One Eight Seven (1997) - Drama, Thriller

Hohum Score



15 months after being stabbed 9 times by a student at work as a high school teacher in NYC, Mr. Garfield is working in LA as a substitute teacher come full-time. He refuses to be a victim anymore.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Kevin Reynolds
Stars: Samuel L. Jackson, John Heard
Length: 119 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 10 out of 95 found boring (10.52%)

One-line Reviews (31)

The story was riveting, the performances very realistic.

Very suspenseful film, with good suspense and realistic acting.

Truly experimental in for, it re-elaborates an old premise with unexpected freshness, great sincerity and both earnestness and precision in its storytelling.

If you enjoy watching a movie that features awful production design, a lousy soundtrack, the tiresome inner-city-teacher-versus-the-tough-students plot, cruelty to animals, and young Mexicans in stereotyped (as usual) roles, then this dud's for you.

The plot is compelling throughout, and though you can figure some things out before they occur, this most likely *will* surprise you.

I personally enjoyed it a lot and felt more the wiser for watching it.

A bleak, intense movie, with a stirring performance by Samuel L Jackson .

Here's a more intense gang movie as to the Boys In The Hoodz, types.

Obviously, it is not a particularly cheerful flick, but definitely worth watching.

Also, some of the dialogue is a little trite.

it was gritty, intense and realistic.

When this started I was expecting it to be a pretty formulaic type of movie - following what in some ways has become a very tired formula.

There has been quite a number of movies made on this particular subject, some like the Sidney Poitier one, are classics, some like the one with James Belushi is just plain repetitive and there are some that are mocking the above, like the one with Jon Lovitz, for example.

Dealing with an important subject, this is immensely engaging and tense.

The student gangstah parts are particularly weak and cliché.

Jackson was good, and the supporting cast was intense at times.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen .

The rest of this trite formula film is so obvious it hurts.

If you can get past the small things that bugged me, "187" is a very tough and riveting drama that really impresses me the more I watch it.

very taught suspenseful thriller is one of jackson's best.

This is confusing, and makes the overall message less effective.

Directed by Kevin Reynolds (The Count of Monte Cristo "2002", Robin Hood:Prince of Thieves, Waterworld) made an fascinating drama with intense performances by Jackson and Gonzalez (Now credited as Clifton Collins Jr.). The film features good supporting roles by John Heard, Kelly Rowan and Karina Arroyave.

John heard plays a very riveting/insane role as a violent/homicidal like teacher.

This story about a teacher challenged in a school full of dangerous and bored delinquents is set in Los Angeles, which is fast becoming for urban misery what New York was twenty years ago.

For those who found the movie unrealistic and predictable, now hear this…some students DO threaten teachers and mean every bit of it; some students DO attempt to demean substitute teachers; some students DO initiate physical confrontations with teachers; the administration DOES NOT ALWAYS back up the teachers the way it should.

Jackson gives an intense performance portraying Trevor Garfield.

POSSIBLE SPOILER"187" is as bitter and unwatchable as films come.

Intense and dramatic .

" I won't give away the ending because (1) it's silly and (2) it's unexpected.

Some standard genre stereotyping causes a roll of the eyes, and pet peril and sexy teacher under threat is a touch too tiresome for the older, experienced viewer.

Or you'll think it's dull, unattractive and loathable.