Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood (2019) - Comedy, Drama

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A faded television actor and his stunt double strive to achieve fame and success in the film industry during the final years of Hollywood's Golden Age in 1969 Los Angeles.

Director: Quentin Tarantino
Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt
Length: 161 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 407 out of 1000 found boring (40.7%)

One-line Reviews (947)

such a boring film, a very upsetting depiction of Bruce Lee for the fans, and so so frustrating overall, because it looks gorgeous, and Brad and Leo are absolutely fantastic, at the top of their game.

causing at least semi-intense emotional reactions) to make me re-watch this in a hurry.

Big fan of Quentin Tarantino but this has to be his worst movie.

Yes, the atmosphere is great with nice pictures of the 60s, but the there is no plot.

Fascinating screenplay that has you crying and laughing.

On this occasion I have to say that this overlong, self-indulgent and rewritten version of Hollywood history, is one of the most heartwarming pieces of art currently being exhibited to the paying and baying public.

Which is hard to say because it is literally the only action that takes place and you have to sit through three hours of inanity to get there.

Self indulgent 'boys toys' rudderless script 1 hour too long .

Talented acting - slow movie .

It was such a disappointment, so boring , no story line, just random movie scenes one after another.

Save your money.

Waste of time.

The entire Sharon Tate (non) story was pointless and was only there to serve the ending.

Besides that, DiCaprio is stunning on many scenes.

But if you want some real entertaining movie, keep looking.

Movie was way too long.

I should have walked out like the others.

Absolute snooze fest.

Unexplained Manson story if you know nothing Sharon Tate,Charles Manson,movie could be a boring and so unexplained.

or Dull and Dumber, Same Crap.

Their are a lot of fun cameos in the movie from actors who have been in previous Tarantino films which was unexpected and nice to see.

The film is too slow and the only reason I was able to sit through the whole thing was the magnificent acting and the fact that I knew Tarantino was behind it.

Another thing is that a few scenes were too long and boring, like Cliff Booth driving for so long without anything happening or too many scenes with just smoking.

Dull, pointless and disrespecting Bruce Lee was very uncool and unnecessary on so many levels.

A slow-burning love letter to '60s Hollywood .

This is unfortunately the first boring Tarantino movie...

I'd also like the unexpected ending which symbolized Tarantino!

This film feels a tad self indulgent, as if there's an undercurrent of in-group know-how about it all, a nudge nudge wink wink towards film history nerds, that might escape many of us who aren't in the film industry and don't live in Hollywood.

Great great acting by Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, and stunning looks by Margot Robbie.

Just two standout scenes in this period - the Brad v/s Bruce Lee skirmish on sets and a gripping scene on a dilapidated film location that is occupied by a cult.

The subplots are pointless (Why was Margot Robbie's character in there?

There are a lot of very enjoyable smaller parts in this.

Bottomline, the movie has no story, boring and unlike what was expected.

Once upon a time in Hollywood is a long, dull messy unedited bore of a film that didn't feel like it knew what it was - awfulWatch 'bad times at the el royale' instead

So boring I had to leave the cinema .

It was funny because in the theater I was in, 3 Hispanics that were together walked out on the movie about 40 minutes before it was over, and that was actually the most exciting part.

There is no story and I didn't care about the characters.

I had high expectations when I went watch it, but I left the cinema bored and disappointed.

So if you are like me, you will waste your time and won't understand a thing.

The story is so so so weak and pointless and the make fun of Bruce lee and disrespect him neither when he's dead and absolutely of from the best fighters in the history and Margot robbie was so weak and dont effect in the story at all and the characters was so normal and im blam my self every single time for paying 10$ for this disaster

It felt like an uninteresting Making Of of a cheap western and not like a Tarantino blockbuster.

Boring to death!!!

It didn't make any sense, left you waiting and bored.

Pointless scenes, unjustified stories, and of course, the blood bath at the end.

That's what made the movie boring because you want something to happen like in Tarantinos movies it usually does, but literally nothing happens until the last 10 minutes.

Don't waste your money on this one.

What a massive waste of money and time.

The only likeable character in this 2.5 hour snooze fest, was Cliff, played by Brad Pitt.

storyline is mostly boring.

So I am wondering what all the praise for this bore fest is.

I am sorry, but this was the most boring and uneventful movie I have ever seen in my life.

I loved the cinematography but there is no plot, and the real story of sharon Tate is not even there.

There is kinda no story.

Mostly boring, Too long.

However lastly, since Tarantino gave us these stunning master pieces Inglorious Basterds and Django - I absolutely forgive him for his last to failiures.

A lot of the scenes felt pointless or unnecessary in advancing the plot.

I really enjoyed it and I will tell you why.

It was both funny and thrilling.

Performances were really solid and entertaining to say the least.

Nicely made pointless movie .

Boring and disappointing .

Every single scene is intriguing and entertaining.

Dreadfully slow.

This film was painfully slow, I only really enjoyed the last 45 minutes.

Tarantino again fails to deliver an exciting enough story to keep me interested.

Bored to death .

The movie could be 40-50 minutes smaller, too many "slow" scenes without any meaning to the whole story.

Long "supposedly meaningful" (boring) dialogues, awkward, confusing (and unpleasant) scene with Bruce Lee, nothing innovative.

I imagine Tarantino fans and movie history buffs will love it but others will find it slow.

It could seem terribly self-indulgent I guess.

It is a boring movie!

Such a classic Tarantino movie, pictures is gorgeous, actors are fantastic, theme is so exciting...

As per Tarantino, the movie does not follow reality because reality is boring.

I honnestly cant understand how you get 3 legeneds in a movie and make the most dull, boring and pointless movie ever.


I'm still not quite sure what the point of Margot Robbie's character was, other than to exude stunning beauty and optimism.

Anyone who is recommends you to watch that movie, isn't your friend (and should be unfriended from all social networks)Quips aside; this is Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the worst movie I've seen in a long time And will stay so for the foreseeable future.

But it cannot make up for more than 2 hours of boredom and tarantino's attempt to drag Bruce Lee's reputation through the dirt.

An extremely boring movie, I came out of the cinema for the first time.

My wife and I walked into a half empty cinema expecting a fabulous cinematic extravaganza with Pitt and DiCaprio starring in a Tarantino film.

A great comedian is able to keep their audience engaged for a long period of time while telling a seemingly mundane story, they will throw in little jokes and go on funny tangents only to come back at the end with the punch line.

I considered walking out, I should have walked out.

Boring, pointless and disappointing movie.

I liked the film, but would not watch it for the second time, the beginning had too many themes and was very slow...

A movie with no story or unifying idea .

Fine piece of work, ending was very entertaining.

Margo Robbie is stunning and delivers a very sensitive, lovely Sharon Tate.

More boring than Jackie Brown.

are they just fan boys or do the enjoy watching paint dry.

One of the worst movies EVER .

Finally found a movie to fall asleep to .

Then there is no real plot and nobody does anything of consequence, no development.

Entertaining romp.

Please go and see this film and you too can suffer the same dreadful boring load of rubbish that we endured tonight.

3 hours of pain to endure a rather disconnected plot with no real action or an interesting story to be followed.

We are left with an empty husk of a film, that will expire, and be forgotten as soon as the "fanboys" stop staring directly into the big, fake Hollywood sun.

It is proven once more that Tarantino can't rely on his celebrated dialogues all the time because some of them are way too long and way too meaningless.

There is no plot, you start to wonder what in the hell you're doing in there after the second hour and the last 30 minutes are just agony.

Long, drawn out scenes of dialogue, obvious "feet" scenes that felt forced and almost done in a joking way.

Once upon a time in Hollywood is overly long, poorly paced, and dialogue is uninteresting.

Still, Brad and DiCrapio do a great job with what they are given.. but it's still long and uninteresting (specially at the beginning), which is weird for Tarantino.

My brief summary would be, It's long, if you don't have an appreciation for 60's retro groove, the Hollywood system and stunning indulged cinematography the film may seem slow.

No plot.

Good actors, but to be honest, 70% of the movie is just boring.

Don't waste your money to see joint smoking and cursing language.

So boring that I cannot suffer it.

Margot Robbie's character of Sharon Tate was very boring to watch.

Boring as heck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unexpected Ending .

I went in with great expectations and can honestly say it's one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

More descriptive than unpredictable.

No plot, no entertaining value, nothing.

The dialogue is intriguing.

So boring, no story .

There's a lack of plot and story as the film just seems like a load of clips just stick together!

This movie is funny, violent, and suspenseful.

The first 2 hours are very boring, there's nothing to spoil because there's nothing!


If you are ready for a glowing boredom with jokes of a "Mr.

Drags on way too long with filming of western movies, and driving around LA with music blaring.

This movie is so slow, that you can sense how you are getting old.

Even though I can say that I was maybe expecting the unexpected in this film's ending, well, I wasn't really expecting that ending!

Too long and too boring .

I attended the movie with 4 of my friends all of us were frustrated by 3 hours of the sluggish sequalae of the film....

Boring .

Just a complete waste of time and typical Quentin junk.

I felt the film dragged and moved slow on various scenes.

I think it's the worst movie I saw of the recent years.

2 hours of mildly engaging filler before an explosive endingNot Tarantino's best, sadly

It's also entertaining, funny, clever and eye catching.

Similar to the way 'Inglorious Basterds' flung historical accuracy out of the window in its 3rd act's insane Nazi massacre, 'Once Upon a Time' completely skips over the Manson murders and replaces it with the most thrilling part of the film where the Manson cult themselves are murdered in true Tarantino carnage.

Oh and did I mention it was boring?

Self Indulgent nonsense with no story line .

I heard most people walked out 75% through, which is unfortunate, since the end makes up for what the rest is lacking.

So many people left the theater after one our.

There's no plot.

Worst movie in years...

While the story at hand with Rick Dalton has its moments (Bruce Lee scene and forgetting lines), it's too long and too dragged out.

Much of the film feels like it's going nowhere, so it's boring sometimes.

Just boring unrelated scenes.

It's a enjoyable Tarantino movie!

Usually, there are movies of his that convince with atmosphere, depth and twists such as Inglorious Basterds or films that are rather shallow, referential and confusing like Kill Bill.

The length of this movie is complete waste of time, you could cut 1 hour and no one would ever notice, only it would bring a much better result!

This movie is seriously the worst movie i have Seen.

It was so complicated and so damn boring.

To describe why this is boring is like reading Monthy Python describe why accountancy is not boring.

First time in my life, i wanted to leave the cinema.

Hard pass on this self indulgent piece of trash...

Half Polanski/Manson fairy tale / Half goofy pointless "plot" .

No plot to speak of, disjointed bits and pieces lumped together with no thought or consideration of any editing.

I kept wondering where all this was going the whole movie, even the ridiculous ending scene felt boring and pointless.

But, the way Tarantino plays us with Charles Mansion is worthy of an applause, if anything has to be put under a microscope: it has to be that thrilling aspect of a historically dreadful event.

boring p**h.

This movie basically is a waste of time and talent.

His movies seem to switch from brilliant to boring, while all having his similar traits.

On leaving the cinema after seeing this my I overriding emotion was anger after wasting 3 hours of my life and hard earned money on this pretentious drivel.

The plot was also really interesting and suspenseful at times.

Their great acting abilities eclipsed by an utterly boring script and a lack of any coherent plot.

And those who understood it, enjoyed it thoroughly!

I think that's the problem with the whole movie - nothing happens, nothing to be excited for.

The most boring movie ever made in the history.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is worth watching just for the epic star power alone along with Tarantino's signature killer soundtrack.

It's not entirely insufferable, but damn, what a self-indulgent (even for Tarantino and Hollywood) piece of junk and a giant waste of resources and talent on absolutely nothing and that goes nowhere in a crawl.

Plotless, witless drivel that even Leo and Brad cant save.

Nothing happens, no story no plot and people were walking out of the cinema after an hour I wish I'd joined them.

The most entertaining part of the show is the last 20 mins of it plus some Class AAA acting of Leonardo.

Load of self indulgent crap!

The acting was spot on and despite their efforts I just found it boring and lazy .

in Hollywood" is entertaining as hell for an avid film buff.

A plodding fairy tale saved by extraordinary acting performances .

The ending of the film is most unexpected and ends on a high note.

No plot.

This movie is worth the watch.

The film as a whole isnt perfect but a thoroughly enjoyable story of bromance and a career that can take you anywhere if you know the right people.

because barely ever has watching a movie felt this pointless to me.

Some of the characters were so dull that they didn't exactly add anything to this movie besides runtime.

The first 2 hours are painfully boring.

The movie was so boring that I was expecting a breakthrough at any time.

Watching this movie was like being stuck in an elevator with a boring person for 3 hours.

Non-existent plot .

I would say the first part was Allright but boring the second part was great it's a very silly movie

This film meanders aimlessly going nowhere.

The biggest culprit is the storyline, which is somewhat bland.

However, for people who do not live in Hollywood or work in the industry, it is rather pointless and meaningless.

With no story to tell, the film is nothing more than an expensive, well produced brain fart, made without any peer review, story arc, editing or green lighting process.

Slow is an understatement waiting for the finale that lasted only 15 mins.

Love QT but this is self-indulgent garbage.

Her role in this film is absolutely pointless.

Leo & Brad are absolutely stunning.

That part was the most exciting and most enjoyable and it felt like a Tarantino movie.

Boring .

It's a waste of time to watch this movie :(It's not worth it!

Dull, boring and pointless.

Large sections of completely pointless material.

When a pop band gets too big all their songs get number one, this is that in a film senseIt's not a bad film, its downright awful for QTs high standard, acting is the best possible but there is a vital ingredient missingThere are some teasers for some action early on but you find out those scenes were actually pointless and contributed nothing for the actual plotUnless you want to jump on the QT love train your going to watch it anyway, if your on the fence save yourself a potential splinter and get back off and find something else

Many would say its boring but if you can handle the slower pace sit back and enjoy a perfect homage to the film industry with tarantino deliberately choosing not to blow it up like previous films.

Story was slow and not much of anything was happening.

There were times that I wanted to scream from boredom.

Great cast and visually stunning.

The "America" I found too long and boring.

That's the start and end of the praise for the most part though as it's more like nearly 3 hours of skit shows that just happen to feature the same core cast in many scenes.

Not Tarantino's best work, but definitely fun and entertaining.

A long and uneventful film full of A list actors trying to out perform each other in scenes that are about as interesting as watching paint dry.

It has no plot and all of the scenes with Sharon Tate could and should be removed.

Self indulgent and just plain DULL.

By far the worst movie of either Pitt or DiCaprio.

The scene at the ranch with Brad was one of the most intense moments I've in a theater in a long time.

Funny, entertaining, the suspense is thrilling and the twists are so surprising.

Half the people there walked out as well.

Very entertaining, though.

There were elements of comedy which also made the viewing somewhat enjoyable.

We're still left with an overlong and let's face it, mostly dull movie.

Boring boring boring .

That was the worst movie ever.

Was just boring.

As a Tarantino fan I was surprised at how pointless this movie is...

There were scenes where I was unsure of the need for them and certainly some of the lengths but it is still world class dialogue and such an intriguing film that, despite no real plot, I found it fascinating.

Suprisingly the writing was very bad, dialoques mostly seemed complitely pointless n not at least witty

Boring most of the time.

A waste of time...

Many good moments were cut and replaced with dragged out sceens.

This movie is so boring it hurts, probably one of the worst screenplays in the history of Holywood.


Yes the acting was just perfect but there was no story!!!!

Forgettable and at times boring and languidly draining.

The "tarantining" last 30 minutes will recompess you even if you find the first hours boring

" The fight is dragged out and filled with blood.

Dull .

Seriously, this is by far the worst movie I've ever seen!

this is one of the worst, most boring movies ever!

It is not as detailed nor 'narratively unique' as Tarantino's previous work but either way, I enjoyed it immensely and loved the actor's performances dearly.

Very boring .

Self Indulgent Garbage .

In the most instances it was extremely boring and almost made me fall asleep in multiple occasions.

Literally nothing happened for the first two hours!

The movie is just so loaded with pointless audiovisual attraction.

A waste of time for sure.

The rythm is there to install the feel of a slow movie before increasing the pace step by step, and for that it is brilliant, you get the feel of the time, you get to feel the frustration of a changing Hollywood with Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) being of the old school times faced with the new names that are emerging (Polansky, McQueen etc.) and new techniques like the little girl doing her Actor's Studio perfectly, being in the character's body all allong.

I felt totally immersed into 1969 Los Angeles.

It's slow burning because you need time to enjoy the ride.

I fell asleep several times during the first half of the movie.

yeah, I left the theater a little miffed at best.

The movie has no plot.

It unfortunately ended up being rather bland and inconsequential, seemingly shoehorning in the Manson storyline for the sake of doing so, and writing an alternate history for the sake of doing so; rather than letting the characters drive the story.

Shoehorning movie references and cameos does not make a good film , or a very entertaining one .

Spend most of the film bored at a listless script.

The opening 1-1/2 hours is like watching paint dry.

Huge cost but a huge waste of screen time

There was no storyline or any meaning to this movie.

Do not watch it, or, if you want to see it, feel free to walk out when you get bored, it's not worth it for some cheap Tarantino-violence at the end.

A lot of driving around, empty dialogue, remembering old times and movies, flat characters.

Actually one of the most boring movies i've seen.

It drones on endlessly and I was fighting to stay awake.

Ultimately a boring pointless movie that is not improved by the 5 to 10 minutes of fantasy violence near the end.

However, this time Tarantino is angry at the stagnation, slowness, stereotyping, and the change in the American cinema and the American society that happened in the 60s.

We go to movies to escape, for an enjoyable time (think the audience all laughing at Tate's movie), to take refuge from their own reality for a little while.

I am not a film critic and I don't know how to appreciate all aspects of an artistic movie, so since it has no storyline I found it a bit boring.

I like that it moves slow so that there isn't time to explore all the fun stuff of the 1960s Hollywood.

No action, no plot, no character development.

Great acting, no plot, no ending, no entertainment value .

The chemistry between Rick Dalton (DiCaprio) and Cliff Booth (Pitt) is extremely entertaining and well written.

It's impressive technically but it lacks an exciting narrative - something Tarantino normally delivers on.

An unexpected film for Hollywood in general and for Tarantino in particular.

There's no character development, no surprises (other than the last 10 minutes), no suspense, no expectation for the next scene (to me, Tarantino's greatest quality, building up a tension that makes you crave for what is coming next), there's not much that can be spoiled about this film because not much happens, and nothing that happens plays any role in the story, as there is basically no story.

No plot, boring, boring, very slow.. and everybody sleeep...

Plot-wise literally nothing happens.

To me, one of the worst movies ever!!!

I wish I'd walked out.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood bare no plot for most of the film.

Just a bunch of pointless scenes that glorify white male violence, complete with misogynistic body shots of Margot Robbie, who gets about two lines in the whole movie.

Moving at a slow and languid, almost European pace this most American of films has a subtle and underlying verve and edge to it that keep it from slipping into snoozeville.

this was one of them In the end, it is a line up of good actors with no story to tell.

QT made this film purely as a hobby.. What a waste of 3 hours of my life..

Visually authentic but in the end, boring.

Scenes are so real and captivating, it's a thrilling watch.

I also want to appreciate the wardrobe, they are fascinating and eye-catching.

But in the same way, Cliff would never let be underestimated or even get irritated by anybody, as he always wins in the fights in the most unexpected ways.

Now I love Margot Robbie, she is a great actress but I thought her character was incredibly pointless and it felt like she was just shoehorned into this film so Tarantino could say that he had a female lead in this film.

Oh, and the ending is practically breathtaking.

Totally boring for me, unfortunately .

It's fatal and boring.

When I came out of the cinema after this film I thought it was alright but I found the film quite empty.

Wanted to love it, but found myself yawning instead ...

I understand the title of the movie refers to a fairy-tale-version of Hollywood, but by God, what a dull movie.

Whatever may be the case, the movie is a decent effort with some fairly entertaining scenes.

To beign with, there is a difference between slow-paced and boring.

3 hours of this?

My girlfriend told me she was falling asleep.

At least four times the boredom resulted in actual yawning.

The movie starts slow as we delve into 60's Hollywood and then the movie gets nuts.

Fell asleep during the movie .

No Story !

I can't recall being as pleasantly surprised and so fully entertained by a film since 1973's "The Sting," with both films featuring two engaging, charismatic stars meshing so perfectly in an equally engrossing and lovingly escapist tale.

Once upon a time .. was extremely slow paced, thin storyline, flat underdeveloped supporting characters, only a couple of those typical Tarantino dialogues, just one true climax at the end, missed the music, only for some short snibbits, all in all not worth the wait.

It was self indulgent drivel.

its a mood driven movie best enjoyed when you enter the theater with no prior expections or assumptions because Tarantino is going to play with you even if he has to take unpredictable turns or go in Anti-Tarantino regions like SAVING a Soul!

A superbly acted borefest .

Very few times I wanted to leave the theater in the middle of the movie....

It's an extremely boring movie .

And the ending of the movie, well, there was none, what is understandable since there was no story.

This film is dull.

Neverthess, the foreshadowing is way too long and flat, mostly because of Taratino's own fixations---it is more of a personal movie to himself, in my understanding.

The film is long and moves at a leisurely but engrossing pace, and it never lost my interest.

Seeing something like that through his lens would make it such an entertaining film.

Quentin Tarantino really surprised me, the problems I have is the movie is too long and lacks on action, I wish there would be more action, the action is only showed in the finale.

I was immersed in a gloriously shot and lit, parallel universe.

But it dosent even the fact its way toooo ZZZZZzzzzz.

And so even the wild climax felt empty because nothing built up to it.

Personally, bored to tears except for the final fight scene.

The movie is boring,only the last part is funny and few parts inside.

In every Tarantino movie, even the ones that many people don't fully appreciate, there will be a scene or two whereby they will make the movie worth watching, with intense acting, more than snappy dialogue and all-in-all a memorable experience ...

Sometimes it may feel like it's going nowhere, until we get there and we discover that the destination is both amazing and surprisingly touching.

While watching the movie you'll think it's boring.

The worst movie ever .

The movie is too long and a lot of scenes are unnecessary.

I can see what the film is trying to do, but it kills its audience with boredom in the process.

Tarantino's worst movie ever!!.

A self indulgent mess.


"I know you really wanted to do 'a day in the life' of these characters, but the lack of connections between these stories makes for some uninteresting set-ups that never quite pay off.

Movie is too long...

However the first section is deadly dull with a LONG sequence showing DiCaprio acting in a 1969 TV western.

At times you feel lost and try to figure out where is this going and is quite boring.

A poorly paced movie with no plot The 5 stars for the good acting

No story no movie .

While this would normally be "the boring" part of a review, it became obvious that talking about the camera work in this movie would be an utter joy because just a couple of minutes in.

I was sitting there uncomfortably and wondered when the pure boredom would finally end.

The last part of the film is a surprise and is very exciting and that is where I saw humour that probably shocked other cinema goers.

The best way to describe this movie is - My girlfriend nagged me to go see it and then fell asleep 1/3rd of the way through.

Are we meant to have sympathy for the "struggling actor" cliche?

I can see the idea , but the most boring movie ever.

At one point my husband and I were participating in a thumb war, and rock paper scissors we were so bored.

Thoroughly enjoyed it despite the slow development.

Which seriously is a pitty, because everything else works so well, but around the end of the second act it was dragging so much that I actually grew restless and bored, something I absolutely didnt anticipate in a QT film.

I mean, they were aesthetic but due to them, the movie was kinda slow.

Lengthy shots of people driving around during which nothing happens and which serve no purpose.

The script is long, unfocused, aimless, indulgent and ultimately far too boring.

No story.

This makes it so exciting and thrilling to watch.

Totally useless, no story, weak scenario, total disaster.

I played with my phone during the movie= boring .

You just watch old times like a boring documentary.

Boring Film .

So boring it was like a punishment .

The labelling of this offering as "The 9th film by Quentn Tarantino" is arrogant and pretentious in equal measure.

The first ~90 minutes of the movie feel too slow and pointless.

I was very unexpected that the Manson murders would be the funniest scene.

Hollywood loving slow burner .

There is no story so don't wait for one.

They are transcendent (who is this fascinating man and what has he done with the real Brad Pitt?

Boring and good at the same time .

This is quite possibly the worst movie I've ever seen.

You'd find a documentary about Rick Dalton and Sharon Tate more meaningful and entertaining.

That we know what happens to Tate in real life imbues Robbie's performance with an intense sense of tragedy.

Not only me but also amongst the group of friends I watched this movie with, there was this sense of confusion about what was this movie trying to convey, even though we were not all foreign and new to QT's films and his brand and style of moviemaking.

Pointless .

Boring, no content, good acting but nothing happens.

Very drawn out although still has that's Tarantino magnetism.

This concept was re used in a fresh and exciting way with his 9th and final film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, with there being three stories going on at the same time, Rick Daltons movie career, Cliff Booths downtime and life and finally Sharon Tate's life.

A lot of people have compared this film to a fairy tale, given the unexpected and cathartic ending as well as the 'Once Upon a Time' title.

There's no plot.

Waste of time and money.

Quentin Tarantino is like a self-indulgent author who writes for the pleasure of writing - pens sections not relevant to the book, composes anticlimactic chapters, twists history - readers be damned.

The mind blowing addition of some key Hollywood figures feels like it has no baring, or point, and leads absolutely nowhere.

You'll recognise the Tarantino of always (brilliant, brutal, cool and stunning) towards the end of the film.

That was the worst movie I have ever watch.

A start too slow, and a story pretty much without any point.

But, truth be told, this movie is just plain boring.

If you like movies with no plot, where nothing happens and you wish you could waste 3 hrs of your life...

There were some nice cultural references and some good 60's music but no story of any substance.

Very slow paced, no storyline, nothing really happened at all...

This movie is too long .

It was very dramatic with breathtaking music, lighting.

Each character has its drama in one of those contexts: Rick with being the one with the hard career downfall, Cliff meeting the group of hippies in Spahn's Ranch and Sharon Living on Cielo st, in her case nothing happened, there was a twist in the story.

My favorite part is when she goes to a movie she's co-starring in in the theater, and finds it so exciting to watch herself and hear the audience behind her laugh.

I'm so bored of the same old copy and paste movies nowadays, this movie took a bit of concentration but the last 40 minutes were exciting, thrilling and funny.

Possibly the most boring, self indulgent rubbish I've ever seen.

I feel like this scene was simply added to give a forced climax to a movie that was too long and boring just to make people leave remembering only that scene.

Is the worst movie EVER!

The dialogue was empty at least for mr Q standards, a thing that is his usually strong spot.

I enjoyed it so much that I was actually sad when it was over.

Pretentious rubbish.

Sucks, too mad director and confusing story , no aim and no drama , the best was brad pitt

I wouldn't waste your money on this one, it will be on TV soon enough and you can at least fall asleep to it.

The film kept leading on to other scenes that were confusing.

What is a self-indulgence movie.

It was a trip for me, back to a glorious fantasy time when everything was exciting and brilliant.

A film that at the end of the vision leaves you nothing, just so much boredom, long-winded and inconclusive.

It does get a little better towards the very end but by then I was so fed up and bored with this movie that I was mainly glad it was about to end.

Stunning performance by an amazing actor, 100% made the film he's own.

very very slow and ridiculous violence at the end...

There is a lot of time in this movie just spent absorbing the world that Tarantino and his team have brought to life.

What was the point, there is no plot, and everything is everywhere.

Or Sharon Tate's character for that matter once you see the ending....?This was a missed opportunity that could've been a great piece on an actor's dwindling career that just turned into a boring series of sort of linked scenes...


Maybe some people who are experts on Hollywood history might get the references but I found the whole thing tipping over into self-indulgence.

Pointless story telling and over shot scenes make up the first two hours of the movie.

why pay high for an actress if she is pointless in the movie???

It was so BORING!!!

My friend fell asleep

Fantastic and absolutely fascinating.

Absolutely garbage, no story, no complications, so so so incredibly boring; someone needs to be really dumb or boring to appreciate crap like this

Boring until the end .

Boring boring boring.

Altough the conlusion is a good orgasm, the movie sometime tends to be a bit boring and dull, especially because the lines are not so rich or engangin.

QT has delivered some giant entertaining stuff over the decades.

The screenplay was elaborated by making the narration's rhythm intriguing, as well as the editing helped to elaborate the movie's narration dynamic.

Just the whole story was boring, with small interesting minutes in the middle (like the Bruce Lee scene).

Tarantino takes the faded backlots of the late 1960's Hollywood movie sets and mixes them with stunning cinematography by Robert Richardson.

One star for the actors performing which was good and the other star for the nice decoration and the Using right details to mimic those old days .. other than that, this movie should get an oscar for the most boring experience ever.

Just left the theater though deeply disappointed on this one.

The narration though slow paced, is compelling for the most part.

It's painfully boring.

Ha Ha, the only genius was my wife because she fell asleep after 20 minutes and awoke 2 hours later refreshed.

I honestly wanted to leave, this movie litterly goes nowhere!

After two hours I was considering leaving, because nothing happened!

Sorry guys but that was the worst movie I've ever seen.

So boring .

With random cuts between characters the story was extremely hard to follow.

it was so boring , so long and hard to watch.

I wouldnt say boring.

This has been an issue I have seen in many reviews but I have to say that it didn't bother me, the cast are fantastic and so even the most pointless dialogue exchange feels engaging and as I mentioned before the attention to detail in the set design as well as the wardrobe makes every scene a treat to watch.

In all honesty, the whole film felt like pointless content.

My three favorite scenes are: The amusing satirical Bruce Lee confrontation; the great Spahn Ranch episode, which effectively creates an underlying sense of menace; and, of course, the entertaining hippie attack in the final act.

It is utterly bland, long and boring.

Both fascinating and frustrating .

This has no deep meaning, not entertaining, boring etc etc. I rather watch a really bad acting movie that is rated for 3/10 than this over hyped movie by a famous producer and famous actors.

Unfortunately this was the worst movie I have ever seen .

Very boring, little action, way to long, no coherent story, no plot.

Pretentious Crap - despite a great cast, good acting, photography & sound .

Boring 💤 .

I didn't expect for the movie to rewrite history like Inglorious Basterds and I just felt like she was I little pointless overall because nothing happens to her.

The slow pace and its reflection on an era of style of film making gone by is not something that would stand out as a box office entertainer.

It seems like there is a lot of waste of time.

It's a slow, turgid, self congratulatory affair with drawn out scenes and tons of tips of the cap to the 'era' - through the soundtrack and product placement of 1960s packaging, or 'real life' characters like Sam Wannamaker's appearance - that just aren't needed.

Long, drawn out tracking shots and pans typical of the decade hit you in a slow, humble way; causing you to appreciate everything that's going on and present in a shot.

This is a homage to a time and an industry as well as poking lots of fun at the whole ridiculous nature of these self-indulgent folks with their heads up their @$$e$.

Pointless, meandering, and incredibly self-indulgent.

Boring, boring, boring .

Combining well with slower fly on the wall solo scenes in the confines of a caravan.

The friendship between Rick and Cliff is also a huge factor into what makes the movie so enjoyable, and gives it a touch of heart.

Give me back my money please, 3 hours of life I already lost ....

Boring .

There was little in the way of dialogue and an often pointless scenarios.

One of the most enjoyable times I've had at the movies in years.

3 hours of pain.

I've lost 3 hours of my life for nothing .

Let's write some pointless role for Al Pacino.

Soooo boring .

It was very messy and confusing and too difficult to follow.

Unfunny, slow, no story .

I think the bucket is empty.

I know this was probably intentional, but when you have long clips of Rick's shows, and movies, or long pointless driving scenes, it seems like you'd go to character development that the audience would actually be curious about.

However, any new wave movie would satisfy my taste in slow pace/nonethingness, and most of them are actually better at achieving this.

The movie was just plain boring until the end.

Don't waste your time on this crap .

I expected more from this film and was bored around halfway through and fell asleep.

Picture Inglorious Bastards but much more boring.

Do not watch that money time waisting movie, no storyline, no action, nothing to wait for, just 2 and half hours of annoying scenes.

As usual, the acting was quite compelling, the cinematography was exquisite, the music was cool; so what went wrong?

Pace was draggingly slow.

One Brad Pitt scene (also to be fair, way too long), and a bunch of nothingness and pop culture references.

I Love Tarrentino but this was so very, very slow & TBH really disappointing - not a classic by any stretch of the imagination - what was he thinking?

BUT, the movie has zero plot line which makes it really slow and you just sit there waiting for something to happen.

After the quite entertaining slow build-up it's a great pay-off elevating the movie several notches.

The pacing can be slow at times too.

The question is whether you're willing to sacrifice two hours for a 30 minute climaxNow as to why i believe it requires a second watch, when watching for the first time everything is unexpected or at least could be.

There is no plot.

The people going off about how this was a waste of time and that it "doesn't even show the Manson family murders" are entirely missing the point here.

Worst movie I've ever been to .

It was the first time i had to walk out the cinema because i felt like i was gonna fall asleep.

But everyone has mercy enough to tolerate his obvious need to constantly make annoying and pointless movies anyway: as his little hobby because this is probably better for Allen than vegetating in a nurcing home.

The knowledge of the golden era brings up the nostalgia to stay in mood to ignore the relatively boring and flat first 2 hours.

Absolutely nothing happens in this movie.

Fabulous acting by all of the cast but a very boring long drawn out story.

Both shots are uninteresting and long and even though I wouldn't have made it such a big deal because QT is a known foot fetishist, I will make it a deal because of how awkward both actresses felt about it.

I actually like the slow boiling pace for the most part, although the overuse of still-move-still-move to make a false sense of tempo is pretentious (and yes, self indulgence).

what a waste of time.......

Unedited boredom .

Some good directing, but the story is all over the place and for the most part, very boring.

When Brad Pitt enters the hippie farm, I was on the edge of my seat, trying to figure out what was going to happen.

Yes,a it says a lot about that time and subject, but, after all, it is terribly boring!

The only "plot moment" is the ending, but it's very predictable.

He is undoubtedly hugely talented, but he also has a terrible propensity for self-indulgence which he exercises at the expense of the film he is making: the film is in service to Tarantino rather than vice versa.

But other than that it was first of all: incredibly boring.

Yawn .

No story here , nothing...

Well he just did by making one of the most soporific and disjointed pieces of crap I've ever been unfortunate enough to suffer.

First half hour, thought to myself, this is a bit of a slow start for a Tarantino film.

Boring boring boring the movie has no meaning very slow events and after waiting 2 hr and 50 min we saw some action but it all was meaningless, QT You have disappointed your fans

I disliked this movie so much that I signed up to imdb just to write this review, seriously, don't waste your time or money.

Slow Roll and Then BANG .

Yes the acting was superb but who cares when there is no story stracture?

Tedious, long and Boeing!!

Its visually stunning.

It is waste of time.

The dialogue was snappy, the soundtrack was spot on, and the cinematic landscape and scene setting was as detailed as you would expect.

Otherwise you'll leave the theater disappointed and wondering what did you just spend 2.5 hrs of your life watching.

So the 2 and a half hours of boredom are not a justification for 10 minutes in the end that are ok.

But that's the catch for me, the film was enjoyable to the extent that it kept making connections with its era.

Any number of times, I was tempted to walk out on this self indulgent tale.

It was like a pilot for a serise no story !

I waited story evolve but there is no story telling, nothing interesting at all...

But, there's just no story.

I see what he tried to do --- but nonetheless WOW this was really boring unless you were in Hollywood in that era and could appreciate the aesthetics --- this will bore you to death.

This isn't a movie, this is a tragic, -I hate to say it- boring, awful mess which if penned by anyone else would be turned down by Netflix!

But Tarantino's self-indulgence overpowers everything.

Keep it about Rick's friendship with Cliff and him battling insecurity while trying to recharge his career and this would've been great; the leading men are excellent and the movie set scenes are engaging.

That is boring to watch and is not driving the story.

Great acting, but plot a bit bland.

This movie is terrible as much as it pains me to write this, there was no story, plenty of stars, weird and odd choices for characters to showcase and a gratuitous 15mins 'fight scene' right at the end.......

like the 3 hours of my life I'll never get back...

Tarantino just tried to show how much he knows about the 60's Hollywood in this movie and because of his brag, there is no storyline.

there's not much going on, except for observing this endless struggle one of the main characters is going through, which after a while becomes tedious and unbearable to watch.

The character development is another thing that is worth watching.

When news first hit about Tarantino doing an old Hollywood piece centering around the Manson murders of 1969, one could assume he'd be doing another wild over-the-top bloodbath with snappy dialogue, entertaining storytelling and iconic characters.

The lack of plot forces Tarantino to keep us engaged through his sheer talent as a filmmaker.

Waste of time .

Quentins worst movie .

NOTHING happens in this film.

Only the last 20 minutes were entertaining but that being said, it was random violence which was fun to watch after a bore fest.

Boring .

The reason for the title is for those who say ''hey thats so different than other tarantino movies, it was boring blablabalb''.

The diabolical murder of Sharon Tate and her friends is a crime so awful and a piece of American history so upsetting that to mess with the narrative is both insulting and pointless.

Don't waste your money, let alone your time.

I was so bored and wasted almost 3 hours of my life.

Overhyped, plot-less and boring .

Well did I walk out of the theater disappointed and grossing in wtf's.

Good and violent and worths the 2 hours of nothing happening.

This film is probably his most pretentious, and with the exception of the 3 main scenes with Cliff (which made the movie) it was very bland.

The story moves at a relatively slow pace, following the vignette-style of "American Graffiti".

2 hours 30 minutes of of the most boring film I have ever seen.

Dumb and Duller...

Although this movie is not for everybody, sometimes drags on without a seeming point, I enjoyed it very much.

worst movie ever!!!.

Anybody who thinks that they have seen genius in this film and that only the 'informed' movie connoisseur can understand what Tarantino is really trying to do here, is just a pretentious fool.

I fell asleep for 20 minutes and didn't even miss a thing.

Walked out of the movie after before the ninety minute mark as I was thoroughly bored.

The rendering of LA at the end of the 60s is visually stunning without appearing fake or forced.

Unbearable .

I mean nobody can make a starving dog seem as entertaining as Tarantino that much is safe.

But for all its strengths it is very drawn out and a bit anticlimactic.

Awful and boring .

The first two hours are a little slow yet still convincing and gripping in more ways than one.

Although at times, Dalton's filmed scenes feel slow placed (probably because we know he is acting, ironically) the film's true power comes from something Tarantino brings to all his films: the ability to make simply conversations feel and sound so interesting.

I read on here one reviewer walked out in disgust at the Bruce Lee scene because he lost the fight & that 'never happened' Well, that reviewer shouldn't be allowed to operate a spoon let alone a keyboard.

This movie has a start studded cast, and meanders through a pointless 135 minutes before coming to a 15 minute climax.

But after the two narratives of Rick and Cliff divided, the action felt quite pointless.

Too slow, too long and an ultimately pointless film with pops of entertainment .

This film was so utterly boring, except the last 30 minutes, which was absolutely brilliant, that's what the two stars are for because if you average it out, 30 minutes of a 2 hour 40 minute film (one star for every 16 good minutes that I watch) then it deserves 2 of them, and that's being generous!

Rick's losing his touch on action packed movies and is jumping from bit part to bit part trying to survive in the new wave of Hollywood and his own dwindling career.

Tarantino clearly believes that his genius is so great that he can serve up 3 hours of the dullest, most self-indulgent, rambling mess of a story and expect everybody to just accept it as a masterpiece.

More boring than a flopped documentary .

Worst movie .

If you don't like Bruce Lee, you have him literally look like a clown, while the real Bruce Lee is nothing like that (just watch a documentary or movie to see for yourself), that's self-indulgence.

Well acted and entertaining all the way through.

I was fidgeting and my ass...

Too bad it moves so slow that I barely stayed awake.

Boring movie .

Huge waste of time and a disappointment as I am usually a great fan of Tarantino's work.

Long, boring and pointless.

Im gona start to leave the cinema and start to make word complaints at the door asking for refunds!

The lack of storyline makes this movie excruciatingly hard and frustrating to watch.

So, if something unexpected happens with Bruce Lee or Sharon Tate in this Hollywood world, don't worry about it.

Watch it only if want to watch another movie making inside a movie and getting ur head busted by boredom.

No Plot, No Meaning, Nothing .

Extremely boring and overrated .

This movie could've easily lasted 1 hr tops but the go big or go home that has become a brand in Tarantino's movies really missed the spot on this one - an utter waste of time for a weak message.

Sorry guys, show business is dead boring.

I contemplated leaving after an hour because I was bored.

Sometimes, the dialogues feel a bit unnatural, but, all-in-all, they are entertaining and easy to follow.

The film is ridiculously long and that's made to feel even longer by how slow it is.

the last hour of the movie was a lot of fun Tarantino style but the first part and the middle part mostly boring and going nowhere.

But the king is naked, there is nothing great about this movie, you should simply admit that is at most a trivial one, way too long, with some good actors that have not plot to play

for 2 boring hours.

Nothing happens.

As a Cultural Historian, I found this film fascinating.

And it's true, he always was and still is the king of the unexpected.

but this one was just long boring crap.

The movie is slow and boring, with some random Tarantino style dialogues and very bad cutting that makes the continuity questionable.

I was bored and annoyed to the point where I considered walking out.

Had very high hopes, but I recommend to stay at home and save your money..

In my point of view this movie is not comedy in first place, it is a boring drama much more than comedy!

So after 1 1/2 hour and the movie still doesn't make me care for the characters or what the point of the movie is, making me sit in my chair yawning and still wondering what the plot is, me and my date also agree to go as I saw she was bored as hell.

It is by definition a self-indulgence movie .

I hear the last hour is good, alas, if the film expects me to sit through two hours of slow, meandering pacing without any tension or development for one hour of magic, then the film has failed it's purpose of grabbing my attention and entertaining me.

A massive waste of time .

Fantastic acting and a real feel of 1969 but so slow...

I feel it was meaningless and just a waste of 3 hours of my life and some money.


I was sweating on a QT boomer however left after 80 minutes.

Overwhelming boring for the first two hours .

Waste of time .

No plot, no character development, no theme I could make out.

Why did i watch this s#&@ Too long, too boring, first time I fell asleep in a movie theater 😂 Do yourself a favor and skip to the last 15 minutes or 20 minutes max

However, Tarantino's direction is fantastic and the film visually stunning, feeling authentic to the time period it is set in.

There is absolutely no story line and they drag it out for 2hours 30.

SOOO long and boring.

etc etc but what's the point if you have no story?!

From his great initial scene to that grand finale, I got hooked and highlighted his last 20 minutes that are one of the best and the most exciting.

What I mean by this is that sometimes they used scary instrumental music from old films into a part of the movie, the actually black and white parts where Rick is recalling his past movies (and make it look genuine), a sudden narrator in the middle of the movie (which didn't last too long), and among other things, made it very enjoyable.

The Tarantino that made classics like Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dog's & Jackie Brown is long gone and he's on a journey to disappear up his own pretentious.

People who give this a ten star review but indicate they were bored with the movie.

The movie chugs along at a languid pace in the first half.

Every scene is enjoyable to watch.

A good Director made a boring film .


Totally waste of time and money.

More self-indulgence from the most over-rated director in living memory .

It's just self-indulgent at its most.

Other than that it juddered from one scene to the next with a hope of a solid additional lead for a parallel story on top of the boring, staid tale of the hasbeen actor and his stunt man.

As most people have said, nothing happens.

A boring mess.

White etc. ..) monotonous, non-entertaining dialogues and violence is almost entirely absent.

Outstanding visual shots great unexpected plot twist to spike enthusiasm ,and honestly the fact that it unravels "slowly" (according to critics) Is a way of the movie taking you with it, It felt personal..

I watched it yesterday, and I really didn't like it ar all, the film is a complete bore, I was wondering how possibly could Tarantino make such a weak film like this one.

Very boring and really no sense .

The acting was great, but it was slow, minimal story line and what I missed especially was a great soundtrack.

Every scene dragged out way to the point of annoyance.

So boring.

The film is always entertaining showing the end of the studio era in sixties Hollywood and the rise of television , providing work for aging stars and B movie actors.

After 2.5 hours of slow paced scenes that don't build up towards anything, 2.5 minutes of 'QT sensation' did not catch my interest any longer.

but I really enjoyed it.

But for me, the late 60's film industry and the transformation of society alongside it was so entertaining.

Even if I enjoyed some hidden tips like the so called anticommunist propaganda about the Korean War, I wish it would be shorter and more massive about its contain.

While I was watching it in a pretty full theatre, two couples walked out way before the famous ending.

No plot, no connection with characters, no point.

Quentin utilizes several resources out of his playbook to keep the film dynamic, while staying always unpredictable.

Worst QT movie, I wanted to leave theater .

Before this movie got released I was expecting a good-old Tarantino film with some good-old Tarantino touches like the intense scenes with major plot-twists throughout the whole movie.

First two hours are unbelievable slow.

The Tarantino fanboys must be smoking acid-dipped doobies to give this bore-fest so many 10/10 reviews.

This film is just a 70's movie nostalgia trip and if I wanted that I'd spend 3 hours watching old 70's movies rather than this pretentious crap.

The most boring move ever made .

My friend, who brought this movie to my attention and even payed for the tickets to make me go with him, actually fell asleep.

Keeps you waiting and then nothing happens .

Worst of all, as each scene labored by, to prevent falling asleep, it became a mental exercise to easily edit out complete time wasters....

Coming out of the movie hall we talked about the only part that was mildly entertaining.

3 hours of my life I won't get back .

Nothing happened, and what did not happen did not happen in an amusing or thought-provoking way.

Waste of time and money.


Predictable mostly.

This film is utterly pretentious garbage.

The rest is so drawn out and unnecessary.

IH was such a deep and intriguing movie.

Which buys him space to slow down and establish character, its not self indulgent he's seen the potential problem and fixed it.

This film shows how a good metteur en scène can still make a bad film, boring, not worth it.

This is one of those times where Brad Pitt gets to play something other than Brad Pitt and create a believable, entertaining presence.

Pointless .

Complete waste of money.

I liked the movie, entertaining, laughable, great ending.

Spoiler free review as nothing happens to spoil !!!

Definitely worth watching .

I'm probably not woke enough or bright enough, to comprehend the deeper meanings behind this movie, but we nearly walked out after two hours.

The way it tells the story is terribly boring.

Not the worst movie ever, but the most boring.

Cause except for the last 30 minutes this movie was just a waste of my time.

But in this movie, no story was played out.

I love Brad and Leo, but I left the theater after 1h 15m ( which i have never done before) .

I thought this movie was very entertaining, it has a well constructed script with brilliant oscar worthy acting.

Very good acting gives way to a historically inaccurate no plot borefest.

It had no plot, incredibly boring, nothing happens, one scene to the next...

As a critic, the movie is good and as audience it is boring and waste of time and money.

Thus I won't be explaining them cause they don't change the fact that the script was poor, bad and plain boring.

The most boring movie I watched for a while.

The movies, the actors that played them at the time etc. etc. For most, including myself, I dont think that's the case and it results in a script that is hard to follow, doesnt have a clear narrative, and characters are all over the place without much character growth.

I mean how pretentious is that?

If you just go along for the ride, without complaining too much about the lack of a definitive structure, I think the situations presented here are wonderful and compelling, even though there is a noticeable lack of tension throughout the film, except for the one scene where Brad Pitt goes to the Manson Ranch, which is one of the best scenes in the movie and the final act, which is phenomenal.

Movie starts on a slow note yet entertaining way through deep diving into the characters.

Maybe the big names Tarantino, Pitt and Decaprio got the funding but there was no real plot.

A completely pointless film full of set pieces about nothing, no story worthy of comment so even a great cast, good acting, soundtrack and cinematography can't lift this beyond a stinker rating.

Absolutely nothing happened and I didn't care for the characters or the plot.

What a waste of time and money.

No plot whatsoever, complete waste of time.

Brilliant, funny and very entertaining .

There is no story or should i say the story has nothing to tell.

That's their whole reason of existence, and while I understand the logic, I feel like sometimes it was too much of it, or too repetitive, perhaps it should have been done only at the beginning.

I went to the cinema with really high expectations even though I had read some reviews before, one in particular that said the movie was a little slow the first 2 hours and then the last 45 minutes classic Tarantino would kick in.

it was so bad I almost walked out several times from boredom, they story is just rubbish and just a complete waste of time.

There is one suspenseful scene before the ending, that almost felt like watching a horror film all of a sudden, which I liked a lot.

I really appreciate to Tarantino for that he did show us how much can a movie be boring with the some of best actors in the world.

So boring and nothing happens.

I feel it's so complex and simply entertaining at the same time.

Boring .

Totally worth the watch.

No plot, no storyline, no point, what a waste of time.

Just self indulgent,and a waste of almost three hours of my time.

Full of evocative music, stories nested into the story and small situations and characters that let you wonder about human condition.. Lots of movies world references magically inserted by the maestro give real joy to experts.

It's slow paced, it's hardly funny and the few funny moments are fairly predictable.

It makes you feel like you're inside the movie, absorbing Hollywood in its purest state.

She is stunning.

No story at all.

Spectacularly boring.

How utterly boring .

Really long build up with the cinematography and the score to reveal nothing, the most boring outcome possible and we feel like we just wasted 20 minutes of our time.

The movie is about nothing, nothing happens, there is no story nothing to connect the dots.

Slowest film ever.

In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed it and found the end and interesting 'alternative'.

Great acting ruined by slow pace.

Even the worst movies still have some semblance of a plot.

I only managed an hour & 30 minutes as it was soooo painful, can't remember the last time I walked out of a film.

Very boring .

In the end we finally have the icing on the cake, the typical Tarantino energy and adrenaline injection and at the right time.

in Hollywood," seeing as how the movie could've certainly been tightened up (there are some dull sequences), there's no doubt that it fulfills the first part.

Amazingly boring .

Boring af.

A day I am bored and have nothing else to do.

Having watched it a couple of weeks ago at the cinema, I enjoyed it.

Honestly a waste of time.

There is no story.

That led me to boredom.

Also is really weird that he makes the hippies speak in left wing cliche slang when they were following charles mason who literally had a swastika on his forehead.


So what could seem empty and boring is actually quite meaningful, everything stands for something and there s meaning in everything, however the average viewer that I am would have appreciated another layer of more basic scenario and more entertaining dialogues (as Tarantino got us used to).

I went there for Pitt and DiCaprio but walked out of the cinema after an hour, confused and irritated by my lack of knowledge and Tarantino's infatuation that everyone else knows.

I should have walked out as there's no pay off in the end.

Theres no plot.

Worst movie .

So boring nobody wants to see it.

The movie unfolds as a dull trip through real-world characters, famous actors, tons of references to B-movies from the sixties, and nothing else.

As well as exploring some historical references by giving some changes, in the fictional way with unexpected surprising moments.

Overall, it is an enjoyable movie worth going to the cinema, which is quite rare nowadays.

Some people (I believe the same ones all over again) claim that they have wasted nearly 3 hours of their life for this movie.

Because the pace was so slow and unnecessary blood was spilled we couldn't understand what was really happening and where we were.

The lack of plot, the misdirection (which is neither clever or needed) the editing, the pacing of the film.. all terrible.

Deadly Dull and Boring .

Quite boring and going no where Quite boring and going no where Quite boring and going no where For more than 2 hours...

Just a complete waste of time.

and when I finished my popcorn and coke, having watched 40 minutes of mindless dialogue I promptly got up and walked out of the theatre.

But I almost walked out it was so boring.

Quentin, I'm going to find you and drown you in engine oil for this waste of my time.

I fell asleep for the first half of the film.

The director succeeds in presenting an engaging picture of Hollywood and also treats the story itself respectably.

I went to see it with my friend from work, my friend felt bored with the film I understood what the dircector was trying to do with this movie and what he try to show us.

It's entertaining and captivating due to Tarantino's masterful work of dialogue and scene building.

You will regret it and waste your time and money.

Was excited to see this as I'm a big fan of QT, but was nearly 3 hours of dry, slow paced nothingness I can only compare to the ramblings of a demented uncles on his last legs.

Way too long.

Intense scenes, teleporting us in time and mood to the period of the story.

At a time when it feels far too many mainstream films have become predictable, you never really know exactly where a Tarantino film is going to take you.

There was simply no story.

Slow, boring, pointless, meaningless.

The movie is very long and leads to an unsatisfying end.

It is SO BORING!!.

Worst QT movie, And over all one of the most boring movies ever, i was very disappointed that i wanted to leave theater

Enjoyable movie - 60s Hollywood .

Original, compelling, hilarious and a very accurate depiction of what Hollywood 1969 looked like.

I'm only 37, but have been studying American history since a child as it's all violent and fascinating.

Possibly like the similar entertaining skyscrapers the Cohen Bros he has eclipsed ???.

This movie is so boring that I started watching the ceiling after the first hour.

Don't waste your time on this pretentious waste.

Overall an enjoyable film that leaves you feeling somewhat disappointed.

Acting , dialogues and music were just so fascinating and fitting.

I highly recommend it.

Boredom of watching scene after scene of self indulgent 60's depiction.

Amazing dialogue with slow and drawn out soliloquies and conversations.

The parts about the-then-Hollywood were long and boring, I sympathised/identified/empathised with none of the characters.

Don't waste your time or money!

Thats it, nothing happens, there is no main story.

Everything else was disgusting and boring.

The majority of the film moves as slow as molasses with pops of entertainment here and there.

Was only me and 4 others but myself and this dude in front of my a row ahead we're cheering together in the last intense scene.

Self-indulgent .

And he's still riding his Western horse and, of course, there's classic Tarantino style violence that is shown in his old entertaining way that even made me laugh.

Endless pointless scenes.

First 2 hours is very boring.

Worst movie ever, waste of time .

The biggest waste of 3 hours of my life!

You add to the fact that there is no plot and you end up wasting three hours of your valuable time and money.

Unfortunately, what I got was a self indulgent, misshapen, unconnected, mess of a love letter to an industry which only comes across as disgustingly self absorbed, and empty.

The cinematography and aesthetic was amazing, it really immersed me in the world of the movie.

Absolutely boring, don't waste your time.

No story .

Completely aimless & criminally dull, Tarantino's (lack of) story gives a huge middle finger to the film's flawless production design & standout performances from Pitt, DiCaprio, & relative newcomer Julia Butters

The story is all over the show, and extremely boring.


This reminds me more of a Jarmusch flick than anything else, slow and thoughtful, poetic and immersive.

I was sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time and couldn't look away.

It was slow and boring.

No history, and no story telling (I know it is a Tarantino's).

Even lots of people say that this movie has some tempo problems and it becomes boring, I don't think like that.

It's slow, slow, slow all the way without the slightest bit of suspense as we are subjected to scene after scene of people driving around whilst listening to the radio and inane movies within movies.

Be prepared to be drown in boredom .

I enjoyed it and laughed like a child.

So folks, be prepared to be bored.

I mean, not the most thrilling ride, the most complex thing around or even the most meaningful, but certainly an enjoyable watch.

The movie is so slow and boring, you have collecte many references from the 70s and 80s Hollywood TV shows, so audience didn't relate it.

An utter waste of time for a weak message.

Its so long and boring.

Those were the worst spent 3 hours of my life!

The movie is too long.

If you want to waste 2.5 hours of your time, enjoy this hot mess...

I was bored.

We would have left early, except we were sitting in the middle of a row (then we would have missed the 15 mins of action.

Its dull for over 2 hours of its run time and the payoff at the end is nasty, violent and disrespectful to the actual victims of the Manson family.

I think all cinema lovers should watch the movie but casual action movie fans can find this movie boring.

No plot at all.

You could chop 30 minutes off of this film, and still be bored.

I kind of a bit disappointed, I enjoyed it at first, some of the scenes are funny, then some of the flashbacks on some of the characters, their struggle to survive in the world of acting, some shots that I personally think similar to that of contemporary movies (which makes me think that Tarantino gets a little bit off), smart dialogs and phrases, and some powerful casts.

You'll probably fall asleep and miss nothing.

A long series of boring disjointed scenes with absolutely no tension or emotional impact only quirkiness (tm) and the occasional in joke that falls flat - Mr Wagner's boat?

But in the theater, I got really disappointed & kinda bored.

It's slow and pointless.

waste of 2 1/2 hours of my life.

Storyline was too slow.

Everytime I go visit this friend, he pulls out new albums, shows me exciting coverart, small musical easter eggs on certain songs and just keeps on talking.

A failed fairy tale..a yawn .

It's the worst movie I've seen.

Very slow paced except for the last 20 minutes which showed a bunch of hippies attempting to commit murder and showed brutal scenes and then the movie came to a sudden finish.

Some have commented on the lack of pure "QT" dialogue that made his other movies so entertaining (along with the stories and action).

Definitely a must watch for movie lovers but also very entertaining for the casual audience.

Waste of time .

All the individual parts are there, most of the are phenomenal as you have come to expect from Tarantino, but they are dragged down by bad pacing.

So boring .

While this movie may feel slow the ending is so Tarantino that is feels all worth it.

With strong perfomances of lead actors it is quite watchable but it could be cut 10-15 minutes it would be better because some scenes feel you it is too long.

Don't believe the Tarantino worshippers, this is a waste of your time .

This is probably the slowest film that Tarantino has brought out to date, large amounts of screen-time are dedicated to watching the characters drive through the painstakingly real looking sets or to fairly mundane conversations with no real baring on the overall plot.

I sat through this for over two hours waiting for it to kick off but nothing happens.

The answer is simple - unexpected!

The main problem with this movie is that it seems to have no plot.

Wasted hours getting bored with expectations.

Boring .

Pointless movie .

Uninteresting anecdotes.

The story was slow, and a whole 2 hours was spent trying to make a point which eventually isn't worth it.

It was so so so boring and unbelievably long!

Often, I found the dialogue and scenes so mind-numbingly slow that my thoughts drifted off.

Definitely the Worst movie of the year.

When I did my first review right after I saw the film in cinema I thought the story was dull and characters had unnecessary scenes.

The movie is masterpiece, but don't waste time and money to watch this movie directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Always a dull moment.

Waste of time and money.

The movie is so boring, that 90 % of the audience may think of walking out of the theatre and some may sleep.

Long boring too slow a burn.

I'm a big fan of Brad and Leo and their performance was brilliant, but the movie itself made me believe I was either high or drunk: there is no connection between scenes, there is no storyline and things seemed randomly built.

I found the plot and dialogue boring.

This movie is a masterpiece in boredom and indifference.

There wasn't much of a plot going on here, a two hour ride of pretty boring cinema then 45 mins of a more pacy ride.

I am a fan of Torrentino's movies, but this one was three hours of excruciating non-sense.

There were a lot of scene where you feel like something gonna happen but again nothing happens, it is just a normal scene with pointless dialogues and nothing happens at all.

You could say so was Pulp Fiction's but the difference is this: every scene of every character was enjoyable.

I don't care at all about seeing the Lion King as I'm not a child, and I was too slow to get around to seeing Avengers End game before it left the movie theaters.

Worst movie of my life.. wil never watch a Taratino movie again.

I thought it was kind of boring, very little action and excitement.

There were some clichés, but, nevertheless the movie was very entertaining.

The film is beautifully shot particularly the outdoor scenes of Hollywood(see it in IMAX if you can) As with all QT movies the dialogue is engaging and funny with loads of pop culture references.

Way too long for the limited script.

What a boring story less movie it was.

but boring overall .

What a waste of money and time.

Even in the way they spoke and not doing explicitly jokes, the way each other related, was full of good-measured humor and very enjoyable.

No storyline or action whatsoever from that.

I spent the majority of the film expecting something exciting to happen...

Pointless and indulgent main story and the finale was corny beyond belief.

It was boring until the middle.

But give me a compelling story like your last 8 movies QT!

DiCaprio is likeable enough but he keeps getting these same work-intensive roles, it really doesn't matter anymore what way they dress him up.

Uncommonly Entertaining Alternate History .

I hate to say this, but I was bored and left wondering where was this going?

Some people were verbally angry and annoyed at the waste of time and money.

This movie is incredibly boring.

I'll be honest I stopped caring very quickly, it was slow & went no where.

I think this movie makes it in the top 3 of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Classic self indulgent Hollywood that just assumed everyone knows the ins and outs of this story.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Stunning acting and direction.

Despite that, Just like with a lot of Tarantineos work, this movie can feel a little self indulgent, As much as I enjoy the scenes in this movie where we are being sucked deeper into this world, You will find yourself asking yourself "Did we really need to see Brad Pitts character drive around for THAT long".

Boring, bornig and boring .

The movie is dragged in a very slow pace I mean: A LOT!

It's down right boring...

I am really open to a lot of movies and different genre and it does not have to be a full throttle action/road movie or anything, but this one just was one of the plain boring once.

It was boring too at many points.

As a critic, the movie is good and as audience it is boring and waste of time and money.

Maybe it was just a movie for older people or fans of westerns, maybe it all went over my head, but most likely it was the most boring movie I have ever watched.

I think Tarantino liked to show us that great dialogue is all you need for a good movie and, although, this movie is worth watching and isn't that boring, considering nothing really happens until the last half hour, I wouldn't rate it more than a 5.

Very little about the film made sense, Leo's character was the only one that really had any character progression, the film was very boring apart from the last half hour or so, it does not compare to most Tarantino movies.

No story arc, no dynamic to follow, basically just a near three hour exposé of Tarantino's fetish for dirty feet.

)* A stunning depiction of Cliff Booth's personal circumstances.

OMG what a waste of time and money .

It's painful to watch such talented authors bring such an empty movie.

Inmersive, fascinating characters and situations, you wish that never ends.

Margot Robbie is stunning.

Entertaining .

Every scene has you thinking "where are they going with this" Eventually i stopped caring and started to get angry as everything got dragged out.

There is nothing happening for almost the whole movie.

No plot, no climax, no nothing.

Then when you've all but given up there's a sudden, unexpected and gratuitously ultraviolent scene right at the end which doesn't fit in at all.

Has to be the worst movie of the lot.

I've regretted watching this smug and utterly pointless excuse for a film.

Boring .

Self indulgent snoreathon .

I almost walked out of the cinema, but the 5 minutes at the end of the movie are the only part of the movie worth watching, so you may as well fast forward to the end and skip all the boring bits up until then.

The movie has a glimmer of hope in its last 15 mins but then again the build up to the last 15 is excruciatingly painful and pointless.

Clearly this film is not for everyone, it takes his time but is really exciting.

I should have followed my gut and walked out.

It feels like they shot every mundane thing like going to a restaurant, feeding your dog, watching television, driving around, that adds nothing.

Also the 8.0 rating lulled me into a a false sense of security.. I hate it when that happens.

I got so bored , I am actually writing a review watching it .

It was more boring than Jackie Brown.

2 hours fully boring until it gets fully crazy.

The story isn't slow,it's all about leading up to the brilliant ending and unexpected ending.

Most boring movie ever made .

Utterly disappointing and a waste of money and time .

Watching Sharon tate ( Margot robbie) going on a trip to watch her own movie is tarintino s class scene.. and their are lots.. hold on too your seats.. the finalle is as good as tarintino gets.. expect the unexpected....

Sometimes there is too much dialogue and drawn out scenes.

The z generation don't understand the nuanced references, my age group do, but it's such a boring film.

What a waste of time!

But this is by far his worst movie.

Don't waste your money.


They think saying this film is great will make them seem intellectually superior to the ordinary film goer who will rightly see this film as boring as hell.

Firstly, for anyone in two minds about seeing this film, It has no plot.

It's boring, arrogant and annoying.

Despite a load of brilliant actors and DiCaprio having his moments, one of Tarantino's most boring films.

absolutely nothing happened.

The script is weak, nothing happens in the first 2/3 of the movie.

Thankfully, there are numerous additional gems: The friendship and respect of Rick and Cliff; the audacious flamethrower sequence; Rick's breakdown with the precocious girl actor (not actress); the beautiful women throughout; the great cast, including several celeb cameos; the entertaining soundtrack; Brandi, the pit bull; Rick's meltdown in his trailer; Rick finally pulling off a quality acting scene via ad libbing; George Spahn not remembering Cliff; everything (surprisingly) turning out to be precisely as so-and-so said; the allusion to what MAY have happened to Cliff's nagging wife (Rebecca Gayheart) on the boat; the way it should have turned out on that infamous night; and the heartwarming close,The film runs 2 hour, 41 minutes, and was shot in the Los Angeles area.

Boring .

Ponderous .

People driving, shots of Margot Robbie smiling to herself, shots of Margot Robbie's ass, endless masturbatory 1960's pop culture references a la "Family Guy", lots of B-movie expositions, stupid plot twist, incoherent story, pointless flashbacks and scene manipulation/recreation, and an ending which is both pointless and has nothing to do with the style of the movie and is only there as a Tarantino fan service.

From first to last, every moment of the film is worth watching.

This was a very disappointing film, boring, lots of one way dialogue in the many scenes of Leonardo de Caprio in his unrewarding roles as a failing actor, although his acting in that role itself was exceptional.

This movie is boring and literally about nothing.

Completely pointless.

Is just waste of time...

There is no real plot to this film, but its just fascinating to see these characters interactions with one another.

A poor, dull, slow and indulgent script.

In the 2.5 hours of plotless movie, I got up out of my seat twice, I was that bored.

For the first time in my life I was unable to look at a movie until its end, and after 40 minutes I left the theater.

There was no plot and it was mostly lots of fragmented scenes put together.

-The dialogue, Tarantino's typically key component that perhaps has helped more than anything in creating a cult following around the director, is downright boring.

I think I would have liked more screentime for Steve McQueen and more other famous characters from the past, but this movie is the Tarantino one that is very enjoyable and both touching at the same time.

In "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" Tarantino presents 190 minutes of a stagnant, negative, and slow story, to put us in the psychological state that would make the anger and violence at the end of the film have a different impact on us.

Boring .

Extreme slow in the first two hours.

Watching this movie and paying for it at the cinema was a total waste of time and money.

Worst movie ever .

it's a slow build up.. dialoge as always is perfect and always interesting .. .

I've read other reviews where they complain that nothing happens, there is no drama and that the movie is just a love letter to Hollywood.

No plot, so many pointless things that we're shown that lead no where.

Her character did nothing in the story, she didn't felt all that important and when the story focuses on her, it's very uninteresting and the pacing suffers because of that.

Waste of money and time .

It was boring, the violence at the end didn't make sense, things were randomly put together, like Bruce Lee giving a nonsense speech and then fights a stuntman.

Dreadfully slow and an hour too long.

Excruciatingly boring...