One Direction: This Is Us (2013) - Documentary, Music

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A look at Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Harry's meteoric rise to fame, from their humble hometown beginnings and competing on the X-Factor, to conquering the world and performing at London's famed O2 Arena.

IMDB: 4.1
Director: Morgan Spurlock
Stars: Liam Payne, Harry Styles
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 9 out of 72 found boring (12.5%)

One-line Reviews (37)

It's an enjoyable film that leaves you smiling .

Anyway originally I thought I wouldn't like this movie and would find it boring because I'm not a fan of One Direction at all because they are very generic and the celebrity gossip side can be annoying.

I am not crazy for them, but I am fond of them and love Harry and Zayn, so I found most of it entertaining.

It is fascinating to hear the story of this band became so successful so quickly.

The family suffers and it is compelling viewing.

Yet there was enough genuine material, enough silly cheekiness from the boys, and enough stunning concert footage to make it worthwhile.

Songs, that they showed were mostly slow, so it was hard to be awake sometimes.

the movie is perfect and i saw it more than 3 times because it's worth watching, i remembered why i became a Directioner in the first place, they're funny, humble, sweet and talented!

This documentary is very exciting with some of the best 3D I have seen all year.

Worst Movie Ever .

You must be way over-thinking this movie to call it crap, yes it may not be for everyone considering it is about a boy band but with that said, the movie is enjoyable.

Great movie, genuine, not scripted, funny, entertaining.

So let me waste a bit of my time to write an honest and unbiased review about this movie.

I expected it to be just another gimmick to attract people, but the 3D truly makes the movie so much more stunning visually.

It adds to the quality and makes the concert more exciting and awe-inspiring.

Morgan Spurlock captures the spirit, music and humor of the boy band as they go through a exciting journey in their worldwide tour.

Well, It Was Enjoyable.

There's no plot that it builds up to, there's no conflict or resolution, and this seems to be a common problem in the era when any schmuck pop star can get a theatrical movie made about them (such as Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and the Jones Brothers).

If they were smoking or doing sex in the movie, then the movie was enjoyable???

I asked the guy beside me, he was around 19 years old and he said he is embarrassed to say he really enjoyed it.

I think Harry,Liam,Louis,Zayn and Niall made the movie very enjoyable.

BORING.. no apologies, How the hell do you call this confection a movie.

I thought that it was going to be awful but it was funny and entertaining.

Their dance choreography is dull and uninspired, and half the time doesn't sync up with the rest of the show.

Instead of trying to recreate the feeling of being in the audience, which is pretty much impossible, they took a whole different breathtaking, cinematic approach, with aerial shots and special effects that don't seem cheesy in the slightest.

The movie was very repetitive.

Okay, so I'm a massive directioner, I asked the guy beside me, he was around 19 years old and he said he is embarrassed to say he really enjoyed it.

Then recently, and I'm talking about a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across their music video for 'Best Song Ever' and gave it a listen, mainly because I was bored and intrigued by the title.

Worst Movie Ever .

As a movie, nothing happens in it.

And even that feels really wrong, because at the end of the day, this was just propaganda.

So here's some quick heads-up for those who wonder if this movie is worth watching.

We got in and thank heavens it was virtually empty.


The movie side of the production (which was basically the concerts) were also quite entertaining, if you do go watch this then definitely go in 3D, this movie has excellent 3D effects, they did that really well, some of the things they did to amplify the 3D was quite clever as well.

Very Fun, Enjoyable Movie .

They were understandably very nervous and it is entertaining to watch this play out.