Onward (2020) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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Two elven brothers embark on a quest to bring their father back for one day.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Dan Scanlon
Stars: Tom Holland, Chris Pratt
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 66 out of 578 found boring (11.41%)

One-line Reviews (310)

i truly enjoyed the coming of age tale these brothers go on, it plays at the heart strings in the end.

Enjoyed it so much.

My main criticisms of the film are that it can feel a little bit too formulaic for Pixar, and surprisingly there are very few funny jokes.

The cast of characters was entertaining and fun.

As the curse of the phoenix stone lifted a finale battle between Ian and the dragon insued which was of course incredibly entertaining.

It was also extremely predictable and left nothing to wonder.

This movie is so boring with so much pathetic a storyline, the characters bring nothing new, they are not challenging, they are at best mediocre, and the movie encourages mediocrity, there isn't that Pixar DNA where characters are carefully crafted and they have unique defining characteristics to them, two brothers one is a wallflower and the other is practically a 5 year old who makes weird faces each time he tries to speak, I hate that they bring openly a relationship in a kids movie, I hate that the mother disrespects their father by having a weird uninteresting boyfriend.

The quest apart from a section in the tunnels was boring.

I usually like animated movie but this story line is not okay, cliche, annoying character, awful music.

Really enjoyable .

But as entertaining and adorable the whole thing is, "Onward" suffers from some clichés that are standard for Disney and Pixar films today.

There's also a fun side plot with Ian and Barley's mom Laurel and Corey the Manticore that are way more thrilling and shocking than most of what goes on in Ian and Barley's quest.

It's engaging, the characters are relatable, the story is so emotional, the stakes are always so high, and at the end...

Otherwise it was just the exact same stuff we see today; televisions, cars, restaurants etc. The modern-day elements seemed pointless and superfluous.

There is so much potential, and instead we get stuck with a dull quest and only see this world through a van.

That being said it's still a lot of fun and consistently entertaining and a beautiful film.

The dead parent thing has been done to death (pun intended), and I did go in knowing the theme, but it was just a bit, boring.

This movie is pretty fast paced.

But anyway, Onward is a better movie, really enjoyed it watching until the end (where the movie is Satisfiable as part).

Amazing graphics, exciting storyline, and perfectly dosed humor.

I loved the graphics and ALL the voice actors did an amazing job especially the casting for Chris Pratt and Tom Holland was spot on Also really enjoyed the realistic Relationship between the brothers how Barley treated his brother very relatable especially when Ian realizes what his brother means to himI felt like the movie lacked a solid climax where the characters are Challenged and the story needed an engaging good villain the dragon was cheesy not very magical compared to other creatures in the filmDetails I enjoyed how he sacrificed seeing his dad so his brother can see him and the little foot taps between them and their dad were AmazingPersonal opinion it felt like it focused mainly on sadness and wasnt very comical too emotional even though emotions are a good thing the lack of comedy in the movie made it feel rushed

Many events are relatively predictable.

That being said, the movie is still very entertaining!

It is genuinely a pleasant and enjoyable movie.

The whole movie somehow felt both rushed and slow.

Grade: 8/10 Despite mediocre pacing, Onward is a very heartwarming and fast paced quest for the whole family.

Even with the Guinevere controversial, I still find the movie stunning.

It was rushed, cliche, and predictable.

A magical gem of good honest fun that helps you realise that what you were looking for all along was in quite the most unexpected place.

Something a little different, lighthearted, warm and fuzzy and entertaining.

it's an average movie with a predictable plot you can guess whats gonna happen in the scene at it progresses, just try to predict what individual character is gonna do next and you'll spoil your movie as you are watching at.

I highly recommend it!

While some of their conflict was a bit contrived, I really liked Ian & Barley's dynamic.

First off, the plot was extremely uninteresting.

Yes, it's a bit cliche and predictable, and far from being the best Pixar ever.

That features excellent animation and wonderful performances from Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, that make the film enjoyable, heartwarming, and beautiful for all ages.

It is a fantasy/adventure movie with some aspects of coming of age and road trip flicks.

It's a quick, colorful film, proudly weird and effortlessly funny, with a witty sense of meta awareness and an intense personal message at the heart of it all.

Now admittedly, the plot itself is kind of cliched and predictable, as it plays out like a Dungeons & Dragons game given the obstacle-filled journey the two brothers go through to reach their goal.

The final score for Onward is 4 out of 10: rather bland.

The animation is breathtaking as usual and the score by Mychael and Jeff Dana is wonderful as it balances both the epic and whimsical tone of the film.

At its best it was still hugely entertaining, hilarious, emotionally engaging, and imaginative.

As there were a few scenes that were dragged out slightly to long and effecting the pacing briefly.

Most of the movie revolved around two (again uninteresting) characters traipsing around with...

Definitely an enjoyable movie.

Is it just me, or does Disney and Pixar's recent fascination with one-word titles make their films sound really boring?

The last fight between the cursed stone dragon, Ian and Laurel Lightfoot (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), and The Manticore is quite thrilling to watch and concludes Ian Lightfoot's character arc nicely.

However, in spite of all this, this movie's biggest flaws were the overused clichés and the predictable story line.

Casually enjoyable with its heart in the right place.

However, the conflict between the brothers was a bit forced and the overall joke of "hey it's fantasy but it's also mundane suburban America" got a bit stale.

It's a fun, fast paced adventure with real emotional content.

On the other hand, I mentioned what many people who say it is dull and ordinary cartoon don't develop their point of view and don't give us examples of good pictures.

If you don't have a sibling that was always there for you or someone in your family that was always there for you, you might feel a bit empty when the movie is over.

Even though the second act feels a tad repetitive, the ending is incredibly satisfying.

Also, in typical Disney fashion, we have a dead parent cliché, although this time we at least have the opportunity to bring him back.

Some people say this is one of the best cartoons for last year while others say it's banal and have a low quality of animation.

Id' say this is worth watching at least once if you're in the mood for a standard albeit fun family film with a decent amount of thrills and heart along the way.

While the flick starts out a little slow and, even, unsteady, it soon settles into itself.

The movie is plain boring and dull.

I fell asleep.

The newest Pixar movie titled "Onward" tells a unique and intriguing story about brotherhood, parenthood and letting go of the past.

A Fun And Exciting Family Adventure Film .

It's not that the story isn't interesting or captivating because there's definitely an entertaining vibe throughout the whole runtime.

Chris Pratt and Tom Holland are very enjoyable as the voice leads and the animation is stellar as always.

Onward is a good Disney movie with great animation and enjoyable characters .

Fantastic film that was quite enjoyable and will definitely rewatch it.

The animation is on par with everything Pixar has been doing but the world created here felt generic and sort of mundane.

Conclusion: "Onward" is a little too predictable for my taste, but still very exciting, entertaining and even touching in many places.

This film is more entertaining for children, because the humor and story in the film probably appeal to children a bit more.

Predictiable but entertaining.

It's an enjoyable hour and a half with many funny moments and some heartfelt ones too.

I watched this movie in 3-D and that was entertaining enough to make this movie more fun than it probably was.

I had the opportunity to watch this movie in a nearly empty theater.

But the effects of the magic is still strong to make the core of the world and the fight scenes engaging.

The adventure these two brothers go on is very exciting.

The script is tight and the jokes are clever, the characters have depth and the story is engaging.

Personally, while I won't be putting it above Toy Story, Monsters Inc, or even Coco (which DID make me cry), it's absolutely worth the watch, and I'd gladly sit through it again.

Hate to be to spoil this for you but it is the most boring animation ever.

A somewhat standard coming of age story with Pixar's usual charm.

A bit boring in my opinion.

The movie is really just an exciting series of fun events.

"Onward" is not at the champion level like the "Toy Story"-trilogy or "Inside Out", but definitely an entertaining, creative and charming animated movie for young and old.

Lots of entertaining visual gags and humor.

Nonetheless, this film succeeds at being very entertaining and emotional.

Pixar manages to create a compelling story with whimsical characters for children, whilst also educating them about certain issues.

Despite a slow start, the set up of the world was intriguing so I kept on, and a quarter of the way in I was definitely intrigued as the characters go on their main quest.

I watched it on Disney + since it is free to stream, the kids really enjoyed it, I think it's a good family movie to watch together, would I have paid money to see it in the cinema?

It's an overall passable movie for younger audiences with a quest they'll find enjoyable.

Really enjoyable and made me cry a few times

We all really enjoyed it.

It has a few good emotional moments and a few easily predictable scenes that feel rushed.

This was really an enjoyable movie.

The story is really just a coming of age story with a few fun twists.

Good but little bit boring .

It's also quite predictable.

"The third act of the movie was amazing and unexpected.

He's such a good big brother to Ian, and he made this movie entertaining.

Funny, heart warming , touching and exciting.

Entire film full of boring conversation, and annoying overuse scene!

The characters, their motivations and the like all seem a bit confusing and slight....

Stupid and boring .

Textbook Pixar, entertaining .

10 year old to 74 years old, we all enjoyed it.

The bland humor, the symbolic take on violence isn't really working; and really subtle hints on feminism and LGBTQ themes deviates from the storytelling.


Good watch, a little too formulaic .

What this movie is, though, is this: a lot of heart and soul, some actions, a little bit of jokes, and a very good execution of predictable scenes and plot.

Overall, I was incredibly disappointed, mostly due to its dull and sleep inducing story line.

A decent and enjoyable watch...

We all enjoyed it.

The biggest fault of this movie is that it creates and entire new world just to give a different setting to a story that may have been a dull Disney Channel movie in the real world.

A predictable but entertaining road trip story leads to an incredible third act .

This was really an unexpected movie!

especially from wall-E, Up, Coco, and etc., but this one is boring.

What dragged this film down was the underwritten subplot with the Manticore, as well as the third act final battle.

Extremely enjoyable throughout the whole film: ended up in tears .

In the end, Onward is by far an entertaining journey from Pixar, that is funny, and certainly unique, with some structural flaws, that if you are able to overcome, will truly make for a wonderful ride.

I think I understand why some people said this movie is boring.

When the big wizard reveal happens about the father's past, it's yadda-yadda'd - the character remains uninteresting until Barley reveals the 4th memory he has with him.

Stunning animation as always and a great story to tell!

Boring, dull and bad jokes, Nothing more than a nother moey grab.

Overall it was entertaining, inspiring, joyful, and emotional

At first I want sure it was going to work that will but as the film went on and was really rescued a bit by a very unexpected and good ending.

In the former, the actual magic feels the screen with stunning animation and chill-inducing music.

Horrible renditionI was bored to tears.

The repetitive narrative opening and climax doesn't really help, because of that the story is very inconsistent even with the film's strong use of foreshadowing.

Make the film unwatchable!

I found him really enjoyable.

It came close, and there were certainly aspects of this film that dragged a bit for me because that kind of shorthand comedy gets lazy and less funny, particularly the more they rely on it.

It's, as I've mentioned, a well-worn tale at its core, but it keeps you engaged with its enjoyable set-pieces and resonant relationships.

But at times the movie will fell very predictable, and people don't always like that.

Plus, the voice actors really do give each character their all to make them feel fun and engaging, like Tom Holland coming off authentically awkward and nervous as Ian, Chris Pratt hamming it up for Barley, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss giving off a good motherly charm with a dash of aggressiveness as Laurel, and Octavia Spencer feeling more energetic than ever as Corey.

A very heartwarming and exciting adventure .

It's always entertaining and never boring, and the stakes are always high enough to care about what's going on.

Because their late old man meant so much to them, it makes their goal to just see him one last time feel engaging enough to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

So enjoyable with the family!

This movie was the least entertaining thing I've seen in a decade.

It's really boring, and cookie cutter for PIXAR.

The history was emotional, but very predictable.

i fell asleep almost half of the show.


Pretty (but) Boring .

Okish but really slow moving .

Silly yet enjoyable Pixar flick starring two MCU stars .

I'm happy to say, Onward is a film I can see myself recommending as an unexpected gem in the Pixar filmography.

Whether you're into Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, or even Fox for that matter, this past year has put hardcore Disney fans into something of a state of confusion.

Though it may be an exciting and fun movie to watch its also very emotional.

Other than some cliches and predictable moments, this movie is another perfect Pixar staple, and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who loves the Pixar classics!


In fact, the mythology of the past and present merging made the narrative more exciting for our heroes to find their father.

Great but predictable.

Enjoyable .

Most of the enjoyment of the film comes from the exciting, interesting quest and emotion that glues it all together.

Cute but predictable .

It's a coming of age story that you wanted to have a sweet happy ending.

It was cute with some silly moments followed by so very intense times.

Definitely, worth watching.

Stunning, Emotional, Profound .

The characters are fairly entertaining, the two main characters are very relatable and funny, Ian is the best character in the film, he's socially awkward, he's shy, he wants to achieve a lot of things in life and he also wanted to do so much with his Dad, Ian is a very endearing character who I really enjoyed in this film, same can be said about Barley, he's full of optimism and since he is the older brother of Ian, he can easily get into trouble and he knows a lot about magic despite the fact that magic is no longer used anymore, he was pretty funny and his brother chemistry with Ian is sweet, funny, lovely and just feels real, their mother Laurel is a great supporting character who looks out for the two brothers as their mother, Corey the Manticore is also a great supporting character, she is funny, she is fearsome, I like that she is working at the tavern to try and get as many positive ratings as possible!

When it comes to animated movies this is top 3 for me along with How to Train Your Dragon and Wall-E and I highly recommend it to anyone, especially if you're a fantasy nerd or a metal head.

I agree with film critic Mark Kermode, the first two thirds of the film are simple fun filled with good humour and pacey sequences, the real heart does indeed come in the final act, all in all it is enjoyable entertainment for all ages, a worthwhile computer-animated fantasy comedy-drama adventure.

I fall asleep several times.

The end battle with the dragon is just mind-numbingly dull.

That was unexpected .

Most of the times it becomes sort of repetitive, even though keeping it´s original identity.

overall a little mundane but enjoyable nontheless.

While the story itself and plotting may suffer a few issues like predictibility at times, amazing animation and stunning visuals, along with beautifully designed characters and great chemistry beetween actors who voiced those characters perfectly, make this movie great, enjoyable and worth watching.

I enjoyed the theme about brotherhood, the pacing and acting was good, and the last couple of scenes was very good and exciting.

Don't waste your time by watching it.

Overall, enjoyable.

Boring .

It's incredibly predictable and even the "funny" parts feel forced.

This film dragged on for ages.

Garbage this movie was so boring I cant believe even kids movie are becoming stupid to.

The Bad: As mentioned before, the movie starts very slow and seems very average/uninspired.

This movie is pretty fast paced.

I enjoyed it and would buy it on DVD.

This movie is a classic road trip adventure with a Middle Earth twist, and truthfully, that premise sounded unique but semi-boring.

I would still watch this because it was entertaining and will make you smile.

In order to make the most of their limited time with him, they must go on a journey through their seemingly mundane town to finish what they started and make their dad whole.

The score is usually more important in the former genre, and the visuals always look stunning.

The final action scene used the environment well and was enjoyable to watch and the realization that Ian has was good.

Overall,this is fun and entertaining watch for everyone.

I always look forward to Pixar films, mostly to see how visually stunning a movie created entirely in a computer can look with each passing year of technological and programming advancements.

It's an enjoyable movie from Disney.

While it may not be the finest work Pixar has ever done, the abundance of heartwarming magic found within "Onward" makes it an enjoyable tale for all ages.

The music by Mycheal and Jeff Danna is suitable and very engaging towards the end.

Hauling around the dead dad's legs the whole movie gets boring REAL fast, and the final scene specifically I was like BOY, FIGHT to go see your Dad!

The animation is fantastic as always, and the plot is certainly engaging, and for that matter exciting, even if it proves to get a little messy along the way.

In my opinion, "Onward" is the least inventive and entertaining Pixar movie since "The good dinosaur".

There are simplistically compelling character arcs for both Ian Lightfoot and Barley Lightfoot.

Set in a realm where mystical creatures have swapped the magical for the mechanical and mundane, Onward tells the story of two elf brothers, who, after a botched attempt to bring their dead father back to life, end up on a quest to complete the spell and spend one final perfect day in the company of a man they never really knew.

It would had made the quest more compelling.

But between him and Holland, the movie was enjoyable for me.

It is much more a common message in movies for girls like Frozen, but I think that the magical combination of all the ingredients achieved by Pixar is important and entertaining at the same time.

It's not Pixar's best animated movie, but it has heart and a message that will give courage to kids on the edge of adulthood.

I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

Like last month's "Birds of Prey", it's going to be enjoyable experiencing it even if it doesn't last in your consciousness.

It is fascinating how elder brothers often take cares of us and we often forget to see...

Barley attempts to cast the spell, but they feel upset when nothing happens.

Strong story line & very enjoyable!!

Their voices brought to much energy to the characters, and the dynamic between the two of them was electrifying and engaging.

There were a ton of times when I expected the film to go one way, and it went the unexpected route.

This way, we also get a road trip, and while this is probably the most entertaining part of the movie, it is also no new, inventive idea; far from it.

The film itself is a good length but they maybe needed to take a little something out to slow down that part, or maybe just extend the runtime even more.

It's a bit dull at the beginning but becomes more exciting as the journey begins.

So very well worth watching.

With Barley and Manticore definitely providing the most laughs, it balanced its humour and emotion perfectly, with Barleys constant game references and excellent slapstick comedy with his car Gwenevere and Manticore with her witty fast paced humour that always made you laugh.

Some things I disliked were some scenes moved slower than a lot of the fast paced scenes.

The animation is breathtaking.

momentsAs per usual, the visuals are absolutely stunning.

I think I enjoyed it more having read an article beforehand, about the director's personal experience with his dad passing away when he was young.

Everything is there: Interesting and fast paced Plot, well defined Characters, etc. Just very interesting movies to watch, always entertaining, and "Onwards" is no exception.

This said, the whole film is not a simple cliched flick, the story is engaging (more than many adult-aimed blockbusters I've seen) and while I won't spoil anything, the ending is not what you expect from a children's film- or even most films aimed at adults.

And actually it's pretty enjoyable being that we watch it everyday during this quarantine!

That are sure to delight you with its mesmerizing photo realistic animation and gripping voice acts.

This also led to a fantastically entertaining final act.

Absolutely stunning to look at in Dolby Vision and beautifully animated 👏👏👏Story telling is heartfelt, genuine, moving and touching.

The animation continues the path of improving and making the animation feel as real as possible, this is no exception, the characters has this distinct design where it's a blend of cartoony and smooth designs, a lot of them look great like the elves, gnomes, manticore, goblins, trolls, you name it, the film is also gorgeous to look at, the backgrounds look unbelievable, Pixar continues to have some real looking environments and areas, I like how they blend modern elements with fantasy elements, like with the houses that are mushrooms, the Manticore's Tavern is in a dark forrest making it look like a haunted house from the outside, there is so much details like that, it's quite nice and refreshing to see all these used to their advantage, the scenes that involve Ian learning how to use magic is visually spectacular, the chase scenes and what eventually happens in the third act all pay off in terms of animation, it's big, epic, it's used every sort of magic to make it feel like it belongs in it's own world, there isn't much I can say about the animation, it's just another fantastic and visually stunning look film with a great style to it also, I'm glad Pixar continues to make their animation big and grand as ever.

Not Pixar's best, but still entertaining enough to make you cry .

It was heartwarming, funny, and thrilling.

This is how I see it: male demographic will expect a movie that involves actions, lots of jokes, unpredictable plot, and maybe a little bit of heart.

Needless to say, it looks stunning, too.

Really enjoyed it.

I think learned about urban fantasy and tried to make it as boring as possible .

I enjoyed it.

A lot of heart and soul, but male demographic might find it boring.

To also add on to that, both Chris Pratt and Tom Holland do a good job playing a believable set of brothers who seem to fill in empty parts of themselves.

Just from the trailer I know it's unoriginal generic trash filled with every cliche you have ever seen.

Pixar succeeded once again in telling us an exciting, entertaining, emotional and especially funny story.

Definitely one of the least entertaining disney pixar movie so far, it's okay if you're a kid though.

Very boring.

, I highly recommend it!.

A new adventurous story with stunning visuals!

The movie is engaging, the world-building is superb, original and interesting, the conflict is constant, so the movie never feels dull or too long in my opinion.

Even though, the movie did not quite resonate with me, it was still entertaining and gripping from start to finish.

1- An unprecedented and cool atmosphere which piques your interest from the beginning2- Strong, intense and teary emotional moments which will make you cry like a child (Pixar has been getting increasingly better at this in the past few years with "Inside Out" and "Coco".

Don't waste your time by watching it.

As Ian and Barley travel on their confusing journey from one detour to the next, they quickly hint at the rules of the game, shouting out exposition mere moments before the action occurs.

As usual the animation is incredible and consistently stunning.

While the story itself and plotting may suffer a few issues like predictibility at times, amazing animation and stunning visuals, along with beautifully designed characters and great chemistry beetween actors who voiced those characters perfectly, make this movie great, enjoyable and worth watching.

Flat, predictable, cliche.

His energy as Barley is infectious, he helps wrap your head around the more fanciful elements of this world and he keeps you engaged even in the slower paced moments.

Entertaining .

A somewhat standard coming of age story with Pixar's usual charm, I give Onward 3.5 stars out of 5.

Definitely one of pixar best movies, exciting, funny and with a surprising ending.

My goodness, this movie starts at a snail's pace.

It feels like I've seen other animated films that are like this, but this film still stands out as an entirely enjoyable film about two brothers wanting to spend time with their lost father one last time.

The build up to the 3rd Act of the film was slow and dull to me.

Be prepared to really enjoy and then left a little empty...

It's very entertaining.

The movie takes place in "a suburban Fantasy world", touching on the always amusing concept of fairy-tale creatures sometimes leading pretty mundane lives, and stars Tom Holland and Chris Pratt as two elf brothers who wish to find the spell that may resurrect their father.

Sooo boring.

I was bored.

While the "coming of age" story felt a little weak overall-having been done a ton elsewhere-the emotional impact of the last 10-15 minutes had me ugly crying in the way that Pixar films always do.

Scanlon's pacing of the film is both rushed and predictable, with the middle third being the most egregious example of this folly, as it re-hashes the same beats over and over again.

To conclude, Onward is another stunning Pixar movie that pulled on my heartstrings immensely.

In How to Train your Dragon 2 one of the battles (spoilers) ends up with Hiccup's dad DYING, and it's a pretty unexpected and violent death.

The start is very exposition heavy but entertaining.

In fact, movie feels formulaic at times, plot can be easily guessed (or, for those that couldn't be guessed - unnecessary), further dragged out by the lacking tempo of the screenplay, especially in its first 30 minutes.

Bit boring, not much of a great story to start with, and the movie it self had only a couple of laughs.

Boring and annoying .

It is however, still a beautifully animated, funny, quirky movie with several entertaining characters.

Yes, Ian does learn a lot on the trail, like new spells and maturing as a kid, but the formulaic nature of it all makes the film feel more rudimentary than fascinating.

Onward is a well constructed, cheerful and heartwarming movie that works it's magic with humourous and thrilling adventures along the way.

In short, I felt it was boring, unimaginative, and just all-around lacking.

The story is predictable but well thought out and enjoyable.

The animation is really good and in general this was entertaining.

The ending was slightly abrupt and a little anti-climatic but overall I'd say it was enjoyable and well done!

, it's funny how they make this big fearsome and terrifying Manticore a waitress, she is very entertaining, Colt Bronco (Mel Rodriguez) is a likeable cop who happens to be the boyfriend of Laurel, he does have a few hilarious scenes and while there is technically no villain, he only looks out for the boys for their safety then just be the bad guy, as for Officer Specter (Lena Waithe) and Gore (Ali Wong) they are only there for one scene and also to cause controversy, although the Pixie Fairy Bike gang is legit great and hilarious!

Though this latest may not reach instant classic level, it does stick to the Pixar standard template of highly entertaining while delivering a life lesson.

It once again proves that they are capable of creating entertaining films that people of all ages can enjoy and even see a bit of themselves in some of its characters.

After watching it twice I enjoyed it even more the first time.

We are left wondering how the world became so bored of magic, why because they discovered the electricity they don't need magic anymore?

It is really simple, predictable and tells a story we have seen 100 times.

Disney & Pixar sending well again, again, almost always, that ending, how not to shed tears, how not to think about your own father, lulled by the beautiful soundtrack, that moment was the culmination of a charming, fun and dramatic film ...

I actually went to see this twice, that's how much I enjoyed it.

An entertaining movie with some dark humor and D&D dorkism .

Overall, while this is an absolutely enjoyable and emotional film, the spimplicity of the plot and the issues with the plotting stopped it from being another Pixar classic.

Amazing movie, original, very funny and exciting.

The story felt very repetitive and way too familiar.

average movie predictable plot .

The story can get cliched at times(it has the You Gotta Believe cliche), however the story can be very heartwarming at times.

They're all very bland and stick to one stereotype and don't change much from it.


Criticisms aside when this movie is good it's really good, and I highly recommend it.

Pointless journey leads to bad Pixar movie .

First, we all have come to love Pixar's animation, that's an obvious; however, it was the depiction of disabled creatures, clothing, movement of characters, and re-imagination of modern life that really was enjoyable.

Hilarious and clever humor, compelling main characters, not-that-interesting secondary characters, and gorgeous animation as always.

My husband male 29 years old) and myself (female 30 years old) both enjoyed it.

however it's still not quite as original as I thought it would, Onward is another Pixar that is entertaining and funny!

The movie starts with a interesting plot, sugesting that we are going to be presented with something new, exciting that makes us remember the Disney classics.

I enjoyed it more than I thought I would .

The caveat to this however is that while it's entertaining to watch in the moment, overtime the film is vulnerable to fade from memory.

This storytelling wonder is packed with magical creatures, thrilling adventures, and a myriad of your enjoying that won't let you feel bored not even for a glimpse of a second.

Surprisingly enjoyable, just ignore those lackluster trailers .

Fun for the kids, but boring for the cerebral viewer .

There are way many more movies out there better than this one so don't waste your time.

The attention to detail is mind boggling...

Little do they know that animated flicks have as much or more emotionally compelling narratives and characters than live-action films.

A state of confusion best exemplified before the latest Pixar offering titled "Onward" in the form of a short starring "The Simpsons".

"Onward" is full of charming and exciting ideas and stages this road movie in a very lively and varied way.

Fast paced, great characters, strong storyline and a relief for these hard times.

Taking something simple and repetitive and dousing it in their Pixar magic.

I'm not going to say don't watch it because it wasn't that bad and was, of course, visually stunning.

The overall story of Onward is nothing ground-breaking, but it is immensely entertaining and there was never a dull moment.

In an argument with Ian over the map, Corey realises how boring her life has become.

Protagonist's coming of age journey.

Aligned with this growth is the opening of the setting, as what is an initially mundane premise increasingly opens up and adds magic and memorable moments to the viewer.

This is not up there with Frozen, but its cute and really enjoyable.