Open Water (2003) - Adventure, Drama, Horror

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Based on the true story of two scuba divers accidentally stranded in shark infested waters after their tour boat has left.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Chris Kentis
Stars: Blanchard Ryan, Daniel Travis
Length: 79 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 346 out of 932 found boring (37.12%)

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Well, id like to just add my two cents..For starters when I saw the previews for this they shown the most exciting parts e.

Basically, the majority of the movie consisted of the couple floating in the ocean - no story of what was going on back on the boat or on land (they could have included some of the actual events like the bus driver which came to pick them up, etc.) I would have liked to see some heroism and "fight to survive" at the end with at least one of the party surviving to be rescued.

Because everything was so drawn out, it was almost as if we the audience were being manipulated: Something's going to happen, here it comes, here it comes, here it comes, here it comes, ad infinitum.

Well I can't believe some of the bad reviews of this movie, firstly if you like mainstream predictable sweet Hollywood-go watch something else.

even the most average indy film that's worth watching has one or more of the following...

this was possibly the worst movie i have ever seen.

Young couple on holiday go scuba diving in the middle of the ocean and get abandoned and left behind in shark-infested waters due to a confusion on their tour boat.

Then they fell asleep for about three hours and drifted apart, quickly finding each other again after waking up.

Much much more exciting and entertaining than JAWS!!

The movie got boring as soon as they were left behind, which is within the first 20 minutes.

" You'll also be able to rewind and watch the only scene worth watching.

It intense enough to jump on your partner and of course after words its a great movie to debate over.

Real sharks, bad luck and the slow realisation that things aren't going to get any better.

If I had been spoon-fed any more formulaic "drama" during this movie, I may have thrown up.

Very realistic and sad, but also ultimately boring.

In summary -- "Open Water" is OPENly the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life.

It would have to take a totally thrilling film to move my mind into a state of fear.

However if you go with an open mind and expect to see a very slow quite tense piece of work that focuses on peoples emotions and preys on your fear rather than tries to scare you with someone else's daemons you may just enjoy it.

weak and unforgiving open water was a drawn out waste of money, good for nothing film.

The singular positive thing I can say about this film is that it is an effective portrayal of justifiable natural selection, all be it at its most mundane.

Suspenseful Amateur Film .

boring as HELL!!!.

"This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

I do hold it against the movie that it was a waste of my time.

the first ½ of the movie was a boring story with really nothing about the main story.

Hopeless and Pointless .

For anyone who can stand such a film, I highly recommend it.

Boring story (actually there is no story or dialog in it).

Writer/Director Chris Kentis and Producer Laura Lau team up together to present the most frightening, terrifying, and riveting film ever made in the 21st century.

The only problem with the film was that it went slow.

Kentis takes an intriguing idea and executes it lousily.

First, the plot is slow.

this must be the biggest waste of money ever.

The "bad guy" if you will, in 'Open Water,' was not a shark, but boredom itself.

Please don't waste your time on renting or even watching this on TV you'll be wasting your electricity.

This was one of the most intense movies I have ever seen.

One of the most boring motion pictures ever.

It meanders through the dull interactions of the lead characters and has almost a home movie feel to it.

it's just boring!

It was a little scary at points, but other than that, I really wish I had a watch on my wrist because I was really bored and always wanted to know how much longer it was going to last.

Though the acting is amateur central, the filmmaker does an excellent job of amping up the tension and suspense throughout the course of their ordeal which starts out as a mundane inconvenience and soon turns life threatening.

With a little work this premise might actually be suspenseful, if perhaps the character-driven storyline was driven by characters with the capacity to be cared about.

Yes, there are parts of the film that are slow & I imagine people will whine saying that made it suck.

You're left feeling empty and unsatisfied.

We often become absorbed in their plight, especially when peril strikes, and we experience their response: confusion, uncertainty, anxiety, and explosion, as the audience becomes lost with the subjects, whose only function is to somehow survive this uncertain danger they are confronted with.

All in all, I felt the film was fascinating and I can't believe financial constraints under which it was produced.

The slowness of the script and the monotonous use of sound & camera is necessary in order to re-create the atmosphere of the tragic incident that overcame Tom and Eileen Lonergan.

They had to take the non-cliché route & balls up a film which could've had potential!

You were such an engaging artist, before you gave up on happy endings!

It has got to be THE worst movie i have ever watched!

All in all I found it to be a very boring movie.

Finally, if you though this was boring just say so in the required 10 lines, tell us how you prefer Spiderman 2 or Elektra or whatever other "blockbuster" is coming out, and leave the rest of us alone to enjoy a good film.

The first twenty minutes are admittedly slow, but that only makes the final act all the more compelling.

Don't waste your money on this.

It's especially compelling if you've done scuba diving.

Don't rent it, it's a huge waste of money!

Kentis' s stabs at establishing a message on the dysfunction of civilization as we know it—yuppie couple barely hides acrimony for each other behind desensitizing array of techno-toys, then has to reckon with nature and each other when boat leaves them behind—may be specious all right, but the film's final 30 minutes, including a climactic thunderstorm in which the screen is black save for sporadic flashes of lightning, are as skillfully suspenseful as any domestic horror movie since the much-superior Blair Witch Project.

I give this stunning, powerful film a 9 out of 10, and it just goes to show that a film doesn't have to have mega-star actors and a huge budget to be successful!

The film does an excellent job of giving you the feel that you are really out there with them, and the frightening feeling of expecting the unexpected from below the waters.

BWP was boring just like this.

The movie is short, but intense once it gets going.

Well that's what makes this movie enjoyable in the first place.

As so often happens with a film like this, my thoughts turn towards logging a film in the "worst movie of the year" category.

So he pads his film by cutting away from his couple's dilemma for pointless shots of waves, other tourists and nightlife on the island.

I can truly say this is the worst movie I have ever seen.

It was a waste of money and worse a waste of my time.

While the movie could have been better in many ways, I found it pretty absorbing, suspenseful, and worth 81 minutes and $3.

The nude scene was a waste of time, a throwaway that seemed out of place, inserted to have a "oooh!

Here's a summary of my experience watching this movie:10 minutes: Couple is annoying, boredom sets in.

I saw it 7 years ago in the theater and I remember being more pretentious about this kind of a film than I am now, and I enjoyed it back then even.

I think they are only sour because they were tricked into paying good money to get bored out of their wits, and want other people to share the misery.

This fragmented ,tiresome story was just plain silly --Imagine a crew member who can't count to twenty and the feeble overused gimmick of contrasting the couples' plight with all the bustle and liveliness of natives in an outdoor shopping mall.

On my top five worst movies of all time this took my number one spot the moment i was finished watching it taking what MK2 solely held for many of years.

How fast paced can a movie about 2 people bobbing in the ocean be?

Again, boring.

Sometimes these releases are of high quality, occasionally they even give us something unexpected.

As I walked out of the theater today, I felt so small and fragile, not to mention I couldn't pronounce a word because I was still very impressed by what I had just seen.

However, the movie itself was too monotonous to be anything but dull.

Don't waste your money.

I had a hard time just trying to stay awake for this 79 minute terribly boring movie.

As this mildly entertaining film draws to a close, you'll sit wondering whether this could have been so much more.

People say that this movie is boring...

Second, people say the characters are boring.


So as I said at the beginning, OPEN WATER is a good film and well worth watching.

If my Dad fell asleep during The Day After Tomorrow, the Lord of the Rings and Van Helsing, he'd probably die during this.

Many have said the acting was poor, the film was boring, and the cinematography did not match the supposed goals of the film.

The true story of two vulnerable, idealistic persons beginning an around the world venture set in Australia is interesting: a get-away vacation to the Caribbean with two empty headed over achievers is not.

As intense as it gets.

worst movie EVER!

Had i been the one in the water, i would have died from boredom.

There are few dull moments.

And the scenes in the water are scary at first but slowly become boring.

Worst Movie Ever .

It's not a life-changer, but it is a perfectly enjoyable movie.

Basically endless watching two people bobbing about in the sea for an hour and a half was simply tedious.

The movie is a WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

slow start turns high tension .

I really like survival movies and documentaries and this movie was very exciting to watch.

The fact remains Depressing and Boring is an horrific combination.

On the other hand, the film does suffer from a certain absence of variety; and while it's always gripping (sometimes literally), either the sharks will get them or they won't; the impossibility of fightback reduces the dramatic potential of the plot.

20 minutes into the film, she was so furious with me for persuading her to watch this stupid, pointless movie (how else would you describe a movie which among others consisted of a 1-minute scene of a guy trying to swat a mosquito) that she won't let me fall asleep in the theater.

there was a real feeling that scenes were just padded with visuals (and visuals that did not make good use of the exotic locale, either) and the thing just dragged.

(And they had been to see it free as members of the cinema) All in all, don't waste your time and money on this one, get it on video, as a sleep inducer.

Most Boring Movie Ever.

Oh, wait, hold on, let me find my thesaurus; ah here: tedious, idiotic, redundant, overdone, and many more that I can't say because of profanity.

It would've made the movie more compelling.

This wasn't the best movie of the summer, but I have to admit I enjoyed it very much.

" and the answer is literally "nothing", talk about boring.

The movie was so boring it seemed like it was 45 minutes long!

Then there is the horrible choppiness between scenes, the long boring script, and the completely unsatisfying ending.

The worst movie of 2004 ...

When it was over, many people said - "bad, waste of money!

There are two particularly terrifying scenes in the movie and to explain them would be to ruin it, but these two scenes, I thought, were what made the whole movie worth watching.

Gripping .

It was unbearably boring.

Any suspense that the tedious plot manages to dredge up builds to nothing more than an anticlimactic, depressing ending.

Terrifying and Gripping .

There are some actual alright bits in the movie but the majority is pointless,rushed and some of the lines the actors say are plain idiotic.

This had to be the worst movie I've ever seen.

"Open Water" was definitely one of the most boring and uneventful movies that I saw that year.

but to me it just seems even worst than a cliché.

Nothing happens.

Its story is fairly predictable and, frankly, boring, and the couple's bickering downright annoying.

These two people had to learn how to deal with this biting boredom more than a biting shark (much like the audience in the theatre).

That said he manages to communicate the angst and gloom as to the fate of Daniel and Susan and considering most of the story is basically just two people talking to one another it's compelling enough to remain watchable .

Open Water is a complete waste of time with no redeeming qualities at all.

The movie started lame and maintained its boredom.

Second, the journey the movie takes us on is ultimately pointless and depressing.

It's the slow buildup of atmosphere and the growing sense of hopelessness that made this work so well for me.

What a journey to watch as our two main characters drift from confusion over why they've been left behind and when will their boat come back....

Well we find out, and its every bit as boring as you'd imagine.

Don't waste your time, energy or money to see this latest independent film.

This film is tedious.

This is how it fails, by being a stillborn dull chore of a movie.

The Worst Kind of Boring .

nothing happened, everything was calm again.

It was going to be perfect, laying on white pristine beaches, some romance, taking in some local culture, and a thrilling half-day scuba diving excursion at a site that diving enthusiasts call "The magic Kingdome".

Gripping, intense and so damned realistic with very powerful imagery throughout and one hell of an ending!

it was completely pointless, and it actually made us wonder if we had put in the right DVD, or if we had put in a really bad porn movie by mistake.. seriously!

The presentation style is incredibly boring.

Word to the wise don't waste your money on this movie.

most BORING movie i have seen in years .

If you are one that likes to be led throughout a movie with constant action and hideously drawn out in-your-face dialog for you to understand the movie, then this movie is NOT for you.

Beginning with some bland (and in parts, cardboard), "couple on holiday" dialogue, some full frontal nudity and some blending with the locals the first ten minutes of the movie leave you desperately hoping that something will happen soon.

Despite its promotion as a scary, suspenseful movie, only the ending itself is suspenseful; the rest is pretty predictable, telegraphed well in advance by an inexperienced filmmaker.

Don't waste your money.

Take my advise don't waste your time on this film.

There is no message.

It cost $80 million to make and is reviled as one of the worst movies of all time.

I also felt a lot of confusion at the end of the movie.

Largely their lives are a sequence of uneventful repeated occurrences defined by their work and their pursuits outside of it.

It's a waste of time to see it.

The worst movie I have ever seen.

And the ending is so surprising and so oddly plausible we leave the theater shaking out head a bit.

It was by far the most entertaining part of the movie.

The movie painfully lacked intelligence on the characters' parts (primary and secondary), and little can be said about the predictable plot.

This was most likely the single most pointless movie I have ever seen.

The choice for accident is fascinating here (why not have Susan die first, for example?

I went to see it last night and was on the edge of my seat all the way.

Various shots, including some during a nighttime thunderstorm, show us Daniel and Susan in an empty sea, enforcing their utter isolation as the sharks circle ever closer.

this is the worst movie ever .

I think I see what Chris Kentis was trying to achieve but he failed MISERABLY - the atmosphere, actors and general ambiance of the film did not induce fear whatsoever, merely boredom.

as for the film Drama-Docs are tuff - that it is based on true events makes it compelling to watch...

There are stupid actings and dull dialogues.

This movie was BORING, BORING, BORING, because most of the time you're watching it, they are just floating in the water not doing anything and it's completely pathetic!!!!!

Don't waste your money by renting or buying this movie, trust me, it isn't worth it.

Worst movie EVER.

This has to be the most pointless, boring film i've ever seen.

The characters seem just as normal/boring as your next door neighbor.

For example, while heading out on the boat, he has the cast engaging in small talk, none of which the viewer can quite make out--just as if you were a passenger watching these events unfold.

the worst movie ever .

The dialogue is banal and does nothing to develop the characters who you end the film not knowing any more about them than you did after the first 10 minutes.

Unfortunately, the film proved to be as tedious as I feared it would be.

Apparently the film makers decided to 'dull' down the story as the 'real' story was too unbelievable.

The movie has many unexpected twists and turns, and is compelling all the way to the unpredictable ending.

Don't waste your money on this crappy movie.

Worst movie ever .

But if you want to see a intense, very realistic and scary movie with actors you can identify yourself with this is it.

Overall, if you want to see an incredibly boring shot of two people swimming out in the middle of no where for 90 minutes, you picked the right one.

Overall, the film is pretty un-enjoyable.

The shocking realization that they are left behind is a stunning dramatic moment.

I am getting bored of the "Blockbuster" films like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and The Matrix.

Generally, we get that feeling of internal dread from slow-burning psychological horrors: situations are shown to us that seem somehow believable and relateable.

It's also a very engaging and tense thriller.

If you're expecting Vin Diesel to swoop down from a bitchin' helicopter halfway through and save the day, don't waste your time.

The rest of the film is mainly one blurry thing, and is not in any sense scary, interesting or exciting.

I mean i begged my boyfriend to take me to see this movie it was just an overall waste of time and money.

Way way way too predictable throughout the whole thing.

Having sat through the first hour of this utterly boring, mind numbing heap of trash, I am struggling to watch the rest and see if it improves.

Overall, it was scary and haunting, keeping me on the edge of my seat and sticking with me for days (and nights!

It is quite a short movie at 79 minutes, but is the right length, any longer and it would bore the audience as there wasn't much else the movie could achieve.

Save your money, save your time.

A movie that is so terrible boring that I nearly had fallen asleep (and I can say that I wasn't the only one at this sold-out showing)!

There was no emotion, no thrills, and no plot (the director has obviously lost it).

I enjoyed it very much for it shows us the loneliness and fragility of MAN versus NATURE.


On the other hand, making a plausible one that depicts accurate shark behavior would be, well, boring.

Amateurishly staged and shot on digital video that makes everything blurry on the big-screen, this shallow 80-minute yarn about a vacationing couple lost at sea after their charter boat abandons them emerges as wholly believable but woefully boring.

The rest of the movie consists of about 8 minutes of half-baked suspense separated by over an hour of pointless boring filler where the actors are floating in the water, talking about nothing of consequence.

I suggest you only watch this film if you suffer from insomnia or want to rant about it like me

this movie was very boring, it lacked tension, it lacked sharks and its too predictable.

Worst movie ever?

It reminded me of the Blair Witch Style of filmaking, but unlike 'Blair Witch' there were no story 'clues' as to why it was meant to be video.

This was the worst movie I have seen in a very long time, and definitely the worst movie I have ever rented.

The Blair Witch project was a movie with basically no script, no explanations, and nothing to care about.

Masterful cinematography captures this exciting event from about 10,000,000 different camera angles.

I found it to be very suspenseful and exciting.

The points i gave this movie were for the effort put into it by all the people who realized that it was going nowhere fast.

Well then put on some pajamas you friggin' waste of life!

all it seemed to be was a total waste of the actors and film crews time, not to mention the people that actually paid hard earned money to go and see it.

It requires the large scale cinema screen, and whilst it was not made for widescreen even at the cinema, the expanse of water is more compelling in a cinema.

so, as i mentioned earlier - this is really the worst movie I have ever seen and I think that you would think the same if you manage to watch the entire movie.

I, personally was won over by the highly intriguing trailers promising "the scariest movie of the summer" and "sass that will blow your mind," however I found myself bored and hungry after the first ten minutes, and found myself wanting to kill myself after the first twenty minutes.

Depressing and Boring .

It was a waste of money and it was probably the worst film I've ever seen.

The way in which it's made to be highly-realistic makes you realize how boring reality can be.

I sat down to watch it and it made me feel very dizzy, the camera kept bouncing up and down making me get headaches, the film was so slow to get started, then when they were in the water they were just doing NOTHING.

The grainy digital filming made it seem more like "discovered" camcorder footage (like the camera at the end), even if feeling somewhat contrived.

they suffered slow and painful deaths due to the negligence of man...

I, for one, think that it is so patient, it is dull.

Like the death, #1 that sucked and kind of made the movie a waste of time, #2 in real life the couple didn't die, I just saw them in an interview with opera so maybe they should have stuck with the real story.

I sat through the movie even though it was incredibly boring.

But really, shouldn't everyone have already known that this was going to be boring.

Based on a true story, this film is a gripping story that makes you feel as though you've spent a few hours in the ocean with the actors.

It seems the full frontal nude scene in the beginning was thrown in as shark bait hoping to hold up this bore.

to create an engrossing movie with plenty of suspense and gut-wrenching angst!

Open your ears, place them close to your computer screen, and if you listen very closely, you can still hear the sound of me yawning...

They start off with mild concerns and confusion.

i fell asleep like 3 times while watching it.

This movie is hands down the ABSOLUTE WORST MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN.

Open Water is a nice and has one hell of a slow pace.

No Story.

save your money .

It is the worst movie i have ever seen.

An interesting, compelling and well-done film .

I watched the first 30 minutes expecting something to happen, when nothing at all happened, I then fast-forwarded the movie in 2x or 4x speed and still nothing happened in the time that it took to be over.

It is an original film but it is also a boring film, the only people who should see this are those who have trouble sleeping.

scary, realistic, unnerving, intense etc. Just my opinion of course!

Powerful and Intense .

that was the most optimistic thought I've had in this year, well, nothing happened.....

First off I agree that the movie does start off a bit slow, with the building of the plot, a workaholic couple on vacation.

"Oh, it's SO boring!

That was the most entertaining part of the whole experience.

Agent Smith: "You're empty"Mr Anderson: "So are u.."

Overall it dragged.

The Athens Olympics had reached what I consider the "boring event" phase.

There was no storyline to speak of.

Many people see it as boring and others that it's a realistic portrayal of what it's like to be stranded without much hope of survival.

Don't waste your money going to see this movie.

Imagine your definition of the worst movie ever and multiply it by ten.


Watching it again, i realised this was one terrifying and intense movie.

This is the second worst movie ever, right behind its successor "Open Water 2".

(yawns) back to open water,the water in this movie was rather like the water in titanic because it also sucked ass.

This movie has one of the most brutally slow first half's of any movie I have ever bothered to sit through.

too dull until the end....

learn from my mistake and don't waste your time with this one.

Found it very drawn out and rather boring for the most part.

This twinned with the fact there are still empty hooks on the boat and the equipment is left behind begs the question whether or not anybody even has eyes on that diving boat because it seems pretty obvious to me that they'd want to make sure all their equipment has been returned.

If you are looking for some movie where humans fight sharks, go rent 'Deep Blue Sea', an very entertaining movie about killer sharks.

I found it very tense, disturbing, and suspenseful with some great performances and some great scares (close to the end, of course).

I rated Open Water 10, and it's an incredibly gripping movie that plays on our fears big time.

Seriously though, this is very entertaining, very believable - well worth the time to rent or buy it on DVD.

And I suspect a true making-of documentary, if one exists, will turn out to be far more fascinating than this toothless thriller.

No story is being told here, unlike its sequel Adrift (which i also like btw....

Slow, boring, stupid.

I love the ocean and ocean life, but Jacques Cousteau is more exciting and often scarier than Open Water.

There's a few party scenes, which are pointless and another scene where the guy gets out of bed to kill a fly.

Seeing the previews and ratings that the critics gave this movie, I was expecting the same sort of thriller that keeps me on the edge of my seat like "Jaws".

however i have to totally disagree; ultimately, the film was boring, nothing ever happens in the film from what i can see, and I'm sure you'll agree if you watch it, *i strongly advise not to*.

This movie is 81 yawn filled minutes of disappointment.

Long before his chilling discovery, "Open Water" sinks itself with mundane dialogue, inept transitions between the couple at sea and couples partying on the beach, and a stifled relationship between the abrasive protagonists that keeps us at arm's distance.

It's a poorly put together low budget movie that nowhere gets tense or engaging.

) Unprecedented though it may be the one-note gimmick quickly becomes tiresome as does the limited range of scenery (it's the ocean kids!

I have seen some people making uneducated comments on this film, that this movie is boring it's just one scene it's not this or that.

Stay tuned for the compelling credits.

While this was not a bad, unbearable movie, it was a good idea that could have been better.

The first small shark that breaches the water and splashes in front of you is one of the most intense and effective jump scares I've ever experienced in any movie.

The movie was boring .

~Script~ Bland, flat and pointless with almost no foreshadowing whatsoever just like everything else.

Periods which seem timeless in which nothing happens and only the sea and 2 people are visible.

Open Water - Please don't waste your time .

It starts off slow and gets worse.

horrible, uneventful, boring and I'm just getting started...

don't waste your time or money!!.

I watched this movie with my then girlfriend, actually I dragged her to see it as I was reluctant to go home although it was late in the night.

Examples are the way too long night/storm scene where they are attacked by a shark.

"Open Water" is a very compelling film reported created on free weekends by this talented director.

dull .

YOU Are Boring .

Breathtaking, with a brilliant surprise ending .

If I have to create a list of the worst movies ever made, this film would certainly top that list!

It takes a lot of attempts before you can make a good film, so please society at large don't waste your time or money(well, shoot, do if ya wanna, I'll probably end up on your shoot).

Due to a rather banal counting error, the boat leaves before the couple climbed back aboard and they're left behind in the relentless ocean.

Last but not least, the most boring part was when they were in the water just kicking their tired legs.

In our instant satisfaction society an hour and a half of people essentially in the same place could be dull.

20 minutes: Boredom overwhelms, lectures on bio-organic chemistry suddenly appear enthralling.

In short, it becomes a painful, pointless, annoying bobbing along for two hours, drifting to nowhere.

I found it boring, because nothing much happened, they just floated in the water for ages.

So when I heard of a small film called Open Water that showed on the festival circuit earlier this year to rave reviews for its intense horror and bone-chilling storytelling, I began to have the heart pump and the palms sweat in a way that I haven't experienced in years.

It may interest some people with interest in this type of film, but not one for the little ones, they probably would fall asleep.

Open Water, directed by Chris Kentis, is possibly the worst movie ever made.

it had no plot.

It was tediously boring.

Suffice to say, Open Water finds itself in that oddest of company, films that are nowhere near as intriguing as their trailers.

The movie starts off quite slow and you don't really know what's going on, there is some indication in the characters relationship that not all is what it seems and there are some deeper issues to their problems, they try to resolve this it by taking a break by going diving.

etc Well, I finally rented the DVD, and as soon as the movie started I could tell it was a low-budget, amateurish, bad acted movie, with few thrilling moments.

As as spectator I thought, very realistic, very sad, but the most boring movie I ever watched.

I skipped most of the start, and most of "the plot" and still found the film boring beyond belief!

It could have been better and I did expect it to be something else, but I meet it on its own terms and I enjoyed it for what it was rather than hating it for what it wasn't.

Whenever anyone brings up the topic of worst movies, this one is at the top of my list!

I hope real Scuba Diving is more exciting .

This inspired me to write this review to warn everyone not to be stupid and watch this stupid, cr@p waste of time of a movie!

By midnight, as lightning flashes intermittently reveal the large dark shapes beneath their flippers, you'll have been dragged through the ringer so completely you'll feel like ripping out your cinema seat and hurling it at the screen with the total injustice of it all.

But I did find it enjoyable, and it did raise questions (if you were stuck out in the ocean (not an everyday occurrence I admit) would you want to see the sharks circling you, or would you want to keep your head above the ocean and stare at the sky?

But wow, the movie was so unfathomably slow paced and with almost nothing happening most of the time, it was an ordeal to sit through the entire movie.

it takes well chosen words to lift a tale like this one out of the banality of real life tragedy.

Intense, a Must See .

Bad, boring, and unrealistic .

Worth watching!

The ending was, however, unexpected and somewhat deflating - removing (for me) much of the enjoyment.

The most exciting parts of the movie all took place in the last 20 minutes.

However, the scares are truly frightening and the ending, while unconventional, is probably the most unexpected (and realistic) of all possible endings.

I think that this film's essential problem is lack of story.

Qualifies for one of the worst movies ever made.

Even for a short film, it felt long & boring!

At one particular scene in the film (At night) the movie gets very intense and chilling.

I thought those were the most boring and peace-loving sharks to ever appear on screen.

It is still a dull movie.

Kentis had the bad idea of including a brief nude scene in this first twenty minutes as well, unneeded for the "R" rating and extremely pointless in its inclusion.

' And yes, it is kind of scary, but everything else about the movie is painfully dull, or just painful.

Absolutely boring.

Two very average, bland people in dire need of a relaxing vacation end up in about the worst situation I can imagine.

Zoom in on pigeons and seagulls and martini glasses and people dancing to emphasize that the couple is stranded in the middle of the ocean rather than engaging in regular vacation- type activities...

Very enjoyable tough it's far from been a masterpiece.

) but after that it just slowly dissipated into boredom.

Also I hated the cheap trick to make movie more compelling.

Basically made by two people, editor, writer & director Chris Kentis & his wife producer Laura Lau this was apparently shot on weekends & holidays over the course of a couple of years, sure one admires the determination of the makers to get a finished product together but Open Water seems to divide opinion between those who think it's the best thing since sliced bread & those like me that thing it's a really boring exercise in nothing.

DO WATCH if you have trouble sleeping because this will cure your insomnia.

in addition, most of the scenes leading up to the desertion are boring and pointless.

There's a pointless (also enjoyable) nude shot, which was perhaps added so the film would have a better shot at selling.

I really believe Open Water was the worst movie I have ever seen.

Despite all the buzz about this film, I found it dull.

It's about the process of becoming aware that you're experiencing a slow, excruciating death.

It was rather boring as well, it wasn't so strong, you know?

This would quite possibly have to be one of the worst movies ever created.

Open Water offers nothing fresh, new, interesting, thought provoking or entertaining.

It is okay for a movie to be exciting even when it is trying to be 'realistic.

Boring, plot less, cheesy, bad cinetography.

A couple left in the middle of the ocean, the big wide, empty ocean, where there is nothing to work with, besides some wild sharks and two (bad) amateur actors, all this filmed with a 200$ digital camcorder.

No plot.

no more should be said, no more time wasted, but as a courtesy to anyone who is inclined to watch this movie, i warn you: nothing happens, no drama, no action, no comedy, and all the suspense as a literary element is brief and unfulfilling.

It is a boring, uninteresting and inaccurate piece of movie making.

It's a slow paced movie and it's like that for the entire film.

The sex scene, while of course being nothing to complain about, is ridiculous because it is boring and also contributes nothing to the plot.

I'd suggest you don't see it because you probably will get angry as I did, because NOTHING HAPPENS !

For all we know, they killed each other underwater (perhaps out of boredom with each other), and even though the captain miscounted the heads aboard, and didn't realize it until the next day, we don't even know that the couple knew they had been left out there.

I left the theater in a quiet fashion.

The triumph of Open Water is that writer/director Chris Kentis constructed a disarmingly simple film that ends up being incredibly effective in its goals--to present an intense, thrilling, suspenseful life or death scenario with horrific implications and subtextual commentary on appreciating and living life to its fullest, even when faced with the power and non-judgmental potential brutality of nature.

I found OPEN WATER to be an intense, suspenseful and touching movie.

The Worst Movie Ever .

It's a short movie, and it's neither particularly exciting nor frightening.

Well, I guess I was taught that Australia is a completely boring place where you have to torture the lethargic sharks just to get them to eat someone.

The movie was slow, the cinematography was horrible and the actors made a bad movie even worse.

The acting was mediocre, the characters quite boring.

Very thrilling.

This has to be the worst movie I have seen since...

That means they have unexceptional biographies and live mundane existences.

In one breath she's trying to be 'deep' about the bland story, and in the next she's "selling" this entire cheap project as something stupendous.

Open Water is a film that many seem to love for it's tense gripping story while other's like me are just bored by it & it's repetitiveness.

The spectrum goes from shock and confusion at the beginning of the ordeal to frustration and anger, brief hope for a rescue and finally despair and resignation as the elements and marine life begin to make that seem more and more unlikely.

A waste of time - - filmmakers', actors' and viewers' .

Worst movie I have ever seen .

Dull - The duration exceeded it's length.

Poor acting, crap visuals and no plot.

Waste of money and time.

This has to be the biggest waste of film I've ever seen in my whole life.

this movie that i saw "open water"was really boring,two scuba divers left behind by accident,from there on,was really very boring.

It's slow in parts and the subplot of the bickering couple feels unfinished and basically unnecessary.

Dodgy camera angles, lack of character development and a long boring first hour are just a few of these films problems.

Unlike Schindler's list, I don't think this is a ¬_MUST_ see, but I wouldn't write it off just because of the slow pacing and bad reviews from people who wanted everything tied up with a pretty bow.

-- I might've enjoyed it more.

Dreadful, dull movie, could better be a documentary then a movie.

Minimal, taut, intense .

What makes this movie particularly compelling, though, is it's authenticity.

"The worst movie ever made" .

Worst movie I've ever seen!

$8.50 per person for 1-1/2 hours for boring footage of two people wading in water.

if you want that, go see lord of the rings which is a series of random and pointless battle scenes.

I don't know if there was anything sure, if the events really happened, if it was supposed to be a thriller… But I know two things: it is an awful film, and I'm sorry if I thought otherwise; and I practically fell asleep.

'For those of us who like our character development as well as our suspense, Kentis shows in the slow pre-dive sequences some cracks in the couple's relationship, for instance, when she's `not in the mood.

But for me as a future filmmaker I found this film to be very enjoyable.

On one hand it shows us what the sea means for us when we are on vacation (sun-bathing, sun-tanning, feasts, pleasure), but on the other hand it expresses how dangerous it might turn out to be when we are on OPEN WATER (sharks, cold water, storms, lack of communication, loneliness, fear, the sea-currents, and the unknown and unexpected).

Yes, but I truly want to say this is the worse film I have ever had to sit through and fall asleep through in my life and DO NOT recommend it to ANYONE!!!!

I had a really hard time empathizing with the characters because their acting was either bland or overly melodramatic.

I have never taken the time to write a review before, and, no doubt, many may disagree with my opinion, but my disappointment in this movie was so intense that I felt compelled to share this opinion, which was echoed again and again and again by movie goers as they left the theater tonight.

But for those that enjoy low-budget film-making, and some intense fear, it's a great watch!


rather predictable, actually.

The dialogs are realistic real-life dialogs: short and boring.

Movie Review & Concerns/Confusion.

But that's only a minor issue; The Major issue being, that even when these characters were in the most danger, or in the heights of personal tension, the film was too Boring.

Open Water is quite possibly the worst movie I have ever watched.

I was ready to fall asleep.

We thought it was very predictable and different.

Where is the thrilling?

this movie has no ending to it,no plot,to it,lousy.

I had trouble staying awake .

The conversations throughout the entire movie was stilted, unbelievable, and boring, and never more appalling in its bad judgment than when the abandoned couple was in the water.

This has to be the worst movie ever.

Although I would not by any means expect this movie to be adulated by everyone, I find it extremely difficult to believe anyone would find it the worst movie they had ever seen.

In addition, the script was lame and the acting uninspiring.

Slow at times too.

*Yawn* .

Don't waste you money on renting this rubbish!

the sound quality was nil and that did not matter because there was no script.

) that confronts its viewers with some of the deepest fears imaginable: complete isolation, hopelessness, slow & painful death and being completely powerless again indestructible enemies.

Worst movie I have ever seen in my life.

What a waste of time .

If you want to see all of that, stay at home, save your money and watch some documentaries.

The worst movie i've seen in my life.

Daniel Travis plays Daniel, her intense and loving husband.

If you have seed the video trailer for this movie, you have seen the most exciting parts.

Thanks to more of the usual "Hollywood drivel without regard for fact" sensationalism, you are missing out on far greater pleasures than this C minus rated piece of boredom could ever give you.

can you imagine how cornball and trite it all would have been if they were this loving, "Sandals Resorts" TV commercial couple?

This is so bad I literally wanted to gnaw my own arm off and throw it at the TV out of extreme boredom.

This movie from beginning to end was raw and full of intense moments.

Boring, boring, boring.

I guess I'm simply dense because I failed to understand why previous critics raved about this boring,boring movie and how some of them were so scared and distraught that brain numbness overwhelmed them.

80% of the film was about the couple floating on the water, with no story line nor twist nor hope for the couple or the viewers.

As for watching this movie up to diving section,every minute became more and more suspenseful.

bleak and depressing but riveting.

Seriously speaking, save your money.

it was very slow pace in parts, that didn't bother me at all , I liked some tense start of the movie Then they drag it a little to long and then end up losing the tense feeling from the movie.

Had I appreciated the anti-cliché so much that I settled for a wad of limp celluloid that went nowhere?

I have given Open Water a 3 because of it's boring hour and somehow good plot.

I can understand why people want to root for this indie underdog, but simply put -- this is one terribly boring movie with even worse acting.

Waste Of Time & Money .

At least, use it very very slow.....

Seriously, get this: I walked out of my apartment, took the elevator down to my car, drove 15 minutes to the theater, walked from a garage to the theater, got my ticket, sat down, watched the movie, walked out of the theater, drove the 15 minutes home, took the elevator back up to my apartment and bolted the door in just two hours!

The second worst movie ever ...

Bad start, slow getting to the point with few sharks, and only 1 small bite, that was evidently from a very small shark, definitely not one of the 20 footers we're used to and want to see.

I've read many abasements regarding the film commenting on lack of plot, amateurish camera-work, poor character development, etc...


These elements sound as though the could be made into a fascinating, minimalist thriller.

but as soon as it started, i was bored out of my mind!

It's just bad and slow going.

The acting might not have been worth an Oscar nomination, and the running time was surprising short, however it was the stark simplicity of the film which made it effective and entertaining.

That's all there is to it, so it's pointless to dig deeper.

That is the worst movie I have seen in my life!

Floating in the water for ages, then dieing was just so quick and uninteresting.

Stupid and boring, no storyline .

Have you ever watched paint dry?

Seriously don't waste your money going to see this.

Watching 2 People Drift at Sea Just Talking Is Not The Excitement I Was Expecting Or Paid For In This DVD, if I'd Been In That Place I'd Been A Heck Of A lot More Exciting...

You may as well save your money, after all the makers did.

Further, the realisation that this is essentially a two character only movie, so that if you aren't interested in their personal story as hope fades and slow death comes, it will actually be quite boring as there is little actual action.

Waste of Time .

A very average film, with an unexpected end.

This movie can be very intense for recreational divers.

One of the worst films i have ever watched, thinking it would be an amazing climax at the end was such an anti-climax it was boring, slow, tasteless to name a few!!

Initially, the concept of sprawling conversations in the middle of an ocean has suspenseful qualities: one is never quite sure what is going to come from out of the sea and attack the helpless couple.

Even at its short running time of 79 minutes, Open Water is dreadfully dull at times.

The most important thing about any film is: does it have a compelling story with one or more characters that you actually care about?

At an hour and a half, Open Water was still way too long.

They were dull, completely one dimensional and had nothing to them that made me like them, nor feel like these could be real people.

Ten minutes later the shark again, but again nothing happens.

What follows is pure tedium, I would have walked out if it wasn't for the fact I was grasping to the hope they would be eaten by the sharks.

Don't waste your time.

Gripping .

It's slow, it may be technically incorrect from a "professional diver's" point-of-view, it may not be entertaining enough for people dumbed-down by disaster movie schlock.

: the bed-scene with the unexpected nudity) are utterly pointless, and pretty bad too.

The movie consists of about twenty minutes of boring set up - including a sex scene and nudity that seemed to have no place there (although I think it was the only point of interest in the movie for the male population who saw it).

Later, however, when both fall asleep from sheer exhaustion, the current carries them - in two different directions!

He offers some very intense and scary moments.

I thought this "movie" a term I use very loosely was the absolute definition of boredom.

I spent an afternoon watching this movie along with World Trade Center, and a more boring afternoon I could not have had.

Worst Movie I have ever seen .

It doesn't rely on shocking images, or fast paced cuts, or lots of gore.

Wasted rental money and time watching dull home movie.

There is nothing thrilling, scary or exciting about this film...

There's definitely enough scares to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Scuba divers beware, save your money.

The first quarter of this film is extremely slow.

The overall disdain for this film further re-inforces my belief that the general movie going public would rather be sedated into a world of lazy, formulaic Hollywood dumbness than to actually go see a film that challenges them and provides some sort of new cinematic experience.

To those who see the current administration similarly 'treading water', far from world-wide support, at least as some wider issues are concerned, its a film which makes for intriguing viewing.

Anyway, this movie has it's moments but overall it is just bland, not to mention there is no need for swearing every five seconds.

The ending to this left me empty, which is what anyone who watches this should feel.

It was easily the worst, most boring, movie I have ever seen in my life.

I wouldn't waste money or time buying this movie or watching it either big waste.

The horror comes from the feeling there must be, when you surface from a wonderful, exciting vacation dive, to find you have been abandoned, alone in a seemingly endless expanse of ocean.

NOTHING happened in this movie.

The plot was slow and really nothing exciting happened until the end of the film.

Complete waste of time!

Even worse, though, was the soundtrack, which was intermittently pointless and intrusive.

What incredible touch of creativity, what kind of tense, thrilling dialog, unique story arc could the makers have applied to the film to turn this minimum of features into a compelling story, a tale fear, hope and terror you might ask yourself and while the drums start rolling I can tell you: none.

It's a far greater challenge to put two people in a situation and keep it engaging.

After an uninteresting 15-minute prologue that's more like a low-budget travelogue than character-establishing exposition (though there's one weak bedroom scene complete with insect swatting), we get to the crux of this film: Left behind in the open sea by the world's most incompetent charter boat operator, divers Susan (Blanchard Ryan) and Daniel (Daniel Travis) drift helplessly, realizing their hastily arranged vacation's gone pear-shaped.

The one thing I did like, and thought was unexpected was the ending.

Both movies you feel like you're there, and it's a slow buildup of dread that these characters might not make out alive.

Yawn .

I found it dry and boring, like watching someone's home videos.

After that scene I thought the movie could work but sadly it went just tedious.

Yes, it is thrilling; the idea of being eaten alive by sharks is something everyone has nightmares about.

if your thinking of renting this movie do yourself a favor and save your money.

Trying to stay afloat through a boring movie...

Nothing happened of actual excitement until an hour into the movie.

I highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates realism in movies.

The remainder of the video seems amateur, jittery filmography, poor audio recording, weak dialogue, shoddy acting, and repetitive scenes

The use of a digital camera to bring it closer to home is contrived and the constant close-ups of things not even remotely related to the couple stranded in the water is at best distracting and worst leaves you scratching your head.

If people want to waste their money like this, that's fine by me.

I was bored for pretty much the entire film.

It may be thrilling to look into reefs or sunken ships; the big thing you DON'T know is, what's looking back at YOU ?

But it's perfectly watchable, and the basic idea is absorbing enough to keep you interested to see what's going to happen next.

Boring Boring Boring.

A bit boring at first though entirely redeeming in the end.

While there was plenty of suspense, there were a few yawns as well.

The movie was just a total bore.

They have created a thrilling and startling film which will be on scuba-divers minds for years to come!

I'm Bored.

The acting is sub par, and the couple is so dull.

It's mundane really.

This movie is the most boring movie I've ever seen I really think the camera they used sucked and the actors weren't professional I will never see this movie again it was the worst!!

It is the worst movie i have ever seen.

Everything is boring pedestrian until the shark shows up and the tension goes sky high.

I have walked out on only three films and demanded my money back in my lifetime and...

What a waste of money .

First of all, he has found the most unintelligent, useless moron actors I have ever seen, with the exception of "Post Impact" which is the worst movie ever.

I thought it was REALLY boring.

basically I make sure they put it back on the shelf so I can save them from the pointless nightmare they would have to suffer through if they actually watched it.

The dialouge is empty.

I was bored, my husband was bored, and this was the first movie I have ever attended where there was complete silence by the audience when the movie ended.

Texas Chainsaw, limited to 9mm film, an intense spine chiller.

Save your money!!

Just suspenseful .

It was just boring.

Worst Movie I have ever seen .

Based on these facts I think this film deserves a little more credit for its courageous attempt in establishing a sincerely suspenseful movie, free of Hollywood-style explosions and million dollar screenplays.

Any one who might berate this film and says it's boring has missed the boat literally, this is truly terrifying.

But even using fast forward, it will still be the second-most boring minute of your life.

But this....! The direction is plodding, the editing is also sub-standard.


segment in the Special Features on how this couple made the movie is just as fascinating as the movie itself.

Maybe that's where the confusion lays.

I don't have a problem with the film being low budget and the acting wasn't to bad but the film was slow, pointless, none scary and no action in fact it has nothing going for it.

Non-divers bored, too .

A slow burn is a very effective strategy for horror when done correctly.

Still, it's shocking and we left the theater not knowing how we felt.

I think if you are a scuba diver you can find something in it, but still this movie is really slow and the trailer itself gives you more than the movie itself!

Be warned: don't waste your time with this crap.

Definitely worth watching.

It is pointless.

This movie is the worst movie I have ever seen.

If nice artistic touches, realistic character interaction and an attempt to absorb something a bit different than the other standard, predictable run of the mill offerings playing nearby don't appeal to you, avoid this at all costs.

I recommend it to anyone who wants to sit on the edge of the chair while watching.

Worst movie ever!!!!!!.

Not only wasn't this movie thrilling, it was boring.

It was pointless and gratuitous.

I was bored to tears by the 15 minute mark.

I have to say that this was one of the most boring films I have ever sat through.

Save your money!!

Certainly not a must see, but worth watching if the story interests you or you're a fan of movies without all the big special effects.

Just a pointless pointless pointless.

In the first scene i was already disappointed because it was filmed like a home video, and the first 20 minutes is quite boring watching what kind of personality these people have and the nudity/leading up to sex scene was completely a waste of time.

Some might ask, if it was so boring, why did you keep watching?

g where a shark nearly attacked them, yeah, thats as exciting as it got.

I found the film to be very suspenseful and a great existential meditation.

If your looking for entertaining shots of marine wildlife in a movie, this is obviously not it.

Intense enough- despite the ending .

Here's why: First, the movie is way too slow.

Quick, compelling, plays on deepest fears.


That's the only way I can explain the preponderance of comments like "this movie was disgusting" and "worst kind of boring" and "the sharks didn't do anything.

This movie is a TOTAL waste of time to watch.

I was really disappointed I love sharks I want to become a Marine Biologist, and swim with Great Whites I have no fear of the ocean, I thought it was a waste of money to see it.

Now the bad of it: It was long, dragged out, and boring for the most part.

It was very long and very boring.

Right from the start, we can see that this film is ever so slightly pretentious.

"Open Water" is definitely intense, and it often works quite well at creating suspense.

As the surreal black of night descends (with our only views of them provided by stark flashes of lightning), they focus on survival, leaning on each other for support; the Pointless Blaming Argument starts seven hours into their ordeal (which I think was overestimating the divers' patience), that tragically funny familiar Couples Argument that will change nothing and go nowhere.

A suspenseful portrayal of a fact-based nightmare.

But that is what makes this movie thrilling and nailbiting, it doesn't shove the scare in your face, as films like 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' do.

Boring IS an overstatement.

Original and riveting .

:)-Horrible Camera -Horrible Acting -Awful Language -Blunt and Pointless Nude Scene -Boring as Heck -Very LongAs you can see, this is one of the worst movies ever and I wouldn't want my worst enemy to have to watch this.

The clever director throws us into the next 24 hours of their lives during one hour of our time--one intense, terrifying hour, the only one the average moviegoer can tolerate.

That part did seem a little too contrived.

after an hour of boredom one of them gets bitten on his leg and dies slowly from blood loss...

I was bored after the first five mins.

( in fact i heard two people apologizing to the people they came with for bringing them to the movie, as i left the theater.

Pointless and Depressing SPOILERS .

) 4) Pointless nudity.

Pretty exciting shark-creep .

It's a quietly intense psychological film, that works amazingly well.

Worst Movie I have ever seen!!!!

Some people will find this slow and hard work I liked it.

Daniel and Susan rise to an empty surface.

), the entire film was boring in the extreme, relieved only by the occasional appearance of the shark pack.

*Yawn, yawn* .

" It was a yawn.

Overall, the movie was a complete waste of film, waste of acting, waste of a title, and mostly of all, a waste of my time!

First, the unexpected final action of the girl (I saw in the theater that what she had done left many people with silly and non-understanding smiles on their faces).

Worst movie I've seen in years.

The head count on the boat either didn't happen, or was messed up due to some confusion after the final dive.

The entire movie was filled of small unexciting things and discussions that was completely pointless.

Seriously, Gilligan's Island was more distressing and suspenseful.

it gets rather old, and thus the movie becomes rather boring pretty quickly.

Why don't you spend a little time and read a bit into the story behind the film and you'll realize that the known events around the incident are very similar to the first half of the film - ie. the boat crew DID miscount, and DID leave early - it is NOT made up!

It is a fascinating look at human behaviour in extreme and terrifying circumstances, and it is very disturbing yet compelling at the same time.

It's true this is one of the worst movies ever.

The movie is quite spare; most of the time we see only the two main characters, and view the desolate panorama of empty ocean around them.

I have to say this is utterly the worst movie I have ever seen, and it is not at all because the camera work was bad, or because the ending was unrealistic as others say, or because it was based on a true story and "didn't make sense" or they "assumed things they shouldn't have assumed.

The story line is predictable and obvious.

But other than making me feel uneasy for a while, did the film give me anything worth watching?

So, all the disappointed reviewers around here who wrongfully claim that "Open Water" is a boring and unendurably tame movie should have watched the 3rd sequel to "Shark Attack" or the umpteenth imitation of "Jaws", as no human beings are mangled by a shark's teeth on screen.

No plot.

Sure it may be a bit slow at times.

If all they can offer up as proof this film is rubbish is that "nothing happens", then just ignore em.

The movie is slow and boring.

This does not mean that I thought it was worthy of Oscars or deserving of national critical appraise, but I did find it very intriguing seeing as how one could respect the dedication of the actors, and the production team which, based on its marginal production budget, was quite small.

To sum things up, "Open Water" was a pretty engaging movie.

This movie was the biggest waste of money I think in movie history ...

It could at least have been riveting if the couple had spent all that time coming up with a plan, so that the audience could think about what they might do in that situation.

So Lion's Gate continues their wonderful track record of making the worst and most boring movies on the planet.

I saw this movie a while ago and while I admit it has some problems (pretty bad acting, the whole cheap digital look, etc.), I thought the film was really taunt and suspenseful.

The actors may have been aiming for a gritty realism that forsook the slightest touch of Hollywood, or they may not be that good at projecting character, but I really felt them to be the most boring couple I've seen on screen.

It's more like Jaws meets a horribly boring and uneventful script and it somehow becomes an actual movie.

however, as a full feature film it was too long and dragged on at many points in the movie.

So the acting and dialogue were a bit on the amateurish side, and the plot buildup to the couple being stranded gets a tad boring.

There was no story beyond "oh no we've been left behind" and I've felt more tension watching paint dry.

The lack of characters and hope make this movie very much a waste of the little bit of money spent on it.

No storyline'.

Cut the first hour the last 20 mins is the only bit worth watching .

If it had the action of Jaws this film would've been better & far more enjoyable, yet it just had to be over used on the boring Blair Witch formula!

Regardless of the end, I find this movie to be a total waste of time and energy.

Add to this pointless musical interludes from time to time and an anti-climatic ending and you have a film to be avoided.

The movie just really put you on the edge of your seat and I actually kind of wished this movie was a little longer.

OPEN WATER is a strange dichotomy of disturbia: on the one hand, because it plays on our primal fears, it is compelling; on the other hand, it's kinda morbid two actual divers inspired this movie WITH THEIR DEATHS.

Fairly engaging Blair Witch type horror movie .

Oh my goodness this was a tedious 90 minutes.

I sat and watched two cardboard cut-outs bore me to near death.

This had to be the most boring movie ever made.

Watched the most boring film you could have seen and most of the audience in the cinema thought the same… Jesus.

Suffering from insomnia?

This is possibly the worst movie I've ever sen in a theater.

bore me.

Good, realistic, believably acted, well edited, but dull.

What a waste of money, this movie has to be in the running for the award as 'The Worst Movie of the Decade'.

It's not a great movie, but it is entertaining for the most part, does fairly well for its low budget and has an unexpected downbeat ending, which I especially appreciated.

Thrilling .

There is something about a 'mainstream' release which brings a sense of familiarity, of almost comfort, but ultimately, boredom.

Uneven, compelling last several minutes, haunting final image.

The interaction between the lost divers is realistic and intriguing; much of the time Open Water feels like a tight stage play, and I mean that as a compliment.

For a start, the award for the 'Most Pointless Muff Scene' in film history goes to this film.

Strip away the tiresome Hollywood sheen and make a plausible low budget suspense movie that incorporates very common human emotions and fears and what do you get?

Nothing happens.

Worst Movie Ever .

) No characters, no plot, boredom, poor camera handling, basically it is like it was made for only money making purposes and nothing else.

Worst Movie of the Year .

Hey the movie is suspenseful and very well done....

Boring, Boring, Boring .

The two very uninteresting actors in this movie goes off too some island on vacation.

I enjoyed it very much.

The director's vision generalized an otherwise compelling situation: a married couple alone in shark infested waters for nearly 12 hours (?

"Open Water" is undeniably an interesting, original, sporadically suspenseful and generally uniquely-handled thriller that just has to be watched.

Terrifyingly dull...

We are presented with the absorbing spectacle of two normal human beings being thrust into a situation bigger than they, or really anyone, could cope with.

The worst movie i have ever seen .

Boring .

ironically,for me,when the movie gets to that point,i found it boring and slow.

This movie is a piece of garbage and has to be ranked as one of THE top worst movies ever!!

Please, if you have the time to watch a film then don't waste your time on this.

Again: As so often happens with a film like this, my thoughts turn towards logging a film in the "worst movie of the year" category.

However, the lack of music and sound effects throughout most of the movie, along with how slow moving it was, made it hard to watch.

Worst movie I have ever seen .

The beautiful Ms. Ryan, who bears a resemblance to Cameron Diaz, creates a fascinating persona here, although I'm not sure her nude scene was necessary.

The few supporting characters do even worse, but still, the film's screenplay, as well as its quite good work of edition make up for most of it and despite this is quite an enjoyable film.

Don't waste your time.

If you bring to this movie a spoon fed mind expecting to be assaulted by effects and gore then you will go away empty and you will hate it.

The thing I find most intriguing about the movie (I don't believe anyone else has noticed this so far) is that at the beginning it says 'Based on a True Story.

2) Interaction between the main characters It is truly entertaining to see the main characters go through so many different emotional stages.

Don't waste your money.

waste of time .

I hate it when commercial and trailers make the movie out to be so great and the you go see it and its like why did i just waste my money?

What was so thrilling about this terrible movie?

But this movie is like a magic potion , a synergy of mundane ingredients to produce something miraculously spectacular .

Don't Waste your time with this low budget disaster.

Boring in the extreme, although it is a better film than "Jaws: The Revenge.

I did find it to be fitfully suspenseful at times, with some truly memorable scenes.


I found the film boring because I felt nothing for the characters.

This is a very good and thrilling film.

Don't waste your time otherwise.

There is a lot of suspense and a lot of unexpected twists and turns.

You really want to feel a connection almost instantly, but nothing happened in the opening scenes in order to make that connection and get you involved with them.

Open Water is rarely scary, but always tedious.

The film's first ten minutes are spent on land, as we "get to know" the couple; this is left to the poor acting of Ryan and Travis, who are so wooden in this segment that a snooty film critic would probably up and leave the theater altogether, it is so bad.

Boring .

At first it seemed like ambitious, low-budget film-making – dramatic close ups of door handles in the opening scenes seemed like a naïve attempt at dramatising an essentially dull storyline.

However, while the story was good, the time spent waiting to be rescued was boring and didn't seem too realistic.

Boredom .

The open water was sooooo open that it became boring.

Firstly, there are those who proclaim themselves to be movie buffs, clearly inspired by the likes of Schwarznegger and the Star Wars sequels, and conditioned to big names, spectacular set pieces, snappy dialogue and various other tricks which traditionally define an entertaining, modern film.

Looking for an exciting and dramatic movie.

Waste of time, and money.

Pretty darn intense .

I realise that this is supposed to be based on a true story, but if you are going to do a fictional piece based with real events as inspiration, you at least need to make it entertaining.

On emerging from the water they find only empty ocean, their boat nowhere to be seen.

The dialogue is pretty banal, it all just sounds really routine as if I could have written the script on my own.

To list a few points: 1) It went on way too long (and it is already pretty short for a feature)...

Although the movie was shot on a hand-held digicam, this is NOWHERE as shaky as BLAIR WITCH, or by that means, as movies like IRREVERSIBLE that starts off as a complete unwatchable blur.

The ending of the film was very unexpected - especially the added scenes during the end credits.

The few thrilling moments came at the end with a non-predictable ending, with all its flaws I still recommend Open Water just because it was based on a true story.

I would not recommend this movie to anyone, seriously save your money.

But I'm not convinced, the last 20 minutes worth the boring wait.

Bored .

The head of the outing kept track of numbers going in and coming out of the sea, and it seems there was some confusion, since he thought he had accounted for everyone, and had not.

Absolutely the Worst Movie Ever Made .

Now I have a concern about the ending of the movie, well I guess confusion as well.

Open Water is fascinating in it's ability to keep the viewer glued by just the lapping water.

At only seventy six minutes long Open Water is short yet it felt longer & after the first fifteen minutes after they are left behind next to nothing happens for the rest of the film.

"This movie was supposed to be suspenseful!

That being said, the purpose of a movie is to ENTERTAIN the viewer (in a number of plausible ways) Open Water was definitely entertaining and I thought it was the best movie I have seen this year.

Some of the reasons the movie was sooo bad is that it had no real plot.

" well, they dragged it out and painfully.

The hand held camera moves, the "documentary" feel, the "I could have done this myself" kinda thoughts, I went through all of that but ultimately enjoyed OPEN WATER and applaud the film makers for making an entertaining 83 minutes.

as far as substance goes, waste of time.

They just float around in the water in the same boring "two-shot" for way too long.

The good - suspenseful.

Surprisingly intense, realistic and one hell of an experience.

Do NOT go to the movie expecting another Jaws, another Deep Blue Sea, or a fast paced horror movie.

The word "boring" was created for this film.

Personally, I'd rather watch people bob in the ocean for two hours than another film where leather-clad Hollywood twits beat each other through banal interrogation procedures.

however 45 minutes of sheer boredom really does enough for me.


It was boring and low budget.

Low budget, exciting and dramatic I was told.

Basically the movie has no plot or character development.

I understand that the writer attempted to dramatise these two people's last moments, but it was so clichéd and predictable, even if they did end up dying.

Don't waste your money!

Open Water is only 79 minutes, but to be honest, I have yet to see such a concentration of boring and stretched- out minutes anywhere else.

The result is a "terrifying" (more like boring) day and night trying to hang onto life.

Sometimes a sharkfin pops out of the water, but nothing happens.

Only at the end when it's the guys turn, there is a very little excitement but for the rest it's a very dull movie unless you like to stair at a sea with 2 people in it and nothing happening except the hope they got which slowly is going up in smoke, some arguments between them en empty text.

The pace is far too slow, and when you actually do begin to get some feeling that you can start to relate to, the movie suddenly jumps to crowd shots of people enjoying themselves.

Overall I liked it, the depressing and isolating adventure wont be everyones cup of tea but worth watching if you are in the mood for something different.

this movie is really scary and suspenseful.

The acting is poor and the writers either lost focus from the beginning of the script or they just didn't care what happened because nothing happens in this movie.. NOTHING!!

I think that those who were bored by this film, were simply coming at it too superficially.

Don't waste your money .

Basically, to sum the film up, a couple gets left behind while they go out to the middle of the sea to go scuba diving, and they are stuck in the ocean for the entire rest of the film, it was just boring, it felt like a chore to finish this movie, it just didn't keep me engaged.

Floating together in the middle of nowhere, irritated and sometimes fiercely bored, they begin to run into small problems.

But the continuous same frames and constant characters in the water just got boring.

Some people like it because it had some symbolism in it, but all in all it was just a boring, low-budget movie; symbolism or no symbolism.

A person that loves sex, needs to have more sex and intense sex.

The dull images of the Sony HD Cam are unfortunate because the locations are beautiful.

One of the worst movies ever released and given praise by critics who assist studios in making money off of garbage.

Don't Waste Your Money.

The story is interesting, but it was long, monotonous and a little boring.

I had the misfortune of being dragged under protest to the cinema to watch this when it was released, and ten years on it still ranks as the worst films I have ever seen.

awful movie, waste of time and money .

And so I expected a thrilling and entertaining movie!

This has to be one of the dullest and most insomnia-inducing movies that I have ever witnessed.

When i saw the trailer i was extremely blissful about going to watch it in the theatres, not to mention the fact that i was hyped through word of mouth that the two main actors Susan, played by Blanchard Ryan and Daniel, by Daniel Travis were supposed to endure slow and gruesome deaths through an hour period of the film.

I feel this film was a waste of money and a complete disappointment!

A lot of people on this site are saying that this is an intense psychological horror.

I got so bored that I fast forward it through some of the water parts.

What more compelling reason is there for watching it with your loved one??!!

The film has its flaws though the acting is overdone and kinda lame and the editing puts the film at a slow pace.

I was bored and disgusted by the end.

Don't waste your time like I did.

At the sacrifice of what could have been a richer, more suspenseful, perhaps a classic film.

Open Water is a suspenseful film, excellent at that.

nothing happens!

Maybe its just me and not sinking in, but I found this movie to be tedious and a chore to watch.

As we keep watching this totally lost couple it gets more and more exciting as sharks starts showing up around them.

This is an outstanding effort for a low budget film and as long as you are expecting a psychological rather than action film, it's well worth watching.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Not as riveting as JAWS, but nonetheless intense and sensually arousing.

Last semester, I had the misfortune to have the most boring Philosophy professor in existence.

The multiplex theaters are filled with tons of shiny upbeat, fast paced popcorn movies.

Slow,Video Bad,Nothing Happening .

Sometimes I watch a movie for a laugh, sometimes I want suspense, sometimes action, to be frightened, sometimes I want a movie that makes me think, expand and enrich my present view of the world, sometimes I want to watch a heartwarming tale of two cute animals lost in the wild etc.This movie I found to be a depressing, bleak and horribly moving experience and yet I enjoyed it throughly.

For everyone who says its a waste of money .

This has to be one of the worst movies i have ever seen in my entire life and i watch a lot of movies.

This movie is unwatchable.


Thrilling in water; laughable on land .

Some of the scenes were very intense, especially the night scenes.

The only original idea is to extend a boring scene into a 50 or so minute one and call it a movie, with some corny dialogue intro and ending at either end.

This is possibly the most boring film you will ever watch.

Most of the movie I was very bored (and p***ed off by the lousy camera work), until being left angry in the end.

Having just got back from the cinema after watching the DULLEST film, I personally felt, ever made....

It is so EMPTY!

This movie isn't scary or interesting, it is boring.

This is realistic a scenario, but it's anything but boring.

I became so bored with the film that while the couple were drifting in the water and doing nothing, my friend and I tuned the movie out and began talking about how ludicrous many aspects of it were.

If you're looking for a dramatic, exciting telling of a true story, with real characters you will enjoy this movie immensely as I did.

Very suspenseful .

I would have walked out as soon as the lead protagonists jumped in to the water, had it not been for the protests of my date.

It is not a good movie for any viewing, but I gave it some more points than 1 b/c at least it was sort-of entertaining at the beginning.

I've rented this movie with a friend today, I've been looking at it at the rental stock for quite sometime now and I thought whata hell it looks like an actionfilled and exciting movie so I've rented it.

Don't waste your time.

This was one of those rare horror films that had me on the edge of my seat until the very realistic ending.

So, in the end, is a waste of time just watching it, and doesn't deserve the money I would pay to see it (lucky me that I didn't :P)

Worst Movie I have ever seen!!!.

I fast forwarded through a great deal of these because they were too long and boring.

Only boring the two floating on the ocean?

Unpredictable, tense .


It was dull, and there was no real point in it at all.

tchy, annoying, boring, crappy, short arse-ness which is that of The Blair Witch Project & only has a very minuscule bit of action which is that of Jaws!

Even the "nude scene" let to absolutely nothing, making it pointless and unnecessary.

This movie was much more entertaining and thrilling than other supposed horror/thrillers of this summer -- especially the borefest that was The Village.

Absolutely mind blowing.

Like another reviewer said, I kept watching it long after I would have turned off any other film that boring, simply because I kept waiting...

the two characters in the movie are uninteresting and the dialog, while some say it's "realistic", it is boring and pointless.

And let me tell you this movie sucked so much that i fast forwarded through the movie..that BORING!

)Poor acting, poor screenplay, no script and a dead ending.

The acting was extremely sub par, and the ending was predictable.

Anyway,as it went on,we were anxious about how they would be saved at last, but, but nothing happened til the guy died.

i found this to be the worst movie i've ever seen in my life, so bad that i've actually signed up just to write this an hopefully warn others, if you are reading this an have not seen the movie then you are one of the lucky ones and i have just saved you 77ish minutes of your life that you would never have been able to get back!

The dialogue is far from riveting, the actors are still wet behind the ears with seriously unconvincing acting abilities and even the scenery is dull.

Extremely boring .

Good movie but it was a little boring .

I'd just like to say first off that the movie was surprisingly suspenseful and dramatic.

The movie consistently misses its chances to create tension or suspense, irritates us with the banal stereotypes it calls characters, offends us by throwing in gratuitous nudity (I'm a Peter Greenaway fan, so that's a complaint I don't make lightly), confuses us through botched editing (especially towards the end of the movie; you'll know what I mean if you see it) and mangled continuity, and much, much more.

The vast majority of them are so implausible and outlandish they border on unwatchable.

Save your money and if you really want to see sharks eating then you should watch the Discovery channel.

I left the theater thinking "WHY?

A common complaint is that the movie is long and boring.

Overall a good gripping film without the need for over the top special effects.

Well if all you want is mindless Hollywood trash with guns, explosions and fake CGI, or maybe maybe mindless bland teenagers you might not enjoy this There is another film with a similar theme.

I have to say, watching this movie was a little bit of a waste of time!

And also, I agree the scenes before being left out there were really really boring-- and the conversations as well.

Worst Movie.

There was a lost opportunity here to make a more thought-provoking ending which could have compensated for some of the rather boring sequences.

There were pointless scenes of several minutes showing just open sea (no people).


Can't add anything to the comments already posted other than I'm on the side of those who found this movie to be terrifically frightening, gripping and disturbing.

Very gripping .


She suddenly is taken underwater in a slightly dramatic but boring ending.

But highly entertaining.

I've warned all my friends to stay away from this un-suspenseful, boring trite they call a movie.

They are just a normal, boring couple having a few normal, boring couple problems in their relationship.

There isn't much more to tell about it, as absolutely nothing is happening during the whole movie: Water, people in it and the only stretching point is, who will die first: The people inside the water by drowning or the viewer from boredom.

It's just boring.

Then judging me because this film doesn't use clichés & somehow is self explanatory, very similar to that of The Blair Witch Project which like this film was an outright bore!

After spending 80 minutes watching the final horrible moments of two ordinary lives, I left the theater with an indescribable sense of dread and a desperate need to go home and watch a good, pointless sitcom.

I don't dive, and I fell asleep during the movie, waking up near the end and concluded I had missed nothing worthwhile.

Basically, the majority of the movie consisted of the couple floating in the ocean - no story of what was going on back on the boat or on land (they could have included some of the actual events like the bus driver which came to pick them up, etc.) I would have liked to see some heroism and "fight to survive" at the end; it would have made a better movie.

Disappointed - Too low budget to be enjoyable .

This has got to be the worst movie i have ever seen!

But an 'unexpected' twist at the end will give the film such an 'it's a surprise' message that, certainly, the audience will be confused, maybe shocked, or even outraged, which will make our film commercial.

How anyone can say this was a bad film & that it was slow & boring needs to realize if it's was you & you were stuck out there it would be just as slow & just as boring.

This is probably the worst movie I have ever seen!

Zero character depth and dull dialogue.

This is by far the WORST movie i have ever seen in my entire life.

I was mad, and bored out of my mind with this film.

What you get here is a fairly predictable, but utterly scary and intense movie that will have you telling all your friends to watch it when you are done staring at the black screen after the credits are long over.

Movie was intense, well-plotted movie from beginning to end...

"Open Water" is a seriously intense drama (definitely no horror!

Contains Spoiler This movie is the worst movie I have ever seen.

I know this movie is based on true events but this movie is truly sleep inducing.

It was suspenseful and scary without really being over the top and gory.

FINAL VERDICT: If you are tired of cliché-filled Hollywood big budget films, then this is for you.

It's simply typical, as me hating this film in the eyes of someone else who watched & liked this bore of a film, would probably criticise me for being all action fan boy who only cares about blood, explosions & profanity!

This movie was entirely boring.

if i wanted to hear pointless, whiny, realistic conversation...

This has got to be the worst movie I have ever seen.

Worst Movie of the Decade Nominee .

Was Expecting A Nailbiter From Somewhere in the Film That Never Happened,Waited And Waited Oh Well,Bad Filming (Looks Like Filmed With A Home video Camera )Is One Problem,along With Nothing Happens If This Is A True Story How Do They Know What Happens I Guess They Assume The Ending .

The acting is quite good and the timeline or "flow" is great - things happen kinda slow at first - it seems real, they don't just get swarmed by sharks the second the boat leaves...

Cutting out the rest of the unnecessary boredom let's skip to the end.

*** end spoiler ***What intrigues me is the number of people who wrote "worst movie I ever saw" or "piece of c**p" etc...

I also found that there was no plot, bad music, bad scenes, TERRIBLE dialogue, and terrible acting - these are basic components of a good movie!

I think this movie is probably the worst movie I have ever seen.

This revolting and poorly done film has to be the absolute worst movie I've seen in years.

This had to be the worst film I have ever seen, what a waste of money.

Absolutely, one 100%, without a doubt, a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME.


'Open Water' is also very suspenseful, with enough tension to have you gnawing furiously at your own extremities, and nodding in uncomfortable agreement with Susan as she says "I don't know what's worse, seeing them or not seeing them".

So, save your money on this one and wait for video if you are still interested.

I think that this has to be the worst movie I've ever seen.

This was the worst movie in the film industry!

I hate movies that are hyped up so much that the reality is utterly boring.

The film was suspenseful and kept me wanting more.

What makes it so intense is that being lost or stranded could happen to anyone.

Other then a few cheap shots, I was bored out of my mind.

Overall, I found "Open Water" to be a fascinating and realistic experience where I felt strong compassion and pain for a couple as they struggled amidst the "terror side" of nature.

But if you want to just bore yourself to sleep, get Open Water.

It is truly different and exciting.

It was gripping and suspenseful, enough to make me jump out of my seat in the theater.

boring and stupid .

if you really want to torture yourself some more, watch the equally pointless and boring deleted scenes on the DVD.

I found this movie to be neither entertaining or scary...

In "Open Water," we're quickly introduced to two bland characters.

I also know that shooting on location is probably the most expensive part in budgeting a film but that does explain this boring movie.

Slow pacing and low budget filming does not detract from the holding on to the edge of your seat terror in this film.

It never gets extremely creepy or scary, it keeps on a exciting level that's pretty satisfying watching.

In retrospect, this was a bad decision and a horrible waste of good time and money.

Engrossing .

If it wouldn't be another waste of time and money I'd think about suing for the £3 it cost for me to rent it.

Blanchard Ryan and Daniel Travis both contribute exceptional performances, both have been allowed to explore their roles as real people, and they do it so convincingly that you immediately become immersed in the couple's plight.

About 5 boring minutes later some jackhole realizes he has forgotten his diving mask.

Your own fear sustains all the way through the choppy waves to the expectable unexpected anticlimax.

this is the worst movie ever it is not worth seeing.

a trite shallow film; a disgrace to the actual story .