Open Water 2: Adrift (2006) - Adventure, Drama, Horror

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When a group of friends fail to lower the ladder of their boat, they find themselves stranded in the surrounding waters and struggle to survive.

IMDB: 5.1
Director: Hans Horn
Stars: Susan May Pratt, Richard Speight Jr.
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 51 out of 181 found boring (28.17%)

One-line Reviews (133)

What a waste of time and I can't help to think who the sucker was that put up the $ to make this film.

Adrift however was just mind-numbingly boring from start to finish.

However, once I'd got used to the fact that they were in the water and there was little hope of them getting back aboard, I lost interest and it all became a bit tedious.

I found myself bored a lot during Open Water, but this sequel was so much more fast-paced and, to a certain extent, unpredictable.

In the UK there is a piece of propaganda splashed all over the poster claiming 'Nerve Shredding Terror!

I can just picture the scene now: The original was too highbrow for most folks with it's mixture of slow building suspense and subtle thrills.

waste of time .

There's some confusion as regards this film and its connection to 2003s low budget cult fave, Open Water.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever watched.

Ending is completely unrealistic, but does make it much more compelling.

Open Water was superb, this is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Overall, Open Water 2: Adrift is a rather pointless viewing experience.

Boring and upsetting plot of events!

However, overall I found this movie entertaining enough to watch to the end and can honestly say that I enjoyed it.

I was on the edge of my seat almost the entire time.

While the actress who played Michelle was the most annoying, with her shrill, whiny voice, and the others were just bland, Dane was by far the worst performer in the cast.

Yes but for about 5-10 minutes then after that it is just arguing which gets really boring and worst of all the fighting takes up about 40+ minutes of this movie until someone comes up with a plan.

All in all, I liked the film and found it very entertaining.

It would have made for a creepy suspenseful film except wait… where are the sharks?!

I can forgive this if it was even remotely entertaining.

The ending was quite confusing, but the rest of the movie was suspenseful and kept one on edge.

And yeah, I kept waiting for the sharks to show up, but they didn't, if they did people would say it was predictable.

This thrilling film lingers with you long after the credits roll.

The setup is simple and we waste no time in being introduced to our characters, almost all of whom are high school friends, and gathered together to celebrate one of their 30th birthday.

One of the girls stays on board to start as she has had a phobia of water since a young age, but later is dragged in by another one of the guys.

So, I enjoyed it and I recommend it to others who like these kinds of movies.

It's not at all like the first one,, like me i'm sure some other movie fans bought into this ,, this one is about 6 idiots who forget to lower the ladder and are stuck in the open water , trying to figure out a way back on the boat,,, not one shark here, none of that gritty filmaking the first one showed,, none of the sheer terror that the first one posed,, there were a few good moments,, but overall don't waste you're time, how could you forget to lower the ladder i was thinking to myself the whole time i watched this lame flick.

be it on your own head,and waste precious time..

Don't waste your time on a movie with a messed up ending!!!

The movie is more suspenseful and thrilling then scary.

The ending was confusing, unbelievable, simply wretched.

survival for the viewer not to commit suicide due to overwhelming boredom!

I'm tempted to say what a good film this was and that its very under rated just on the hope that others waste an hour and a half of their lives like i did but i cant be that evil this movie was pointless they spent all there time in the water complaining and wingeing which is fair enough but at least try and get out and if that fails complaing and panic the way they finally got out could of been done at the beginning with and then they could of skipped the movie and it would of been a win win situation for everyone but nope i wasted my money and my time what was the director thinking maybe he had to much time on his hands o well thats my complaining for the day done i can try and get on with my Sunday now

The film focuses on clever plotting and creating suspense making it a good thriller and it has enough unexpected twists to make it a memorable and recommendable affair.

They did, however, succeed is making a movie that, while it may be among the most derivative sequels of all time, is more thoroughly entertaining than its predecessor.

I still can't figure out if I should applaud Open Water for its realism, or hiss for the fact that its dull and difficult to watch.

Don't waste your time.

Pretentious, annoying, stupid on a monumental level.

If you think open water had no plot , then this movies actually as not plot to story.

It's decent and suspenseful; nothing much wrong with the story until the end.

It's probably the worst movie I've ever seen.

Very gripping.

Some sequels are what the first should have been, this is sadly what the first could have been but gladly wasn't,A lot of yelling and dull visuals make this movie one I cannot recommend to anyone.

Worth watching .

It's a very boring, stupid film.

The acting was mediocre and that meant the relationships between the characters felt lacking, and I think in such an intense situation and whereby the entire movie is focused on that one group of people in the same setting, that connection between the characters and actors was incredibly important.

This is the worst movie ever, closely followed by its predecessor "Open Water".

I really regretted hanging in there until the end, which is incredibly confusing.

Slightly better, but still boring sadly.

The last 30 mins were so exciting that I was holding my breath!

We start off with a bunch of empty headed party people mugging for their home camera as they make their way to their friend's yacht, one of whom has a fear of water and continuously wears her life jacket no matter what...

Their string of dilemmas as they battle it out is just totally gripping and had me transfixed.

And to keep well clear of all true story based 'out at sea' films, the first film was just as bad, and boring.

Unimaginative, predictable, ridiculous cash in on Open Water .

Same premise as Open Water, boring people cycling through the emotions that impending death brings, sharing aspects of their lives to each other that you already guessed at or didn't care about.

I watched Open Water and enjoyed it.

too cliché!

Finally, make everything predictable so not to scare off our target audience, including who the survivors will be and what childhood trauma one must overcome to save the day.

What a pointless film this is.

I found it menacing and for the most part, was on the edge of my seat.

He'd taken a deep breath to go underwater and with the adrenaline of finding her I'm sure he could have managed it...

Very good but confusing ending....

Accidental so confusing of made up??

It is easy to dismiss this film as derivative, clichéd and formulaic.

i kind of knew it was going to be a little thrilling.

Scenes are drawn out like you wouldn't believe.

The ending was also predictable which left me disappointed.

One of the reviews of this movie said "Right on the edge of your seat!

This film would've been better if the entire film was a dull wall of paint drying.

The naive characters became frustrating and tedious.

The idea that there may be an attack was far more suspenseful than an actual attack.

Over-Bored .

I thought it was suspenseful and entertaining.

Don't waste your time, just avoid this garbage.

To the UK newspaper reviewer who allegedly said "You'll be on the edge of your seat!

Anyway it make me exciting and enjoy for what will happen next ?

Their individual adversities were extremely contrived.

Open Water was believable, and much more gripping than this very formulaic sequel.


It's enjoyable enough and it's "what would you do?

But I definitely enjoyed it, though I don't know if enjoyed is the right word.

Gripping .

But even using fast forward, it will still be the most boring minute of your life.

To the UK newspaper reviewer who allegedly said "You'll be on the edge of your seat!

Don't waste your time .

Then what followed in the water was an equally implausible and contrived load of tosh, whereby one after the other they are winnowed down.

that something would eventually happen to explain the painfully slow pace ...

The only debit is the somewhat confusing ending.

i saw open water 1, i thought it was going to be a good movie because i like sharks and water and all that jazz, but that movie was the worst movie i have seen in my entire life.

The blunders in attempting to get on board and the injuries that proved fatal to two guys were so obviously contrived that it was irritating.

It had me on the edge of my seat .

Those who say it's too slow don't get it, probably because there's no car chases!

What I ended up getting was a movie that started off kind of forced and ends up being very exciting and a solid suspense film.

The last half hour was particularly riveting as we waited to find out who would make it and who wouldn't, and the suspense is spot on.

Yet none of this is acknowledged by IMDb, hence the confusion; confusion that is further enhanced by the film being retitled Open Water 2!

I get really scared at good horror and thriller films, this was just plain boring.

The film like that first, wasn't great, it was pretty boring at points & didn't have much action going on.

The movie was suspenseful.

More than entertaining .

It's a waste of time.

Otherwise, the actors seemed bored and looked as if they just wanted to get out of the water because their beer was going flat.

The frantic fights over the knife and the phone which had tragic results seemed silly and contrived.

However, after the tiresome first act, ADRIFT gets surprisingly good.

What a waste of time....

Despite this exciting 1 and half hour, I dislike some details of the screenplay, which allows too much stupidity in some characters that are sometimes too early hopeless whether others desperately foolish.

Overall, an intense, tense film with a few obvious flaws.

The panic, unraveling of nerves, and confusion were masterfully conveyed.

But the Director struggles, even more than the poor souls in the water, to overcome the conventions of the yarn to deliver an engaging story.

They are boring, and some are downright annoying.

as for what i didn't like,i thought the movie dragged a bit at times.

Tense And Exciting!!.

What makes this movie so terrible, in my opinion, is not that it's unrealistic as other reviewers claim it to be, but because it's so boring.


This was a complete waste of time.

Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed it and immediately started its sequel, Open Water 2: Adrift.

It's fast paced and there is always something happening.

It was enjoyable to watch them all being a bunch of idiots, Taking forever to come up with ideas.

The worst movie ever .

There isn't much more to tell about it, as absolutely nothing is happening during the whole movie: Water, people in it and the only stretching point is, who will die first: The people inside the water by drowning or the viewer from boredom.

Personally, worst movie I've ever seen .

There were points where I considered just turning it off, but thought perhaps there must be some method to the boredom...

The ending is confusing as hell.

It turned out that this movie was every bit as slow paced and mundane as parts 1 and 3.

I was alone for the evening and because I was bored I was looking forward to watching "Adrift," even though I figured it would probably be a trashy movie.

The problem is,the group are pretty unlikeable, and you soon begin not to care about them, thus making the film pretty pointless.

It's fairly entertaining even if you are left thinking, they should have thought of that in about 10 minutes.

Like watching grass grow, watching paint dry, etc.- this movie is "boring" defined.

It was quite gripping and I liked the fact that little-known, albeit highly credible actors were used.

The plot is standard unimaginative Hollywood fare, and seems to make a situation (which could easily have been resolved by the characters) into an unconvincing thriller with an unbelievable script which features a series of contrived episodes.

Bad, drawn out movie with zero class and style .

Six BORING people.

Certainly there was no plot to the movie.

So, if you expect fast paced wall to wall action you'll be disappointed.