On the Beach (2000) - Drama, Sci-Fi

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After a global nuclear war, the residents of Australia must come to terms with the fact that all life will be destroyed in a matter of months.

Director: Russell Mulcahy
Stars: Armand Assante, Rachel Ward
Length: 195 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 19 out of 103 found boring (18.44%)

One-line Reviews (42)

it was compelling.

Some scenes worked but the hour or so of TV soap setting the relationship triangles was just tedious.

Instead of actually showing us the world ending convincingly, or creating characters that we care about making tough choices, this Hallmark production spends most of its time muddling around with a JAG-like submarine captain and his dull crew of soldiers, as well as an Australian scientist and his ex-wife, as they suffer through trite love triangles, and sit around Australia as nothing much happens for the majority of the running time.

Updated version of "On the Beach" from the 1959 movie -- Don't waste your time with this version -- its long side tracks into the realm of romance diatribes - made this quite dull.

The boring, meaningless romantic tripe added about an hour of unnecessary viewing.

The makers of this film chose to illustrate this point with a slow and tedious bomb of their own.

Whilst I really did like this mini-series I thought the second half dragged on a bit.

A bit long but riveting none the less, well directed and well acted.

After the first episode the series get terribly dull.

after being dragged through 3 hours of this film i wanted one of those suicide pills , apart from the bad acting and cheap special effects, which they were somehow impressed about because thats all we ever saw, stock footage of a submarine.

Very intense, real emotion.

It is an uneven film, mixing flashes of brilliant and poor editing, excellent and bad acting, scientific inaccuracies and gorgeous scenery, and four love stories, two of which I found compelling.

Screened as TV miniseries, the whole film runs three hours and is way too slow paced to be watched in one go.

this movie did finally become involving once the sub arrived back in Melbourne but it was a long and dreary wait.

On the Beach is based on the mid-20th century novel of the same name by Neville Shute, and offers a more elaborate and engrossing treatment of its subject than the original classic film (1959) starring Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner and Fred Astaire.

It bears all the markings of a cheap made-for-TV movie, from the flat, over-lit look to the lethargic actors playing boring archetypes.

It's breathtaking stuff.

(I am not that type of person who only watches Action-movies all the time, but what I saw really bored me at that time.

Tiresome Balderdash .

This is a movie well worth three hours of your life.

He might have gone on the mission and reacted as he did, if Anchorage was his home and I believe that would have made for a more compelling story, like he wants to go to Anchorage and the crew doesn't.

Give it a chance if you like intense drama.

The dialogue was phony, and far too contrived.

I have never watched a mini series so boring, it is completely lifeless and sleep inducing.

This Showtime original is an hour longer than its predecessor, and will likely bore some of the more impatient members of its audience.

I found that the first half dragged quite a bit with too much time spent on setting up the love triangle.

It is well worth watching and hopefully by the right people.

As I enjoyed the hunt for "Red October" and "Crimson Tide" a lot, and submarines are always of interest, I took a closer look - and found that what I saw was kind of boring.

Worth watching because it updates Shutes Novel and the original film effectively.

I wouldn't because it would mean losing that evocative concluding scene where Ava watches from the cliff as the sub departs Australia.

bland bland bland!.

But that puts the dramatic focus on the human story rather than the propaganda.

Pompous, Pretentious Junk .

I watched this film last night, and enjoyed it very much.

It also gives one pause to consider that this scenario was all-too-plausible- and not at all unthinkable for most of the Cold War (1950-1989); indeed, the film is made more compelling because one knows that this could have indeed happened- and thankful that it didn't.

The main reason the movie is too long is the added scenes when the sub goes north.

) but if you suspend that bit of disbelief, it's compelling viewing.

A few nights later, I was hit with a case of insomnia, and turned on the last seven eighths at around 2AM.

) Dwight's hanging around until his buddy died was contrived to keep him out of the way until Moira and Julian could get it back on.

boring meaningless romantic tripe .

An unfulfilled promise; a waste of your time.

As others have said, the romantic part of the movie is very bland, it detracts a lot from what might have been a good TV movie.