Out of Time (2003) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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A Florida police chief must solve a vicious double homicide before he himself falls under suspicion.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Carl Franklin
Stars: Denzel Washington, Sanaa Lathan
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 47 out of 164 found boring (28.65%)

One-line Reviews (163)

Nevertheless, the tension built as he tries to prevent the discovery of his involvement long enough so that he can straighten things out keeps the movie moving at a brisk pace, but the movie sadly comes to a tired cliché of an ending.

Aside from an ugly sex scene that bothered me, the movie was so predictable since the first 10 minutes.

Out of Time is an intelligent and very entertaining con movie.

It doesn't really make sense, but that Bogart thing keeps you in it until the contrived end.

The plot and action are contrived to the point of being ludicrous.

Formulaic thriller with Denzel Washington as a small town sherrif framed for murder.. Solid production values and a smart performance by Washington make this effort worth watching.

I'm afraid I sat through half of it and decided watching Denzel hang with various large bottoms, sorry, actresses, in a plotless thriller was less interesting than reading a good book.

(spoilers) The movie also makes an unexpected and fairly sharp turn about a third of the way through.

Down side is that the pacing is painfully slow in the first 1/3 the film and then lags intermittently throughout, the plot is silly and mostly predictable, and the entire ride is manipulative and ultimately unbelieveable.

He brings that element of pacing to this movie, saturating the earlier scenes with slow-burn slide guitar music and swelteringly slow shots of the Floridian landscape.

Eva Mendes is as stunning as usual.

Denzel why do you waste your time and talent?.

On the upside, it has Denzel, a couple of babes, lots of beautiful Florida scenery, and a twisty-turny intriguing plot which keeps moving while being punctuated with moments of humor and suspense.

Director Carl Franklin manages to keep the pulse racing in the entertaining tight pacing with strong support by a fearfully ferocious turn by Washington, humid locales expressing the potboiler at hand goosed by a jazzy score by Graeme Revell and a fine ensemble with Billingsley stealing every scene as Washington's scruffy coroner buddy.

Slow paced thriller .

Later, when (figuratively speaking sort of) he is caught with his pants down, he is absolutely intense as a man who is under the gun and trying to worm his way out of a very sticky situation.

But that doesnt matter much, because the suspense is the best ingredient of this con movie which is very entertaining and suspenseful.

Washington and Mendes are good but Lathan and Cain are very ordinary, making the somewhat predictable ending all the more obvious.

Unfortunately the predictable and saccharine denouement of the resurrected marriage fails to convince - largely because the chemistry between the leading man (Denzel Washington) and his adulterous paramour (Sanaa Lathan) far outstrips that between him and his ex-wife (Eva Mendes).

Maybe he's bored.

Washington is excellent as the harried cop, and the film is well worth watching, even though it's easy to figure out past a certain point.

Entertaining no-brainer .

The beginning of the movie is very boring.

Waste of Time .

At first I thought the plot was predictable, to my delight, it wasn't!

I am a Denzel Washington fan and have seen every film that he has made, and although this is not among the best ones he has done, it was enjoyable.

It keep you on the edge, wondering how Denzel was going to ease his way out of all the mess he got himself in.


As always, he brings an element of class to the most mundane material.

The seemingly slow beginning is definitely made up for later on in the film.

Franklin directs with a smooth and steady hand as always, but it's too long and slow, and worst of all, just so ORDINARY.

Along the way we have Florida as the evocative backdrop, some ordinary mechanics of tension as he fights to reclaim control.

It's actually very enjoyable watching him wiggle his way out of one blunder after another.

The final confrontation amongst the protagonist and the contenders is thrilling and exciting .

If you finally want to see a decent and entertaining thriller with some good acting I would recommend you this movie.

Despite the fact that the movie comes to a boring end that is something of a let-down, as a whole it is very entertaining and more in the vein of the quality suspense thrillers that I have come to expect from Denzel Washington.

This is a predictable situation, where the viewer knows before hand what is coming next and how it will end.

"Out of Time" is breezy fun, perfect for any time, it is pleasant and thrilling.

This kind of pinched finish effectively washes away all of the potentially intriguing character dilemmas presented in the character of Matt Lee Whitlock.

it's also pretty fast paced.

Even the opening credits have a touch of Rat Pack style to them but once all the fuss dies down, what we have here is a fairly average but competent thriller let down by a predictable story.

But aside from the stunning Eva Mendez, that's about it.

Through most of the film, I was literally on the edge of my seat.

Unfortunately, a lot of people were bored with this because it had so little action.

Great Cast but a bit too much action and fast paced to make it like a murder classic.

Denzel Washington acting is top-notch , he has got much experience in twenty and some years of career , Eva Mendes is enjoyable and enticing and Sanaa Latham ready as future first star in ¨Alien vs Predator¨ , Dean Cain (ex Superman) gives a different role to usual .

Good acting from Washington overcomes predictable story .

There are some entertaining parts, if you can get past the cliché behind it.

But `Out of Time' is pretentious and ridiculous.

The story is mostly predictable, even though it's full of twists.

The plot is too predictable and the suspense consists mostly of eerie music that we recognize from countless TV productions also - it does not work.

If you've watched every movie ever made, I'm sure you can find something old/cliche' in this movie.

Here, the conspiracy is pointless...

The story is contrived and the story at times is out of the keystone cops.

There is one thing happening: an affair he has been nurturing on the side with a steamy young woman, Ann, who calls in an attempted robbery as a sort of thrilling preamble to sizzling sex with the sheriff when he shows up.

Worth Watching.

Contrived and ridiculous plot (Spoilers) .

The twist at the end was unexpected and kept you on-the-edge-of-your-seat.

Well-acted formulaic thriller with obligatory twists.

So despite the plot holes and the silly narrative, its exciting in a cheap Hitchcock rip off style.

Too many cliché's, really really bad acting, a really slow start and an end that didn't surprise at all.

The result is very predictable.

Clichés and contrivances are stacked up like a pile of cop thriller 101 books, and Franklin goes smug (daft) by dropping in a couple of slow frame sequences that the film clearly didn't need.

Tut tut what a waste of time and good money.

I had finally come to expect a fairly decent thriller with illogical plot holes and a boring pace.

Good but Extremely Contrived .

Denzel Carries a Trite Plot .

My only complaint was that it was a bit predictable, but it had me on the edge of my seat for portions of the film.

I think this film is very waste of time.

It has no story no interesting people, no nothing, throw it away.

Unfortunately, nothing happens in this picture, or perhaps, the principals were having a great time in South Florida and the film became something of a second thought.

This is just one of those movies that you watch when you are bored and nothing else is on.

starts off slow and lets you get at good look at the amusement park then WHAM!!!!

The movie builds suspense, gives us folks who are enjoyable watch, and is entertaining in the process.

Last words, very gripping, heart throbbing and intense thriller and you will not feel like "Out of time" while watching this movie.

Fast paced thriller, entertaining, Sanaa Lathan AND Eva Mendez ;)The bad.

Seen it many times now and at first viewing the story is rather confusing.

Although very derivative, it's highly entertaining too.

Predictable but adequately suspenseful yarn .

This film has its moments but is contrived to the point of being ludicrous.

Even if the story twists and turns and is very entertaining to see, it was not hard to solve the ending, which was done very quickly.

"im an idiot what does that mean"..) anyways, I also thought the dialogue was pretty cheezy and cliche, if you really pay attention you'll notice how stupid some of these lines really are.

It was a decent story with decent delivery and was decently entertaining.

But there are some very exciting moments, and like I said, it keeps you going until the end.

And while the plot is certainly gripping, it never really seems to stretch itself and the ending does feel slightly disappointing.

Denzel Washington, Eva Mendes, Sanaa Lathan, Dean Cain and John Billingsley are all good in this very predictable Movie.

With the Keys as a backdrop, Revell smartly opts for a tropical, percussive soundtrack that utilizes steel drums and the like, which is quite enjoyable for the ears.

Competent but predictable style of cop thriller .

Watching Denzel Washington climb back out of the well he just fell into was quite entertaining and quite well done.

Fast paced, O'Henry ending!

I say familiar territory because it's basically a reworking of Costner and Hackman's 1987 NO WAY OUT scenario, which was itself a remake of 1948's THE BIG CLOCK with Ray Milland and Charles Laughton, and, once you accept the implausibility of the situation and the stupidity of Washington's character, it's not half bad, and though it has a few twists I didn't anticipate, the predictable ending is now a little clichéd and leaves too many loose ends for my liking.

Predictable, contrived plot.

This is one of those innocent man in trouble stories that Alfred Hitchcock use to make but even with all the plot contrivances this is still a pretty entertaining film that benefits from the star power of it's lead actor.

But it is funny and entertaining.

*SPOILER END*Overall, this film is twisty and exciting and doesn't have one boring scene.

Matt Whitlock is very nervous and confused throughout the whole film, and Denzel makes us feel every ounce of his confusion and nervousness.

when the film began, i knew i was in for a boring ride.

Chances are, if you are subject to any kind of rational thought process at all, you'll have to swallow hard and empty your head to buy into this crime caper.

A Predictable Film Noir, Full of Clichés and Coincidences .

This movie fulfilled nearly my expectations but the story begins very slow and I waited very long until something happens.

If you are in the mood for some lighthearted, dirty, suspenseful fun, I would recommend "Out of Time.

Mildly entertaining.

Decently entertaining and suspenseful movie for the most part.

Boring and predictable .

Still, with those flaws, it was entertaining to watch.

Entertaining and suspenseful con movie with excellent acting from Denzel Washington and Eva Mendes.

Given that, I watched Out of Time expecting something similar (certainly the movie's tagline doesn't promise anything different), but was surprised at how entertaining and subtly different it was from his other films.

"Waste of Time" .

"Out Of Time" is full of excitement, danger and suspense and although its rather intricate plot is very familiar in nature, it's totally gripping from start to finish.

The bad: the ending you know what will happen before it happens, there are a few plot holes, the film is kid of short, I didn't get why the had the sex scenes between washington and that actress from brown sugar, and it starts off a little slow.

Of course, there is also the typical happy ending and every cliché you can think of is included in this movie.

David Collard's somewhat predictable screenplay allows some taut corkscrew expositions with a peppering of suspense and humor.

The only negative thing is then that the twists are really predictable and offer nothing new or surprising.

That the audience stay on board through countless contrived chase sequences can be attributed mainly to Franklin keeping them there.

His acting was engaging and captured you from the start.

It just shows how classy an actor such as Washington, can bring the mundane into something very interesting.

Much, much too predictable for a suspense-action movie.

Eva Mendes looks absolutely stunning here.

The only enjoyable part of this movie is the M.

I've seen this before many years ago, I just forgot so much of it; glad too cause it's quite entertaining, highly recommended this crazy movie!

slick and entertaining .

Just a thrilling entertaining con flick.

Entertaining enough that's all .

Otherwise, save your money.

Just like insomnia, this film has an actor that could be doing much better and a no brain ending.

Competent but predictable style of cop thriller about a police chief who's affair with a woman who is being abused by her husband leads him into a difficult situation where he has to race against time to prove his own innocence in a web of murderous crime.

The story, full of coincidences, clichés and very predictable, looks like a comedy not funny, or maybe a laughable police story.

How he wriggles out of various situations makes for some good suspense and engrossing viewing.

*yawn* The producer missed a chance at a twist.

None of it was great, ending up as predictable, usual and diverting nonsense.

I watched it again last night and have to say i enjoyed it.

The film purports to be fast-paced and thrilling but in truth it's all over the place, with as I said, Washington's numerous escapes from danger defying belief and in the end I'm sure boring and confusing him as by the end he appears nonplussed by events occurring around him.

Chae's character is sometimes a cheesy cliché, sometimes a welcome relief from a tedious scene.

I don't dislike the film but at the same time I'm annoyed by several choices they make, the long opening seduction is a waste of time and is the first of several things that make me want to scream, "oh get over it!

This film is little more then that, but enjoyable enough to keep your attention until the end.

Granted, it starts out a bit slow, and takes maybe longer than it should've to pick up.

Boring beginning and predictable twists but well played and entertaining .

This movie kept me on the edge of my seat!!!

Sweaty Florida in daylight doesn't cry out as being a good starting point for an offshoot of film noir (real Florida locations were thankfully used), but the scenic beauty is never realised during the drama sequences, colours are toned down, even for a stunning red sky, and this perfectly becomes at one with a near frantic Washington as the tricksters of Banyan Key start to close in on him.

Silly, predictable Story .

you probably won't be fooled too much,since most of the film is predictable.

This involves him in some exciting chases, a dangerous struggle on a hotel balcony and some tense situations such as when he intercepts the records of Ann's telephone calls so that he can delete the entries that relate to his calls before Alex scrutinizes the documents.

Really enjoyable crime/thriller very fast paced with Denzel Washington as the titular role & John Billingsley is one of the coolest guys as Choe a supporting character.

of the movie is proposterously predictable.

The end of the film is very predictable and weird.

The peppy score that opened the film has now dissipated into a series of morose tones which help slow the action to a crawl; Washington's usually vibrant acting has been replaced with a key so low one can hardly stay awake long enough to watch him; and the plot twists upon which the movie is anchored now become annoying distractions.

Overall, this is an entertaining thriller, filmed in the beautiful locations of Florida, which is tense, humouress, and extremely straight forward.

While their stories were completely unrelated, they both featured strong casts, absorbing dialog and measured, observant direction.

Unfortunately the movie has a slow start and the movie in general is too short (only 105 minutes).

Still the movie had some powerful and suspenseful moments.

What really saves this film are the decent performances and the entertaining flow after the first twenty-five minutes or so that keep the tension and attention on a high level.

it's certainly entertaining and thrilling.

The film is very suspenseful!

There are some chase scenes, sex scenes, and intense scenes; all mixed in for a hot film, with a few surprises in between time.

Admittedly the first half hour is rather slow.

It lays on the exposition with a man-sized trowel, half the twists (and there are a few) are obvious in the main, with the confluence of the plot strands leading up to to the big finish as predictable as rain in Scotland.

Flawed but still exciting suspense film; Denzel is excellent (as always) .


I'm used to movies being so predictable that I can say the actor's next line before he or she does.

But the plot should have played out quietly, moodily and realistically, because at the end for me, Out of Time, while being nowhere near dreadful, was just another thriller-instead of a really unforgettable and fascinating Noir which it could have been.

of the movie are pointless.

The stunning Sanaa Lathan "owns" her role as the sensual "Black Widow," Anne Harrison, and she's got chemistry to burn with Denzel.

Contrived .