Overboard (2018) - Comedy, Romance

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After a spoiled, wealthy yacht owner is thrown overboard and loses his memory, a mistreated employee convinces him that he is her working-class husband.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Rob Greenberg
Stars: Eugenio Derbez, Anna Faris
Length: 112 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 53 out of 397 found boring (13.35%)

One-line Reviews (155)

Bored me to tears.

Def enjoyed it.

Ok so honestly this movie bombed so bad.. it's Spanish language overtakes the movie and it's unbearable.. nothing like the original and not funny in the least .

I just watched this as a whim on Netflix and really enjoyed it!

This movie is tedious, predictable, and dumb.

Left wing offensive propaganda .

I enjoyed the first Overboard movie with Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell; this movie with the new actors and slightly different plot was quite enjoyable to watch.

I'll admit, this movie was not a top end high rated movie, but it was still an entertaining movie with a predictable outcome.

I was initially, in the beginning parts of the movie, going to rate lower, but found the acting, and humorous (and intelligent at times) dialogue engaging.

However, it's executed with sufficient panache, that even the plot developments that one fully expects are enjoyable.

Enjoyable comedy.

Really enjoyed it.

"Overboard" 2018 is one of the worst movies I've ever seen, and I've seen "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

Faris is reminiscent of Goldie Hawn, though in the opposite role and there are enough similarities, even exact lines from and nods to the originally to make the movie fun and enjoyable.

The Latin flare is a great new twist but for a significant portion to be subtitled is really disjointed.

Worth watching if you are at a loose end.

This version was dull and plodding.

'Overboard' is not a movie I was looking forward to because it seemed like a pointless remake.

They have been spewing open man-hate propaganda for 15yrs now.

Another overtly politically cliche remake snoozer .

But this was pretty entertaining and very sweet!!

It was awesome and I highly recommend it to anyone in the health industry who is up for a meaningful adventure abroad!

So, even though the storyline is predictable, i.

It's an entertaining and funny movie.


This of course caused confusion at several points in a movie attempting to just replicate the original story.

Now this pampered playboy must perform menial tasks at home for Kate and labour intensive lawn work at his new job.

Worst movie ever and I love Anna Farris .

While it doesn't beat the original, I found this updated version to be cute, funny and engaging.

Seriously, Adam Sandler's worst movie is head and shoulders above this Mexican cocaine funded after school special.

But it was not bad, if they just talked slower, I could even learn little :-)Comparing with original from 1987, written by same writer, just with switched genders is inevitable.

"Overboard" is thoroughly enjoyable!

It's not fresh, witty or that enjoyable.

It was enjoyable comedy.

I found the soundtrack a little goofy, but the supporting roles are well cast with a few very intriguing sub-plots.

Go watch her in 'What's Your Number' opposite Chris Evans then compare it to this bland yuck....

Worst movie I ever wanted to love .

Save your money and watch the original.

The plot motors along to the same beat as the original which is why I enjoyed it.

throughly enjoyable.

If you waste your time and money to see this, you'll get exactly what you deserve.

Tired, Tiresome And Pointless .

On the downside, it is a little formulaic, often predictable and a bit schmaltzy.

Making fun of over the top telenovelas, or about the inability for people to work are just some of the pokes in store for this movie, and it's quite entertaining to watch.

Simple enjoyable and relaxing movie .

Quite enjoyable throughout.

Despite good performances from Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez, it's too predictable to recommend .

Pathetic PC attempt at a pointless Spanish language remake of areas movie .

Politically correct from beginning to end and only mildly entertaining.

A typical cliche love story between a rich spoiled man and a poor struggling single mom.

I did not see the original but this movie made me laugh, cry and I found it very entertaining.

Worst movie EVER!!.

Its 10000% predictable and not really funny when you see the joke coming before they deliver it.

They thoroughly enjoyed it and at the end, we all agreed it was wirth the time spent.

Eugenio Derves may as well have remained in his coma for all the energy he brings, but like Farris, he's given little to work with beyond laboured jokes and contrived situations, all painfully magnified by some mediocre direction and a witless script.

But like a slow start to a championship football game, the story rises to the occasion quickly and stays there.

Don't waste your time .

All in all a good movie for a boring night.

Just one of the worst movies out there.

This movie is predictable and not terribly realistic or original, but it sure is entertaining!

highly recommend it.

Very enjoyable film .

" You go to see a film like this, and as you gaze at the boring, leaden, absurd, lifeless train wreck up on the screen, you think, "This was made by Hollywood professionals who are all multimillionaires" and you think about your own bank account and nothing adds up and you decide you need to try absinthe.

I enjoyed it and would watch it again if it was on tv.

As I mentioned before, the story dragged along a few times - in my opinion, a couple "fluff" scenes could have been cut altogether.

The Pace: Remakes can sometimes feel like a drag depending on the direction they take, but surprisingly Overboard makes a nice go at keeping things entertaining.

Well worth watching.

I rate this 3 Since the original 1987 version I give it a 6 which is good enough so this one maybe half as good as the old one for some reasons like the main one is that this was boring also you know what's coming plus for that Spanish language I wasn't able to understand half of the movie so if you watched the original one just stick to it and don't watch this crap if you don't then also watch the 1987 version funnier and more enjoyable if you don't like watching classic old movies then don't watch either.

One of the worst movies of all time .

Dont waste your time.

But, the first 1/3 of the movie was completely boring and I struggled to get engrossed with the characters.

Don't waste tour time.

I really enjoyed it and, judging from it's reaction, the audience I was with did too.

In this version, the mother wasn't so funny, and the humor for the "father" was slow.

While the broad brushstrokes are often predictable, the film offers some subtle nuances which are unexpected.

Definitely worth watching if you love nostalgia.

This remake is uninspired, clumsy, unfunny and boring.

Sweet and very enjoyable .

I also found it surprisingly funny, sweet, heartfelt, and utterly enjoyable.

Totally enjoyed it .

Light-hearted comedy with some dull moments .

The plot is campy and predictable.

Absolutely loved the original and the remake is equally entertaining .

Mildly entertaining .

Hard to follow a movie when you don't understand what is being said.

When millenials do remakes, it's usually predictable and not really funny.

Wait for it to come out for free , don't waste your money ...

The movie overall was pretty bland.

It's not meant to be Shakespeare and it's not, but it's a gentle watch and I enjoyed it.

Is not an Oscar performance, but an enjoyable comedy!

This movie was so painful to watch we walked out at the 30 minute mark and I've only walked out of 2 other movies in my life!!!

Overall, a decent comedy, with enjoyable characters, which has also a lot of family moral, and will let you feeling happy at the end.

Of course a little predictable, some parts slow.

But it was reasonably entertaining.

Funny, light hearted and entertaining.

A good entertaining movie with simple ideas about love and life.

The pointless remake of the 1980s original, this update switches the genders of the antagonist and protagonist with no comedic pay-off.

If you waste your time and money to see this, you'll get exactly what you deserve.

it's not as well put together as its predecessor, but within this remake is a fun, entertaining moral filled fest for the whole family.

The film has received mostly negative reviews from critics but I enjoyed it mostly.

and the premise was stupidly entertaining for a while.

This is formulaic in the basics: two people repel each other, fall in love, have a complicating development, profess love in some public, dramatic way and are reconciled.

But, the plot of the movie is so cliche just like so many other movies made in Hollywood.

Worst movie of the year .

1 out of 5 stars (one of the worst movies I've ever seen) I've been reviewing movies since 2005, and I've seen a lot of clunkers.

It is so predictable after certain point that you'd only wish it was over.

Whilst it was pro-feminist propaganda, no feminist would even enjoy it.

The inclusion of spanish or foreign language disjointed the movie in parts and felt like was watching a totally different movie.

Is a total waste of time.

really boring .

Fun, hilarious, and overall entertaining.

Predictable and flat nothing comedic about this film, a real yawnner.

While I can't call this a bad comedy, it is a predictable and stale one.

The 3 girls are "Canadian cute" and I might even have to buy this one, which is an amazing statement for a movie the critics called stupid and boring.

This movie was cute little fun movie for when you're bored on a Sunday night and wanna watch something funny bc you just watched a scary movie.....

Our family thoroughly enjoyed it.

This film was horrible and the drab script added nothing to Anna's comedic talent.

It was entertaining, touching and funny,(even hubby laughed which is rare!

Good enjoyable film with plenty of laughs.

Dont waste your time and money.

It was a torture to me.

I thoroughly enjoyed it!

People need to stop hating on this great entertaining film.

It was a sweet, entertaining and almost retro (70s?

-a bit predictable, but funny and entertaining.

I really enjoyed it .

I'm warning you skip this and don't waste your money .. bet the Latinos will be happy this movies a bust !

What a waste of time .

Congratulations Overboard remake for being the worst movie I ever wanted to love.

I left the theater having enjoyed a movie without feeling like I had been hit over the head with a volume of Shakespeare or that I was left hanging waiting for the sequel or that somehow I was to know the deep dark secret the director wants me to know...

It was stupid, predictable and unbelievable.

Very enjoyable.

The two main actors are very bad, the plot is predictable, you don't really get the feeling of the movie, it never makes you think she is really poor.

So i really enjoyed it.

Of course it is predictable.

Disjointed .

But Derbez scenes with the kids are enjoyable, and Eva Longoria does steal some scenes has Faris best friend, and some side characters are pretty funny to watch.

Very entertaining!.

First and foremost, I thought this movie was going to be one of those that I would fall asleep after a long day at work.

The set up Took way too long.

Eclectic cast, but really enjoyable, quirky and off the wall funny!

He is dull in many parts.

I rate this 3 Since the original 1987 version I give it a 6 which is good enough so this one maybe half as good as the old one for some reasons like the main one is that this was boring also you know whats coming plus for that Spanish language I wasn't able to understand half of the movie so if you watched the original one just stick to it and don't watch this crap if you don't then also watch the 1987 version funnier and more enjoyable if you don't like watching classic old movies then don't watch neither

Even my husband enjoyed it .

But it's an enjoyable nod to the original.

I was so excited to see this movie, but it was a waste of my time.

I loved it, enjoyed it with my sis and had a great time!

:(Hopefully, she finds something that compliments her comedy/acting style better and avoids predictable garbage in the future.

With that said, the new Overboard has some touching moments and a few fun performances, even if it's ultimately about as predictable and forgettable as you can imagine.

Light Hearted Enjoyable Film .

He summarily fires a chef, whose food is boring and refuses to pay a carpet cleaner who refuses to kowtow to his whims.

All in all, if you want to have a nice, enjoyable evening with your friends or family, I would really recommend watching this movie.

I was really glad because I really enjoyed it

For me this 2018 remake was far more enjoyable.

It was fun and entertaining.