Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood (2019) - Comedy, Drama

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A faded television actor and his stunt double strive to achieve fame and success in the film industry during the final years of Hollywood's Golden Age in 1969 Los Angeles.

IMDB: 7.8
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt
Length: 161 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 354 out of 1024 found boring (34.57%)

One-line Reviews (812)

There is no plot in this so called film whatsoever

The first half was all about the vibe, the beauty of the 60s as well as introducing the characters that I found very intriguing!

This is a waste of time, people.

While Rick Dalton (DiCaprio) has a lot more depth and arc to his character, it is Cliff Booth's scenes that are the most enjoyable and ultimately earn Pitt his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Brad Pitts character is very compelling to me as a normal human with a badass nature.

Entertaining but utterly pointless .

The plot is very similar to The Hateful Eight, which was also a boring film.

A movie with a star studded line up and dry pointless plot.

Its a pity that so many great actors were used for this average, overextended and pointless movie.

I did not manage to care one bit about the 2 main caracters , this made the movie even longer and more boring then already is .

After watching this film, storyline a is way way way too long.

Waste of time .

Boring af .

150 Minutes nothing happening.

I genuinely think this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen .

It's difficult to argue with the people who say there is no plot.

No story and endless unimportant car driving scenes.

Sooooo boring movie .

What the heck was that self indulgent arty farty rubbish??

The story of the show where he asks money for the little girl seems more exciting than the film itself.

Even very good performances by Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio cannot save this worthless, boring and dreadfully slow movie.

For me it«s the worst movie Tarantino ever made, theres something missing...

Entertaining .

Brad Pitt's performance was excellent, but the story was boring, weak, and had a dark comedy wacky ending that trivialized the Manson family murders which were among the most significant and tragic events of the 60s.

Quentin Tarantino's long but enjoyable retro trip back to the late 60s in Hollywood, California just before the brutal Manson murders.

I choose to view the slower parts of the movie as a build up to the finale and a way to mislead a viewer to expect a certain story.

Slow slow slow plot line.

Don't waste your time.

The downside of this movie is the slow pace we're all accustomed to in QT's film.

Pointless character.

For the first attempt my boyfriend fall asleep after an hour.

The camera focused on bare feet while the story was dull.

Nothing happens .

useless character development is distracting, detracts from where it should be done and slows the rest of the film which is slow to begin with...

Everything else is a waste of time.

No story apart from trip down the memory lane.

Then there is the discussion of the Bruce Lee plot, first QT exaggerating the Bruce Lee accent, and the real Bruce Lee muscle content does not know how much more than the play, and then by Cliff this fictional character to degrade Bruce Lee, is also confusing.

This is pretentious, self-indulgent drivel.

Once a waste of time .

unreal, no plot and predictable .

Awsome movie, I highly recommend it

much of it is pretty drab...

Fascinating .

Why did they bother making such a pointless movie?

Before seeing it, I was already aware of how it ended, and I initially thought it would seem contrived.

In this movie really absolutely nothing happens.

Dull .

BORING, merely hanging on.

Where Pulp Fiction was riveting, this is less so...

This is an absolute boring film to watch.

This was the second time I've attempted to watch this film, due to the fact boredom kicked in and I couldnt stomach anymore.

But in this case, the test is more tough because the first large part of the movie has high chances to be boring or so far by what you expect.

But many other ones are quite slow and you can even say that the dialog is not as crisp as it was in some of the previous Tarantino movies.

Still dont know if I enjoyed it.

There is a total lack of story - nothing that happens has anything to do with any semblance of plot.

Nothing happened.

One of the most boring movie I've ever seen.

Total waste of time .

I mean, boring does not cover it.

What a waste of time.

Only a few minutes into the film and I was already unimpressed and bored with the flowery self-indulgent dialogue.

The story wandered and it did come off as boring during this.. The weaving in and of the fictionalized occurrences using the characters from the movie with the Manson family was brilliant at the end, which essentially saves the movie from being pointless.

That pointless 20 minute suspense at the ranch?


But overall once you get the idea of the movie, how the three characters relate to each other and what this time was all about the film becomes quite entertaining, and probably worth a second watch in a few years time.

If you're intending on having a proper movie night pick something else or risk 3 hours of boredom at your own peril.

However this thin, slow story just doesn't do them justice.

I literally got irritated and bored, until the ending came, with traditional Tarantino style action fighting, the thing most of the people in the theater were waiting for.

A slow, washed out, fairytale of sorts .

All in all a great bit of clever retro 60's story, stunning cinematography.

The movie was so boring that it even saw sleeping.

The first 2 hours of this movie has no plot.

But it is a highly entertaining, expertly crafted unique film that draws you into its world with a great sense of atmosphere and attitude.

No plot, good scenes and acting .

But at the end cliff action seen and brandy loyalty make my heart happy just unexpected .

I have not seen much movies of Brad Pit, i mean i barely only know one movie of him that i had watched: Mr and Mr Smith and i don't remember that i have seen any of his other movies but in this movie, his acting is just mind blowing.

I have some mixed feelings about parts of this movie that were kinda slow and didn't seems to have any meeningful connection with the plot.

Those characters, other than Leo and Brad, were just empty vessels and the whole set up echoed with the sound of one hand clapping.

This movie's first priority is obviously to pay homage to the era it portrays, but any complaints about a lack of plot seem unfounded to me.

Really boring.

Waste of time and money .

Don't waste your time.

There were one or two good parts, like when Brad Pitt visited the Manson ranch but generally it was just boring chat.

Great acting, cimenatography, etc, but ultimately a complete waste of time.

Plot: The plot was slow.

Total Waste of Time - Worst QT film ever!!!.

The acting is generally good but the movie is uninteresting, slow and gets really boring.

But the story is empty.

The 2.5 hours before are boring as hell

Don't waste your time or your money.

This might be QT worst movie.

No plot at all.. like a series of you tube videos strung together.

What a bloated bore .

So boring and too long.

It went a gruesome and action packed way.

A long movie with no plot .

Then the Rick Dalton and Cliff Booth, roles of Leonardo and Brad Pitt were even more surprising, first showing that both characters were fictional character, meant to be non-existent, and then the whole film, two hours and 42 minutes, two hours of the story of the two men, verbose and confusing, especially Cliff bragging about Pierce's nest, I really do n' t know what Quentin's doing.

But it was so confusing and so segmented movie.

This is no different, long drawn out scenes, beautifully shot in the Hollywood hills.

Breath of fresh air, Worth watching .

This movie was very entertaining.

Meaningless movie .

Way too long.

Mixing fiction with history is pointless.

Tarantino's worst movie .

Waste of time, easily forgettable despite cast.

Nothing Happens .

Tarantino has us on the edge of the seats, and he enjoys postponing the moment of La Grande Finale as far as he can.

All that talent and absolutely no plot or storyline to enjoy whatsoever.

Prefaces: QT fan, will sit through most films to see where the director is going, etcReview: Even after several clicks of the fast-forward button, this movie was still too long, pointless, boring.

This movie was so bland and dull that i can't trust Tarantino anymore.

Funny, thrilling, inspired and unique, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is everything you would want from a Tarantino movie, with a twist, I would recommend to all his fans, as well as anyone looking for a good comedy.

I, on the other hand, found it intriguing and heart warming at times.

Boring,boring,boring,boring .

It was barely even a movie considering the fact that there was essentially no plot.

It spins exciting or just thought-provoking lyrics into the mouths of its actors, which everyone then quotes without context.

Amazing performances, funny, fast paced and truly Tarantino styled

Nothing happens in this movie.

Like that crap called Birdman, every film by Denis Villeneuve and many Netflix series, this is a self-indulgent wankathon with no real story.

Waste of time .

One time watchable boring slow paced movie .

Margot Robbie side story is completely forgettable and disjointed from the rest of the movie, in fact you could cut all her scenes and nothing would change, except you would have to endure the flick for half hour less.

I expected the best, but i got the worst of QT, just bought this movie on Amazon, was excited to see it since neither my wife nor my girlfriend wanted to see it on big screen, oh boy were they right , unfortunately they were, disappointing to say the least, judge for yourself, but I did not like it, boring, uninteresting and boring, oh, I said that already.

Spending about 100 Million USD on this, using actors like Pitt, DiCaprio, Al Pacino, Damian Lewis and many more seems to me like a waste of money and their talent

Thank you QT, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

The ending had a pretty cool scene but everything else was either targeted at people who live in Hollywood (actors, etc) who REALLY care about the details, or old people who have the patience to sit trough boring, long, long shots of someone driving and nothing happening.

What a boring movie.

snooze fest .

As for the movie Tarantino potrays the culture of Hollywood back in 60's..this movie really excites you as it goes further and you will se unexpected twist in the climax and characters played by Brad and Caprio each has a significant role in this movie..overall a must must watch movie

It seemed to meander along like a slow little stream of water that suddenly plunged over a massive waterfall at the end.

What a total waste of time.

It's well acted but pointless.

Bloated, lethargic, self-indulgent and pointless .

Kinda pretentious.

I thought that this is going nowhere and not really a Tarantino kind of movie.

The film of alternate histories takes its time to build up atmosphere and character, but at an astonishing 2h 41min feels too slow with some (a lot of) material that doesn't really advance the plot.

It seemed way confusing, switching scenes and different people constantly without any point.

The story goes nowhere, too slow and boring.

no plot...

This all-star supporting cast was a waste of talent and money.

Besides this, I can say that this movie has no plot at all and this supposed black comedy point of view is just disgusting.

Best movie with no plot whatsoever.

I am no fan of QT films to begin with, but this one commits the biggest sin of all: Boring!

But they are drawn out.

But can a film still be entertaining and relatable without a coherent plot?

I think by far this was the worst movie I've ever seen...

For me a waste of time .

but, pointless story that goes nowhere.

Overall, this film is amazing and definitely worth watching!

This journey was so very stretched, slow and tiring.

There's no real plot.

There's one scene where Cliff visits some old town and I thought it was entertaining.

A wonderful delight & powerful piece of cinema that's totally entertaining all the way to the bloody massacre & the really beautiful ending of what if...

The screenplay is boring and the good point is the references to films and the soundtrack based on the 60's.

so fu..ing boring .

Then, right at the end, after 2+ hours of moderate boredom, all hell breaks loose for about 10 minutes and then it is all over.

Opportunity lost in slowness.

Lets make a boring Hollywood movie for Hollywood movie makers.

At first glance, this is a beautifully filmed, but empty film in which almost nothing happens, and seemingly without a point, so I understand the people who didn't like it.

The film was excruciating boring; felt like was directed by someone else.

Worst movie in a long time .

However, the movie doesn't have a certain plot, which may be boring to viewers at first sight, so i wouldn't recommend it if the plot is important to you.

The worst movie I ever seen .

I was waiting and waiting for the usual Tarantino spectacle but literally nothing happens until the last 10 minutes.

Incredibly boring.

The story is boring and it's difficult to stay awake watching the movie.

the Hollywood of films, stars, moguls, wealth, beauty that he obviously immersed himself in for his entire life, from his days as a video store clerk and down on to today.

Waste of time.

Absurd, unexpected and unbalanced violence scenes stage in the cinematography as usual.

Sub-par and dragged out movie.

The storyline was no-existent, the characters were boring with no development throughout the film despite having 3 hours to do so.

Tarantino made a terrible film, but at least manage to find the cure for insomnia.

Love the twist in the storyline and in true classic Hollywood style, brilliant unexpected ending!

it's Quentin creating his own fairytale universe with his special Tarantino touch of unnecessary but oddly entertaining dialogue, sudden beautiful and bloody violence that startles you to your core, and those detailed and distinct characters that feel real enough to walk right off the silver screen.

The film is full of Tarantino's boring "trademarks"...

Instead of going for an easily identifiable plot that is at the forefront of the film it instead opts to have that be in the background and rather focus on a slow burn establishing the characters, acting, and music; all to fully immerse and entrance the viewer in a stunning recreation of 1969 Los Angeles.

it feels slow not deliberate.

Worst movie from QT .

This movie has no plot and is meandering mess.

They only show the important or entertaining parts.

I enjoyed the whole movie and it was worth watching.

There was no plot.

There were so many scenes that just dragged on, and some totally unnecessary.

What a boring movie.


I was seriously bored even though the scenography was truly great

This movie builds up slow.

I loved the extremely detailed old fashioned 60's production design & gorgeous look of the movie, everything is perfect & that's Because Tarantino knows his stuff & is a perfectionist, i loved the humour & the tons of famous actor cameos especially Kurt Russell, also the music was great & the Spahn Ranch scene was intense & exciting, this brought a tear to my eye for the whole love of movies that comes accross on screen, this is a movie for movie lovers & shows how important movies are to those that love them so much as i do.

Boring .

Margot Robbie was breathtaking as ingenue Sharon Tate, and though history was altered in the end scenes, that's just QT being QT.

Nothing happens .

Another Tarantino's pointless sadistic garbage .

Nothing happens in this movie until the very, and what does happen is extremely violent and gruesome.

yet, despite a great cast, it's just dull.

The answer is a compelling, funny and moving last 30 minutes of the film.

But why make a film which is utterly pointless?

And then there's the last 10 minutes of QT action packed scenes we all know and love!

One of the most exciting and evocative movies I have seen in the last couple of years since Hollywood went Taliban on us.

As much as the characters were interesting and the references to actual events were intriguing I suspect this film skews to an older demographic that has an inkling about the Hollywood of the time and how society, language and fashion sense was.

I like these actors very much but this movie is empty.

Let's get this out of the way: this movie is long, it's slow, and not much is going on for a while.

It's a real shame because when it's good it's really good but the good is too few and too far in between, I personally think it was a missed opportunity on behalf of QT to tell a fascinating story about a fascinating time in Hollywood, but unfortunately it lacks the energy and clever writing and sadly falls flat in the end.

Maybe it is a bit slow for some but I enjoyed it and decent ending.

This movie had no plot.

They were super boring and it was like they definitely want him to play even if his role has nothing to do with the movie except of a really small part that he is neighboring to Tate, but the rest of the movie was interesting.

No plot.

Leonardo DiCaprio seems limited in playing a kind of dull TV actor who is trying to keep his star power shinning in Hollywood.

Don't waste your time watching it....

Boring, lazy, plotless and mind numbingly painful to watch.

I was disappointed by Hateful Eight and bored by Django.

If you look at this film as pure art form, then this might be for you (the cinematography is actually well done), but as pure entertainment like for the most of us it was an absolute bore, from beginning to end.

It's boring, you don't get invested in the characters, it wanders aimlessly all over the place, and the end is just dumb.

Basically the movie is pointless up until the end they prevent the Sharon Tate murders.

If that wouldn't be a Tarantino's film nobody would give those high points, it is waste of time.

A terrible waste of time and space.

Boringly disappointing.

Such long-winded boring crap for 2[ hours to get to the small amount of fun and entertainment.

Then from all these super boring 3 hours, the last 20 min was something happening and then the movie ended.

And after watching this plotless "whatsoever", I can only say Godfather 3 is not so bad at all.

Back to the plot of which there is none, this film left me incredibly bored.

Brad Pitt gets all 4 of my stars for being mildly entertaining and the only reason I did not turn this off half way through.

Once upon a time i was bored .

Too long, too slow and totally pointless.

It's boring as heck.

So much of the plot was contrived and unnecessary.

Gripping Hollywood 69 nostalgia...

I never write reviews, but I just have to share before you waste hours of your life.

Boring and pointless movie .

Don't waste your money

I found it thoroughly enjoyable and one of Tarantino's best.

One of the most boring and pointless movies I have ever seen.

Complete and utter waste of time.

Leo sold his soul, Brad seemed bored and margot couldve been played by everyone else lookalike.

I think it's the worst movie ever to be nominated for an Oscar.

I understand why some viewers might find this boring and not at all QT's style.

No plot.

No story, meaningless script, and irritating charatcters.

The film was very exciting and keeps you intrigued as to how bad it's all going to end.

The pace was slow - something I am used to with episode content where characters have time to develop.

Complete waste of time in my opinion.

The movie is too long, with unnecessary scenes that add nothing to the story.

waste of time .

Worst movie of tarantino .

A truly stunning film: It's clear to me that no expense was spared in its making.

Boring .

However, when you have the ending in mind, it'll certainly be worth watching again and I think it'll offer a whole fresh perspective on things.

It was a bit long and slow in parts, though.

Tarantino crafts yet another masterclass in classic film making technique and ever engaging dialogue in this stylish revisionist history of 1960s L.

I walked out of the theater to use the men's room (long movie & big drink) and the movie was with me.

The year 1969 was a year filled with exciting, historic and horrific events.

The issue is that it was building up to something that wasn't defined at the beginning, so it felt like it was going nowhere.


This film is boring and clearly overrated.

This is what made the movie go from boring to bad.

Slow, thin and just plain wrong .

The actors kept it sort of exciting.

What a waste of time, money and talent (except for the costumes which were ok).

Unpredictable with a very satisfying ending.

Nothing happens .

The plot is a full circle (which other reviewers seem to be missing) which aims to prove the most mundane events can shape a person, and even give them new purpose.

Also, certain scenes can be very dry conversations full of actor lingo, which almost seem canted towards actors themselves.

But, tbh this may be his worst movie.

Pulp Fiction is a stunning movie.

Stylish and visually stunning, it bears the classic hallmarks of a Tarantino film.

This was a long, boring movie, with way, way too much profanity!

Pointless Movie .

Only thing enjoyable is acting of Leonardo Decaprio and Brad pit.

Don't waste your time by watching this movie.

He delivered a series of nonsensical empty over the top vacuity.

It's just sooo boring.

It is quite boring.

I fell asleep on a off through out the movie.

I liked the movie very much, slow and subtle start and mellow too.

It is definitely the worst movie by Quentin Tarantino.

All the scenes with Brad Pitt and Manson people are far more engaging.

I have a tendency to fall asleep watching any movie that fails to fully interest me, and I stayed wide awake for Once Upon a Time...

Uneventful and uninteresting .

A waste of time

The lack of an actual story may make people bored.

A long boring joke with an insult instead of a punchline .

This movie has no storyline, no plot.

Boring and what the heck did Pitt do to warrant an Oscar?

The film was overlong and boring.

Long and boring, a story with no obvious goal.

Nearly three hours of rambling, unfocused, self-indulgent nonsense despite excellent performances by Pitt and DiCaprio.

I fell asleep twice and when I woke up still nothing was happening.

This is total dross zzzzzzzz

I am Huge fan of QT, Pitt & Decaprio but as I wasnt well aware of the real background so found this movie a complete waste of time.

First time ever I actually walked out of a tarentino movie.

You go through the exciting life of these moviestars.

Tarantino pissed me off with the Hateful Eight - a simple and lazy story disguised as something complex, 90% boring dialogue and some violence.

Scenes after scenes full of confusion.

But instead it turned out to be pretentious bs.

The film's soundtrack is also a little dull here compared to previous Quentin Tarantino films.

The only redeeming aspect of this borefest is the trip down memory lane with late 69's TV and movies.

Boring Movie .

Quentins worst movie so far .

And his clear touch in his good construction of the characters of the film, every character that you see the director clearly What I'm keeping in mind is the length of the movie with some extra scenes that might make you bored.

I paid very little attention to those scenes because they bored me and/or turned my stomach.

Boring again.

Yes it is really boring movie.

Quentin Tarantino also constantly references his other films and is pointless extended universe.

Waste of time and money and talent .

The two hours before the action started are quite boring.

Loved the slow lingering pace and the creepy interludes.

There's lots of drawn out dialogue, random and pointless 60's icons pop up every so often for no specific reason, there are plenty of drawn-out shots of LA highways and Tarantino's foot fetish goes into overdrive in this film...

DiCaprio is the only one who gives any kind of performance in the long drawn-out affair, and only about the last ten minutes are somewhat entertaining.

Boring .

Unfortunately the movie is way too long, and the story doesn't always link up well and gets boring in parts.

What a waste of time and money .

Like watching paint dry .

The worst movie i watched this year .

Leo Looks Intense , Violent & Emotional At The Same Time.

waste of time .

What a waste of time and money.

Waste of time and talent.

An incredible waste of time for all involved, especially and including the audience.

But there is no story.

The director is in full self-indulgent mode here.

It is not visionary, it is repetitive and showing very little sign of growth.

In short it has got no story , just a well managed 155 minutes screenplay that could have be shown within 55 minutes .

It starts a little slow, but overall it's just very enjoyable.

One of the worst movies of all time .

The overall plot was very slow moving and disappointing!

Another overlong pretentious move from Tarantino.

Otherwise what a snore fest.

One of the most boring and bad movies i've seen in my life.

if any other unfamous director bring the same cast and filming the exact same movie the rating of it will not excceed 6.7 But some fans just because it is tarntino movie give this trash high rating The most annoying this about this movie was his long duration for no story ..you fell like you watch afiller

Such a boring movie.

In addition, Quentin (at least for the most part) knows whats he's doing in terms of framing and shot selection, but the beginning of this film-aka about the first two hours-was very slow and I think a lot could have been done in editing to condense the whole first part.

Tarantino fans who come to this film expecting an abundance of blood and gore may become disappointed due to the film's moderately slow pacing and lack of action.

The first 2 hours of this film are sluggish and so slowly paced that getting through each scene was a pain.

But, it was waste of time.

Extraordinary And Atypical boring .

The action was riveting, strenuous, thrilling and provided heart palpitations with sheer raw physicality portrayed by Brad Pitt.

However, it ended up trashy, boring and often disgusting IMO.

I personally enjoyed it very much and I'm sure many of you will also

Oh and way too long.

Irresponsible and Boring .

Enjoyable, very long.

This is what you expect from QT, awesome characters but slow, almost boring storytelling with a great end.

If you do know or care, it is still told in a very boring and uneventful way that you just watch it for the high quality acting performances.

Dragging & boring .

Pointless .

This movie is pretty, has good dialogue, takes its time, sets a scene, characters have an arc and is overall entertaining, even if some might say not a lot happens.

The movie looks stunning and Tarantino writes a screenplay filled with hilarious dialogues and memorable characters.

the movie was boring and a waste of good actors the best thing about it is that quentin gave the manson family what they deserved in real life

It's an entertaining romp and super fun and it shows a maturity that Mr Tarentino has developed.


It can be easily viewed as boring, even I thought that at first, especially with a run time of almost three hours.

Actually, I left the theater incredibly disappointed.

I probably shouldn't even write a review because I only got half way through it and stopped watching because it was too boring.

As much as I love Tarantino's previous works, with Django and Inglorious Basterds being my absolute favorites, this work is simply a 3 hours waste of time.

Worst movie ever .

The movie was extremely boring, literally nothing happened in the 2 hours until the last 15 minutes, watch something else.

I'm a big Tarantino fan, always enjoy his movies, even if I find it frustrating that his self-indulgence stops them from being truly great.

Too boring, fell asleep two times whatching this (not exaggerating, literally).

The ending is awesome hilarious and somewhat unexpected.

Watched it on Amazon Prime and ended up cleaning the inside of the fridge out of sheer boredom.

The movie was extremely entertaining.

Just utterly confusing as to what part she played in the film other than eye candy.

One of the worst movies i have ever seen.

But there is no plot to lose.

No plot whatsoever.

But no, I was so bored!

Overrated and pointless .

Entertaining and surprisingly genial movie .

Leonardo is freaking hilarious and overall the film is just entertaining.

The whole movie you'll get cultural and pop references to the 60s era and most of them were accurate but the problem is that the pace is too slow to keep up with the story, which itself is crap.

Unwatchable .

Plot are 0, boring and slow.

I came here to vent my frustrations because there really is nothing to be said because nothing happened...

I was exciting about this movie since I saw trailer for the first time...

Brad Pitt steals the show as Cliff Booth, an instantly likeable character who we route for throughout even when what he does is questionable, and Margot Robbie manages to own her role as Sharon Tate, playing the real life actress as an almost ghost like figure throughout, the film constantly builds to the real life event, and handles it in a way that is both controversial and, quite honestly, very entertaining.

Or if you must watch it, keep the remote nearby to fast forward the boring, awkward, and pointless trailer scene.

More admirable than satisfying, but nonetheless a thoroughly entertaining piece from Tarantino .

Boring, pointless, unsatisfying, desperately trying to hold some cohesion in the story line but fails miserably, leaving the viewer wondering what was all that about after wasting an unnecessarily tedious 2 hours and 40 minutes of utter cinematic displeasure and annoyance.

There's absolutely no point, slow as could be and a waste of anyone's time.

Tarentino brilliantly recreated this moment - it is visually stunning and hugely evocative.

He also nailed the portentous and pretentious quality of B actors, and the desperate grasping to stay relevant.

Boring .

I so wished I liked it but it was slow paced and boring.


This movie was mostly slow with a few really good scenes.

Nothing happens of note in this movie until the last 15 minutes.

Watchable but very boring "documentary" .

Bored with the film industry.

An empty movie with no meaning message.

This is just the most boring, horrible misuse of time and talent of these amazing actors.

Stylish, funny and absorbing...

Sure Tell your Wifey It Was Boring .

what boring contrived garbage!

Poor character development, no plot, unexplainable reactions, nothing leads to nowhere.

Very engaging film.

This is, sadly, Tarantino at his most self indulgent.

There's something so compelling about the way Quentin Terantino tells a story that never fails to captivate from one shot to the next.

Many have panned this film, but I found it entertaining and enjoyable and a decent homage to what Hollywood is (and isn't).

One of the most boring Tarantino films .

This disjointed artifice notwithstanding, the writers and editors were still unable to keep it at less than 2 hours 40 minutes.


Meandering, boring nothingness.

Unfortunately, it was way too slow for me and I did fast forward through some parts that seemed unnecessarily long.

Good acting, boring plot .

Worst movie ever .

Don't waste your time.

After dragging through this pointless story it was as if Tarantino suddenly realised this was a turkey and decided to give his fans some of his signature casual violence by way of compensation.

It is literally a way to waste two hours of your time.

I was excited to see this film, but found it painstakingly slow, boring, shallow character development, and a bad script.

But come on, if Brad Pitt just sat there in front of the camera, it would still be worth watching.

Coming from a big movie nerd who loves slow movies.

Slow to start but still enjoyable as the majority of Tarantino films are.

No story.

No plot, no point.

The people who gave this bore a 9 or 10 are nuts!

Boring .

horribly boring .

I don't get the praise for this film, incredibly boring, slow, and not what you'd expect!

So the environment for me was a little bit thrilling.

The movie seems to have a slow movement.

It is one of the worst movies I have seen

Seriously Boring .

There's basically no plot at all as the film follows a washed up actor, his washed up stunt double, and their struggle to stay relevant in Hollywood.

This movie is just a big boring tease.

I didn't feel the runtime on this one quite as much as I did on The Irishman, but I can see how most people find it a bit long or boring, it's one of Tarantino's slower and more reserved movies.

Boring, boring, boring...

'Once upon a time in hollywood' is a snooze fest wrapped as a love story to glory days.

You will find yourself struggling to stay awake.

He usually allows the storyline to open out gradually before his audience, but this movie has a very slow, thin storyline that never really gets going.

Enjoyed it thoroughly.

A disrespectful movie to the martial art legend Bruce Lee also it's a super boring movie.

The pacing was long and boring - it felt like you were sitting on your porch just watching traffic go bye and watching the neighbors interact.

Scripts are long and drawn out, and then they all crash into an ending that seems tacked on rather than built to which begs the question does he even know where he is going with his films anymore.

Brad Pitt is charming and enjoyable; Margot Robbie, while not having many lines, still brings home some fun interactions throughout the film.

Was expecting a lot better but it was oh so boring, meandered aimlessly along without anything happening.

Don't waste your time.

We have a great cast, but they don't have the opportunity to show that they are good because nothing happens on the movie.

deep focus on hibi wasnt neccessay Full of feet scene full of nosense ..tarntino bring amazing cast for trash movie,, the last 15 minute is almost all the important scene ,,no story ...


Such high hopes but no real plot and all the best stuff is in last ten minutes.

Only once Brad Pitt arrives at the Ranch is when things really start to become intriguing.


I agree with most people saying there was no storyline, I honestly still don't understand what the movie was about.

The most boring movie I have ever seen .

I tried very hard to think of a movie I have seen that is more tiresome and pointless than this movie, and the only thing I could think of was the endless scenes of Benji the dog running in Benji the Hunted.

The movie dragged along with somewhat in-cohesive narration and ended abruptly.

Surprisingly boring .

Was bored out of my mind!

No spoilers, the two lead actors are stunning.

Story is so slow.

Enjoyable albeit long .

Long, boring, pointless wasted 3 hrs of my life.

It is a long and boring patchwork of dull scenes that culminates in an even more stupid and meaningless ending.

Ugly hollywood wins again and the actors go on faking themselves in real their real life, wich is quite boring, filled with trroubles.

Don't waste your time.

What a bore fest.

Three hours of beautifully shot nothing...

) another terrible pointless movie.

It's well worth watching.

Shockingly Un-entertaining and lacking of blood for a Tarantino film.

The acting is great, as mentioned in my review title, and I fully understand and respect the homage to that Hollywood era, but apart from that there is no coherent action in the movie, just a chain of real life events with basically no connection in between, over a way too long movie duration, and much less humor than we are used to with Quentins movies.

Overrated piece of rubbish called a masterpiece by pretentious critics who have no idea.

Gone are the snappy dialogue, the unexpected plot twists, the moments of visionary splendor.

Long, drawn-out, pretentious rubbish .

Pointless and confusing .

But after Pulp, Tarantino became self-aware, silly, trite, surreal and pompous....

Even though these points were excellent, I was still bored and dejected.

Virtually no plot to speak of.

It was all about Tarantino as usual trying to shock us, snd surprise us with an empty plot,....

as in nothing happens .

If your going to make a pointless, plotless movie that's an homage to the late 60's Hollywood movies and TV, fine.

And I was totally bored and not interested.

It can be boring at moments if you are not interested in that.

DiCaprio was doing a pretty good job in this, but Brad Pitt was really boring.

during the 60s, I found it very entertaining.

Great actors and that's it, only...!! no plot, no story, nothing

A most boring result for many viewers.

It's a pointless, clueless, boring and way too long movie!!!.

It could have easily had 45 minutes to an hour cut out and been more enjoyable, less boring and just generally a better offering.

3 hours of my life I'll never get back.

This is more like slow-burning Alfred Hitchcock film where suspense is pilling up for a better result.

It has almost all of the right ingredients for a good film, but ultimately it just wastes 3 hours of your time because the story is meandering and pointless.

The whole Sharon Tate story line was an utter waste of time and completely boring.

Boring, dull, stupid, meaningless.

Long boring movie, where nothing happens.

Warning: it's a slow movie, and it's not the typical Quentin Tarantino-actionmovie.

Spoiler alert: Nothing happens in this movie.

Waste of my time and waste of good actors.

Good acting performance BUT so long and confusing...

Very long and boring and pointless .

Its basically an overly long, borefest.

There is absolutely nothing to like about this movie, it was a waste of my time, and now I am wasting my time writing this.

Just another movie trying to rely on the actors to sell a movie but with no plot or interesting script even that couldn't save them.

Fun to watch but there is no real plot .

very slow moving...

Nothing happens, It is dragging and never seems to come to any point.

The most boring Tarantino movie ever.

The first half of the movie was so bore .

As the story unfolds Brad Pitt steals most scenes but has stiff competition from Di Caprio and Margot Robbie simply looks stunning, it's what movies should be, bold and in your face culture, really enjoyable.

Pitt and DiCaprio are very good actors and doing great as usual however their talents are totally wasted in this boring falsification of history.

it just kind of meanders thru a plotless collection of scenes where Pitt looks cool, Dicaprio shows off his acting chops, and Robbie is just there.

The most boring movie ever seen.

But at some point something happened, his movies became boring and pretentious.

The story moves slow and very few interesting parts with no point.

But ultimately, I felt ho-hum so-what at the end.

Self-indulgent crap-fest.

Having been soft-headed enough to have bought the movie, I also sat through some dreadful "bonus" material, which instead of being interviews and insights into the film, were repetitive out-takes from the movie.

Plus, the scenario is original, and each dialogues are well-written and entertaining.

There is no story, just set pieces of good-looking actors being good looking.

An engaging journey packed with 60's Hollywood, music and TV culture pathos, presented via the hypercritical perspective of those that were there in the middle of it at the time.

There might be a true meaning and real facts behind the story, but it is really a waste of time.

And since no story here, no one can write a spoiler review for this movie.

But this movie was a great disappointment at least the first 130 minutes of the 150 minutes or so - where literally nothing happened.

DiCaprio and Pitt are, as I believe Tarantino said, the most exciting male duo on the screen since Newman and Redford.

Whether it's a movie or a TV show, the most entertaining characters are always those supremely confident winners with a flippant sense of humor (like James Spader in The Blacklist, or Tommy Lee Jones in MIB).

A character study with an unexpected ending .

These secondary stories with these two characters were entertaining and hilarious especially the hippie ranch.

It was EXTREMELY entertaining!

Rambling, self indulgent, and some of the worst writing.

Don't waste your time on this one folks.

Some scenes / plots may seem unnecessary if you don't have the context, but I've still found movie entertaining and impressive even without the context.

Nothing Happened...

But when the movie is viewed for a second or even third time, it shows its true form and stays thoroughly entertaining until the epic conclusion.

What a waste of 2.5 hours of your time.

Woefully self-indulgent film-making from the over-praised, under-talented Mr Tarantino that takes several hours to reach a blood-soaked climax as pointless as it is gratuitous.

Very slow beginning, a bit excitement after 20 minutes, then down for a long time and boom...

Nothing happens!

There is no story, and boring dialogue and long scenes without dialogue.

The film will not be to everyone's taste, it is long and slow paced, it doesn't have a typical protagonist versus antagonist dynamic, and it doesn't offer satisfying character arcs.

If they would've done the story about Sharon Tate then maybe it would've been better and more entertaining (just with a better actress)

There is no plot.

Boring movie.

I was on the edge of my seat wondering how Tarantino was going to deal with the murders.

The climax is quite extraordinary and fast , unexpected as the movie had something else to come up with .

Excellent cast - Was a bit slow at some parts - Great ending that tied everything together - Good periodical film with tons of nostalgia

Just a waste of time.

Then I watched this boring, pointless, Tarantino piece of garbage and corrected myself.

The view into the old Hollywood was very refreshing - the dances, music, characters etc. The last 45 mins bring the story together very quickly and are mind blowing.

Save your MONEY warning !.

Confusing storyline that kept taking different turns, Margot Robbie doesn't need to be in the film as her part is very to put it lightly, boring.

Too long and very slow .

The QT action we know and love is really just a glimpse, and the first 2,5 hours of the movie are slow and don't provide more story than could have been told in 20 minutes.

No story .

It is well over an hour to long for the story and like watching paint dry.

Tarantinos worst movie ever .

Every scene with Brad Pitt as Cliff Boot (the most Tarantino character) was entertaining : Bruce Lee scene, Spare Tire scene and of course the last scene.

A self-indulgent mess...

Don't waste your time.

Gave up after an hour as I was bored out of my mind and it never got going.

It definitely picked up, there were a handful of compelling scenes, notably Brad Pitt's visit to the cult compound, Leonardo's acting with the little girl, and the violent climactic scene in Leonardo's house.

Absolutely great cast with no story or seriously hard to follow along.

Way too long, took forever to get the story going.

A complete waste of time .

What a waste of my time!

Once you learn the pattern, fast forward through all the boring stuff.

But this movie is seriously going nowhere plotwise.

To me this was so boring I found myself checking time remaining for the movie.

It's so boring and contrived.

Boring .

I like a fool bought into the hype and wasted 3 hours of life that I could've spend something more interesting you know like banging my head against a wall.

Nothing happened.

Do yourself a favor and watch once upon a time in america in preference to this waste of money and time.

His obsession with 60/70's grindhouse is boring now.

No story.

Way too long...

It seemed to have a slower pace as the majority of the movie was more of a documentary of Rick Dalton's life then the final bit being more of the typical Tarantino climatic story.

I love QT's films but this wasnt a film, it was just a continuous collection of set pieces but with no point, no plot and no finish.

Before I go on I want to preface by saying Tarantino made a beautiful and fascinating work of art.

The many reviewers ALL complain about the same thing for a reason: there is NO plot and there is NO suspense whatsoever.

A little messy and erratic, but very entertaining .

v, the back and forth, and enthusiasm was relatable and to watch these two big stars depict something we've all done as movie fans was entertaining.

Nothing happens until 2h 25m.

So to start on the positives this is visually stunning with a fantastic cast.

A total waste of time.

This is literally one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

All in all, it was nice, surprising and enjoyable.

Di Caprio and Brad Pitt are stunning as always, nothing more to say about them.

Once upon a time in "Boredom" .

So many pointless scenes (like seriously, do I really need to watch the entirety of Brad Pitt driviving home and chill in his van?

Hateful Eight was okay, decent enough for one viewing but obnoxiously slow, and not rewatchable atall.

Like most of Tarrantino films there are some moments of genius cinematography (such as the falsely portrayed bad editing) and story telling but unfortunately this film has some long lulls in-between those moments.

The supposed plotless quality of the film mirrors the plotless quality of those lives.

Another time Tarantino delivered a very good movie along with stunning performances from Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The entire second half will probably come off as boring, but I enjoyed it.

I made my own cut editing all that fluff, it was 39 minutes of boredom, on a dvd.

1st to a lawyer to see if I have a case to get my money back, plus emotional distress from boredom and my wasted time.

Self indulgent drivel, like watching paint dry, This is what happens when somebody i.

This was an enjoyable film and the comedy was just the right amount to make the characters interesting.

The grand finale was, though very entertaining, for me at least, quite meaningless considering the story of the two main characters.

Good Movie, very entertaining, loved Pitt Character.

😔😔 I am a very big fan of Bruce Lee also and this was a very bad and disrespectful move from production, to show that Bruce was cocky and arogant..!!. Very far away from the truth..Just speak with people who knew Bruce Lee.. 🆘Just Keep away from this pointless movie.

I really like "old" Tarantino movies but this one is very boring.

Unbearable Tripe .

Slow, Boring, Snails Pace!

One of the worst movies I have seen .

I really loved the slow burn.

It had a weak plot that felt like it was going nowhere throughout the entire runtime.

Boring without any reason .

As for the rest of the movie, I found it boring and full of it.

Tedious .

While this scene in particular peaked my interest, I found other parts of the movie to be comparably dull and insignificant to the greater overarching plot.

It was so poignant, edgy, intriguing.

Waste Of Valuable Time .

Expect a slow paced historical drama and you will love it.

Just boring old reminiscing about their successful olden years.

Overrated and Boring.

Don't waste your time.

It seems that the people who are giving it overwhelmingly positive reviews are being a bit disingenuous and overlooking the film's extremely slow pacing and non-existent plot, while those that are trashing it are missing the point entirely.

Pointless film.

Yes, it is worth watching.

With a run time of almost 3 hours, i still don't really know what happened in this movie or really, what was the entire point?.. lots of pointless scenes which really had no relevance to plot development .. It had such great potential, and it is enjoyable in places, mainly due to the solid performances on screen.

Nothing happens in this movie, really.

Boring .

Unbearably boring.

To be honest, the film is quite slow and I was not able to get so attached to the characters (Except the dog Brandy <3).

Don't waste your time .

There's simply no plot, the settings aren't really good and the end is just complete nonsense.

I gave 3 star for 3 minor action scenes , and movie is seriously boring.

Save your money and your time.

I'm guessing that it's a twist on the Charles Mason murders because the neighbors had the heiress of the coffee company and Sharon was pregnant and that describes the victims of Masons last mass murder and the movie was changing the outcome but that all happens in the last 20 min and everything else before that is just confusing and slow and doesn't really have a plot.

I updated my knowledge on what happened and after that I understood the small details and really enjoyed it throughout.

It is going nowhere and just seems to be a lot of random namedropping.

Two and a half hours of boredom.

I am very disappointed with this one(don't get me wrong, the acting is great), probably because I had other expectations from it but overall it s just boring, except for the last 10-15 minutes of the movie...

The last part is the only exciting thing in the movie .

It had action, it had violence, it had an atmosphere, it actually mocked Hollywood, it had Playboy bunnies, Margot's legs were spectacularly exciting and thin and in a microskirt OH MY Did I mention I love violence.

What a waste of time .

This was so incredibly slow, boring and with no actual intellectual attributes at all.

The film was very disjointed and did not seem to know what its own central story really was.

You'll give away 2 hours of your life for absolutely the most boring movie in your lifetime to get there!

But entertaining, you betcha'.

it is very entertaining throughout.

Boring foot fetish fest .

There is no plot and it was moving nowhere for 2 hours and then in the last 30 minutes it got good and then it ended.

The third act is especially entertaining as that's when old Tarantino kicks in.

I knew when the movie spent 10 minutes on a pointless scene of Pitt feeding his dog (that came a good 30 minutes into the movie) that this was tripe and I turned it off.

The movie is long and drawn out with absolutely no cohesive plot or purpose.

It has a slower pace then we are used to seeing in a Tarantino movie and it takes it's time to get where it's going.

Leonardo De Caprio is just stunning.

It's well worth watching.

Only watch it if you're trying to fall asleep

This slow brooding atmosphere works well, as seeds are sown for impending violence, which is largely bottled until the final act.

I had not yet been born when this happened in real life, so it was intriguing for me to watch everything play out.

The worst movie I've seen in the last five years .

I also believe this is the most boring picture Tarantino has ever made.

Boring .

No story or plot, not a good one anyway.

the ending is predictable too!

Once upon a time in Hollywood is a slow moving film that is only for 60's lovers and 80% of the film is something that won't watch back ever again .

Nothing happening at all.

Once upon time Hollywood is an extremely long movie is extremely dull and boring.

It's a major slow burn if ever there was one.

Waste of time.

I mean, it is, for the first 3/4 of the film, but it retains a beat down tone, going nowhere with the material.

Definitely a waste of time.

Don't waste your time.

DeCaprio this was a dreamy colaboration for me, but it turned out to be slow painful 161mins of my wasteful life.

Boring characters, no development.

They are a big part of the reason why this thinly plotted, nearly three hour film was so enjoyable.

Those who can sit in place and enjoy unfolding of a fictional yet very entertaining storyWho will hate it?

Boring movie .

But the main character, Rick Dalton, played by Di Caprio , a fading alcoholic B movie cowboy actor, was unlikable and his travails were boring.

More fun watching paint dry .

I was waiting for this movie because of the main actor is Leonardo DiCaprio and the supporting actor is Brad Pitt but the movie was bad honestly there is no story what so ever, acting was average, the shock to me when it won 2 Oscars one for Brad Pitt roll !!!!

Tedious .

What a waste of time .

Terrible movie: too boring, too long and with a horrible plot (if there's any).

I found his scenes the most enjoyable and feel like his character stole the whole movie.

I agree with other reviewers that the first couple of hours was mainly a 60's nostalgia fest that dragged.

It doesn't strictly follow a traditional three act structure and often indulges in scenes which do little to advance the plot or characters, but despite the slower pace it is consistently entertaining.

Margot's role is the most pointless role in the history of movies.

It was a cool period piece, but I think Tarantino fell asleep at the wheel on this one, made a movie for himself and forgot about the audience that was going to watch it.

3 hours of average.

Some will love it others will find it boring.

The plot constantly weaves between fact and fiction, making it a unique and intriguing tale.

Yes, I agree that many people will find it slow, considering that we have over 4 minutes of Brad Pitt just driving around and stuff like that.

It is very boring until the violent end.

Up until the last ten minutes this is the most pointless movie ever.

This movie is also over-hyped boring trash.

It's extremely boring, unbelievable slow and most of the time you ask yourself what is happening and why they are showing permanently 5 to 10 minute long scenes that have nothing to do with the story whatsoever.

There is, however, no real plot.

Long, boring and pointless .

A scene at the end with the Schaeffer ambulance was mind blowing, as I was driving for Schaeffer at the time.

It's a stunning looking and well shot film with a cast that give outstanding performances.

You have a top Director, three of the best looking stars in the business, who can also act, and one of the most compelling stories of the 1960's.

2.5 hours of no plot whatsoever, then 5 minutes of gratuitous gore.

A long boring story .

The movie has no plot, is so slow...

Waste of time; unimaginative meaningless stupid plot; Undeserving of awards and inflamed accolades by biased panels.

Boring, childish, slow.

It's slow.

Everybody who worked on this movie did a great job, but the story is pretty boring and the movie is far too long...

Dear god it's slow .

I have just finished watching the ego trip of Quentin Tarantino, "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" I am old enough to have remembered those days and those songs and my memories are more entertaining than this movie.

What a waste of time.

This is by far the most boring movie I have ever seen.

Once Upon a Time In Hollywood is wery wery boring.

The movie has a good rhythm, but the plot itself is extremely boring and the characters are not better.

Visually beautiful, stunning.

Scenes that are way too long for no reason.

Couldn't finish this movie because nothing happens.

Self indulgent overrated rubbish from Quentin Tarantino.

Very boring!

But when all this dazzle is in service to such a disjointed, rambling and uneven script, one is left wondering what about it was worth spending the last two and a half hours upon.

I think I really waste my time by watching this movie.

It was so slow, I couldn't focus on it, and stoped watcing it in the middle.

Movie was boring and their acting was subpar!

It was pure torture by boredom.

There's no story!

But it's all over the place, and so long and too slow.

in Hollywood" is a boring disordered mish mash that I wish I hadn't seen .

But no plot, waste of time!

The movie is really slow most of the time, in order for you to submerge in the 60's ambientation, and to grow fond with the characters.

A little slow, although unique and enjoyable .

It was intentionally empty-garbage - Pulp Fiction to entertain a mass of dopes.

A complete waste of time when u have seen such terrific performances and excellent work from these actors & QT in the past.

You are expecting something, anything to happen and it is simply boring.

Overlong, with tedious portions that dragged, especially the Lancer TV show scenes.

I read multiple reviews saying the movie is boring.

Boring .

Totally pointless and convoluted.

I lost 3 hours of my life..it is the worst movie I have ever seen ..

Waste of time and money!!

Boring Boring Boring .

Very boring without story without any scene.

What a waste of money to see that piece of trash.

Must have been about the most pointless script, worst editing making it even slower then your average swedish film (and I'm European, we like slow movies) , ridiculous character development (if any), absolutely useless parodies of actual stars (Bruce Lee, Steve McQueen et al).

Nothing happens .

Great idea, boring movie.

The slower pacing and character driven narrative made me never lose interest in what I was watching.

Pretentious rubbish .

This was exciting and needed.

People, don't waste your money...

The story wasn't that good but Pitt's, DiCaprio's, and Robbie's acting performance was fascinating.

Tarantino made three good movies and the rest was over-hyped boring trash.

As enjoyable as any individual portion of this film may be, the very fact that we have to digest it in "portions" points to the ineluctable fact that it is poorly scripted.

The worst movie I have ever seen .

The two other main characters both do exciting stuff (Rick Dalton acts and has like 3 mental breakdowns, and Cliff fixes Rick's satellite, has a 25 minute flashback scene, and meets all of the Mansion family).

The most boring movie since AD ASTRA .

Extremely boring movie and pointless .

What a waste of time .

A big waste of 2 1/2 hour time.

I got so bored, I paused it multiple times to do laundry, change bed linen cook dinner and bake bread.

It's boring, it's a 2 hour and 40 minutes waiting for something to happen.

Boring film honestly.

A worthless piece of bad acting and no script.

It was paint dry boring and a complete waste of talent.

Complete waste of Time & Talent !.

Painfully slow( slightly better than the Irishman) and a most pointless ending.

Don't waste your time

Story is pointless for almost 3 hours.

No plot; anything worth watching was in the last 15 minutes of this movie.

Good movie, but slow pacing .

No goose bumps, no deep characters, no good action, no plot twists.

Tarantino shows it's okay to show a contraversial time in American history through rose tinted, nostalgia lenses instead of the intense sociopolitical landscape that it was, it's Tarantino's Hollywood fairytale and it works.

Similar to 'The Last Jedi', the critics are falling over themselves to praise his snooze fest, out of FOMO than anything else.

waste of time sorry Quentin.

A bit too long, but nevrthless EXCITING!

Though slow at times, and some might not quite understand what the film is trying to accomplish.

One of the worst movies ever made.

It is visually stunning, with some great performances, especially from Brad Pitt who is outstanding throughout, and we are treated to some marvellous customary Tarantino-gore.


Boring .

But man, the end of the movie is one of the most exciting & jaw dropping scenes I've seen.

If you're looking for a Tarantino movie even more boring than Hateful 8, then you've found it now.

Anyways, one star coz my Grandpa enjoyed it and one star for the ending.

Boring waste of time for anyone not getting paid to watch it...

" The last ten minutes or so are completely off-the-wall and unexpected, and remind the viewer that they are watching a Tarantino flick.

This is the most pretentious boring pointless film I've ever seen.

Incredibly boring.

Tarantino at least always was shocking with his few, but intense violent scenes.

Ending is the worst part, just blah, over the top, cartoonish and it still managed to be boring.

2 hours of mellow boredom for 15 minutes of gore .

Even the violence is boring.


I love QT, but I'm sorry, I get it's intent and it's art and I'm an older man so I understood all the references, but this movie bored the heck out of me.

Slow mo with a big hit ending .

Though slow at times, and some might not quite understand what the film is trying to accomplish.

Waste of time...

At some point it does get a bit too slow and you start to wonder "is this even going somewhere".

And then surprisingly nothing happens.

It was a very slow boil until then!

But above all else, in terms of the script and direction, it's Tarantino at his most self indulgent and I love that about this film.

I can not say that it is a masterpiece, but it certainly is a work of art, and is definitely worth watching, whether you're a fan of Quentin Tarantino or not.

On the other hand, the top cast, beautiful camera, Tarantino's directing, and some typically Tarantino's elements (although, at first sight, the film overall isn't his style), and most of all the nostalgic atmosphere of Hollywood from the setting of the Golden Age, leave an unexpectedly strong impression, and even in the slowest and seemingly the most pointless of moments it is not boring and has kept my undivided attention from start to finish.

But personally, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

There's a lot of pointless details and this movie needs a serious amount of editing.

Besides being fully immersed in his roles within his role, even his subtle expressions, body language, and timing were impeccable and unique to each character he portrayed, including "commercials".

A film that somehow feels both pointless and directionless most of the time yet is completely fascinating and hugely enjoyable.

This movie is a piece of trash that turns a Manson family into a boring prolonged joke.

However, in a wonderful and unexpected plot twist at the end, Tarantino merges the various storylines and brings the film to a close in a much more satisfying way (complete with plenty of his characteristic blood, violence, & chaos).

Some characters are not even necessary or I'm not sure where they fit to the story, yet too much boring time spent on them.

This film is too long, it makes a serial killer more attractive than a true legend.

It was boring.

Loads of inconsequential indulgent scenes of people doing mundane things and poses.

It's a bit of a drama movie I guess.. the action well.. the last 5 minutes of the movie feel like it had to be put in there somewhere.. But because the slowness of the movie it never fits.. I felt like I waisted time when I left the cinema and I am sure nobody ment it to be like that.

The movie succeeds in almost every way, except a compelling story.

Worth watching.

I'm a huge Tarantino fan but this was just pointless and irrelevant, the only decent thing about it was Brad Pitt's performance being very good, everything else was senseless and pointless and had absolutely no cohesion a mixture of multiple scenes shot and just hashed together....

Self indulgence on the part of Tarantino for sure wth little regard for entertainment value because nothing happens.

DiCaprio and Pitt's performances do help make the film's ponderous length more tolerable.

In a nutshell, the film has no plot.

The directing is also great, even a bad story can be told in a way that is entertaining.

Very enjoyable!

According to its genre it had the most unpredictable climax ever.

Sure, they're full of good actors and production values, but for me the incessant toxic swagger is supremely boring.

Actors Will Show You Strong Acting, And Humorous Screenplay, Movie Is Just Fantastic, Climax Will Give You Breathtaking Experience, And Ending Is Great And Execptional.

It's dragged for 160 mins (more than 2.5hr) and we wait for nothing.

Overall it is a bold film, I had a great time watching it, it's easily Tarantino's most enjoyable film since Pulp Fiction and even though it's not as exquisite and eloquent as Pulp Fiction it might be as rewatchable, we'll see.

Don't waste your time.

It's drawn out far too long with roughly 20 minutes of the history avenged theme.

Everything is bland and looks like they shot it in one day just so they can release it and earn some money $$$How is this movie nominated for Oscar, beats me...

Long, boring + very poor acting .