Overlord (2018) - Action, Adventure, Horror

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A small group of American soldiers find horror behind enemy lines on the eve of D-Day.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Julius Avery
Stars: Jovan Adepo, Wyatt Russell
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 104 out of 606 found boring (17.16%)

One-line Reviews (428)

Despite starting in strong and intense fashion with a well-directed opening act, the film loses its way with a very poor screenplay and a painful lack of character depth, making it a less-than-engrossing watch throughout, even if it does save itself at times with entertaining action and a likable lead performance.

Much better than boring superhero films with too many special effects.

The transition period is just boring and stupid.

The protagonist is flawless and boring as hell.

It was thoroughly entertaining from start to finish.

But then they hit the village and the movie turns into one of the most boring, predictable, unrealistic (yes, even for a zombie movie) movies I've seen this year.

The film is not without it's painfully goofy and predictable moments, and I certainly wish it was a lot scarier, but it passes as a wildly entertaining, genre-blending popcorn thriller.

You've seen all these characters before, but the performances themselves are adequately engaging.

This has to be one of the most boring "action" films I've seen so far.

As for the real parts of this they were breathtaking and gruesome and had me saying thankfully I was never put in the position to experience war.

Final verdict: Just entertaining.

Really enjoyed it.

When the action finally comes, it's still boring and predictable.

No plot.

It does slow down in the second act of the movie were they spend a great amount of time in Chloe's home.

Waste of money.

Even if it's a little predictable at times.

Boyce is the greenhorn of the crew and while Boyce comes across as a little naive, Jovan does a good job of portraying his horror and confusion at how the events of this movie unfold.

It gets really boring hearing the same things over and over for 80 years.

Dont shy away by the cheap sounding zombie story, because this movie is first most a serious, thrilling world war II movie.

backsound department makes every scenes in high tense to be enjoyable, you may got medium jumpscare.

Easy to understand, brutal, gruesome, intense, scary and the actors were fantastic!

It is loud and the intensity really put you on the edge.

Mostly boring, all talk and no action after the start.

However, it might be too much on the horror, thriller and drama side and also too intense, thus after a while I was reeling from the blood and gore, and feeling disgusted.

entertaining alt.

The early results are surprisingly positive, if perhaps a little confusing in terms of expectations.

Aside from a bit of a slow paced and slightly clunky first act Overlord is a blast.

It's like they got halfway through a WWII movie, got bored with it, did some acid and came up with a whole new second half.

Don't waste your time.

I rate it a 7, not because it's a good movie, but it's a pretty damn entertaining one.

Breathtaking horror and action scenes, the kind of which will take you to the edge of your seats.

The movie was entertaining and was paced well.

Thoroughly enjoyable zombie-war film mashup .

Good, but a bit boring .

Cliché galore .

The drop zone sequence kept me on the edge of my seat, with the great visual style and the fantastic sound mixing.

I was on the edge of my wits in the beginning acts.

it's action packed and although this type of movie has been made before, i still am glad i watched it.

Nonetheless, Overlord is enjoyable for its bare features: shooting, explosions, gruesome deaths and even some pseudo-zombies thrown into the mix.

The thousand year Reich concept has really never been played with by Hollywood, and due to its layer of truth, it could be such an intriguing basis for a plot.

This was exciting and entertaining all the way through.

Starts out as a normal war movie, but slowly spirals into a spooky AND thrilling, gore fest rampage with some German zombies.

This unpredictable film surprised me in so many ways.

The second act was slow and it seemed a bit lengthy.

But speaking of bad or at least confusing decisions, I didn't understand why the leader character is black.

The opening sequence was intense.

Ok i wasnt sure if i even wanted to see this at first but then i showed up early for a showing of the grinch and i went to see this and while it wasnt perfect it was a tre good time i felt this movie was very fast moving and action to the core but i truly enjoyed it i got to see two good movies this weekend

It's not being over the top when you say the first 10 - 20 minutes of Avery's film are some of the most thrilling and dazzling of the last 12 months, with the audience given barely a moment to breathe as the films stunning opening set-piece takes place and we launch out of an under fire carrier plane with Jovan Adepo's Boyce and his fellow soldiers.

Make no mistake this movie is a fairly brainless popcorn film, but it was an entertaining one.

The whole plot is very predictable and made me think this was a remake of 'Universal Soldier'.

It's fast moving full of action and entertaining

The main problem is that it's told from the perspective of some dull kid soldier.

The ending I felt was kinda silly but still entertaining.

It looks absolutely stunning and is equally terrifying, especially with the excellent sound design.

Whether you're into an action sequence, a comedy bit, or on the edge of your seat to see who will make it out alive, there's absolutely no downtime.

As predictable as it gets .

Julius Avery provides a captivating and intense rollercoaster of genres and tones, delivering a film with very different levels of entertainment due to the many styles present.

The thing is that the basic story is predictable.

what a waste of money.

As a whole it does the job of delivering a gripping thriller, surprisingly easy to follow plot, solid acting, and consistent pacing.

backsound department makes every scenes in high tense to be enjoyable, you may got medium jumpscare.

Great Entertaining Movie .

No plot twist.

This is a solid obvious but thoroughly enjoyable B movie.

Cliché movie .

Quality- The film is visceral, gory, realistic, and intense.

You are in for a ride with lots of well executed action sequences, breathtaking ones in war and zombies.

But despite its mistakes it is a good, enjoyable popcorn movie.

Wyatt is an excellent actor here & gives one hell of an intense performance & truly steals the show in my opinion he is just fantastic on screen & at times i honestly thought i was watching Kurt Russell that's how much he looks & sounds like his father as well as being a fantastic intense actor too, Ford is a great character & wyatt completely becomes him with such intensity & conviction i was smiling.

There were some genuinely compelling fight/horror scenes in that final third.

Complete waste of time.

I went to see this with my love of war movies with a hint of something disturbing going on,it's a film that it won't be everyone's taste,but I really enjoyed it.

These scenes with the kid are a direct rip-off from a scene in "Jaws"; they're strictly a formulaic means to make people like the movie.

Not great, but slightly entertaining .

What makes it worse is abandunce of cliches like everywherw, again making ALL actions predictable.

OK so this really is not a zombie movie that doesn't really give anything away but it is an excellent well done movie well acted the beginning alone is worth the price of admission But I'm biased though because I love anything the JJ Abrahms's a part of hes the greatest in the world for action movies and understands how to make them exciting and fun and funny to in parts

Both extremely effective, and always entertaining.

The only thing that matters is that the movie has to be entertaining because in this genre that's what you're looking for, easy entertainment.

Avery has a clear eye for action, and gore hounds will thrill at the levels of gruelling carnage on display towards the chaotic, ridiculously entertaining finale.

High expectations cus of reviews and i love a good b-movie but this turned out to be a boring one.

The initial scene is very engaging, it transmits that desperation and fear; And with very good moments.

Fast paced, lots of action and great character depth.

scarce and uninteresting .


Entertaining it is .

I'll admit, I had a good time at this movie, for most of it, even when the scenes were dumb and hard to believe I enjoyed it.

Pretty good but the end so predictable.

Overall a fun watch and everybody in the room enjoyed it.

You get to see some cool stuff but I was actually a little bored and tired because it went on way too long.

Too slow couldn't be bothered to watch the end.

Tropes piled upon stereotypes piled upon predictable story elements randomly picked from a script writer's recycle binThe best I can say about this movie is that it opened well.

Even Wyatt Russell, usually a charismatic screen presence, is muted and humorless here among the equally dour supporting cast, and at 110 minutes, the whole thing is overlong and rather mundane.

I liked how the movie was very intense from the beginning it wasn't slow paced which made the movie not boring to watch, also the action scenes were entertaining to watch.

Would rate it as a waste of time.

It was action packed all the way through, filled with non stop action and edge of your seat tension,loved it!

I watched 'Overlord' without having seen its trailer or read its synopsis and it was, by all means, a thoroughly entertaining fare.

The only bummer I can think of is the film falls into the trap of a predictable final 30 minutes.

Most original zombie flick combining WWII and Zombies with stunning visuals .

It is intense and has some scary disturbing moments.

The opening sequence is completely intense and disorienting.

So I waited a while before plugging it in the player and go watching it, why, because I have seen so many positive reviews on flicks but mostly their pure propaganda or like people running out of theatres and stuff.

It's entertaining enough.

Not because the action scenes are necessarily done poorly, but it goes to show how little plot the film really has and how inferior everything else is to it, as well as simply proving itself to be boring.

In the end, Overlord shocked me with how much I actually enjoyed it.

It totally fit in with the feel of the movie and made a (potentially boring) cookie cutter zombie movie entertaining.

Entertaining movie, beastly at times.

Don't waste your time.

We don't waste any time on getting into this film.

It's formulaic and predictable.

But it was way too predictable and there was way too much Leftist narrative promoted for it to be anything special.

Entertaining schlock done on a big budget.

Spielberg / Nolan style of Screenplay but leaves an empty space .

Pretty soon the first supernatural elements show up, after which all hell breaks loose which makes this movie all the more entertaining.

After what seemed like about an hour and a half of boring meandering scenes I paused it to grab a drink and MY GOD, i was only 40 minutes in.

It sounds like an entertaining movie and it is.

Engaging thoroughly.

It was a pretty exciting bloody war movie for sure!

Its a great film that doesn't take itself too seriously and is exactly what the trailer suggests, an action packed visual delight that deserves to be seen.

Zombie super human strength wow JJ Abrams brings something new with thrilling experience.

The film, as I was expecting it to be, captivates you're attention, and yet it bores you at the same time, at least for the first hour.

The film is exciting.

The whole airplane scene was beautifully done, and then the first minutes in France are thrilling and full of atmosphere.

For A Pointless War.

Lets start with the germans, to be clear i am german and i am quiet used to american propaganda and how they portrait germans etc in movies.

The stuff I liked: The opening scene is very intense with some good camerawork and impressive visuals.

One shouldn't be bored watching, despise somewhat thin drama-elements.

Unoriginal, boring and about as scary as a newborn puppy.


Then it quickly slows to its meandering pace, with been-there-done-that scenes with added cheese and cliche characters, which start to wear your hopes for a fun big budget B-movie way he f down.

Highly recommended for any war movie fan or for anyone who wants to feel a kick in his gut, because this movie delivers TONS of suspense, with riveting action scenes on top.

That the lead character is a black infantryman\paratrooper ina mixed race battalion makes this, for me, unwatchable.

Where I think this film falls apart is on its plot and characters: they are pretty bland and uninteresting.

Despite all of my complaints, this movie was entertaining to say the least.

Although it's lacks some vital "genre" elements, but the film is entertaining with good special effects (if you enjoy WW I/WW II/Nazi period films with the horror/sci-fi element).

Overlord is an entertaining, WWII horror movie that delivers what it promises .

Many movies have tried to combine war films with horror films and failed but Overlord is one of the most balanced attempts at this gripping mixture.

Entertaining with flaws...

Totally absurd, but it's supremely entertaining nonetheless, and if a film manages to captivate its viewers in some way or another, then it succeeds.

We both scored this a 6 and would say if you're stuck for something to watch give this a go as its entertaining.

Interesting concept in an otherwise boring horror flick .

This surprisingly enjoyable film takes these rumours further and does so in a more war film than horror.

My wife was bored after about 15 minutes.

This was a reasonably entertaining movie.

"A Thrilling combination of Action and Horror" .

(+) simple story - not over-convoluted or pretentious (+) actors pull off a good job (+) make up and production design made some memorable spooky scenes (-) predictable plot - who dies, the ending, etc. (-) slow build up - skip the first 40 minutes if you're busy

Overlord: Enjoyable but contrived .

If Overlord had somehow managed to keep this pace, intensity and style up, Avery's film would be a dead-set undeniable gem but sadly the film unleashes its best too early as the film around it, whilst often entertaining and gloriously over the top, just never quite delivers the thrills, spills and chills like you'd wished it had done.

The action is for the most part enjoyable fun, and that's what I wanted from this movie: fun, which I got at times.

Despite this it's enjoyable enough take your brain out entertainment.

Actually found this film rather enjoyable.

Waste of time and money.

The opening scenes of the paratroopers entrance to the war-torn French countryside is a particular highlight for its chaotic, intense and disorientating depiction of what it must've been like for those who did the deed for real in WW2.

First of all the cast has been selected poorly,actors act horrificly,the dialogue between the characters are horrendeous and boring,characters personalities are stereo typical and the story arc makes no sense.

Wow color me impressed:) I went in with low expectations but from the adrenaline filled, edge of your seat opening I was hooked.

It is, however, a thoroughly entertaining mash-up of ideas rarely seen together.

It's a very intense movie with a lot of action throughout; it never has a moment where it calms down.

Intense, edging moments?

There are no dull moments, few lulls in the action, and enough scares to please.

It does fall into a number of Hollywood tropes, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Good film, engaging.

Action explosions..fast paced.

However the boring parts are boring and that's all you need to know at a quick glance.

The introduction of Wafner, the interrogation scene in the attic are both a little drawn out.

Avery's directorial graph is certainly cresting; he has made an entertaining sister-flick to the above-mentioned masterpieces.

Great cast, very enjoyable storylines and amazing graphics.

Opening in thrilling fashion with a claustrophobic and intense scene in a plane above the English Channel travelling to Nazi-occupied France, the film continues with in impressively chaotic and action-packed fashion over the rest of the first act, as the botched landing behind enemy lines leads to more and more problems stopping the regiment from completing their mission.

70 minutes of boring and 20 minutes 'meh'.

Riveting suspense.

That said, it's good at what it does, offering exciting war movie action with dashes of horror throughout.

Thoroughly enjoyable.

Unless, you are a fan of gore vision foliated as a big CGI fight sequence, unfortunately the banal and unnecessarily loud bloodbath will be the least of your concern.

I found it to be unoriginal, unrealistic and predictable.

Very entertaining.

the typical garbage movie bout nazi zombies but more subnormal and boring a total crap...


The opening to the film is very exciting, the plane scene is very intense and probably the scariest part of the entire movie.

this was very well made, darn well acted, great visual effects, and intense horror and suspense through the whole film.

I am rating "Overlord" a seven out of ten stars, because it was definitely an action-packed and adrenaline-filled movie, despite it turning out to not be a typical zombie movie - which I had expected.

The writing and the story wasn't that good it was average at best, The movie was predictable and it had too many clichés.

Overlord was an interesting blend of Horror and War, it was gritty and intense which made it a good 'edge of your seat' watch.

Ok intro was a good, intriguing one with good sfx all the explosions that get you to really feel for guys randomly dying far from home, although you did not have time to get to know them enough.

Would've been better at 1hr 10 minutes - slow build up with over-used gore.

Regardless, it was suspenseful almost constantly and the cg was awesomely realistic.

Sometimes you drive in your car and suddenly realize you've covered several miles without knowing how, well this movie gets you in a comparable way, it is so intense you hardly notice anything else but the movie, so gripping.

Julius Avery's vision and directing was incredible, making a great and entertaining movie.

But on the other hand, the film lacks exciting climaxes and innovations.

Make no mistake, this will not be nominated for any award, but I found it thoroughly enjoyable.

Going from such an intense opening act to a more slow-paced and dramatic story is a big downstep entertainment-wise.

It never holds your attention or keeps you guessing mostly because for the first 1 hour of the movie absolutely nothing happens.

Fun predictable plot.

It was the most boring movie I have watch lately.

Quite enjoyable for both war-movie and zombie-horror fanatics!

alright i can live with that, it was entertaining.

It literally started off as one of the most intense beginnings to a war movie that I've ever seen, and continued to be themed as a war movie.

What I've got however is an atmospheric, gripping and mysterious horror film with appropriate references to the horrors of the Second World War.

It's not as gory or as scary as one would hope for, I personally was hoping for something along the lines of John Carpenter's "The Thing," and while they did use mostly practical special effects, and while it is action packed, with a good story, decent characters, and some good horror moments, it definitely lacks enough to classify it mostly as an action thriller and not a horror.

if you like B-movies and/or noisy but empty horror, then "Overlord" is a good way to spend 102 minutes in front of the screen.

However, after 15-20 minutes all the hope for watching a decent movie fades away and it turns to a nonsense Hollywood cliche with a ridiculous predictable plot.

Unique and entertaining .

A bunch of eye rolls aside, it does have entertaining moments.

I went up to the screen as it ended and stretched my arms out and discovered it was leaving over 5 feet of empty screen on either side of the film and 2 feet on both the top and bottom.

I love his mystery box style of filmmaking, and the way he develops characters and creates engaging mystery/drama in movies.

I would recommend anyone to go see this film if they like hard-hitting intense action from start to finish.

Avery also has a good eye for action with how dirty and intense he makes it while still being playfully inventive.

The story is nothing special, its old repeated so many times nazi-zombi experiment now-boring plot.

Intense from Start to Finish .

This is not to say it was a terrible film, just long and drawn out with many missed opportunities.

This replacement of tension and terror with excitement feeds into the encounter with the sci-fi element, which certainly works in its classic originality as it produces some wonderfully hideous images, but again, the movie went for gripping fights and excitement rather than building anxiety, shock and horror.

To sum up we have a good interesting trailer but boring movie full of cliches, not a good horror nor action, expected more, hard to single out a couple of positive things.

This is my first review, and this film triggered me to do this, cause it was just mind blowing

Watch it on IMAX so you can feel how powerful and intense the sound design is.

Dislikes: For a horror film this was lacking in the zombies and monster that could've been added to the film with a bit more intense with hoarders of them, then this film would have been perfect.

It was intense and suspenseful for nearly its whole 1 hour 50 minute running time, allowing you to regather yourself for 20-25 minutes in the first half before getting back to the action and bloody violence.

Combining the war and horror genres, Overlord sets out to be an intense and frightening watch, and although it starts in rather strong fashion, it's a film that just doesn't have the depth or unpredictability to really grab you throughout.

Instead we have a super tame bore fest with the most annoying protagonist ever who cannot act at all.

The lead in to the story is far far too long, pointlessly underlining again and again in clumsy, brutal style, how evil the Nazi's are.

After a promising intro, half of the film is set in the French woman's boring attic.

Just throw in lots of jump scares, indestructible monsters, deus ex machina, pure good vs pure evil; every movie cliche in the book, and hope some of it sticks.

The slow reveal involves her Aunt, in which a strange lapse in logic occurs.

Great film and the people saying its slow probably love Transformers movies where every scene has action.

The opening 1/3 of the movie was a cliche per minute and almost totally ripped off from "Band of Brothers" Plus it was loaded with unrealistic things like black men serving in mixed race units, and a mixed unit with a black sergeant.

Enjoyable Film In Horror's Played-Out Zombie Genre .

Bore yourself to death.

A slow build up in the middle and a climatic battle with two mutated super soldiers and the bad soldiers.

The acting is solid along with the action which is sometimes intense, especial the beginning of the film as the film starts off by giving the audience intense battle scene in the Air, the film just spirals into mental madness with blood and gore from there.

The story is incredibly predictable and has been done countless times before.

Except FA manages to be creative and suspenseful while this high-budget Hollywood schlock is merely a waste of time, money, and effort.

The actors were enjoyable to watch, sfx were awesome and the setting was really horrific if you'd ask me.

It was a fun, entertaining horror/war movie mashup.

after a while we got a solid pure and brutal horror movie which was enjoyable to say the least.

We all know it's fact the Nazis during WWII were up to no good, including many extreme experiments using humans as lab rats, this movie takes it and runs with it into an entertaining horror/action flick about what strange discoveries the Germans may have had.

It's pump your adrenaline along the movie scene.

Very entertaining!!.

Predictable end .

Enjoyable for what it is and well filmed.

Overall, I find it a waste of potential and time for what it promissed.

Devoid of emotion and tension; bland .


Enjoyable .

There's nothing irreparably wrong with the whole package, and it can certainly be enjoyable based on its yummy World War II-era period piece looks alone.

A highly entertaining zombie war movie with great special effects .

They are way different and more complex than your average slow moving undead cliche zombie that we've been bombarded with over the years.

But probably the worst combo came from a dull movie with plenty of jump scares.

Starts out a strong war movie, but fails to keep up an engrossing intensity throughout .

All the cliché's were there.

You're left at the end thinking this has been far too long and bad things have happened to characters I do not care for and actually just wanted them all to be eaten.

The protagonist is an overused cliché, the only one embodying a moral compass.

Waste of time...

The characters are a mixed bag, but Jovan Adepo does alright as a wide-eyed soldier / moral centre, and Wyatt Russell (son of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn) is compelling as the no-nonsense, all-business corporal trying to keep the mission on track.

Not scary at all, however very enjoyable action movie

The POSITIVES: There are two things in this movie that really stand out, the very first 10 minutes which is intense and really shows just how crazy the landing in Normandy was.

The costumes and potential effects look great and it becomes an entertaining mindless horror survival at times.

An empty feeling as I left the theater .

It has really stupidly fun moments that are enjoyable.

Kind of forgot about it but then it showed up on Netflix, and I really enjoyed it.

It's fast paced, brutal, and honestly just a blast to watch.

That film is more intense and more violent than this one and it still has better character relationships.

Well worth watching.

The film starts off with a high-action paratrooping event, then gets slow for a bit, till the big fight and explosion scenes in the final third.

Its really enjoyable thats it.

But honestly, overall quite uninspiring.

I was expecting something a little more fascinating from J.

Very boring overall just wasn't for me had to turn it off about 20 minutes in.

Contained cliche horror movie tropes and elements, for example the experimentation lab with cartoony looking syringes.

Horrible Don't Waste Your Time.

Director Julius Avery Who Has Made An Different Kind And Unique Type Of a Movie That it Had Never Been Hard Before Of Taking And Making a Movie That Takes Place On The Eve D-Day, World War 2 About a Group Of Military Paratroope Soldiers Lead By Boyce, Ford, Tibbet, Chase And Rosenfeld That After Jumping From The High Above The Sky They Stumble Upon a Local Woman Name Chloe Who Lives in a Small Town Village in The Middle Of An Nazi Territory As These Five American Soldiers Take Shelter in Chloe's Parents House As They Figure Out Of How To Destroy a German Radio Tower That's in a Old Church As Boyce Quietly Sneaks inside The German Radio Tower He Then Descovers a Secert Nazi Science Lab Of All The Nazi Soldiers Have Taking All Of The Village People And Turning Them into Super Kind Hybrid Half Human Monster That's Totally Hard To Kill And Making Them More Stronger And More Faster With One Adrenaline Needle shot With Red Serum That's in The Adrenaline Needle.

Musics of the film keeps you at the edge of your seat,very thrilling.

To sum up, it is a solid war film with a twisted tale that is fresh as well as engaging.

Definetly a waste of time.

Lots of practical effects, good cgi and enjoyable characters.

overall enjoyable (1 viewing)

Greatly entertaining .

This is a great gore action packed movie with likable characters.

Entertaining .

Entertaining Horror Movie .

The story is incredibly derivative and cliche.

The opening setpiece on the plane is adrenaline-fuelled, surely one of the best parts of the movie.

Nazi experiments and monster movies are a combo that promise to be entertaining, though not all films then deliver such promises.

Personally, I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish and I highly recommend this movie to those who can handle the three genres of war, sci-fi, and horror.

boring the whole movie and giving 5 stars cause actors trying to make it happen...

It was riveting and the cast was wonderful.

Director Julius Avery runs a tight ship keeping this film running at an exciting pace.

Absolutely entertaining movie.

but all in all a good movie i enjoyed it alot

To sum it up, Overlord is the type of movie that is going to develop a fanbase years from now, it is very fun and will satisfy those both looking for intense action and gory horror, and I can easily recommend this.

Every trite trope and generic expectation you'll have it meets and then some.

Scarce and uninteresting.

However, despite this, it could be serviceable as a 'fun' watch, there isn't much depth, just a coo and action packed movie with intense fight scenes and is moderately enjoyable.

Overlord is a fun take on the "Nazi zombie" genre even if it's slow from time to time.

Instead it mixed a riveting war operation with a campy B drive-in no holds barred action movie.

It was full of action and suspense and gore, so so much gore, and I was on the edge of my seat right from the beginning.

It feels like they blew most of the movie's effects budget on the first act, which was pretty spectacular, but made for a pretty lackluster generic and very predictable second act.

Just as in Real Life, OVERLORD's stabbings have varied and unpredictable results.

Either way, I have low tolerance for these shtick treatments, and even more so when within the laughable premise lies a potentially intense, gripping & solid horror flick.

Intense war drama grousome .

Overlord is good because it's an adrenaline rush.

Not so much a zombie movie, but enjoyable nonetheless...

It feels like the product of an utterly confused individual with dreams of cult and the creativity of an empty box.

That flaw is mostly hammered in by the Character Tibbit who plays the card shark tough tongued rough nut American character so cliche it hurts, and for me it hurt this movie.

Pros: Opening sequence was thrilling and promising.

But for a movie which success depends on offering cool-looking action scenes and creating suspense, I gotta it feels a bit empty on both departments.

I was a bit bored...

It has very suspenseful music and they fit it perfectly into certain scenes.

With so many tropes, cliches and stereotypes, you'd be forgiven for thinking of sitting this one out but you'd be missing out on an extremely entertaining movie!

This was a surprisingly entertaining WWII flick that featured a cast of unknowns confronting nightmarish Nazi-experimental reanimated humanoids - colloquially referred to as "zombies".

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Worst crap ever, don't waste your time.

The movie opens with one of the most smotheringly intense airdrop sequences I've ever seen in a movie that blew me straight to the back of my seat, where I remained pinned by the rest of the movie's oppressively Wolfensteinian atmosphere.

It simply is mind blowing!

This is totally a silly movie with predictable events and characters with strange behaviours just for the continuity of the script.

Utterly tedious and univolving, you simply don't care about any of the characters.

I love the way that the story was told here, because it was really nerve-wrecking and intense.

Boring .

"Overlord" is a tedious and overlong world war 2 fantasy that makes a turn into sci-fi horror territory much later than it should have.

You could smell every cliche he was given to deliver moments before it lands.

Overall, Overlord is enjoyable for its pure simplicity - past that, don't expect any revelationary storytelling or performances.

Sadly that didn't happen, so I was left with the cliche sensitive main character whose the only guy in his unit with a heart, and who also doesn't visually fit the period.

This movie is what it's supposed to be entertaining why do y'all waste your time on writing reviews because everyone likes something different so it's a waste of time.

From start to finish, here's why I believe it's very hard for audience members to get bored with this one.

Film has an interesting first act then devolves into the formulaic schlock of a "Resident Evil" boss battle by the end.

Great action packed edge of your seat movie .

Very exciting edge-of-your-seat action scenes, well-performed roles, top-notch special effects, and solid jump scares.

Now this is what I call: Entertaining Chaos .

90 percent on RT is way too generous for this by the number predictable bore.

Definitely worth the watch if you can handle the horror!

The first half was very good; interesting, suspenseful and kept you on your toes.

The gritty cinematography is superb as is the intense music & the stunning look of this film is like a work of true art!!.

There are a few great scenes, it opens very strong before becoming quite slow rather than spoiling up to insanity like I hoped it would.

They are way different and more complex than your average slow moving undead cliche zombie that we've been bombarded with over the years.

This is one of the 10 worst movies I've ever seen.

At the same time, the picture is filled with some incredible number of stamps and completely banal types of characters.

And entertaining it was, at least to me.

This was the right kind of fun, a mix of intense action, stealth gameplay, and B-movie goodness.

Good Fun and Entertaining horror movie with a classic horror film vibe to it would definitely recommend this movie

Constantly on the edge of my seat.

Terrible, Stupid and Hideous, typical Uncle Sam Morons, if you want to waste 100 mins of your life then this is for you.

Hits Every Cliche .

So boring :/ action only at 15 last minutes...

I thought at first that the idea was repeated about the events of Hitler, but from the first jump jovan adepo from the plane began the Creative directing and thrill, A group of submerged actors, the strange idea, the very bloody character, the spirit of the group and the sacrifice made the film a nice and enjoyable subject.

A fine level of grain helps with the films subject matter and depth is stunning.

My advice, save your money and wait for it on tv.

The characters are compelling.

If not, then skip to something else or be ready to get bored like my gf did!

This dynamic mixture entertains from start to finish thanks to tense atmosphere, strong characters and intriguing locations.

For others, it may be just a bit too B, noisy, or empty.

Nazisploitation, as a genre, has a frighteningly low quality standard and still this film manages to be one of the worst ones I've seen, commiting the biggest mortal sin of any film: Being boring and uninteresting.

The movie offers nothing new, falls in every "politically correct" aspect the US movie industry has now to offer, but it does it well and can be quite enjoyable if you have two hours to waste on a brainless action/war flick.

Even with all the fighting explosions and general action it's boring so badly so several people actually got up and left during the final third of the film.

Altogether, "Overlord" ranks as borderline tolerable action movie, but nowhere as entertaining as it could have been with humor laden over the violence.

The Dr Frankenstein of this tale is a mere cypher compared to the charismatic figures cut by excellent British actors of past generations, but evil is banal.

Action packed blast .

It's more suspenseful than anything.

Historical events meet gripping horror elements .

To mirror another's review, the opening 10 minutes are worth watching in a theater setting (or as close to one as you can).

The sheer chaos of war is breathtaking.

They made a boring zombie Nazi movie.

The dialogue and interactions between them felt empty, and used just to prolong the runtime.

From the intense opening scene to the final climatic battle, there really never is a dull (or uninteresting) moment.

The character is dull and doesn't want to hurt a fly even though it's a war movie.

The mixed WW2/ zombie horror thriller made for an awesome action packed combo on the big screen.

Abrams' production is visually stunning, at least.

It was worth a try: after decades Hollywood has finally resurrected the cliché of the evil, stupid, constantly yelling slapstick-Nazi-German that Steven Spielberg invented in his Indiana Jones movies.

An episode of the Walking Dead is more exciting, gripping, tense and fun.

A top class horror movie wrapped in an action packed war movie.

Boring crap .

Alas aside from some fairly enjoyable recreations of what it must have been like for troops as D Day was looming, I could have donea better job than the director and writer of this film.

The characters are predictable,boring,irritating, and not interesting whatsoever.

Boring .

Pros: Opening sequence was thrilling and promising.

Entertaining movie that plays out the more fictional side of the Nazi experimentation.

I didn't think it was great, but it has some really cool stuff that was very entertaining, and overall I had a good time.

An action packed exciting & scary thriller with mutant Horror thrown into gritty violent realistic WW2 Nazi evil all mixed up in a great men on a mission story.

Really exciting.

Just saw this film it was great edge of your seat, exciting fun.

Very generic plot but it is enjoyable if you can handle that.

A very entertaining movie, from the opening scene's, right the way through, it keeps your attention.

In fact, it is quite enjoyable if you like to watch someone else play an action/zombie style video game for 2 hours.

The visual and practical effects were great, simply stunning and so was the makeup.

The visuals are engaging, with some classic body horror, and one of the most EPIC opening sequences of the last year.

While it is first and foremost an action-horror piece, the film doesn't have the relentless or jaw-dropping intensity of the likes of Dunkirk to completely forgo character development, and as the film draws on, and you're still left with a small crew of rather bland and generic main characters, the sense of threat and emotion at play really falls away, taking away from the intensity that the film is trying to create.

It's somewhat similar to 2013's Frankeinstien's Army and is extremely cliche in all the war elements.

It was actually kind of boring and way too quick for me.

Good story that took way too long to get to the point of.

The worst movie I ever seen,There are many cruel and violent seens can not even describe

The gun fights were intense and reminiscent of Call of Duty.

Now, that all said, this action packed, half WWII journey/half horror film, isn't a perfect movie and wouldn't have been slaughtered by adding in the Cloverfield brand.

the directing is bad, obviously a lot of money was put into this production, but bad directing mostly turn this investment into something of a bore.

If you think this is the worst movie/zombie movie you ever saw that some of you claim down below, you clearly haven't watched many movies in your life time.

There are great moments with delightful shock factor, but overall it was a boring and clique movie

Dull, cardboard cut-out characters.

The atmosphere at the beginning of the film was superb, the sound was shattering and intense.

Halfway through the films, quiet boring.

What we have here is a sometimes plodding world war 2 action work with constant been there done that tropes.

I could see myself watching it again after a good while (more than likely with company rather than alone) due to the stunning visuals and interesting concept.

If that's all that you're looking for, you'll probably find this movie enjoyable.

Somewhat original maybe, entertaining maybe, maybe not.

It's crazy, bloody, action packed and a whole lot better than I expected.

Overlord may be overhyped but is quite entertaining and exciting if you are looking for a loud, shoot em up action, and a mutated nazi becoming a super soldier.

Don't waste your time; this film isn't even interesting if someone gifts it to you.

Very Entertaining .

I just became bored and just hoped for an outstanding action filled and creative finale to win me over.

Ok, it follows some stereotypes but it's highly entertaining.

Worst of all, however, is the fact that the big climax that the film is building to from the start is painfully predictable.

But what matters most, besides the SUSPENSEFUL action scenes, are the characters.

Overall, it's surprisingly boring for such a ripe concept.

creepy & action packed .

Also two unnecessary jump scares that were both predictable and excruciatingly loud.

Nothing particularly special or innovative about the story, but it was wildly entertaining and enjoyable.

Many sequences were effectively thrilling, such as the protagonist sneaking through the Nazi compound, as well as the climatic battle with the demons, and I'm always a sucker for B-movie rank bloodshed, but I did walk out of the theater asking for more.

Zombie Propaganda .

I literally felt depressed and tired after only 40 minutes of this total hack film going nowhere and expecting you to assume it's actually just clever.

Now to the NEGATIVES; the second act is rather bland and kinda long.

A totally waste of time.

The bits of horror are good, the bits of war OK and predictable.

A complete waste of time if you were expecting to watch a zombie war flick.

Start off really intense and I was sitting on the tip of my seat the entire movie.

Overall and enjoyable film

Very unexpected and loved the Nazi-WW2-French-Zombie combo.

it was overly graphic and the whole story line was very disjointed.

Predictable but entertaining flick .

Overall I enjoyed it.

The actors played their parts well, SFX and cinematography was great, I enjoyed it.

Waste of time.

The horror and suspense are not extensive, but when it arrives, it is gripping and quite gory.

Nowhere near as entertaining as an actual B movie (which this movie is not) or as satisfying as a real action flick.

The camera follows this soldier as he is escaping a building that is about to explode and it is rather intense stuff.

The first 30 minutes of the movie is just about the most horrifying part of the whole thing because you have to sit through incredibly boring war sequences filled with bland war characters.