On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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James Bond woos a mob boss' daughter and goes undercover to uncover the true reason for Blofeld's allergy research in the Swiss Alps that involves beautiful women from around the world.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Peter R. Hunt
Stars: George Lazenby, Diana Rigg
Length: 142 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 75 out of 483 found boring (15.52%)

One-line Reviews (312)

But on the whole this film can get really tedious from time to time.

The film is very entertaining, and I enjoyed it more than some of the previous films, like "Thunderball" (too much underwater) or "From Russia with love".

No plot.

It is fast paced, beautifully placed (setting), and I am not ashamed to say that I almost cried at the end of this one.

The contrived "marriage arrangement" was silly.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service is a great James Bond action adventure intermixed with long boring bits that are meant to be full of tension and suspense.

"OHMSS" is highly entertaining and includes some of the greatest stunts ever recorded on film.

Alas, it took far too long for Hollywood to learn that the more seriously filmmakers took their superheroes, the better the response would be from the audience.

Some might find the middle section with Bond impersonating Bray a bit long, but the dialogue is interesting and the film creates an engaging environment in Blofeld's base.

There are a few too many slow scenes with Lazenby.

It sounds like a Bond film, alright, but this is actually quite different from the formulaic films one would later expect from the series, and the sort of film Bond was gravitating towards with "Thunderball" and "You Only Live Twice".

Particularly the part that takes place in Ernst Stavro Blofeld's (the villain, played by a surprisingly pale Telly Savalas) facility suffers from terrible pacing and is neither entertaining nor involving.

A gritty suspenseful score that for the first time, I enjoyed more than the traditional James Bond theme.

The first one and the half hour is rather dull and there is no scene that bring the movie climax to life.

Whether it's driving a powerful sports cougar during a high speed car chase, skiing through the Swiss Alps to evade the bad guys, quoting poetry to the main villain to distract his attention or engaging in armed combat with some henchmen, Tracy is a fully fledged character and not just eye candy with a double entendre name who is just there for Bond to woo, bed and rescue.

This movie goes at a steady pace with some intriguing scenes that I've found appealing including 007 attempting to escape from Blofeld's pursuing henchman and the romantic chemistry between Bond and Tracy.

John Barry's sound track is one of his best, featuring the sad ballad "We Have All The Time In The World" by the late Louis Armstrong and the rousing instrumental theme "OHMSS" which was perfectly remade in big beat techno style by the Propellerheads in 1997.

If he isn't hitting anybody or playing around with Diana Rigg, it can get quite boring.

The longest Bond film,this is also one of the slowest and does not really get going until the final third.

Parts of the film drag — the first act feels especially pointless — and most of the payoff comes in the final 45 minutes.

The chases, which involve skis, cars, and bobsleds, are convincing and exciting.

I must say I quite enjoyed it.

Craig is a boring killing machine cyborg, btw, who might as well have been played by a robot, Jason Bourne, or Jason Statham.

The buildup is more tedious than painstaking, and takes a long time to get really involving.

Many women have shared his bed, but few shared his soul, and if you were ever going to get a beautiful woman to do that then Diana Rigg would surely have been it, beautiful, stunning in the green dress and worthy of spending a lifetime with.

She is stunning during the end sequence against Blofield.

His inexperience shows, as does his lack of chemistry with love interest Diana Rigg, but otherwise this early entry in the Bond series - it is number 5 - is entertaining and action-packed, with specracular scenery which is plot-relevant rather than simply travelogue.

This is a thrilling Bond film and many continue to underrate it for some strange reason.

Check out the ski scenes which still remains the best and most suspenseful ski scenes in all the Bond movies accompanied with a wonderful score by John Barry.

Overall, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" is a very entertaining film, and Lazenby did a great job.

I'm sure if one was enjoying the film then the running time wouldn't matter but I was pretty much bored from the word go so I had a really hard time making through the picture.

It is way too long, George Lazenby can't act, and Diana Rigg wasn't at her best.

The plot to this movie is extremely boring, and it gets ridiculous at times, like Blofeld, a "criminal genius", is using air headed women to do his dirty work for him.

+Rigg & Lazenby's chemistry+Gutsy second half-Boring middle act-Terrible editing6.1/10

Filled with grand adventure and exciting chase sequences down the snowy mountains, leading to an emotionally wrenching ending.

Although they're no doubt great, they go on far too long and interrupt the "serious" tone of the movie.

It offers a spectacular chain of incredibly thrilling action sequences after another, starting from Bond's escape from the machine room.

One feels almost as they would have been redundant anyway, given the empty headed bravado or sensual sentimentality that most of the other films shout through the overheated lips of Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones and the others.

There is also Barry's rousing On Her Majesty's Secret Service Theme, unlike anything ever heared in cinema's or movies before.

Rigg brings a lot more depth and pathos to the usually bland part of Bond's main squeeze and her scenes with the new Bond are obviously not par for the course.

Talk about stunning.

This movie also had some enjoyable action scenes; some of which would later get mimicked in future Bond installments.

Also this movie was just way too long for me and could have used a better editor at the helm because I found myself bored a few too many times, especially during the drawn-out second act in which James Bond is undercover in Blofeld's lair.

I consider it to be one of the lesser Bonds but still worth watching once.

Thrilling Bond flick that belongs to the top .

This movie seemed to run way too long, to the point where falling asleep an hour into it is a definite possibility.

Then the fast, happy, exciting Bond music bursts up and the credits begin.

Too bad because there were very good scenes and the story was quite entertaining.

The plot lines had become really formulaic at this stage, and OHMSS really changed that.

Save your money and spare your Netflix queue this indignity.

After being called into seem M and being relieved of duty he is offered the unexpected chance to find out exactly where Blofeld is from the father of one of his previous conquests.

Its swift action ensures it remains entertaining for all of its 142 minutes.

Much of the film is boring, you'll need to wait an hour to see action.


Cinematography(10/10): Brilliant use of breathtaking scenery in the alps and some excellent stylised visuals.

There are good set pieces but some of the action is shoddily edited – fights are hard to follow and have no flow and some of the action scenes suffer from really poor effects or are just silly (a bobsleigh chase?

The ski chase has since become a reoccurring action piece in later Bond films however only the pre-credit sequence in The Spy Who Loved Me compares and that was the best and only exciting action scene in that film.

His method of motion photography was a enjoyable starter of what was to come later.

However, the plot and the good sound track make it enjoyable viewing.

The film on it's own is easily one of the most entertaining.

The cinematography by Michael Reed is at times breathtaking and wonderful.

As for the cast - Diana Rigg makes a wonderfully engaging Bond girl - as the only girl to truly win Bond she is very convincing - I have never understood the criticism that there is a lack of Chemistry between the two.

)It was far more believable and enjoyable.

The action sequences are extraordinary, including a wonderful car chase, some dizzying monkeying around on a cable-car wire, a thrilling ski sequence, a well-edited hotel room brawl, and an explosive climactic raid on the laboratory.

There was nothing special about it, and I honestly thought that it dragged on for way too long.

Telly Savalas is a very creepy, chilling and enjoyable Blofeld.

The other fascinating things about this film is the perceived chemistry between Bond and Tracey in the film and the real animosity that seems to have developed whilst making the movie between Rigg and Lazenby.

With his riveting ugliness and top-dog swagger, Savalas has the right phsyicality to make a menacing Blofeld, even if his grating accent expunges the `international man of mystery' effect.

Fascinating Bond movie.

After this supposedly "exciting" opening, the movie drifts from slow to fast to slow to fast, with some incomprehensible story line about Tracy being the daughter of a crime lord who wants Bond to marry her.

From the first Bond movie going you in knew and excpected a few things which made you love it: Very cool action scenes, an easy to understand plot start to finish, a lot of fun to watch, many pretty girls with whom Bond had fun with while they fell in love and he moved on, respectable special effects (even for the early ones), new exciting spy tools, and most of all an entertaining 2 hours.

This is not the only below-par Bond film- I could also mention "A View to a Kill", in which the ageing Moore's performance finally toppled over into self-parody, "Licence to Kill", essentially a violent revenge thriller masquerading as a Bond, and the dull "Quantum of Solace".

Hunt directs with great skill, and the Alpine scenery that dominates the film looks absolutely stunning.

As for the story,be prepared to be bored stiff.

And the real action is boring and ruined by awful greenscreen cloesups.

The script is fast-moving and ingenious.

The score and location cinematography were also quite evocative.

The plot is totally ridiculous and incredibly contrived.

Superbly directed action sequences occasionally enliven this mundane Bond...

Fortunately, what precedes it is fabulous; the opening third is intriguing because Tracy is so wild - she's reckless, tragic, glamorous, isn't impressed by Bond and never just stands around looking pretty like too many heroines in this series.

It's not only silly and stupide, I like Bond movies like that, but (brace your self) it's BORING thats right!!

The skiing is gripping.

This in turn leads to perhaps the most exciting chase sequence of the entire Bond series, a backbreaking and well-photographed slalom pursuit down the mountains that ends with an opportune rescue dog that is shooed away to get the brandy.

Just this to send you on your way: Prepare for an unexpected pleasure.

It has a very engaging story, good acting, and just the right amount of drama and thrills that would satisfy any movie-goer.

The last hour, however, is vintage Bond material with fantastic action footage (for example the ski-chase or the bobsled- battle) and suspenseful moments.

In the midst of all the bore and lack of interest, she plays Tracy Draco, the best Bond girl.

Shame really, especially given that they subsequently followed this film with the light and largely pointless 'Diamond Are Forver'.

George Lazenby gives an extremely credible and superb performance, through the fast paced action and into more moving, sad scenes, Lazenby is near faultless in his approach to the role and brings Bond down to earth, from the hollow volcanoes and spaceships of YOLT.

al, has done, I have yet to see anyone top the exciting ski chases, opening fight scenes and bobsled finale of this film.

George Lazenby was miscast in the role of James Bond, but the film remains reasonably entertaining if overlong.

OHMSS is a very good action packed Bond film with a great ending.

The end action scene is goofy instead of exciting, like the earlier Bond films.

The action is slow and the plot is plodding.

His delivery is dull, his presence is wooden and most of all there is zero believable emotion from him in what is often quoted as the most emotional of all the Bond story lines.

Two more things, the beginning, and the end the beginning because you have an uninspiring title sequence and then a terrible chase the end because simply the crying and the defeat of the villain who hits his head on the tobogan run.

Another reason I loved this film is because it was a very long and complex film--making it seem leisurely yet exciting throughout.

Telly Savalas puts in a rather unconvincing performance as Blofeldt but the action sequences and the scenery make for an exciting film.

The skiing and bob chasing sequences were ahead of its time, and the unusual and impressive winter setting of the Swiss mountains is fascinating and fits perfectly to the sad background love story behind the Bond and Blofeld plot.

Aside from the really gripping bobsled chase at the end,most of the (widely praised) action scenes and ALL the fight scenes are too-frantic and heavy-handed; were they edited by a neurotic?

This bond movie shows the more human and emotional side of James Bond, and it's very entertaining and interesting...

except for the entirety of this thoroughly irritating 2.5-hour mind-number that reduces James Bond to James Bored.

Pointless entertainment that should please loyal fans.

It takes the movie a while to recover, and the many dubbed scenes in the first half further slow the momentum.

After several trysts with the many female allergy patients, and being exposed for his real identity, Bond escapes in an exciting ski chase, and later returns to destroy the clinic, and meets up with Tracy again.

The instrumental title piece is riveting in itself and even more so when it kicks in during the action scenes.

Ski fights are boring and this movie goes a little overboard.

Starting with the beach fight in the teaser and ending with the fight on the bobsled run, the films action sequences stand out as original and exciting, something most action sequences lose as the film ages.

It uses a distinctive synthesiser sound to great effect and just has an exciting sound to it, getting you ready for the action that lies ahead.

Exciting, Silly, Action-Packed, One-Off James Bond Spy Flick .

Worst movie in Bond franchise.

Ironically, while Ian Fleming and the Broccoli/Saltzman producing team tried to shake up the Bond formula, the best bits in this film are the formulaic parts.

The new Bond, George Lazenby, is a dull fellow.

Although a bit dated, they are still exciting.

In fairness he had a hard act to follow but delivering a performance that is uninteresting and some times feels like it is being phoned in AND read off cue-cards was not the way to do it.

This makes at least half of the film slightly boring which is why it was panned when it came out, although some fans do appreciate it these days.

This one also suffers from being a bit too long and repetitive, particularly in the second half.

In a thrilling ski chase, Bond escapes from Piz Gloria...

2 Drags out to the point of boredom very slow nothing really happens until the finale at blofelds lair piz gloria


When everything seems ruined, the film revives and takes us on a wild ride on an action packed roller-coaster (ski chase, Bond and Draco raid on Bloefeld's base), with a brief romantic rest as Bond and Tracy talk about their future life in common (Bond a journalist?

The action scenes, though quite dated - with jump cuts and changes of pace - still feels brutal and intense in some places, and I think that physicality really was the strongest suit of Lazenby's Bond.

But before films relying on chases came along, Hunt achieved a balance between exciting chases and plot and character development.

The first of these is that the film is too long, primarily because the central section, where Bond infiltrates Piz Gloria in disguise, is dragged out for far longer than was necessary.

' When he is being anyone else he is a very engaging actor.

The answer came from an unexpected source.

The stunts are stunning.

Besides, the last 40 minutes or so feature numerous thrilling action sequences: the Alps ski chases, car chase, bobsled chase and the final assault on Blofeld's mountain stronghold.

However, the main plot of the movie is very believable and compelling.

Combine a strong cast with the best Fleming book written and add stunning cinematography and the brilliant score, with 'We Have All The Time In The World' from Louis Armstrong and the deep, sinister synthesiser theme from John Barry, as well as great sets, such as Blofeld's mountain-top lair, Piz Gloria, then include the magnificent action sequences as well as the way the film ends, you have the ultimate Bond film.

A Fine Film outside the Controversies, and is Entertaining, Exciting, and Emotional.

The ski chase is gripping and the tension builds throughout.

***1/2 OUT OF *****Enjoyable

You will have moire fun watching paint dry.

Next is the long and drawn out plot line.

The action scenes are shot very well most of the time, although a couple of them are shot more in the manner of the "shaky cam" of some of today's action films, and it can get very confusing.

After that scene the movie just drag on for far to long, I was really bored for most of the movie and there wasn't really much action in this movie.

At the 90-minute mark I was already pretty bored and then I got rather scared when I realized that I still had over fifty-minutes to go.

The ski stunts are spectacular and exciting, and -- an important point -- the danger is always real.

) For a movie that drew catcalls and yawns upon its release, OHMSS has attracted a rabid cult following over the years.

I was on the edge of my seat for a good part of the movie when I watched it for the first time.

But look deeper and you see a performance rich and compelling.

This is the only one where Bond ever seems to have a heart and soul as he gives his love to Diana Rigg, who is absolutely breathtaking in this film, completely holding her own against Bond.

Timothy Dalton was too intense.

Barry's music is at times rousing and exciting, then tender.

The flirt of the game, it isn't thrilling, but is incredibly exciting to see these characters tease each other and us getting pumped for them.

Towards the end, there are some decent (or at least half-decent) and memorable action scenes, but they come after a lot of tediousness.

All a Bond movie should be is entertaining, and in my opinion, OHMSS is a blast, from the opening gunbarrel sequence to it's shattering climax.

Worth watching.

Even more confusing is how so many of you gave praise to it saying what a great Bond movie it was.

It is true that Mr Lazenby is not what you'd call an impressing actor, and yet the movie is full of top quality action, locations and players -- Telly Savalas and Diana Rigg, to name just two -- , which makes for a wonderful couple of entertaining hours.

I must say that Diana Rigg was stunning.

The story is exciting and well told, taking its time to reach the climax.

Well what I can’t understand is how can people actually accept the last 3 Bond movies ( I thought they were rather boring and lacked enough action….

The movie just seemed to go by a little too slow and the story lines didn't seem to keep me in suspense very long.

) Lazenby gives it all he has and produces a most sincere if somewhat bland performance.

The next movie was the rather silly "Diamonds are forever" (with Connery) and then the terminally dull "Live and let die", with Roger Mooore.

No gadgets, movie is too long(almost 2 and half hours).

The skiing scenes were very well done and I enjoyed watching them and despite the criticism of the film, I definitely enjoyed it.

He's always young in this, one of the best Bond adventures, and the riveting antithesis of what you expect from 007.

Sure it has a bit of formula, but there are different tweaks and approaches to it that make it very enjoyable.

They really were choppy and mixed up, and attempted to show action by dazzling viewers with quick, confusing cuts from all angles.

The 25 (and counting) films of the Bond franchise form a unique franchise in that you can just pick one randomly and end up with anything from a gripping thriller to a doomed romance, sci-fi rip-off or absurd spoof.

Though Lazenby's career went nowhere after OHMSS I feel the man had what it took to make that part his own.

but even by those standards his first (and unfortunately, last) performance outshines moore's (the eyebrow gimmick appeared on the first scene in 1973's live and let die), dalton's (who's duller, dalton or the a-ha cover song in 1987) and brosnan's (who looked 17 year old in the casino scene in 1995's goldeneye).

To replace "THE BOND" Sean Connery (though in last two movies a slightly tiresome).

However, the film holds up well and is engrossing entertainment in the tradition of the Ian Fleming novels and the early Bond films.

" Some think that this film, called OHMSS for short, is one of the most intense and exciting films in the series.

I like Sean Connery in the first three films but, his boredom with the character, especially in "You Only Live Twice", is very apparent.

I know the 60's loved exaggerating the punches and fight scenes, but the fast paced and sped up editing here is obnoxious to say the least.

As one that loved the classic Bonds, anything after the early Roger Moore films just didn't have that Bond film 'look', and the video game era Bond of Brosnan makes Bond have the depth of an empty Martini shaker.

Moore was a cheesy one-liner king, Dalton was simply boring, and Brosnan's bond films are more effects-laden to cover weak plots and acting.

The ending of the movie surprised me as it was unexpected.

My only complaints are that the movie is VERY long (142 min NTSC/136 PAL) and the pace is a little slow at times.

Some think On Her Majesty's Secret Service, save for Lazenby's presence, is the best of the series, but the film is too long and lethargic in its pacing to really deserve that title.

At the same time he has to savet the stunning Contessa daughter (DIANA RIGG) of one of the worlds most powerful criminals.

The action is taut and intense, the drama high, and the villains superlative.

* Lazenby is initially a bit wooden, but that merely reminds me of how wooden and bored Connery came across in his final scene for the previous movie, "You only live twice".

Nothing happens and what happens is confusing and boring to whatch.

Two shots are particularly worth watching for: an avalanche of snow exploding against an outcrop of rock, and a helicopter blowing up snow with its blades, silhouetted against an alpine sunrise.

The first hour of this movie is a snoozer.

The film particularly suffers from it's dull midsection in Piz Gloria,which would have benefited from being shortened.

The slow pace throughout the film really paid off in the last half an hour.

With each repeated viewing Diana Rigg becomes more beautiful, the stunts become more incredible, the cinematography more breathtaking and Telly Savalas is a great Blofeld (much more believable than the other actors who played him) Even Lazenby's performance as Bond holds up well, though he doesn't have the screen presence of Connery.

sequence where we hear Bond's thoughts) are quaint at first, but soon begin to bore.

He took some bad advice and did "Universal Soldier" (which if you can find, it is worth watching)instead of "Diamonds are Forever".

Telly Savalas as Blofeld is more a rough gangster type than the Blofeld that Donald Pleasence played in You Only Live Twice, but he is engaging none the less, and his fight scenes with Bond are all the more enjoyable.

Over the years, I've heard reactions to "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" vary between "dull" and "underrated" (and many points in between, come to think of it).

Bond's mission to locate Blofeld after his escape at the end of "You Only Live Twice" is going nowhere, he seems to be enjoying the perks of his job too much and not taking the task seriously.

A fascinating glimpse of what Bond might have become.

The plot is also very different from what the usual fans expect from Bond movies, being mainly focused on the romance between Bond and Tracy during the first half, then moving to Bloefeld's stronghold in Switzerland, and ending with 45 minutes of extremely exciting, non stop action.

As I said the plot is kind of vague (especially in the edited TV prints) and the first part is kind of slow.

Colorful and evocative cinematography by Michael Reed , shot on numerous locations in Grindelwald , Kanton Bern, Switzerland , Sesimbra, Setúbal, Rossio,Estoril , Lisbon, Portugal Marlow , Buckinghamshire , Queen Victoria Street, Blackfriars, and Pinewood studios , London England, UK .

With a running time of more than 140 minutes, "OHMSS" is definitely overlong and several dull scenes during the first half easily could have been cut, if you ask me.

The film is far too long, confusing, un-involving and the action sequences are spoilt by bad back projection.

And when then was, like the skiing scenes felt a bit dull as well, those scenes just felt tame and bland.

But the arch, astringent Rigg seemed far more comfortable with her Emma Peel TV character than with bored sex-kitten Tracy.

When Sean Connery announced he would rather broaden his horizons than appear in another Bond film, an intensive search for a replacement began.

There are a few good scenes, such as the ski-chases and the climactic battle, and the storyline is OK, but the film is overlong and much of the first 40 minutes is pointless, save for Bond's meeting with Draco.

The opening credits sequence features footage from the previous films, Lazenby's Bond, after seeing Tracy drive away from him during their first meeting, says "This never happened to the other fellow (referencing Connery's Bond)," and there is even a pointless scene where Bond tries to resign so we can get a look at objects from three of the previous films, which I doubt he would have been able to keep as souvenirs.

Despite Lazenby's lackluster performance (I was actually bored in some of the scenes he's in), the story actually stays intriguing and involving, with its share of a few great stunts and action.

As for Lazeneby: he's down-to-earth and handsome enough, but bland.

Certainly, all concerned, including Ian Fleming, recognized that the highly successful Bond formula was becoming entirely too formulaic.

Moreover, as some have mentioned here, the pace was slower and more patient (I never found the film boring), and there was less grandeur to the villains (which I thought went over the top with "You Only Live Twice").

There are many recognizable jokes about the recasting of Bond in this movie that if you pay attention to are really funny (Except for the montage one which was boring and pointless) and those sort of jokes they felt were important so people got used to the new Bond.

Plus the movie moves very slow.

Instead we have this tearful song turn into a high and exciting version of the Bond theme.

Suffers from a weak story line and far too long.

OHMSS sees Bond fall genuinely in love for the first and only time, and personally I found the film's romantic scenes both tender and touching, particularly for being so unexpected in a Bond film.

The last hour of snow based action sequences is hugely enjoyable and director Peter Hunt makes this one of the most visually stunning early Bond films.

His fight scenes have the slightest pause in them, so they seem contrived or staged.

The film was also responsible for introducing a new Bond cliché, the downhill ski chase.

The film is immaculately shot with the collaboration of the director and cinematographer making perhaps the best looking Bond film yet but the first half of the film is quite slow and lacks adventure.

The bobsled chase is gripping, too.

Some of the Bond films that are often criticized for being weak or the worst in the series are usually hindered by campy humor, unbelievable story ideas and special effects, or ideas that came off as cliché and formulaic.

Eon worked to make clear in the Maurice Binder title sequence (one of only two Bond title sequences, the other being "From Russia With Love," where the film theme song is entirely instrumental, a surprisingly good mixture of classic John Barry wall of sound symphony with engaging Dave Clark Five-influenced bass and even some humorously cheesy horn in the lead) that while the performer portraying him had changed, it was still James Bond, as footage from "Dr.

The film is plenty engaging while you're watching it, and the story is actually pretty good.

The skiing stunts in the two mountainside chases are awe inspiring.

Even though there are odd things to hate about OHMSS, it is a bold film that offers an intriguing direction for Bond, and offers a little more substance to its story that gives the ending a proper punch.

"Casino Royale"'s final half-hour is about as boring as 007 has ever gotten...

He gets involved in a plot which takes far too long to be revealed and involves an annoying collection of Zombie Bimbos with Allergies.

S is a bit difficult to watch, but worth the watch, if only because of the novelty value and because of Barry's music.

Ever since it has been predictable, whenever we see the combination of snow and mountains, that Bond will sooner or later find himself skiing down them with the bad guys in hot pursuit.

A serious relationship is started and the realities of his career and private life intertwining become intense circumstances.

It's got a compelling story, amazing action (the skiing sequences are still astonishing), excellent characters and a genuinely heartbreaking ending.

The last half an hour is the most exciting part.

The location work is fabulous, particularly round the stunning Piz Gloria in the Swiss alps which serves as Ernst Stavro Blofeld's base of operations.

So they chose 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service', Ian Fleming's most engaging book to be their next film.

The most mature and exciting Bond film .

By the time You Only Live Twice rolled along Connery became bored with the role and said "never again.

As enjoyable as the performance is, on its own merits, Telly Savalas is NOT Blofeld.

There is no shortage of great action either, the highlights being a tense and gripping ski chase and an equally thrilling bobsleigh pursuit.

Spoilers hereinIt's almost hard to believe that On Her Majesty's Secret Service is part of the Bond franchise, especially for the 60s, where bright, flashy exotic locations, plenty of beautiful women, tons of intriguing gadgets and completely unbelievable over the top villains with ludicrous schemes for world domination or such were more trademarks than any other decade.

At some point, he is talking more then Connery and is so predictable.

OHMSS sees Bond fall genuinely in love for the first and only time, and personally I found the film's romantic scenes both tender and touching, particularly for being so unexpected in a Bond film.

A lot of credit must go to Peter Hunt who as much as possible stuck faithfully to Fleming's novel and was still able to eke out an action packed suspenseful thriller without any reliance on gadgetry.

They seem authentically & believably drawn to (and made for) each other - most intriguing!

Everyone's after him, and the resulting ski chase, village chase, stock car chase, avalanche chase, helicopter assault, and bobsled chase are absolutely thrilling.

The whole clinic thing was a little bit boring and repetitive though, and it kind of made me go: "I could really use an explosion right about now" at times.

Yet even with a duller Bond, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" has some wonderful moments.

The whole film is a series of uncomfortable exposition spliced with repetitive action sequences and perfunctory one-liners.

"OHMSS" doesn't contain a wide variety of exotic filming locations, the main plot is pretty dumb, the amount of exhilarating action sequences & stunts is significantly lower and Lazenby isn't the proper protagonist, but still this film is non-stop compelling and the climax is inarguably the most unforgettable of the entire franchise.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service is full of such contrasts, with lots of new and interesting ideas and sequences, but lots of tiresome and ineffective ones too.

OHMSS provides a fascinating glimpse of what Bond might have become!

The inferiority of "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" was evident to me in just the first few minutes, which feature a repetitive and almost incoherent sequence of events where Bond goes about his business and keeps getting suddenly attacked by henchmen hiding behind the curtains.

Hunt / Cast: George Lazenby, Diana Rigg, Telly Savalas, Gabriele Ferzetti, Bernard Lee: Average but entertaining 007 action film about exactly what His Majesty has to offer; James Bond.

very slow first hour: i dont want to see lazenby holding rigg's hand for 10 minutes in some portugal netherland.

For all that, it's watchable and even quite entertaining in places which is more than can be said for Live and Let Die or Man With A Golden Gun.

It's also way too long at 140 minutes.

(Bond spends most of his time infiltrating Blofeld's clinic simply sitting around) And a lot of the more exciting parts are ruined by jumpy cameras making it impossible to see what is going on, and awful sound effects.

Not counting a snappy-tune, maybe John Barry's best, everything great from the Bond films seem to be lacking in this boring adaptation of Ian Fleming's novel.

Bonds accent in the helicopter to Piz Gloria is breathtaking.

It has short bursts of boredom with little action or interest.

my one complaint is that the scenes where bond is posing as sir hillary go on too long and slow the pace to a crawl.

In its day, chase scenes and fights with lots of "gags" and very high production value were highly entertaining.

The plot is good but a bit silly and goofy in points and there is a slow point towards the end.

This film is very entertaining to view...

Other than a silly self-referential line in the teaser and some sappy romantic montages, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" is a thrilling adventure which sees Bond traveling to the Swiss Alps to encounter villains and partake in dangerous action sequences.

The supporting cast is STUNNING.

A rather uneventful middle act—during which Bond does little else but hop in and out of bed with dolly birds—prevents OHMSS from being perhaps the greatest movie in the series, but the rest is pure 00-heaven, Bond's human side developed nicely during the first part of the film, and his license to thrill fully exercised during the amazing, action packed last 45 minutes or so, which features some incredible ski-stunts and one of the nastier deaths to befall a baddie (head-first into a snow-blower, resulting in a gruesome spray of blood-red slush!

The editing is rapid fire and all of the action is fast and energetically intense blended with Barry's magnificent score and Reed's lavish cinematography.

This is all backed up with some brilliant, thrilling actions sequences such as the scene in the lawyer's office, the scene on the slopes, and the final scene.

Prior excitement of gadgets like the Aston Martin DB5 was satisfying and enjoyable, but future Bond movies starring Roger Moore relied heavily on gadgets and fans grew tiresome of this.

This movie is too long (140 mins.

A predictable, bknd flick.

This film transcends so much of the other Bond material: it has wit and humour without the cartoonishness of other films, a James Bond who is capable of tenderness unlike the brutal thug that is Daniel Craig's characterisation, a genuine central romance and tragedy which pulls at the heart strings of those who care, stunning scenery, unforgettable music and some of the most exciting action scenes in film.

The chase scenes are quite exciting.

The movie has really thrilling ski chases, you really do believe a man can ski, and once more think you are skiing with him.

Such as the roughness of the editing (especially during fight scenes - too many cuts and tight camera shots to try and make the action more exciting), the repetitiveness and overuse / misuse of the leitmotifs (for example the simple musical phrase that plays for over 5 minutes during the safe-breaking operation), and some problems with the fit of Lazenby as 007 (particularly the voice overs - they should have modified the script to have better suited the actor they committed to).

OHMSS stands out for being fresh unique and ultimately the most exciting Bond film ever.

In any case, the new Bond was even duller than when smirking Connery held the position.

For so many years I've seen people everywhere think this movie is bad, a waste of money etc., so I rented it, and now I can say I mostly disagree!

Now onto the cons,I feel that the second act is too slow,boring and uninteresting.

But it's a generally enjoyable film, particularly for those looking for secret agent movies rather than super heroics.

He is literally photocopying files in one of the most boring spy action in a Bond movie.

Only the performances of Diana Rigg and Telly Savalas saves this movie from being a complete bore.

The main action is gripping enough in itself and really needs no support of contrasting comic relief.

We are also treated to a dangerously thrilling avalanche in which Bond is almost buried alive, not to mention the climatic attack on Blofeld's mountaintop clinic which was also amazing.

Personally, I enjoyed it; I can't stand when films have an explosion every two minutes to supposedly keep things "happening" and maintain the interest of the morons in the audience like, say, "The World is Not Enough.

Very Entertaining .

The film was far too long, even for a Bond film, and was unusually boring.

Very entertaining.

And there ARE great bits in the earlier parts of the film,especially a really suspenseful safe-cracking sequence which is brilliantly done in every respect, in fact it's almost worthy of Hitchcock.

After that, I was bored for a long time, not finding too many surprises.

I can only see so many henchmen go careening out of control before I get bored.

There are many action sequences, removed from the formulaic patterns in other films.

While all action scenes are good, the final sequence is particularly stunning.

" This superb saga with Bond pursuing his arch-enemy Ernest Stavro Blofield to a stronghold atop a mountain in the Swiss Alps is terrific stuff from start to finish and director Peter Hunt gives us more than we've ever endured this is 140 epic that thrusts Bond in one suspenseful predicament after another.

Even if that's not true, the helicopter raid is very thrilling.

The scene were Bond cracks the safe to copy documents, while mundane, is at least more realistic spy work; something one might imagine a real secret agent doing.

The ski chase,set to John Barry's great theme,is truly cool and the toboggan chase and fight is incredibly thrilling.

The first two Bond films were very realistic and "spy-ish", while the last three was quite over the top but entertaining none the less!

Slow Start, Furious Finish .

For my money, Lazenby was a good replacement, the script was well written, the gadgets were kept within reason, the fight scenes were well edited, and the action scenes very exciting.

Taken on its own terms, OHMSS is a flawed but entertaining action-romance.

It's an intriguing oddity in the Bond canon, which is why it's probably my favourite.

However, the really confusing aspect is the massive continuity error regarding Bond meeting him and the two not recognising each other even though they had come face to face in You Only Live Twice.

Part of the problem is the fact that the villain's plot, brainwashing girls at the school, is rather pedestrian and fails to be very compelling.

That is until the ending, when Lazenby perks up a bit, and infuses surprising drama into Bond trying to come to terms with Tracy's sudden and totally unexpected death.

His escape from Piz Gloria and finally to safety showed a Bond that was vulnerable, that had to use all his cunning and adrenaline to escape from Blofeld's mob.

5/10 - worth a watch, but only if you're bored.

I have to admit I wasn't always a fan of this entry, I found it rather dull and had hardly any action.

Right from the start, the film differentiates itself with its dreary imagery and a hard-hitting fight scene on a beach.

An enjoyable movie, moreso if you can get over the obsession with Connery.

OHMSS is an intriguing and highly entertaining spy romp, with almost non-stop action in its final hour and deserves a lot more respect than it is getting here in IMDb reviews.

I thought certain elements were done well, but when it comes to the overall film I personally thought it was boring.

Away from Bond anyway, OHMSS is a stunning action thriller in its own right.

It includes the song ¨we have all the time in the world¨ sung by Louis Armstrong as well as the customary enjoyable score by John Barry .

The action sequences on the slopes of the Alps were riveting and the assault on Piz Gloria was a cinematic masterpiece.

The close-ups with obvious rear-projection backgrounds look pretty bad to modern audiences, but the chases are high-energy and filled with adrenaline.

It demands the worst sort of insult one can pay to a Bond movie -- boring!

Director Peter Hunt -previously film editor- keeps the action moving and staging a thrilling snow pursuit with one nasty torn to pieces in a snow plough , villains falling from cliffs and impressive avalanches .