Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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Jake Pentecost, son of Stacker Pentecost, reunites with Mako Mori to lead a new generation of Jaeger pilots, including rival Lambert and 15-year-old hacker Amara, against a new Kaiju threat.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Steven S. DeKnight
Stars: John Boyega, Scott Eastwood
Length: 111 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 151 out of 730 found boring (20.68%)

One-line Reviews (401)

This movie is just plain bad, too long and boring.

Spectacular Visuals, Disappointing Story, I Still Enjoyed It .

It IS predictable.

Furthermore, the story was very bad, and it will make you sleep.

Soooo Predictable .

Somehow turning the prospect of giant robots and oversized monsters going at each other in a battle of life and death into an utterly boring and tiresome exercise, Pacific Rim: Uprising is the early death knell to a series that should've been a brand name that became the perfect excuse to turn your brain off and enjoy some big screen spectacle that is home to cheesy one liners, over the top CGI infused carnage and some A-listers hamming it up for good measure.

Pacific Rim stood out for its fantastic effects and intense, well-coordinated combat scenes, with a physical realism never seen before in movies of giant monsters fighting.

That's completely lost here, there's little fun to be had with the bland and uninteresting action scenes, the main cast are all completely forgettable, while even returning cast members such as Charlie Day's Dr. Newton Geiszler and Burn Gorman's Hermann Gottlieb are more of a tacked on accessory, with Day in particular getting an embarrassing character development that is both lame and totally misguided.

Poor, cliche of a sequel .

This sequel on the other hand is like most sequels from movies like that, just bland, you just watch it because you saw the first one.

Don't waste your time or money watching this.

One character that was just pointless was that girl that showed up for a minute talking to Boyega and Eastwood, and she's apparently a love interest.

Worst movie ever made.

The storyline was way beyond generic and predictable.

I like the director but even I had to stifle some groans at how utterly banal and stupid some of the lines were.

Acting is horrible and screenwriting very dull.

This film was a gigantic waste of time that couldn't even be redeemed by some flashy action scenes and three solid performances.

However apart from those things, Pacific Rim was a somewhat dull movie with very little substance.

I have to admit I found this movie a fun entertaining romp with excellent special effects and great humour.

For anyone who saw "Pacific Rim" and enjoyed it, you probably shouldn't admit it because it was a really dumb giant robot and monster movie with tons of gratuitous explosions, property destruction and ooey gooey monster guts.

I enjoyed it very much, I don't know why people are so mad at the movie...

The jaeger fights were entertaining to watch when they were there.

But don't waste your time on this movie.

The plot structure is holey, half of the characters were bland, next to nothing, and the action is staggering.

It was funny, action packed and some dramatic parts can't ask for anything else.

What it does have is a good amount of action after a slower than expected buildup.

The screenplay is truly awful and predictable , every subplot is either forgotten or comes to conclusion in no more than 20 minutes.

It took me a few sittings to get through, there are long stretches of boring dialogue from some bad actors before there is any action at all.

One dull, soulless uprising .

This is an Sci-fi action movie that's entertaining, albeit w so so storyline.

Very predictable.

It is not going to win an Oscar, or any other award, but I found it entertaining and enjoyable.

Theres some moments that get you on the edge of your seat.

Without spoiling anything, I will say I wish the last scene had been left out, or put on the Bluray as an alternate ending, because if the studio decides they don't want to make a 3rd one, that last scene was pointless and I will be disappointed.

Dull, dull, dull .

And like those two films the battles are long and dragged out.

By no means a cinematic masterpiece or landmark this film was a real pleasant shock, nothing special as I've highlighted before but was a good sequel, rejuvenating an old cast which is arguably the most major issue with the original this is clever in its use of characters and story which is fairly generic but feels alive and thrilling.

Movie has no plot.

I definitely recommend seeing this film on the big screen for its visually exciting action.

Another bland and generic Transformers copy.

This film was a quick flop compare to the original, lacks characters with real depth, a good adult psychological story, the original lead which makes it utterly waste of time to watch and the coup de grace is Guillermo Del Toro is not directing it.

If you're hoping for some good kaiju-on-jaeger battles, prepare to be disappointed, because this installment fails to deliver on the compelling action displayed in the original.

A fun and entertaining if somewhat forgettable action film with a healthy dose of light hearted comedy.

If your some highbrow movie critic o is looking to leave the theater a better person because you watched a movie that enlightened you look somewhere else.

Darling concluded, "Pacific Rim Uprising is a lot like the city-crunching monsters it stars: big, loud and as dull-witted as Homer Simpson roused from a medically induced coma.

Yes, it's a bit of a challenge (and turn off to paying customers) to try and educate while entertaining.

The story was just bland and it didn't offer anything new.

On the other side of the coin, there are impressive battle scenes in this movie, and even a few breathtaking dramatic moments.

Maybe if you're high and bored or a 12 yr old you'll find it enjoyable.

The acting is bad, the CGI is bad and there is no story.

Bad sequel, but just enough entertaining and with some good ideas .

The derivative script is full of strained banter, predictable 'sassy-talkback', and deadening clichés and, at times, the imagery is not much better, with the mechas striking heroic poses and flailing around with their various 'melee' weapons as they fight the same craggy, poorly defined monsters that they scrapped with in the original (although I agree with comments that the sfx team deserves credit for generating many scenes in bright light rather than in the dark, underwater, or in pouring rain as was often the case in the original).

Non-existent story, hokey script and dialogue and pointless exposition.

The villain was quite cliche.

The rest of the cast are also pretty enjoyable, I mean everybody really shines also.

I think that the second can elaborate more in term of fighting technique, like put some unpredictable moves.

As an old fan-boy, I enjoyed it.

Definitely a fun film, though some parts dragged on a little bit, it was still a worthwhile experience.

The color palette and physics of the film have also been changed; while the first one was slow, dark, and gritty, thus showing the massive scale of the Kaijus and the Jaegers and their battles, the sequel is bright, fast, and has an unusual blue tint.

NOTHING that made pacific rim good is in this movie.. that's just some kind of power rangers..childish actors,cheap, horrible and really embarrassingDont waste your time and money...

This was bad, boring and irritating.

The great ideas are wasted in a plot heavy-laden with trope after predictable trope, the dialogue is cookie cutter, and the action brings nothing new to the table.

Fun and exciting movie .

Don't waste your money on this movie, you will get more fun out of the movie Ready Player One.

Our take: Don't waste your time.

I found this film much more entertaining than the original mainly due to the robot fighting scenes that occurred in the daytime.

This is everything you can ask from a mecha movie, the story is entertaining and you can't predict it from the start like most movies nowaday the robots are awsome and you can really feel how huge they are.

Its so bad I wouldnt even waste my time torrenting it thats how bad it is!

But it is big, loud, and action packed for a science fiction film and that is all you can ask for in this sequel.

The action is visually appealing and exciting and delivers a much better experience than the last few "Transformer" films did.

Eastwood and Boyega work well with one another and the finale opens the door wide open for a third film that looks like it would extend the franchise by taking things in a new and exciting direction.

They feel like first generation robots, which is boring.

This is most definitely an action movie, and unfortunately the action ranges between being bland and actually bad.

That said, it is engaging in a fun way which the original never was, in huge part due to Boyega's infectious charisma as well as his spontaneous chemistry with his co-stars Spaeny and Eastwood.

Just cliche after cliche.

I enjoyed it .

Some of the fights and effects are enjoyable in the final battle.

If you fall asleep and wake up near the end, you won't have missed a thing.

However, as Uprising turns more formulaic and relies more and more on the gags and banter of the first film, it really turns into a yawn.


I didn't say it was Any Good, I said I Enjoyed it...

The first one was pure popcorn fodder and enjoyable for it.

Very entertaining!

As a man, I am naturally drawn to hardcore but involving action and adrenaline.

Fast paced action .

When a movie scores below 6/10 on imdb that usually signals for me that It's a bad, or atleast boring, movie.

The movie pacing is slow and the acting was so bad.

Bland and Forgettable .

Pacific rim have the same problems of the first one: Uninteresting characters Bad dialogue Chiché Easy solutions Bad comedy x1000 Everything is even worst: PC2= PC1flawsx1000+ underdeveloped plots, bad cgi, generic action and lack of respect with Mako.

As long as you can let go of any tethering to reality or physics, this was an enjoyable sequel.

Truth be told, 'Pacific Rim Uprising' is a lot more straightforwardly entertaining than its predecessor.

They should've done more convincing with that The fight scenes were dull.

Not fun, repetitive, minimal suspense, teen movie with robots.

One of the most boring movies I've seen in years, No plot, terrible acting.

What a bunch of bull and a complete waste of my time

Make your own decision, worth the watch if you're bored.

The Chris Evans lookalike was pretty flat and monotone.

The second act being also uninteresting, delivers the real reason and new reasons for the existence of jaegers.

What I do object to is bad acting, a lack of story and studios thinking loud noises that come at us non-stop make up for characters, a nice story line or talented actors.

Dull and irritating .

This movie is exploiting the name of the original movie The movie, five minutes in, sucks so bad the dog ran out screaming or whatever it is dogs do Anyway it's a complete waste of time , really the storyline sucks it has no direction to speak of and it used the same ploy as other movies so the little girl in a more dominant role while trying to make every one else look stupid .

I found it a waste of time, so I definitely will 'not' watch again, kinda wish I never wasted my time and watched it at all.

TL;DR: A generic, cliche, checklist of a film that's aimed at children.

It feels very disjointed and awkwardly cut a lot of the time, like they are missing vital and interesting scenes for the plot.

The acting wasnt the best in some parts of the movie, but it also wasnt that bad to the point its unwatchable.

Don't waste your money on this one.

The character development seems super contrived and cliche.

The effects and action is riveting.

boring chinese sequel .

The beginning is slow and I found myself waiting for the cliched (will discuss in second paragraph) story to be over so I could enjoy the amazing action battles.

Whilst it's not as good as it's predecessor, Pacific Rim: Uprising is still a really good sequel that's fun and action packed.

The supporting cast is just full of poor performances, Scott Eastwood plays his co pilot and he is so cliché in this film.

His replacement is John Boyega, whose natural wit and charm makes him a compelling character, even if he's sometimes crudely pasted into a role that clearly wasn't the original idea.

So, so dull.

This wont be breaking any box office records, however, it is about as enjoyable as Black Panther, so just about average at best.

And the massive action scenes were very enjoyable, entire cities destroyed, bad ass robots fighting giant alien creatures while smashing into skyscrapers.

I never ended up catching it at the movies, despite the first Pacific Rim being one of my most enjoyable experiences at the cinema, and so when it finally popped up on streaming services, I gave it a reluctant shot.

The film is quite bland outside.

It's actually pretty impressive how boring they've managed to make a film about giant fighting robots.

The humour comes at times when it feels really out of place, mixed with a lack of compelling drama this is a big mix.

Liked the first one but don't waste your time with this sequel .

Those fight scenes were totally amazing and intense and those who love to see big robots fight against other robot and big monsters should be satisfied.

By the time they finally did role, I got excited that this boring mess was finally over.

People please don't waste your time and money as these bunch of a**h**es have ruined a great sci-fi.

This movie focuses a lot on the boring things and not so much on the interesting things, like the kaiju brain controlling a jaeger.

'Pacific Rim: Uprising' turned out to be a dull and soulless sequel and film, and one that comes over as pointless at the end of the day.

This movie is a waste of time and money.

It is action packed.

Nevertheless, the visuals are impressive and the action sequences are entertaining enough.

The final scene is where all the good stuff happens but by the time you get there it just feels dull and you are too annoyed and too bored to care.

Left the theater before it ended .

Lots of distruction, mayhem, trite team rallying, and just basic comic book style fights.

The film improves on the original's lack of fight scenes and slow narrative.

That being said, the movie was rushed and disjointed.

I know some of the reviews aren't very kind to this movie, but to me despite the cliche' moments it really flies by and seemed like a fun thrill ride to me.

I can only think of one improvement: the weakest aspect of the first film was no doubt Charlie Hunnam, who ends up quite dull in most of the things I see him in, no matter who stands behind the camera.

Halfway through the movie I realize that if I stop treating it as action/sci-fi movie but a comedy, it'd be more enjoyable, and that was what I did.

The movie is also predictable and very cliche.

There were just too many bland moments in the movie.

The talent involved in this sort of thing boggles my mind, in a very enjoyable way.

The writing is pretty generic, the movie moves from one uninteresting part of the story to another.

And the robot was pretty pointless.

The characters in this one was more bland that has to be said.

It doesn't matter if this is for kids, it is action packed and many times better than other robot movies (looking at you transformers sequels ) If you want a grown up soul touching story then just go watch an old Oscar winning movie because this movie is about the action and one liners, good'ol Hollywood style.

The plot twist is unexpected and believable.

All of the characters are bland, like literally all.

bad bad super bad don't waste your money please

That is exactly what this movie does and it was enjoyable from start to finish.

Cary Darling of the Houston Chronicle gave it 1.5 out of 5 stars and called it the worst film of 2018 so far, being especially critical of its bland premise and pandering attempt at international marketability.

The pacing was consistent, the action was fun and entertaining, the twist!

My little son was bored.

The first movie was very enjoyable, just your basic Robots/Monsters/action heroes movie, they could have made a sequel so straight forward but instead they tried to make the plot too complicated and it just makes for a boring watch.

You get some background into the new plot but it just feels very boring.

Hands down worst movie I have seen in a long time!

The protagonists, the characters; they are so annoying and cliché that we simply can't feel sympathy at any time for this, leaving the side that there is zero progress in their development in a reasonable way.

Overall, this movie doesn't focus on the fun parts, but mostly on the unnecessary parts, and the pacing is really boring.

First sequel much much better than this new movie, the plot is just like children fairy tail, and story is too easy too predictable

Please save your money and do not go see this in a theatre and i doubt you will even need to spend money later to rent or to stream this when it comes out..

There are some moments in this movie where they genuinely try to get us to care about what is happening, but due to the lack of relatable characters and engaging writing, I didn't care at all.

Easily the worst movie we've seen this season.

THe fans were waiting for something great but all we got was a slap in the face and a waste of money.

The beginning 1/3 of the movie just was trying to tie the stories together and that is a huge part that made it boring.

The film is just that predictable.

Yes I know it is not the strongest, it has flaws, and it is not like the first part, yet it is enjoyable.

Whereas the original pacific rim was an action packed adventure this one was like the Mickey Mouse club.

When an unexpected threat arrives and causes mass devastation and chaos, Jake and Nate must get to the bottom of the threat.

Compelling people laugh is fine.

A boring and weak film .

If you watch the first movie from Guillermo, he uses music, sound and how the Machine moves (slower).

A lacklustre CGI, along with a annoying cinematography, a truly forgettable soundtrack and a horrific screenplay contribute to create a completely obscene movie, which is so boring that watching the grass grow for the rest of your life would seem a far more palatable activity than give this movie a second chance.

Admittedly, I did like the development involving Charlie Day's character, that was at least a little bit unexpected .

Uninteresting characters.

CGI are awesome, new mechs are awesome, action scenes are fascinating.

But all in all, if the first one was a 10, this is a 9, still pretty good and entertaining!!

What made the first movie great was the lack of plot and awesome fighting.

Worst of all is the story, which is dull, ridiculous, barely coherent and with a cobbled together glued badly feel and a complete lack of emotional investment.

For anyone reading this, this movie is really dumb watch at your own risk of being bored to death

The characters are dull, their backstories already heard in every action movie released so far.

Nothing gets the attention needed to develop in any interesting way, everything is glossed over from one cliche and uninteresting plot point to the next.

In fact, the whole movie was super predictable.

The people involved in creating this just don't have any passion or interest in the world, they just care about the paycheck and the norm/cliche that's good enough for kids.

The doomsday anticipation was intense.

But Pacific Rim: Uprising an enjoyable movie?

John Boyega as Jake Pentecost is a far more charismatic lead than the pretty boring Raleigh and every Jaeger fight takes place at daytime which does create more colourful fights.

Unknown actors and actresses all, they constitute a bland bunch with their petty rivalries.

The big surprise twist fell flat and was highly predictable.


However, it's a shame that these two interesting leads are mostly paired with boring side characters.

I thought the first installment was a good movie - very entertaining and visually impressive.

The only reason I gave it a 3 is that I recently watched the self indulgent crud that is 'The Shape of Water'.

If I'm excited to leave the theater so that I can have the experience of your movie behind me, I'm sorry to say that your movie has failed me.

But everything else was boring, dull and stupid.

A long majority of the film is spent outside the giant mechs, doting over a slew of thin, bland, mostly-new focal figures instead.

As long as all you're looking for is fun and thrilling robots-versus-monsters spectacle, this straightforward blockbuster of a sequel should do fine .

) A China funded Chinadoll primary character who is actually pretty pointless?

official trailer review too much fighting scene, and final boss, nothing surprise in the end, the whole story is boring.

A pointless sequel to an originally pointless movie.

It's noticeably weaker than the first film and whilst it isn't unwatchable - it moves too well to render it boring, but at the same time with a fairly dull narrative Pacific Rim: Uprising is little more than visual eye candy.

Such a waste of time and money.

The story isn't amazing , the bad guy is pretty predictable , and the outcome never in doubt.....

It was entertaining enough for a single viewing, if you sit down with the intention of watching it for being an impressive CGI galore and very little else.

Predictable annoying characters ....

The first Pacific Rim was a pleasant surprise to me and a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Not "best picture", but really entertaining .

I had a blast watching this movie ,good character build up(actors were really good & they showed their patriotism & passion really well) ,good robot fighting & fast ,thrilling movie .

I am not generally into CGI-driven sci fi action movies but, despite its many flaws, I found it reasonably entertaining.

Great visuals but a bit boring.

Incredibly cheesy, corny, predictable story line.

John Boyega does the best he can (he really does deserve so much better though- I generally like him in the recent Star Wars movies, but even there he's a little under utilised), and Charlie Day is somewhat entertaining here.

This movie was slow, with unattractive acion scenes.

I just felt like the direction is a little bland compared to the first film.

Broken story telling make me want to sleep.

Not Shakespeare, but an enjoyable sequel .

I enjoyed it because I didn't go in expecting thought provoking cinema like 8 1/2 or 2001: A Space Odyssey.

From top to finish I was on the edge of my seat!

Some terrible characters, weak story and a real snore fest.

overall i like this better than the first, in that one the human parts are sometimes unbearable.

I mean as cool as the first movie could have been, It was actually quite scatter brained and boring.

It was original, fast-paced, simple background with simple plot and it just flowed and worked as an enjoyable sci-fi movie.

Sure, it's a monster film with a ridiculous plot, and you're there to see the monster fights, but if the action feels weightless, empty, just random things throwing at the scene, then it's just bland.

Ridiculous Hollywood one liners, terrible acting and generally a pointless movie.

The whole guillermo del Toro atmosohere is gone.. no charisma, no acting, no story, and so much cringy from all those chinese language coming out of Hollywood movie.. around middle part of the movie, i was wondering if i was watching a Chinese movie.. if you loved Pacific Rim, you will hate this movie!

However today I was dragged along by my sister who I now need to thank.

Nah, we left after 20 minutes and I wish I could ask for a refund.

Also, the action sequences are big and loud and exciting.

Thoroughly Entertaining .

" - Dr. Hermann Gottlieb (Burn Gorman) "Well, THAT'S confusing.

In general it's a mediocre movie, if you like/love the genre it more enjoyable than most reviews tell you.

Is Pacific Rim: Uprising an enjoyable movie?

Honestly the most poorly executed story with cliche boring dialogue.

Pacific Rim : Uprising is a collage of dull scenes quite badly glued together, a movie which is tragically deprived of whatsoever emotional impact.

The first one was not some masterpiece, but was entertaining and exciting.

It was just an entertaining film.

I guess, for a younger audience maybe still exciting because of the Mechs.

Other than these two problems I found, the movie amazed me with its visual effects, sound editing and mixing, and I left the theater satisfied.

Pacific Rim: Uprising is such a "product" - soulless, predictable, interchangeable, redundancy in extremo.

But its more enjoyable to watch overall..its just got a completely ridiculous storyline

It's set up very much like a bland action movie.

I found myself falling asleep once they started to mention all of these different sets of droids, and when the various organisations came into play, I just lost interest.

Something that even Michael Bay doesn't fail to do in his Transformers franchise yet somehow, Uprising makes Kaiju and Jaeger fights boring, unoriginal and laughable.

The cast works well with one another and it was nice to see Charlie Day and others from the first film return as Day always makes his scenes engaging.

Besides not having any real story or backstory and relying on tired clichés, visually it's stunning if you like your CGI and there is plenty to go around and the battles, well I did fill like a kid again.

It's very ok, entertaining for a while, but feels like it drags on forever, and the storyline is predictable.

I have loved this movie since it was released in 2013, the best worst movie ever.

Furthermore, I think that they can explore more in term of fighting techniques, perhaps to add unexpected moves to defeat Kaiju.

Story was boring and childish, hated it.

Aside from that everything, including the CGI which in Pacific Rim was unbelievably amazing, the dark and rainy settings of the multiple Kaiju fights and the compelling speech by the inspiring Stacker Pentacost (played by the man who SHOULD be the next James Bond, Idris Elba) was almost unwatchable.

delay engaging until everyone's out of harms way?

It looked more like Enders Game 2 than Pacific Rim 2, very weak character development, poor character interaction, lousy corny dialogue and a VERY predictable course of action.

Charlie Day is one of my favorite working comedians, but his role in this movie is utterly pointless.

Lame story and boring storyline.

Final Say -Not even the most hardcore of Pacific Rim fans will find much to enjoy in Uprising, an utterly forgettable and disposable new entry into the wannabe franchise that somehow manages to turn it's over the top foundations into a bland, charm-free and tiresome event.

A review from my 10 year old son: It was extremely exiting and suspenseful.

Another problem is that the story line is predictable.

Definitely a good improvisation and also sequel worth watching.

Enjoy a brainless action packed expensive cartoon movie.

And this movie is entertaining.

Worst movie of 2018!!.

The performances were bland and uninspired.

On top of all that while the fight scenes were entertaining there is a noticeable drop-off in quality.

The story build up was average and at times slow.

The story is always engaging and characters are well developed in a script with untold depths.

Another no story, bad comedy, full of CGI movie?

This is at least a much more entertaining version of the last two Transformers films.

The Japanese Gorgan and Godzilla and such movies were as exciting...

But, some of the side plots(like the one with the weak teens becoming pilots) were just boring and only used for the climax so really there all just dull.

If the first one was barely watchable as a popcorn flick, this one is completely unwatchable.


Yes, the effects are great, but I was bored by the time they showcased them.

While it does take some time to get going and makes several leaps of logic it is extremely entertaining and a highly serviceable continuation of the original, featuring some much improved Jaegers and a final battle that will absolutely blow you away.

Story looked predictable nothing new was there.

waste my money and time .

Still, they all manage to bring some power to otherwise simple characters that are semi-engaging to watch.

The story was confusing and felt over the top to the point where the focus was hard to follow.

The scene when there was the machines fighting each other was so action packed.

A pointless sequel that does nothing new and actively resists many aspects of the original - why bother at all?

This is more of a generic, child-friendly production which the Chinese have massively contributed to in terms of dollars, so it's full of cheesy CGI action that becomes quite repetitive after a while.

This movie is a real waste of time .

And's bland.

Disappointing and Boring .

I was also surprised how well handled the character represented by Cailee Spaeny (Amara Namani) was, though its was also very 'cliche'.

The poor writing lets boredom seep into the movie through planet-sized plot holes that quite admirably manage to furrow in disbelieving thought even the dumbest kid's brow.

Entertaining movie .

The first Pacific Rim was more about the story and setting up the universe, so I was okay with all the talking and boring parts.

Boyega has charisma and only his sheer likeability as a person saves this character from being totally uninteresting.

The characters are dull and we are given no reason to care for them or any of their problems, the fight scenes (which, lets be honest, are the reason we all showed up) are unimaginative and one-note, and the final film is so unmemorable that you'll have forgotten the character's names by the time you've passed through the theatre doors.

All-in-all it's probably about equal on the enjoyment scale, so I give Uprising an entertaining, if unsurprisingly flawed, 7/10.

The Story: While certainly not the best to grace the screen, the movie's predictable plot has a few twists and spins on the mix to keep things interesting.

No story development- very poor.

Prior to see this flick, I browsed thru IMDB's users' reviews about it, then my expectation got real low - I was pretty sure I was to see the worst movie of all time.

No Plot, No Storyline: A Great Wall of Noise .

Waste of time and money...........................................................................................................................

Although it doesn't add anything new to the franchise like its predecessor, the entertaining action sequences and solid enough acting make it a thrilling action film.

Granted, I went into it with no expectations, but it delivered as an enjoyable sci-fi action flick.

The story is boring and will be the most predictable thing you will very see.

Not as good as the original, but entertaining still .

This one, they even ran away from the awe inspiring speech, by making jokes about it.

i cities being destroyed by fighting in the city it's very boring now & is in every big budget movie going like all the Transformers films & Marvel & Dc films & many many more it's very repetitive & boring & cheap looking now!!.

I am happy that the Director and all of the crew could consistently make the intense relation between the screen and the audience, so that the audience can feel also the drama and pain inside robotic pilot's mind that makes us never leave our seat from the beginning to the end of the story.

They range from Scott Eastwood's overly serious and dull Nate Lambert to the other forgettable Jaeger recruits.

The action too is frequently thrilling, and the visual effects work top-notch.

As bad and boring as it was it is a sequel.

The characters are checklist and cookie-cutter, the dialog is dull, unfunny, and predictable, and the script is weak and quite stupid.

Pointless, just re-watch the original .

This movie is really long, it is really boring.

I genuinely enjoyed it, and so did my kids.

Just save your money on this one .

Funnier and more entertaining than the first one .

Still despite some of its very basic strengths this is not a particularly good film as the story is rather muddled, threadbare and fairly uninteresting.

Mind-numbing nonsense from fade-in to fadeout, "Pacific Rim Uprising" lacks the stellar cast and the suspenseful Armageddon melodrama of its outlandish but entertaining predecessor.

Pissed off unhelpful cadet that's gonna make it hard on the new kid because of some past slight, the bad guy (women) who's obviously the destraction, the scientist comedic relief who figures it all out and I just don't want to continue because even writing this out seems like such a waste of time.

The movie has the robots, the badass fight scenes, the enjoyable cast of characters and all the makings of a fun time.

The jokes don't land (save for one, which made me chuckle, that's it), the action is mostly boring (again, with about three cool shots, those are the only exceptions), and the story is convoluted and contradicts itself.

What made the original film exciting and interesting was the newness of it all.

Fun and entertaining if somewhat forgettable .

I knew this simply would be a meditation in spectacular action sequences, and in that aspect I enjoyed it.

There were some predictable situations and a Checkov's Gun scenario you could see coming an hour in the first 10 minutes.

The characters were bland, they barely had anything meaningful to say to kind of give us an insight into their background.

As an action flick it was boring, as a drama it was predictable.

Fending off big ugly aliens that come to destroying us from out space, with equal sized fist and jaws; colliding face in face with building tall creature dug out of a portal in the sea, with big caliber weapons - that alone is enough to get your heart beat doubled and adrenaline piked.

This was actually a pretty enjoyable movie.

Boring story, poor animations and effects....

Some nice action sequences and a boring story make a watchable film.

Also, some pointless sequences and lack of character development.

Pacific Rim uprising is just a fun entertaining popcorn movie, you don't need to think to much, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Audiences come to see these movies for the spectacle of monsters fighting robots, but when the majority of that fighting takes place in the final 30 minutes and you've bored your audience by that point, then there isn't much hope for an enjoyable experience.

A waste of time.

The one kid girl actor was a waste of time being honest.

Unexpected .

Every time you think you understand what's going on, there's a sharp twist on the wheel, and we veer into an unexpected spot, surprised at where the plot is suddenly going.

Saw this in the theater today in 2D and it's definitely worth watching on the big screen.

Del Toro effortlessly achieved that in the original, this sequel however just made too many bad decisions to be classed as enjoyable.

A big problem with the main conflict is that the robot fights are boring.

Tunred out to be a total waste of time, infact i slept in the middle of it!

The original Pacifim Rim was entertaining and had an interesting story with Charlie Hunnam.

Defiantly worth the watch.

don't waste your time..

I don't really recommend spending money on this movie, as it's just going to bore you to death.

Narratively it works really well, and the twist midway that sets up the next Kaiju invasion is an unpredictable success that adds to the world building of the first and leaves things open for a third movie really well.

Nice CGI is in fact mandatory for these movies, co you CAN´T praise it here.. anything else is just being teen popcorn movie with very cliche dialogues, bad acting and when you hear asians trying to speak english, its like when somebody tries to rip you ears...

While I didn't mind this so much, the cadets are all severely underdeveloped and fairly pointless, other than to put teenagers in fully fledged Jaegers for the final battle, and inspire all the pre-teens going to see it, I guess.

It may not win the critics heart, but for my wife and I who love to see this kind of action movie, we thought it was intense, pretty awesome and we can still have fun by disregarding some of the obvious flaws mentioned above.

A cross between Transformers, Power Ranges and the inclusion of an anti hero with a great and surprising twist made the time sat watching this very enjoyable.

In fact, the supporting characters and performances are some of the most bland and forgettable I have seen in any big budget movie in years.

I repeat Movie has no plot.

Very enjoyable.

Obviously it looked more computerised and the plot was a little crazy but nonetheless a thoroughly enjoyable film in my humble opinion.

It was thoroughly simple and enjoyable for what one would expect it to be.

" The speech in the sequel was so poorly written and uninspiring, I can't remember a word if it.

John Boyega is a loveable sass mouthed rebel youth come good, and banter with his smack talking little friend and Zac Effron-esque copilot make for an entertaining enough film even if there is little character development and a relatively predictable storyline.

Dull and predictable .

The length of the film was perfect also, fast paced enough to keep you interested and not dragged out as some films tend to be.

CGI is perfect and BGM is thrilling.

I wasn't going to write a review as I considered it unfair to judge a movie I haven't even watched to completion, but then again this is the first movie in years that I had to turn off it was so far below my expectations, which were not that high to begin with as I was expecting a simple turn-off-your-brain rollercoaster action movie with big cool mechs...

A few of the minor characters were a tad bit too annoying, but overall an enjoyable movie.

Best part: 4 jaeger vs 3 kaijuAll robot action is great, but compare to the previous movie.. There's lack of emotion in this movie and i found out a boring scene in the beginning of the movie.

" This formulaic follow-up takes place in 2030, ten years after the Kaiju defeat at the Battle of the Breach.

So many negative reviews are far too pretentious.

It actually becomes boring watching robots fight each other and smash everything around them over and over and over.

don't bother watching it, it's a huge waste of time.

I hope you'll find this fun and entertaining.

The majority is messy, schlocky, clichéd trite that is never anywhere near as fun as the first and considerably sillier as well.

It's pretty obvious that this movie was made for China, with the bland plot and hokey acting from everyone that isn't Chinese.

This is loud, clunky, screeching, nasty, mind-numbing, dull, awfully tepid, fetid, silly, repetetive, overlong and just playn horrid movie.

Gorman's performance in PRU is quiet enjoyable.

Some scenes are pointless and are ordered in such a way that they don't make sense.

This sets the tone for the entire movie as we're exposed to every cliché in the book (an exhausted plot line and flat supporting characters) as well as inattentive techniques (negligent pacing, transitions and effects).

Pacific Rim: Uprising, and more broadly, Pacific Rim in general, is perhaps the epitome of action cliché.

Its a poorly written and executed script, bland acting and decent special effects.

After hearing some buzz that this was more a "youth" orientated feature and watching an uninspiring trailer, I had intended not to see it.

When there wasn't any fighting going on, the movie just felt boring.

Don't waste your time on this.

Film cant hold audience like first part did, fighting is also not up to mark, very poor as compared to first part, dont waste your time by watching this movie

I didn't hate it by any means, but it really lacked what made the first one so unique, and intriguing to me.

The intense music by Lorne Balfe makes the movie extremely engaging.

What somewhat makes up for this is a cast of characters that actually bring something to the table in this picture, in contrast to the last film which short of Idris Elba's rousing speech, was lacking in that department.

The first movie was okay I mean it was watchable, but this one, I really wanted to turn it off, it was a huge let down, the storyline was terrible and acting and, well everything about this movie was stupid, this deserves a -0!!!

But where the writers really shined in PR:U, is in the story, which manages to re-introduce the kaiju in a way that was consistent with the universe and wholly unexpected.

Its pointless, and totally lacks story and/or entertainment.

Especially since there were exciting Jaegers like Gypsy Avenger, Bracer Phoenix, Guardian Bravo and Saber Athena.

Was it entertaining?

Dare I say, they were the only good parts worth watching the movie.

Various reviews called it "disappointing," and "a waste of time".

An Enjoyable Experience.

what a waste of time...

It was a boring trite film for children

Below par acting and boring premise.

Don't waste your time .

Enjoyable to watch .

No, it's never going to be considered cerebral, but it's enjoyable and contrary to some reviews does have a plot.

Boring, stupid, idiotic and pushing a Chinese product placement agenda.

However, I must say I enjoyed it.

To sum everything up the movie is a waste of time I hope the director will learm from his mistake and the third movie will be better.

Pacific Rim: Uprising didn't have enough action, which made it boring.

What follows is a FX laden finale where cities are laid waste to and massive combatants engage is a truly impressive visual spectacleWhile "Pacific Rim: Uprising" does use a familiar plot threads, it does so in an engaging way.

Seen It All Before But Engaging And Entertaining .

The opening prologue is always entertaining and the action scenes never stop to amaze.

Moving slower make you fell that the machine and monster are big, its perceptions, that you can fell the greatness.

I enjoyed it.

Cool entertaining film .

This is the first movie ever that makes me left the theater full with dissappoinment, disgrace, and regret.