Outcast (2014) - Action, Adventure, Drama

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A mysterious warrior teams up with the daughter and son of a deposed Chinese Emperor to defeat their cruel brother, who seeks their deaths.

IMDB: 4.6
Director: Nick Powell
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Hayden Christensen
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 25 out of 93 found boring (26.88%)

One-line Reviews (85)

Don't waste your time nor money on a movie like this, it's not worth it.

Its not Shakespeare but lets be real, Hamlet is boring as heck.

His opium induced drugged out squint is a bit tiresome after a while and his haircut a bit too modern.

just pure boring and utterly unrealistic action.

The scenery is breathtaking.

Dull movie .

So as a B-movie, it's all predictable.

Hayden Christensen as the main antagonist is uninspiring.

This film is not a Ridley Scott swords and sandals epic, but it's still a very watchable and entertaining action film.

This movie was hands down one of the most boring experiences i have had in a movie in the last few years.

And although I always admired Nicolas Cage a lot, this became nevertheless a tedious and very bad movie.

However, it is meaningless, the makers tried to attract us with this image but they failed to connect the stories, so it becomes boring.

End of the day, worth a look, if your bored and need a bit of action and unintentional comedy.

Glad I watched it anyway as it was really fun and entertaining for me.

i enjoyed it since i had time to kill and it was watchable to say the least.

Very entertaining.

Nick Powell's "The Outcast" surpasses Dominic Sena's dreary "Season of the Witch.

(You can easily identify these reviews of personal hate, when you read comments like "The worst movie ever made" etc.)First of all the star in this is Hayden Christensen (not Cage), who does a good job overall.

Also, the reply to the White Ghost's question of how did you find me is quite enjoyable.

though a little formulaic like most films, still entertaining .

Simple Entertaining Adventure Story .

Wooden acting, predictable plot and poor cinematography.

Starting with the story, the actors' play and the environment it was play on, the movie is entertaining because this is all about a movie, it suppose to entertain us.

There was no plot, and the acting was terrible.

The action sequences where very entertaining and well directed, the costumes where good and the setting felt authentic.

I liked Outcast in the first hour or so - sure the acting is somewhat wooden, alternating beautiful scenes and a soundstage, with also some inconsistencies in the story, but great fight scenes and a very impressive performance by Hayden Christiansen as the jaded warrior made the film really tense and enjoyable...

not sure if I'm qualified to write a review since I did not finish the movie, couldn't finish it, was unwatchable at best, total crap ...

This film "Outcast" is worth the watch.

His stupid soccer player haircut coupled with his absolutely absurd accent makes the movie unwatchable.

The fighting scenes was not cut to be exist, how I would really like if the scene when Nicolas Cage tried to fend of the black guards were made to be more epic, y'know, that scene, is very boring.

The action scenes are poorly made and I admit I fell asleep 5-6 times, my brother had to wake me up.

Straightforward, Nothing New, but Entertaining .

Some parts were a little silly, but it was enjoyable.

He actually fell asleep before the movie ended.

Fantastic, exciting and honourable .

this film was a huge disappointment and it was a huge waste of time.

The plot is common for Chinese movie, and probably would've been better if the movie turned full kungfu flick as this bland westernization version only makes everything worse.

Don't waste your time or money.

The dialog is somewhat cliché, then you also have the white savior cliché in which Nick Cage and Hayden Christensen kick Chinese ass to save Chinese people from other Chinese people, but I'm cool with that.

enjoyable adventure with sword swinging in abundance .

I am voting this 10, as I found it very entertaining, and can't believe how negative the reviewers are here.

This really is a bad film, with a predictable, almost imperceptible path.

One of the worst movies I had to sit through .

Mainstream and boring.

The film is formulaic as you know exactly what the final fight will be.

If you want to waste your time, please continue to watch this move.

The audience also gets to see some shots from unexpected places like very close to the surface of the water or the inside of a bowl, which are nicely integrated with the rest of the footage providing an immersive experience.

Sure it was adequately entertaining and had some good enough fight scenes.

Action scenes and location are really good and entertaining.

It is the kind of entertainment I expected and it was enjoyable.

Of course, the plot is hopelessly formulaic.

Most enjoyable with a wonderful Hollywood ending.

A movie that was so slow and too long.

Movie was slow and just felt like they didn't even attempt to make it decent.

But it's that one entertaining, annual Nic Cage vehicle we've become accustomed to.

Both actors don't really get much of respect from the movie-going cult, but it's intriguing how the over-the-top would bounce against the nonchalant.

In fact, it's kind of enjoyable.

He really is becoming consistent with bringing out completely unwatchable movies!

The only redeeming qualities i can give this film are: a slightly engaging yet pointless opening and being able to laugh while Nicholas Cage delivers his lines in a very crazy and over the top manner.

What made it unwatchable for me: 1.

Reviewed by: Dare Devil Kid (DDK)Rating: 3/5 starsSay what you want about Nic Cage, but the man delivers at least one entertaining film a year – either in the action or thriller genre.

He was so bland and put absolutely no emotion or effort into the performance, and being the lead character it just makes the film even more boring than it already was.

A Very Entertaining Movie .

Boring dialog mixed with overly choreographed fight scenes make the movie a struggle to get through.

Waste of time about crusaders in China .

It's so bad you'll fall asleep.

The film is absolutely pointless in places especially the opening scenes where nothing is explained, something that frustrated me throughout.

Nevertheless, gorgeous scenery, thrilling combat scenes, and superb production values compensate just enough to make "The Outcast" a tolerably enjoying yarn.

His love scenes with Liu YiFei are slightly tedious.

But it wasn't just Hayden whose performance was dreadful, everyone in this film was absolutely terrible, the dialogue was so cheesy and predictable and the delivery of those lines made the actors look like they were trying way too hard to be serious.

Outcast is destined to be garbage, but there is some intriguing moments, both ludicrous and seriousness, scattered around.

Review: What a complete waste of time and money!

On the whole an enjoyable film to watch on a wet Derbyshire early autumn afternoon

Fantastic and exciting piece of film.

The whole sadly feels like it has been written over one night when someone had a seemingly excitening idea for a movie, but - in all their eager to deliver a blockbuster - ended up with just another cliché packed box of garbage.

The dialogue is awful, extremely poorly written and the story is disjointed.

It's very boring, though once they start speaking with their British accents, it's just ridiculous.

The story is plain, unimaginative, the fight scenes are bland, something you wouldn't expect from a stunt coordinator anyway, the reason being the camera is held far too close to the action to be able to actually see anything taking place especially in the sword fight scenes, once again another director who has no idea what he is doing.

What was going through your mind as you wrote this poor, boring, mind blowingly (and numbingly) DULL and dreadful script!


This movie bored me to tears, for those that want to see a good movie, with a great story, lots of action; and good acting get Excalibur.

The plot is predictable, and a bit on the boring side.

Entertaining Overall .

The movie for me was a dull or poor one.

he is a playing a drunk dumb soldier with no real plot to stand on for being the way he is.