Our House (2018) - Drama, Horror, Mystery

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A young genius accidentally invents a device that amplifies the paranormal activity within his family's house, possibly bringing back the spirits of loved ones, and unleashing things far worse.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: Anthony Scott Burns
Stars: John Ralston, Thomas Mann
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 21 out of 73 found boring (28.76%)

One-line Reviews (57)

I've just woken up from this film having just bored me to sleep.

Nothing happened for literally 30 minutes.

It would have been more typical for there to be rivalry or infighting among the three siblings - in other words, boring, cliched melodrama.

Gripping from beginning to end.

All the necessary ingredients are there: a nice and clueless family that out-of-the-blue gets stuck in the webs of a supernatural force, a slow but adequate building-up of intensity and suspense, and an adrenaline-driven finale.

It's not a ground breaking horror film and it's not trying to terrify or gross you out with gore, it's just a simple ghost story but one worth watching.

Once it starts getting brought into play more and turning into a solid basis for the first interactions, featuring the random music playing on the speakers that nobody's around to the objects levitating in mid-air that gives this some rather strong setup for the more intense actions later on.

However the screenplay associated to the performance of the young cast makes this film entertaining and worthwhile watching.

This reminded me of the simple days of early 90's where horror movies were experimental and had an enjoyable premise.

Our House is slow and character driven.

Well-made non-pretentious horror-flick.

If you're really bored, like on a real bad weather kind of a day when there is nothing much else to do or watch...

Slow burn, scares don't really pay off.

Granted, she doesn't have much to work with, but she delivers most of her lines in monotone, lifeless fashion.

It does take far too long to get going, with a long-winded beginning that feels over-stretched and not as interesting as it could have been.

Once it becomes obvious that something's in the house with them and that it might not be friendly, the film really kicks up with some more intense sequences.

There are some creepy and suspenseful moments here, just wish there was more.

And can get a bit boring as well.

After around 20+ minutes of absolutely nothing happening and metronome music it was impossible to stay awake.

These excellent performances alongside the slow moving pace of the film (which I personally am a big fan of, though it is not always favoured in horrors) offers a moving depiction of the struggles they face, rendering it almost impossible not to sympathise with these characters from the start.

It's slow to start and no jump scares, if you're looking for a great film for a teens sleepover, or something spooky to watch with 'children' this is a lovely little creepy film that won't be giving anyone nightmares.

A slow start that ended up being a fairly suspenseful horror movie.

Total waste of time.

If you want to watch three boring people repeat the same boring day, desperately wishing you were being entertained in even the slightest way - this is right up your street.

Pretty cliche.

All in all I liked it for what it is: a good, solid, well acted non-pretentious horror-flick.

Also, I would've loved to know more about this 'energy' idea but unfortunately perhaps the director and producers were too afraid to venture into something that intelligent so they chose the easy cliche way out.

Turned it off at the hour mark when I just got really frustrated with how boring and lack of action there was.

Kinda slow, nothing revolutionary, and very average.

Definitely worth watching.

Much of it is basically formulaic storytelling, that is also on the dull side, with a general lack of suspense or surprise and too much drama, which was poignant at times but also on the half-baked side as an overall whole, and not enough horrorFurthermore, 'Our House' has a banal script that has no flow or substance and direction that suggests their heart was not in it or at ease with the material.

Slow horror flick that will engage you till the end.

Don't waste your time.

Slow .

I enjoyed it.. .

This is a slow burn movie.

Boring .

Somewhat enjoyable if overly tame drama/horror .

Pointless scenes that dragged on and on and finally 1 answered question solved all the cornball occurrences.

A slow melodic build up culminates into the crushendo at the end plus the little extra as all in this genre seem to have these days.

Unoriginal but Entertaining .

Intense and Engaging .

Borefest with some interesting parts.

It's true, it won't make you jump out of your skin, but as you realise what's happening you get a creepy and sinister vibe which for me is much more entertaining!

Then strangled me slowly as a boring movie where nothing happens plays on and on.

The pacing was incredibly slow and the movie features one or two scenes that could easily be removed without effecting the storyline at all.

This movie was slow literally 15 minutes before the movie ended that was when the action picked up.

I thought it was extremely slow and boring.

A good position worth watching .

Definitely worth the watch .

Likewise, the other issue here is the rather tame and overall bland rating.

Big Snore Fest That Drags .

Armed with a sold twist that does make for a fun, thrilling idea here and far more suspense than expected with how it plays out, these are enough to make it watchable over it's few flaws.

Very Enjoyable .

The cinematography is also impressive from the beginning of the film, most notably so during Ethan's first lone EMF experiment where a repetitive clicking sound is combined with slow jump cuts and shadowy lighting to produce a hypnotic effect with the potential to fully immerse the spectator in the film.

That said, Our House is worth watching for fans of supernatural thrillers and ghost flicks.

More emotional coming of age than horror.