Open Season (2006) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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Boog, a domesticated 900lb. Grizzly bear, finds himself stranded in the woods 3 days before Open Season. Forced to rely on Elliot, a fast-talking mule deer, the two form an unlikely friendship and must quickly rally other forest animals if they are to form a rag-tag army against the hunters.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Roger Allers
Stars: Ashton Kutcher, Martin Lawrence
Length: 86 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 25 out of 109 found boring (22.93%)

One-line Reviews (85)

I found it to be very entertaining.

It may take a whole but this movie was really boring and lacked a great plot and setting.

About half way through the movie I was expecting it to have a twist or something but my friend and I were pretty much bored through the whole movie.

The character work is lackadaisical and the bland songs should've been omitted.

Although somewhat entertaining, it was quickly forgotten after we left the theater (with the exception of the Austin Powers like shadow scene behind the curtain).

This water chase scene goes on for about 5 minutes, maybe a little more; but it's so exciting and amazing to watch!

Gary Sinise voices hunter Shaw in what amounts to a cardboard character cliché that never seems to elevate.

The characters are either uninteresting or annoying except McSquizzy because he gave me a few chuckles here and there.

Boring, no humor found .

What you get here is a bland 3D flick.

The story and the lines were just plain boring.

Not just because my expectations were so low, but found it to be quite enjoyable altogether.

A few of the actors and actresses have a kind of gross/scary look that seems to somehow be the result of the decade itself, and the score is maddeningly repetitive.

It is too short however, there are some predictable parts in the story and it occasionally feels too rushed.

To summarize: there is no plot to speak of, there is no acting to speak of, no suspense, no believability, no feelings for the protagonists or the antagonists (except annoyance), nothing notable or memorable.

Even Wathcing With Open Minded I Still Find This To Be Rather Boring.

Might keep the kids entertained, but a real snoozer for adults.

Maybe I'm a little forgiving of this movie because of the positive memories it's associated with, but I really do think that Open Season is an entertaining film for parents and children.

Although it gets better towards the ending, its still quite boring.

It's your typical 'coming of age' back to the wild plot.

I have no reservations about any of the content in this movie, and I would highly recommend it to anyone with children.

Coraline was even more effective with 3d, completely absorbing you into its surreal, stylized world.

His character was unBEARable (pun intended)!

But for older children and for adults this is pathetic and totally boring.

It has a good message, the animation is great and it is an enjoyable film.

Unfortunately, the story was bland and the jokes were only mildly funny, so it will not be one of the best kids movies you're going to see this year.

Talking animals are getting boring.

Perhaps it is the left-leaning attributes of these filmmakers: the redneck-bashing, pro-environmental message guided by our sarcastic furry friends that keeps the movie somewhat engaging for the chaperones.

It is, of course, totally predictable, and brings home nothing new or extraordinary.

Open season takes every cliché, every situation, every lame joke that ever (dis)graced the screen, tries to cram all of them into 83 minutes and doesn't even attempt to tie them together into a coherent whole.

This movie was extremely boring for me and I watched my clock all the time.

Worth watching!

Overall, while entertaining, 'Open Season' is not even close to the Pixars of the animated world.

About 20 minutes into watching it, I started counting how many times I said this was the worst movie ever.

The movie seemed very boring from the start to finish.

A watchable Sony Pictures Animation feature, but also somewhat of a bland one .

Worst movie I have ever seen!

The humor has it's funny parts, but then it gets very tiresome it would make you snooze throughout the film.

There are a bunch of things in this movie are forgetable and boring.

Anyway, Open Season is a guaranteed money-maker, so grinching about it is pretty much pointless.

A waste of time.

A very enjoyable kid's movie.

Open Season is enjoyable for everyone.

Asides from the consistent, heartfelt humor, this gentle concept goes the extra mile with an engaging theme that again puts imaginative children into the perspectives of a different set of fun-loving, morally-abiding, trouble-bringing animals.

Seeing this movie in IMAX/3D certainly is a plus, because it keeps you from noticing how slow this movie goes.

The game was more entertaining, and I usually don't like this kind of games.

It's not really bad, it's just bland and boring.

This film gets slightly boring after a while.

Nothing we haven't seen before, but mildly entertaining and not without its charms.

The story was weak and utilized too many predictable clichés.

Get by the left coast hatred of hunters and firearms and you're left with the mildly entertaining animated feature, Open Season.

We ALL enjoyed it and thought it was cute and funny!

Overall, the film was entertaining.

Silly fun, good popcorn movie and entertaining to boot!

Nevertheless, it's entertaining enough, the animation is of course stellar, and it will definitely entertain the kiddies.

The basic storyline is as cliché as you can get: a typical fish out of water story.

boring movie .

Out of the 6 people that watched it, 5 (me, wife, father-in-law, 12yo girl, 8yo boy) found it stupid and boring while 1 (5yo boy) liked it.

I love the entire thing although it was too short, but if it was longer we'd probably think it was dragged out so maybe it's better off short.

Shaw, voiced by Gary Sinise, is a rather bland and stale antagonist, even though they got a good actor to provide his voice.

For CGI fans, I don't think "Open Season" is that bad a film to check out, but I certainly wouldn't expect it to be the most entertaining, original, or visually impressive film of its kind, or else I think you will likely end up severely disappointed.

If the writers of Dreamworks are lacking ideas maybe they should slow down on their animations about animals.

This movie is bad, not "cult" bad, not "so bad it's good", not even "funny" bad, just plain old boring bad.

With voice talent like a German accent wiener dog or a enthusiastic British accent for the little squirrel who controls most of the trees in the forest, the scene was very enjoyable to watch.

I took my 4-year old grandson to see it, and we both thoroughly enjoyed it!

When, Boog is hiding in Shaw's house, that scene is totally thrilling and funny.

It is mostly about a fish out of water story, which makes it a bit dull because we've seen a lot of those.

The story itself left something to be desired, because it was very predictable and filled with clichés.

Open Season is a fun and very enjoyable film for kids and families.


It is so stupid and tiresome that the commercial breaks (we saw it on cable) were a relief.

But the plot is predictable and most of the humor is and Unfunny and some are gross.

And truly, without it, the movie might have been a little boring for adults.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, in fact for me it is the best animation I have ever seen in my life.

The story behind Pixar's Up was so absorbing that you actually forgot it was in 3d.

But it seems that the animated movie with animals is a new cliché because coming soon,there are movies like Happy Feet,The barnyard and Ratatouille which are more animated movies with animals.

The film has better pacing than almost any other film of the time in this genre, and the key scenes are well-established and strangely engrossing.

This work bears some highly entertaining elements (I LOVE what they've done to the rabbits!

Predictable kiddie fare with okay animation and some good throwaway moments here and there.

The story, while having it's moments, is just painfully predictable that uses the same old "buddy" cliché from other animated features.

"Open Season" is a very entertaining animated film.

I found myself chuckling a bit, but seriously this is a waste of time money and talent.

The plot was so boring, I almost fell asleep!

This is no Incredibles by any means, but the two little girls I took enjoyed it a heck of a lot more than Cars.

Other than very good 3D animation and the last, all too short, ten minute or so, animal rebellion episode, this movie was BORING.