Over the Top (1987) - Action, Drama, Sport

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Tough trucker Lincoln Hawk is determined to win back his son and triumph at the world arm wrestling championships.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Menahem Golan
Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Robert Loggia
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 14 out of 142 found boring (9.85%)

One-line Reviews (61)

If they wanted to make a movie about one of the most boring sports out there, then this would be it.

Directed by Menahem Golan the director of Delta Force, these action movies are sublimely stunning.

The names and the one liners definetly make this movie worth watching.

Highly enjoyable Stallone flick...

Seriously, I know this film is not going to be listed on the AFI Top 100 anytime soon, but it is downright entertaining (see "fun"), and heartwarming.

There are some cheesy points and teary eyed moments but overall it's still an entertaining and filled with enough action & drama to keep people interested.

Over The Top is such a bland movie.

I really like to see kids in the movies and I like some kids movies but in this movie we can see simply boring and annoying kid, who definitely can't act.

After Rambo and Rocky movies, Stallone must have seen this film as a way to showcase his acting ability with a more sensitive and thoughtful family piece but really this film is far from being anything new and is just a fairly clichéd and uninspiring sentimental drama.

One word to sum it up: Yawn.

Also as they journey across the USA in Slys truck some of the scenery is stunning.

Otherwise it is a well-known story, solidly told and entertaining enough to keep you from boredom most of the time, even though you can feel the age.

It fails and said to be his worst movie.

, and i thought the arm wrestling sequences were very exciting!

An enjoyable and silly film .

but all in all, this is a movie worth watching only if you are a fan of Stallone's work.

The arm-wrestling championship was really entertaining, and some of the guys there were really cool.

There are some nice moments in the movie involving father and son, but sometimes can get quite contrived.

Story was stupid, predictable and lame.

All in All this was an entertaining film which made my day.

Noted scenarist Stirling Silliphant of "In the Heat of the Night," and Stallone penned this thinly plotted but engaging chronicle.

i really enjoyed it and it made me laugh, cry, and root!

Golan does everything that he can to make the arm wrestling scenes appear intense with Sergio Leone-like choker-close-ups of the participants clenching their teeth and gritting it out.

This is mainly a movie about arm-wrestling but it's quite exciting as well.

warm, funny, exciting.

Soundtrack is okay, and it has a real Sunday afternoon movie feel to it, but its all good predictable family fun.

Enjoyable flick .

Whatta Bland Movie .

I enjoyed it.

Not to mention, the script is extremely formulaic and cheesy.

Overall, 8/10 - very nice music, composed by maestro Giorgio Moroder, corny but suitable for this material acting (altrough kid was mehh..), very predictable plot, and arms wrestling championship, when everything comes at the end to glory of fingertips literally.

4,2 out of 10 (only because it was enough entertaining to me 13 years ago).

It's dull.

The rest of the film isn't as bad as some people say, Stallone's performance isn't dreadful, but the premise just gets boring over the length of the movie.

This is a typical Stallone film with a typical Stallone script, which is exactly why I enjoyed it so much.

The view of the Pampas was very boring, but it was a real challenge compared to the boredom this movie evoked.

Despite Nothing Nice To Say, Still an Enjoyable Film .

The whole plot was way too boring to actually follow and the kid and Sly's acting were just as bad.

It's flaws make it even more entertaining, it's hyperactive attitude makes it brilliant, and it's corny script makes it work like magic!

What's more boring than watching live arm wrestling?

On the plus side, the film kept me somewhat entertained, and even though the end result of the tournament was painfully obvious, I found the arm wrestling scenes to be very enjoyable.

Far from Stallone's best (look at the Rocky franchise for that), but still entertaining enough to hold a spot on anyone's collection.

Sure enough arm wrestling was thrown in, in a contrived way and that basically took the movie off into another direction and tried to balance the father son aspect.

He matches muscles with some of the game's gargantuan greats - and grips you tightly with a rousing finale in crowd-pleasing Rocky style.

But although it's all terrible, it instantly becomes sort of entertaining.

Sylvester Stallone is AMAZING as always, and is amazing here, he is incredibly likable, witty had wonderful chemistry with David Mendenhall, is intense at times, did excellent in his emotional scenes, and showed a ton determination to keep his son i loved that!

It very entertaining!

Predictable but fun, with an absorbing father-son story at its heart .

Possibly the most boring film of all time.

"Over the Top" (1987) is an enjoyable flick.

" The story was heart-warming the action was suspenseful, even the acting was top notch.

but i really really enjoyed it.

An entertaining Stallone movie is watchable for the right and wrong reasons.

It is so sappy that adults with an emotional intellect above a fifth grade level will laugh at the contrived drama and soap opera-ish acting from all participants.

Lincoln Hawk is a lonesome trucker who is trying to get his life in order having walked out on his wife and son about twelve years ago.

The strange thing is, even though it is not at all my type of movie, I still really enjoyed it.

The arm wrestling scenes were pretty cool and exciting and I thought the plot of Lincoln Hawk trying to make up for lost time with his son was pretty good as well.

However, in the film's favor, I did get a lot of ironic entertainment value out of how mind boggling awful it is.

Waste of my life.

And it manages to do it all in a very entertaining way, given the fact that it's about what a sport that you would think could only be boring, but the film manages to make look exciting...

You see, it features an arm-wrestling trucker (Stallone) who for the first time in his life is looking after his twelve-year old son – Stallone walked out on his family for some unspecified reason.