Overboard (1987) - Comedy, Romance

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A cruel but beautiful heiress mocks and cheats a hired carpenter. When she gets amnesia after an accident, he decides to introduce her to regular life by convincing her they're husband and wife.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Garry Marshall
Stars: Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell
Length: 112 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 18 out of 139 found boring (12.94%)

One-line Reviews (83)

However it is an enjoyable family comedy and I definitely recommend it to anyone.

It is an old-fashioned romantic comedy that is entirely predictable.

But the ending is predictable, it´s just one of those prince-gets-his-princess-endings.

Therefore I found that entertaining and I think it deserves a 7.

You are so godd**n bored, you have to INVENT things to b**ch about!

The actors do pretty well in their rolls and the story though clichéd is still quite enjoyable and funny.

Now in Europe adding Roman numerals after your name is regarded as a ridiculous affectation for anyone who is neither a Pope nor a reigning monarch, and even in America it generally serves as standard Hollywood shorthand for "pretentious snob".

So if the story was already a bit cliché, on top of it, the movie has a standard romantic comedy structure to it with a liar-reveal bit at the end, when Kurt's actions are brought to light and the woman has to listen to a sad music soundtrack for a little bit to figure out that she forgives him.

Nothing here folks, just a boring movie about a rich spoilt woman who loses her consciousness in an accident and ends up marrying a redneck and his family.

It is truly funny, entertaining, and showcases some good actors and the way good movies used to be made.

This is one of the funniest and most enjoyable movies I have ever seen!

Enjoyable romantic comedy, run completely by Goldie Hawn .

Roddy McDowall is his usual entertaining self as the butler of the yacht and Katherine Helmond plays the rich biyatch's mother.

Some great comic moments with a sweet, if somewhat predictable, ending.

"Overboard" is a really enjoyable fun rollicking film and enough if taken on its own unambitious terms.

It was extremely enjoyable to watch!

This is funny and enjoyable and a good showcase for the stars.

This movie was good and enjoyable, though I didn't like it as much as i'd hoped.

Not much more to say, just that I highly recommend it for some good laugh

The end was pretty good and unpredictable.

+Hawn & Russell's chemistry +Surprisingly a few laughs +Harmless-Supporting characters are pathetic -Too long -Predictable -A bit too unrealistic at times 5.6/10

Not Too Good, But Strangely Entertaining.

worth watching though.

Enjoyable romantic comedy .

Nothing here folks, just a boring movie about a rich spoilt woman who loses her consciousness in an accident and ends up marrying a redneck and his family.

The movie is extremely predictable.

The predictable event happens so watch and see and don't watch the butchered television version either.

As expected hilarity and confusion ensues.

Well worth watching more than once.

Admittedly, the ending was somewhat predictable but even so I enjoyed it for the most part and have rated it accordingly.

Entertaining .

The final moments are well done, however, and Hawn's energy is always engaging.

There are quite a bit of unexpected twists and turns along the way.

But the heart of this snob turned sweetheart story is relayed with such charm and grace by Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel, and supported by such a strong cast (Roddy McDowall among others), that it is enjoyable none-the-less.


An enjoyable romantic comedy which succeeds only because of it's irresistible and energetic cast.

Just minor squabbling, contrary differences the cliched slow love dance and from there the shock value changes to a growing romance.

As expected hilarity and confusion ensues.

The plot is contrived and unlikely in synopsis, and as scripted by Leslie Dixon it never really overcomes basic flaws in credibility.

The duo manages to take a banal script and made it at least watchable by making us care for the characters and playing it like it meant something genuine.

I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to smile.

If you haven't seen this film, I highly recommend it!

But when seen as a whole in a much larger spectrum, OVERBOARD is a template of a well-worn story that packs a familiar plot, complete with entertaining scenes, romantic suspense taken to the hilt, and characters we've seen in some form or other who represent archetypes more than real people.

It's simplistic, has great acting, an enjoyable cast with wonderful stereotypes and is from start to finish enjoyable.

As expected hilarity and confusion ensues.

Pure fluff, but thoroughly entertaining.

He lands a gig on Joanna Stayton's yacht, an affluent, spoiled and absolutely stunning princess.

Hilarious, adventurous, fun, entertaining, and a great story.

The playful conventional humour of the children, the enjoyable Kurt, the facial expressions of Hawn are amazing and make for a great plot.

At times the story can appear predictable and perhaps blown out of a realistic context, especially the ending.

A broad family comedy, almost of the sit-com ilk, it has some funny moments and is undemandingly entertaining throughout.

Nothing here folks, just a boring movie about a rich spoilt woman who loses her consciousness in an accident and ends up marrying a redneck and his family.

Good if predictable .

Loosely inspired by the 1974 Italian film Swept Away, 'Overboard' is a throughly entertaining film, that offers some genuine fun.

Recommended, very entertaining.

So on the basis of being enjoyable and fun to watch I give "Overboard" a 9.

It's entertaining and uplifting and a great way to spend a couple of hours.

For those nights when you have absolutely nothing to do, this predictable, pointless comedy will fill the time nicely.

But, even if the ending is predictable, it´s still a great movie, that can be watched over and over again.

I found the opening scenes with him fixing her shelves to be borderline unwatchable with a few pity laughs here and there for how weak the acting was.

The acting was OK (nice to see Roddy McDowell again) and Russell and Hawn were very good (that's why I'm giving this a 6) but overall I was bored.

Overboard is kinda cute, sure it's predictable and formulaic, but it's still somewhat entertaining.

But when Hawn and Russell are back at the home and with the rest of the family, it works as a pretty entertaining chick flick.

The movie's nothing great, but it's entertaining enough and, almost, inspiring in that it makes you believe in the power of redemption for ANYONE.

I enjoyed it thouroughly!

All in all a very recommendable and highly enjoyable movie.

I also found the kids unbearable.

I never really laughed out loud during the movie but I sat through the whole movie with and involuntary smile on my face because of the cute dialog and the slow change in the characters.

It is truly funny, entertaining, and enlightening.

The only positive quality I can think of - it is entertaining.

Every aspect of this story is entertaining.

She and her husband are traveling by yacht, and she is quickly bored.

Very enjoyable story.

Not rocket science, not thought provoking, not an immortal love story, just a fun romance and an entertaining way to spend a couple of hours.

this is a movie that I happen to think that a lot of kids of all ages will happen to enjoy, and this was a fun movie to watch and is worth watching over and over again.

Also you know how this story is going to end and this is far too long (almost 2 hours) for a comedy with this premise.

The couple are perfect in this film, and Goldie is stunning.

There are so many laughs along the way, so many unexpected turns, and it is such a good all-around movie with such a humorous plot and great story-line that ends so happily.

The film is clearly intended as a satire on the ways of the ultra-rich; there is a sharp contrast between Joanna's idle, pointless existence before her transformation and her fulfilling, useful life as a blue-collar housewife after it.

As "Annie" tries to regain her memory, Dean and his sons begin to like having a wife and mother figure around again and this situation leads to a delightfully entertaining journey of self-discovery and love.

Story wise, it is fairly predictable in every way possible no thanks to the direction.

One of those films that I can just watch again and again or whenever I'm bored.

Joanna Stayton is a rich socialite who sails into his quiet, uneventful life in Oregon, wrecks it, and subsequently finds herself on the receiving side of his anger when she falls overboard and lands in a community hospital, her face splashed over the morning news.