One Mississippi (2015) - Comedy, Drama

Hohum Score



This semi-autobiographical dark comedy starring Tig Notaro follows her as she returns to her hometown after the sudden death of her mother. Still reeling from her own declining health ...

IMDB: 7.3
Stars: Tig Notaro, John Rothman
Length: 26 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 6 out of 35 found boring (17.14%)

One-line Reviews (19)

I found myself bored and uncomfortable.

Actually there is no story at all, the whole show just describes the awkward and unpleasant situation by the unreal conversation and annoying scene.

I was looking for a show to "binge" watch while doing some mundane work on the computer and I kept seeing this popping up on Amazon Prime.

This show is absolutely stunning.

It was all very, very predictable.

Boring as f.

Overall however, Notaro herself is an engaging performer and she shares warm, effective and lived-in chemistry with off-screen wife Stephanie Allynne, and there are some engaging moments here and there.

Again I couldn't watch all of Tig's performance because she is so boring.

I binged watched the entire season one last night and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it.

There's also John Rothman's fascinating character.

The show is well done but rather sad, as I like to say"if I want to deal with reality I will go out the door"But if you like this type of show it is worth watching.

Don't waste you time with this show.

I normally love dry dark humor but this is horrible dull and nothing about it is original.

This show is definitely worth watching, plain and simple, especially if you share the sort of dry, sarcastic, deadpan sense of humor that Tig is known for.

There was no message that I could see.

I am not sure what number rating I will give this movie at IMDb, but the word I would give it is Boring.

The story is also slow, I am sure if you miss many episodes, you still would catch up the story.

Insomnia isn't funny.

One Mississippi was an unexpected Gem.