliché on cross generational bonding: a tremulous geriatric couple who appear to have been loaned by the Carol Burnett show, (remember when Carol and Harvey Korman did the elderly couple--and he grabbed her by the leg?

Henry Fonda finally won the Oscar that alluded him his whole career for his work here and Hepburn won her fourth Oscar as well A timeless celebration of life and love that is always worth watching and if you've never seen it, sit back and behold a couple of acting legends commanding the screen with an authority that is so rare these days.

I would definitely be part of the easiest "get-rich-quick" scheme ever contrived.

Unfortunately, scenes with Fonda's daughter Jane seem contrived and wholly unnecessary, and she stands out as a particularly weak character.

Breathtaking honesty and human simplicity from Fonda and Hepburn .

Well worth watching.

It was compelling drama, and real to life honesty and humanity are all that is needed to make it a movie great.

I was expecting a very boring movie.

While Billy is not necessarily an original character, it is fascinating to see him try to understand Norman, and in turn how Norman learns to associate with the son he never had.

Great Acting Within a Boring Melodrama .

The script follows suit--for amidst the unbearable sentimentality, it takes pains to contain all the Norman Learish style "hep" touches--scatological humor, profanities, etc. (after all, lest we forget, Jane Fonda is in this too) meant to assure the audience that, we are dealing with "real" people, that this is in fact the late 20th century, and Ozzie and Harriet don't live here any more.

The other three were all rather large and ambitious films in their own different ways: Louis Malle's Atlantic CITY, Spielberg's legendary RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, and Warren Beatty's flawed but compelling REDS.

"On Golden Pond" is a wonderful movie with a combination of drama and comedy that makes for an entertaining experience.

Rounding things off is a gentle, evocative score by Dave Grusin so all in all we're talking perfection.