Operation Finale (2018) - Biography, Drama, History

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A team of secret agents set out to track down the Nazi officer who masterminded the Holocaust.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Chris Weitz
Stars: Oscar Isaac, Ben Kingsley
Length: 122 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 37 out of 165 found boring (22.42%)

One-line Reviews (127)

And that is the real disappointment - The hunt and capture of Adolf Eichmann could have easily been handled much better in film, but somehow the film-makers here decided to do a really boring story.

Interesting and Suspenseful .

Riveting, true story of a people's search for healing, justice and a new future.

Banality of evil doesn't do justice to this man, he knew he was dead.

While this film is at moments enjoyable it overall fails to measure up to the deep historical impact of the events it depicts.

Their conversation is genuine, but too often mundane.

Turned a riveting true story into mediocre drama .

If history has proved one thing, Weitz makes dull, noncinematic films.

It's boring and lame .. so factless .

Still, it gets everything aesthetically right, and is another inspiring go at bringing such a fascinating story to light.

But despite some intense dramatic moments, the film never really wraps you up in its drama in the most effective way.

If you are looking for an action packed film you may not enjoy it.

It gets more exciting again towards the flight out and the end.

Suspenseful & well-acted though a bit slow to get off the ground in the first half.

There are particular moments that are frankly just boring.

The beginning is exciting then the middle is dull when things stall about the signing of the letter.

Dull, noncinematic filmmaking .

Many movies unfortunately have bland scores, but fortunately, Alexandre Desplat made a unique and intriguing score that you will probably be hearing more of come Oscar season.

If you're in the mood to be bored this weekend operation finale is the movie for you.

"The banality of evil" ...

Boring .

Flawed movie worth watching for the chilling performance by Ben Kingsley .

Slow paced story, but somehow enjoyable .

The movie distorts history to make it more exciting.

Interesting But Slow .

Kingsley looks bored while the limited Issac's pregnant pauses and monotone inflection threaten to put you to sleep at times such as a shaving scene between the two that should crackle with tension.

So while it may seem slow at times, the tension is still quite high.

It just felt off and a little disjointed.

While you know the result, if you know history, it still makes for very intriguing watching.

Pace was tedious, slow-moving and often meandering (with way too much time spent on procuring Eichmmann's signature on the consent letter!

" Then there is the warmed over theme of the banality of evil, in this case presented as a dialog between interrogator and perpetrator ( a la serial killer movies) which offers little new.

Chris Weitz's Operation Finale is a suspenseful movie through, but suffers from a slow and dragging second act.

Missed opportunity to make a suspenseful, shocking drama about one of the architect's of genocide in World War II.

It bothered me a little, so I checked online to read the true version of events, and boy- was reality more exciting and riveting then the story told on the screen!

And even if you're not feeling the intensity like I was, it will still be a very intriguing story.

That's entertaining story telling about grim history.

like super slow.

Intense & well portrayed .

Compelling spy thriller that's true .

A gripping piece .

Unfortunately a real life thrilling story becomes pretty much watered in this cliched piece of drama that lacks tension and depth.

A well told story based on true events that even though you know how it ended historically, still keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Riveting thriller.

I think I was in the 7th grade when he went on trial and I remember the accounts in the print media which were fairly exciting.

I am really surprised by some of the negativity about this film because I found it to be well worth watching.

The acting is fine but the movie's mostly pretty dull.

Drink lots of caffeine before you watch this movie or you will fall asleep.

When the rest of the act is chugging along it felt boring, it made the two hour movie almost feel like it added another hour because a lot of scenes that could have been left out.

To its credit, the film has a gripping final act.

But for everyone else it's a rather dull film despite some good acting from Oscar Isaac and Sir Ben Kingsley.

The story is pretty interesting, especially with the interrogation scenes and the escape maneuvers, but it is a little slow in parts.

Perhaps if one doesn't know the story, this could be a mildly absorbing film.

Kingsley embodies the banality of evil and it utterly works.

This movie is interesting, suspenseful, and well-acted.

Painfully slow tempo, very heavy handed delivery, overimposure of weighty dialog, occacionally weaker twists and slighter depicted characters spoil the premise.


Overall good paced international thrilling like drama that heals wounds of loss while bringing answers and showing some justice.

Dramatic set pieces, overly acted dialogue, rousing score.

Ben Kingsley deserves the role of Eichman and the subject is fascinating.

The dramatic heart of the film is the sequence where the captors strive to get Eichmann sign a confession note and the young man talks him into doing so by promising the prisoner a last meeting with his wife before his inevitable death sentence is carried out in the future but somehow what should have had me gripping the sides of my armchair instead saw my hands stay clapped on my knees.

I had only heard of this story up until now, absolutely fascinating.

DISLIKES: The Pace at times: Pacing is mostly good, but there are some slower moments that didn't have quite the oomph that the rest of the movie did.

In addition, the scenes regarding the plane being delayed on the runway, and taking off at the last second, seemed cliché at best (not to mention cut and paste from Argo).

I find the story gripping and engaging.

Why rewrite exciting events and replace them with dull nonsensical plot devices?

Given the way it was filmed, and the situation, you immediately thought of the highly suspenseful end of Casablanca.

The plot is unexpected, and even a bit outlandish.

Now although that doesn't sound very interesting, the film found a way how to make it extremely intense, showing different perspectives as Klaus moves in on the plane, the mad rush to get a copy of the papers from the planes to the air traffic control and the crushing anxiety of the people on the plane.

Though this first act is slow, they keep you interested by the steady progression to the day they capture him which is one of the three big action scenes that each ack ends with.

The film is educational but boring.

I also feared that it would be too much like Argo, adding suspenseful action that never occurred.

Then, alas, then this awful last-moment-on-the-edge-of-your-seat trite cliche at the end spoils it even more.

All talk with boring dialogue to boot.

Very slow moving and very boring.

A tiny bit boring.

This movie suffers from being way too slow and dull.

For me "Eichmann" the film is by far the most engrossing.

We get the "gathering of the team" - and there's a couple of interesting characters in this group - specifically the characters played by Nick Kroll and Melanie Laurent - but the film really takes off and finds it's footing when the team - and the film - is forced to slow down (waiting for their escape plane to show up) and coax a confession (of sorts) out of Eichman.

The phrase, "banality of evil" came to stand for it.

Thoughtfu, entertaining, important .

Riveting .

Oscar Isaac (as Peter Malkin) is strangely bland.

The true story was far superior and more exciting.

Don't waste your time .

Intriguing and edifying .

Waste of time.....

Pretty boring stuff.

Ben Kingsley's acting in this movie was amazing, But it felt dull and there where no intresting shots.

This was a fairly accurate telling of the story, but a bit dull!

Shipping is too slow.

Workmanlike, moderately suspenseful retelling of Holocaust justice .

Good but too slow and dull at times .

Yet despite its heist movie aesthetic, this is worth watching, Oscar Isaac is good, in his Golden Age of Hollywood way.

The most distracting thing about the movie was that they turned what was originally based on a fascinating true story into silly fiction.

The narrative contains two very exciting visual scenes: the actual kidnapping of Eichmann right outside in his house and later, when he is whisked aboard an Israeli airliner dressed as part of the flight crew, sedated after being given an injection.

Instead, what we get is a very flawed slowly plodding tractor

But the execution of this story is done in a timid, predictable way with a fluffy romance interwoven into it.

Though the first act starts off slow, starting in Argentina, and switching back and forth between there and Tel Aviv; going between the story of Fruma played by Rita Pauls, a Jewish girl who gets entangled with the investigation, one of the few people who knows Joe Alwyn's character, Klaus Eichmann.

This particular movie is very slow, tedious and boring.

Boring movie!!

Much is sped up before his capture then time seems to slow down for the rest of the movie...

Definitely worth watching.

I think you will find it worth watching I thought it was a good movie in my mind

Boring, Inaccurate and Wooden Acting .

While this telling may be interesting to some and entertaining to others, it is, by and large, fiction.

This one is very loud, in your face, heavy handed, colorful, overstated, drawn out, and so on.

The impulsive outrages one after another as well made the movie quite dull and predictable.

Highly recommend it!!

I expected laying out the scheme and overcoming some unexpected hurdles.

The end was worth seeing but it needed to be 10 longer there and skip most of the "drama" that was very poor and confusing.

I saw Mile 22 last week, and liked it, but that was mere button-pushing and manipulated adrenaline.

When he's not, it's a snoozer

I recall as a boy watching the news clips of the trial of Eichmann in 1961 and this movie puts it all together for a compelling spy thriller and piece of history.

In that explosive scene, the choices of Director Chris Weitz and screenwriter Chris Weitz resulted in a cliché depiction of a psychopathic killer.

Movie was missing something, I can't tell what, maybe I am just too used for more action packed or much wider story WW II movies.

It was an enjoyable film also.

There's just this depth to both of them that makes some of the slower paced scenes where the two are conversing more intriguing.

That, to me, was the most fascinating aspect of the film, watching the interplay between the two.

Besides that the movie is bland and the side stories are never finished.

If you do know the history, even at a superficial level, this film is basically dull, and annoying in parts.

Particularly the banal verging on shamefully sanitised treatment of those scenes that purport to exemplify the horrors of the Holocaust, And no joy to be found in any of the other cinematographic categories either.

Watch it on Netflix on a boring Tuesday evening

It is intense and happy at the same time.

In conclusion Operation Finale is an amazing movie with lots of tension, but nearly fell flat because of it's near lackluster second act, and only was able to redeem itself by it's intense and action packed third act.

"It's a compelling premise, all the more so for being real.

The film is generally an accurate depiction of the events except for the roles of Lotar and Sylvia Hermann (Peter Strauss and Haley Lu Richardson) which are simultaneously simplified and exaggerated, a pointless change of sex for the team's physician to allow a unnecessary romantic subplot, and (similar to 'Argo', 2013), some fanciful last minute nick-of-time heroics.

We know that, in the end, the Israeli team will get Eichmann out of Argentina and back to Israel to stand trial, so the scenes that seemed to suggest that might not happen just weren't suspenseful, despite the music, lighting, facial expressions, etc. Some of the movie seemed slow and unnecessary, because it was building suspense I didn't feel.