Outlander (2014) - Drama, Fantasy, Romance

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An English combat nurse from 1945 is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743.

IMDB: 8.4
Stars: Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan
Length: 64 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 63 out of 397 found boring (15.86%)

One-line Reviews (212)

Really liked the first season, but got really boring in the second season.

Too many scenes are very drawn out, like an emotional hammering in the event the viewer is a complete dolt.

: when Claire and Jamie part {seriously -I was expecting a long, drawn out parting, and felt robbed of what was such a STRONG part of the book.

But towards the end the show deteriorates into unwatchable torture porn.

Every episode in season 3 is beyond predictable.

Boring Nonsense .

Outlander is an emotionally charged and riveting new show, arguably one of the best that came out this year.

The premise is interesting, and the atmosphere well crafted, but the plot is completely predictable (she's going to show up the evil priest with her superior knowledge, etc.) and there is zero subtext.

"Blame", because I realize there are people out there who like these kind of boring, wet dreams, and I won't judge them.

It is just plain boring.

Riveting story line.

The Outlander production feels too episodic, too jarring, and too tiresome.

Some very slow episodes.

Also it was really slow going and I really got a little bored waiting for the big transformation to happen.

All adult watchers will find it enjoyable and will likely learn a bit of history along the way.

unexpected delight .

Outlander, good acting, but predictable ending.

We can´t create any kind of sympathy because there´s no storyline.

The series is enchanting, with thrilling action, lovely landscapes, attractive leads and a wonderful opening song.

Awe inspiring moments, happy and funny it keeps giving.

There was a bit of a slow down when Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) and Claire first returned to Scotland.

The writers have managed to eliminate much of what was fun and interesting about the characters in Season 1 and created whiny, boring and unattractive characters by the end of Season 3.

She seems cold, heartless, stark and uninteresting to me.

Then when it did happen it started to get pretty predictable what the main character was going to do.

Nothing happens, the protagonist is lost and without a goal.

Come to think of it, the plots throughout are pretty unlikely, but I still enjoyed it, much because of the subtle humor, and of course the landscapes, accents and costumes.

Claire is a boring self absorbed snob.

Well worth the watch...

I was hoping the pace would pick up and something interesting to happen but instead the pace gets slower with every episode.

For the same reason I quit reading that genre, I quickly grew bored with this series.

There are 8 episodes in the first series, and often times they seem slow and laborious.

Yet she misses the stupidly obvious fact that she is IN Scotland IN 1743 - just two years before the ever so slightly more well known '45 (Bonney Prince Charlie, Culloden, etc.).I know that this is clearly where we are going (probably around series 3, at a guess) so - for dramatic purposes - she cannot let the cat out of the bag in Episode 1, but you do wonder for how long she can maintain this yawning chasm in her historical knowledge going.


It was completely unnecessary to drag out the last few episodes and turned me off to the show.

I quite liked it at first but it is so repetitive....

Just watched S4 ep1 and barely cared and fell asleep.

Sorry Amazon there was no story line sadly, I don't want to spend an hour watching two people in bed, I wanted a story of what was going to happen next between them, it wasn't that convincing either of her reaction to his lodgings.

This all foretells an exciting year.

Seeing as how the show would get super boring, super fast once she got back, it will be interesting to see where they take it.

I think Frank/Jack Randall's portrayal by Tobias Menzies will also fit my vision of Frank/Jack and I think he can carry off both roles one as the wicked Jack and the other as the loving yet dull Frank (when compared to Jamie).

Based on Diana Gabaldon's amazing series of books with its wealth of detail, character development and evocative writing.

There's no story left to tell, it's just endless dramatics for the sake of it and fabricated and unrealistic obstacles which are purposefully built for Jamie and Claire to overcome to prove that they're true love when we've been told that repeatedly for 4 seasons.

There are so many exciting characters in this series, and this is all I'm going to say, no spoiler here.

The second season dragged a bit in parts, but was enjoyable enough.

Is the series worth watching?

The boredom drove me to reading reviews to see if anyone shared my opinion.

If you like to watch something exciting I think you're not going to like this one.

Well, once Claire gets to know Jamie and his heaving pecs a bit then it's so long to boring English husband and his stuffy history books.

Quite boring .

I found myself skipping scenes and fast forwarding a lot because it was boring and frankly, disturbing.

It's tiresome and dull.

Must say it is a very exciting series.

S4 is totally predictable and hypercrit, just being saint maria and political right is so pathetic.

Everything from the talented actors to the superb sets & costumes to the amazing writing & direction is compelling viewing.

I rated it a 7 only because I think it could be seen as entertaining for those who haven't read the books or those who don't care about fidelity to the book.

However I gave season 2 a chance and got halfway through and it just becomes sooooo repetitive that I lost interest.

Scotland is stunning.

I cannot emphasise enough how thrilling it is as a viewer to be treated like a fully-rounded and intelligent human being, equally capable of being swept away by a dreamy romance, and enduring unspeakable horrors - all within the same dramatic framework.

Brilliant, soulful acting, emotional depth, a lot of action and adventure, historically authentic (every little detail is recreated pedantically including the smells on set), visually stunning and heart- wrenching soundtrack.

It's still on the right track but obviously this immortal couple would have to face lot of unforeseeable but predictable hardships especially the shameless slavery endowed upon by the white Christians.

Otherwise, a waste of time.

Worst Scots accents since Groundskeeper Willie make this unwatchable.

As much as I was drawn to the fascinating details of the era and Jaimie's chivalry acts as much as I was horrified of the torture and senseless rape scenes.

Boring, boring.

Amazing show with history that can make you cringe and action that keeps you on the edge of the couch .

Why add a pointless story about a ring here when the ring is a plot point later in the book?

Initially, an interesting story with some expected but some unexpected moments.

The slow pace the show took created a solid base to amp up the drama, relate to the characters, and set up the era.

We're on Starz so even if I find sex boring I expect to see it there.

Although the show puts in place a strong foundation, and presents a superb opportunity to see a story develop that permits it to showcase the fascinating historic events of that period, and exploit the lead characters perspective with her added insight gleaned from being born 200 years later and exposed to antibiotics, air travel, the radio, petrol, etc, all of this seems missed by the writers.

Very Enjoyable .

There's been little action (apart from several rather awful sex scenes) and many scenes have been dragged out well beyond what was necessary.

The plot: at the end of WW2, Claire, an English nurse freshly removed from the carnage of British Army hospitals, travels to the Scottish Highlands with her nice but bland English husband who is doing historical research on the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion.

An enjoyable combination of romance, and fights and full of villainy, battles and heroism .

This show made fall in love with this unique story, intriguing characters and the my first romance show .


I watched about 14 episodes and got bored because it's just a soap now

Entertaining, complex and magic.

It's very gripping and moving TV series.

It's a familiar cliche' that already had been repeated over hundred thousand times, so it's very critical this serious may not fall into the same old same old already overly used and written format like before.

So if you like - rape fantasies - perfect heroes - boring villains - or the Scottish accent then this series is for you.

It may be that the tempo is a bit too slow for my liking.


It's really the most intriguing concept in Sci Fi.

I am half through the 4th season and I am planning to stop watching it any further, it's getting very boring.

Predictable romance .

It's just boring.

I am once again fully immersed in the show, and it is a wonderful follow up to the book.

In this series you may expect fascinating elements, such as:The flattest villain of them all (unlike the awesome villain of another starz series, "Da Vinci's Demons") who tries to rape the damsel after exactly 97 seconds during their first encounter.

And, frankly, tedious and somewhat (quite a bit?

Overal, it's a really enjoyable historical drama.

The predictable, orderly progression of romance genre plotting that in this case never ends - just keeps repeating.

It's a fascinating period of British history and on the whole, the series doesn't take too many liberties with historical accuracy for the sake of the story.

I think the cinematography of this series is stunning costumes realistic for period drama and a very interesting concept for a story made more so by the real life history of parts of the story.

If you're not into that, then it's rather boring.

But it is boring.

The story is a bit boring and not greatly filmed, and the actors will never win any awards, that's for sure.

She is boring, mouthy, sarcastic, disdainful, pouty, over-judgmental.

Don't waste you time on this utter nonsense, you have been warned, blooming awful.

The event development lacks something to make it more exciting and honestly a bit predictable.

Although I have only seen the first episode so far, I have to say I really enjoyed it.

I also find the looooong whispery sex scenes a bit boring and 50 shades of gray in the middle ages.

I concluded that most of the positive reviews are probably propaganda to boost ratings.

Male or female, either one really, neither should be considered entertaining.

The pace of the show is slow, which I particularly enjoy.

In an age saturated with incredible television I realize I might have been a little spoiled so that the awkward and repetitive internal monologues are especially grating.

SEASON 2 excellent loved it, the finale is breathtaking I cant wait for Season 3 which is being released on 10th September.

The further we went with the show, the more riveting, and beautiful Outlander was.

I expected to like Outlander but it is slow, boring, and overly dramatic.

boring, primitive entertainment.

Pure trash, save your money and time...

Claire doesn't fit any mold that he's used to, and that's exciting.

its OK if you're a female and want to flick your sen off but for a bloke it is boring!!

I love this show and would have given it 10 out of ten but it does get a little to slow at times.

While the books are languid and go on forever, they are as I have already said, incredibly poetic.

Like I stated before the storyline is very intriguing, so don't be afraid if you have not read the book.

A superb adaptation worth watching again and again!

An exciting premise that mostly works .


This is smut and nothing else, except boring really.

Soppy, Cheesy & Dark but it's so riveting .

The locations, actors, music, costumes are stunning.

Instead it turns too quickly into a rather contrived romance between Claire and her captor beau (Jamie).

Beautiful and entertaining .

more like tedious filler.

I found myself getting bored, and my attention wandering.

The constant together and pulled apart between Jamie and Claire has grown stale and repetitive.

This show can put you in a very confusing Love/Hate scenario with so many of the characters, it's something that I have not experienced much with other shows.

Colorful and evocative series about a WWII nurse swept back in time to Scotland 1743 .

Thoroughly enjoyable TV series.

Shoddy story telling and unrealistic characterizations of people in this series made it tedious to watch.

A simple entertaining idea it pays to keep at the forefront

And found myself trapped in a story about human relationships that is timeless and at the same time immersed in impeccable researched historical fiction.

enjoyable interesting .

Unexpected: seamless writing, pacing and editing for the genre.

Seeing it played out on screen was exciting.

It's a predictable formula...

I have read the books and watched the series, I have to say I'm very impressed with how it's done, even though that rape scene in season one was hard to watch and might be unnecessary but it did its job to make it intense and complete the series, it shows what kind of profound love Claire and Jamie have after all the things happen between them.

And I'm bloody glad I did because the series by far: Stunning.

Thrilling (what will happen next), action ( sword fighting), old school British, a fantastic combination of music and story, heartwarming crying feelings moment and more.

So it is very suspenseful and very dynamic.

Firstly, let me state, I am a 64 yr old male, from Scotland, who is an avid fan of the Outlander books, and not easily, or usually, impressed by film adaptations of my favourite books, much less the lower-budget, less accomplished, TV versions I've watched all of the first half-series, and can now say that I'm mightily impressed by the entire production so far The casting has been perfect, with both Jamie and Claire having just the right level of good looks and charm, without it turning into that ludicrous Hollywood glamour, which would spoil the whole earthiness needed to portray the characters as 18th century ScotsSpecial mention going to Tobias Menzies as Frank/Jack Randal - What a sympathetic husband, and what an utter scumbag of a soldier - He nails it The accompanying cast of highlanders and soldiers are beautifully cast, and the direction, through different in style from episode to episode, has carried the book's plot faithfully and with great artistic flair The music and scenery are both exquisite; showing Scotland at it's most powerful, and gloriously pretty I do feel sorry for those who've labelled it as merely being "cheap erotic fiction" - they obviously haven't read the books, or really watched enough of the story in its entirety to "get it in context" It's an adult love story, and is portrayed as such - and all the better for it Yes, it's both sexy, and rather violent too, in parts, but so is the series of books It is also historically fascinating, has a highly complex plot structure, multi-dimensional characters who aren't the usual hackneyed clones that mainstream cinema thrives on, and a sweeping saga which spans many decades; even centuries Those who have slagged it & put it down, have totally missed the pointTheir loss My wife and I are loving it, and found episode eight to be an absolute jawdropper of a finale to the half -series Can't wait for the rest Bring it on!!

Claire has become insufferable, self important and boring while Jamie has become a shell of himself, both characters losing that something special along the way.

Kinda tiresome to watch these two crap too often.

It doesn't forward the story, make the point better, or make the story more enjoyable to watch.

I really don't want to get into details and spoilers but I hope that the rest of the season stays as good as it is and speeds thing a up a bit, since it's kind of slow at the moment.

Getting boring .

Anyway, the show is still entertaining enough to keep watching, tho I do find myself scrolling my phone a lot at the same time.

Seasons 1 and 2 were fantastic - beautiful cinematography, luscious landscapes, rich in culture (particularly Scottish culture), great costumes, compelling love story, intriguing drama and likeable characters.

This shows is breathtaking and shall please all viewers.

When three rape scenes per episode became the Outlander's main topic, it started to repulse me and bore me.

Compare Outlander to Penny Dreadful, which aired about the same time, and which during most of the episodes I felt like I was holding my breath, they were so intense and powerful.

but again its just entertaining adventure at some points.

The lead female actress possesses poor acting ability and delivers all lines in all circumstances in the same whisper like monotone.

I couldn't continue with it, nothing was happening, accents were very forced, slow and deliberate.

The cinematography is breathtaking and the accents take you right to Scotland where its filmed.

In the beginning the show had some "adventure" going on but after episode 8 it starts to get really repetitive.

The first dull hour I watched only had enough story for twenty minutes of film at best.

One of them is a handsome, sensitive soul who tempts her away from her marriage and the mundane domestic existence she left behind.

Based on the masterfully written novels of Diana Gabaldon, the tv series, "Outlander" is a beautiful and compelling concoction of time-travel, history, and an epic love-story, accompanied by spectacular photography, music, costuming, directing, production and unforgettable actors!

Further, in both instances the show does a poor job making a compelling case for her desire to go to such risks to impact either.

What got off to a slow start kept me interested with the inclusion of time travel, burly men I wanted to believe I could become and a decent love story of two souls from different times - literally.

The slowest moving series ever!

Colorful, evocative and brilliant cinematography from Neville Kidd, Martin Fuhrer, Denis Crossan, using modern digital cameras which handly low light conditions that allowed to shot candelet and low lights scenes.

There are some moments (impossible for there not to be given the location) but so much is just grey, bleak, drab and flat.

Watching the story unfold,from the first minute till the last was thrilling!

Ron Moore's pod-casts are very enjoyable if you want to learn more about his creative process.

Mind numbingly boring .

The story is fascinating.

The acting is nuanced and superb, the scenery breathtaking, and the attention to historical detail in dress and speech transports the viewer to a past time that seems so real we can readily imagine ourselves there.

Although this kind of story is not my cup of tea - it's as daft as science fiction, vampire and super-heroes stuff - I admit that it's very well made, gripping and the cast are excellent.

Less Claire being so dramatically emotional, starts to get boring .

Not the best, but entertaining enough .

There are far too many sex scenes and they are awful and extremely long, it surly makes the show boring and rather unwatchable if i wanted sex scenes id watch porn

I can see why bearing in mind what was happening but odd to use the device in that way and it interrupted being immersed in the action.

So slow.

so overall it could be good but it's not, sadly it's boring.


You Wonder, you feel frighten then you Wonder more 😊 but after i just get bored and never thougt about it again.

Dramatic, romantic and thrilling.

Although I think it has a beautiful photography, great actors and it's quite well directed, but this is a drama so the rythim is pretty slow, so if you are looking for something really exciting or some action this is not the right place for you.

The show tells a full story with memorable characters and exciting plot lines and intelligent writing.

To make things more confusing, she wanders about until she sees Redcoats who are chasing someone and shooting their rifles.

It is a little slow, at times, in the telling, mainly because of the long and excessive love scenes of the starring couple.

Again, the repeated again and again love-making scenes are the only thing that made me feel tiresome, because they are the only thing that might be a bit over the top too much.

pretty boring .

It was a pointless soft porn episode and does not do this great series justice.

Regardless of my unanswered concerns it is still a smart and entertaining series.

Thank goodness I was bored enough one day to check it out.

The concept is fascinating.

Also, the accents of some of the characters, and the way they quietly speak (almost mumble)their lines, made it difficult to follow what little dialog there was.

It's fascinating to see how someone from the future thrown into the past, although the main character is not the typical idiot and is extremely intelligent, dealing with the basics!

Well crafted and riveting .

At 16 episodes, this show is far too slow and dragged out to successfully work.

There are so many plot holes, stupid incidents, silly events, irrational stories, long repetitive dialogs, meaningless scenes, too much use of sex, sickening love show and ...

What he does to Heughan's character Jamie Fraser, at the end of the season is both sickening and fascinating.

The series began so well but season 4 has been such a drag and outright bore.

Nothing raised alarms, and everything seemed to be fitting perfectly into what I thought was going to be an intriguing new series to watch.

Also, the setting of the rustic Scottish countryside was absolutely breathtaking.

Much more fascinating than the weeks spent trying to learn playing the guitar.


It is so worth watching and deserves award recognition.

What started out as very interesting has become mundane.

When I first started watching Outlander, I fell absolutely in love with it: the premise was so fascinating, the cinematics were gorgeous, the music, the landscapes, the Scottish language and accents.

The exciting story of time travel, history, romance and war was depicted far beyond even what I had imagined .

Tedious, Ponderous, Clichéd, Pretty Series .

After the first episode, which held much promise, I started reading the novels which, despite flaws in research and formulaic repetition of plot, I've found enjoyable and within 5 weeks was onto book 5 where I remain as the story begins to lag and indulge and dwell on insignificant detail.

The plot is an incredibly cliché mix of young adult fantasy and harlequin romance.

Unexpected to those who'd only seen the TV show, Outlander separates the lives of the two main characters for the first few episodes, heavily building up to their much awaited reunion.

Zzxxxxxxxxx zzzzzzzzzz

Highly recommend it.

It's just so boring.