Orgazmo (1997) - Comedy

Hohum Score



Naive young Mormon Joe Young is recruited to act in porn movies.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Trey Parker
Stars: Trey Parker, Dian Bachar
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: NC-17
Reviews: 21 out of 170 found boring (12.35%)

One-line Reviews (50)

I highly recommend it to the mature, which isn't necessarily the same as "adult".

Boring at best, painful at worst .

I thoroughly enjoyed it, laughing all the way, and...

Don't waste your money on this witless wonder.

Unfunny Boring (no) Sex Comedy .

One of the worst movies ever made.

" but then I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is an open invitation for anyone who would like to point to any part of this film that they found even remotely entertaining.

Having been a prisoner in my own loungeroom while the kids watched many episodes of `Southpark' before they got tired of it, I was prejudiced against this prior work from Southpark's creators, the Colorado boys Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Having now seen it, I think that like `Southpark' it's all very clever but a bit pointless.

I am a big fan of sophomoric humor, and the SOUTH PARK creators, but this movie is simply devoid of laughs, and it also has the nerve to be painfully boring.

All in all, this is a very entertaining endeavor, if you're not easily embarrassed and can laugh at human sexuality.

Parker and Stone are still getting used to the feature-length format, and the film has a few rough edges and slow moments.

The sight gags range from standard slapstick to wonderfully contrived sequences of Goldbergian proportions; the humor stretches from re-hashed dirty one-liners to dangerously subtle quips you don't catch until the third time through the movie.

One of the worst movies ever made .

It was really entertaining and most of all funny.

Certainly worth the watch at least once.

If predictable and trite...

On top of that, the plot is dull and the acting is terrible.

The story idea (taking a sweet Mormon kid from Utah and throwing him in the middle of the porn industry) could have turned into a really funny movie, but the script is dull and the performances are duller.

I, however, find it difficult not to laugh at this movie because I'm able to put away any uptight, artsy-fartsy ideals I have and just giggle at two guys being silly, like in high school.

I saw it was nc-17, and i was waitng for some really intense content, and it never really happened.

Orgazmo is stupid and unrealistic but is also funny and entertaining.

Other than an unfunny, trite script and a stupid story, the cinematography is horrible, even for a comedy flick, the characters range from annoying to detestable, and the poor production quality makes this movie even worse than it already is.

However it certainly is entertaining and funny is a range of different ways.

It was real funny and highly entertaining.

Even now I waste time writing this review, hoping to save some of you from this colossal waste of time.

Except a lot of unexpected things to happen.

they all get a good treat that is deeply enjoyable and appeal to what is better in all of us : Freedom, independent thinking beyond common boundaries, without inflicting the classical American moral that is all too often the bad point of 95% of American production.

One of the worst movies I ever liked .

Parker (who has openly stated that he despises actors) is quite a good actor and has an engaging screen presence all his own.

I believe I have seen it for the fourth time by now, and the movie is still as entertaining as it was the first time watching it.

Screenplay was predictable and you want this flick to end so badly that you can't wait for the end.

Which was a boring movie in my opinion.

This movie is just what nobody else do in American movies: Fun, cruel, enjoyable, original, creative, limitless, parody.

A boring and no plot movie .

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

painful waste of time .

, long drawn-out fighting scenes).

A contender for the worst movie ever.

Juvenile, concocted (again no pun intended), poorly written, amateuristic direction and very predictable.

Well this is a bad movie, but also entertaining and kinda funny, is just so bad that is good.

Since all I knew about the film was that it reeked of Trey Parker's childish brand of tasteless, banal humor, I didn't think it would be on par with some of the funnier movies of the nineties.

Overall the lack of plot, good performances, good design or good direction are all minor weaknesses compared to the simple problem of the film just not being anywhere near funny enough.

I, like many others out there, have had the intriguing experience of seeing Trey Parker's Orgazmo.

A total waste of time in my opinion.

And what a big disappointment at the end -- this is quite possible one of the worst movies I have watched ever.

It actually has an entertaining plot as well.

Amusing, entertaining .

It's definitely sad that a cool and rather original comedy like this one would be ignored by the public, while formulaic comedies without an ounce of originality, like 'Dumb and Dumber' or any of Leslie Nelsen's recent movies should continue to draw good box office numbers.

Extremely silly comedy has big laughs and a entertaining performance by writer/director:Trey Parker.